The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 31, 1934 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, March 31, 1934
Page 5
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SATURDAY, MARCH 31, 193-1 BLYTHBVILLE, (ARK.). COURIER JNKWi RACK FIVE toui of the W H S:t., s wants CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION Daily rate per Jiie ror consecutive insertions: <Flve average wcros to a line) One time per lint .......... >3? Two times per line |*r dny .. (We Three times per lin • per day . . 06c £lz time* per line per day .. OSc Month rate per llnu .......... 60c Minimum chirge SOc Ads ordered fo~ three or si> times and stopped before expiration will be chars'-c (or the number of timts the ud appeared anu adjustment of bill made. All Classified Advertising cop! submitted by persons residing out- E.'de of the city oust be accompanied by cash, Rules may bi computed from above lable NO responsibility will be lakei loi more than one incorrect insertion of any clarified ad. Advertising ordeicd (or UTcgu- JIT insertions tukp the one turn ttte. BUSINESS Li. MCGS, Undertaker AnioLiiaii^ Service 1Y.UI1C bu WEAR-EVEB aluminuin is better and coils no inoie. Sola exclusively &i Hutjbard Hardware Co. b-ck-l-o We specialize in Floor Sweep Speeial kinds fur spt-dal Ilulb.ira Ilirdware Co. lie Mrs. J. 3. Davis, Phone 421 Spencer Corseliere 20c k-l-2'. Special Used ? Car Sale ; ITlfl'S liny Nun i 1933 uoiKit: V (OIT L 193: FOI1H V-H TI-IIJl; S CHEVROLET C(J|[|; 1932 AllBl'KN COI l>|. J 1933 U 0 C K X E SEDAN. 6 Wire 1931 FOUII TUIIOI! 1931) FOUI) 'ILDOK . 11)30 CHKYSJ.EIt KKAI, KS'i'A'IH r or Trade: city propt'iiy lor faun ' the mystery enmc'dy, "Tile Miiikcd .Muui.'iiM-.- 'Ihm-Mhy nlghi. Tlu' rust • iiu'liiiirs: Mis.- MUM, Mildred! llniw: Mci la Moss. Novn Davis; j j .iictnti Alr.lii.s. OhilMlne nullah; 1 !-:: Ann Jl:.idl,'y. l!<it:crla Uviiton;! Will Prescul Play at idoeio Thursday | Jj;;!; 1 ; 1 -,, 1 , 1 ;:;;, 1 ;; 1 KinS;,, 1 '^ 1 ,,!-!'^'! [MB liouso 'near u university cum- ow Rivers Found To Contain Gold Mu.-Thi' ju,;-^ MIXHV: Mits I'nideii. l.iu-llli atul Ciiruey, Hylviu smie is n room- MOSCOW iu;-i —UoUL liu* IKTU thscovrml in ihp sands til IHTUS ll: MirLOlLi (mils Ol till' pI'OVJIK'r *>f MoH'uw—won iii .si roams whirl i ouiujoAiii)hNG"noiisti; W >ml . liv Alien? tP,- Ulv\-rA- 1930 CIIEVltOIXI (OiCH .. JIM 1931 CHEiKOI.n • .-iUAN ;_,, 1929 J1UICK SL1IA.S ., JISi IM9 UUICK COri'E si« 1929 1'I.YMOUIH >l])AX .. $1^ 1020 OAKUiMI .Sl.UVN .... 