The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 20, 1936 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, June 20, 1936
Page 2
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BLYT1IEVILLE, (AJIK.j, COURIER NEWS Plcur^ Social' Calendar MONDAY'S EVENTS p. E. .S. group meeting banquet, Kolel Noble, fi;30 P. M., followed ,by program at. Masonic hall. \V. '.M. S. having Guest Day Tea, First Methodist, church, '* P M Wcnian's council, First Cliris- .tian' church, meeting wilh Mrs. M. riteimmons, '2:30 P. M. TUESDAY'S- EVENTS Mies' Peggy McKeel liavinB •younger Sot iBridge club. THUKSHAY'S EVENTS \V. M. C., Lake Street Methodist ' ctirrch, hating ice cream supper at church. Daughter Horn A daughter was bora yesterday to Mr. and Mrs. Jlles Ratnbo Jr., at' their home on South Division St. The baby has been named Dwls Jiine. Bits of News • Mostly Personal Dutch Boy Mais Win Favor • 'i ^; Over tjie Bridge Table I!y 'Rccn an attractive ITltST I'BKSiiVTEKIAN OilUKCII Fifth and Main Sis. Kliijirl 11. Salnir.n, Pastor Father's Day will be .appropi'l alcly observed In this chvrch to morrow In Ihc morning worshlii service beginning at n o'clock when llic paster preaches on Hi Mitjccl, "Thc Religion For Fa thers and Children". horn The Time _- -. . . , 01- "The 'Bi ginning and End oj Gentile Civ Illratloa", : ,ack Sman ' 5cl1001 op^ns 'M .0:45 A t M., witn ample facilities for all I Tiic young people's Vespers art luild at G:4& P. M. SATURDAY, JUNE 20, 1930 Longest, Is This Rare June Day (Mrs. llcrbcrl) Davis, of Pitts-; , burgh, Pa., here .again (she crew ",' " 1C evening worship lip al Hiplcy, Tenn., ami used to '"'"'""'"S al 7:3 « "'clock ll )c .-,?,visit here oflcn) . . . Alice aiid " Kn wl!I ^ ll <"»>tuiuaikm ot Noil Gesell arc home from n tte sl " <lics of mle -leaching. The camping t,-( p n, i nc ir new tent sl j bj(c , ct '£ "™ lml • - • Ihe Seal children had n of thc Gcntllcs ? . , chat with Mrs. Roosevelt when ji,,,.,™,.. 1 she was In Little Rock. . . . it's illratlo! > • cooil lo Imvc Hie Wares 'back again—The Hurry Kirbys had attractive guests last weekend. {cmomborlm; there arc sonic .'of us who have not been anywhere or had nny company wo want to pass on the Inlest news .which hasn't been printed—Rodney Ban- Islei- almost, missed the dnncc because both cf his new shoes were for the same foot—Robert Ann Proctor, daughter of Mrs. Howard Proctor, and her grandfather, fr. ASSEMBLV OF GOD CHUllC'li Sunday school, 9:45 A. M. Morning service, ii:po A. M. Jail scniicc, 4:30 p.- M. Jr. C. A. clsss. 5:30 P.'M. Sr. C. A. class, 6:46 P, M. Evening service, 7:45 P M The -public Js cordially .invite end each of our services Mrs. U J.. Hfizel, of CiirulUers- vilje, is a patient at' the Memphis Mciiiotilsl' hospital. ' '• •• Mis. Ida Catchinfes Is critically ill al'Ihe hoine of her daughter, Mrs, W. N. Williams, and Mr, Williams, fit Armorcl. Relatives ivlio 'lire here with her Include her daughter's, Mrs. D." S. Irby, of Br.UsfMc, Miss,, Mrs. J. H. Onrth, of Haztihurel, Miss,, her sou, W. S. Catclilngs, of Georgetown, Miss., her nephews, J. B. and A S.. Patchings, of Bassctt, and Dr. Grady Alford,'. of Mcmphki, • Mrs. John H, Smolherman and Mis. J. C. Crlncr • In Man- ])liis. Thursday with Mrs. Smolh- crman's 15 months old grnndson, Jimmie Pat SmoUicnnon, H'lio im- dcnvent an o|)ci'ation for appsu- dicltls Monday at the Baptist hospital. .He is'dpbiu very well and • will be brought home next AVcrt- hesday. If lie continues to improve. His mother, Mrs. JImmic Smotli- erman, and his nunt. Miss Gladys Smothermali, .are wilh him, .Mr.: nnd Mrs. G. p. Connslcr and /amily liavc relumed from n two weeks "visit with relatives In Little nock. -..