The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 31, 1939 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, July 31, 1939
Page 5
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MONDAY, JULY 31; 1939 ' JBLYTHEVILLE, (ARK.) COURIER NEWS USK THE WANT-AW-// w > * >• :• i * i*" i i 3, < i i f >^>^ U _.^^^^ J _^_^_^^_^ /I^_? ' -_»... if < 1 1 F V F" - 1 4^ *^ "1 CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION Dally rale per Hue for coivsecu- live Insertions: One lime pfr \[ us 1 CC Two limes per Hue. per <lay....08c vnrce times per line per day...o«c MX ll'iies por line per clay,...0(Sc Monll: rate per line BOc Cards of Thanks Mo & 76c Minimum charge 50c Ads ordered for three or six 'inies and stopped before expiration will be charged for the number of times the ndcl appeared and idJmlmeiit of bill made. All classified Advertising copy iiibmltted by persons residing out- tide of the city must be accompanied by cash. Rate nwy be eas- IJy computed from above (able. Advertising ordered for irregular Insertions takes Hie one time rate. No responsibility will be taken lur more limn one Incorrect Insertion of any classified ad. For Kent 3 room furnished apartment, clcc- tiic refrigerator, private bath. Garage. Phone 294, 1117 VV. Ash. 27-ck-lf Office rooms for rent in Kirs*, Na- (lonal Bank Building. Call Mrs. Miller al 60. 29-ck-5 2 room furnished apartment 700 W. Walnut. 20-ck-tf Ice ICE-ICE Phone 107 JOHN BUCHANAN ICE COLD WATERMELONS Welding EXPERT BLKCTRIC AND ACETYLENE welding » WELDING ne and heavy wi specialty. Barksdale Mfg. Co. •" f 19 or K Dairy I'hone 19 or Kes. 1019 tlsfftclory (jimllly and Kcrrlcn In Dairy products. Cattle free of Bang's Disease, in best of physics) condition. Call Mrs. Grace Loxorv. 002-J, for Halsell's Grade A Raw Milk. Cream. Country Butter. Buttermilk, extra or holiday ordcr«. inspection encouraged anytime HabeU'l Dairy Promised Land. Route 2 For Sale Found One black horse mute, about 1100 iwunds nnd one bay marc mule about 1100 pounds. Both are smooth month. About 16 Immls '" a fllr Britain Warned Food Reserve Is Inadequate high. Noel Mcbimlel, 5 of Sleele, H. w. 61. miles No. lls footi Minnows For Sale GOLDPIBH MINNOWS ~ "inamon u,r, Railroad * Aj. ' Nevil(la l rass «l a law pro . ...i Britain Is IKslltoii cis regards' .._ .... -. .' Dwiii H whs In 27-)>k-3 ' 91 'i' slr Herbert Miillhcws, n member cf the mhmliy or fond during the World \V:\r. suld In nn uddrcss lo the congress cl Indus- trlnl 'tVanspoit Assodullom til Norwich. "One would have thought dial (he lessen forced en (lie eovcm- •nl would Imve Induced limn lo control, and no mi'uns'cl dotend- 11 If li (UK! n 1 supply, 'he said, 'Hie roinmlllee's COIUlOlUtli; supplies tlon dkl n< nnd for dlsh'Um- lo dilfer iinicli what liappencij in Uu- .last urncd Iho novorii- (o nmkp- large purchase,; of —• —•••"«. 