The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 1, 1931 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 1, 1931
Page 4
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r»AGE FOUff . BLYT1IEV1LLK. (ARK.) COUIUKU NEWS fHE BLYTJHEVILLE COURIER NEWS THE COURIER NEWS CO, PUBLISHERS O. R. BABCCCK, Editor • H. \V./HAINES, Advertising Mauajer Sole National Advertising KeprosctUntlvcj; The Thojuas F. Olark Co. Inc., New York, Philadelphia, Atlanta, Dallas, San Antonio, San Francisco. Chicago, St. Louis. Published Every Al'.ernoon Except Sunday. Entered as second class matter at the post office at BtythevHle, Arkansas, under act o! Congress October 9, 1917. Curved by the United Press SUBSCRIPTION' RATES By carrier In the city of Ulylhevllle, 1!* per week or $6.50 per year In advance. By mnll within R radius ot 50 miles, J3.00 per year, fl.60 for si* months, 65c (or throe months; oy mall In postal zones two to six, Inclusive, S6.50 PIT year. In tones seven >rl e'.fiht, S10.00 per year, payable In f!7«nce. In Good Hand? .s Mississippi county Ims been fortiii)- .. ate in recent years in tho cliai'ai-tor of the men who have been in chaise of her public affairs- She is fortunate in the prospect for the two years alioad- Mistakes have been made, as they \vill be made in the future, but every department of county goveninu-iil has t'iven evidence of a sincere (k'sh'o to render faithful and cfl'idiMit service, and as long as tlsat condition prevails the consequences of such mistakes-are not likely to he serious. The situation is noteworthy not lie- cause it is anything better than the people have a right to expect, bill he- cause of the contrast it presents with conditions that prevailed in the not very distant past. For the full four years of his service as county treasurer Hie books of Roland Green, we arc informed, have been balanced at least once each month- Each month a detailed statement of the county's financial condition, checked by the county auditor, has been submitted to thu county judge and the taxpayers association' That may not seem very remarkable, but when it is remembered, that 11 r. Green's immediate predecessor in office never did balance his hooks, and that he ended his term with a uhortagc of over $50,000, besides forcing the county to spend over ?20,000 for an audit to lind out how the county's finances .stood, it is evident that we arc getting somewhere- Roland Green has a right to be proud of his ..- record.^Mississippi cquuly.hcim -take double satisfaction 'iii 'the \vay he has handled the job and in the assurance that his successor is a man who will continue the good work on tha same high plane. Other county offices have, been and will continue to be in good hands. That does not mean that there is no cause .for concern over public affairs in this county. Present conditions and thu prospect for the immediate future im- .pose an exceedingly luavy burden upon all of our officials. But at least we have the assurance that we have in charge of our affairs men who will make a sincere effort to solve the problems they face in the interests of Ihe people they serve. \V C have gotten away from the idea that once prevailed in Mississippi OUT OUR WAY county, and that si ill scqms to rule in some of our neighboring 'counties, that public office, far from being a public trust, is a gravy train operated for the benefit of its crew. SIDE GLANCES By George Clark Who Started Ilia Wart An official committee of thi; German Heichslag, having studied I lie causes of the World War, lind.-v thai must of the blame for starting the trouble go:.s to Russia, with Serbia and Austria- Huugmy .sharing in the guilt. Being a German commitlee, it naturally views Germany's pail in the negotiations thai led to the war a litllis more favorably llian, say, a French committee would- Hownvi'i 1 , there is this to remember: all of this talk about who started the war is senseless unless il is realized that the war was chiefly a product of the Kuropcnn system of handling iuter- liiilional relations. It grew out of that system inevitably. If the nnirdi-r of the Archduke Vrnnx Kordinand bad not started it, some other minor incident would have. It is futile to try to indict any one nation for it. In » real sense, all of the nations were equally guilty. !fllf|.ffl/-.