--. ; ' Mr. and Mrs. Jrby Basinger will go- to Sehrier, Tcnn., Sunday for a .visit; ;Tlicy will be accompanied biy%aip: ysate.-hhd 'Elizabetli ;Xm\ B.Ig"gers';"'\vho~ are"returning iionic after a visit with them. ''•Mr. and Mrs. Sam Mountt and children, of Dal.'as, Texas, visit- qd here this week. '. George Smith is in Memphis lortny ivltli Mrs. Smith, ivho underwent an opera I ion for nppcn- rildtls several days ago. Her condition is very good. • Miss Maiy Jean and Charles AT flick will loavc in leu days for summer camp. Mary Jean goes Lake Lure, N. c., and Charles -to Camp Sapphire, Brevard, N. C. They will tc away eight weeks. Mr. and Mrs.' Frank McOrcgoi will spend Sunday in Unlofi Clt and Alamo, Tenn. Mr. pnd Mrs. Bob Bums Will spend tomorrow in Memphis. Mrs. G. W. Pyles, cf Paragoiild is the guest of her mother, Mrs A. M. Butt, having come yrs tcrday with Mrs. Butt, who hnO teen there for a few days. Miss Margaret Keck. Miss Su-. Bvtl and Con Smith were u Joncsbcro yesterday where Mis' Keck registered for the second term cf summer scliccl at Arkansas Slate ccllcgc. She will i=turn there July 8. BsrL L^ich jr.. ol Si. Louis was in the city last night. .Miss Rhcffia Hargctt Is visiting In Memphis lor several days Sirs, J. W, Adorns jr., and Mrs Carleton Srnilh. cf Ncv,- Orleans were in Sf=mt>his Thursday. Mrs. JCD LitzcUelncr and son ol Washington. D. C., have none to Canitheisvjlle fcr a visit \vilr Mr. Ijtselfcincr's parents. Thi" will return here fcr a visit with Er. and Mrs. S. P. Martin and fm:,ily tifcic returnina home. Mrs. C. C. Lacjslon and daughter. Miss idele. went to Bowliny Green. Ky.. today. They.-will b { acccnipanied home by Mr. uud Jif^- Charles Lmgglou who wil make their home on the Laus- svii plftiviUidn foEowlng their recent marriago. Mesine Reid is In Henderson. Tenn.. for a visit with relatives Misses Patty Shane end Martha Ann Lynch and N. B. Menem arc in Memphis today. .The Mib- ses Shane and Lynch arc attending a tea, to tie given t>y Miss Sara Bootho, a ichrolma'e of Miss Shans at Vassar, for two ether Vassar students wlio are her houseguests. Not aiKtc llic diiys when It Denied as though every ivomm. mi- pcnrcd suddenly ln-un 'Enipi-css Eugenic hat .has there l)»en an -,> dUlck-lo-caU'li-oii style as tlic cm-rent Dutch boiinc.l. The Colon-!'-; lady picks them in velvet, chllion and pique to wear with her expensive afternoon and evening dollies. Judy O'Grady diooscs " cheaper one In linen or cotton inul mars il will] owylhlu-g, AM typrs rue open at Ihc back. The two shown here are mads of crisp -vlilf pique dctl) and ill sleek vchct (rlghl). They won't niakc' you stand out from the crowd in ordinal nianncr, but lliey arc nnd comfortable. Perfect Coffee Easy to Make If You Follow Right Method KE\ SCM'' * rV'w^ ]l'l*~*-«li l>ie cruiU tlua their NLA hen-Ice Maff \\rltcr 'coffee is terrible, Seems nrettv Ijiioiv pood housekeepers who silly, though, .doesn't It v Hint, they can't make good | lc5 e tilings arc so simple lo e bad right? • • .. jinvy, (hat they always have bad right?' was 11, was born on ills 75th birthday and so he was given llie privilege of naming her—Bernard .streets at '6 P. M. tonight. hates thought of that fever s 5?