The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 7, 1947 · Page 11
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 11

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, April 7, 1947
Page 11
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^MONDAY,. APRIL 7, 1947 BLYTHEVILT.E (ARKJ COURIER NEWS CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION Daily rat« p«r line foi consecutive Ingenious; * Mlwiniuuj Oh*r(« „ „ 60e 1 time p«c Uae "" jfic - llmea yor line p«r day . ric a liia«a per lltia yer day yc 0 times ver llu» yoc day 7c l^i times pet Hue pet day QC BJoutU jjer Hue flOc Count five average words to the line. Ad ordeied for tLrco or six times auil etoppcd before cspitatlou will ba charged for the number of tiuios the ad appeared and adjust me ut of bill made. , -B^-'V Classified Advertising cojiy sub- vJl-rW^y JiersonB resldiug oulsido of tlie JVy »fiMst be accompanied by cash. Hates may be easily couiiJtiled from tbo above table. Advertising order for irregular Insertions takes the QUO time rale. No rebjioiislbility will bo t&koa for more tliau cue Incorrect Insertion of *ny classified ad. For So/e lavo buyer for yotir kerne. IT O. CaintibMI. 1'hono 440 — 2U30 Office 11!0 .South Se.-ond. I0l2-ck.|t For Fine Portraits ffs 1 O'STEEN'S STUDIO T5AHY CHICKS QuiHlriiiile A $1^.75 per hnn.lreri -I] Jlrowti Klore. 3[5-ck-l( f:i<-ilicivs '"'tor''"'mJunj. * 'nnil ™"i'rii nlrll'. Korl (,'arlrr. .Manila. Art. c-ll il :il Htt-.-m Klion, .in I K. Main. For Scr/0 good used washing iiiichEne and Ironer UlyilKrville Machine Shop. Uaby Chicks—Custom hutch- ing. High grade Pullorum Controlled Chicks that are hatched her.c Started Custom hatching §3.50 per hundred eggs set. IHaylock Hatchery, North Gl, phone 3172. 3-4-ck-U ttccopLiiiK orih'rs for C!?0 Kucl ara[il*^-il 10 -day deli very. O'STEEN'S STUDIO New Hiilanc }? :ls 1 suits, holds •170 gallons. Will sell at reduced price. lilylhevillc IVIolor Co. Phone 42:>, 215 South Second. 'l-.'i-ck-10 ]><-cro <-LilIU-!it-ir. "• i QUALITY BABY CHICKS •" S Our husVy quollly chicle. 01, b,*d •- lor livobilily and (ail giowlh. • • PLACE YOUR ORDER EARLY! I>. K. ASnORAFT CO 1-^ Block South of Deyot MKHCIIAXTS von itinn'-iliato duly moat fai " *r:i|.'C cnolc-r*. iVlilies. Alsi> Mills D.-ll Sroll. 2250. FRYERS S1 . Raised in brooder. Abraham's Poultry House, rear Abraham's ife, next to American Field on S. Hwy. Gt 3-28-ck-tf liflil. 2 ('.. Alii-; Cli.-iln pinn-r lift luKts. 1 .lulin JV,-r|. A Mitli nU:iv:n<jr null l.ush-js. 1 Alli-i ClialiiH'r K; Imllmu l)H-;,ki-r 1 <! Alli.s Clinljiiir iilnnlrr. .Ml ,.< [!..•«.• lra,-i,ira nri. hi iiiioil sh: l.i B<>. As il is Ki-tllNK lain 111cv ran Ijc liiiuiilit very clirnii. Can In- sn-n ^ inil.-K smilli t>( Iciwn nn .^onlli 01 liiflnray a! Duswoiiil Ili.lfo ,ir rail il|ic.rf|.Y oil burner fi i t i,l.-iir.- Mrs ].::irl Clissini. Hi. 1. M;iuil :t . 