The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 11, 1930 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 11, 1930
Page 7
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THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 11, 1030. m.YTIIKVILLK. (AUK.) COURIER NEWS CLASSIFIED ADS •i-wo cenu a word for first lu- wrllou aud cce ceut a word tor tacti jubKQUtnt insertion. NO »dveriu«ittentukeu lor less than 60c. Count Ui« words uid tend me Phone 306 FOR SALE you SALE—Nice cafe. Owner has otiicr business. Will sell right. P. li. Hawkins, Steele, Mo. 8p Bargains In Used Cars 1D25 LATE I'ONTIAC COACH A-l condition, IOOT:S and runs One. This is un excellent uarg.iin. Onl> $39: 1028 MODEL AA FOKU TKUCK. Has 4 new 'I'in-s, closed cub and platform body. Jusl the truck for yuur heavy luulmg $i>9a 1KO FOItD FOKUOK SEDAN. Driven only D,iKH) miles. Fully UuaruiiUcd. Only §155 tJsed Car Dept. iHU'i'UH L-U. WIO.NE 811 '1.O1JAX FOR SALK—Practically new bil cr 'sujunu-. machine, cheap fur cash. ^15 West Davis Ave. FOH SALE--Hotel about thirty miles ironi Blytlicvillc 20 b. rcoms, kilclicn, dining ami waiting looms, completely furnished. Gotil ibcalion. 50500, $1COO cash, balance ^100 montlily, v. Sivin, 1157 Auburt Ave., St. Louis, Mo. Ilpkl7 SPECIAL One 1930 New Chevrolet Coach LEE MOTOR CO. Hive two ten acre tracts on highway -Gl for quick sale at re duccd prices. Good soil and wel drained.' Itleol for truck, dairj chicken ranch or country home, G. G. Caudill, Phone 1<J1. SJCkl5 FOR RENT ' FOE RENT—Two nicely turnishcd rooms. 315 N. 5th St. K. S. -Prev'dbt-- Ilpkl5 FurnisrWd aparment for reut. See Jiiunilc I<cdbetter at Saunder's Store. . 29c-U FOR RENT—One of Shane Apartments on Weit Main street. Telephone 1D7 and 571. 3ckl5 FOH RENT—Room with board. 115 West Ash St., Mis. Geon-e Worsley FOR RENT—Front bedroom adjoining bath. Private home. Phone 479-W. lOcklo. FOR RENT- -Bedroom convenient to bath. Phone 552-J. Mrs. U. W. Mullins, 1200 Chickasawba. 10p!U5 FOR. RENT— 5 room homo 512 N. 10th St., within three blocks of Central Ward school. Phone 200 or call at iHG Holly St. 10ck15 FOR RENT— Front bedroom in private home, adjoining bath, 208 W. Kentucky Ave. Apply after 5 p. in.. UpklS WANTED 'fMolluivood Mr, W» COPYRIGHT OUK BOARDING HOUSE By Aheru , OPYRIGHT 1930 jby NEA SERVICE Inc: by E RNESTTLYNSi / lli:UI.V lli:ili; TODAY llr^liinliiK it!< un r\trti, A\\M \M.\'U:i{ lui« |irn^rri-iivJ rapidly ]ll:0 U IIC-IV ULlJlT VUlllraul ll> l^nintl riillriJ, tiuc ijf 1119' InrKf*! o{ I|IL- llully^ Kttldloi. AIJIIL' Ijiiif Ijojn llvltii,- ullh Inn ullirr I:VA u.ii^i,i:v. Th r:ulxi' i.t ji lr:mK' lutr f&iirclcn^c, aril fnllnrc lu ut'l \vi-rk, ri'tLiriii lu litr IiDitie In \IMV (IrlriniH. IIA.N llOUIlinit, (ornirr .Vrir York nriM<pn|icr ikiiin, nuw u ktT- Ttnrlu tvrllrr, in In li-vc \vlth Anne. !tr (>> frt L c Innk'Ent; Elliil uul ILKTI- hk^' \^llh mnrli hiircrsv. 1'AI'I, Cl)I.l.ll:n, Mho ivrlli-x n dnlly innvle culuiuil for a hlrlnc nl itf UKII:IIUT«, MLnrc-.*) |}:ln's niLiirliiiL-iit ulib him. Ilr Imi KTI-III f:illli In 1>;IT|'» :il,lllly. dt-tllltc 111,- ll-nt In- /mil \vriltcii fur llu- MlnKC' \-lili.