The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 8, 1938 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, April 8, 1938
Page 7
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K11IDAY, APRIL 8, 1938 BLYTHEVIM,K (AUK.) COUIUEJt- NEWS PAGE SB CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION Daily rule per Hue for COHBCUI- Hvc Insertions: One time psr Hue : li)e Two times per line per day ... 08c Vhrcc limes per lino per tiny ,.06c Uix limes per line per day ....05c Month rate per line (Me Cards of Thanks 50c & 75c Minimiun dungc 60t; Ads ordered tor three or six times and stopped before expira- lion will lie charged for Hie number of lime.-; tin- ;id<l ;ip|>«ned uiid L adjustment of bill made. • , All Classified Advertising copy T, submitted by persons residing out• side of Hi ccily must lie accoui- paiiied by cash. Ratc.s may be easily computed from above table. Advertising ordered'[or irregular insertions takes (lie one time late. No responsibility will be taken for more (linn one incorrect insertion of any classified ad. Business Directory Harry Uiiilcy's CURVE IN CAFE Good Food at (Jiiod FHKSH RKKLFOOT Crappie EXPERT AIJTO.RKI'AIKN Garage opcrnlcd by Floyd Ihirgett Cigarettes 2 fnr 25c HARRY BAILEY'S Holland, Mo. : IMicncs 5-K-4 & 878 '__^TWorfc SNYpERvrirTsHop^ - Mclal Wori: for' 20 Years Valves, Bloivpipc.v, Eoccl Bins ALL WORK GUARANTEED Money Back (Juaranlcrd STOP-A-LEAK Koof tpiiling Also Plastic Cement 322 No. 6t!i Phone 4SG-J Coal My Cflal Is Black But 1 Treat You Willie, LOCAL HAULINO . ^ John Bucbana n Biytlicrille, Ark. .„,, ,1*0.110 107 Radio Service [,.' Expert Radio Service 1 PARTS, TUBES, BATTERIES Hardaway Appliance Co. Henry Werner Mnln & Sill ' •: - ' Phone "23 Piano Tuning Notice I'lanci tuned ttml rciia'ircc!. Cull aeorge i-^oi'd at Wnrio l<liri)i(ui'C| Co. Phone 155. | -I Drolhci'ii. I'liintci iiEcrs. Phono 321. und Hatchery Baby Chicks PUBLIC HATCHING. Marilyn Hatchery, Blythovillc, Ark., HAY <ii North. I'ilonc 742. For Sale Ijvii)« trailer, electric range. |iorl;t- b!e steel jjuniae. lio.x 214, Ctecla. l!-pk-13 I) roojii nliite .stucco house, 51;! Nu. 1st.. Cull Qmdity Shoe ajjop, 121!, H. )!. Campbell. 5-ck-trj The tfcllm-r a.llpiier yhop sells Paris Fiishioii Shoes, by Wnlil Shoe Co. ••' ' tin Drive Against .Gallows Begun In W. Virginia Seed 500 busbcls cf Ijtredo Ili'uiis. Ueltii Itnrletiu'iils, liic. Call 80'!. iil-ck-1-19 Rodin and Board MOUNDfiVlLUil, W. Vu. ail 1 ) — 1'rciiiiiturc release of the tiap diir- iiig- (lie hanisliifs of Hire,' kklnup- *liWs Uireiilens (a brim; bi'fore slate legislature m.-xi year n detail- on the relative merits ol ttu> rallows. the electric chair and tlie lethal 'Bus chamber us tne'.li- od.s of execution. Vii'uil M. Dais, a member of llic of Ui'lcuale.s from I'lilniini county, luis annoiinred lie will Introduce at the 1 iiexl session, January. 