The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 2, 1946 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 2, 1946
Page 6
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i'AGK SIX BLYTTIEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS Chicks Trounce Hew Or leans fo Lead Southern Majer Leagues Begin Sending Players Down Ladder and Into South. »v ftotAXD norsox DnUcrf Fran Sporls Writer ATLANTA, Ga., May 2. (UP) — Memphis and At- prer season pennant favorite, today f«er*d much stranger op- po£*Uon from the othei Southern A«aoc4aUon teams as the Triple A «nd major leagues began to send p!A$*rs"'down the ladder. '; "Hx Crackers and Chicks are the only two teams In the Southern AoociaUon th'at do not have worklnt mgreements with big lea- pi* tr. Triple A clubs, all ovcr- " never' before. . south started yesterday with Mobile getting a righthander, Glen • Jpouler, from the Brooklyn podcen. Nearly all big league clubs cUt'-se^eral plasms yesterday, bin &|>par*uly. they will filter throueh the Triple A leagues to Ihe Southern.'" (, "The j American Association, International ' Leagiw and the Pacific Coast £.e*gue'-linvc'"to cut down to playing strength by June 15. and b>'; thit date trie Southern teams with %-orking agreements arc ex- p*cta<l*Mo be well heeled. : .Wheftier. "Memphis' will hold its lead taken last night, wns problematical, t; but '•manager Dob Prolhro still cfilnied Jhe had one of -his best feams of all time. . Thar team beat New Orleans, 7 to C, tb fhovfe «. full game, oul in front $t the Pelicans. Three Chick pitc^ei* b*M ^Kew Orleans to seven hits with Talmadge'Abernathv gel- llnj ^edlt for the win. In tfe' only other gnmc last night, Rock blanked Mobile, THimSDAY, MAY 2, 1946 Fearless Fraley Picks Three Favorites in Kentucky Derby By OSCAB FRAI-tY Vaiitd PffU Spurts Writer LOUISVILLE,, Ky., May 2 (UP) —There may be a baker's doten or more entered but actually there are only three horses In the Kentucky Derby Ian-colored lo be run over horse highway the at Churchill Downs come Saturday, Fearless Praley's Foolproof Almanac revealed today. Tliey ore Maine Chance Farm's Lord Boswell, which is no surprise: Foxeatclier Form's Hampd«t), aim a dark outsider quoted at 30-to-l named Dark Jungle. Come the sun iind a fast track. Lord Boswell will be mighty tough lo fasten. He'll also be rugged In the mud, just, to confuse the Issue. Come a muddy track, the Boswell will have his hooves full to slave off Hie challenge of Hump- den, who romped off and hid from the field In the Chesapeake Slakes. Two-way Thr*»t And, be II either sun or mud. Lord Boswell and Hanipdcn will have their difficult times with thtf dark brown colt called Dark Jungle, Thill's n hot Up, .son, although it's cnsy to admit thai those are the kind which you money when you fiddle, around Ihe race Iracks. Nero [uirked his. bass vio! to those SI. Louis cnrdlnuls. Tile kid in question Is a lyplcnl- ly-cocky Brooklynllc ntmed Andy Loturco, a dark-halmi sou of the city- who makes his living in the country. Loturco, sipping a cup of Java In the backslrelch restaurant al Cliurchlll Downs todny, had It all figured out. Trainer* and Jockeys milled around under the low^eil- Inifed, self-service bennery where even the goody pastry they serve at 5 a, m. tastes like horsemeai. And Andy was not loath to let people know lhat his mounl, Dan: Jungle, had a terrific chance when they rim for the rose.i on Saim- dfiy, Swinris Like Durochrr The guy sounded like a miniature Leo Dnroclicr. '"It's golnf lo. take a lot of horse to beat us," Lolurco bubljk'd through a gulp of coffee. "We can give them nil trouble on ellhcr a muddy or fnsl track. The big worry'Is I/>rd Boswell, alone with llNtttjxlen in Ihe mud. "Hut rain or shine, watch oul for Ilinl Dark Jungle. We'll B lvc Iheni all plenty of trouble, I'm telling you." 