The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 2, 1934 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, April 2, 1934
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Served by the United Press VOL. XXXI—NO. 13 Blythevllle Dally News ' Blytheville Courier •v ML-alsslppI Valley Leader lilytheville 11,'rah! MK^ si A |t KAN . SA g ANU g OUTlIEA8T uigsouR] ^™^n,I.K._A]lKAXSAS, MONDAY. APRIL 2, SINGLE COPIES FIVE CENTS' niRKfSyiTIORIILESJRRESfiNSULL KiHouj*J/phoW^u_ni^^i_Courf [ '•^•r* ^^' • **Ti"'f'ir_ High Court Receives Appeal of Luke Lea Finds No Basis (or Attack by Magistrates on Law's Validity Circuit Judije Neil Killough upheld the constitutionality of an act oi the state legislature under which the municipal court of Bly- tlieville was established and granted the iietilion of officials of the court fur a writ of mandamus to compel the .county quorum court to make appropriation for one-half of the expenses of the municipal couit in a decision handed down here ihis morning. Judge Killough announced his decision immediately after open- Ing the two-weeks term of criminal cou.-t about nine o'clock this morning. The actual judgment of the court will be written later in the week after Judge Killough has conferred with attorneys. The petition for a writ of man- quorum -— ..aa been filed by Municipal Judge C. A. Cunningham and Frank Whitwortli, court clerk, alter the cjuorum court declined to appropriate funds for the municipal court at its January' session when other appropriations were made, since the municipal court can only have access to its own revenue for expenses the court appropriation is only a formality, but a necessary one. The municipal court was attacked by several members of the quorum couit at its January session followed by a vote of the court to make no appropriation, since creation of tne municipal court here fees of magistrates as trial courts in the Chickasawua district of me county have greatly diminished. Tlie quorum court is composed of magistrates. No Denial of Jury Trial damus to compel the court to act had been filed by Pope Pius Proclaims Hol.y Year at An End VATICAN CITY. April'2 lUP)- Pope Pius, in (i colorful ceremony today, proclaimed the end of tru ipeclal holy year of human redemption by closing the holv door .f St. Pet.r's basilica. Eiconed by his cardinals anu .orgeously arrayed. Hit pojie went to Ihe basilica, and after e.xptuiin of the sacred relics, Including .1 .ragm-nt oi the true cross, UK holy door was iormally scaled. The pope |,lactd three golden bricks at the entrance of the holy t;oor. Where Lisiill Was ' • '••' v : - :'••:!'. • * ' :.' : .?.•:>.::.•;•:• '. ' •?: [ "'' : '''".'. :• :-": • • -. -. --V ; ; ': '•• • !.-V :: . : ,.:- '••' '• • ' ' ' / •' ' '. '' ' ' *'•;, ' • "•:• • -fcv;r>> .'•'•V:. -'\V * ••'\*$<$&- ! >...-:. ••::'\\'^"\ V:™: ••':\*.>6£-'<-™:-." . . . • j. f rf •.'»*.; ', ' ; " If is Dramatic Flijilit Judge declined to rule Cuts and Bruises Point to Murder or Suicide in Mysterious Case LITTLE ROCK, April 2 <UP>— Mystery today surrounded the death of Arthur I,. Swec-jy, ha. who was found burned to death In his home here by firemen last night. Swccey's throat had been hacked wilh a meat eleaver. There was evidence of his having been hit over the head. While the cuts and blows on his head may have brought unconsciousness. Swecey did not die from their effects but was turned to death. Coroner Lawson Aday -aid. There was an explosion in Swecey's room shortly before the Sre. which 'gutted the house, broke