>^ -"—•"« K; iyv if rf- /•X-.&.V sM Jfe &?<• V * M'4/ W l'&t&!.*S-&-,.V *'^/••• > v$.9 The Win. Cuba M. Uigdon. o! t!v< body of a larjc amcunl of ?M\A results in acidosi^. In many Instances the onset o(| acsitv intestinal rbstriiciion is llke : an attack ot severe peritonitis. Tlu' physician who itndii's the- case can '.?!! from the nature cl the oj ol tlic disease, tlic reiaticnr.lilp ot the symptoms and she ptoKn&s of ' the condition what is Koliii; 0:1 in-! ' b:cte ihc abjonu'ii. If the patient's I erudition i.; not y.> seil'n.s wr..?n . - KCOII y5 to demand itnmi'dtatc j j operation, il is i:o<siWe to sluily' Hie cate by the use of the X-ray. What the avcraf; per-ion needs' t- know n order to previ-inl mucli : of the. terious mortality from this; disease is the fact that tiie ot-cur-1 rence of severe cramps or par-; cxysms accom|>:inictl by i>roslraiion.! j explosive vojnitlng :i:id B^nernl de-; • presslon, should demaiid immediate I tr.ccllcal at'.omicn Any delay, '.v incrcas" tin; lii;i-!ihcott of. I'AUI, KKVEIiK'S lilliTl! ' : Oi> .Ian. I, I73"j. Paul Revere.; : lnnu-<l Ameiican p:-.tncl, was horn in Hosfju. Mii-s. j He- lenrni'd Ircm h:;. father the i trni'.? Li ucldsmitrt and scon bf- ; I-MUT? ^IHJiii ;i:; p:i engraver on j silverware. He r;ii;i.!v?a Uiu plates • riixl primed the paps-r money or-' ciri ?d in 1115 by -.he Provincial: CoiiRrcs.s ruul in the s.'.nip yen: 1 PS- \ titblislicct 11 im-clcr mill In Boston.' lic\'cre tcok :ai r.'jiivc 1 interest hi i tiic disp'jt's ivkh iho English. He im-liclpatccl In l!ic Tc-a Party and! tnrrlcrt the ne«s tt It to Ncvs- York! ., ,,.,--. !l t)alc11 ()1 iP.nd I'liHutiolphia. Ilium colored suuthern cruise cataloKiics that will cheer! 0:1 April is-ia. ms. at the re- is -;j •fliftf IIEK>C\V)S=0*E Or SOME 02 W SMS \CVEVESS. PJCWtD A5A.v.S R f?EB'J:L.r 1ME ClfY OX provide<l clothing and toys for 40.- • turned from the woods with 2 bear COO needy Detroit children on : story bv which he stands firm in quest of Jorcph Warren Rcv.?rc cinistinas Eve. 'gunranteclng the atithentlcitv. :d^ . Temple said .hat while huntln 3 Speaking nboul nire things, somclhlns swell this inornlni;. with a hnmmer. WASHINGTON "Nye Answers N'.itt. iayln; ie to Cover Up' "—headlin 'Someone Is Try. Well, liei-fc, (he tempi-rnliiri' Is iluwu tu the tree/Ins point, can he blame nnybuity fcr Iryinx to cover up? OPTIMISTIC It this world of onvs vvns half us bad As some people scom to sec it, Down In Hath 1 ?, I am nfiald, They wouldn't need Hint fircy pit. When II rains they want the sun to slmii;. When il, dues ilu-y want the. rnin; When they see somcthinj funny They're nfraid to laugh Tor fear it will slvc llicin ;i pain. When n man proiKif.cs EOmcthlin; new And telis them of it for l-irlr gnln. They shun him, for they're i\fr.>'.:l uf him, As tliey lliink he must be Insane. When, this "proposed tiling" is finished, And tt Inrns- oul thai it was real. They're sore, llicy slum him sure enough then 1'or not IcIUng (hem In on the d; But then. I sjuess it lakes all kinds of people To make up this world of ouio; So let's not only hold up our heart When Ihe sun shim's, Let's not. let it droop when it showers. Hoy M. I'riesl, BlythcvUle. Ark. I'r;'.tit(-'r; l'iiv.c-\\'inninff OIMH! \Vill l>r-Ir£atf S.ivs VnUrtl States Is fi.iiiiu:; (lilt (il Slavery rf Ihe .Marhint- ,\sn — Says I'nivisu lirinUiii.: I'lan Is JIucli Tlian Huiiilos Syslcii! made his memorable n'.idnighl I towards Concord to \v;>.m the pro-: vOtlHHOIS KtltilO dySiCin pie th-M'o, lie war: captuml by a | parly of British <rn!dicrs. and was. ,\'EW YORK, (UPi—Paul W. lA'CtijjlH back to Lexington, wher3 While, for i:»:rc than .six years a be «•;:•; rrfeaprd the next clay. Tins, staff cciTCspi'iirienl of the Ui:il2rl pycnn.'