4-[ik-ll Wanted to BUY' I 1 IMI 'L'rni-lor \vllli Tinwrr lift: I :l-fnr- rn\\- ili^ l.ronkini; jil'ivv: 1 2-i-nw Tlan1*T. corn Ami rollmi: I 7-Font •lUi-: 1 ruliiv.ilor: ] iiiano: nsnl fiiriiitniv: ty[i.-\vrUi>r in A-l cotnli- ni. <'l:iuclu Lancaster, llus K. Ma- . ila, Ark. . l!l-pk-S orcli 5vviiii.-s .^iiil rlinin linrrou-^ Henry VV.-Ml.rrmk tKo[i. forini-rly l>oi\ Slmit 10111 W.,l;rn ? clnnr. In first d^ss cnn- (looil tires. ;5:tO K. Ky. I'linnr Small Restaurant. Modern equipment. Well established trade. Extra good loca- lion, 55500.00 All Cash. News. -1-4-pk-S Rome 35nsh & I?os disc harrow. G. A. Hale, liurdetle Ark. Ph. 702. Cash for wrecked or jnnU automobiles. Wade Auto Salvage, North Ili'way Gt Phone 3785. 3-27-pk-4-27 Old koiinka Rnd camCTas for pa "'SlcDn'n Studio. alll-",k-rill Female Help Wanted r K A r • i j KT;S WAXTKO 1 pnsilions paying ni> In $ :an per ninnf cipcn noi;- aillt UliriTM-' sinnnn-i- v:i, tinn in filurittinnnl nilvis.ivy i«irli liii:lu.<l lync. will; yivnr Irniniiin a ?xp,*r!i'nc-<. i-'inip yi)n In .In. Qnalifiriuii M-i-ilo finoil ri-ctiril anil ri'inilati Writ.- in cnnfuli-nct'. fivint aec. « ml (•niiri|.|. Xi- \Vitnlc-c!: I.m-n«i-,l rnMnptirhitl wlm rnr = ..11. -\n<l 5nti-r..s1o.l in t.-n I.) lifin-n ilo|!nr« ilallv i-nriih.cs I., sv-rvir,. n li,l,li-liF,l rlionli'Ir. n.i'Mill,- Ci>-!n< lies H1.I.. MrtimliU. Ti-nn j. 7-i,k-ll Cn.,,1 ilr,-s*r-r. In-il. a liil nf iicw i>kk fr.'.l.-rs anil .^ill'l'lio^ clipap. 1'noni 1 IM'.II. -lla-lik-D Cnlion socil J>r;. 1-1 oni- frniii Iirwcl- IT. S9 |ii-r hnntlrdl. Illylliovill,: (]ii> (.'o. 31^0-cli-lf or lonclli. Flntiil- l-pk-ll Duplex located in high class nci.ufhhorhood. Low tax and insurance rale. Will net S'f. Small down payment will handle. Can finance balnncc at '1% inlercst. See or call i\Iax Logan, Realtor, phone 2(K>1, Lynch Bhlff. 4-5-ck-12 Click.'!- Snanh'l iiniil.ii f. r. M....IS (ihl. Willis K:iii.iT Si,.|-l,- Mn. -I- T-nk-S Sipiiposts on the northwest frtmller of India carrv drawings, as many of the natives cannot read. "II arri's kind. Sri ncrrs rl.virr-.l R-nc- r.l in vi.ii'ii wire C.nn.l liinbrr I.n- i-jlo,l I ..lili-F nnrlliivrsl or Cn. m ,l,i-ll. Ml... on liivj-. SI!. Miki- Kridliniin. ' ^,(1 acres fine cypress land, IS miles north of Ulvthe- villt fiond house and harn. on^ravel road nnd UEA line. If honsht now purchaser will get 1!M7 rent. *See or call Max Logan, lloallor, phone 203-1, Lynch REPAIR 1 AND 2 DAY SERVICE ON ANY MAKE OR MODEL. RELIABLE WORKMANSHIP. PHONE 2642 ! Wo Call for and Deliver FREDCALUKAN Electrical Appliance Co. AuUiurizccl Motorola Ttntlio Sales and Service 106 South First St. . ._ Geologists read "the record o?4he rocks", reconstruct the i l ?