The Pittsburgh Press from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania on December 26, 1915 · Page 37
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The Pittsburgh Press from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania · Page 37

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Sunday, December 26, 1915
Page 37
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'0 -f SUNDAY MORNING, DECEMBER 20, 1915 THE ' PITTSBURG PRESS THCATRXCAC SECTION PAGE VT7U i I Pi t t Ml 4 is X -1 n H t; i P O t a HUGO NOVEL MAKES FILM MASTERPIECE "Lea Miserables," that tremendous Tnorument to the genius of. Victor Huso, which win carry his name re-oundinsr through the halls of literary fame till time and books shall be no more, will be given pictorial presentation after a fashion fully' worthy of its matchless story at the Olympic theater, J'ifthave., Mondpy and Tuesday. . Pittsburgera who have seen wonder- ' ful picturtxations Fince the movie era opened and think they have viewed the limit of .what photography can do should view the Paths picture, "Les Miserables." at the Olysipic this week. The films are among tMs most marvelous ever made. They sfeow mob action at Its highest point of intensity, with R fiery realism that makes the spectator mentally a participant, amazins subterranean Parisian scenes, views of the, peerless provincial towns of France and sweeps of sea that fairly trans- , port the inlander. i Love, heroism, lntriarue. reveng-e, aacriflce, war, convent life, every phase "of human existence was hurtled by the master mind of Hugo Into Les Aliserables," and all Its climaxing incidents in bare revelation of the soul and mind of man. from his lowest and most brutal to his loftiest and most brutal to his loftiest and most ideal form, have been faithfully, artifl-aliy and with almost miraculous realistic effect, conveyed to the glittering screen by the best acting talent .' in the world. i In the pictures the auditor sees Jean valjean, man of sorrows, imprisoned for taking a loaf of bracd to keep his mother from starving, imprisoned, lashed, .then free as a beggar, as a governor, a man of power and wealth, respected and loved and then, dashed back to the role of a fugitive by remembrances of his earlier theft. He is I shown carrying Marius, who loves Co- ; zette, and then the scenes shift once ! more and the auditor is carried down i -beneath Faris and gains a knowledge! of the maze of sewers that honeycomb the gayest capital of the world. Under", the spell of the film these passages be- i come an much of an open book as does "Les Miserables," the story to the ' reader. : The screen production of 'Les Miserables" Is practically new to Pitts- burgers. It was seen here once before, but under many disadvantages. Mr. Krauss, who impersonates Jean Valjean, Mas for five years leading man for Sarah Bernhardt at the Bernhardt theater, Paris. In the role of the giant peasant he depicts physical manhood at the acme of its power, the extremes of human wretchedness and despair, martyrdom and heroism at the last bounds of their possibilities and a final magnificent triumph for others through his great heart and resistless will then . and not till them, the great strength, its mission achieved, wanes, the bright yes dim, and looking unquailing into the eyes of death, Jean Valjean passes away amid the tears of the loved one i lie naa served in such resistless fashion. "Les Afinerables" is a classic of purest ray and grand proportion. All its finest, strongest developments will be flashed before patrons of the Olympic theater Monday and Tuesday. NEW LIBERTY THEATER IN PENN AVE. IS LATEST WORD IN PHOTOPLAY HOUSE CONSTRUCTION AND CONVENIENCE THEATEB- 4 r S',.A k -4 1 9 9- Taiiiiiwxttf - s J99 V3 EMMY WEHLEN MAKES HER FILM DEBUT. Emmy Weliltn. will be sn - at the Palace theater. Homestead, Wednesday, ' In "When a Woman Loves," which is ' her first effort as a film actress. When a Woman Loves'" is a five act motion Picture production starrinar Mis Weh- len, who is supported by an all star cast, with (Arthur Ashley, the noto.l screen actor', playing- the opposite roil. It is the latest release of the Metro Pictures . corporation. ' Kuth. a waitress in a cheap restaurant, "plays the horses' in an effort to get money for her sick mother. Sha loses, then she dons male attire and entering the pool room is arrested in a raid. She is rescued at the police station by Arthur Lowe, a rich young attorney. Ruth meets her sister, who eome time before had left her home with two card sharps for the gayer life of the city, at a summer hotel "where she wasseeking a position. . The storyJ ends with Ruth, her mother, and Lowe leaving for a long cruise on Lowe's yatch. Dan Cupid minus one arrow, stands on the shore smiting contentedly as the yacht siips out. ft ' i V SUPiWINE FOPATE' if v ZlZl-i CO LIBERTY THEATER SCREEN i) 5 it 4 ,feJ'':s?Hf VIM f Jf ft- i JO-i :. o' -.W. .