The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 2, 1946 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 2, 1946
Page 7
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THURSDAY, MAY 2, 1946 Wallace Prepares for Party Rukus When Democrats Meet HV I.VI.K <'. WILSON United l*rc«> Stuff rorresjiondeiit WASHINOTON, May 2. lUI'i — Secretary of Commerce Henry Wallace is jaunting around country on u project to make A. the the sou- troad Controls or Army-Navy jeld Essential Navy Secretary Forrestal Again Voices Opposition To Merger Proposal. WASHINGTON. May 2. (UP) — ecretary or Navy James Forre.s- U lias renewed strong Navy o»- ositlon' to merger ol Hie armed rces under single Secretary n ;' oinniuii- Defense. He said..merger legislation now mler consideration in Congress 'ould concentrate, "unprccedenteri ower" in.the liands of a sinjrl lief of'staff for the armed force 'orrestal said he mistrusts "ilr.- rinciple of relying on a .single enliis to make all hasic decisions" i mo<lcrn global warfare. He added thai he had ;,);>•.. grave rears for the future of naval vlalion" under the merger plan roposod by Sen. Elljert Thomas. , Utah, and recently approver! the Senate Military Affairs Com- iluoe. Thi.s plnn provitle.s for a single ocretary of Common Defense. 'nde-r him would be separate and , ^ 'tuiil-raiiking secretaries for the I time. He ui'i'l nol need 'much more •riny, the Navy and the Air Force. J to obtain the vice presidential nom- Porresta! testifies yesterday be- ination in 1918, ir he wants it. The ire the Senate Naval Affairs Com- job k open. With the lain Frank - liltee, which is conducting BLYTHEVIU.R (ARK.) COURIER NEWS Democratic pally too ho! for thern conservative politicians. The touslc-hulred lowan is setting the party us for a rukus which probably will blow the roof off the Democratic National Convention Hull in 1948. Ills method is a feries of campaign spei-clies. lie i> delivering major addresses on an average of once a month. They arc pretty good speeches, too. Wallace usually speaks under the auspices ot the national ciliv.ens political action committee, the (icor-bell ringing oi'eimlmiloii Inspired by Sidney Hillman and Hie CIO. In the Pur West, ihc nortli and the east, Wallace is rallying the PAC and lefl wing elements in general. He exhorts them to make the Democratic party a new de'al oreniilzalion and lo keep it Unit waj r . Nurses Two-year Old Wounds It is evident to "political observers that Wallace still hurts where he was kicked out of the vice presidential nomination in 1944. lie intends lo go into Die 19-18 democratic convention with more political .strength than he had las 1 - wn healings on tile Thomas nro- osal. Forrestal said the Navy believes liat. the Je.ssons and exjierienco.s f World war II should be the uideposts of planning for the fu- mililary organixalion of the inked plates. "It is of little consequence what >uel Ls used to describe Die metli- d of accomplishing this objective— ,'h"\her it is unification, merger, l^jidmation, or any , other "term 1 /Hay choose." he fold the com- fiittee. "The vital thing i s to-get the ob done—to achieve- the test a'nct liost practical 'Improvement in the |oordination oi the armed services the end that we shall obtain J/hat- I believe is the .bnsSc objec- live of the President.- namely, an Integrated military-foreign rela- llons-inrtustrial-econoiViic. .organization which will'meet the security leeds of the nation." haft Boards fet Calls for 7,000 Men iiBiilnst Ilorbevt c. Hoover. look n lltlte side trip with the communists nnd their frieiuls last winter, '["hut was when ' lie endorsed tlu> by-eleettion eou- Kre&stoiml cundlitucy of Jplmnnc* PU'L>1 in a lower eiisl siite New York City constituency, steel is notable Icr his adherence to the communist parly line. Thorn for Southerners Some persons attributed his support of Jileel to mi occasional pre- cscitpatlon with the Comimmht way of life, although It is not suggested that the Secretary is n Communist. But his interests are nloiiK 111,, line ( ,f political experimentation. lie told a New York audience Just month that "aside from lun- tiuafie ami a common literary tradition, we have no more in common \\ltli imperialistic Knglniul than with Coinmonlsl Russia." That Isn'; the \vay it is tolct in the history Uooks where considerable emphiiste i;; put upon Mir hcrilaye of common law and individual freedom. Such cracks as that r-h'e some of Wallace's friends the fidgets. Hut lie i;ives southern democrats more than fidgets as when, for instance, he told a San Francisco nudienc'e on April 22 that the democratic jnirty \velcomed negroes to membership. The Congressional record will show that southern statesmen more than once have barred negroes from the party. Boy Scouts Plan Big Camporee For June 6-7 The Seoul Cnmpare will i>i> held I June (i and 1. it hus bwn unnoun- ced follo-.lng the n'Biilm meeting of Troop 31. Plans for the rnniporr «•<'!