1-n.j.n.u .I ILI\V pro- mult «uuiu nave uuiuceo ilbllinp camels from running al make provision ugalnsl 'llio actunlly after U Us highways. Camel, i nuisance there been Introduced became hnd for use In InmsHortatkiii across the desert. work 3 room furnished apartment; S09 Hearn. Mrs. C. H. Wheeler. Four, 4-room apartments, each with bath. Garage. New building. Call Mr. Abraham at 816. 28-pk-J 2 or 3 room apt. COS Clitcknsawlin, Phone )76 during day. 2-1-pk-'! 3 room . furnished apartment. 719 Chickasawba. Mrs.' Ramsey Dim- can. 26-ck-2 3 room furnished house. Close in. Utilities furnished. 120 Dugau 61., Mrs. Belle Wood. 22-ck-tf Cool, south bedroom. Oarage. Reasonable. Mrs. Simmons, 818 Walnut. . 24-ck-tf Cobble and Veneering stone Delivered $7.50 per ion. W. U. Glenn St., Black nock, Rt. 1, Box?. 2fl-pk-5 Milk fed fryers. Battery raised. Mrs. Russell, N. W. Corner Holly and Division'. ai-pk-8-21 Extra good established business. Best season starting. Large profits. No competition. Lady or nun can operate. $350 Walk out, Write Box K, Courier News. 28-fik-4 No lice Nice, furnished apartment. 708 \V. Main. ; 22-ck-lf Nice large bedroom oiiening on sleeping porcli. Mrs. Emma Nolen, 310 W. Walnut. 22-ek-tf 4 room unfurnished apartment. .Miss Els? Moore 7 . ' Call 227-J. 4013 W. Walnut. ' 11-ck-tf 3 room : modei'n^ furnished, apartment. Nfrs. Henley, 1315 W. Main. 13-cfc-tf I am tlie representative, in this county, for the .Stark Brothers Nursery. Phone 746-J for service. W. S. Lnngdon. 31-pk-3 Fishing License FOR TOUR CONVENIENCE, WB ARE TREPAREn TO ISSUK YOUR FISHING LICENSE AT OliB STOKE SHOUSE-HENRY /HARDWARE CO. • ••' 'Phone 35 ' Comfortable betlrcom. 1017 Walnut. Phone 103. .. 15-ck-tf 2 or 3 room furnished apartment. Newly decorated. 9H Heam. 3-pk-1-3 Modern 3 roc:n unfurnished apartment. Main and Second. F. Simon, phone 761 3-ck-tf Office rooms. Sudbury BulWIng. See Graham SU66ury. 57tf Wasliing, Ironing Expert washing and ironing. Cheap. Rough dry and finish. 6 ijuilts 51.00. One day service. Willie Bell Grecj). behind City Ice Plant. 7-pk-8-7 CAN YOU STOP? You would not start an ocean voyage without life preservers. Good brakes are your ''fife preservers" when you drive. Safety Service No. 1 FREE Brake Inspection It costs nothing to KNOW the true condition of your brakes. Drive in for a FREE fnspcction. Safety Service No. 2 BRAKE ADJUSTMENT '^°'!!"" !lc Rn<! "lorowgli Ford »ri!m» V 2 Ad J" sl - me| it. including adjustment of Brake Rods $•• 35 or Cable., & n aud BraRe | (Replacement parts not inc i udcd > Safety Service No. 3 Complete Brake OVERHAUL and RELINING JOB FORD PASSENGER OAKS Disassemble entire brake system- Mee up all brake rams-wsTAf L 8 NEW BRAKE SffOES-Adj, S t clearance-Adjust r, am i ))rBkc _ JA(i . just brake rods-Lubricate crass shaft —Adjust pedal clearance- Road U-sl-Oue additional adjustment after delivery COMPLETE INCLUDING LABOR AND *ft 85 8 NEW BRAKE SHOES. 