-'--- - .'It1 AT i w ,:.rW.l. 1,11 I I 1.1 l.B.l,Wl..l s ca it erty is a triumph of the luilJr art. : It eTObrHjls every detail in clentific striving for beauty and comfort in; theater construct ion. The front of the building Im a great panel of the cream white terra cot ta. not unlike a maiv picture frame, crow red with a cornice of unusual beauty. A system of flood light, concealed in the nuarquisa and not visible from the street will illuminate this manive expanse of white. By cetting tt back to the fixed property line and having the front aaarty at right angles with Pens art. the own-era of the Liberty have contrived t; make it visible, both day and night, for a distance of more than a mile down Penn ave. The Liberty cat be ace a from any part of Penn ave. as far west as Roup st. BIQ KLECTRIC SIGN- The electric sign, announcing th screen production is placed at right angles to Penn ave. and extends across the face of the building. The wording of the sign is easily distinguishable from Highland ave. A handsome Jobby, 32 feet wide, leads , to the short vestibule through which I entrance Is made into the theater. Im-1 mediately Inside the vestibule is . a 'standing place in which 300 persons can be accomodated comfortably. ' Tns floor is so arranged that persons standing have as good a view of the screen as those seated. The auditorium of the theater is a beautiful, high-celllnged room done In Canne stone with a handsome enor mous light suspended from the center i of the building. This gives a soft light ! st all times without in any manner interfering with the projection f the I pictures on the screen. Up stairways, j upon the right and left of this room, j access is gained to the landing from f which one enters the boxes and the t balcony. j The interior- of the theater Is dls-I ti'nctiy Italian. The ceiling is Old Ital : ian. of wooden beams highly decorated, (creating a perfect Imitation of th ceil ings one sees in the old castles of France and Italy. Special attention has been given to tno siaes or tne ouiming closest to the Pennsylvania railroad tracks. Here there are no openings except fire doors which will be opened only in case of necessity. Besides this precaution, sound-deadening materials have been used in the walls which are unusually thick. No sounds from the railroad will penetrate to the interior of the house. FREE SHOWS FOR LITTLE FOLKS AT R. & C. THEATERS. "GIRL AND THE GAME" WONDERFUL FILM. 5 if iiipMfri r A &i Undreamed of possibilities of the popularity and artistic development of motion pictures, even among the most enthusiastic inaugurators, finds ex- i BO that there would be ample room in many seats as possible within a given space. In constructing the interior of the Liberty theater 250 seats were sacrificed m pression in the completion and open ing of the new LiDerty theater in Penn ave.. East Liberty. . The new Liberty (theater, from the viewpoint of construction, decoration, provision for comfort and. most important of all, the caliber of the pictures to be presented, records the last word in the wonderful chronological record of the young but marvelous career of the motion picture. The new Liberty theater is built on the principle that the public likes to be comfortable while it is being entertained. Heretofore, in theater construction,, the idea has been to get as GREATEST MOTION PICTURE EVER MADE THE WORLD'S MASTERPIECE Pine laeis THE V Mm Thrills PRODUCTION The great Drama of Humanity, portraying the life story of Jean Val Jean, pronounced by able critics to be the world's masterpiece. "Les Miserables" is known the world over, was translated into seven different languages and has been read by millions of people. .A literary elevation to the motion picture industry. Twelve consecutive weeks at Tremont Temple, Boston, to capacity houses. Nine weeks at Orchestra Hall, Chicago. FIRST TIME AT POPULAR PRICES Rlonday o"iy Tuesday Admission 20c Z Children lOc BOSTON AND CHICAGO THEATERS CHARGED FROM 50c to $2.00 u m TIKHEATT 318 FIFTH, -AVENUE all the othera. The ppace between each : row of seats is so broad that seated ! patrons need not rise to permit others . to reach seats beyond them. Perhaps I no other theater in the country is so arranged and it is rare even in base- I ball parks to find such generous space i allowance. This feature of construe- I tion is emphasized because jt is so vn- , usual and beeauaa it is so certain to be pleasing to the. patrons of the house, INNOVATIONS IN HOUSE. This is only one of a number of radl- j cal innovations in construction shown by a visit to the Liberty. For instance. I of the 1,500 seats 75 are box seats and the boxes extend from one side of the lo'"a to the other. They are situated right in front of