•? dls- etissed mid it was announced the Amerioiin Legion had donated over SIDO in lent.s. The 25 Scouts present Included Hoy Calvin, visiting Scout Ma.slcr of Triwps B(j of Momphs and former Kuglc Sc-oiit ol Troop 31. A refresher scouttni; course held nt Walker l>ark Sunday Included lent pitching, and observation studies. Morticians to Meet I.HTLE DOCK. Ark.. May :>. (U.l'.J —IX-an R. Worley. siwclul agent In charge of the Little llock office of (he Federal uureaii Phone 2001 We Deliver \VASH TUHHS Flash of Memory HEW*li5 THOSE TUGS IN THE JIVfff,E»5S>...APtCrUCE MV MINP,.,C0MEril|t«J i «tt*ep TO M too*** THBUAWNDOWMA&1M4T 9WPEK WEB M$H IN TH6 SKV, rHAT B0C«0 SUWW. 1 COULO HEtC r« V.Wf^s Of W»TEB..»N9A«OBr SOUND TBVHAttO TORCCAt. WORE i EVA WINS TWEREls A - W<CE MllE.wm CAN utip us «we VOU WEOEAT THt DCWKS! of Inveslii'Ulon, will luldressmem- iK'rs of the Arkansas Punerul |}i- reeiors Association May 7. The two-dny convention, lli,> group's 451 h. will be held here. Lion Oil Profits Rise EL DOKADO, Ark., May 2, (UP) — P>'e< income of Che IJon Oil Company ' for Ihc flrsl iiuiirler ol •It'.tl WIIH $3U7.TO1>. or 71 mils |H'r shnve. This is abonl $H,OUO more than ll>,> 1015 [IHIIIV of $211:1,191, iiccordlng lo Col. 'I'. 11. lliulon, president of (he company. Henri Courier News Want Ads. Battleship Missouri Heads for Home Waters AHOAliD U. 8. S MISSOUKI, Mny 2. i UP)—The battleship Missouri churned toward home today afier completing her gaud-will lour of Bi'ivn Mcdllcrriineun urea ports. The souvenir-laden batik .tipped anchor at Gibraltar. day with Die next stop NoriUk. Vn., an Mny 9. AfUr two dnys refueling th«re, sb« .will heiul to sea aguln Lo participate In Atlantic fleet maneuven. liti D. Roosevelt agaiiut him In 1944 ami confronted by southern Democratic and bin city bostf opposition. Wallace almost licked President Harry s. Truman. For pm-puses of this year's congressional campaign, Wallace is doing the best job of anyone In the administration to help the Democrats hold their Senate and House majorities. The showdown on his lolly haul political program cannot come until the party assembles in national convention two years hence. II will come then with 11 bang. The bitterness of HIM will tw tripled or worse. • The chances of a bolt by one element of Ihe party or another are good enough lo warrant speculation. One thinr; is certain: Wallace Intends to try to cram down southern throats principles or racial, economic anil social philosophy on which many southern'statesmen will Rag. Holds Strategic I'osilum What Wallace Is up to is to become th c man m the administration with (he most influence amoiv' left wing and Independent voters. 'Without , those voters President Truman has no chance whatever pf being elected President, in 104K. If oonservatiye democrats 'control thc party convention and write its O^, , ,OP>_ Selective servicc" r )iai" 'aslced ' local Irart boardr, to supply . 51.000 men •or the armed forces this month lompared with an ill-fate;i April Iraft call of 125.000, it was lenvneil ; odsiy. Officials held little hope of Jncelmg even the lowered _ May luota. however, in light or a H5.000 |>g in inductions since V-J Day. >r^i m mary reports showed that lV™,,-tlons in April, when the qito- |:i was 12S.OOO, totallcc} only 11.000 |.uring tlie first two weeks. The 51.000 May induction call, fulfilled, will send 50.000 draf- |ces to the army and 1,000 to the Javy. Army officials said the lagging Inductions, plus thc. five-month Iraft "holiday" proposed in thc liouse-approved draft extension bill, |hreatcned to jeopardize the post- defense and overseas occupa- |ion programs. The War Department fears it may lun 200,000 short of requirements |y July 1 of this year if Ihe draft linliday Ijecomes law. It nec'ds a lorce tf 1,550,000 men by that lime. .'He - is the last cabinet ' survivor of the late-FDR's close associates. He also is a political sliiiy whose tracks led out of the Republican party somewhere around 192-1 anil .! into the new deal-democratic party Jn'1932. In 1928 Wallace supported Alfred E. Smith for President President Gets Big Airport Bill Measure Contains Total Of $5,780,169 for Work in Arkansas. WASHINGTON. May 2. (UP) — A government program designed W rict the nation's landscape with 3.000 : new alrs>orts in the next seven years was before President .Truman today for his signature. The bill authorizes the federal government to spend $500.000,000 between next July 1 and July 1. 