The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 1, 1931 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 1, 1931
Page 5
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TltUllSDAY, JANUARY 1, 1931 1 CLASSIFIED ADS Two cents a word for first li:«rtlon and 0112 cent, a word Jcr ccic!i subsequent insertion. No advertisement liken for less than Me. Count the wonts ana solid tlic cash. Phone 300' PAGE FIVE-: OUR BOARDING IIOUS15 By Ahern .-I ..!'l lli:i!l-: IOI)\V >L « \. 1 1 M-:l IM I-* iinir.lcri-il :i, • . iinir ihiji. laliT lli:\-it:il ':\t.l }•! !-i-r Inn-r. K Etiur- - 1 ..!!• ..... • ltI-:l|l|"Mt" III).- I Mrs. llainninnd culled her home till:;, j,itl three days nflcr the, sol lo break the news of her mania;;,; to j Hamilton. l.i'1's seo again just wliul j!iej aunt. Mis. Ar:i,ia lleale, 111.- I says." nnd Slrawn reached for a bride was In turn acquainted wllii copy of the night letter which Dun ill Ihi- FOK SALE Used TA Horse Motor For Sale Will make a good motor for 21/; to 5 hoi-KenuwLT loiicl. Needs onu now bearing- Will sell cheap- COURIER-NEWS him, Kin- unit, inul In Iliini- n|.i iill)- r.-lihl li:iM- nlllili-ii , lln ...... r.lrr. In n > ;•- — In (Tic' I IKIIV*,. Mr.Vi. Mill sl n IK-H I.UItA. lu- II indi l-OU KiiNT DELI^-FOR RENT—3 room I ;i - house, 58.00; 4 100:11 house, $11.! L. I-owtcr, I'lioiic 688 or -15Q-J. ' 18C-TP I | I-'-*- I. Oiril Mm l.lllrj ll, II niil. l>l,lr-. rl I' fli. nd Iliin- tl-e news of K]>r:i|!ue'3 iniinlcr and > fuel thut liutti site Etud her bus- p j band were wanted at tho Mllea Imme for (iueslioniug by the pullce, 'since boili bail been ci'csts of Mr. and Mis. Miles last night, although ! Mr. Hammond did not arrive unlll ;about 11 o'clock." 'IM1KHF. followed a icvlslon of the * murder bloty as It ni'iirareil lu the lif.n oMra, '.vllli a,Mtilninl do tails s'lpplled by Stiawn. 1111,1 ivith a line drawing of the scene nf the crime—the trophy room Itself and the forked driveway with its tall yew hr,!;;e3. A ilnuetl lino llliis- jtrated Strawn's theory of Sn.-a^ue'B ] plan to elude the murderer who ha'i i home. He- dee himself had iiiii-nrlhcd Iho day before. "Set: 'KveiylliliiB Jake sn fnr, but would feel safer yon here—'" '.firES, 1 remember (he wording uullo well," Dundee, intor rnpled, "But yon did not take It &i seriously when 1 showed ll to you yesterday. If yon had—" "All right! Hub It In!" Slrawn snapped. Hushing darkly. "If I had assigned a man lo 'tall' Spraguc. you suggested, ho wouldn't hnvc IKJCU niindercd—" whole ll i ii. il' '.lie itiurdt'LOi 1 Nils Hitler Hint window while Spia>m> ivas, nlshiR tlui n-refii Anil ivu iavo (.'aiia.vay's rci'nii ihni (i Siaiiguo's HIIKCI I'rinls on ilioi-u nickel plated things you liiuo to ?s together to iliaki. 1 ilio >.-ri-im roll u|i or dnwn. Kiiillu-i m i huu'ii't a doubt In the wnrld ihM tl-.o b:illlsil,-s export In »-l!i n-iiorl tlmt llie bullet «:i« ih,»i fri'in I he same KUii that Uilh',1 SIM Kclim." "Neither have 1." Ilimiliv ai!i.