51oo LS>3 FOlil) IlQADvlUB .... $ Ob All Used Can ii:m iset-n Srrvicti- .s Our S>llop anil .l:tKt^tly in liti. 1'UL .MUSt SlL- 'llns. 1 i;;uT, |o ,vp- Shouse-Little Chevrolet lo. \'~> UH'O&"R THE IMPRE-bStON "THAT,AH, \ THACT 1 AM 7ELUNG \OU ^BOU•^ ^Y / GOLD IV\\ME TOR IHt PURPOSE OF n GEl'T) NCb YOU INTERESTED, SO YOU'LL ( , IWVeST MOKEY \M 1UE W\\NE — HW-M- j w WA , S 6O 1NG —•VER1UY,T3NS1LTVHW WOULD BE!HE 1 -T To ^w^K \P THOUGHT VAWTHUST PROlV\ MY MIND.' YOU WOUU3 UM^-VES —TACT \<5,-TO -BE ^ / ACCEPT A, "FRA.NK, I WOUUDNT TAKt ANYBODY IN It to the fjovlct gold trusl. KccciU snoi-lnl liivesllijiillciis run through somo s'.ibmUs ot Ilio city. limn 1 of Uii-se rivere were ki:(i\Mi to c<<iitiiLii ^oKI rcnlurles i. Inn. Imvf h:ivf hi-i'ti iict'li'i'led. Nnw tin 1 t'lHir i'|n)tJliliitloii. p:ir- llculiii-ly hlki'ii.. Is li.'lnu niroiii 1 :d lo srniTh tin- the b'old. Dls- rovort'rs will IH> pi'i milled In n 1 -• ir.-linuiul, ilue lo (he hilliieucL'o'li lulu 11:111 til III 1 ' tlnd iidrr Ursl the Cli>if Htroniu. ruviMlnl golJ. In siimli tltli'S- nvalliibli; tit 82 (U ixilnls in KiiiciK'nii liinslu. Jlaid Wlnitr f«r U«*r UUATTLEDOHO, VI. (UP)—Tlic deer Ihroiiglioul Wltidham county me Ililn niiri weak uftur the 1111- ui.ii.illy seven; 'winter, and siwrts- men tiii< pleading with doa owners „„ . .. , l " kL ' e l' ll«'lr t!o«s frail lurrying NonveRliin Jiorits uro uuvrr ilu- ilcer. AL1-I3Y 001' I.ISTICN TO Till: MOCKING U1KD! Uciul Courier News Wunl Ads. Ity Uanlii "I TiKK ,v li.i.i'tHY S'J' >, Ilk; We speiuliu in seed corn. Furmcrs '^--/ /^»y'?<^-==-?asg>vz/J ' j-°' <ii»j4B(i«-—•—^ EXPERT Typewriter and Adding Machine Kcpaiiing. U. S. 116 E. Kme. CaU 1U5-J. ROOM & HOARD I500TS ANT) HER HUDDIICS GETONC; NOWHKICKI ROOMS or room and boird or meals. Good meal, clean rooms, rates low. Close In. Mrs. Loflin For Sale: 1 Jfrscy HEIFER with ealf 8 dnys old. Apply Hnynes' , iVvO^fe TW? ON Vf\ J*j • ttt WE GRMLfctO 'lM OOT Men's Shop, 'JC-; W. Main. Call 1! '• ^7ckil KUN ROOM, portable frame, canvas covered. !!: price. Mre. Mc- 4 room HOl'tS, oath, nicely decorated.'307 N. Broadway. One second hand Burroughs ADD- Hardin, ro'.iu 2, Bo\ 218. ING MACHINE in good condition. CHEAP. J. H. Eikins. 29p-k5 Rooms with r:.without board, slcnin neat, hot i-.vtcr, reasonable rates. FOB SALE—At Bargain. Good nu- Phone 231. Rie Price Gro. 20ck-l-'J!) nght piano, also the only ice cream wagon m town. E. H. Deatte, Five Room JFiirnisheti MT5NT, tell, downstairs. 7(10 w. Walnut. ' 28c kit ONE BARBER. CHAIR CHEAP. Airs. M. W. tec, Joiner, Ark. WATEliH HOTEL, rooms. 2 bath rooms, . Centrallv :ccatcd. J. M. Anderson. 1 Oliver row crop tractor, one 4 WASH 'ITWJS row planter, one 4 row cultivator KASY HAS A HUNCH! != YOU'CL PCPPOH W/ yn, tun, MISC- IAMC is BORED. ALL SlIF Ml'EDS EXCITEMLHT one 16 by 20 disc harrow, one 3 ;, vou. M'/ Bnv, vou've fASciNATcn [iv UII?CE=. AGUE'S HOV THE 'JAUU PERSON, j— fUW\ I HEAT4 REAL EXClTllMENr. SHOOHNO. WILD, VJGSTERM BLOOD AND -THUWDER-M&SBE A BANDIT RAID. SURE. HIRE SOMB FCU.n? TO STAGE. A FAK6 HOLD-UP AND f HE BR/W6 COV^LAW.I!