The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 31, 1934 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, March 31, 1934
Page 6
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SIX BKYTHEVILLE, (ARK.) COURIER NEWS t tf; 1 .- SL'ii-in. ha.-. ix 1 :IR li! Ihi' H Tlu-rilii' Sunday mid Mi.jaiay. Tills U'iUllilill scn-l'llp! i;, i i/.-, htindrid •,.•;!!>. :i: Jlf'.rhilc 1 j-(jrn;inci- -,l ;i co: |il:iyi-(! In Jolin H'.x-.v u, u as it just a question of Nippnsi \yill linil ii Cicll . v.lrii lli:il liim JlhlJIK I. In llilJJjn-11. Krccivr Ailohiicnl .Mo- Co:m- ly Tri'uMiri-r HoiH'i-i C. Miilllnlks ii:i', iivi-ivi-il a check for s:«,597.u:( lioin Htiili- AudiUir Fum-st Sinllli of Ji'lK-ison City n.-; payment ol hliilc M-lluol ilppUftiullDK'llt III rnusieal .S)iji])liiniii's. iinil iil.-il liiM ]):iy]in-j]i ,,f (lie I'KCi- hi.M Ki'iiti'lllljcr. l:ilc »'h<xil money Uiis VI-LII m 10 l>;,y nil ol II), |i]iiiHinniiii-iiLi it; lull-only :'!i.. r IT ri-tii TIIL-. hmnui p;,viiii-m In t!,i- i-initily UUlO'ill i-lllc. Alti-r I 111- Unvi)-.];i];-ni-... War, Ihe iiii-ll.-.aliiiii j:;i,cn'ii:. itn Ai.111 - li'LUl 'I'-' 11. MiilTlliiiMlJ alli'in >li :l , II,, Vt.r.s:,,li,s Com,.,- ,, ; ,v,i CD 1/niti-d Hlali-s (link. 'lli'-j',,M-nj.-L SATURDAY, MARCH 31, 1934 Fulilc Phils Are Anything But Hopeless If You'd Believe New Pilot KOITOR'S NOTK: Tliis Is an ether uf a Sfrk-s of articles froii the big league l>ast'b:ill (mining c'amps analyzing Ihr fhiinri's the teams In tho coming pennant races. UV HIM, BKAi:CHKH NFA Serure Spurls Killliir WINTEH HAVKN, Fin., Murcl 31.—It has been 18 years slnco tin I'liils won .1 pennant. Their average standing at the close of the Wilson since 1915 lins been Ix'Uveen sixth nnil .seventh. Jimmy Wilson. IM.-W innnarccr of tiles*' chronic ser.- Gnc!-cllvis!o!iers, might be exiwctcd to uc 1 —well, at least philosophic. Tlie foniicr catcher of (In 1 Cartt- tiisls is Just that. Says Jim: "It look.s bet«-r than I vxpccl- rrl." The wrilc-r was holcllng a roster, containing ih<: names of the Futile Pliils who labored Into seventh iwsilion last >i ! nr (except tlic noble monicker of Chuck Klein) nnd n few rookies who have decided they \vanl to help the loam along. Wilson took the roster. "Glmmc your pencil," said Ihe man who spent the whiter syiray- inu after-dinner speeches all over Philadelphia ami suburbs, "nnd I'll tell you who these qiiys are. "Of course you know Collins and Elliott nnd Hansen nnd Holey nnd Moore nnd Pcarcc—they pitched for us lust year. All good. Especially Hnnsen nnd Holley. And Moore nnd Pcarce ought lo be better Hits year wilh the experience. • * * "Now we need more pitchers, nnd some of these new ones arc okay. Theie's George narrow, a southpaw from Galvc.ston. He looks I10f.fl." Jimmy wrote "yood" after the nnme of Harrow. "There's Curt Davis, a rlEht- liander from Sim Francisco. Say, lie won 20 games on the Const last year, and looks