«: »« »; spring nowers-the Rev. w. V Womnck ;vas with al! of ,,t, sc,- me ' nrn^^ I 1 ' "f, ^ Tllis wil1 be thc Cohon in nf - vc ,°, rs --•"""»"' lay sei'-vicc -with .'the pripal Co ion still latcs as the best mas,- nddret-s by roster Clarke Jonev ler of ceremonlcs-pur fcelingsl b cro attorney Tlicrc will m-e hurt because Alexander Leec ° ' Duel's DangJiier , Aids Count's Rise M , uLsed- Osceolu Society — Personal Coffcc-maktns is the most mil- ", y , 0 " versa! problem of (he lot! " " luch " nv fathei, who Is here from Beach Calif., hates this Arkansas -wen- ner but llk-cs llic fishing— Blythc- vlllc had a jay- lime at the rc- .ent dances—" y0 " llenr lvhls l' e 'i' of "how music ' - l -ill bin, evening ser- Pollard's vice as the pastor Is atlewllix- c J ' ou lost? " fact that a coffee expensive , Mrs.: J. H., Lovewcll, ,Mrs.,liarry ..'.river,... Mrs.; ;vt li . Johiifoir '."a'nil 5rc. Milton Pep: wore Iiostets2o iten't necessarily menu Hint you will have good coffee if you use 11. The price you pay''is not ali- imiic-rtant, nor the mmrnntcc. That it bo fresh, though, matters greatly, ,. '.:. ..-.. iMfiasiirc, lugrcdlqiils ,- ,- . .. Decide" : how i many;-,cups, you will' need for the meal.' Then allow Mrs. Frank Potter of Parngould. High score prize, lingerie, was .on by Mrs. D. S. Lnnsy. and •cccnd liigli, u luncheon set, was s-pcontuls for tlic pot. This formula always applies whether you have n percolator or some othcv liliid of pot. fourth pr were myurlMf Mrs. D. H, Blackwopd Hurt "ar!cn Starr. Thc out of iuvai guests were: \Iir:s. Fannie Hnle, Mcinphis;. .,;, i 1. Clark -and • jois Pride. - of nly. : hcvillc: Jessie Brown and JIM 'ires. •' and j\risies Orlcua nnci :nnie Mae Hires and Miss Mar- •arct MoIIItt, of Lvxora: J. Mcv- itt and J. H. Ciain. of Wilson: 'rank Potter, of I'aragould; Wnl- a- Pace ,of Crawfordsvills; Georse 'dams, of Little Rock; C. II. boil.and the ,nin- ' . it begins .to icou'ie up through (he top of the percolator, notice the lime. When the coffee lias percolated (en minutes, lake (he pot from (he flrr. '" Filtered coffee Is made by pour- Ing boiling water— but. it iniJst be actively boiling— over lincly ground coffee. Gravy can be made successfully two ways. One way is lo sliv the Hour into the proper amount ol fat in thc roasting pan or spider and add (he righi. amount of Wctsttr, cf St. Louis; Hugh Hugh- ™;i,, , ,. . - , oy, of Atlanta and Thad Fcllon, '°' rt VS<T ' *" mn «. iml » tllc f Houston '.eraiy boils and is perfectly smoou. -, « t - 'Mlerjinfc Hccl|>c. Miss .Aline' Word, attorney,! T hc other .way to-maXc' il is to 11-ovc lo Little Rock this Hffi-- all< , vvi j tc1 ' to tuc flU ' '" Ulc P al) •con to Join olhcr dele- £"? g ,; lo l, hc bolling pohlt " "'" some ,'lfted flour inlo <v bowl fidd cold \vnlcr. stlr- ike u perfcclly smooth Add enough more water thc pastors' school at Conway. FIRST cHURCJir NA/AHENE : . : . Vine and 'Second Sis. > Ifariuon Holt, I'asVor Sunday • school, u:45 ; A. M! Human beings may practice daylight-saving, but, on one day at feast—June 21—Mother Nature is lavish with her sunshine. For it is the longest day .of the year.. Astronomers have a technical explanation for the whole thing. But, jrsl between us, couki it be that Old Sol .