-eil. "Hut uliiu 1 meant was that v, .1 had oblifilllKly furnlshl"! the niur- wtio Ms my trifiiry wn,'. i I followed 1 Ira to the nll j cause of the curved sweep of llie ; drlve,vay toward tlic main entraiu'y "He- probably would have beer imiTili'itd just thu K.uie." Uuinlcu | the.iry lie-ur sliu-ivnnM m i conifoiied Iho older mnn. "bin we up,.,^ („, ||. ( , win 1,1! UMVII! FOR REiiT—Bleeping room in \ steam heated home on Main s;.: Two yo'jujj men prcjcrrcd. Address . H Courier News. lOc-ktl! ... I -i-n llic-rc. STU ^ \\'\ -rycuu- iirrufnr :i I (lit* fi> i-unir In Ihi 1 Mllrj.' l,-t|!lllllt!:. lull I llVf. r inl-Nhl).-. \VITII Tlir- S'KJltY Ei: XXXV1I1 have, been lucky enough lo have, an eyewitness." "Oh, you anil your theory!" Straw n £i on-led. "Hut let me go of the IIIIUEC. the tall bedgo was ICES'O,,. . . . xtta meant bho wntihl feel feet from Iho window with the parity opened screen. "Canlain Slrawn'a theory." reai! tbe tuu below the largo drawing, | t | lr i r .-Is that Sprngi>c bad good cause to fear that lie wns being foliuwvd on FOR RENT—Housekeeping rooms, i [umislied or unfurnished. Call I 678. 20c-kl ; FOR RENT—Bedroom, itcaniheat-! ed, and garaac. Pliune 114, 1100 ' West Main Si. 30C-K2, ^OR RENT—Modern stucco residence, G rooms and bath, garage am 1 one houses. $25.00 per month.! Also 5-rooin house, S10.00 lier; month. Dr. Salitia, Phone -110. ; 30C-K6 FOR RENT—Nice sleeping room,! dose in. 310 Walnut St. Mrs. j R. B. Nolen. 30C-K5- i'. I'D i-ive a goi'd deal 10 l;no-,v I Ills way lo Hie Miles lionic: that he ' which of those two sugsc.-ic'l. telephoned for a taxi lo wait tor t|-ut it vvrald tie a gnnd idea in pn | him at tlie foot of [lie hill, ami that irarric'l li:e lirst Ihtiis this mcrn-; he phinned to leave the .Miles lumsc itu p .' lliirticc mm:"!! a!oi:d. r.? lu j liy way of tho tiophy roum window, [:i:r diiy.-n ihe prcr.nd "exlra" wliifh;so llmt Ills lurking pursuer might Mftrniuy .Vfrrs ii.-i,; • have no kntiwlcdse of his departure. had (!i-ca?.i'jn lo tliat 'I'liura safer nhont Spragne If be was here In Hamilton, too. But tlic Riiy they M! In New Vork cot on ll look him weeks to and Sprague followed N'llti'a do advice. llo eot here Sunilay. April 27. ami on .Monday the 2Mb N'ila banked I lie first 55000! Don't you see It. boy? Sprnsuc brought Mitli lilin the dough they'd KOI for their stunt, and thought It was safer for Niln to tnnk II In her name, sinco it wasn't llic nnne she was known l>y In New Vork any- The drawing shows that bis pro ', posed flight, would have bec-n pro-1 wn y. "we've clicciictl up ot. „ ,..II wns nvn o'clock, am) Duinlre: tK:l(:l1 '•>' lodges iinltl he leached , )rclt> . thoroughly. He didn't have t!ie desk frnrn t.'.ijiisin! ll _^ wondctl slnpc of tlic hill, pro- a \ an ^ i )00 i <i either on his body or in his room, and every hank in town denies he had an account with olliivi vided bis Xeinesls was lurkh TOR RENT Six room bungalow, newly decorated, hot 'and cold water, garage. 105 Dougan. Apply Ike Miller, Phone 863. 30C-K5 . , , K-'s erstwhile Irleiiihi slldl a l " lrl ' y lllls " :>lll ' lll « l'";in.