Owosso Times from Owosso, Michigan on June 7, 1895 · Page 7
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Owosso Times from Owosso, Michigan · Page 7

Owosso, Michigan
Issue Date:
Friday, June 7, 1895
Page 7
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MICHIGAN LEAGUE SCHEDULE. OFFICIAL SCHEDULE OF BASE BALL GAMES FOR THE SEASON 1893. CLUB AT AT AT AT AT - AT NAMES ADRIAN PT. HURON KALAMAZOO BATTLC.C'K . LANSINO OWOSSO May 21, 2, 27 May 30,30,31 June 5, 6, 7 June 1, 3, 4 June 27, 2H, 29 ADRIAN 2523iuiles. July 1, 2, SJuly fl, 8, u July 10, 11. 12 Aug. 5, 0, 7 July 22. 'A 24 Aug. 15, IB, 17 Sep. 7, 9,10 Autf. 12.13,14 Autf. 2t, 30.31 Aug. 22. 23. 24 PORT May 21,22,23 June 1, 3, 4 June 17, 1H, 11 June 20,21,22 May 30 am 31 uiiroim July 5 3112 miles. Autf.12, 13, 14 July 15, 18, 17 June 24,25,2rt July 25,20,27 """"" Autf. 8. 9, lu A ut?. 22, 2J1.24 July 18.19,20 Auk. 29.30.31 J une 10,11,12 J une 27, 28, 20 May 21 , 22, 23 June 17, 18, 19 Juno 21, 25, 20 KAL'MAZOO July 18,19,20 Auk. 1.2.3 2388 miles. July 29,30,31 July 15, R',17 Aug. 15. 10, 17 Auk. 20,27.28 Sep. 12,13.14 Auk. 5. . 7 Auk. 19.20,21 Sep. 10,17.18 BATTLE June 24, 25, 20 June 13, 14, 15 May 24,25.27 May 30,30,31 June 10, 11, 12 rprrv July 25,20,27 July 22,23,24 July 4, 4 , 6 2002 miles. Auk. 8, 9,10 July fl, 8, 9 wnc-c-A Sep. 12.13,14 Auk. 19.20.21 Sep. 2. 2. 3 . Sep. 10.17.18 Auk. 1. 2, 3 June 13,14,15 June 10,11,12 June 0, 7, 8 June 27, 28, 29 May 24,25,27 LANSING Aug. l, 2, SJuly fl, 8, 9 July 22.23,24 Auk. 15, 16, 17 1805 miles. July 4. 4, 6 Sep. 4, 5, 6 Auk. 20.27.28 Auk. 23. 23. 21 Sep. 7, 9. 10 Sep. 2, 2. 3 June 20,21,22 June fl. 7, 8 June 13,14,15 Juno 1, 3. 4 May 21,23,23 OWOSSO July I5,ifl,i7 Aug. 6. 0. 7 July 11,12,13 July 18,19.20 July 29.30,31 2191 miles. A uk. 19, 20, 21 Sep. 4. 5. 0 Aug. 8. 9. 10 Aug. 20,27, 2H Auk. 12, 13, 14 Owosso has open dates during the season which will bo filled In with games with the Western League and other teams. The dates are as follows: May 28, 29; Juno 6, 17, 18, 19; July 1, 2, 3, 10; September 7. 9, 10, U, 12. 13, 14. RUDE TOOLS. With Which the Alaskans Fashion Their Canoes. Before the advent of the Russians in Alaska, and before the occasional British and American trading vessels furnished those native people with iron and steel working tools, the only implements they employed in digging out canoes from solid logs were rude adzes, or axes of flint or obsidian. Even now, when all kinds of iron or steel tools are within easy reach, they employ only a small adze, with which the greater part of the work is done. The flight of time is of little importance to them; and they, therefore, devote more of it and of physical energy to the production of a canoe than a white man would care to devote. If one has plenty of loisuro it is an interesting thing to watch a native shaping a canoe from the moment the tree from which it is made has been rolled upon the beach in front of the village until it is finally completed. Frequently the yellow cedar tree fit for a canoe has to bo floated in the straits or narrow channels between the islands for many miles, after having been felled with great difficulty on a 6tecp mountain Bide. When a canoe capable of carrying oight or ten persons is wanted, that is, ono about forty feet long, the tree is placed upon the beach in front of the villago, and there the builder works patiently and deftly for months at his task. He make no marks and draws no lines to which to work, but directs the small adze used in hewing by sight and hand alone. First ho cuts away the outsido in small chips, until ho has it smoothly dressed; then he turns his attention to tho inside, excavating the interior until he ha reduced the sides to tho uniform thickness of about an inch and a quarter. Then tho most difficult and delicate task remains to bo performed, that is, to impart tho graceful and delicato curves for which this kind of craft is noted. This is done