The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 8, 1938 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, April 8, 1938
Page 5
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1 /KJDAY, Al'iilL 8, THIM IN Washinglon Naval Circles Sec New Type Craft Likely, However DANUBE: FLEET— DU .. By 0'ITO JAiVSSKN Hn'leil I'tei's siiiff Carrr.s-]!<w<lrnl WASHINGTON, April la. I UP) —United Elates naval experts, dls- cuHiini; Ckrmany'.s proposed Knmikc ••l.-utile fleet," are of (lie opinion Unit no rhei- craft, can ):e l:utll that will oiler anv fori- uus to modern, "heavily, iirmorcd warships. Possibility is urn liCH-cvrr, Unit Germany'may develop vessels ol novel design and unforeseen potentialities which <"-iild influence events in countries bordering Hie'Diuuibc. v lias oeen reported KICK ;ui- wehpLuiirn has been i»l in cc'r- i-iii Fetish oiiiirlrrii ih»t sueh a river lied might be used lu Hum ci uiir to nan,; cne liritisii ii< ; ei )i! Ihr McdileiiHiifan, and llm.-; i-Hifiil Hie cinjAv" "lifeline." ThK fear reportedly has bruiiyht, demands (hat free access be guav- jiMtetd lo (lie OHirU;:cllcs and the B<K]>hc.|-|is lo llm Black Ecu lo circumvent sue.!-, a possibility Monitors OllrU | ( i..-:il Type Naval officers hero feel thai the n.'osl foi-jnidablc type of craft |vbi(jU Cjcrn-.jin.v voulcl use on Ilie ,v"!i Vl '°"''- 1 '''-' liB'i'-ly nimorert, i i' ,.' l ''' :l -^ H'uiiitqi-i. Allhouyh! l!.a dm in" th.' w.,r'l | v/iir (7i; bombard Belgrade dhen in Serbia and now part of Yugoslavia) an-' tlmr'iies feel that, such vessels' wciilrt stand little clmncc against ]:c«rful Hind tallcrie.'i or heavy warshii:-. Tie." point out I hat : ,ny river- fCiiK c-rafl vvculd have to be uf ••iiwll draft, Uuis eliminating the pcssiLi.iiy of cnro'iny heavy SJIIIIK or heavy armor. In addition, they' contend (hat. regardless of ho<v much armor a river boat carried, n wciilcl be helpless against slron«t land latteries because it would'be' inuible to maneuver. "Kca-.y shore batteries on cither sufo of (he river could make short wci-k of any such vessel." one officer said. "Hemmed In cti both sides, Ihe ship would make' a iicr- j feet, target for land amis." ; One authority scoffed at the "threat" of such a river fleet ;-B!iiiisl battleships or even mti.«- A Flying Hotel, Is This World's Largest Plane iU'TJ-lKVlLl.K (AUK.) COURU-5U NEWS Ko immense that its giant liiselagi .iinen, molt the new noughts IJC-4 flying hotel, is shown above a-: it i msixing two years' ciinsLnictioii work and ;ho ••xpc»:littivc Iric curlers for the women, lounge:; with electric ';bauT.'. tli.-in mi airpliiiic, (lie (lisl ot mi' ijiupli'lion at KjniH Moiik-a, Calif., di- i>l $I.K'..'M. llraiily parlors ivllh clcr- Kr Die men, i| ; , own ktlclicn inul even -i bridal suite will be housed In u,c Q8 -fool lone, 2ft fool hfel, hull Woihncn •,„> the airliner, which-with a wingsprcad of lyj lec:-«,;i „, „„, ,,„•;,„„ , M ,'„, wo horsepower motors will carry il.s load limit O r «^eir-ers at ,, ma.vimmi, sue,. ; mm (lw ,,,. fs ,;..