-'e r, lover. Init she double-crossed him n m;i'!i> the vMin« ! tllc iaw ° ;lys a Ilus1 ' : " lv! or a «Ho . ,-, s |, er ,,ariiicr In crime, by wlllitis iniiian's lli'ndish , °' u " hc " la ' lc to lcsllt >' ugalnst liie . i).o v.-holo wad to Lydlii Curr." "" "Yeah." Strawn agiem . "H tonka in i'<im:n:i:iii:- liis n-ir- nud tie lirtit furwatd reiy "I'm willing to tram Him SIMIIKHO sho! "-jiii (he <iii!>-li^. Iliinugli the whidnw. whin Svi.Miie ralM-d Ibc ::i:ri.'eii. l!ul tin re- uiir llun'U'a I'ait i-oiainitiy. 1 KMhve II-.IT iln- iniiidcrer was it (jiu-M lu Hie Svllni homo last nigl:t, tlmt lir m >l'o i:ail mudo an a;'|>oliiliiinat Ui mei't SIH-IIKIIP tlii'Te. on ilin |nmui«- nl liayin^ lh*> hmh money IK- bail do- i::aniled. Naturally he or slu-aml I'll Fay 'he' I'roin now on, fur the take of convenience— Iind 1:0 luu-n- lion of lielng seen outeilnn ruom. 'i'he bridge KIIIIH- w-.s sn^- by JudKu Marshall ai in. mi There was pSclily nt time Inr tl!6 rendezvous to he niailu will, Sprncuo. As 1 sec II. iliu inurdeu-r told SpnigiiQ lo excuse httnuelt from Hie camo when he hccain« dummy, and to (;n lo Iho triiahy room and wail th^ro mi'll the- iiuiT- derer had a cliauco to slip nway > anil appear tiencalh (lie window. Spraguc bad lioen iiromlscd tlut. when he mired llie Ecreen nl n whispered remu'sl, a rnll nf tillM would tic tianded to tiim. but— tie received a tniMci Instead." 'Am! which one ot your p|.\ H;M S Imve you piclicil on.'" Ktrawn WANTED WANTED — Family Washings. Washed and ironed by competent white \vaman. -Mrs. Brown, 70-1 S. Lake St. 11CK-TF naiic-i rirrum^iani'cs whlc!i * "I'ossibly." Dundee pritined. un like Mrs. Uutilan idcketl a sweet asked sarcastically. :u?vli:!lily Irivnlve Ilaral] I ruffled, "lint tliero Is .•unit h- r im's^i- j specimen to make a friend out of. nd I Tbeli :bal w-e can'i! victim in New Vork hired i/ that these a gunman, or came down tierc blm- lier llie tnn'« mnst blglily res[iertr'l ami 90- i !>Hl'y--n p h1ch is why I sli-jiibi likej- . - Well. Unit's my theory, ai i r!-.ih prominent citizens in the po- ln k!:nn- who Eusge-Mrd this smhlen jlbiiik II cxidains everything. T no* tin- i'u-"«ii"itioii wcddinG. I mean that we can'i' victim In .\'cw York simply h libation. POULTRY WANTED—Market' prices, any quantity. N'-irilyn Hatchery, IMS S. Pustrll) bt. SC-TF RELIABLE DEALER wanted to | liantUr Heheiliiig Produats in ^Ti'= r :issii]J>i County .Kxcellcnt op- '• portunity for the right man. Earn- ; || n weiminK. I mean Hit- Ihrm- extrn hr.d a m.irc K^' 001 ', lhe ron.-ii-.iir ncadline: II AM'-i' W0 ' mir(lcl ' s , .TONI) WKDIHNtI IJELAVS ML'lt | or . lne Kroom led perfectly safe in UOIIIR on willi !l:e marriaso. Polly UK!: IJl'IZ. T|-e 1=1 nry r. very 111,1:11 :nt — n:i)f j iiinriHii-i-i.-;;en Celia j tnv . illg In Ihr; Tiarey Miles!| nilli w Hreiitwtiod district ol ! ri.i^i'il self, when he got on their tracks. Of course it was n guod stunt lo make ii Inok like a local crime— Ilcale anil cllve Hammond hart hem li^iircd he'd font me jusl as tic engaged ftir mere liian a year, yon j fueled yuu! Si> the murderer slm- knuv.