|i; (oo much llic gallant to run cut en pretty Aclrcss Marsha Hunt, who,'-In the above picture, seems to embody ths . spirit of summer pleasure? " '",",v - ^lu-iiti-j- ^.^JIUUI, UL4D f\ jou arc overhearuig u discussion L. Evans, superintendent, ot a poker game •-It's merely the \v Virtually everyone .,.„ ,„,„ „„ extra pound of fat is reducing- Service. 2:30 P. M n i and with wonderful success! Thc dcttc .nethod being used is all rt«ht-"Bo not lit nil—i Meriting worship. 11 A. Al. Sul;- sltuation. feet: "Pilgrimi; On Life's Jour- has an ncy". , "c- eat N.^ y. p. s. meets for" :• prayjir ... ., - .-- . --,*-- a ^ '' P- M., witli proiratn bs- 7m """• '""' ll "f>., fa « e ' 1 liig- 1 anil;-as winning nt 7:30 P. M Mrs J G .Ittlc as possible Of anything."" I Crliior.. prcsUienl. " . ' ' ' «c envy our friends who are EviingellsUc s&nlcr, 8 p M r,, ?,. CQ , Dlcl ' cllmivs — CJaylo Specinl songs will be given'- by Chamblin leaves Monday, {ho 1 Rliylce's (jiiarteU^ , • - !i. ' i.nth, for her annual trek to Hardy, We have fans installed for vow ind some of ho- fortunate friends -comfort. D! "m 1 hcr at '"'crvals while -Everyone .is'welcome. Ell! will go up for the weekends ' ' - ' '— 1 . . CHURCH OF CHUIST Cmi.rt House Amlilorinni Bible .school, 10 A. M. Sermon. II A.'- M. , .EiangciisC J..Norn's. Taylor will n- ,.,, ,U A Lllu wcciienos md his two weeks vacation—Mrs I o'nin Florman and children Icavaj In l\vo weeks for their • ir i ------- ^ccuna (isil.lo Caliiornia since they fclt'i m,.Jovc with (lie place last sum- 0 ».aiigi.-ii.i, a. . BUITIB uiyio mci -Margaret Moffitt also leaves 'awn deliver the ]-:e..rnin E ser- J»iy 1 for the same destination "i^n. iishig J :is' his sivbjeci "Th'e or a montli-Thc Ei'ncsl Hnssons Brcllicrh'qijd ; of iMan." bnsliif il .ave buralay for Meridian, Miss., on thc J,3!ni chapter of Psi!;i!E. Birmingham, Ala., New Orleans f Communion) il:45 A. M , ., w .nd the Dallas Centennial fo . The public ., if, extended :•- vvd- ' «> m o . as enennal for sev- e pulic ., if, extended :•-™' weeks— Leila Kirshner, Nancy ' «> m e lo a«,n\d ihese services. MCbic and Virginia Liuie embark i Classes !or air.aics.' •lon ' ' es>...,i ijuijc; ullloaiK •lonctay for thc Kirshncr cotta-e' ! "'Frankfort. iMich.-Maiy Jcan f FIRST jBAl'lTST CHURCH Alllick, a popular yomic miss ! "' '" ----- joes to Lake Lure, N. c., again' for eight weeks al « g ir l' s camp- ' More news—Mary HI is denial and incapable of discord and decay. Trulh, Life, and Love arc 'substance, as the Scriptures usq this" word in Hebrews: "The iiibstauce of things lioped for, the Evidence' of things not seen." Spirit, thc synonym of Mind, Soul, or God, is (he only real substance. The spiritual universe, including individual man, is a compound idea, reflecting the divine substance of Spirit." (Page 468:17). LAItli STKIJET METHODIST CHUKqi Verncu I',, Clialfanf, Castor Church Echool, 0:45 A. M.. Iver- Boii 1 - Morrib, general supcrinlend- -cnt. !..'•- • • [• . Church worship, 10:50 A. M. Cermcii: "No Siicstltcte". Ycunj People's League, ti:'15 p. M. Church seJ'Vicc, 7:45 P, M. Sermon: "Retreat". Mid-week fellowship, Wednesday. 