„„„. "j, ' .' Rlytheville School News 111011 SCHOOL VI: if Local Humes During tiic past two wecKs tin: second year classes' In home economics have made several visit;, to local homes und funiilurc stares lo observe types of architecture ideas In construction, furnishings' and arrangements with purticiilar lo reproduction of period U; ' »>»'lfn) adapta- able to venture to sea. lie they would be "unable to furniture and lion. At the invitation of Mr. and Mrs C. W. Airiick. the girls visited their nciv l:ome, which is a replica of Mount Vcriiou. Here, details- of construction ami arrangements were observed. The members ol llic classes making (iicsc visits arc: Marie Abraham, Irene Anderson, Earlinc C.ra- liani, Betty Grimes. Betty Sue Kinti. Phc Marie i^™i»f<- i ,...;n~ McDcriiiatt, Landys McLciid Muery, Oclie Rice. Josephine ley,..Martha Stevens, Belly S 1 lone 'Ilie freshmen of Mrs. Cieorao i'al- incr's hoihe I'ooin ranked uccoir.1. T;ilk- nil .lulu imliMii ''Joiirnalisiri in' Blythcville llinli Ki-bool" was Ihc made I'alrieia Wife, (.Heiiola Mc- I'cggv White, Delia KiijT Hyke:;. Mary Je.-umi.' Alllick. Illlile Nelson. Jennclla Hcabmifjh. Vir- Blnlu Scall, Wynetlc ^liepbcni ••'-•'•• Miirlin, Betty .lean Mill, fn " u * y I After Die np\v moiiltoi-j liad tjik- en Uu'h 1 )x)5ltlons. the scj)lors, whom they were relieving Iroin fcrvici>, were coiidiiclrt to Ihc-li ri'.'lit'ciive places by Winifred Craw- fwid The rotliliiB monitors wore: Hob llpn-lrt, '1'odd Iliirl'lKon, Coleman ytcvcns. .lohn limp, llnrdy l; i,iy. and Irving Osbomc. They v\.-ic rclievc.l from duly so Ihnl 'bey miulit luive more lime to i»r- ''••Ipalo l,, (lie iictlvldes of (heir SDIHIDHV l-'avoilla I'fiyne visited Mis. Qiielliinily.'s iwiin, Miireh 25. 'I'lif lollou-llur peO|llc of (hi:: room have ln-:'ii 111 I'ro^ii mwi.sles: Min-llyn Ueen, Tom Bunforil, J. 1). Harvey, Mary Mac •Dunleb, Im Culdwvll, .loiin McClregov, tiny ij, Joan Kheiiherd. James Hen doff. J. li, Miryo, Km lent! Drown and I'olly You-cll. vo:m has formed n brauli- lleinion i.'oinmlltce. Kacb 1'rlday, n »-'i-| »•!') be imide as lo whin cli child has done l» lininove his (iiO'.'iid. home nnd yiir.l. 'I his ui;iip will tiilinliinln Its i unit Ainil ft. All of the parents ure urp.pd lo altend n siiectal clu- that ;lay. 'IK uroiip tins made an cxteii- sliidy nl pli'dli'c;.. Ren Steps To Hall Buffalo Gnat Outbrci.k J'nicc thi'ie luivr Ijreii (A'crllows ali'i'K '>H I hi' lui'BOi 1 stre.-nus In l-hu slale. and shite, i.outhein liiillnln' isiiiils have already bcon reporlc-l from Miller county (his year. It, I; possible lliiil coiislderabli; tmiiilwr OUR BOARDING HOUSE PAGE With Major Hoop| nf « Mrs. Gcovgc I'aliiier . tlie tea'Jhers of northeast Arkansas Satunlay. held at Joncsboru, Muys. Vcra Cinortricii, Belly nniiaii,, Ki-nl Graham. I.aFctra Lynn Jackscm, Dorothy . Mae Cm*. I • ,,,,.,i i.ui.oLiii.1 ui^u: uuiinjyrri n r ,,,!!i Mt - "!? ii| '" cilr ' ) " MW.wl)i)>! I", the oil can lx> mldcd at. (he (I'lMILv III Inn nnvl. mnnlh ..,. i.. i i'ut,. r.< .. .,(..; ... _ ., • . .rule of ,, ,,t,,i llt „ ,,,, Vo _ .,., ,j n- will mix in more readily alter tin; I ";' st frw '"'•HHons, but tliorc Khonld in Ijic ne^t, monlh di warns D. V.Maloch. asslslanl Oiilbrciiks ol the sciitlicni bnf- ,,, „.... . t;ll ° K' ml usually occur diirini; 'lord'di IViii-i n C '"'' KUy - M " rc "' nni1 A l u '"' nwl M,V M U ° y " rtni l ' lo: ' d >' fn"n« r lifter uvcr- M.I.K-. Miuy ,| lnvii ,, r „,, ln , sl ,,. lun ,,,, b ,. llc .slln-liiB alter cscli plnl to Insure lliorousjli einulsincalloii. When rill 'llic mcetitiK at. Jonesl l,l:c livnl b; .sevej-al district „.. which arc lo be held IhroughoiH the slate during this month. » * * (£uncra Clu!< l'ic!