'And, strangely enough, the fcel- nt Ihe gnte t but you alt better |'"8 around the hack.stretch where to 0, Behind the eight-hit pitching of Ji« Mains. •Birrfniigham at Nashville and AtlitnUf arrctifittnnoogn-werc rained <>uC uL.i' AH fams face the same opponents Hooipeif Neors Tokyo , , May 2. (UP)— Herbert Hoover is, scheduled lo arrive here Saturday, .from. Manila lo continue his world-wide food survey. •JSky's'the Limit check those pistols coming in it you're interested In \vagerlng on the following. It comes from n Jockey, one of the three involved in the trio ol aforementioned chargers, and he's a kid from Brooklyn who loves the Dodgers and won't admit I! they're 12 lengths behind at Ihe head of the stretch thai they ever lowered the Ebbets Field manner men mnke their living off 01 horses Is-that Ihe boy from Brooklyn has something there. So, take It or leave it, that's the honest lo goodness opinion down here In the Bliicgrass. And you can lhank old Fearless for making- it easy. All you have to do now Is pick one of (hose three, and. In lhat, I'm not going to help you. Boston Hurlers Causing Worry For Opposition HONORABLE DISCHARGES I'fc. Traiik N. Wiginton has tx'en UiuiHod ji divcharKc from the Army at the SepafuLlon Center of Camp Chaffcc, Aik. I'fc. LawiTiicc 13. Edwards, By CAttl. UIN'DQUIST Uullrd Press Sjiorls Writer _ NEW YORK, May 2. (U.P.) —' Csccola. has been 'discharged 'from The queslion mark pitching slafr.ll'e Army al Camp Chnlfec. thai was exp?cled lo hamper Hi? I . » . pennant chances of the Boston Sliiff Sergt. Ijeonard Cook, ol Red Sox was gelling revised re- ' Dell, h s been discharged from tlH' sj>ecl lodny for compiling Ilia heal Army al the fieparallon cenler all-around early season record ol'ai Crimp Chaffce. any mound corps in eilher major i » . . league. 1 T-5 Joseph J. .lone.s. of noule 2. There were few donbls nl (ho lias IJM.-M disolnu^wl from Boston's hitliiij; nljil- " Iwen relurned the sepitrallon Chaffec. (o civilian life ul center In Camp Staff. Sergt. Thomns A. Sampson of Burcleltc is njnong the KCI'- vlcomen dbtharged durlne Ihe j>ast several days ni Ciitnp Chnlfe*. Read Couriir News Want Ails. ity. 1 the Baseball Standings ISeeks High Office SOUTHERN l.KAGUE W. I,. Memphis . New Orleans Chattanooga Nashville . .. Atlanta Little Rock . Birmingham Mobile 12 11 10 (I B 7 5 H Brooklyn St. Louis- Boston . Chicago . Cincinnati New York Pillsburijh Philadelphia NATIONAL LEAGUE W. L. I'd 10 4 .714 9 4 7 4 7 7 5 1 5 7 5 10 4 0 AMKKIC'AN I.KAOUK W. L. Pet. Doston . New York . Detroit . Cleveland . Et. Louis . Chicago . . . Philadelphia 7 7 9 8 r. a 5 10 British Golfer To Play With Byron Nelson. NEW YORK, May 2. (UP)—Dick Burton, Brilish' open champion, agreed today to meet Byron Nelson, generally regarded us America's greatest golfer, in a special 3fi-hole match to be held in conjunction with the Goodall Round Robin championships, May 30-June 2 at Mmnat'oncck, N. Y. Elmer Ward, sponsor of Hie Goo- clall Tournament, said the first 18 holes ot the match would be played May 29 at Ihe Wine Foot Oolf Club, prior lo the first round of the regular Goodall championships. The second 18 holes of the Nelson- Burton match will b e plas'ed May 30 us part of the tournament. NOTICE Notice is hereby given that the undersigned will within the Him fixed by Jaw apply to the Caininis- sloner of Revenues of the State of Arkansas for a permit to .sell beer at retail at 1G01 Rose St., Blythu- villc, Mississippi County. Tlic undersigned states that he is a citizen of Arkansas, of good moral character, that he has never been convicted ol a felony or othev crime involving moral turpitude; Hint no license lo sell beer by the undersigned has been revoked within five years last past; and that the undersigned has never been convicted of violating the laws of this state, or any other state, relating to the sale of alcoholic liquors. WEST END GARDEN John Alsup, owner. Subscribed nml sworn to before me this 1st day of May. 19M. Ed B. Cook (Seal i Notary Public. My commission expires May 13. 1917. start aboul But there was plenty ulxjm pilchers since Mnnaecr Jo? Cronin had lo start the season with only one man. Cecil (Tex) Hughson, who had been » constant winner judged by pie-wnr slf.ndards. Surprising- even Cronin. his starling quartet of Uughson. Joe Dobson, Mickey Harris iind Dave (Boo) Ferriss, now i.s in the midst of a six-game winning streak in which none has required roltei. Moreover they lend both leagues ill winning completed games will: 10 lo daU'. three more than thir Yankees tnd Cardinals, who each have played seven In which Hhc- starter has needed no rcllcl. i Hughson and Harris each have pitched three comnletc games while Ferrlss and Dobson have turned in two apiece. Kerrlss, the drawling right-hand- er from Shaw. Miss., pitched one of the besl games of his career yesterday. lopping Ihe