the balcony, Natur- . p lest seats. But what perhaps will be most appreciated by the public is that box seats can be reserved by telephone, 'the theater patron in his home, wish-o." thc show and not caring to get Into the scramble of of those walt- ioyer lor seats,, as is so common in other motion picture houses. ctu pnone to the ticket office for seat reservations. This removes all discomfort and uncertainty. The patron knows where he can sit and can govern his course accordingly. The popularity of the silent drama and the lack of proper provision for The great railroad film novel "The Girl and the Game" will be shown at the Vita-granh theater. Fifth ave, on j successive Mondays, beginning tomor-jrow, until the end of the exciting rom -lance is reached. Frolleking in the park '. at a seaside resort, Helen, the little i daughter of old. Gen. Holmes, ex-armVj ; officer and railroad man, is imperiled by a swiftly approaching miniature locomotive. Thanks to the bravery of an eight year old urchin, she Is saved from injury. Years later Helen, sees a runaway freight train a mile or two away, and threatening in a few moments to crash into Gen. Holme's private car. One badly injured man has stuck to the flying freight which Helen turned into a train of empty cars. She washes ths blood from his scratched facs and rec ognizes her boyhood rescuer, ueorge r . -ert-a1 pipe organ made by the Austin Organ Co. of Hartford. .. been erected. The Liberty theater organ cost $15,000. The announcement that E. J. Napier has been engaged to operate the organ i; . ' . , x1i- Rinrm a lncomotive fireman. .iv -.t .lie vjLreixeiiijt; ui me music l liii i. " . . , , . . will be a feature of the daily perform- ' The sequel to ths ttrst instalmen ances. appears in THE SUNDAY PRESS and Considered architecturally, the Lib- at the Vltagrapn ineaier. An Innovation la local motion ple-tur circles is the free holiday week performances for children to be given by the various Rowland 4k dark theaters. Ths attraction is "Little Lord Ka un tleror. a five reel feature, based on Frances Hodgson Burnett's book, la addition to the show, souvenirs will be distributed to each child In ths form of a child's rise loaf of bread, and a package of confection. The "dates f tba performances arss Regent, Penn and Hiabland, Monday, Dec. 27; Belmar, Homevood and Bennett, Tuesday; Arsenal, Butler at Main, Wednesday; Bellevue. Lincoln and Rodgers, Thursday, the hours being la. a, m. until 12 noon in each bouse. The Rowland St. Clark theaters ara anxious that children of charitabl in-stntutions bo given opportunity of coming to these shows, and it is hoped those Interested will take the matter up with the proper authorities In charge of these Institutions. TWO GOOD FEATURES BOOKED FOR OPENING. -Graustark" and Tha Slim Princess." two Essanay features that have been voted IrrsslKtlbls will be seen at ths American theater, 1313 Carson slu Southslde, tomorrow. "Graustark has proved so popular that many theaters are running it night and day to capacity houses- Exhibitors are unanimous in saying that for real human Interest, thrilling action and picturesque beaty tba play is almost pser-les. -The Eflim Princess." In which Rati Stonehouse stars. Is a great comedy-drama by George Ade. the famous humorist. Miss Stonehouse is supported by Francis X. Bushman as Alexander K. Pike. the wealthy young American adventurer who wins the Turkish princess. Wallace Beery brings out the comedr element with exceptional skill as Po-povo, tutor to the princess- Th Oriental scenes are especially rich colors. The cast is of unusual length. "MY OLD DUTCH' 'MAKES FINE SCREEN ATTRACTION, My Old Dutch," presented by the Universal, will be seen at the Hill Top theater, 802 Warrington ave.. New Year's day. This great fiva-act drama Is based n Albert Chevalier's most famous Coster characterization, "My Old Dutch." Chevalier himself plays the leading role, that of Joe Spudd. a quaint old character. He is supported bv Florence Turner in the role of Sal. "My Old Dutch." The story of the love match between Spudd and Sal starts at a Whit Monday gstherin while the game of "Kiss tha Ring" being played. ' . They marry and are blessed with a boy. Sal receives news that she has inherited a large sum of money, and both Sal and Joe decide this money shall be put aside to make their little "nipper" a gentleman. The "nipper" becomes a rare swell. Joe tells his son he could curse the day he was borrn ?al lust kisses her boy. The lad is and swears he - will give us being a gentleman and Just be a man. 4 - 4&4 PENTTENTES mm? the comfort of the public has created a situation that is revolutionizing theater construction. All these contingencies were considered when the Liberty theater building was planned by H. E. Kennedy Co. of Pittsburg, with Palmer & Hornbostel of New York