The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 15, 1949 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, April 15, 1949
Page 7
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FTtlDAY, APRIL 15, 1349 BI/YTHKVn,l.E (ARK.) COUUrKU NEWS PAQE Hoover's Group Replies to Army Commission Offers Rebuttal to Denial Of Padded Budgets WASHINGTON. April 15.' OT Striking hack at Army criticism, i Hoover commission lask force de fiantly insisted yesterday that tlv Ai'iny had padded Hs original 1950 budcei requests. The subcommittee of the government reorganization group flatly denied that its report on the na- lional military establishment contained ten. "mlsstatenienls of fact.' us alleged by Secretary of the Armj Royal). It said the Army's comments dis piuint, the task force findings actually "confirm the committee's report in every instance and in practically every detail." For example, It said, its report '.hat the Army had once "nsked for funds to modernize 102 more tanks than it possessed" was absolutely true. The task force said the discrepancy wasn't noted until its own InvosTivators jwinted it out. It said much the same thinp about a clerical error which added $30,000,000 to another Army budge^ figure. Tho commission headed by former President Herbert Hoover based a series of recommendations for gov- ^ ernmcnt changes partly on the ref porU of its task forces. Cites Ten Errors The- lask force on the military establishment handed in the results of its investigation.'; in November. Royall followed t]p in March wi'.n H letter to Hoover asking that the "ten mi^statcments" be corrected. The task force point-by-point rc- hultal, along with Royall's letter, was made public yesterday by Ferdinand Eberstadt, former member of the War Production Board Ti'hn headed the Hoover subcommittee. In a covering letter to Hoover. Eberstadt said the Army comments in fact support the committee finding that "the Army's hudset request?, as oripinally submitted to the secretary of defense. v«ere on highly inflated basis which tore little apparent relation to the President's ceiling or to aiiy strategic plan." On RlmoBt every one of the tei points, the task force reply to the Army opened with some such word OK "The Army does not ehalleng the facts as stated by the commit tee" and elosed with: "There is no k. misstatement of fact in this mat^ t«r by the committee." BRjerstadt'E letter noted only "one or two mnall point* where we are quite content to accept the Army's views." RoyaH Mtrt the Armr <*id rot question points on which there are "honest differences of opinion," addirre: "In other instance*, however, it. ts fel t tnat thp testimony of Army representatives was not properly recorded or interpreted by the committee representative." A»ks Corrections Attached to his letter were "*en misstawments of fact and the commen!.'; of the Army with reference to each." He asked Hoover to correct its report on those ten points. One of them concerned this task iotce statement: "The Army's original budgetary requests for fiscal year 1950 included an item for tropical worsted uniforms at *129 apiece, enough for all the enlisted men in the Army and then some!" The Army's response said the request was intended to include 450,- State to Refuse Tax Exemptions In Spite of Ruling I-LF. ROCK, April 15. (/>•} — Hie 1948 stale income tax will continue to be collected without allow- n« any exemptions [or federal income- lax payments, O. T. Ward, oy for the Arkansas Revenue Department, said yesterday. The Pulaski Chancery Coui'l held invalid a 1949 act eliminating the deduction of 50 per cent of federal income lax payments in computing the stale income tax. w.ird fp.kl the case will be appealed immediately to tlie Arkansas Supicme Court and (hat tlie ap- pea; will supersede the lower court decree, leaving the 1949 act in effect until it is passed on by Hie supremo court, lie added. Next May 15 is (lie deadline (01 paying ihe stale income tax on 1948 income. Ward said that at the curliest he expects a supreme court, decision on the cnse about June 1 In Ihe meantime, however, he added, the stale will continue to collec' the lax on the new rate. s(e*v Legal Maneuvers o Keep fx-Spa City Attorney Out at Man W/io Kept 2 Wives, 2 Cage Teams on Funds He Stole Pleads Guilty 1,600 Homeless In Philippines Because of Fires MANILA, April 15—W>—A second outbreak of fire yesterday destroyed 400 more homes In Ccbu City, raising to 1.600 the number destroyed within 15 hours. Many were thatched huts. Ten thousand persons tire homeless, the Philippines Red Cross es- imated. The original fire Wednesday was ttributed to a child playing with matches. The second apparently :aught from embers of the first. LITTLE ROCK, April IS—Mew legal maneuvers will permit ay M. Rowland, convicted termer lot Springs city attorney, at least wo more months of freedom. The state attorney general's oft:e yesterday filed In federal court motion to dismiss Rowland's pel- ion for habeas corpus, which he iled after his conviction In 1947 on charge of acceptton of a bribe, lowland was sentenced to one year n prison. The action contends that Rowland s In federal court Improperly bc- ause he has not exhausted all available state court remedies, The Arkansas Supreme Court has iphcld Rowland's conviction and he U.S. Supreme Court recently let-lined to review Hie case. Federal Judge Hurry J. Lnnley lave the slate one week in which o amend Its motion aiul Rowland •mother week to respond. The Male then will have three weeks in whlcV to file briefs and Rowland miolhi-i llnrc weeks