out. The aged man's body was found by firemen in a corner of his room. A rag was wrapped tlglit- y about his throat. Upon discovering the blood- stalntd meat cleaver, police questioned Max Haustein. Sweety's son-in-law, who lived in the same house and who. with his wife and baby, was asleep in a back room. Haustein said he was awakened by the explosion, which he attributed to a leaky gas stove. "Swecey probably was trying to light his pipe and that" caused the explosion." Haustein said. mutilated tody, Hauslein said on the cmestion~~of jurisdiction ol the municipal court in criminal matters in the Chickasawba district of the county, holding this to be aside from the point involved. The court said that the issue as to the right of trial by jury had ...^ c^u*,,,,.,. na,»iem sain Ucx-ii raised before in other cases I When shown his fathcr-m-law's and that such right had been held " not to be denied where an appeal to circuit court Is available. Other points Involved were discussed by jrtage. Killough in his decision, rendered in a form designed to simplify the matter for those, other than lawyers, interested in the case. His decision xollows: ."Pursuant to an express provls- nir-y I aiu-rs tuiiliiliilnct m, L . |.,:,, s . ,,],„ il IL I ;«XTB direkcli'd by the court niter lilt I' 11 "" 8 b V C.-OUILBI.] on Hie last duy if',"! 1 '" 1 ' 1 !' Following Illlii-i «f Masses Hail Military Die WASHINGTON. Apr. 2 (UP)-' like l.,'ii. fnrmvr Tennwscc iwws- I|«T publisher today ii|ijica!cd (o Ihe Kupivnif court to taiMall ex- • Uiiclilicm in North (Jiirollmi of lilmwlf mill dis .son. Luke if where thvy,.uri. umlcr sciueiu-e In', conn.'clluli »Uh Hiv fallm-,. ,,f i u( . I . oTS,vnr :iml T ™ sl ".IVitive Unities C™ De-« I'.'H'ec] in }.nni> Fight (oi rN . T ' I : I nal li'W'vill,. Tnkcy, April 2 (UPP. X",,."ir ,3'™i, :K~ ;•„"•;,'•:""»>• «"«'»!•>• ««. „ TWr'H^'pii'rAiKEta^SX^ A /*i.». ' LWO ilLt'lL 111 thi-lj- fU»hr uu,,l..wr ..« l.i... j. ,. HI1!l ' ( '~V Wjr ' ""W Agamsl Capitalism U million. ,. . n t ..utic.i ui lUfltLsudur, totmv their fight msulnsi „. [ u, r ,i u »,.,„„ vMnM ^ e ^'amUe' 'l)M "II In 11 in tllllrfl C1I_1__ The fabl-shilEiiL! veil from U. sixJtllght followin, samael insmi, ta ,|en uiilltl,. s magnate. Irantlcally seeking a ._ law swung ,o Istanbul, Turkish ril j lim i. „.,,„, lllc Mnlol|s> Dwk stCTmC r'chnrtcrcd Here is an air view of Istanbul, showing iliu Bosporus, Marmora, which the Bosporus linfa! with ui;' «»••""** >"." '-ler forma, arrest. the Malolis Is anchored, and^the Sen ol Sea. where a, »»mi. cue bounil. N Blytheville District Enum r\rcr\ - I Alrs ' i ' - J " eration Uif .Over 500 :(>ftcni «>" li From Last Year ! "' !s back John Mahan's Condition Reported More Serious The condition ol John .Marian, who was injur'jtl In an aiilom accidvid ut Atlanta. On., several clays a".o. is more serious limn . was first believed, and his mother, j Mrs. T. J. Miihan. .will leave i.hii to ' ; B ' as broken, X-rny i-lfiures have disclosed. 11 was first believed that onl yone vortc- than bra had bi-eu thip^rd off nnd A dror> of slightly more tnmi L»J.I um> uttjj t:nj|>j 500 In the number of persons of slipped out of place, school age in Ihe niylicvtlle school He is at the timely lux-pita! district Is revealed in the annual enumeration, just completed A. C. Haley. Mr. Haley counted -1.4B5 persons' between the ages of C and 21. Lust j year's enumeration totaled 4,593.' very near the highest ciw listed I icre. The decline was much greater' among negroes ihnn nmunj wliltcs.' :!CITT WILL JUTE IT THREE According lo Mr. Haley, figures'' Al l n ,. Iim , Plni-l- here are 1G1 (ewer wh ;nuulll( -.'' V IU K here are 1G1 (ewer white person, of .school age and [rocs in the district limn a year Swecey might have committed. 