7:45 P. M. Arkansas Pastor's School. He has called off his Sunday night service and urges all his people to atlend the Revival Set-vices now in progress at thc Luxorn Bap- list Church. J.OXOKA BAPTIST CHURCH 1,.. P. Flcinming, Paslor Sunday School, 9:50 a."in. J. M.. Majors, sup't. Morning wor- ;iiii> ill "a. in. Intermediate and junior B.T.U., 7 p. m. Leaders, Mrs. W. L. Clark, and ^frs. Ixniise JfcHenry. Evening worship, 8 p. m. onncl Patton and her nice hus- nnvc returned lo . ,*.«,., ti^il IU .VJJCOn- «oo<i. Miss., after Imving been . wined fji ncu . alts who will beard a spiclrl J , 50I " C ' l rain for Phllncielphla lo atCm! \ "" d -Mowly -"" 2 to nlil thc Deinccratlr nallonnl convcn- paslc. icu. A provrani of slghl-MeiiiR - -nd eiilertnlifnicnt hits been pre-!'° lnnkc tho -- p ]T . - ,—, ixiur easily and -arcd by Ihc "Arkansas' dub' while i 1 ' ouf lnl ° lhc toili "e t™vy "stock, he partv ir, in Washlnslcii Mon- fc<?n , son vvlfh saH <U1(I l»PP=r "«« Say. " ! cook and stir until boiling. Use and Mrs. Cavitl L?c wsro' .. - tablespoons (lour—level — lo Ihlckcn two cups of ginvy. Tilts ,,,,!kincl nl [u-avy should boll several minutes after It thickens. It's rtisy to make but you MUST have Hie paste perfectly smooth and j tree from luiuiis. Lumps will not, rook out. you see. They will swell i in the hot slock and be even . me time Micnl In making mi;, 'cnary notebooks and sciap •*s. their coiiuselcir, Mrs. J. s. HcCants, entertained them with a picnic and gam^s on the church laira. Town People Fish From Own Porches MILTON, Pa. IUP>—Fish brous- ing about the door step is a common thing on Milton's lo\ver Cameron Avenue, and citizens rcpari some fairly good catches tn a veil • stocked fishing hole lelt by the floods: Water collected In railroad un- dergrade tp a depth oi 18 test during, tbc, flood'and receded only Uthe j level of', the river when high wafer subsided. t'itra.-vio!et ray photography U, sali to-record 'ctemically obllter- Jte3 »TiUug. ,'lcmiJliis visitors yesterday. funeral services for Cicorgc "reft jr.. 9. \vlio died In tlic Bup-- 115 an operation for appcnrii- iiis. were conduct:;! by thc Rev. t. 1.. Cote Tlu'r.^day aftcrncon t tlic Eiintn mausoleum. Mayor uml Mrs. A. B. Roscrs' lol '8Cr. •re \lsitir.-; relatives In Pine Blufl> Btl ™» 's unolhci- simple food •v«r the \veek-cnd. I oftc " I'oorjy cooked. Remember W. p. Qiiinr. and' Frank Wll-1 tllal " 1! cured meats must be Hams arc speudlnc the weekend' coc ' ic <' slowly. The curing pro- i Little Rock. " '• l ' css ()I '' C -'' nnfl flrmi the tissue io The Girl's Auxiliar;.- of the Bap- K wjtaln extent, making it Im- 'st church had their weekly meet- J'tratlvc to cook II over a low -IE F.t llic church Thursday na "' lp lo Prevent crisping before rncon. Alter (lie program and , tllc lllc ' al - ls sufflcicnUy done. Put . •• "*MVU 11 IV[. , , Maxmc and Fay McHaiwy have Mrs. Mary Cranford, 79,. Dies at Home of Son Mr.-. Mary Frances Cranford. wile of the late George Cran'<!. tiled at n o'clock (his morn«s at die hcmc of her son. o. R. •fiiimriiily. Slic hud been ill f o v moui ttt-o weeks. Fimeral services «-ill 1 T ], c i(| 'I the luime tomorrow luoiulii-:- 1 H li'clork with the Rev. Dittler- 11111 "f Dell officiating. Inter- till IK, ma ii e !l(/ M[,|,i r cj rovc "V The Moss Funeral service win be i,, charge ot funeral . in a cold i-plder and cook !