^-slory ol a mountain.I Consumers read "the rec-\_ 5rd" of products from their jrand names. The brand lame of a responsible man' ilacturer stands lor good quality and value, backed by experience and research. ,1 PLANTERS HARDWARE CO., Inc 126 W. Main Phone 515 FARM LOANS /Lnrhttm* / Prompt BwUa RAY WORTHINGTON I_u_ C—^^ J »,»,. Tone In Prndentlal Prc-Eram Sunday at 1 p.m. over XVREC Senrtne This Section for 21 Tears 115 So. 3rd Blytheville, Ark. FELIX A. CARNEY • Dominion Aiiloniatic Electric Irons 1 Yr. Guarantee • Complete Line of Electrical and Jiattery IJatiios • Expert Radio Repairs • We Pick Up and Deliver 324 K. Main rtione 2107 Night 351B Phillips Out Front with that real FORD Service! Attention Please! U'o plojiso your car and you with ?Iei!ty of atlciHion when' it •ounts most! \m\\- car is uiir iKiljy, too. Drive; in now for c;ir siipei--(lii|)(>r spring liiuo-it|) and P • I iMk MOTOR COMPANY FORD and MERCURY DEALER Walnut at Fifth— Ely thcvillc, Ark.— Tel. 453—3715 Services •isl your properly with us. Wo know |,,, w ,„ , M tllj ,| nllrltl> lij'iiu.,. W o Initln yon lo uiv, wlllnml Ol'liyivlli'ii. our .orvk,. li, form,. , :l |,>* " ""». I.I'W InllTI'kt IUIIK I.TUISHIL.1 IK','-'," "'"''«1 iTi'lmyini'tn iirivll- U'TIIKH IIIIAV, KKAI/l'V num.. r. M IH'.IIV KC.KS. SAI.KBHAN Hike wild W/M!'viiili'imii J.i. A«oy. Illl I-iik-it 11 MONRY TO LOAN Do you need n ban to repair or remodel? No down payment, no mortgage, no ra! tope. FHA approved rate 5'.'•;. Ask for details. Mai 1'Dgan, Kcaltor, phone 20S* Lynch IMg., Hlylheville. 9-28-ck-tt L.' >.-|i»lf nny ,11 r,-iiiir.lli<» ol milk ..r ni,,.l,.I. ,.l.',-lrl,.. rn.llo r,lnm,i K r ; ,\,l.! ilnv s.inl,.,.. F,,,| rnliihim I'ln'.H.'i Si>r VI..'. 1 Hi H.Mith. Vint. I'lnnu. 'JII1J. See us for nn estimate before yon have your tractor overhauled. We speciiiliy.o in stcnm rlcaniiig niul Piiinlini;. Kloi-lric and acul- ylcne wotdinK- Kussell 1'liilliiia True I or Co. lliwiiy (It South. Plume 2171. '•'-l-ck-tf We Sell Comfort to Sore Feet • New Soles • New Heels for old shoes HALTERS QUALITY SHOE SHOP 121 W. Main St. For Rent H.-ilronni. 31-1 N. 01L SI. I'll. ;!:i:ia llfilriinmi. IlKllii'vill,- !li.-,-1 inn .Main. I'linn,- O'.i:. Mrs. ('mumtii* & Long Distance Moving OontpetOBt nolp tuti o^nlpuODl. Ado- qilfttcly Ilis-Jl^{l OoUttlct UADllul anil Mlso, Ke?vfcos. Home Sor-rlco k Btoral* lo. 1'koiio 2801 CAMERAS EOR RENT Free 5x7 KnhirKcincnt willi each Itoll or film rtcvcloiicrt. Home of Bonnee Buttered Steak Sandwich 25c 25c BARNEY'S DRUG STORE 2006 W. Main St. Phono SfiiT If Your Car Is Old [ . . . It cerlainly needs Kood cure to keep it on the road until yb'n'can trade fora new Chevrolet. If Your Car Is New •# \ ... II deserves every atlcnlion OLD OR NEW We Offer you a "Complete" Service -el u« slinrppn and repair your lawn mower, re.n'iird- less of kind or si/.o. (Jut yours ready now, and avoid (he rush. We pick up mid deliver. , Itlylhcville Machine Shop, 211 S. 2nd St., phone 2S28. 4-3-ek-ir Puerto nir:nis wore tnndo nnln- li/ftl citi/tMis «r the United .Sli an art. ot cimifiress, Miivcli '2 1Q17. 1 Wo Guarantee RECAPPING with Hawkinson Treads • Let Your Next Tires Be! GENERALS I Cost More — Worth More [ Old Cars Completely Rebuilt and Guaranteed to Last New £dfs Kepi looking and running like new l>y careful periodic inspections and proper lubrication We Never Close 301 W. WALNUT CHEVROLET CO. . . . Sales Department Open Until 8 p.m. ST. PHONE 57*8 MODINGER TIRE CO. 5 I1C i:. I\ti\Iu IMiouc WQl • Help Wanted fdliliN' tit liv.