(jrc: Marjoric Warren. Mary ,„-. bus. Mary Kaljiryu Ulllaliunly. Bcniiic Jc:m niu'liannn. Amy Hiuh ' Morris. Marion Twipkins, Vivlnn iboro wa-i vvickcl '- s - •'• ccon:1 'ODi-anos: vii-glnia I. iiirrliiiU- lll! J' ncs ' M'blral Mnlr, Phe Marie '-'""•'' Koonc-e, Muiy Nell PaUmun, Mury Fiances Gouiin. Winifred Craw- forJ, Kitllilceti Ashley. Margaret Jane Acton, Aiiila Fayc Heck. Dorothy Foster, Jean Ijoiirland,' , .s oil hir, been should . have about Ilio llic. . Actual practice- in «lmi-) t .piii B ,. U "' L ' 11111 n " rt -- '''""imi.: llatc^.cr, water, 4 tpmrls. lilms and prinlini: pictures wns| ' ol!c I|1111K 'J'. aewmpanisl. | I'lacn the lit,iild ccntinncd ul the meelhiB of Ilie 1 ... Camcra Club, Tue.'.day, March -JO. i <)irul-( Sohu-l -.1 The dnb „ ^ino , ** ori .election o, U,e n,n,b MiitMlnls for mnktii 3 rcncMuiits this com iivmli be en hand 1: avoid delay If be -l-rr-l an outbreak occurs. Mr.' 3ch\vimll. s»Ns; and a repellent iiwle nwtori- nn; to Iho lollowli^ 'formula' Is fairly eltevllve nsuliist gnuUi and is low in coit; Potash nsh oil sonp, 1 pctind; hibrlcatini; oil (cheai) rc- ioi)di(ioiie;l iiil Vl|| do), ;j riunrLs; !' tiiii'teiinl pulls, or " cciunlnorii, hnving newly ulr-llghi lids, anil c«n be kepi |n u eool I'lnce iijilli needed. 'Hie H-iuei- is added Jusl before Uio iniilei-hil Is lo Iw mid c' mi the inquire sllrred thoroiiBhly. U patnsli Jlsh oil soap ciiiilinl be oli- tahie:!. a fnlvty K o p( | snbstllutc ean i:o miidc Ity cldpiitiij- and dissolving n ba|- of striSiig ypllihv laundry st)ni> In the stonllc'st n^iicu'iil 'of hoi tlie Christmas of jqjff, the British General Poslo.llce liarjl died 2110,000,000 letters mi;j loMt)',- COO parcel's. .-;;' J.oap In a cotilainer imviiv a ea- ! ' ilr ' tv cf nt Icfl;;t ^ '(!«llons, Add the "™ l n, oi lib,, devei,nt i ,,d prinfln, Another officer, wlic 1m nL , •several yeare tvill, tiic U S '- - "'" ™" a "' ''"'" Ro '"'n - KM> Dal ' by ' ' P "" !s fm ' '' C »»"' inis l"e river patrol in china pohtal i L° 1S f ""• ! mrl Grall;lm - E ™ Jor- i "" Lomiic Lovclacc - ""''Joric Me- made at — ' " "• ^ • a i Hi. iKJimctf I rtnn i cut, that the largest vessel in lliciV,,,', funbcat fleet there was of only' 1 550 tons. This vessel, the Luzon, is 198 feet long and carries two J-irch nuns. The ollicer said the LUTOII w-is about as large a vessel as could he used for river patrol, 'flic Pa- Jiay, which was .sunk by Jnpaiiesc koiuts, belonged to this fleet Great Britain used monitors .Jewell . ilfilcircd Mitchell" Hice, Pauline Roitsh. Pauline Tlicmpson. Pauline Ul m , Wallace. Rose Lyim Yah Alice Joe Hester. in Hie .cieiice denarlmenl were Ihc Science Club mrclin,. Thursday. March 31. ..^ i In the business meeting that fol- Bctly:'owed 'be program. t!:c'club vo'tod to have a picnic;, and a committee i made Wednesday larch W. Those, selected Il.-irrisoii; linillono; bass: Ted Krulx, lirst lenor,' and John Harp, second lencir. Judges for His tryont were Mi.s. Paul L. Tipton an;l Arthur Mel-ion. The .sonjjs wliic-h (lie (iiiarte.t, is lo Sinn are: "Sloul. Jleartcti Men'' land "I Dream of Jcanic." I li. T. Moore is accompanist lor l ),-!iid. dir:clor. and iirbi-iiggc whc cities were held by Die Germans incsc ships carried two 12-inch puns each and were built for seagoing purposes, but they were dil- liuill to jiiancuvrr e.xcciil 'in calm weather. They were f,; 0 w. to.i-- capablc of a maximni'.i c.iccd ODlV (i fo 7 khots. ' , ,1,..,,, ui.nnn.