880 suicide .and that he was always!, Tlle figures for this year and last "talking about doing away with himsell." Turkish Bachelor Survey Ux*r D li * T "nv.~ j """ """ ""*** "-"'^ llll - 1 ' p l "^' fi'Tiuj r> win CLi.*si , "lay KeSUlt m "lax ™ em fff llne ln Uie enumeration IhHr voles at three boxes. U Is _,*;" court for illegal possession of In- revenue loss to the toxlcntlnjf liquor, and a temporary Section 16 ol said\acl is as fol- notably the Osceola and Elowali "TJic Quorum Court In counties always P 6 ™'"* 11 thls ln » h « c *se iubject to this »ni ti, n ii -. „_'of our Justices of the peace. Wiere subject to this Act shall at ^ . annual meeting, make an appro- i the <l ue5ttol of corporation courts prtation of a sum sufficient to oav' arc not lnvol ™ d . 'he jurisdiction the county's proportion of the ex l° f Jllstlce Cwte, in all criminal penscs of the Municipal Court matters *>*<* '" » number of civil herein provided, which shall be maUers . ^ county-wide, even tllougn eacn such Justice Is elected by the elcctors in hls township 0 ". 1 ''.' Question of whether or not , one-half of the expense ot the municipal court, same to be paid out of county's share of fines uen allies, forfeitures fees and' costs 1 " The 1 ucstl °" ot whetlier or not collected in said'Municipal Court " lis mulllci P al cour t has jurisdic- and not otherwise and such duty I''™ ° f crimillal matters exclusive may be enforced bv n^nH,,.,.,^ 0 ' J llsticM of the peace in the I Chickasawba District and not in ! Chickasawba Township, is dis- I cussed In the briefs of counsel. may be enforced by manda"mus proceedings. Legislature Has POM-M* "At Ihp rvnl <a,t •, I jT i>. j ' cu!>6t;u m lne OrlelS 0[ COUIlSCl. by all mrn« "?J , ,•, adml tecl j However, this interesting question 10 tne llmltflHrmc AvnrjireA^ l» »u. i ..... f~«-\*. therefrom. We cannot, therefore, be concerned In this decision with the question of whether or not the net is a piece of wise legislation. "Prom the standpoint of the layman, probably the chief reason for ers and respondents in this case, It is the opinion of the court that there Is nothing In the constitution which prohibits the legislature from exercising its discretion of the court, although his Jurisdiction extends over the Chtcka- sM-ua District of Mississippi County. Our supreme court expressly decided, in the case of "Stale V Woodruff, 120 Ark. <06" that the constitution docs not prohibit this extraterritorial jurisdiction of a corporation court. Moreover It will be recalled that our law' has clone so In the question; that, since the to the revenue of said court and cannot consume any ran. of the revenues of said county raised by taxation of Its property holders 'and, since the legislature has expressly provided that Ihe remedy in such cases shall be by mandamus against the quorum court, said petition for a writ of mandamus should be, and Is hereby granted," • follow: White male WTiite female Negro male A'egro female 1934 1,553 l.CW C31 702 1933 1.G1G 1.7CH 833 842 crmen To Re Here Tomorrow Dudley Renews Old Conjgst With Local "Pipe Fitter" Labeled "public enemy, number lone of the Chickasawba district jof Mi>£l,sslppl county" by Denver 1 Dudley, young district prosecutor, I Jimmy Jones,. bland-faced Blylhc- ville resident, went on trial in the case