very good." Jimmy paused and wrote "good" after the name of Curt Davis, and went on down the line. "Reg Grnbowskl. Say. lie looks great. Mad a wonderful year nt Reading. Best-looking prospect I've seen." Another pause, while Jimmy wrote ''great" nficr tlic nnme of Reg Grnbowski. who won n Raines for Reading in 1933. The pencil passed down- the line, checked olf NEXT at Blythevilles Theatres win ~ ==m ~ (i ' , and Ihf Mi|)p:j)i::n; , :^t i, l by Morgan KaJc-v. limn Hall, nornthy Pr-|ri.-.oi.. Iticbiull Call.', i.iic-iiu- (ilrason. Ma. llii.-cli, Jimmy Uuili'i. June v.'ic'rr ;.,.:, Mlckc-y Tins htiny nt "Hi'lovi-il" is mill .. l:acki;roiinil of inipoit. in wori '.vents duiin^ i)n. | ): , • iciitm from Vk-iina 1,1 Amr-ili C:M. |; r n:" Charming JIMJI P:ii:;(-r i-cme^ fi'Otn liei receist tiiurnjij.s in "Litlli- . 2.023.77 Wcilien." "Li.ilj {<„• :l u a y" niid . 4.SU4.45 I " Y(J " Can't U-.iy Kvc:vthiim." lu 1.419.74 l' l!| V ">e femhlinu L L . !i( j j,, the p:, : . :i.184.81 I turest|t,e hayoti eounti-.- of l.ouisi- 'vil! be sli-uvn ;it tin- 44C T2 1 ^ tl!l - which 3,OC4'.3I 1 K'l'- ' I UHlitrt Scoring a 284 In the nnal rmmd. H (I ,I O] , Hmlll , ,,..„, wm „.„ Masters' Tournament ,,t the Angus,,, iCia.). ,Na,l, m ,,, C ioll C'1,,1, ,-l;e,r Is here pictured In acllon. A slrokir behind was Crni r W.ioti ll'.-Sl. vcre for first, places rlassrs. and UK! ntlior siojis I vi- ever a-cn." Mickey- Cwlira ne's ''"' hrce were llr.sls hi .s]ieel,illy ar- •niigcrt competitive classes. The cup was given by the St. xnils liullclog club for the Ijisl mlldoe in the slioiv. "Lady J'ugi- Ist" Is one year old. She Is ginntl- ^Z^^X^^^^ working for the 'risers, I';,,-kei- probubly will iro haek In the min- <,rs f(jr seasoning. So Nun- What? Oulfk'hler Carl Reynolds seems Tin 1 exHu'.iem act j |, H .,, :it 'lajjam ^:r• in! s ^' _ ' I-iisi. lim by i!u m. . trfli'r .Ijipan .scixj-d Manchuria in j was MajMigr-r • l!i:il. it iva.s America ihrit nin- Ojjinlcm "i shali-cl tin- «ruhrs oppniitlnii. I'nrker. who: It was Inr p:i:d(hiiM u; -j]. ri«ht or MI. j U'U'*,ui' ni Ni.iinns liiiiilly ;..M| bascliall "^'t btidy lei take a .MIUK! tin -.-- f,-|.; : flt,,lllH' .lapun'.s n-.sii;i:iiliuil, :.iu: ihi^i'i!! dipli,:n:iey ll:;il polu\' of ninL-rtctvjiii- yoiini; .lames "Salty nil! i-'o i'llliL-i- to til.s nt 1 up or down «n • - - a lull uuy, 100. . S | X mi eharu-e Is too hard fur it W;i . . bin In- can't hit a lick I liamcd tin jiu- von 30 challenge h.illcuge shows. in the names of a couple agents, and went on. uf free layti and Steele Are Planning Golf Courses Jesse r. Owin, operator of a ser- Icc station and cafe at Ilaytl, lans to establish a self course ear the Missouri town. 