10,'til, a bill lo abolish llu- i!;|l- loii's ,-ind .substitute (lie rui; i-hum- 'I'he into of disliileisruUon o( llu- clement, uranium. Into hi'llmn and lend, furnlslied science our of tlie mast HC. flunk' historic; fkwks lor (nioniiifiiii; (he nun of (lie rarlli, Illncrani I'ul on lldicmry EIJ'CENTRO, Cnl, KJPl — Olio cusp of 'inckell vu. Tiickelt oil Hie cburl'docket'licre wasn't a 'divorce CHBC. It wns tlio case of Pnlrolimii Jack Tackolt wlio' Uit.KlcdTommy Tjicltelt,- Itinerant; (ind-'lialod"HIUi S'I5JJ1)S Hc'ltl Si-cils, All Vai'li'lle.s. Oat.s. Soybeans, be.s|>Mlei;a, Alfalfa, Any Qlmnlllj'. 1 Wholivsiilc A Hntnll \V. 0. KKKVJSS KM. SI. lilytlicville, 1'lionc S55.V5CO Ark, EASY TERMS oil iisca Frl° airc.s. Maytag Wiialicrjj, Delco liglil plnuls & radios, li. u. Occ Sales Co. House uptown, u rooms and ball). 4 room servant:! house on rear of lot. Easy Icnns. Wrile Box "A" Courier News. in-ck-i-ai 'I'o Settle AH libtil* Two nice houses, now rciUing lor $22.50 per month. $500.00 down, balance like lent. 1{. C. Campbell, Administrator, ns So. Fntnklin. 10-ck-Ml 'la or SO acres ol laud. D. R; Garner, Ai-nioro). !2-pk-)-12 MULES FOR SALE DELTA IMPLEMENT CO. Genuine Southem Lorcclo boy- beans. Threshed early. Recloaned. S. 0. Dobbs Armoi-el, Ark. Box ^ n-pk-4-ll Hay—Soybeans—Oats Seed Corn—Milch Cows And Tractor Work. See W. L. Tate, Armorel, Ark. Complete 10 volume set of Standard Reference Books with'loose !eaf Wudcr. Can 239 or 192. For Rent 2 unfurnished rooms. Adjoining bath and outside inliance. 516 S. l-'ranklin. Morse and Kirahner. 8-ck-i2 Furnished home, 'tiicct-ric refrig- cration. and oil heal. 5 rooms. K. L. AyelJl), 130 E. Davis. 7-ck-Il Batteries BATTERY. SERVICE J. Ben Cijine Phone 8 at .Tom ; Jackson's Sporting Goods Complete Slock Goldsmith's Huscball Goods Just Arrived 1 SHOlfSK-HENRY IIARDWARK CO. Colloii Seed D. P. L.NO. n ..<- COTTON SEED [I .Ucrminalioii Test 88 per cciil S60 I'cr Ton :>t I'cran i'oinf,- Ark. JOHN E. ijci'ci-u llniidred. liushds LAREDO SOYBEANS 100 Biiblicls DELSTA BEANS I>.P.L!NO"H COTTON SEED 'JhtM cotton seed ucrc gimicil 01. our (IK\\ private gin. Nol ;\ tialc of. any other cotton ginned on lliis B«i 1ml (liis cjic variety. C. F. TUCKER Used FIUMK WK IJUY & SELI CSEI) I-'URNITURK BUY i\0\V - - PAY \KXT I''AL HUBBARD 2nd Hand Fiirnilurc Next to OolT IlolEl Tailors 1/ct us moth-proof your clothes closets & living room suites. Guaranteed prelection 1 year. Mo- nilc process. Band Box Cleaners Phone 171. 30-ck-<!-30 If you need n Tailor, .see George Muir, "Blylhcville'.s Only Tailor." Main & a, Hi U. S]ioe llepairiug Quality Shoe Shop NEW •SAMI'Ll! SHOES Everything' For Your "Shoes Pht)ric-i20•"'•'•"" Free Delivery •1 room -I'Min. •Apartment. Private bath. Call 1UI8-W. Mrs. Raymond Sclimuck. • 7-ck-(f Two room unfurnisiied Iiousc7~804 ] _ So - _|^kc fi-pk-ll Small house on East. clierry"~£jl. 0- E. Parkh. phone 283. (i pk II a room . fiirnjshcd upiirlnient. All's. C. H. Wheeler. 809 : Hciirn. 5pkV2 Apartment Ingram Buildmg.~In- quirc Parkhiirjit • Co. i-ck-ll - or 3 furnislicd rooms, 'i upstairs, fllfi Hearii. 2-nfc-!i-a Unfurnished aiiartmcnt. 5 rooms and bath. Possession April iblli. 