by a primitive process. The cavity made by hewing out tho interior wood is entirely filled with water and tho incomplete canoo covered closely with hemlock bark, old sailcloth, blankets, or with anything else of like kind ; and red-hot stones aro thrown' into the water to generate steam to soften the wooden sides. ' Pieces of wood aro placed crosswise of the interior, and near tho waist, to assist in gradually swelling or bulging out tho sides, in conformity to the design. It takes weeks frequently of patient endeavor to give the canoe the proper shape and curves by this process, but when finished no trained eye can detect any imperfection in tho curves or the sides. After the requisite shape is thus given to tho craft, tho water is turned out. The stays are allowed to remain, so that when the wood dries, St retains tho shape given it in the iteaming process. These large canoes, says the New York Tribune, have been generally of two kinds, the great war canoe and tho one used for ordinary purposes of traveling, hunting and fishing. They are all painted black; but the war canoe is embellishod fore and aft with hideously carved figures representing the totems of the village or family to which the owner belongs. TOWN TERRORIZED. Let all Epwortii Leaguers remember that the Ep worth League Ttaining Assembly Resort, located at Ludington on Lake Michigan, will soon be opened for the season of 1895. It is to be one of the great features in the outings of the League for this summer. This ideal summer resort is far H.noiirdi north to psemw the trying heat of summer but not so far north as to be subject to the chilly winds of more nothern points. The situation uuu iiiuLiim ui tuc f rounds are indescribably eautiful. Take the Flint & Pere Marquette Railroad from its various junction points with other Roads in the State of Michigan, or its Steamers from Milwaukee or Manitowoc. Through trains, parlor cars and the finest train service. A steam tram road will take passengers from the Railroad Station and Docks direct to the grounds. For further information, apply to A. PATIARCHE, Traffic Manager. MASKED MEN SCARE THE PEOPLE OF LEESVILLE. They Hlow Open tho Safe of Allchael T. Buckley and Wreck the Uuildlng- Only 53 In Cash Secured The People Terrorized by a FuillMJo of Pistol Shot. Dktkoit, Juno 3. Michael J. Buckley, who occupies the largest brick resldenco in Loosvillo, ten mlloa from this city, is well-to-do, and recently purchased a safe in which to keep his private papers. About 8:30 o'elook In tho morning Buckley and hU neighbors wero awakened by a fusillade of pistol shots, some in tho houso in which he lived. With Nicolas Kramer and Patrick McCarty he went to Investigate and was confronted by six or seven maskod men, all of whom had revolvers. They demanded of Buckley the combination of tho s.ifo, and after some hesitation ho told them. They then drovo Buckley and his companions to an upper room, anil while part of tho gang was trying th'o combination of tho safu the rest walked up and down tho streot, firing their revolvers to keep tho roaidonts indoors. By this timo everybody in tho village was awake, but not ono of thorn had tho pluck to po out and make a stand against tho robbers. A tremendous explosion was hoard, but still no ono dared venturo from the houses. A short session of quiet, and then with a parting fusillade tho robbers left the town in tho direction of this city. Investigation showed that Buckley's grocery storo was completely wreckod. Tho burglars had evidently been unablo to work tho combination and had drilled tho safe and blown th door off, securing (55 in cash and valuable papers. They left tholr tools behind. Buckley's houso shows tho mark? of twenty bullets. BETTER HEED THE WARNING. ThU Woman Would Make a Had Mother-IilLiiw for Winters. Detroit, May oi). Melville Winters has been keeping company with Mrs. Mary Loo's daughter for some time, desplto the objection of the mot her. In passing on his way to work Winters saw Miss Leo in tho doorway and stopped to talk with her. Tho mother camo out and ordered him away. Ho did not go quick enough to suit hor and she rushod back into tho houso and brought tho ax. She returned and struck Winters on tho head with it and knocked him sonscloss. Mrs. Loo's 6on appoaroi and aided with a club. A policeman stopped thorn, but Winters was so deranged when roscucd that ho began to throw stones wildly at everything and everybody. 