'Similnr plans arc underway by t'i'oiip of business men nt stecle ^fo. to pop up with n different ,-lui, each year . . . )„, i,ns llxured Illorlis Her "l>[nj" is mos! llaiterins. l.sDlaled amunt! .Ibe wnriil ]»iu>-i:;. iv is Ami-rka. atvoniiii'.: to -Jie more Iniimrtant trades than any I ! " the .same lime it is ' other player In [he leayin-. . . . . The White Sox sent him to Wash- decade nfirr rlccad shoukl ibe Uniteil sial -s Inglon was traded [o si. Lc fiom which jxiint h? There is nt present no course In Pemlscot county. Mo. Dnnklin county ng out on n world .serr.s l- . .St. l.niiis Iradid him I" ,hc golf Ki'il Sox. and (here he Is. IILI!- Jriu- but Kenuctt In 'Ted Klelnlinns. Very good! Came from Cleveland. Won 1R games for Atlantn Inst year. A very good left-hander. We've got. nbout ns good pitching prospects as any of 'em when you get right down to it." The pencil paused next at the name of Chiozzti. Louis P. Jimmy wrote "good" after the name, then added "fast." "It's between Chio77ii and Jeffries for that second base job. They're flehting for it. Jeffries hit ,343 for St. Paul Inst year. He's jood. too." , i •' So he wrote "good" after the nnme of Jeffries, Irving J. The icncil next stopped at the name of Hopkins. Meredith H.. where It spelled out the good old word "good" again. "Looks like a good third baseman." Jimmy explained. "Don't know nbout his hitting yet. He lilt .'2GC' for St. Paul. If he hlis the same for us he's in." With Don Hurst, one of tlic stars of the team, at first base, and the great little Dick Bartell at short, the infield had at least the apDcnrance of n big league oufit. Manager Wilson was not quite ready to write anything about his outfield. He handed the pencil back. "nillis we had last yenr." he said, "ar.d \ve got Scliulmerlch from Boston. If Fnllis will hit for us like he did for the Giants three years ngo. it'll be a big help. He'll lilt 300 anyway. So will Schulmerich. Then we've got Harvey Hendrick from the Cubs and Ethan Allen from the Cards. That Allen certainly can run .can't he? And have you seen Oana? He murdered all kinds of pitching in the Const League. He's from Tahiti. The other outfielder Bill Ruble from Minneapolis He hits .300. too." The Inevitable question arose— would the club miss Kloutcr Kleir and the fine little third baseman Plnkey Whitney? "Yeah." replied Jimmy, "we'l miss 'em all right. But "you cai say that these other fellows loo! better than I thought they would at that. We won't finish last, anyway, with a club like this wl we?" • -j ,• The answer will be given nex week. Caruthersvill* Dog Wins Honors at St. Louis Sho CARUTHERSVILLE. Mo. — I competition at the St. Louis DC Show, "Montreal Lady Pugilist," registered bulldog bitch owned b Aubrey Simons, local high schi principal, won six ribbons and «llver cup. Three o< Ihe ribbon s a course. The other nearest c Is the Blylhevilli*. course lime. More Ihan half Ihf world iirc red u ' i ..S29.1(;6!l<l Negro Whistler Will Give Two Recitals 'Hi-. 1 Ki-v. Joseph T. Valher jr., iii lc ;io |:i:i-i and whistle soloist, will iipppur in a m-iial at tin: Osci-uola iii'i'.Mi n'linnl Monday uveiiinu. » iK.'liii'k. and in nnotlicr rooilal at I In- Miami I'li-iisani liaplist church ill K-jl'-iT \V«lm»'[l:iy n-ciilllij. ill l.i- '.i Nuli: ;;UJ1,| Xi.l III.