The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 11, 1930 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 11, 1930
Page 8
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PAGF, EIGHT UI.YTIIKVM.I.K. (AK1O CODlillOH NKU'S Plays Mexico France and Italy Strive (or Dominance in Mediterranean and Novtli Africa. | By MII.TON BROXNKR | NEA Service Writer i LONDON'.—Just .as tlie naval j conference In London Insl winter | developed Into a battle between; France and Italy over the question ] ol naval parity between the:n, so: the present session ol the League ! Nations at Geneva is very i i become a guerilla warfare In which Italy will continue sniping !it France. For the moment the Latin sisters are hating each other as only sisters can when they have fallen oul. Every lime France says "Yes," Italy says "No." ' There is a very profound reason for this, t'nc hlslory of which Is for the most part unknown Ir Americans, although tlie paper a: which it is based came'up many a time at Versailles to plague President Wilson when Hie peace treaties-were being drafted. Wilson THURSDAY, SEPTKMHIjK 11, 1930 One of tlio fnollall stars you'll first to hear of Mils fall Is "S ,|,y' Tallaferro, aliove, because 1 lie's RO Ins to be In (lie lineup of Hit Louisiana College eleven wlien It meets Ihe National University ot Mexico at Plnevlllc. I.a., October -t, in tlic first luiernatlonal Inteicol. Icqtate tooihnll game of the swisnn. lie was a leading scorer hi south last vnar. poriant ?afC5, .so thai the .Italian colony of Tflpoll Is now much bigger. America Is oul of It, never having beon a party to the 1915 agreement. ftiRloml has done her bit. nus<i:i is out of It, because thr ( llulo.s ccasrel 10 be on nlly. Tlii 1 Is llml all Italy's nn- iu ifTluiKs liave turned ij|x>n j'rancc-. 'I'll' 1 l-'rr-ncli refuse lo rec- ij£ii!/i' Italy's claim lo naval pnr- ! !iy. 'I'lic- Fivncli stublMrnly refuse 1 to part willi ;in Incli of North Afrl- i i-iin Mill 10 H:ily. -They cannol tec? ! glvitiK "P il'i' mnmlate for Syrl: : nnd mi niiis i: over lo tlie Italians i In the re-Milt. Italy Ims been at fTO.s.->-p'.irpo-:c.-> with France all over ' the limp. T!ir close of (lie World :War II;IIIK| France nces up In lhi> i Euliuii.s. It.ily has achieved a position ol trii-l and Influence there '• now e<iu:il!:ng Uul ol France. _.. I• Clencv:). ArMuli 1 Brlimd, FrtTuch -. foiel^n inmhUT, will sinf his-"pice.; i about n UniU 1 :! Slates of Europe. I Dlno (jranil!, the clever,,handsome ' l-' I'urdRii Minister, will de; lluie French eloquence by dally ob- •scrviiif; that before there can bo 11 reul U. a. of Kiirolic. llu;re must be , a feelliiK of mutual confidence'In- I -spln-d liy niulual <lbuirinaineiit., ;•• nraiull will urge tlie League''. u i : Nations to continue In its -ijood \vork ol liyi"u lo brlnic Ihis about. This weuk will t» u direct, lilt al ! Frnnct. which twelve years alter 1 the Woilu War maintains a mighty I army, a yiganlic martial uir fleet ; nnd is prnpusmg to build an even .stronger licit of cruisers, elcstroy- 1 ers and submarines. The little na- i tlons.wil! mainly line up with Italy. I German; piubably will do so. Eng| land muy also cliline in. So French dominance of Ihe League of Nations Is likely io cnel Al least, Italy U working to Unit pur|)osc. Marx Brothers Here Next (Week in"Animal Crackers" }51ylheville llicalrc patrons who enjoyed the Groucho, Zeppo, Chico nnd Harpo Marx In "CocanuLs" at the Hit/ theatre last year will wd- ecme ihe announcement,' "thai UIL' inimilable' four are lo relnrn lo the local .screen next week In "Anl- mnl Crackers," the lulklni; pitting version o! thrlr latest comedy sut- ccss. "Anlinnl Cracker.