of the spring term of criminal court opening here this morning. "Jimmy Jones Is lo this end of the comity what Al Capone was to Chh'nso." Dudley shot out before Claude Cooper, defense counsel, waving to object Residents of Blvthcvillc and -, number of otlrr cilies nnd towns I In this fnr.tlnn will go to the arose with arms waving to o' to Dudley's statement T!? "h._ prejudicial to the defendant." The 'court told the jury II would dlsrc- j Karri statements against the defendant except such as might have This Is Mir fourth «f flvi- »r- T • I/f P Rl I OP flT Heirs ,,n Japan, llrsl u f spiral] I IIR }• \ P I] I H^::5«'-. = - l ™$ ' L ""M'. , H, lfl M \i- • • o , L o»don hutcl, where he has Ixrn .<•.) mrs. virpinin atannard oi-" luli!r cl< i w "oh 1 " guard since h; »>" Little Kock Assigned '" •'" - "•• •'•-•--• rw Ucal Reliel Office parliament have not' dared their voices in criticism '".r y • ™-.|.|.. .-uimij.. MII,-I:I:<.-CIIIIJ: Mrs. i rrom nis hotel he was token loday a stlght'spark of life is »«rmon Seford. who 1ms been In to the house of detention to he discernible in the political bodies. cllnr B^ of the work since the pro-< I""" i" .•..""--. ..-"'". K but It is extremely feeble. Ami Biam was Inaugurated, mile's something happens to "~ " - •• r"""^'i»i* nucleus 10 tan ""<>• o^ium luceivcci a H into a blaze It will scon rjo oU lnls mnrnlnn from W. II. altogether. Should that happen. Japan would probably go Black Dragon. This would corNsiond 'to Italy going Fascist and Germany golin- Nazi She would likely return 10° H sort cf Samurai rule, under her sacred Emperor. Nippon may produce her version of a Mussolini or a. Hitler but short of a cataclysm, (here U mftj likelihood that His Imperial Hfix- jesty will cease to be regarded with unythlnj but piety and awe by the vast majority of his subjects. Wealth In f>nr Hinds The party system is in disrepute In Nippon, because, rightly or W'W.gly, the abuses of Japanese capitalism are popularly laid at Its door. \\nd I,, no other country In he world is wealth confined to so few hands. Factories, shipping, banking, de- * " "- "" *j*>-&.\ i""*-*-'* un mi enny t>aat bound state relief administrator, advising either directly for the United her of Mrs. Stannard's nnnnlnt- Stales or to n port where he could be transferred to a New York executive .secretary of the Chlcfcn- vlllon chased with grand lar- sawba District ChriDtcr, American Ce !' y md ul!(?Bcd to nave stolen a Red Cross, a position which she , °i nse " ncl overc °it from the still holds. Since last summer f", nutomoblle ol a traveling wrien she Jol'/d the staff of t i, e " salrama " at Chelford, was acqult- P.K.R.A.. she has served the Hed , I 1 lhe lilst Jur i' trlal of the Cross ivllhoiit nav circuit court term which adjourn- ing Blvthcvillc was expressed today fi" . , ^owr allcsed to have pur- by Mrs. Seford, to whom the an- "^f '" J^_ »«'«. ."» ™«? . , - nouncement of her transfer came ns a complete surprise. Her health ---• t'h""&. uuiim •highly (Pertinent ilonjs—pracllcallv " "•'•« thing In the Islands-is controlled by five or six stupendous Inierlock- . lrl , , . has not been good m recent weeks ,, '.."'V' sentenc(! ' i «» a year for and she will probably lake Immc- 1 . (t of lools froln °l» Mas- diatc advantage of the offer of a , ,? nr "8 c . ^^ Moore, charg- leave of absence o - eom P llcll J'. was acuitted leave of absence to jiennlt lier to lake mecllcnl .treatment. concerns. i-olls [n.-iormv.