'He was covered blood and badly hurt. Ho was sent to Emergency hospital, whero ho lios in a precarious condition. Mrs. Loo is in the station houso and tho son has flod. Tho daughter says she will stick to Winters. Commissioner's Notice. In tbe matter of the estate of John Stewart, deceased. We, the undersigned, having been appointed by tbe Hon. Matthew Hush. Judge of Probate In and for the County of Shiawassee, State of Michigan, Commissioners to receive, examine and adjust all claims and demands of all persons against said estate, do hereby give notice tbat we will meet at the bank of M. L. Stewart & Co., in the City of Owosso, in said county, on Monday, the 19th day of August, 1805, and on the 20th day of November, A. D. 1895, at ten o'clock in tbe forenoon of each of said days, for tbe purpose of receiving and adjusting all claims against said estate, and that six months from the 20th day of May, 1805, are allowed to cred itors to present their claims to said commissioners for adjustment and allowance. Dated tbe 2Uth day of May, A. D. 18D5. James H. Calkins, Frederick II. Uocld, Egbert M. Miller, Commissioners. Notice of Christian Drain Letting. Notice is hereby given, that I, O. T. Mason, County Drain Commissioner of tho County of Shiawassee, State of Michigan, will, on the 0th day of June, A. D. 1803, at the farm of Charles Christian, In the township of New Haven, at ten o'clock in the forenoon of tbat day, proceed to receive bids for the construction of a certain drain known and designated as "The Christian Drain," located and established in the suld township of New Haven, and described as follows, to-wlt: Commencing at a point 7.47 chains south and 15.10 chains east of the west quarter post of section 3 in T 8 N R 8 E. Prom thence N 804 w 19.10 chains to tbe west line of said section 36 at a point 7.47 chains south of the said west V post and across the n 20 acres of the W 14 S VV Jtf of said section, and there is 13.10 chains of this drain on this description. Thence N 80U9 w 0.2S chains N 1 E 8.45chains thence N8U,' w 10.W chains to the upper end and on the N E If S E 4 of section W in said township and there is 13.00 chains of this drain on this description of land. The whole length of this drain is 28 chains. The width of the bottom Is to be 2 feet and the drain 1b to have a slope of ono foot on each side to each foot raise, the width of the top is to be 8 feet or less to be calculated by the grade or depth of cut at each stake as shown by the profile and grade hereto attached and made a part of the survey records. Tho depth Is to be 8 feet or as 'shown by tbe grade: a strip of land 30 feet wide will be required for tbe drain and to deposit the excavated. earth upon. Said job will be let by sections. The section at the outlet of the drain will be let first, and the remaining sections in their order up stream, in accordance with the diagram now on fllo with the other papers pertaining to said drain, in the oftlco of tho County Drain Commissioner, to which reference may be had by all parties interested, and bids will be made and received accordingly. Contracts will be made with the lowest responsible bidder giving adequate security for the performance of the work, in a sum then and there to be fixed by mo, reserving to myself the right to reject any and all bids. The date for tho completion of such contract, and the terms of payment therefor, shall be announced at the time