-lowly, rmuring otf the fat and ..e,cr IctKni: t'(. smoke. Abcut Frying Uacon If you fry eggs In bacon fat. re Mrs. Crantcrd is survived bv -»'0 SHIF. D. w . nncl c . R.. and two dauglitfr.s. Mrs. O. R. (iatc- «coii of M cui i,hj 5 a , 1( ] xtrs vV T. White of Tyler. Chief Revealed As Licensed Plumber • 'KAN'CISCO. (UP) — RC- 1 workers of the federal Eicrtlh anil Walnut Itcv. Alfred Carpenter, Vattur Sunday 4*ccJ, 9:30 A. M. Open house lor men. Worship .service. 10:35 A. M. EHbjccl, ;'A BCHIB fcr Bvci7 Man" | Ti-ttining Unicus. C:TO .p. M. Preaching ;:cn'icc, 1:TO P. M, Sl'.bjccl, "Should We Ncgloc'.. 1 ' Final days tor Ihe ync;itio;i Bible school. Monday and Tuesday. CeiiltnuiDl program. Wcdnes<!i,y, 7:30 r. M. FULL (iOSl'EI. CHURCH Curlier Lily and Vine Sis. Clyde Uclin. Pastor Sunday school. 9:45 A. M. Church hour. 11 A. M. Subject: "Biblical Conception of Sin." 7 P. M.. Junior and Senior PYI'A. 8 P. M.. liiangclistlc service. Sermon: "Too Late". Radio broadcast cvrrv tinulay at (1 to 9:30 )V M. over KLCN. Blytheville. Beginning Tiuu:,day night «;f this week Evangelist \v. O. Singlj- '"'" J ' ! be" wit.h terry and his wife „., us for Mirvicrs • llirough Hundp.y pighl. . Sen'lccs each uishl at S p.' M. Evangelist Singleteny and his -svifc uf spcclnl sir.jcrs a,nd will pri't-ciit .Mictial songs at each service. ' LUXOILV METHODIST CHURCH .Tames V. flaudeil, Pastor Sunday. June 21st, at Q:CO a. in. Mr. P. E, coolcy will speak .it tlic Luxora Methodist Church on "SplritualiEing Church Finance." Mr. Cooley is a layman, a member of thc First Church at Bly- Ilicvillc. Mr. W, T. Thome:; will preside nl thc service. Sunday school will follow nt li):00 'a. in. Thc pastor. Rev. James T. ftan- dcll, is in con way attending ilu: Wao'e Wins Judgment Against Dodson Friday R. L. Wntie, local second ham" furnitrre dealer, was given a verdict for possession of a truck i>. S250 ill his suit, against R. il Dcdscn. fcrnierly a second luind funiituro 'dealer here, bv a jurj in circuit court late '<- yesterday afternoon. : : ... ,.. ; The jury upheld Wades con- leiition that, a contract cntsrec into ty the two men when Wad purchased Godson's business wsu. meant to transfer ownership o a truck as part of the business Dcdson claimed that th= truck was not included in thc sale. P. C. Douglas represented Wade and Harrison, Smith and Taylor were .attorneys for Dodson. An adjourned day of circiM court will be held next Wednesday when 'a suit against Uv. Frisco railroad by Nora Cole, ad- ministratrix of the estale of Har- Icy Cole, is slated for trial. The snagehcad fish of southern Asia wriggles overland to fresh quarters xvhen a stream dries up. ATTENTION CAJS'IHWATKS! . I can fnrnl.sli von correct lisi •; cf Ijona fldc voters, arranged al- pliabclicSUy. by school districts. CIHEAP. C. J. LITTLE, \ Hale Bide. Blythevillc '. FULL DELICATESSEN LINE Cheeses for all tasles Cold Meats of any kind Fruit Juice & Ginger Ale FRESH YARD EGGS DAILY 1'fCKAKD'S GKO. i MEAT MARKET Phone 073 — We Deliver 1044 Chickasawba SERVED WII£KE IT'S COOL Have your mid-morning cup in the AIR CONDITIONED Coffee biiop at HOTEL NOBLE M'lENCK S YV. M,i,, "IH THE UNIVERSE. 1NCLUD- liini Ihn bacon fat to the spider Wi ING M/VN, EVOLVED BY ATOM- '•>'<• !«nk 0,1 lop. It will take nvc miimtcs to Iry an egg | 'eslerday fcr a week's visit wltti •^'"tlvcs at Pontotnc. Mi^s. , - .