- to cast their vctes for Flvtheville connection with the case at hand. | ernmcnt has meant vast privileges Thre<; fmportant CWA " " nd , . r llc ">P« rt «"« attributed for the many. " ...... "" " .to him by Ihe prosecutor, .that electors cast Jone.s stood chn.-gcd with. He had composed of representatives of [lie " ' $100 In municipal People, but representatives of the _.. _. ... big Unking, commercial, and Industrial houses. Up to the Mukden Incident oi Sept. 18. 1931. one of the mov prominent liberals In Japan and n former member of Ihe Diet lold mi the Japanese people had the fed- •»ig ' or being hemmed In by stone walls without an exit Many ,vcre joble.«. ., - ^">' "IUI £.LU^,III H.-. Lll* y'ULL'IS ^5 \Vlll llaVtl , t - . districts, showed substantial gains Strelc. F'ornersviUc KcniiPtt nnd hos ' Rlso - scn ' cd fedcri11 nnd - stale . - .i,.,. .„ _ . . ' . L ' I1U nrisnn Irrnis Rnf .Tiinmv n!u'nv<« Closing Stock Prices . I'ornersv c, KcniiPtL nnd — i--—- •— ——— ••••" —'^ Missouri towns in 1,1s sec- i)rls ° n lcrmS ' ffB " 1 ""T"' ^'^ n pleasant, affable sort of n per- Cantlidiit's are listed on Ihe of- son, has never been convicted of i-iMicnciac^s are listed on he of- ,, ,, V , frlal mll-t for tl-e mmitnpnl eloc- * fpIon y- dw P«e aUcmpcs of varl- UT — I l rnirlH''ifnrtl'rtiiiiinfni»i i tiiiiKuj. iivo^i^c tivvvLiip i*> ui » t\i i- NEW YORK. April 2 (UH)- 'on h r" I t[J ,„, ' " P , °™ "roseciitors to send him "over A more optinnstlc tone prevailed ci ' '\.™ ,," " '""""l 1 "" " rtller: ,, the road." The -- 'n Wall street today auhcujh clcr" ROM B?nv,r, H"'T" ' ' mv "« "'«" there were no Immediate d»v-«-- *"- rr^l ^ S' monts warrantins It, and the stock „,"„, C "^, m ^" marl-ci mnirTD. Marion willnms. .J v ,|\ r .: acqultlals that he aroused the ire of Prosecutor Dudley ,at Osccola market managed to liu.o „ above Ihe Salurday clo-^e A. T. and T Aimeonda Copp;r Bethlehem Steel Chrysler Cities Service '.'.' Coca Cola General American Tank General Electric General Motor.; International Harvester .Montgomery Ward New York Central Packard i Phillips Petroleum Radio Corp Simmons Deds St. Louis-San Frmidbco Standard of N. J Tc.xas Co U. S. Steel .........'. so many . . n; ci'd-rman. second u:ircl, Act No. 2 , odrliti-n to the officia 31 1-J 35 5-8 5 5-8 trets provided for in ... clerk's n.'Tice and first ivard manic ofTi-e fn unofficial ront'st'; Is rcrlain In the srcotiri n-nrH U HM> ! a moveraent lo have ID !-»', 3 7-3 ! .. co "~ rromptly dismissed .cases. Including rd aMpr rol>!>or - v nnd i '1' :or selling charges. But ji:«t when Jimmy npoearcd i-oro with l ° hsve a clr ' ch tho 8raml Jury "' *"" : returned new liquor sellln? Ir.dlct- "anjc °'; ments against him. This gave c mil,. rjudley another chance, unfettered (by promises. The selling charges 1 felony offenses, still are hanging Chicago Wheat July May July open 80 5-8 85 7-8 high 80 i-3 86 1-8 low P5 7-3 85 1-4 close NIci g'i "'.a 85 1-2 al f'OT I 'UPl— E. Ark., April 2 over Jimmy, the flrst of misdemeanor The trial today is a series of cjscs which ordin- appeal Chicago Corn I' open 48 5-8 50 7-8 high 48 3-4 51 Race Horses Is Dead a» Hot Springs nrlly - lpy - tli --^ ^-^^ two or thr;e dnys. „.. - Judge Killotigh charged the «hn i i * "a£"stown.! grand jury in a brief statement of hil i-f-. '^ a " C " hor * M .' al:d sml !I "? J' !r >' to its chambers his foomliw house near Oak- Dmlr./llons* Alw-day^sslon .,_. ,1^ race track today. expected to be sufficient. Petit Jurors were given general instructions in another fairly brl low 48 1-4 60 3-8 50 ed the first race horse. and ex- sho?s "on "thc'"famoiis . Dan Patch. Death was believed due to heart failure , m<lcr h:ld Jusl completed a mon . l-2i ih's work at Ihc nre irack here charge by Hie court and with erate punishment became preliminary proceedings disposed of business. the court swung into the trial ol ™° '.'I™', tile Dlel *">* "ot been . '" "' erc ? M " llat «l University five ol went E • "ii !