and place of letting. Notice is further hereby given, that at the time and placo of said letting, or at such other time and place thereafter to which I. tho Drain Commissioner aforesaid, may adjourn the same, the assessment for benefits and the lands comprised within the "Christian Drain Special Assessment District," will be subjeot to review. The following is a description of the several tracts or parcels of land constituting the Special Assessment District of said Drain, viz: The no M of fie of sec 3ft, the se X of ne K of sec 3 the n 30 a of w of t.H of sec 30, the s 10 a of w of sw of sec 3d. all in T 1 n r 8 e, New Haven; also tho township of New Haven at large. Dated, this 6th day of Juno, A. T. 1R0V O. T. Mason, County Drain Commissioner of the County of Shiawassee. The Story of a Marvelous Transformation. A Lady of the Pine Tree State Tells of the Experience of Herself and Her Son Willing to Make Affidavit to the Truth of Her Story. From the Courier-Herald, Haginaw, Mich. not appeared since. I owo my health, my life to Dr. Williams' Pink Pills. This is not tho only cure that has been effec ted in our household by this wonderful discovery. A hhort time since my little boy John was afflicted with St. Vitus' dance. He could not walk across the room without assistance, in fact he would full all over himself. We adopted what we knew to be a certain cure as evidenced by my own case, and after taking a few boxes of Dr. Williams' rink Tills, St. Vitus' dance entirely left him, and no trace of the affliction is left. These pills are worth their weight in gold. You may say in this connection that I am willing at any time to make affidavit to the truth of these statements, and furthermore I will answer any communication concerning my case, as I consider it' nothing more than right and just that I should assist suffering humanity." Since the above interview with Mrs. Coulter tho following letters have come to hand : Dover, Clare Co., Mich. Dear Sirs; 1 send you herewith a letter from William D.Wallace of this city, which explains itself. There are quite a number of others also who have been using Pink Pills with marked benefit, and 1 will send you their iinmcs in a few weeks. Mr. Win. Dennis told ine, and I know it to be a fact, that his daughter had St. Vitus' dance for over two years and he had spent a large sum of money for doctors, etc., but she received no benefit. As a last resort, he got two boxes of Pink Pills and it cured her. She is now sound and well. A Mrs. liowes, also a rcsi-dent of this place, told me that her daughter had caught cold at a critical time in lite and was down bedfast and doctored about six months, but she constantly grew worse. Finally she commenced the use of Pink Pills, and before she had used two boxes she was cured. Mrs. Gordon has used Pink Several days ago a representative of the Courier-Herald was called to Dover, Clare County, Michigan, to investigate and report what was purported to be a marvelous occurrence. In order to reach Dover it is necessary to go to Clare by rail and thence by team. After a drivo of about fifteen miles into the country the reporter proceeded to find his item of interest which was not an arduous tusk, for the first man met knew very well indeed the subject of this article, Mrs. Sarah E. Coulter. Everybody in Clare County knows the Coulter family, if not personally, by the sickness that has brought poverty into their home and made them prominent figures in the community. As the scribe knocked at the door of their residence he was met by Mrs. Coulter who, upon learning his mission, extended a hearty welcome and the following interview took place. "I understand, Mrs. Coulter, that you I have been close to death on several occa sions, and that through certain means have been, figuratively speaking, resurrected. Have you any objections to giving nie, in brief, a short review of the circumstances?" "Certainly not," quickly