as advisory architects. Kverythlng learned in theatre construction since the movies became so big a phase of American life "y I tag ire. A. J THT Slh Ave. 1 HEATER Downtown H M O N Li AY TUE. "STRONGER THAN DEATH" WED-"AS THE SHADOWS FALL" THURSFATHER'S . CHILD" FRI. "THE-LITTLE UPSTART? SAT. "A TRIBUTE TO MOTHER" EES REIXFORCED FLOORS CONCRETE ROOP SLAB FIRE DOORS CARPENTER WORK INTERIOR TRIM FOR LIBERTY THEATER ALL FURNISHED BY J. A. CRAIG General Contractor Office Phone Res. Phone Til land 2037. -Wilkins 1214. East End Savings & Trust BIdg. 6004 Penn Ave., Room 301 was kept In mind when the Liberty was planned. - Pittsburgers who have been in the Strand' theater in New York city know exactly the architectural layout of the Liberty, which is a replica of the Strand on a smaller scale. - The first floor has 900 seats, the balcony 3J5 and the boxes 275. nVTS TRIANGLE FILMS. After assuring the comfort of the patrons of the Liberty the owners next sought booking connections that would be unrivalled. The mere announcement that the Triangle Alms will be shown at the Liberty is sufficient. This means that Liberty patrons will see all the productions of D. W. Griffith, producer of "The Birth of a Nation;" Thomas Ince, producer of "The Battle of Gettysburg," and Mark Sennett, the genius of the famed Keystone comedies. An elaboration of the ability and capacity of this brlliant three-cornered partnership is not necessary. The public Knows wnat tney nave done. Except in theaters of the latest con- j structlon. where intelligent planning j made provision for each minute detail ; necessary for mechanical perfection, : the location of the machine booth Is faulty. In the Liberty theater par- ticular study was given to this. The lamp ray is thrown 60 feet to the I screen and nearly at a right angle to : the back wall of the building. This ; makes almost perfect reproduction of pictures and no strain on the eyes. The Baird picture machines to be used are the kind specified in all the latest large picture houses in America. In line with all other provisions for comfort, the heating and ventilating system id the Liberty will be on a par with anything ever installed In any theater. A recapitulation of all the systems in vogue brought the owners to a choice of the hot blast heating and cooling method. This means there will be no need for furs in the winter or fans in the summer. Automatic regulators will control temperatures. Pure air will be forced in continually and overhead draughts will carry away foul air. REST AND SMOKING ROOMS. Rest rooms for women and smoking rooms for men have been provided by the policy of giving the public everything that conduces to comfort. Next to the comfort and ventilation the moat particular study was given to ins'i')'Tie an organ in harmony with the character of the house and the ci enteie it will attract. The organ is built on both sides of the small stage, in front of which is the orchestra pit. with a capacity for 20 musicians. The a a i: : a a n The National Lighting Products Co. 4017 Jenkins Arcade BIdg. Designed and built the electric signs. Flood lighting system and illuminated poster displays for the Liberty Theater, also installed the wonderful new lighting system In Duquesne Garden. Designed and erected for the Pittsburgh Brewing Co. at Penn and Collins avenues, East Liberty, the first high-candle power electrical displays in the world. Estimates furnished for Electric Signs Displays and Lighting Systems of any character. Phone 1414 Court - a a a a : a a J - ff 1 l McKenm Bros. Brass Co. 3HNTFACTCRERS BRASS RAILINGS GRILLES THRESHOLDS KICK PLATES EASELS - POSTER FRAMES First Ave. and Ross St., FitUbuTKta, I'm,. The trend of public diversion is toward the motion picture. Pantomime and photography have combined to create an industry that is of vital importance in developing the educational and moral life of many millions. Conduct is largely the reflection of environment. Charm is an influence that touches the human as sensibly as the extremes of temperature. The Liberty Theater is not a place of bizarre effects. . Its beauty is in its tone of quiet refinement and generous comfort Only the very best pictures vail be exhibited. Nothing that could possibly give offense eVen to an ultra-conservative sense of propriety will be permitted. : The Ubm; has its own mm, whose HSmel is final, after the films have been passed by both national and state censors. Triangle service means the highest achievement in photo plays talent personalities the perfection of staging. Ikssme play that will be seen at the Liberty are shown in the Knickerbocker theater in New York, at prices ranging from 50 cents to $2.00. You may make seat reservations by telephone. (Hiland 5715) Box seafei-cin others, 10c & 15c. 1 . 7

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