- lu .Nt-M Ynrk U ri ; ninii-il to IJnn. lliLnixriifri), nnj A tine nikii C-IHtT n-:nl 11 lilnl nru i-i.llui.l- ni-lir. Thi-y ur^u I!.[M (o rovlne It fur thu niuvli-x. 1'hlK lie ijnt-s, J^vrnliinllr It IB nei'PiiltU. J\iiiMvlnt; thnl Anne \viniLi] Ilkr lu iilny n Urnmiillu rulf. Iturluicr jili|;^rKM tn kliullo irhl Tiir llu* h-ndltiK rciiilnlnr imrt. 4IAHUV SLOAX l« lu il[rL-L-t Ihi.' liUMurf. Ho Klvr* bcr n frxl [lud xhc ut[m the rule. Slunn JM the MlfKL'^l illrvrlur hi IfuUyuouil niiii Amu- IK cliLU-J airr her uliuur- liad written tliem a letter, Kva was modullkig hi u i\ T cw Orleans dcpavt- mem Rtovo. "Sho eecisicd cheerful enoiifili," Anno gait), "but I'm Mrafd she's hot. I know she's not. She wanted to be re me inhered to yon, Dan. Kva eatd you tlOMcrvccl a lot of luck." "Poor kid," lie ftilil. "Send her my tost when yon write, will yon?" For Eva's own sako he wna" glad she \vas homo a;;nlu. Vestcnlay hu had lu'cn talking to Ikm'cy licit. the director, mul Jlcll spun a tow laics ahout cxlra.-) he had luiown and . tried' to help. Minor Irtijiedics of Hollywood. "Uiit there's nothing yon cun do, ' "Ami I've eomo friends I waul to show you off to." "Wluit am 1," U:in cujuiil.lliltJ Exhibit '/.r '" Mm la lanijhtil. "you're a lot ruvtlKT up tho aluhiiuct thnu lhat." 'llicro were a nuniucr ot iiluluro cojilo thcro, nml u few iicwsinpcr ami fan nmgazliio writer.n. Loufsc Watklns was iircscnt. I.oulso salil, "1 untlcrslaiul you're to bo cou- Kratul'iilcil," and rcteiTcil. with her queer twlptoil smlUi, 'to hla iikluro nml to tho contract ho recently bad cnllV" lilsu you'vo got really," JJell "If a few thou- saud of them would nult and leave, somebody might solvo llio problem, nu imposslblo one It's certainly now," D with (iriml UnlteO. Ho had hcoi\ summoned by Mr. i>t>e rind Dun luK <» "cL'loljrn u Ucr out _th:it- c\c- " lie |,rul)o>.r» furCL'd lu tull llml M!IC doesn't knuiv Mlifthrr f-lii^ lovt-« liltn. [.'ulloulTiK 1lil:j, (inrrj- Slunn shun'* kimic in- In ht-r nnd liri^IiiM lu !aku ln-r uul. I'riidUL-llon uf Ihe i-lc- lur^ i^ ln-piui, nnii hun HIL; opliorlunlly (if \valrMtii? ih? ^rrtit ^ nt \vurk. lie ilrlv\'H Ike cnMt rL>lviiilc<i-tl}-, llun llilnkH Anne 1* IiL^itinhi^ to look llri'd, KO\V (JO O.V WITH Til K STOHY UllAl'TEH XXXIX HM1AT iiiuht lie took lier boiue. Tlio day had been a trying one; lli'.TG luid Men a series ot aggravating delays—a couple of fuses blown at the most Inopportune mo- sicnls, Eomcotie's costnnio had been itroug, Sloan bad inaclo lliein go through one fcene nearly a dpztu tir.ics. Sloan bad been diulcnlt. Anno was uL'glnuliiK to feel a.ljit doubtful ot licrself; slio was beginning to question wliclhor she would be able Iti measure up to his retiuirement?. Hut- Blio auojit. it. raid nothing to Dem told liiiu Mona bad not E! , cct ror Sloan's knowledge of hi: fir two weeks. ,'Cut she cnm s{lo vemlnded litm tint hi They talked about everyone but themselves. Dau told licr about a i:ew iilcltire Hint Amalijainatcd bad given lo Martin Collins, liis most ambitious bit of work thus far. 