.=< In I hi' rest of (he coun- r 'de w 'is the theme rf L-oiigMlo-,v's Press in the N'ev,- York bureau. Iia5 try." ! celebrated |Kcm. "The Midnighl resigned to become news editor of Fiuil- tiiri.-l.ils Knsy lo llcaeh Rite of Paul Revere." the Columbia Broadcasting Sys- M. di 1 Lunariiullc notices espe-' : lem. •oil C!ii!(!re» pmm^ ' WWfe - tofcic i° ini »? <'"•' UnLl - ci adults and two cuts, appeared. Th? larger bears charged, he said, and he fired, killing one of them. The other bear continued on. stepping over t!:e body of its rade. to pursue Temple, v refuge in a tree. The bear and-the I cubs stood guard around .-the Ires! until dark, when ihcy disappeared.! IIY KOIINF.Y IH:TCHI:U ! M:A Srrvk-c \Vrilcr : \VASIIINKGTON — M. C'.uy (!c ! Lcn^c^iallc of I'aris lock a, j vase i!i lo PicsldtMil lluovt-:- tlu. 1 •other day. It wns a very special Kovrcs vase o( lis'ht brown, about Iri no ; MULLIGAN' STEW BTJItXS ! SAN FRANCISCO. <UP>—Maybel •Charles C. Schuster intended to bsl Hi-[U'i-: dally in WaJiiuglixi thai hiyh yov-. : eminent u!l:i-:als are ituitc easy to ; •"«-"••"! v.iii'siw: = s-'usiu .press in 1924. had-a varied news' reach sud quite simple in mnrmei 1 .! Thd'5 Was a Santa •i' ;| l :ei expeiience in the middle- He hoi aiiru' tt -.uncli with some'. " _' " " west. He ha^ served IB book critic s-i-.:i siuokrt i-iL-ars with others. In DETROIT (Up) _ T!| ...of the Unlr;-d Press and covered a perfect host. In any evont"a large Van.-i. he f ays. i'. would lake u week : s ( , , , . ' . such celebrated news stories as the pot of mulligan stew was on the l"l5L l "c«i| a a!,U aTrl^'S™™!'™ 11 '** »™1 "girl" who We to, ]™;^_, ^^ C ^' Browning, |stove W hen the firemen arrived. Un- cnou'.ii to incrview nn official of hlm ' f- influence here. He; PcslHiasicr Chailrn Kel!o;;g in- : Kcimis and Carroll trials, trans-At- | fcrlunately, however. His slew wasl .lanlic night lake-ofTs and landinjs not fit to ea;. Schuster had gone "to I and coal u:i-.I textile strikes. 'sleep, leaving tjic pot on the stove. I \ It burned dry and that is what r . r- -, -, . caused the fire. i-iaat: " ' Tvlb of Being Treed by Bear Family ni:;lit in eaily fall who ir. 23 yi-:ir.i • hurt been miaule to sleep. Mr- and !oo!:«l r.l the Parl^-i-. : nismarc_k. a generation • ago, stole the thuudtr of his Sceiaiisf opponents and inaugurated corr.v BaBWICK. Pa. lUPi—William -prehensivc social-insurance Tempie. veteran Benton huntsr. re- ' latlon. As rowdy as n Unxiug audience may some- '.im:b he, observe--, the office sa^e. the bout itself is alwnys handled with gloves. As far as thu chin" of the ixj aj woman is cnncrrncd, "lafcins; i: on means merely nnolhcr application dcr iiufT, Ct]ic! Uv,;>r.s on the observance t.f yuihiV.ti'jn have bec-n forced on, M *:•• l.i,:.-, ,;.iV.e and he says tl-.r.t: in :-:x v.c:-ks lie has met hardly j I'livono who favors prohibition ex-: lyctins French person, nnrl wliouvi-r cq ;, ., feiv tKC1 pi c i,,'the vicinity of ', [wrote the best letter aeon! why he Xu i;:,a!::i)lon. Mass. He has also i fuiua; :; fe>v oflicials who observe | the l.'/.v in their own homes, lie j ui:d'.-ivi.iu:ls Hint people in Ihe :i:.i r i: nud tlic rural .sections mc ; thy. fn he realizes thai hir, obscrvn-' tio:i-- LCCJI incouipiele. Slill, j he i-- Mire that, the French .system ; r[ -linking is bolter than the Ar.v i':can bootlegging system. ; "Iho Fnncii people drink wine] .1^ p.ii-l c( their meals, and never; 1:1; rLiink." he says. "The Auicri- . c;-.:r; cirinl; whisky and £in for tl'.c j • :.i-:c' of firinking. Americana and; " i?-.!>Mnns ami sonic of :-:e BrHish I t have seer, in Africa are terrible in r ! paper L'lntransigci-.nt. Then: v:as contest announced, ti[!cn to any kr siie would like (o i;o lo the | Unilci! Slalivi would l)e ;-lven a • ;wo-mmilli trip to lh:s country |a:id Ihe privilege of c:irn.i:g the : Sevres vase lo Mr. Hoovi-r. Ar.d i?o M. de Longevinllc ioit thai :n; j Inn-.: as he co:iUl nol sici-p I-.