- luaki- 11:1 ill llii- II 1 'I k ,:-n. l.S ;.lld I" lii '.I -.1 i L!II:II- In 1 LiM.I I'MM-I! M..Ill- I NSWESS '-.^•^ hi i iottxki/ls JML. LUES. ! n::iii';tl. Ijut ];t.::-.i • i::;l 'i' qi'lilUI. .-> Lli; -' 111" p!cl!.!•<• "I! '••''• Tlnii-cby .u •••:] Jiflcr :i:: :tl.s -"•'I a hull. K-r: :lc ! f(i]l:i-ri MI.UI-. •'' ' i'-ll II! the lll:i: ••i'"-h Lulu,-.,! r ''•'• nl liin-c. au-'.rd :i! :u cilli s win n- : I: ' : - • - ',U-l'j: j-^ I,-',J:'- CMKAT MHITAIX >.iitli-i, j-rean-.-t ICI-JM-.S in nun. li;,nl pln« iluriii): Ilif III Wur. ill L-llj l>:n Iliu KKCUM) ,S(I,N' (if L;() l'j| Tlie Sl-lrili-iil Dyil.'iKly u l-ridi.y :;:s lu nhn 'j,\:- I'-Minr. d jolcs in l!n> picture hav* rli- 1 :','.•• .1'. • '•' '-'** kivi-n In a luioi- Mip!'nrlii: '<:••.!. ir.HiiilhiK Ili-lrji TuHvetru /•.Ik-.' V/hiip, .julin Milj;,n. 0,-iii. •\ii:Hir-|], Cjivirti' I-;, stone, c.rt.r,' Vi'la-r. Flunk Al!;'runn :ilid War . od tutu ii:;i])fi-oi:i-s. Ijiiddiii'. low 'riiL'iitn>s(ir-rs will i.-. oIliTcd ai iimiMjal sol cf lllrills at the show in:: of "Gun Ji^tici-." the' fifth o ;i MI-I-S of Ki-n .Mayiiiird tvk-jisf-d i)y Uoivoisal l:c- .^hrAC!i ,;( n 1L , jj l!x riKa'.i 1 S;,;-I ' A bich lias ju.s'. f>oen IjookL'd mdiiy. L::I inuuv.-i'.mi; isiiiir,.. i ihi' Ko.\y ilii-nt-.-i' for Friday Hic'mr.i Arlen. «.; the M-r-n-ant. j t(hi Li.iii.j.. y oiin,,r Kn^M, :it |re.-.s '•*MU |)!;i\> i];,. ,•<>;,. a j ;l | H .-| ( |. .-.tru:iv. M-'.-ili-il (larliiis; of ih:-. i:ch: IIC.-.-GI. Karns a.s a V.-I.SP- cri«-ki!i-!. : :ii;sh pl , )vokjn . Silimlay. In Ihf iiictLiii', MLiynaid Hml hirnM-11' pitl.-i: L.^aiust not onl "in- sroup of iiutluw.s, bin v.lio are Irving iy B :>[ passessio: •;1 u rieli. strategically ii:.-i ijrojjrain Is a mimicry of "Oi<l Black Jc:e" in lie apiwars in tin- costume? iif-jm slave, iiitrudiicins in MIIIL; "Cany .\k> Uacb to old Vlr- ^inny.•• "Old niat-k Joe" and "Nu- b.:lv Knows LV Trnubk' I'sc Seen." will IK- sii seats for the whites and negroes at Imlh pro- Tlie SouUi Pncific island of Yap ".PS stone Loins, some of v/hit-h ".'-•iBh mure thnn ICO iwiinds. Head Courier Mews Want Ads. IIK11I III (inini t. Nonna Oi-Licc li::..;]n:y. 'iis"ii"'^-i'"i'ti<iiri: :rin<-l1 n ' ll! " 1 '" V.aynaid m U iaie-. Lti.i- l . 1 - i _ a || i].,,' s .'. K) (',.; ''"" 'Ir'*'!' calilf lliroiljjh n |i;i loniiaii:.-.. |]', ;lt '|, n }- ( . \V- H"- : '''"'' slf!l '- v is 'hri'Wii asainst -Hire ns guj:;,),,. ,,s'n'i s hiiinor-l !l " Klz ". 