19f)2. to help any state, municipality or other local government agency thai wants to build an ainxirt- and can provide a share of th"; • necessary money. The Senate completed legislative action on thc measure Tuesday, approving a conference report compromising house and senate versions of thc bill. The Civil Aeronautics Administration estimated that Hie $358. iiSO.OOa. would be allocated for the whole, nation. > Arkansas is to.get $5,180,169. -. trfransan to Attend , tighway Safety Meet IvIKNA, Ark.. May 2. <UP>—State ~ Roy L. Rialcs of Polk County ;icd to leave Sunday for Washington to attend meetings of Presi- lient Truman's .Highway Safety ponference. He is chairman of one [section of the Roads and Highways Committee. Meeting May 8. 9 and 10. the conference was called 1 by the President to rlevise means "!o make our streets land highways safer for motorists l:md Ihe public." Nominai/On Confirmed WASHINGTON. May 2. (U.P.l —Former Oov. Prentice Cooper, o: Tennessee, last night was coiv firmed in his nomination as Am bassador to Peru. Don't just Paint your House- Weatherproof! Bone/ex waterproofs as it beautifies Bondex "tlio paint eternal" does more than beautify. It also seals out dampness hy bonding with llic wall. Get this extra protection for your home. Bondex is low in cost—apply it with brush or spray. Investigate! FOR STUCCO, BRICK, MASONRY^" WATERPROOFS FOUNDATIONS, TOO Get your BONDEX colorjgrd from ... ARKANSAS PAINT, OLASS 2nd WALLPAPnil CO. 105 East Main St. HUBBAKD HARDWARE CO. 213-10 W. Main SI. sussissirn COUNTY LUMBER CO. 1801 W. Main St. E. C. ROBINSON LUMBBK CO. 3 ID W, Astl St. " JOU> TH * N THI TOT *i of *n OTHIR WATfRPROOf CIMIMTPAIMTS COMBINED Dont Say Bread Say Bread HAYS STORE Quality Merchandise Fair Prices Re&d Courier News Wan A««. ••••••••••i 200 E. Main Blytheville, Ark. Courteous Service SPECIAL PRICES for FRIDAY, SATURDAY and MONDAY 25 Lb. Sack - - - 1.2$ 50 Lb. Print Bag - - 2.55 Barrel ----- 8.95 FLOUR W. R. 8 O-X Plain.or Self rising VFRY SPECIAL WHEAT MIXED FEEDS For Pigs, Hogs, Cows, 100Lbs.$2.35 WAYNE FEEDS I'rinl Biif;, UN) Wayne Chick Starter— $4.75 Print Baj, 100 Wayne Growing Mash - - - 4.25 Print Vug, 100 ..""""','. Wayne Broiler Ration - - - 4.45 Hratuled Hag. 100 Wayne Rabbit Feed - - - - 4.25 too . ;. Wayne Pig and Sow Meal 4. 15 Wayne 35% Hog Supplement 100 h. - - '•- - 4.25 100 Wayne Poultry Fattefier - 3.65 100 Wayne 16% Dairy Feed - 3.45 100 Wayne 32% Dairy Feed - 3.65 FIELD and GARDEN SEED SEED CORN SEED CORN f rri\ PAfJU Leamington or Reid St. Charles White, Bushel Tenn. White > Red Cobb, Bushel J r Yellow Dent. Bu. US 13 DEEP GRAIN™ 8 GROCERY SPECIALS CORN Jack Sprat Cream Style No. 2 Can Case CORN First Lady Cream Style No. 2 Can 14c Case 3 19 PORK & BEANS Jack Sprat No. 2 Can 14* Case 3 19 GREEN BEANS Crowley , No. 2 Ridge, cut Can Case 2 .98 BEANS Great Northern 25-Lb. Bag SALMON, Alaska Chupi, can 26c; case 11.95 PEAS, Good Meal, No. 2can 13c; - - case 2.98 No. 2 can 14c; case 3.19 Tomatoes Extra '.Standard Macaroni or Spaghetti Tomato Catsup, Brooks, 14oz. jar Kidney Beans 7c; case 1.59 - - l^e Royal Gun No. 2 can 13c; case 2.98 PICKLES Extra Special Sour or Dill, Gal. Chile, without beans, Van Camps - can 29c CRISCO, 3 Ib. glass jar ------ 75e QUADRIGA PRINTS Fine Quality 80 Square Prints Good Assortment for Friday and Satur. Hardware & Household Needs Good Grade Red Hawk, ea. COTTON CHOPPING HOES 98c BARB WIRE "STiiW 5" Good Heavy POULTRY FEEDERS " IT 49^ A Good Assortment of ALUMINUM & ENAMEL WARE NOTIONS COSMETICS .1KURBNS '"TON , ta s , n .IKROKNS LOTION ue R ro<39 c Woodliury's, K«ff. 50 .sine FACE CREAM 39 Woodhury's Shave I.olion an<l Shnmpoo. 9Oc Regular Sflc Size .... Work CLOTHING For Men and Boys ' '" Largest assortment of men's and boys' work clothes consisting of Tuf-Nuts, Dickies, Duck Head, and Big Buck These prices good for Friday, Saturday and Monday, May 3rd, 4th and 5th subject to stock on hand. We reserve HM right to limit quantities.

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