vlsllini; Tigers, 13 to 1 on four hits while the Red Sox were doing some eharacteiislic slugging- against Ihrec Delroit pilchers. Army at camp chaffce. T-ri Cioorge Hc-L-i-e of I-uxora ha There are some 25.00 banks in Ihe United Slates. RITZ THEATRE Manila, Ark. Box office opens at 7:00; I'klurt slarls al 7:15. Open 7; Slarls 7:30 ji.m. AIR CONDITIONKD Last Time Today Radio Stars On Parade" With Wally Brown, Allen Carney and Frances I,an£forU NKWS & FMCKKK 1'I.ASHKS Friday 'PARIS UNDERGROUND' ivilli (.'ojistaiue Hennelt ami (Iracic Flelils I'aramount News i- Slim Is Las I Time Today 'Lady On a Train' aniKi Duibin. Kalph Bellamy, Uuvid Bruce New.s of Ihe Day Also ShurLs Friday and Saturday 'Lightning Raiders' Busier Crabbe, Al ;jFuzi>•" S(. John Serial: "The Master Key" Also Shorts .813 .fi88 .500 .417 .400 .385 .385 .333 Yesterday's Results SOimiKUN I-KAC.VE Memphis 7. New Orleans G. Little Rock 7. Mobile 0, Atlanta nt Chatlanooga. Birmingham nt- Nashville, rain. NATIONAL LEAGUE Brooklyn S, Chicago 1. Philadelphia 8. Pittsburgh 0. Boston at Cincinnati, rain. New York at St. Louis, rain. AMERICAN I.EAUUE Philadelphia 3. St. Louis 2. Boston 13, Detroit 1. New York G, Cleveland 3. Chicago tit Washington, rain. K. C. Ward E. G. Ward, of Piggott, Is seck- nk Ihe office of Circuit Court Judge to succeed Ihe appointed judge, Waller Killough of Wynne, who is not n candidate. Today's Games SOUTHERN LEAGUE New Orleans nt Memphis, night. Mobile nt Little Rock, night. Birmingham nt Nashville, night. Atlanta at Chattanooga, night. NATIONAL LEAGUE Brooklyn at Chicago. New York at St. Louis. Boston nt Cincinnati. Philadelphia at Pittsburgh. AMERICAN LEAGUE Cleveland at New York. Detroit nt Boston. St. Louis a,t Philadelphia. Only games! DiKs !)]> Mexican Gfm NORTH ADAMS, Mass. (UP)-' While digging in his backyard, Peter L. Rancnlti of North Adams found a Mexican turquoise of perfect dimensions which may havn been «om by the A/.tec or inca Indians in Central America thousands of years ago. Berkshire Museum authorities in Piltsfield said the gem Is one of the purest of its type, wilh the same lustrous finish thul some Indian may have given It painstakingly by hand. The stone is Ihe same si?e and shape as a small inilletfs egg. LOOK! THIS LMCE SUE JAR of MOROUNE Petroleum W*y for minor burns—cuts,-lirms- cli;ifca, iibraaiona; und irritations. AitUhmlinR. AND ONLY IQf ^ At i Sands P r o v i n a men are d"var[ed » tjtar'work on a German V-2 rocket of the type that will b« Are* in test scheduled for Msy 16 £ :s expected IhDt the rnrlio- conUolled missile will nltain a speed of 3200 niph. ^$25 Reward for niluiinution enabling NM tosecare a 6 or 7 room unfinished' house. jj • C»nt»rt E. V. (Buck) Tomlinson 2335 — 110 East Ash loss of approximately S200.- throughout the world is New Theater Manila's Finest Shows F.VF.KY NIGHT Matinee Saturday ,v Sunday CHICK THEATRE "When Happinett Costs So Little" Week n»y«: SUrto •* 7 ». •. I,asl Time Today FEATURE 1 Last Time Today 'CITY FOR CONQUEST" With James CaRney anrt Ann Sheridan NEWS AND COMEDY Friday "The GAY BLADE" Starring Alan I.nnr Plus Serial and Comedy "CRAZY HOUSE" wilh Olscn and Johnson 'SHE GETS HER MAN" with Joan I»»vLi. I,eon Krroll Also Short Friday and SatunU* "LAWLESS VALLEY" with GforfC O'Britn "NITE CLUB GIRL" with Billy Dunn. Judy Clark Serial: "Raiders of Ghost City No. 4; Ate* Carlson i Insurance •f every kind 3545 W.J.NIard Agency BINGO NYLONS-Special Prizes! Thursday, May 2 ARMORY 8p.m. Sponsored by Catholic Altar Society Buy SIX PAIRS and get the Guarantee) .Certificate. • 6 months' \venr or six new Knit propoi lionccl (.0 fit small, average aud j large sii'.c man. Laundry approved, 5MPORTANT: Buy /.;;., Socks According to the Size^ \ j Shoe lie Wears. -< %'• JOE ISAACS Phon* 3331 incorporated ' 223 W«f Moin St. Yes, You'// Find at HUGHES! Smart, Lightweight Bags to carry on your weekend trips and your vacation jaunts. Trim, smooth, sturdy leathers and fibers in 2- suiter's, Gladstones, Handbags and roomy Foot Lockers. Right for Gifts ... finds for yourself Two-Suiters — In Luggage Tan and Brown $21.85 —$28.60 —$30.05 Quality Leather Handbags — $9.10 up Leather Handbags — $27.40 —35.13 Sturdy Fiber Foot Lockers — $10.85 * Alwvc l>ircs Plus Federal Sales Tax R. D. Hughes & Co. Phone 2721 310 West Main Street

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