1 ' Ii ' ^'•' M ''^ bari; B rr>,m<| Roljerl 1 oils. Th'y ; ,:e ably siniuoit-U cvi'"""''' v '' c ' st - 111 n-enery. ''ill bo I.Monte Him.. ']- 0 [,y \vi'V' V'lic/vi SuuiKirtii:!; him are the Ix'au 'rim^-jKnighi. Ki- fiiiard, Vnuinu Hani"-i !''' Cc<:ili; ' Pa ' ik " r . Hooper A'.ch 11. n--| nii.nil ,i,i.,| I-,!,,,,,,,,] ].,,..,. j If-y- vi-f-i-iin sias;i' nnd .screen iit-tor " ' Wi.lii'i- Miller, the "bail man" o ihi: Universa! serial. "Gordon o ; Otiew City;" Jack Rcek-.vel!. .lac-J ; iiichardion. KJu Icinn am i FiLini.i.s Foul In "Thr r:i-rx,) jy case." comiii8i,:jir!. u . r u. an-! is i,,m-]e or muvi' Sin: ay and Monday ,„ ch-: Ho.y , ir , g ,„ cstab , : « '» J ^ |b \ ™ ; llR-ac as thr s'.ovy opon, a man is killwl. MipinsniLy bv being struck by a laxKiil). i;ii: the poJIce an: later umii/eil to find that lie has to'n diini- in dr-Litli hy n slim. Iininudiati'ly ihe maehii>ery nf the law is .set in mfjtion. and evidence of is attached to iev- t-ral pei-foiis—to Wynne Gibson, tlie nnncJi'ieci intin'.-; £ormer mis- tre.'-s;!!; Onsluw Stevenp. an aviator listed us thn ownvi 1 ot the revolver wilh which liie crime \va-s committed: to Kdwaid VLIII Sloan. the niur<iert-(l dticioi'.s last patient: nnd to John Wray. u known criminal who {-nu-rnf-H frcm tlie dec tur's .ipitrimriu house with 52.00!) in his |:r.rkcts. All are arrested, liin- enL-li one ihink- he hus b:'i-n arrested for somKhmi' entirt-iv H _ vmcl , „.„ ,.,, , , "Kill" lor A Niiiht." the Mo/y ! cf a lialiuiiL! .-Miall town l:oy who; won I'heer.s fa,n ttir His; City but' couldn't beat liive. will be .shown' at tin* Hoxy (hraler Tuesday. Vv'td-' iicsday 'Ihmstlny. Chcstf.r Moiris is .starnd in tbc lole o: tin- oiiiUiioiiA youth who. Don't Forget Caudill's Agency General Insurance Vlinnc 707 GUARANTEED ?•!> -v rntil Coinpletu Line »f l^ninls, ISu'.v anil Co:ii])lclt; Line of Fishing Tackle. Guiuine Alridtlcn Lump Parts 30c Ill'RKE HAHDWAKE CO. r Mmrli-s ,,l j I'll' bi'lii-vc. il Hooks and iSiides Bill Braucher Read Courier News Want Ads. ROXY Last Time Today MAT. & MTK— lllc - 2f*r •*,ux I'a.s fur Casey Tin! Chamber ot Commerce of rlando. Fla., gave the Brooklyn iseball writers (11 of them) a nquet, ntlended by General Mnn- cr Bob Qiilnn of the Dodgers, antiger Stengel, local editors, nd poker experts and a few icken nnd pompano consumers. Mister Stengel's speech was a owlltig success. Ca.sey being the ml of man who mnkcs up (or clion with emphasis. He went lo the wonders ot Orlando's cli- nle, people, crops and quality of 'il for the playing of baseball. nrl, at the end: "Boy. you just can't bent this ood old California weather for raining a ball club!" I 'inker Was There Sitting across from the writer i as Joe Tinker, shortstop of one the greatest double-play coin- nations the game ever "know- inker to Evers lo Chance. Joe uns a little real estate store, in hlch are large painted pictures nd maps of Tinker Heights and ther developments into which oe sunk quite a few of the bucks e tiinde In baseball. Joe has been helping some of rooklyn's young shortstops wilh few tps. II would not be surprising lo sec Ihe Dodgers pop up with a tar at shoru-in n year or so. faybe il will be Linus Frey. His pinion of the Dodgers is that the cam is not so bad as it