-:'; WILL (ASH (JPANDSA\:- THE OAV. IT'S SURE FIRE,^tlH. IT CfM'T MISS, " niDiil, bsili. Phone 32"; night 55. tow burtcr with marker. All in first class condition. Gay and Billings, Inc. &• M-G 2 story :i:or,eru house on Division. TWO good mules, priced reason just inrlli of Catholic cin:rc!i. able. H. A Smith, 510 W. Main. Reid. Evr.ird & Henderson, phone THREE room furnished apartment with tath. Mrs: Dozie -Mick, 110 POULTKY & EGGS Fresh eggs daily. R. I. Red selling eggs. I'ickard Store. 1044 Chicka- BEDROOM for 1 or 2 neiitlcinen, 801 \V Walnut St. Call 451. li-ck-tl BA»Y CHICKS All Varieties. Custom hatching solicilcd. Set each Tuesday, hatch eac Wednesday. MARILYN HATCHERY Hatchery Code Ccr. No. 8G PDRN'ISHED bcd-oom, 1017 W. Walmit Mrs. Ed Hardln after EJ P. M. Ic Wi AUTOMOTIVE — Clean Il:i;s. fri'L' uf liul- tons. No pants or htvivy undcr- accepted, (.'niirirr Ncv\s. d ll II SALESMAN SAM HK TAKES THE CAKE! s ^^V SOUS C.'.KT\lDf.\y, -E.T JJ OLD HE IB, f weL(_^ ME'S SUsT ' I'LL TOKS. TIMS UTTLB POSITION \VAiNTi;i) EXPERIENCED anct {cncral oflice worker position. Available April 1. Excellent reconiiiicntinliosis. Call 481. WANTED TO IHJY We 1'jy S2 per ion for fyr.ip Iron, buy hides. copper, 0 N TKlKKvS. cad etc.-Wolf Arian, Phone nfi, War.l to buv all kinds U;cd Houso hrl:l Gootls. ,Slov<s. Highest Cash prices. U-ishton'.s Hccond Hard Slorc. 320 E. Main. IOpki-10 H01AI.K III 1 :!,I' WANTICI) „,, to FIIECKLKS AND IMS KRIENDS rs -:id- l /: !.!'=-!..>-:rij: lOMEWOKKEilS— Make \veckiy sing — nther Hm^:. Allini-.rr. IJIRDS OK A FEATHER: FIRST, I WISH VOU D HWS -v 50^ TA?LV: EMPTIED OF EVERY )WlD= A WAS IMA CLOCK, win THE REST OF YES,THAT'S IT.... FORTs'-SEVEfJ THOUSAND CALLOWS OF O1L,UW- ACCOUNTED FOR...AMD THAT MUCH OIL RUNS INTO MONEY! /// WEU.IWERE /IRE A FEW THINGS TIL HAVE To A-5KVOUTO DO....AND, IF YotJ'LL MELP ME, I THAT I CAW KELP YOU!.' DROP op 01L....TJEN UL NEED A CAMERA AND A PHOTOGRAPHER'S FLASH BULB! TM GOING oown INSIDE OF THE TANK...ONE OF THE MEM- OkAY, SHOOT! WHAT'LL YOU HAVE HIM A CHANCE,- MR.MQI.J! I5UY3E HE HAS AN IOBA! K Sflbcrling Tii« * Tubes, li. ment parts and accessories t>f all kinds to- any nuke of cur/ Automotive Dept., llubbard If Auto All Kinds Irslallcd The Ark-Mo Lumber Co ^^ Ifc I'1-IO Used Trucklale I,OAl)K» MUST CLOSK OUT AT ONCE. IW3 CHEVROLET I',;. TON 1332 CHEVROLET IK TON' I.nng Wlicclbasc . 193Z DODGE I!', TOX .... '^i 1932 CIIEVKO..-T U'i TO.V 1931 CHEVROLET ['/. TOX . » 1931 CHEVROLET |i.; TOV with BOO,- :: ; 1929 FORU V/, TON. mill Bod >' 5!25 1329 CHEVROLET I'A N E 1, BODV ^ Ton Delivery .. 5 .is 1320 DODGE PANEL BODY Vi Ton Delivery 5145 Stvtral Chcaji Trucks at Givc- THcse V.nlues. Away Trices. Chevrolet Co, Shouse-Little

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