to respond and the state ten days to reply. Allcr this period—more than (wo months hence—JudKc I.emley In- dicalccl he would hear Ihe mailer '.n Texiukana. I Rowland contends ills conviction i is invalid because his rights were | violated. He also claims that the i land and petit jury panels were hawn Improperly because no wo- neti nor Negroes were on the ists. MUMPHIfi. April 15--I/IV-Wenry and reflective, 29-year-old Uavld A. Pragcr was held in the county jail here loday after pleading utility R charge of embi v 7./lenu i nt. He las been arraigned in the Court of encral Sessions. Prager was n rested by Memphis police Monday when he returned from California when 1 , he lold police, he had been visiting one of two wives he supported along with two bnskelball teams. Chief of Detectives M. A. llincs said Proper related in a Malt-men! how he had cmbcMled $1!>.00() over a period'of a yi'jn 1 from the llunt- llerlln Coal Company where he worked as cashier The company sel Ihe figure at $27,70'.!. new Mississippi bridge at Memphis Green said the chamber wotik scud six reprcseulalivcs lo I.lllle Rock loday to submit aliernule pto- postils to the Arkansas State Highway Commission. A caravan of Wcs Mcmphians will accompany the cotnmlliee. 000 Air Force personnel, and the cost per uniform was thus $40.48 —no- $129. It noted that tlie request wa-s 'tentative and was never submitted to the Budget Bureau. In its reply, the task force said that as far as it was concerned, tlie reference to the Air Force was "additional information" and noted: •'The Army's comment does not | question the committee's report of the l>m of $108290.859 for tropical worsted uniforms." W. Memphians Protest 'Bypassing' Highway WEST MEMPHIS. Ark'., April IS ^,Vi—West Memphis Citizens have voted 35 to 1 against construction of a new super highway bypassing the town, a Chamber of Commerce spokesman said. T. R. Green, manager of the Chamber of Commerce, said construction of the road at any time in the future was opposed two to one. These figures, he sain, are on the basis of n poll he. took. More than inn of the 245 card^ distributed in the poll were said to have been returned. The hichway would lead to (lie WHEN MINUTES COUNT Tli« prompt and efficient service of Owens Pharmacists solves the problem. Every prescription filled with meticulous earn Free delivery service. Phone 2024. OWENS DRUG STORE Arkansas Cigarette mokert Get Break As Tax Drops June 10 U'lTLE ROCK, April IS. M') — une llr will be bargain day for Aikunvi.s cigarette smokers. An act of Hie 1049 legislature re- lucini; the state lax fvom .six to our C'tn.s. a package goes into ef- cct on I hat (late. The act was made effective 90- layx afier adjournment, of Hie Irsis- me In order lo permit Hie Ark- iiir Revenue Department lo usr ip a l.ii'tic .supply ol Hie slx-cml ;atvtti* tax .sliunju. U''\emie Commissioner Denn R. vloilov said yesterday, however, the supply ot six-cent stamps wouid not be cxlmusled by June 10 U UiH| he planned lo continue •iii£ Ihem tmlll Ihcy are gone. "1 don't see why we .Mumld Ihrow away a bunch of expensive slumps, 1 ' si'ill. "So vlllle tlin tax will be only tour cents a puekiiRe niter U\ cipurelles sold In the -stale will coi.llnue lo bear Die slx-i-cnt stamp until they are n*cd up. It will be a mailer of bookkeeping hi tin ofllc*." Morlcv said that In Ihe future he lilans to have Ihe various lax stamps lidnted In different colors wllhout (he amount ol Ux designated. This e^dy has been done In Iht case of honey tax si amp*. Series of Night-time Burglaries Crops Up In Crawford County MOUNTAINBima, Ark.. April 15. (,'T'i—A serlM ol nlnht lime bnij(l:irlrA cropped ii)i >8«ln In Cimvtonl CoinUy. Three businesses In this O.utk Mountain town were binulm Ir.rrl Weilin'sdfty nlRlit. Money, clothing Rinl food were stolen. Alxiii, tf In c»sh mid several pjhs of shoo* and some dollilng were taken .|roin the Allxrl OicRory linrdwaii xlnrc. The rioyd Or»«orf siooerj mid Iho Wight C^[« reported IONS of food. nlshl's bvenk-lin were Ihe foui'th of a sei'Len of bingUrle.s re- IKirtfd In Crawford County since Mm eh 31 when * count ry store-[x>.4t ofllcn «t Chester was buiRlail/od. Klnre llmt time, hvo coiniLry stores and n |x\st ofth-e nt fllldy «nd o>»mtry »U>re-po«t office Hi Cedarvllle have been broken Into. Roy Klnirx, 35. Chester, Ark., Ikrnicr ]'.»» bocn charged with the burglnry ol (lie ixi-it or/Ice In his home town In which $'200 In cash and ttl.OOO In bonds were stolen. lie still Is the object of an Intensive Aikanras manhunt. Also charged In the Chester past office bm-Rlury and held In Jnll In Foil Smith. Ark., are Robc.ri Lane, 19. uml Aubrey L. R(jc ( 21, also o. r Chewier. Pop Go** lh« D*M DAVENPORT, I«. — Dr. Christensen, Cop«nh»gen, - inark, arrived here a« the turn e< the Palmer School jr Chlropraclii lycenm. He lepartment from pro^ fesslonal Interests 'ong enough .to sample every flavor of >odt pop sold at Davenport fountains. Ther* K no pop In Denmark, h« explained. The ostrich l» the fan teat ercav* lure In the world on two Itf*. Miss Co Memorial Association Use This Coupon To Send Your C'oniri bill ion For the .Memorial I'mul for Those Men mid Women Who Lost Their I.ivt's in World War I and World War II. Uosco Graff on T. 0. liox 139 niylhcville, Ark. 1 unclose f in memory of who jfuvc (his or her) life in defense of our country. Sinned Please Note Our New Phone Number Cecil Kails P. 15. Jo.vner REALTORS NOBLE GILL AGENCY Say it .... With Flowers The Flower Shop filencoe Hotel IJItljj. 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