•«**% VJ 11IIU Ii 00 found Jobs. The other 95 wen, to work as day laborers-lf they were scitTlclently lucky. Army Findi H'av Out Then the army defied the civil regime and took Mukden it spread out all over Manchuria And Manchuria, to the masses meant the breaking down of ih,' stone wall, it mea nt room to expand. It meant a way out. work" T, $ ' 3rt ""•' '""Is'niCDm «ork. The yen dc-p.uciaied ex POrU slarted to tJi,,. ,h a 'army needed new equipment, and nrettv Comparative prosperity returned Money began to circulate so that eyerybody-not just the half dozen ^s c T~-r d -' "** anas on tome of it. NEW YORK, April 2 Rightly or wrongly again, the Colto » cl ««i barely steady. , masses became more than ever I 5 il tlle BTm * ls tl 6 morc unselfis " icians. Where the politicians feathered heir own nests by lookln; after inc Big Interests, the nrmv had at 1> "" v -" >™* "M i^J H5J "earl the livelihood of (lie ueon'e S|x)[5 clasctl stpad >' n < '-'5. oil 5 throughout the country • Assassins Made Heroes Thus, when three young naval "€10 Ol'leailS Cotton officers assassinated Premier • Inuknl and stnrt<?d a movement to NEW ORLEANS overthrow the civil government Cotton closed eas'v they were popularly hailed, not as murderers but as heroes. So intense was this sentiment July among the masses that even mod- Ocl So strong Is. the popular feeling March . (Continued on P»ss 3) :n;.i:ll to the Unlied states. ISTAN'liUI;, Turkey, April 2 (UP)l' —Sninucl Iiisull \i-jv; iii-jcai tftut^r fiirmal nnest by Turkish' author- illi's tuday. preparatory to turn- Ins him ovi-r ID the United Stat-;s for extradition to face trlal'-ln Chit-lDO. IiiEiill wns arrested ui llio Little London hciiel, where he has be:n Mrs. Virginia Slminnrd ol Little -. l*hlllp „, •oifipiindrnl .ind fureljn „ rxntrt, while on a worn! tour fur SKA Srrvlrc anil tin: Courier News • * • 'V WILLIAM PII1M1- SIMMS '•'PVi-lulit, 1H3-I, NKA Sirvlrc.lnr TOK1O—Alter Italy mid Uci- iminy. party government In Japan Is f\3htln 3 for Its life, the odds "i"l! ngaiirst survival. f-'or two nnd onc-lmlr years— ilnce the army swept through " rs - Virginia Slmmnrd ol Ultle dcm, Ihnill consulted his IOCQ! .Minchiirlti-lhe nict hns been in nnck arrived here this motnlng lo lawyers, but It vis not LlS almost totnl eclipse. Members of ^ chiU'Ke of Ihe social .service, Ihe purely execmlve nrocS ol I'arllament have not cl.irwl llfr chase of the feernl emer B ency re- < siirrfiHlerln- him to the United lef lulinlnlstmtlon proprain In] States coiilil be long delayed Mississippi county. succccclln B Mrs. | rrom his hotel he was token kept hi citftody until' Tmerlcan nutlioritles called for him. H was believed. Insuli would ty> placed mi an early boat, bound and li:M by the courts lo be subject Io exliadltloji. I'lghtlng desperately for ftee- . Mrs. Seford received letter DVPSS, - Stannard's ,.,. 1 ™.. 1 ,.