-. with mi n f ii)urc-nl r:-uson frir ' ply trailed N'ita mound, ami saw Ions uiisaeenicnl. . you? E uEpects,' all As for my: the whole bunch of society a target at Judge 1 have si.\ .sliaU's place, with a gnu equipped of whose | wiili a Maxim silencer. Too "That's hint the lionble. Tiicrn are sliil six." Dundee ucl-imwledgul with a wry grin. "Aflt-r Sprague's dlFappearance. every one of ttie BU was absent from tho porch in one time or another No. 07 Ucorge! There are srmi sn?|iecis nuw! I was about tu forge! Peter Dunkip. who admit 1 ! be wan alnno nn a lishing trip when Nila ivas niucilered aucl who left llic porch .yij.vJasl nielli ta go to the library, aa .Mar soon as Spr.igne arrived! ... As for the original His: Tolly |{o.i!-j took a walk about 1)113 grounds; oi SGO weekly not nnnsnal. • Write for free catalogue. O. CJ.I Heberltrrs- -eoiiipany,- -Dept.-• 21;. <~h :i:lt'in. .screamins the news' nam , ; | | :i!OWi r . n ,| you have only I on oi.|:orlnnlt> lo be missed, so Lt i-'lora Miles went npblalrs to bunt jnuc—wlinsc mine yc:: do not know,' bides liis clianrc to swipe the Bloomington. 111. 1C-K5 i and wbofc motive yon can oaiy j guess at. while I have, a perfecliy I loo!i atnl silciiL-or. To make sure !l will like r. lotitl crime, bo pops off WANTED—Reliable man betKceu ages of 25 nnti 50 to supply old established demand for Rawlcigli Good Health Products. Surety contract remtrrcci. Company furnishes everythir.B but the car. Good profits for hustlers. Write the W.I T. Rav.leiBh Company, of her ilkuivcry of Iho (load b:nly ftf il^Mf- S'.iinu^ie. Nev.- Ytii'k mo ! tlon ; pirtin e direcior, in what i? k! as I]:- 'trophy rc-ni::.' Mis; |',!,.„,] K1 ,V tivt ; ,jj al ' . ni . 4l ,. f:l anyune | Nila wlicu that same bunch is at I'olly flt-ale niiil Mr. Chve Ham of niy s | x -blackiiiaii: M her ton:'c, but It lukca a few days mind '.vrro apiiiyins for .-i marria^t! - ls th , t sor - str.nvn sron-lcil. I longer before he has llic same op- lici?!i..= in tl:c .Municipal Building. t - r , a ,, ol f : , r :. tl ,i lls ,i l!U .xj, rl Sr , i;1 , ! portunity to get Sprnglle." 'At S:30. when Miss Ik-ale and ] linnkrd SlU/if-l) cash after slie got 1 • . . Mr. Iluniir.ninl were eschansin^: to Hamilton. My real tbcor;- now-j '•'• \ VKIIY plausible theory, anil tiicir vnivs in th;> rrclnry nf St.: that Spratue lias lici'ii killed ',t\ ^* onu which, in general,' Hie Paul's Li-tecnprtl C'iuircii. of wircli ! (hat Nita and Spra^uc bad coo!;cil \ whole- city of Hamilton has been j Spra^iie liati hnrii biido and groom have hccniiiii some sort of racket beHvt-pn ' familiar with since tho niylit Nlla finally. Clivo for tCarea Mai-slntl, nnd was (;ouc more tlian 11) minutes; Drake wont lo llie dining room tu get the rc- frLshuienlb. and nu one i:au say exactly tiow loiii; he v.'iis icone; Judgo iMr.isliull went up lo £el hlf, wito. ami liad time lo niiiko a little Irlo on Ihc side: .lanut Itaymoml walked over fi'iini her home, nnd passrd the lhal very window, arriving ailcr irnue bad disnpucared; nuJ. Hammond arrived MlS-fAi^ •r PAS' is Meul O'CLOCK •Atf Vo' is SLEEPI^ 1 . ALL PAV| — -M'KMOUJ , MliSYAhl PERE 15 AW QL 1 5AT