9 , PHILLIPS MOTOR CO. Personal Arorae Sluggish 14v«r, work off the bile, to rid yourself of constipation, gas pains and that sour, punk feeling. Take one box o. KIKBr'S ACTIVE UVER PIIJ.S ^5c st all Klrby stores. Notice CJpholsterlng and Rennlshln^. M. Tomlin, 214 S First e-ck-»-« FIRST in used cars price and terms '38 Chev. Coupe »»• $465 '37 Ford Tudor •">• $395 '38 Chev. Coach -v $495 '37 Chev. Coach "')• <t>JiK> '36 Ford Tudor ..' $325 '35 Ford Fordor ! $235 '34 Chev. Coach '$135 '33 Ford Fordor $125 TRUCKS '38 Dodge Pick-up :......::...: $46 '37 Ford Stk. Pick-up Only $36( '37 Ford U Ton Only $39 PHILLIPS MOTOR CO. 5th & Walnut Phone 810 Onlj Only Onlv Only Onlv ANCIENT PHILOSOPHER HORIZONTAL 1 Chinese philosopher and teacher. 9 He was a Chinese religious loader. 13 Pried. 11 Balance due. 15 Numbered cubes. 17 To use tricky devices. ID Gaelic. 21 Writing fluids. 22 Funeral ^ oration. 46 A pole lamp. 23 Lump of clay. 50 Vocol 2-1 Southeast. composition. 25 Biblical word. 52 Principal 27 Chaos. actress. M.The populace. 54-Ferlile desert 31 Kind. , S p 0 t. 34 To • fare. 56 Daybreak, 35 English coin. 58 Measure Answer in Previous Puzzle" 11 English title. 12 Malicious , burning. 15 Told Iluenlly. 16 He still has many followers or - . 18 Dower property. 20 School training. 26 Sum. 28 Snowshoc. 30 Distress forbear or 3* stroke. 37 Taro paste. IS Onward. •SO To undo a gem setting. « Pound s 43 Conveyed. -- worship. 33 Se , _..„ 45 Jumbled type. 62 Parts of ^ Corded lab, ic dramas. VERTICAL 2 To think. 3 Throat. 4 Lawyers' charges. 5 Above. 6 To yield. of length. 7 False god. 59 Piece. 8 Drooped. CO Falsehood. 9 Grain. 61 He taught 10 To resound. 39 Conventional. •II Sewing lool. •14 Flowers, 46 Powder ingredient. 47 Shield ornament. 48 Price. •19 Nimbus. 51 Thin tin plalc 53 X. 55 Courtesy title 57 Tiny. renco of such ii possible disaster." lie declared. The Bovcrnmcnt's "fo:d defense" committee hnd no fou:t to Complele IJnc of WESTINGHOUSE ELECTRIC Ranges and Water-Heaters WALPOLE'S ELECTRIC SHOP 110 S. Second I'Jioiie 3.11 PRESCRIPTIONS Freshest Stock Guaranteed Iltnt l'rit«« Kirby Drug Stores Only J. L. GUARD Optometrist Graduate Optmiic- lsl hi W.vlllnvllle. sM Killed <?orrcc<ly fr.'m war. • Plr incut Our |Hi|)iilul1on Is much inrgcr. llio nuiiilwr of merclmnt ships Is "Ulrti smallfr, our laiirf is In n )>o:r. linll-slm-vert ,.oiidlltrn. and tie number of fnrrn winkers Iws uei-n largely icduttd," he unld. "'Vi pail of nnitunnl iMmsv an K'ltMH 1 in the hotnc production i <•' f«:dls «f iheinmt vllul linpor-! Iniito. . | n't Is of rilll sjreiiler liiijini 1 Js tluit by IncrcHsiilK IIDIIIP "»v.v li> i]» lu pr.-|XT work, Its l'iini:ii.v «-rk, which )s to ,,„,.„,„ the riirmv, I10 |. | n , MUfrlug nwny MfiiBlh In convoy SPOKANE, Wush. (UP)~Tlio U. S. biological survey roporleii 1« hunters working ou sda e and federal funds killed 312 coyotes, one bobcat iiiul one predatory tear In Wilmington In one monlli. nmiiu! tlic summer (|,e liiiutcrs were dl- Prized Colonial Flag Have History PAKCO, Wash, (Ul')-Mr». 11, A. owns a (tag with i:| livc- ,l>: lilted seven stripes ot .,......., „,,.. ,,,, ua .