- hi my l.n uinl r:\n- for IWH rhililrt-n. H.-nl, lii;hl.q. \vuli~r frt-f. N,,'ol.]rVlinii hi itlir ClilM >'f wn. '"' l PRESCRIPTIONS Fresh Stock Gnnrnntccil IH'st Prices Kirby Drug Stores DON EDWARDS "The Tyrirwrtler Slan" IIOYAL, SMITH, COltONA and ItEMINGTON POnTARI.K 110 N. SECOND ST. PHONE 3302 (Every Trnnunctlon MOST BE SATISFACTORY) RECTAL DISEASES A SPECIALTY (All Types Kxcepl Cancer) DRS. N1ES& NIES Clinic 514 Main, llb-llievllle, Ark., Phone Z921 ATTENTION VETERANS! If you served oversells, you should Join tlir V.I-'.W. now! Mcrllnps iivcry WcilnPstlny nl^ht, 7::iO ;it fins Wt'lenhamii Cnlion OfUcc. Tiring n veteran with you. VETERANS OF FOREIGN WARS I-'arrls McC'utlu, Commitmlcr Radio Clinic 430 W. Ash St. Phone 855 or 2294 WE PICK UP and DELIVl Flowers - - For Every Occasion Telephone '191 nncl your order will be on ll's wny In record time. Our Floral AiTnngcnients tell a cqmplcte story. FLOWER SHOP F.T.D. Service WB Deliver Anywhere Mi. -101 Mrs. J. M. (Sine) Williams, owner Olcncoe BANK LEVELING ItlVATE ROADS m%£-:.\ PR ANY t*/E can actually give you magnificent new-Butch engine performance right in your '37, '38, '39, '40, '41, or '42 Buick. We'll install a new factory-built Buick engine "Power Package 1 '—in one simple operation. It's easier and cheaper in the long run than parl-by- part replacement, and it makes your Buick as good as new as far as engine performance is concerned. The cost is a lot less than you might think—come on in and ask us about i(. And if you like, we'll arrange for easy payments to suit your budget. LAN6STON-WROTEN CO. Walnut, & Broadway BUICK U.S. ROYAL 1XCAVWION vECOHEN Contraeta BLDG. TODAY - - IMPORTANT! Save, ynnr present car '/" lixpcrl Alncliniilcnl Service ) Alemltn OH ntul riihrlcantl ' Vcs, we wash ami Rrcase cars loo! Moirirs? We Iiave new motors ' .' OvLTlninl »r rebuild them Tires mill Tubes Oil, Yes, We paint Cnrs Too! Itcpalr ami Kclml.sli nil liodlea Cliarr;c Dallcrlca j. .; T. I. SEAY MOTOR Phone 2122 GATEWOOD GROCERY Ark.-Mo. Slate Line on iltc left at the Arch 1 A rt. pt. 7 Crown 1.35 2.65 Kinsey 1.35 2.65 Schcnley 1.35 2.65 Philadelphia 1.35 2.65 Three Feathers 1.35 2.65 HiH& Hill 1.46 2.75 Old Taylor 4.35 Four Roses 2.85 5th 4.15 4.15 4.15 4.15f 4.15 4-46 6.90 4.50 Beer per case $3.35 GAS, rcg 17.9; Ethyl 19.9 Cigarettes pe^ carton $1.55 FliECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS DOM'T vou DARE \- —^ BLAMt? FRECKLES / HE FOR. \M3.MAM-HATItsk3- WEEK I YOUR. BOY FRIEWD IS MORE . THE CRIMINAL TYPE? NOT/ _ A PCRFEC.T FXAuruc- IYOUSHOUD^ OF= THE POTCALIJW& / WK! I'D TME KETRE BIA.CK/ / SAY VOUR. . / PRECIOUS J .ARD WAS TME MSTER. MIND —FHE HAOAMIMD' Ladies! BY BIERREt-L BLOSSi HEY. LETS TCGETHER--1F WE DON'T-

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