'Taul Collier told me about It. Maybe Mona conlil get something lu it; thcy.'ll need a lot ol exlras. is slio busy IheEO days?" Anne worked sever complain?." Dan said, "That's tmigh. I'd like to see somebody do something tor 5Iui>a; uUs ought to get a break sometime." He raid lie. v-'oulil get In touch with Collins. "Maybe lio can find a bit for her, even." "Tliat'.s nitc of you, Dan. You'ro always doing something for somebody, aren't you?" Aud Dau grinned. ''Ton don't [ li!.vo to say auythiiiS; to Moua rtnit It." r\N left Aauo Winter al her door and weut liome. Sho looked very tired, ho thought, aud ho would have said moro about It if It had not bccomo dillicult ot lato to hay ccrluln things to Aune. It was unnatural, this diffidence; It bothered, him. . -^ Hut ho was not unhappy. IIo was glad that ho Dually had declared himself, even though the answer had not been wlurt bo hail hoped for. This was better—fur better— than tbo unspoken longing he liad known during those dreary weeks when . discouragement'. had ore- veutcd him from telll&g her vhat was on his mind. Dau \vag meeting a new c*owd now. Others In the scenario djpart- mcnt at (irand United invited him to their homes and ho found thcso' new associations pleasant. Most of tlio UICE wero married, Bomo ot to screen actresses, nud for the most part they were a congenial lot. Harvey Bell, too, was friendly. Ho played a good gamo [if golf—ho could piay about even with Paul Collier—aud Dan ami Johnny Hid- dlo and these two composed a frequent foursome. Maris I'arrell and her mother were back again after a trip to Hawaii, and Maris seemed pleased to see him again. With Maris he went horseback riding the Sunday JolniEon, Just back from a IraiiH' coiuiucutal trip, aud (old tluil llicy wanted him to slay. Tlio contract ho offered was natlsfa'clory In every way,, especially so, Dan thought, when ho found that It did not coiv lain tlic usual slx-momli cancellation clauso. Grand United was willing to gamble ou lilm for two years, and Horlmer waa moro than satisfied. l.oulse said, "Let mo know nhcu you tear tills ouo up, won't you, Dan?" Ho laughed. they do, "1 promise not to tell another soul tut you." Louise, ho thought, had looked at him ratbcr curiously. Something told him that sbo would havo liked to ask n question. Hut sho merely chatted for a inlimlo or two and then left him. The room, ho gathered nfter looking around, served as office, and living room for the hoslcES. It was crowded and there waa ,1 din ot tall; find ho was Impatient to bo gone. Hut presently someono In a ;rouo just behind him mentioned Garry Sloans name, and lieforo ho moved nivay ho heard another low remark that angered him. It was mado by somo girl bo had not met— most ot those at the tea wero Just fuccs to him, nuyv.-ay. Sloan, sho said, was interested in a girl who was playing a lead lu his latest picture — a girl named ~~ AMD UJ/lS CArJfJtBALS! COME H&R6 MAlToR I I ALUiAVs CAKR(EJ) A ciF H-AsMusrif paujpet? EM&RGE^CV urrH-rfle "THE so <3c>oM,v sift r rr'--roR r TCjRe BV YOUR KAIR MV HAIR WITH -rue RAsrii i<arir APPLIEP Miiris 4irok licr lioul. nml Blio Binlleil. "I'm tifnilil lie'u wiser tliiui that." "I'm Hire lic'il lidk'vu It It Mavis told him." "Yos, Ik- \voiilil!" Muds "Well, iimiorroiv cvenUit!, lie nropuji-J, nml bho TI1KV iioiii for n Hie uiianilcrliiK hill inaila ulinut Hollywocd. It waa :i iiuifcrt n round iinnm vvalolicil over up In tin- lillls It was very i|ulct. "A nil-lit," Marls talil, "tor imcls —anil i'i::lil-c.vl!iiiler rnailstcrf." "I illiln't liiiciw "I( lliey wrllo Ijinl cumiHli iwolry nii'i lliey?" lint fli'l'l)' .to scenario writer:! tn.