-y i-csscls are now !i,:ii.g used Goo:fr ' cl1 - Mildred Weathers. Burks. 1-aFel.ra Mave. lirst I.'tudcnts Knlcr Cuutcsl j " :1 "' ",iily I'r.idic-cs T'vclve contestants from Blythe-1 '- )rli( - v Praclice:-. en c'jnl<:;,i MIKKS ville high school iiarticlpaled in ilrc Ijcil)! '' lic ' l(l fnr ''Oth Klfc ehiliJ.. the contest-s of (be Invitation Mrcl, ' lle conlesl. mimbcrs for llic at Joncsboio, Saturday. '1'hc con- 1:os '- ; ; "'^ ; "Come lo Ihe I-'air, ai )( l tests were sponsored by Arkansas! " G - vns >' ''rail", and ' .Stale College and were open ' | O "March ol Ihe, Uuii: any students who wished to com- j :<ml ! The contestants und U:e subject.-, , in which they competed were as j follows: Bill Clmmblin. Sara l>m I McCiHchcn. ISloisc Bpradley V for (raining purpose;;. Priesl Celebrates Mass For Mother's Marriage KYIWCUSR. N. Y. <Ul>l-Thc Kcv. Xavicr Sheridan, o M.C of nensscliicr. knoirs wlmf, it's like lo iiiiiK ialc " l his ow " mM)Sr ' !l «" C(1 - Tbc young pricsi came here lo vclcti-iUo (he mi|)tial mass for hi; inolbcr'i? second marriage His mother. Mrs. Emma c . Sheridan or •-Sraoiisr. manicrl John II ii av - mond of Cleveland, o. Mrs. Sheridan ha.s another jam ••lisa in (he Franciscan order HP is m-v. /Uexandci- Sheiidiin, of stalcn Island, N. Y. t.yen though Ihc c-eus-iirc hatched in an incubator and the Dims "over see others of (heir kind, wiH birds retain tlicir instinct for jni- gration for Ihe girl,-., Tin Koldicr.'i" "Amaryllis." ,'e Boy.s Cilre club i;, cnmpwrd ,., of the following members j Krut/., Cclcman Htevens. Tom jRcctlcr. Bill Ciiainblin. Haiol-l nostnllml. P,en While. Irvinu Os- icygy borne, first tenors: B?n Smith, year Robert. JsiiU. Jolni Ifarp. Kujjciic ' „. .Inhns-nn. Buddy Ten;,-, will'lam 1 Cicui-iii. Gcvnld Carter. I, .C. raw, second Icnors; Jill Burton, Tlowiirl Irisby. Tod:l Hairison. Moreland HnlJcman, Jaek Owens. John t ; aij|J:. baritones; (Job derrick, Ed Fdds. l,con BtafTont, Crandal Ken- nlngham. Hodgson Modingcr. banes: Ii. T. Moore. Hccoinpaiiisi Members of the Girls Glee club .Striior.s illcardcd Scholar? bip CJ»p 'Hie senioi-s of Mi;,,, |,u 11; , wil- helm-s home room were awarded the scholarship cup lor the lirst six weeks of the second, scmeslcr. lUiiujiiial-,-, I'nnial Xerrirr InauBiiration ol a formal :,ervici: lor ehaimiiiK iiionitois was eslab- lishcd by llic student council. I'ri- diiy. Leon Ktiifforcl. president ol the rouncll. was in charge of Ihr: installation of the new monitors IJ. 0 ,""'?' '" lhc stilRC K *><™'< 1 -,„, ^^lalT. Joe 15,11 Meflanev.'Kv- ,, ,, V • ('"n'ard Caudih. and ,' Oamia < l >'. w '-° «rt- new moii- s " i.n»mr class. These vtscrously with a nnrrow., wooden paddle. As the soap takes : iip the on, the mixture Will kmcpine ! h8htoij in color. After lit toast' y minutes of hard stlrriiiif, iiuothcr half pint, of c;l may Ijc a<l;led, and stirred tlioioughly. Care should lip taken tlial no oil .sticks to ilic side's mid bottom «t the conhiiiicr. After,the Hrsl IH-C additions liav'e been stirred a.i HOUU ' MUGWAIRK SERVICE Only Authorized Smlco In Mississippi Cuuniy ('onirnercliU or Kesidciicc Jibs Phone 67 E. B. Gee Sales Co. li. H. Gre, Mgr. 108 S. SectHid'St. Mary Frances Field ernl science: Amy rtiith' M O)TI , S plane gcometiyi ,|oc Bmnefl Ui|- lic LCBBClt, Amy Ruth Morris his- , lory; Joe Burnett, senior lest- Hilly i Lcggelt, Amy nmh