- ncnt and notifying her that she nd been gianlud a 15-day leave of absence, with pay. lor rest and medical treatment, nftcr which she Is to report al Little Rock for assimiment to the Piilaski county relief or?onlzntlen. • • • Mrs. Seford came to Blythevllle In 1931 (rom St. Louis to become tout. Whilton Man Acquitted . in Theft of Suit Caw ° EOLhA ' A* 1 chD8 < 1 Byrd of grand lar- Cross ivIlhoHt pay. Regret at the prospect of leav- ed here Friday. Charges against Julius Gowcr, •• - - pressed following Byrd's acquittal Jack Cissen was given a jury trial and sentenced to a year for ,. -. » »in in. ivimjiTr, CltaLg- •Ith complicity, was acquitted?' "line Stewart, negro, charged with Ihe murder of Willie Kelley another negro, was acquitted by a' I Jury, and Nick Thomas, r.egji 'layer of Henry Smith, also a ne- gro, entered a plea of guilty to Projects Uncompleted . „ },'-•* vi* filling lu ncnmT * 7T~ , o etond <lcsrcc mtlr <ter and took » OSCEOI.A, Ark.—The close of five-year sentence the CWA program left only three' W. F. Taylor, W. M Taylor and major projects In Mississippi Geo. Doyle were named Jury com- COlinlV HOI rmtmlj.lfl/1 n.l.T Innnl lll!cc!m,.i~- f .... . counly nol completed, and loca arranscmonts have been made court, •hereby these will be finished, U. N. WMson. nounced. , . county engineer, an- The three arc the American lon Hut at Tilythevllle. which It Is planned will be completed under [he new Industrial program. Ihe community house at Osceola for the completion of which re fund of J2.000 has been raised lo- rallv. nnd the Whilton cunning center, which also will be completed at local expense. There are several gravel road projects which nrc Incomplete, and some of them will not be finished. Mr. Wilson said, but In a number of cases where (he mo- terlal Is already on the ground local arrangements are being made lo p.iy for tabor to finish up the Jobs. Legion Meets Tonight Th? niirl post of the American Legion will meet at the nmory this evening. 7 o'clock. New )'orA: Cotton NEW YORK, April 2 (UP) May July Oct Dec Jan March open hl»h loiv 1206 1210 1194 1223 1223 1205 1240 1220 1249 1229 1252 1235 1564 1353 1240 1248 1252 1264 close 119-1 1205 l-'SO 1230 1235 115J NEW ORLEANS, April 2 (UP) May risky Dec Jan open hl?h low 1205 120S 1191 1213 1218 ia)l 1233 1234 1217 1244 1244 1223 1191 1201 1217 1223 missioners for tlic next term of Mrs. B. W. Cowan," 75, ?.un Down by Automobile MANILA, Ark. - Mrs. E W Cowan, about 75, mother of Harry- Cowan, fctmer local banker, wns struck and knocked down by u cur at n busy street corner here EPtnrctny afternoon. The car ims driven by a Mrs. Sales, who lives near hero. Mrs. Cowan was rushed to »r Blytnevillc hosaltal in a Howard ambulance. Her condition was not regarded as serious. An e.ranino-' tlon disclosed that no bones hart been broken and except for minor 'aceratlons and bruises Mrs Cowan suffcMd mostly from slrook Because of her age she would probably be confined for some time, it was staled. No proscenium of the car driver is i.'lamitd iniu-ss relatives of Mrs Cowan make complaint. Kid Wright. Big Lake canstable. stated. n ar ed With 33 Murders ANGORA (UP)-A message from Teheran slates that, the police of ifint city' have arrested a msn -'•--'' lo bj responsible for 33 murders. Pens Were Busy In 1933 SPOKANE, Wash. (UPI-Washington hens produced 71.000,000 dizen eggs In 1933. three per cent f Ihc nation's total. WEATHER AK KANSAS—increasing c!oudl- i:ess tonight. Tuesday cloudy, show- >rs and cooler In southwest portion. Memphis and Vicinity—Flair to- ntiht. Tuesday partly cloudy. The maximum temperature here yesterday was 78,' minimum 52, > 1246 i232b partly cloudy, according to Samuel 125fib 1242blF. Norris, official weather obs«rv- Spots closed quiet at 1211, up 2,'er,

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