has been >alnted. nnd "if tlKie't. to be any- hlng to be gotten out ol those »ys. Casey is the fellow who can do the getting out." Kinlfnr Shortstop "One of the go-gettingest short- B B/» Saturday Only MAT. and Nitt— I0c - '>:>r. and Jack Perry in "TRAILS of DANGER" Novelty—"Lost Doggie" "Old Bugler" Chic Salesj — VIC'TOU .MtLACI.ICN, I'HKSTOX FOSTER. ALLISON SKII'WOimi and DOUOTHY IJK1.L "WHARF ANGEL" CAITOON - . SK11IA1, Sunday - Monday M A-. MAT. * NITR—lfto - 25e Sunday - Monday IM:K v 1 ;- MTi:— WRESTLING DAVID DOOI.EY vs. PAUL BA/EI.LE ROY WELCH vs. SERGEANT NIXON ARMORY MONDAY NITE BAFFLIM6 MYSTERY I CKOIBY j F>AJ? *_ Witt! ONSLOW STEVENS WYNNE GIBSON Skwli Gall.gtur, Al.n DmtK.rt, William Collier, Sr., i. Farrtll MtcOonald, W«rr«n Hymtr, John Wray. Produc.d by Carl Lstmmle. Jr. Directed by Edvir, L. Marin. Prmntfd by Carl Lacmmlt. A UNIVERSAL PICTURE Novelty Keel "Isle of Kitsl A lifotimo of slirring events crowded into the hearts of o man and a woman who loved each other '"till death do us parti" Gloriojs musicl John Bolas tings I • WitS Morjan Farley, Rulh Hall/ Albert Conti, Dorothy P.lerson' Jimrnic Butler. Slory by PjulGange- Comedy— "Soup and Fish" With ToHil :md Kcllv . [in. A B. F. Ztidnan Production. D,reeled by Victor Seherliinser. Presented by Carl Laemirle. A UNIVERSAL PICIUSE. I'iinimiiiint News Comedy—"Girl Trouble" Jimmy Are YOU as expert as SHE? THINK for a minute—what if you had the house to run, meals to plan and children to cave Tor? Do you think you could do the job as well as your wife docs? On the same amount of money? Be honest. The housewives of the nation study and '...know their jobs. They read the advertisements reguV•'•>•'• They keep themselves informed of the best ol'lx-rangs of the stores. They are expert purchasing fig-enIbs. These purchasing agents, from necessity or ^di- vidual desire, aim to make every dollar spent re urn a full one hundred cents' worth in value. They | now their needs. They know through the advertisements just where these needs can be best supplied at the least cost. Such intelligent buying saves time/ and effort and money. It results in a management cif the home that is truly efficient. : ' Here's some good advice for all of us. Read the advertisements. Read them every day. Through} them we can know exactly what we.want'be fore we ! go to buy. This is the surest for every dollar you si : ?nl<l. PIIIMTI; o'jVn'tVaVrf. 1 - riC'4'» Vf H, s'.v.ilioTrcd nnrcl nml Irlctl r p s[v.ik. "Will 7mi walk wuh m : iio .^3kr']. "My rar Is up tiy ••Y--S?" "I li.irrt never Ihouciit yon h H.invtlnnq 10 lo iviih Mr. Jcftr{ itlcaili." Tin? sh(* confiHart ID ' winner when tor a moment. Ib I were apart from ilio throns 11 ; She saw bis look of surprise A I Her bean Icajictt. ihlnklnc. "H could anyone even fuspea h . fil It: 1 ' '• ; "i didn't frno 1 * tt was dea- i i-jj:,;n tcld L«.i.

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