222 E. Davis. Calf -1S8-J. Mrs. ^fatl. Moiinghan. '1-ck-tf FOR REN'l'— Modern two room nn- iniislicd apartment, 1500 West Main.. a . ck _ B Modern a room apartment. Newly decorated. Unfurnished. Corner Mam & 2nd. K Simon, photic 7(H. Store and tcMdencc combined. coinbincil. Modern convenience.^ Near facloiy. i,. i<- 0 \rlpr. Blyllie- ville Motor Co. Call 888. aO-ck-lf For ncnl: Bedroom Main. 4 al 632 W 13-ck-tf room furufehcd ajiartnwnt, newly decorated. Phone 785-J after C P.M. Mrs. Belle Wood. 23-ch-tf 120 acres land, four nouses and uiini. in Hnlf Moon community. 11 ncres of alfalfa. See Karl lingers, Uc.ll. Arkansas. M-A Steam licnted rootii urtli board 803 -W, Ash, photic 151. llicM-12 Nicely fiirnisliea rooms~isonrd~Tf! ll!lls ' toiiloinpliili-d iicliwi is .mi desired, PlionB C02. m E ciier- °' 1!lowl1 ' ° r lllc lri l )l '' execution ry :>a-el'-l-MI !U lhc W<>: >1 Personal Kirby's Active Liver Tills Arouse Sluggish Livers HtlloTF» Wllouinwn, conitli'Sl!nn mil i>-»6ach5». ^cllre l.lvor 1'lllj ge l »t inr —.--- ol ^...^ Qftko 7ua «LMI iite nor jfnifin of BUT Ulirp Mwr Mils, 'old at ill Klrli; auv pwaofl. Rid ut liolBoni with lUru'leBH, gentle. Help Wauled WILL CAY .STHAlCillT SALARY SS5.0!) per iveek. man or vcoinnu lie wsa wllli inilo. sell 1'oiillry mixture to w^i r, s , ki> M(g , ' H- here MaK-h 21 of Hie HIKI- kld- |n;i|ic-r.s- (if Ur. James I ficder,'intii lUmtinjjIon, W: Vu., rcliml nitnlK- Icr, who 'died as I he result ol '111 Ireiilnienl. at, thy liands ot lln- trio. One of Ihc Hire convldcd :j|!iy- crs. Orvlllc A'dklns,-ar>, i>liiu|jed Ilirnimli tlic-traintoor on Ihc scsif- fold In-fore DIP noose um adjusted around his nn-k. He wa:. injmril In Ihc full, hut ulliciulK lilted in'ni Ijaek onlii llu- lilgcel. and In- Avaii I'rivoji o/ljciiik hlaincci ti:i- inci- dcnt on a "jiKrhanii-al il|riicnll.y." 11 was iTcnltcrl that, scvenil .veili-a :iuo a man wn.s dccjiiiitalcd when Position Wanted White (jirl wants job us housekeeper or nurse "'maid. Write Box "DH", Courier News, -l-pk-9 iliu electric chulr /or (lie Ballojvs, hut agitation for abolishing lianghn; UK n method ol execu- lioii in tin- stale has uci-u revived again now. I'sycliolugy mi JS'PSV Tack PROVIDENCE, 'K.' I. <ur'i—Per- soiiiililv quirks'arc .bfi»g Ktralghl- 5nc:l out in n new psychology -fVrsonal 'problems." offered at Providence College's extension school. The course alms at uijuslmcnl of aii individual's |>er- >|)eclivc lownrd daily ''•jiroblcins.'' TLLBY^OOI' " ~ If V(;ii Udii'l ..Ike (liu VOU ARK Now Locnlca at 10V North ADDING MACHINE & TYPEWRITER SERVICE BUREAU DON EOWAKUS, rroiirlct«» Calcnlalors—Kepalriug—yarls—Kiiition., Aii makes of Rebuilt Typewriters, Adding Machines an( Calculators—itcpalrliiK—raris—Itllibnus We luive on liaiul [or nilo or (rude, for othn' prodwls/ Heatw —kii'oilo, Dills tn. AfaiiVmotli Uruwn, Wilson nnil 'Virilnlii Hruun. I'ensi-.WhlpK ixnd -New Eru. l.e.spcde^.n — Kori'iiti. . Col- Ion Seen-U. I', I,. H-A : iuid «l<)tievllle •!