>t" Dnii ;isl<cil I Mioulil eay uul," Marls laitylicd. "You mlulit tunliu me walk IIUIM." llo FinllcJ nml swung llio car aroiunl a sli;n|i moments ilrtvliu; rciiulri'tl ]i!n *:;nc- fill attention. Tliu clllf, nml at tlio rlnlit tt ilromicd nlo abrupt imlhiiiKiics:*. lioiitti, Ilioy camo iijKm tiifer rocul- ray, juul lielosv Ihcni In Hie valley ho moon shone bark tu llio wtilcr of a rosurvoir. "!" Marls ninrinureil. Ilorliurr brought (ho car lo n smootli l:all at tbo road's edge, and tlioy gazed ilowu nnd across tlic valley ol tbc licauty ot inooullKlit oil the !iii[irisoncil lake. Ho Kalil. "It'e a night for iraols, all right." "1 love It," .said Marls. "Anil for Uoiucus, Mnrls." "Arc you getting romantic?" Dan snilliiJ nnd put his arm around her. '"I could," ho puld. "without any trouble nt all. Havo you not any objections?" Marls Innglicd nnd lookcil away. Sho salil, "May I liavo a clgnvct, morning following her return and later on In tho week ho took her to tho theater. She had a hundred questions. Sho thrived on gossip, sbo said. How was Anuo Winter doiug? And Taul Collier? And what did he think ot Garry Sloan? And when he told her of his re- once had laughed at lier lor calling :hc man an artist "rteuieiuber?" Dan laughed and said ho owed her an apology. Slio look him to a tea one afler- noon, given liy n Hollywood publicity woman wiio was announcing somcthiug-or-other; Dan never did leavn just what it was. IIo hated teas—even wlieu there was no tea, as in tlic case of this one—but Maris wanted liim to go. Slio aaid Anno Winter—and sho and CJarry . . . Dau walked deliberately away aud Bought Marls. "Why, what's tba matter?" she asked, noticing hla expression. And Dan managed a emllo. 'Nothing at all. Why?" "I'm afraid you'ro not enjoying yourself." Ho denied this. "You'ro here, aren't you?" Maria laughed Joyously. "Always the gentleman." They left soon. afterward, though, and Dan drovo her homo, lie had a new car now, a sleek looking spurt model ot yellow nnd black, acquired that week. Marls admired it. "Drive me ulensc?" To n-arli Ilinu Dan lind lo wlili- drnw liis arm. "Vou knew 1 rtir- led them in my ri^lil-liiiinl piM-V-'r, didn't von?" lie accused. "I'm not that close an observer, really." Ho lieltl a Merit fur her clenrct. hen lighted olio lilnispK nnd |int ; un:i ayaiii with u defiant ;rhi. Maris leaned her head back and lookcii at the sky. Dau Faiil, "Can't we have n HUlo poem, Maria?" "I can only rcmoinbcr tbc short BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES 01'AL IS GUTTING COLD FKBT! T__ GWt By Martin up aud down the lioulevard. Dan, so I can be seen. It's gorgeous looking." IIo grinned. "Like it?" and Mill ones," slio replied with a furnwuy look. "-Mo too—like 'Hoses arc red, vlo- lols lire—' " Marls kicked Ills ftiot and bo stopped. "1 like that one," lie said, "of Edna Millay's about tlic candle, llcnicnibcr H?" r.v» in<,-..Tned him. ha would meet Intcrestins WANTED— Saleslady or salesman. WANTED BOARDERS— Owing lo Have wonderful proposition for I an ov^ of milk and outlive wire. Exclusive territory. See j ter, fryers, veal and pork from O .A. Thompson. 