| 5 wl , rc (h . ,,.,,1,,-n uuu-ji-nnu seven stripes o to coiimilrnlc Uirlr efforts , "Itciimlc wd nnd white (hut, IK he on dealing with bru milled men. , llml com- H«vc«l lo Imre . lons asulnsl slock- Wcrl Optometrijt "UK MARKS 'KM SKK" Over Jan Isincx' State I'hoilC 5 JO —PRESCRIPTIONS . Safe - - Accurate Your 1'rescrlpllon Druggist. Fowler Drug Co. Main .<i Ural rhoii« 141 RECTAL DISORDERS Cllnlriil obsrrvntlons dls- dciie that reel n I disorder* «r« icspnnslb],. ( l>r , no , c wrecked nervnus synloms Ihan i"iv other pathoUnlcal condition. Many cases of ucu- crnl niTVoiisiio.w, heiiriaclu's, low-luck nchc.s. leK-ndies. constipation nnd Insomnia nro due lo rectal pnlholosy, Dm- modi™ ofilcr mvtlioilii Imvo niniiy ndvniilnci'.s- mid nppltnihle to ahout »5% of nil c:isi-s, 'Hie (xccpllons tome ciUK-cr mm lulH-rr.ulur Hsliilii. Very liUU- dtoom- forl ninl liHvinvrtiicnce Is ex- pcrlcticeil wlitlc brlnu Irrni- cd.' Itriiulni work nwy be continued. No hosiiHtill/.allon. no xeuerul ancfilbellc. A very sufe mid suro trcalmenl,. Drs. Nies & Nies llljtbi'vlllf, Hrk. Tel. !I8 SI I iMnln SI. RGVilutlpimry 'I'he Jlni Wnr In (lie wpolcii bunting, was'liii'iKfcd down U> Mrs. Doid by her father,' Allen niclial of Weston.. Ore' Mrs. Dtw ( | BRli| ,lho_ensiau had belonged to Illclinl as (ong'as Bii'e rememlicrcd. lilchiil was' eillrpmcly proud of (ho flatf, Mrs. novrd'said, and-ilis- |>ln>ed It vii.. every-cccasloii. llow- <:v'er, lie died before telling her what ' of ho knew about Us hhiiory', so Its homespun origin Is a mystery. HOLD EVERYTHING '. ByGlydo Lewis - T^^^B_^^.-. — , — -^ — •. ..... j j ___ •_ .. Now Lncnlcil at 101 Norlli Second ADDING MACHINE & TYPEWRITER SERVICE BUREAU DON ,EI)W,\IU)S, l'r.i|irldnr All Makrs ,,r Kcltulll Typewriter,,. Adding Muclilut, i,,d fnlculnlnra—UqiiilrliiR—Furls—l KKD "I dotj'l know whether Mother will any you iilwttys slny so in or uot iih & Walnut Tlione 810 flY ~VKK\) 11 ARM AN Wlir.M ^OU OU1-S1WOT PE.DDO H£ GF.-I HOW 'OOU1 T5A.MCC HA5 6E.UI-I (,0-a-C ANXIOU5 T06EI; You.' OUT -trie W.NC&/ to TMK YAOUI JOE TO KEEK YOU/ rAAKER, HOPING -Hi COFfl. 1931 fsY ftCH S£fiVtCC. RY V. T. 11AULU WHY SHOULD ItU WXJD HEAVENS, ALL RIGHT, WDf JMUG 01 .THE JUICE LANDIUG O RISK AWOOVIAKJ TRACT ICAU.V CONWUTtlUG SUICIDE,..AMD HE WORRIED ABOUT SUW- (HEM ALLEY OOP AMD OOOLA "REFUSED TO BE RETURNED TO MOO,DR.. Ulffcri WLUD.' 7H1S 8U5IMESS. 1 ^OU'RE A TRUE FRIEWD. BROJ5ONIAU IMSTHUTION, VOL- UMTE6RED TO ACT A<=.-THe SUBJECT FOR A DEMOMSTRATIOKJ Of- 7HB TIME- A\ACH]K1E IJKIt BUDOJUS The Sole Survivor EDGAR' MARTIN J.X. "BETTEM H16H BOM MIRACLE.' VSV'b KsCt. MORE vT HtV.0! VASII TUBBS BY UOY CRANK BUT WIGHT'/ RMXiEROU-i WORK FORtHM. 1H THE MM.WS or A PRET W GIRL HE MEUTS THESE LITTLE BOH BOUi HEAV1WOTHIV)', I'W OHLV APTER THEIC , TO ME THIS 15 WORK! f-'KKCKLBS AND HIS FUIKNDS !/,irH Sticks Up for Lard THAT YOKEL HIS ONE - MAM BAWD HAVE TO SO ( THE Bfi mVSEED'S KEEP1KJG PEOPLE AWAY FROM OUR DANCES.' H5CK , NUB8IM ' MAS A • RIGHT TO Be HERB AND BESIDES, i LIKB THE SO DO .T Bur rrb HIM OR US I You BRoosiir HIM' H6R6, AND IP YOU WANT "E> KEEP YOUR JOBS M3U'U_ G6T KID OF HIM f

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