responded the lady, "I will be only too pleased to tell the whole story so that it may be read by others: "About fourteen years ago we decided to take up our abode in Dover and everything went along smoothly for several years, business progressed and, being of a saving temperament, we accumulated quite an amount. Our family increased as the years rolled by and we now have five children living, the oldest fifteen, youngest three; but sickness made its way into our household, and doctors' bills Hooded upon us, until we have nothing left but our homo and these sweet children. Everything went to satisfy the claims of physicians. "About three years ago I laid a miserable feeling at the back of my cars, my right hand became paralyzed, and the paralysis extended to my arm and throat, and would affect my head and eyes, sometimes for days I would lose my sight, my face was deformed, lifeless as it were, my nose was drawn to one side, and I presented a pitiable appearance and never expecting to regain my natural facial expressions. I employed the best physicians that could be procured expending thousands of dollars for their services, but could not obtain relief. At last, they stated my case was beyond the reach of medical skill, and it would be but a short time until the end would come. This certainly was not very encouraging to me, but I never gave up hope. In connection with receiving the attendance of physicians I have tried every medicine known to the apothecary but never received any relief until Dr. Williams' Pink Pills for Pale People came to my assistance. Before I had taken half of the first box the deformity in my face had left me, and before four boxes had been consumed the paralysis had disappeared entirely and much to my surprise I felt like a new woman. I have not taken any medicine since last spring, just about a year ago, and my trouble has Pills and sneaks well of them, and I, for myself, think that Dr. Williams5 Pink Pills arc just the very best thing out, and I sincerely hope thnt they will find their way to many afflicted homes and take with them the blessing that they brought to mine. Yours respectfully, Mils. Sarah E. Cor we r. Dover, Clark Co., Mich. DrarSirs: This is to certify that I have used Dr. Williams' Pink Pills for rheumatism and have received great benefit from tlieni. My general health has been better than for years. 1 think they are all that is claimed for then). Yours truly, William D. Wallace. Dr. Williams' Pink Pills for Pale People have an enormous sale. An analysis of their properties shows that they contain, in a condensed form, all the elements necessary to give new life and richness to the blooil and restore shattered nerves. They are an unfailing specific for such diseases as locomotor ataxia, partial paralysis, St. Vitus' dance, sciatica, neuralgia, rheumatism, nervous headache, tho after effect of la grippe, palpitation of the heart, pale and sallow complexions, that tired feeling resulting from nervous prostration : all diseases re sulting from vitiated humors in the blood, such as scrofula, chronic erysipelas, etc. They are nlso a specific for troubles peculiar to females, such us suppressions, irregularities and all forms of weakness. They build up the blood, and restore the glow of health to pale and sallow cheeks. In men they effect a radical cure in all cases arising from mental worry, overwork or excesses of whatever nature. There are no ill effects follow ing the use of this wonderful medicine, and it can be given to children with perfect safety. Dr. Williams' Pink Pills are sold bv all dealers, or will be sent post paid on receipt of price, (50 cents a box, or six boxes for $2.50) by addressing Dr. Williams' Medicine Company, Schenectady, N. Y. EXTRA VALUE THE TIMES, AND THE TWICE-A-WEEK Detroit Bree Press, AND JHi FOUR MONTHS FOR 50c. the Twice-a-Week Free Press Is the Best Possible Substitute for a Daily Paper. Published on Tuesday and Friday Mornings in time to catch the Early Trains. All the Latest News up to tho time of going to press. Complete Market Reports in each issue. ALL WHO CANNOT GET A DAILY SHOULD Subscribe for this Ideal Paper.! Declared tho Strike Off. Sheboygan, Wis., June 5. The strike among tho employes ot tho chair and f urnlturo companies ended by the strikers giving notice that the strike was oil. The strike has lasted live weeks, and tho men have lost in wages over fl!