-/». Will wll for ciisli in 1 Irmlo wllli you for oilier kinds ot bciuis or colloii Htod. I. R. Mi»Uhew$ Gin C^i. Tel. ll-l'-.'l, yaiiini, ^(luuiias C'olton, Cnlto'ii Ki-Vil ,(3 • ton) CQ * HI rhonc Ml ihp inil(,e. Tlic judge licic wcro Hw mmiy TacJwW ! ln Ami crMcred the • Itinerant ?]!»*i!U to keep on lib illncrarj'. Refill C-'o-JMor .News Waul *&. p * AcrmpNb LoTllG AT B^,B'i'' I'RJCES PROMPT BERVIQE ' .Co. Crescent Safe IHNI: ,t OA.NCI; i:vi;it Hut I'll liiirlx'cuti * lilcdrlc Cooked ' stcjitis All landfill; Urundii of JJcer, .\Vlilskeys. \Vlnia & Ciin I'lillllpu Clns & Oil 21 flO.tllt HKHVICH • IllBlin-uy 01 I'liolic IV Hollnnd, Wo. 'V/.'1'f tvt> ".-,->,-* *,.*> WALK IH - ^-DRIVE OUT feliPISSW!- N y-8 Truck..... i 934 Ford ; V-8 Tudor N,.». i, M i- tiilll , ri f ( ,. ov ,, rs . •(.„„,, lly , n ,r«k i, 1933 F 9 rdV.8 Tudor . "' PHIiLI MOTOR CO, fes? JUST WE'RE ABOUT 1 BE •rORNTAPAfn BYAMOB OF WOMEM,PRESTO.' >. WE'RE SAVED BY ^ VOUR. PET .'RAT ConilorlaWc bedroom, phone 277- a» at 025 W. Main, ]7ck 1-17 Comrurlnblc bedroom, 1017 Walnut, Call 103. 13-ck-U Found folder with 2 -keys. Own cr can have same by paying cost of this acl. Black leather key holder contaits- ing one key. Owner can have same Ijy paying cost ; of Ihls ad. Courier News. Metal key ring with 13 hoys. Pound near Hijh School. Owner can iavc iamc by paying cost of this Wantefl lc.- person, man or woman, aye 'J5-50. Advancement, for hustler Write Wiltoiic sales Agency, Joncsboro. Ark.. 115 Bater St. 7-pk-12 \Vantet1 To Buy SZ500 Worth uf USK1) FURNITURB All Makes Hadio's'.Kcuaircd OV1)K FUHNITURB CO. J12 IV. .Ifaln • Ffionc 155 Eed Dinette Suite. Pay cssh or twde Breakfast suite for it, Phoiie 5?4. 7-pk-ll SOMETIME LATER WHO LED TH' FLIGHT ? .- A-fREMBLE WITH PRIOHU 1H WAV SHE LOOKED WHEN SHE FIEST SAW ZO IDEA-- ANJ' ME BOTH-AM' IP W£ WORK IT RIGHT, EEMV WILL BE ALL WASHED UP! AKIY MORE TIME TRVl.W'TKETCH _„, HE" AM' R3O1VMUST BE A LOW6 WAV FROM HERE BY MOW- GVT,DAMGED IFIDOM'T- ..INC. ,r M.nto.u.s MI OFF.-i-a BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES SHE'DOESM'T C.hRt \ \ OOKS'X COME. VOO'Rt THE 0V HER '\lfft "wt\.v swt'e ,.you . ItM at ill*. !iiA»JCt InC^ J_;.<CJJS PAT •'/ -.? WASH TUUBS fl'.s'All Yours, Wash BY KOY CHANIi i Two-FiFTys SID. -._• -i >e.v:rt;:ir,T. "S 810.' SOLOIOTHE^I ' YOUNG MAW WITH CURLY HAIR TWEE HUMORED POIURS.';-- y^n r'-J * \ —^ V « IMTO AK) AUCTIOW, JIW&LES HIS RE- AAMNIMG ... , .. U<~-y,--vv' AK3D TRIES TO LOOK MPOtTANT, I'-RKCKLKS AND HIS K Kiilhcr, Like Son ', BLOSSER J ft FP1CNDS.TH1S IS MOST (O lilf.; MKEE DISTINGUISHED ^.^ 0;-'fl!c OEBATe-.LET ME Of-hLR MV />!-OLOGtE6 ' ;.f OOMT DMTORTUNATE ! I'M SORRY FOR Tv\o :-y MAS 1 CENTS, 10 \ ANYOtJE-li KMOCKTME I IM ' / V '•;» [ v.J<^' -L^I-IS_;-M i-i ( t_ . J. |Vl ^A^^f^ [ "V' // ,- •/ ff !/ ' ', :',n\ "I'US DLBATtT TURMED IMTD A )' H ! f! 'j ', COMMON STREET BRWL! OUT OF . 1 OTHER. BOY STUFFINGS /AUDIENCE HIM,S.QN- J MAPPEMS our OP , i GOT YOU.'. 7 CHANGE FOR A .NICKEL ' ^x^^....(, MSGOOSEY/.

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