-; mii:lil ins w:!l wrilc something' for Ihc; ! contest, so of course hu v.'ini the prift' and h^rc ho L=. ;-];.H>ry The icivnt chess totirnnnu-nt between Harvard and nartuioul'.i is said (o have been entirely above board, virtually too i-.i lnui--',.^:cn. bill one thin-: l,rstcil «••••• that t!:e Uni'.i w.-.-v coming tjiit of Ihc m:u-3:ir.e ai:e becauvo i: -vns b'- 1:111:1111:: lo in.!.-:cr mci-jhir.rry and iiu'cliir..:!:'..-\\!u icas he fc'.: I'raiKc ;•!.>', b.-^innin-: to cr.tfr ,.« ; machine nv;c slavcvy. He abo j j piL'.L-c;l our development of tlic utilitanar. loini of beam s'from the . By Williams' Tl1 --" M i:r L 0 iu-:-.iai J .over here or.ri iliscovt-roi! A HC\FFA i-iouv7 GOT Ht«E. FE17 >-/OO . C' MO>O i F v.ME SWOvEUIJ S . VME'LX. Go Ov/er? ONI irlK^iFMf.. ^iSJII^tljK I wlui had li'kl I'.i'.n nir.ny Ai | di-lir;c;l Franco appi-aivci b;!ii<n. l!nl lie d c f p,-cii-,'.iy in the i:-,i.Mli- wi cvrr -o ir.any Av.u•: 1 i;-; 1 .n; i Acre nol tonscioui: i-i th'.' i. -•scil. tlini (he uveratje American j 1 is m;:ri: mine intcrc-stin;.,' than! • nver.irc Frfnc'n cirl- American' a!-'J c,irls know more, he says, partly, tlic because few tlciicii Kiris go to col-1 rivcil | ••They have much :-.iorc freedom; those; and thfl's all ri^tit here because L' h.ivc ' oi i.^iirjl I:CIM;;?I- yc'-i . .1 ays M. (ie Lon-:,-i:.!:;.. 'ai'.s you can't ^o ."iCO mi :-.-r. slick tl-.i' : .i no-.-;.; 111 \ r,', quitr ' , more men than \vomcn." r, s. "'i'herc are about a, mil-j a halt mi>re French Kirls I l.i- iv-es of 'Jtl and 3'J! '.i nv,:c!l frccclum of con- i :n::l ncticn a:mnis; Frcnehj ;!.':r.'t work. ljCiT.u?o yo'.i • :r-r: men to react in the' • whri*' women urcn't such ; -\v-§ ^"-y ['5^--';=-'':;-' ~~." . "- :: kf A.A/yVrf^ M^3-^^ S ^»^^ S '•Z%£&T$k.\ J^V : jt|^B\ o: yo:i .is : . not rort'.iri 1 .\p\v YvV linvuv* I special finely t.f n:i:vcr- ; •ir ba'.:.->-' «;tic?> and is irnptTssrd \\«th tbc j ; urh in- J.UT'- :::::o:in'. n{ collrvo social )iff. ' tarer cn-c: v liirh :bore isn't :«:~.y in I-'rancc t.rnws LI .--whi'M- siv.i!ni'.=; dr\olo Ihcnist'UT:- ionceivojt:> M:;C'V. Ili:r i\e (liiiiks collcco life. :licy t'.o ; 3t:r.irls ^rvat 5;i id.s of yoiiuy \ Oi the • Aiiuilc^ii; \viio arc bound to tlcrivf' ^;v Jhc city . (. -': .13 tllOU- • ' <•-. r.ics lU'l'J l=: i-iorlionKu: >plrlt cf ;ol'.cc ; ,ua: brr.elit, ;* lly. aiiiE only su^ Instic comp?:i:!on (or the move advanced ^UKiV.lLS. Anilc InUv!UiaI Ob ;Norc! sirnchon j AllciUioii •i HP !:iIU\ A^icru-an I -!' II}'- lou could yo clown to th<- unloading of ships as they come whiicrfiiiiing- in ... and find nothing to compare with the variety of merchandise unloaded for you at the poit of the advertising- page. You could lii't this article and that ... but not even such close scrutiny could tell you so much about a product as is told you through the advertisements you re;id. .-—^ You could take the iine merchandise home, distribute il and. use it in its proper places—in your pantry, draped at youi \vindo\vs, laid down on your floors and trampled on lor years . .. but your tests would not be iial f so rigid as the tests already made for you of the wares that are advertised. Worse! variety—world scrutiny of merits inside and out—world tests that take the wares and determine them in the form you see them today ... these make advertised products the best you can buy. The most economical--because dependable in service. The lowest priced for quality—because distributed to the world! The white-sailed schooners, the sloops, the lighters —those from ilie upper buys of quality and perfection —have all unloaded here. Turn the pages for their offerings. h-crHsi'mesitii... then tell you of Ihe best thai comes in; wi'h cayyoas for avert/ use

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