&,000. They have not gained their end, and many of them will not find employment, as factory owners have decidod not to employ as many men as formerly. Mtuers Accept 51 Cents. Columbus, ., Juno 5. Tho miners at Wheeling Crook accept the 51-ccnt scale and go to work. UE17 p3&-CATAL0GUE AND GUIDE to Poultry Btlieri (or 1895. Contain oyer 190 fin iuastrstlons showing s photo ot the largest hennery in tbe went. (tiTM beet nlen for Doultry houses. run mined lea and reoiDes for ell diMaees. V aJeo valuablo information on the kitchen tVw. and flower Harden sent for only 10 oenfe. ViJ JohaBauicher, Jr.,P.O.Boxl rreejort.ni. Plow Shoes IN SOLID SHOE MAKING. Seal and Calf Shoes, Oil Grain Shoes, Oxfords I ( Black Kid, Tan Kid, 81.00 to 81.50 81.25 to 82.00 50c to 83.00 75c to 83.00 STOCK RIGHT. PRICES RICHT. IN FACT EVERYTHING RIGHT: CROWE BROS OWOSSO, MICH. All Mail riflr-C fS aetempmM ff eort, oV tifVw la any plant within 100 mitt of DunlQ. Purchasing Person from Hi unnecessary. You tan use tie mailt antt express tompanut and drat at a distance tuite as talis foe ' iorily. We btlttvt ourselves able to supply purchasers Willi 9 just the Dry Goods, Notions, Bocks, Shoes, Millinery, Boys.' Clothing Cloaks, Carpets and Draptriet that they would tihr. hf 5Uks--SpecIal5 in Silks 6n iH la all .uk. M.r Mtto DwImih, about 1.000 trim la iba lot a II no par yard, wortb ll-U. aod la atanr InataarM acid at 11.00 par yard. I.0OU jarda Klarfe Satin Ptirbriaa, ar&rraDtad pur allt. sue par yard, wortb fl. Aa alrgaal aaaortBtaat af Fancy TafTrta 6i:h. all a. Itila araaoa. at Mr. cur. Tbe an) ap. Our Blark filka. t. "Carbmlw Superior" maka. ara Iba baat la tbe market. We warrant them. Prkea aa foUowa: our. It, me. tins. 11.21. IL30 and U on par yard. We ara tbe cole areata for Mfchltea. Wash Goods. We bare TDK LARGEST and UCKT euortmeot af Waab Oooda In Detroit. Tbr public bare eoa-fldeace la ua and we bare confldrDce In ouerlves. and ara la a poaltloa te offer you tbe LATEftT KUVKLTIES IN f I'RINO aod KUMMEU WA8I1 COOPS at price, whlcb abrawd bujera will appreciate. Bret Aaiencan Imlleo Print Be Wide Uutck Blue trim. Be rme Onrandie Mualio (Jo-lmh) mr Kaal Domeellr Glolum. 3iu eealgni) loc Deal Printed Jaconet Mu.lln 13Vji Clnen Plnlak Pack Salting tsifci eat Kuallek Pernio oainclil. iry.c Pancjr lraa Bailnaa..., I'k. UVX. lie. 17i Boys' Salts' 100 of tbem la Scotch tinted aosde. light ana dark. na IS yeare. 15 la tbe regular price. $3.39. Children's Reefers Orer too Of Idem la red. Ua. brown, bine ana. mlied cumin. 4 ts 14 feare, cbeap at 1130, aome aak 13.011. al. S1.98 75 Velvet Capes Ure a nil Ivt Trlamrd. silk Lined. IS 00 regular (.rkie. $3.98. 1 1. S HflNTPR f m rami ?. 21 01 .1 DETROIT' HUNTER Wsfi wMf' nrt iii iriAniM HALF-PRICE SALES . . AT . . JOHNSON'S BAKERY EVERY SATURDAY. WATCH THEM FOR BARGAINS At 213 North Washington Street. 1 Bale 1 In No Other Way Can You Get Aa Much For So Little Money. WRITE FOR A SAMPLE COPY. Bring or Send Your Subscriptions to THE TIMES, Owosso. OWOSSO : BREEDING : STABLES 1895. Louis Napoleon, to insure, $25.00 Uonnie Wilkes, to insure, $15.00 ACCIDENTS AT OWNER'S RISK. DEMVEY & STEMVtMVT IBM Come in and get our prices, if you are goin to get a buggy this summer, you to get one this month. Our expenses are light. Stock the largest. Best and low prices win everything. db SON. IMPLRMRNT AND CARKIAUB DEALERS HARTSHORN It will pay assortment, 0WO5S0, MICHIGAN.

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