- --. ». , Mr. and ilrs. f. Dallon and, ""'> >vii >' Never let (lie fat reach aby, Elizateth. ol Jone.sboro arc ] thc smckiiiR point. ;uests of Mrs. Emma Moore. ! When you COOK a slice of ham Blnn and carl Maxwell and' (rim some of (lie fat from the tlss Margaret Stegall of Mem- edges and nil) U over a heavy ihls visited Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Iron frying pan which lias Been ?:SK this week. healed just enough to melt the Mr. and Mrs. D. H. Blackwood la I and make Ihe surface of the uid daughter. Virginia, and spider look shiny, cool the spider uphews, Charles and Paul Black- lor a few minutes and then put «11 left tcday lor their summer m the slice of ham and cook over home at Lake James, Ind. u low tire. , i-.,, „, , ' Milwaukee !'>y vvtedom hath •ed in San earth: by undemanding hatli h< :iln!illshcd the heavens." (Prov- "'an luudicralt. hobpy ; ' 1 ^ too!s ' . lrc Is equal- i'd itringiiiR ;(ud Iti - " His "particular . Among (he priic Hie Le^oti-Se wbicli coiu- is the following from 'llii- Bible: "Now ' gauntlets, moi'c.i- f»Hli Is llie substance o! things hoped for. the evidence of tilings not seen." (Hebrews 11:1). I Tlic Lesson-Sermon ,I!E» in-' eludes the lolloiviug passage from ,... , <**IIU1^1 V..V ,v',,un,||^; [ftl^^ilKe IrOlll -01 •-'"'' 01>cc io vall| ublc In Hie Chiistian Si-icncc textbook. ^-iiu,.,-;,,> ] )as los j 1|10sl Qf i ts lscience ami H«i:h witii kev lo «i f UC . C " lo "'axutacturctl sub-|tlie Scriptures," by Mary Baker _" <~ ' ...i-itlJl' Eddy: " Su >»t=iice. t> that which NEWEQU1P.V1E1NT which wo have jn.-t instsillcd in oiu- Dry Cluuiinjr Dcpaiiniciii. making it one of tho most modern planLs in Arkansas. A new distilling tysteru just in- xtulled cn;ibli;,s us to thoroughly restore mir (.-It'iuiing solvent to its original 'Die ordinary j>l;ui(, rtclaifiis its .solvent u-ith ;i caustic .solution which removes vegetable and ;ui- imul fitt^. Om- new (!istilling system. however, removes ALL oils, including mineral and petroleum greases, which will not clarify in u caustic solution. Tllis system enables us lo ahvavs clean your garments with a pure, oil-free solvent. J3IATL1EYULU LAUNDRY 327 I Elevation of Count Galeazzc Ciano to Minister of Foreign Affairs in Premier Mussolini's cabinet turns thc spotlight, again on the young nobleman's wife, Countess Edda, daughter of H Dues, s'hown in her newest portrait. Since his marriage Ciano's rise (a pajHJons of trust in Italy's Fascist yovern- inent has been unusually rapid. Courier News Classified Ads Pay. COOLKST Sl'OT IN TOWN! .. as the West takes its stand against gangland! % m «Sg TOM TYLER, HENRY B- WALT HALL MARGARET Dirccied by Chiiily C<i6dnne) Asioe'alc Producer, Sobcrl Silk' C'arloon and Serial— «i--|ii s |i <; or - dtn" «ith Busier t'rabiic I Arfm.— Jlalinto & Nishl— 10 * V, K \Vilb U' Tax —Continuous Shoivinp;— I Sunday - Monday 'Private Number' With Robert Taylor •Jiiri Lore) (a You/if Alv> llilll Palsy Kelly. IJj.,11 |{ a l|,. Irtiic anti Marjonc (iatcson Thi year's rrnifiitic thrill, ,sj ( ,had her rcsuims for n^lkiii s otii en the millionaire man she lovcil. Ojir Xeus, aii:l !.; Ccir.cHy din.— .Matinra & Kfclil— 10 W'ilh Ic Tax — Conlimious sjlmivinc TUESDAY. JUNE 23— 550.00 BANK NIGHT! 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