-i," lauded by metropolitan critics as the; fminii'M. thins the Marx family has produced, is a combination of, gags ;md •licit comedy seitueiices. lhal li:m achieved a universal lilt. Groucho Marx plays Ihe yav; of an African explorer ami bi(j uiinu 1 hunter, newly relumed from an expedition, '/-r-ppo is lite scercury. Upon Ihc-lr arrival at the e.slaU 1 of a wealthy woman, Oroucliei lic- ccmes (he- social lion 1 of a house liarty In proj're.s.s. llui|» and Qhico, musicians luiul o entertain the gue.sU:.' arrive- on he heels ol Groucho and Zeppo. Lillian Uoth. cluuglUcr of Hie, Is In Icve with Hal Thomson, an arlist willi small success 1 , ouis Serin,'as a wealthy .connub.- jiir of arl. arrives at tile' lii-.rty llh a valuable master palnllni;. It is the same one of which the young aitlst had made a copy while pursuing his studies abroad. Ta convince the world thai lier fiance is n true artist, Lillian Chlco and Har'po to substitute the copy for,the original before Hie un- vi-iling. The two musicians iccox- nluc the art patron as a former (Isli iK-'ddlcr, and blackmail him. The hostess lias a;i enemy in the person of another society matron wl!<!.•£ daughter also has painted a copy of the disputed work. To cm- biiiTaws their hostess, mother and daughter prevail upon Cirelg, the butler, who was forrherly In [heir covers the-substitution of-the phon- ey painting. The police are callsd In and Ihe hunt starts. Hnrpo finds lime to steal the original from the hiding place where he and Chlco left It and also the copy from the butler. Oroucho assumes charge of the search. Chlco attempts lo aid him by some highly remarkable reasoning. Eventually Harpo Is expcted as the culprit but, upon returning both of the paintinBa, he is permitted to e.'.cajw arrest. Thompson's copy is hailed as excellent work. As Jlarpo Is 1 being released various other Ktolen Ills clothes. At the final , etherizes Die entile house 'party"hi- cludlng one particularly beautiful sirl whom 'lie has lx?en pnrsuin" throughout the story, finally put- KEEP ON THE MOVE VIENNA, Sept 11 tUP)—While Ludwlg Tierschky, age C5, was on trial before the Vienna criminal court for biting and scratching a policeman and otherwise resisting arrest his wife testified thai she ankles drop out of made-out, Harpo .tlie ENGINEER GAVE UP, Egypt. France took Hie. mandate, for Syria \vliich Ilnly coveted. HoiM 1 Never Abandoned Kver since Hie peace Ircntlcs o the wnr. Italy Iras steadily nnd ]ier- sisteiitly tiled to gel Ihe Ihlngr piomlsed licr. n'AnnuiKlo, Hie fn inous p^et nnd novelist, with Itl Aiditl. selxcil Hninc nnd. ruled t for n lime. Then it wns tnfcen over by Italy and belongs to her now Aristiile Brlind ..... w-.ints a Unll- pd Slates of Europe. thought America's associate. 1 ; In the World War bad revealed every thing to America, only to be tin deceived. v I Adriatic Coast Coveled Things were going along smoothly one day when Ihe question ol the' eastern coast .of tlie Adrlutlr ramc up. The Italiun statesmen looked hungry. . Tlw British nut 1 French looked embarrassed. It wa r tlien lhat they .were forced to pull out a treaty which was news I Wilson. It seemed Ihal back In 1916. when England, Prance nnd Ru«l iiere begging Italy to come in on the side. ot the Allies and desert the old Triple Alliance with Germany, and Aiislro-Hiuignry, the Italians had driven a very Imrc 1 bargain. They won and they got tj-.elr demands down on paper • Italy was guaranteed tlie whole of the Soulh Tyrol to the lircnnev Pass. Furthermore she was to ^ the great port of Trieste and til' the coast of Istria anrt Dalmatlr down lo Cape Planlo. The Albanian cooGt was lo be neutralized