Morris, biology i Miss Allycc Nelson und R|i : . s George Palmer were sponsors for 1 Itc Bfoiip making (he trip. OAK LUMBER For Sale—100,000 f(. of ROIH| hill oak lumber delivered at very Ion prices. .Sec .?. W. Ban-on Blyllicvillc, Ark. Phone 393 Special introductory Offer To Acquaint You With Our New Polly Gas 74 Octane With the purchase of 7 or more gallons pf this new Gasoline A 2 Gallon Can of Hi-Grade Motor Oi! For 660 (All Taxes Paid) SAVEON GAS CO. Holland,'Wo, Highway 61 We Take The Winter Wrinkles Out Of Your Car! Uon'1. (iuvc 'n(i) :.j>riiip with n car thai lookr, like H just recovered from Ihc measles . . . bumps, wrinkles and dcnl-'. removed quickly and expertly by Phillip.-;'mechanics. REMEMBER- Your Car fs Worth More When It's In Shape PHILLIPS MOTOR CO. 5th & Walnut phone sio Al right:' The No. 161-C duplex planter, ft plants torn from one hopper, beans or peas from the other, or corn Jrr-m totli / pcrj. or tcans from both hoppers. McCormick-Dcering "160 Series" Planters Plant Corn, Cotton, Peas, Beans, Peanuts, Kafir Corn, and'All Similar Seeds WASH & GUEASK ""$1.^' Wash, (Ji'case, I'oll'.li aiiii ill |{. SCHSIUCK "two" Slalloh Main nml Division Does home need TOOK al the planvc; shown •" above. Notice tlie short, compact frame, and llic long dandles for balancing the planter (in the wheel. You can handle that planter anywheie. and when it comes to llic sf:ort. j curving, and twisting ,-ows in I terraced land, or' on hillsides. j it's the swcctcst-handlinK j planter you ever saw. In ihc McCormick-Dccrins "160 Series" Planter you get this advantage of easy liaiidlini; along with o' clioiiie of every thing a grower needs m equip lo handle fl wide variety of seeds, t'our diflcrenl typcj of hoppers — cotlon-and- torn, or collon only, in iho popular Inlcrniitional Harvester tcvcise - Iced type with tinprovciiicn Is. and slant, drop hdppcis in bnlh duplex nnd single htippcr types. N o fooling—anything H man can ask for in a onc-liorac. one-row planter he can get in and of these- tVlcCnrmicic Reefing Planter cornbiiia- tions. Ask us foi complete iritormalidii DELTA IMPLEMENTS, Inc. Distributors for Ihe >IcComick-Uce!ing KuJl Liiie of Farming Eauiiimenl j 312 Bputh Second '' " "Uiythevillc, Ark. -Sometimes homes, like people, are taken for granted and signs of weariness go unnoticed. Homes, too, need beauty treatments. They cqme out of them renewed, refreshed, stimulating once more to all who meet ihem. Karly Spring is the time to plan the "face lifting" ol' the rooms in which you live. Carefully planned, a little money now can go far. Fortunately, authentic news of the latest, the best designed, the.most economical in home rurnishings and accessories is printed for you day after day on these pages. National manufacturer and local to hclpi/oit, Perhaps slip covers on davenport and wing chair will make faithful but a little weary pieces- look like new. Perhaps summer draperies will make your living-room so fresh and gay that you yourself will hardly know it. A new rug may be the prescription that your home needs. A new lamp can light more than a corner—it can shine into the hearts of all who sec it. Glassware, a new table, porch furniture, all can enter into your, home's face lifting. Look about ypur home as if you had'never seen it— and follow the advertising on these pages!

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