WHU-f S'O 1 PO ad ^ MEW NEAR 7 5 DAV I5H1N1O A HAPPY M£W VEARt BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES MISTAKEN IDENTITY By Mai-tin Tenn.. or see me, Dave Edwards,, members jincc eliildhoail. Capiair. j them, and that when Nita KO'. the'was murdered." Dmidco remarked Leacliville, Ark. 1C-K7J John fiirawn of the homicide squad chance to come to Hamilton with I significantly. listening to Tracey Miles' ai:- Mrs. l)iinla;>. she jnmred at it. nnd "What do you mean?" Rtrawn I OST A\J) FOUND ' COIlni °^ '' lc Kt "auge (ii?ap]>earm:rc she and Sprajjue sprung thoir ; mai:ded. "It's waterproof, ain't il? ' ' ' • ' WANTED—To buy chickens. :,tiy! I lr "niptn bridge game, after tie had amount. Fisher's "piace, 213 South ; nr.nnnnced his intention nf tailing First St. 23C-TI'' advantage of the fact that he was | 'dummy' to telephone for a (iiici. , De.Mcr Kprague from tlie Im- • racket, whatever it was, either just i Uoe Trice says the bullet— and a .'.K 23C-TP LOST— Llcwlyn Setter, black and white head with dim black spots. Name, "Dan". Return to Scott Harris, Ncwbcrgcr Cotton Co. MC-K1 before or just after Nilu left New- York. Probably it wan Nita's tip- off nnd Siirasuo did the actnai diriy -• breastbone and traveled aa upward work himself, which explains that) course till it struck the extremi caliber one at that — cutcrtd Ppra^uc's tmdy just below the "And at 10 o>Ioet, «l;en the new; telegram tiiat Nita sent him April [rinht ^de of the hearL The. bullet alotio in liis car, which lie parked within a few fret of that window. Tins mornim; tie (ieta married—" "A tclt'Krarnj sir!" Intcrrusitcd a plahiclolhcsman, who had entered without knocking- Ktrr.^n snatched at It. read It. then exulti-d: "Head this, boy! I guess Jlii* sclUes the business!" (Ti> tie Ctiutinucd) and fruit dishes. This makes the -i niarshn-.albws, '2 or '-\ tabl'j^p^cns a mar.shm.illoiv on eacli ]i?ir. Bake \ prlntrtl "daily newspaper" to reserving of these focds an ideal '.VDV peanut toK.t?!. In a hot oven until rnnrshina!lo\vs i place the bulletin heard, according | to add vitamins and minerals ID the i Roll each half of fruit in ccak-c purr and brown. Serve warm. ! to a plan made by Police Coaimlr,- Airedalc! diet. ; crt:mh.-. Sc!tcn peanut butter v.ith sioncr \Vestergard. Tlic paper wil! ' The juice of c.uin:;i fruits is oC- ' a little rream or water and fil!; .COI'S I'l.AN NKWSl'Al'KR i contain the day's instructions and I 30P-K2 ten wasted. The small fruits par-] cavities ot fruit with it. Arrange' OMAHA. N'cb. (UP>—Tlia Otnnlu ; the latest, up lo ths minute, an - | -: ticularly lose much of their juic?,on a buttered baking dish find put police force i? ID have its o'.vn • accurate "crime" news, police aver. I TAKEN UP—One bay horse mule' during tlic canning process .so that LOST— Ulack and Tan Dog. Notify Buchanan Yarbro Road. Reward. ahoul 15 hands Weight! a can of strawberries or c'ncrrfcs about 1100. ago about 7 years. W.j seems hall juico when it is op?nc:l. Jfi Wright, Gosncil, Ark. 1P-K2 Did you ever try stiffening the juice ---------------------- , uith (jd.jtjn^ when served in a ~ ----- , ma!rl with a garnish of w-npp;a : cream, t!ie eflect is most attractive i ! Jellied Strawberries I . Oi-.e pint can berries. 