Furthermore the Allied powers recognized lhat Italy had a great interest In having parity maintained in the Mediterranean. Also, if th Turkish possessions In Asia in while or in part were to be shared lip. Italy, was not lo be .overlooked. Finally, If the 'German colonla' possessions were taken away by tlir Allies. Italy was to have cowpen sations .in the way of new frontiers for Erythea. Somali and Libya In North'Africa. Wilson In Opposition Wilson was furious. He and Oi lando, Italy's chief delegate, hat pitched battles, particularly ove: Fiume, a very important Adriatic port.'Orlando quoted figures showing how many Italians lived in thai city. Wilson acidly observed that COO.OOC Italians lived in New York and .wondered whether Orland- wanled to claim the American metropolis, loo. Foiled in his desire Fiume, Orlando went tack to Ilalv for a while. He found that Wilson was a doughty foe. One by one the secret promise to Italy were mainly foiled by Wil son. Istria and Dalmatia were nr ceded to Italy. They, were land- overwhelmingly Slav in their pop illation and Wilson successfully in- 'voked the right of peoples to self determination. Those coasts wen to Yugoslavia. Albania was na neutralized. When it came to shar ing part of what had once been Turkish domain, Italy found itseil foiled by England and Franc- England took the mandate for Palestine, because that land is an important waypoint for the protec tlon of the Suez Canal and a neighbor ol troubled and troutlesom Rays He Could Nol Stand In digestion Any Longer.— Relieved l>y mack-Draught cm]i!uymrm, to subMltule lhc''.scc-T ll "B himself to sleep"ijcsldt' ihe girl end fake palming lor the original.! . Meanwhile, In his own inimitable i I'OL'BI.E SAVIN'OS way, Groticlii) lias lieen telling the I " w did Donald's father do for astisnliltrl guests ulwut his African | lllm and his bride when they col exiici lence.v Clilco Ihcn entertains 1 ltwrrlw1 '-' '•' one of Ills :dlstlm:llve piano j " Tne °I<1 Scot bouglil them railway tickets for tliL-lr honeymoon." "Well, that was decent of him wasn't It?" ' nd her five children tod Men viclcd 19 times from different flats during the past 14 years due jo lUdwig's drunkenness and row itn. • His Piles Healed After 35 Years Mr. John A Raab, Dallas City, 111., was entirely healed of Piles and other Kectal Trouble after suffering for 35 years. He urges all sufferers to write The Thornton & Minor Clinic, Suite 419, !»2G McCi?e bt., Kansas City, Mo., for a new free copyrighted book which explains a mild, sure treatment for hemorrhoids (piles) and all forms or rectal diseases. This treatment has restored more than 40,000 people to renewed health In the past 53 years. In writing for the book there is no co?t or obligation.—Afiv. '.<>][,:>. Hai-|M> nnd Chico Inveigle MIC hostess and .her rival hilo a Lo:ncdy bridge game In which Har- po uses :t pinochle deck and stacks the caids in their ov:n favor. Uiu-ing a thunderstorm that nlxlil. Harpo and Chico steal the palming. Subsequently, the butler steals llieir painting aul leaves the- .M'conil copy in its place. Al tlie unveiling, (he owner dis- "But the hpppy pair didn't discover until after Ihey. got" away In the train that Uiey had only one- way tickets."