710 West Ash I the farm can give special ratrs WANTED — Housekeeper, apply Frisco Rooms, opposite Frisco station. Ilpkl7 after 8 p. m. in cvcnin: 9pk!2 to couples. 112 East Cherry street, -j Phone G02. 9pkl7 Car. turn- ^ Cotton pickers wanted. isli houses. Colton above average. I Will furnish Icnms to mov? a WANTED—False teeth. We nay reasonable distance. Lee Wilson Company, Armorel. lOcklT AT ONCE— SOUTH AMERICA or UNITED STATES. PERMANENT POSITIONS; clerical, mechanical. [tilesmanslnp: experience unnecessary. Salaries $25.-S100 weekly. transportation furnished. BOX H75. CHICAGO, ILL. Ilpkl2 high as S10 for full sets. Any condition. We buy crowns, bridges, i jewelry, gold, silver. Western Jlctal Company, Bloomir.gton, Illinois. llp!U2 When Something Needs Fixing Let us do HIP worrying about gclting it done. Just call us and :\vc'ir have a workman on Uie job in ;i jiffy. ; Pay Out of Income U.V tlic Month if you desire. Phone; 100 , E. C, Robinson Lumber Co. Maris nodded emphatically. .. "You'll havo lo help me break II in, Iheu. How alwiit going for a littlo ride this evening? I.lko to?" Hut Moris was busy that evening. "I'm sorry, really; It's a dato I'd love to break." "How about calling him up aud WANTED — Family Washings. .WDslicd and Ironed by competent white woman. Mrs. Brown. 704 S. Lake St. IVck-tf TAKEN UP TAKEN UP— Blue mare muli owner call at E?.ru Hampton's on Route 2. ilpklS I'EuaONAL Mrs. L. M. Biirnctte announces Hie incs in a nulled voice: 31 !/ caniJfc Tinrns at loth cnils; II Kill not list the iiiijlil; U'dt all, my Iocs, and oil, v\y frientts — /( yivcs a lovely !ir;)i!.'" (To Bo Coii(imicd) cijcning of licr classes in Greg's jb.orthand, bookkeeping nnd lyiie- <vri't!ng. Reasonable rate;;. Call 82-l-W. • luck-lf VETEKAX THUESHER SHUI.bSBUnG Wls (UP)— Joseph Magee, White Oak farmer, 1. threshing the grain of his community for the fortieth consecutive operating a large farm ami Ihrcsli- for lead and zinc In the winter. Check This List Sec if your home needs any of Uicac rcp;iirs or ^lorc closet sp^cc Shriving Cupboards Ucors . Garage Nc\y walks Of driveways Xcw floors over old Taint Screens or srrccn tlnon; He pair or recover side New frcJil entrance Windows or frames New trim Partitions Knrlosf porch FRECKLlvS AND HIS FRIENDS -AS PR£TTY A TURE& PtXMT LA}vJO',WG AS Yoo E-OED, QUICK! IT \VJAS v.-v.o ups^r uj TViAT CA^CE,FUO, 1 A , GOirJG O^lEP TUC: ) f/ FALLS i • :s : -f-*;-' ; ;--flf ra ITSWAPPY, EOT 60 EASy... QMS SUP HELP US 1 SOT A HOMCH THAT IT WAS FARBAR AM' THAT THIS IS THE LAST YOO'U- // -rurr<; EvJGR. HEAR Of THAT / > C,CM1 BIRD!.' HAPPSl-lED A^TEC. YK. STAttTED G01M' V^FW/ i ••'••;>& i ,-.7^</ MOM'N PO ATION! By COWM IHKNTIFIC Tl^hi 1 .1 JUST \ PUT ft CUtM* ON UCt4 P\MI> HtlHC SHE TOFOOT'.THKT CtllLO

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