1 t^b'.c- -.--pooii granulated gelatine. 4 i.\bl"- 1 Simons cold water. ! Any sort c,f beiii^s <ir rmr.H fruit can ue n_cj in p'.scc- (if itrav:- SISTER vHARY'S KITCHEN l!y SISTKR SI All V NLA Srvvicc Writer HAY One bale or a train load. EAR CORN, shuck 0:1. CSc bti. Shuck oil. 8Gc pe:- bi:.. in car lots. Col (tin Slilcs Sales Co.. Inc. Blyi!i?\i!!e. A.:«. Phcr.c 174 Drain fruit from juice. Soften '. gelatine in ccld w.".?r I^r my mm- ! utcs. Heat ji.ire tr; builinu \:~m\ ':i:i:i stir i:' ssficiu-d j.,»: -..i.ic-. SMv , There are many inexpensive annimiti! distcivcd. Lcl :,tAi-.d uiuil! delicious desserts that can l:p made I cool r.n;! beginning to jelly. S'.ir ; with canned or rlric:! fruit 1 ; try add ' in truit and turn inJo r. Liioiri. C.:iil j interest to winter mca!?. These d?s- ! -or several hours. Turn ou- of meld ' scrts furnish the flavor anri niitri- i and .vrve with whipped cream. , tic:i cf summer fruits at a time Canned cr dried fruit can be n^ed i when the Oiot is apt :o be- the tiui; bavarian cream recipe, j heavy au:l monotonous. i Drica 1 fruit nniM. ';f conrs:, IK Everyone naturally like.- fruit I soaker! OYIT uisiil in cn!d wat:T — - i anri s'.cwcd until tender combining. Fcacrics or a:>iicDt5 tisti- I ally aro used. Prach Bavarian I 1 tablc^pocn ^raintlatoc: jiclr.tij?. | ; 1-2 c;i|> pondered S-.IMI-. 1 cur, ! v.hipiiiug cr^am. few- drcpj vanilla- Drain lri:it liotn juice anri rui> '• ' through u fine sieve. Add to juic..- and lical tu boiling poju. R-.j; \-\ . pelatiuc Foftcnrd iu cr,ld v.r.tcr as! in prcccaini; r-x-ipe. Stir until dl-c- sol^Td^ anti add -susar. gratc;i rind and .nuce o! cn-.ingc. Let s!and u::- ! til mixture l:r.ii;.s In jrl!y. FcU in i cream whipprri until fin;-, and :iav- • orcd with \-nni;la cr pistachio. L?'* chill for several hours. Turn out of'- niold a]id serve. SLiiffed iMs;ct; iiwrshmallo-.v pears arc quickly made and quite unusual. -.Cannot! quir.cps arc tie-, . Sicio'.is ti:is way. TcaMrd I'rnit I-C.IIT !;-.L'-;e fanueci PI\IT liaXr.s. i3-4 cup ccokic or macarooa criiuibs. • Local and Imic dislamv haiilinj. Special rales nn car!na,l lots. Team for local hanlinp. V. IJ. WASHASI TIIAXSI-'KU 1400 Cliichasawba rhonc Sil Why Pay .More Than Half Price For Auto i'avls? JACKSON AUTO I'ARTS 2020 Miiin 1'ltoiic (!l! OSSIIi SAVES THE DAY! FRECKLICS AND liiS FUIBNDS \ilU6VJ VoO ALL FIMALLy SE YEARS SR£ETWS VWE WAILED TODAY, OO>JT PAY AWY ATTEUTioM To IT.-.'CAOSS, OM BSHALF OF ALL TVt£ BJiJcVl, A HAPPY DO YWJ EX-PEC7 To SET 1)' OS! WCMJ VEARS fl.Mi.MS IT KEvl VE IT TO !*•£, I'LL MAliS OP FOR IT....VJAVT MEtlE... I'UL EG RISHf BACK I. 1 ' SICSJ THIS... VS EtJ I'LL DO ]."- TAKI\f; NO CHAXCKS WASH Tl'HHS THEY COULD SVIOOT MOEODS'D 6UEN mw. IF uJe GOT ENEMIES, NOWS THE TIME TrtEV'LL THOSE 00 C£iE8K(VTE NEW fElVR'A , PISTOL S.W15 E\eiVfu:He<<.E.. H£PROFESSOR LlES1KtM6UNG EOT eETrt,

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