—Pathfinder. WERT He Makes 'Em See! Royal C. Mills Public Accountant and Auditor Specializing in Income Tai. Bookkeeping Systems Phone 62 Ingram H!dg. BlyUievllle. Ark .V. K. WASIMM—Trimftr Dally trips lo Memphis. Will pick up and deliver freight and packages anywhere. Special lies on curload lots. Local Phone 851 vt-inphi-i Phone 3-9315 Wr offer Ihe Ijest auto repair servirf in town A. H. .1RNK1NS 'Phono 279—818 In I'ickwlck Bus Building Dino Grand! . . . : suggests ilisarni- umciit befurc ii nnEun. '.lever diplomncy under Musrolini has made of, Albania virtually r jirotcctorate of Ilnly, so lhat par: of the eastern Adriatic coast ha' teen made safe for the Kalians and is also a Jumping oil place in case of trouble with Yugoslavia. Furthermore, the British cleverly sought lo pour balm on the wounded Italian feelings. In Ifl2-' they gave Italy a part of .Mibaland to the south ol Tripoli. Two years later they gave her a couple of 1m- RITZ THEATER Wednesday and Thursday Pulnskl, Vn.—How n railroad en- Kliiccr w:is relieved nr imllgeslloi vns <jC5crlbnd by Mr. C. K. Nelson a Fdtirlli Strcccl resident nf this city. Mr. Nelson snld: "t. siilTcrliig' from stomncl Irouble In IU17, nnd lind lx'?n suf taring for some time. 1 lind i lltlitncss In my cliest, n shorlncs: of breath- There scenicil lo oe i lieavy welghl In the pit of in; stoinacli, nnd quite a bit ot nausea j.2t I couldn't .vomit, I tried cllf fcrcnt rcnu'ilies, yet sulferct] Just the s;nnc. When In West Vlr- Iglnla, on n work train. I was In such a condition that I Just gave ip and cnme liome. I couldn't stand o work. In my condition. "Some one told me about Black- Draught. I stnitcd lakiim It lit small doses nllev meals. It helped me and 1 went back to work. "One morning while on my engine I felt like I would smother. I slopped In n llllle town, bought package of BInck-Draiighl, took dose and laler In the day look inolher dose. .It relieved me nnd I lave not hail a bnd spell like that n more tlian two and a half years.' 1 fttattmfi HESS LEADS In New Low Fall Prices Everybody happy! Yes, $! will t!o the work of Iwo. KemembiT SATURDAY'NIGHT AT 11 o'clock mir DOLLAR WEEK COMES TO A CLOSE We huve replaced • mnhy specials'with new ones. If you huvcn't already been to our Dollar Week Sale you still have a chance. IJelow we'quoit just a few of our many Dollar specials. Indigestion, Biliousness HOME THEATRE Wednesday and Thursday $1.25 Men's Shirts Men's and young men's English Broadcloth Dress Shirts, collar attached, solid colors of blue, tan iyirj white, also fancies, 2 for Men's Plow Shoes The very thing for picking cotton, all strongly made, Panco soles, choice, while they last Children's Shoes !50 pair of children's ilgh slices nnd slippers, :;>mbimuton colors, but- ion and Ince regular price Sl.50 nnd $2.50 Boy's Overall Pants Boys $125 Overall pants, bell bottoms, elastic tops, 2 for .-. •- • , - - ;• Everything's new these I ** ^^^ . . S^m days . . . stocks, styles, i ' ' ^- -iS values, prices! Shopping, g too ... a new and delightful j fj experience tvhen done here. |j LOVE! LAUGHS SONGS AND SIRENS FUNNY FRISKY FACES'. Joy Bath Takes Out CORNS New English Way Now you can dance to your heart's content, run and walk and have good feet free from corns, callouses and hard skin. Tte soreness, aching and burning quits with one exhilarating Radox Bath—3 or 4 baths, as many nights in succession »nd you lift out corns roots and all. No more foot agony — Instead strong, vigorous feet that will never go back on you. Klrby Drug Co. sells Radox—so do all. leading lets, Co Native BTAMUNG JACKOAKIE JEANEIIEM"D<MU) With a Harry Langiion Coin- j Bdy—"The Big Kick" Also i Sound News Matinee 10c-30c Night 10c-35c An unusual Drama with John Alack Rrown, Robert Kllis. i Admission Matinee and Night lOc and 25c Men's Dress Hats Men's ami youra/ men't Felt Dress Hats, all shades, all sizes, regular §2.95 .values, choice. Mens, Boys Caps Men's nnd boys nil wool, adjustable slz,? caps, long and start visors, 95c values, 2' tor 36 in LL Brown Domestic 10 yds. 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