Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on June 3, 1896 · Page 8
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 8

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 3, 1896
Page 8
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ANOTHER GREAT HIT AT OUR CHAMPION SALE. Our Eastern Buyer having purchased for us 500 pieces all silk Persian Ribbons at a price that others pay lor cotton. We will offer tomorrow this immense lot of Persian all Silk Ribbons worth from 7,6c to $1 a yard, at the low price of 29 cents a yard. , We being the only house in the city that could handle such an immense lot of Fancy Ribbons because of our great Out-let with our two stores. Hence the Low Price. FANCY DRESDEN AND PERSIAN SIL KS. Also a lot of Fancy Persian and Fancy Silks sell generally from $3.25 to $2.60 a yard, Tomorrow's price will be 39c to $1.25 a yard, Be on hand early. Golden Rule. Why not Wear the Best. The place to get the best shoes is at Waldon's. Our Ladies 20th century Walking Shoes in both Black and Tan are strictly in it for $1.98. Our Men's dress shoes in latest style lasts are "high grade" and up $1.48 to $2.98. Our line of men's working shoes are the best value over offered for the money 98c to $1.98. E. M. Walden & Co. ^ 315 Fourth Street. INSURANCE CASES. No Additional .Suits Filed by Schnaclig et cl. NOT THE BALL GAME Is what we wish to call your attention to. Most of the nobbiest and swellest hats seen In Logansport have .come «fL*om our store, where the stock was never so replete with novelties as now. All the newest styles to suit, any taste are here in profusion, and the golfers, tennis players, bicyclers, or all-round athlete can suit his fancy from the most fanciful. Our new straws are dandles. HORRIS FISHER - THE HATTER. WHEEL TALK. Thetatest iuvcution for the benefit of Mcycle riders is the vulcanlzer. The 74ilcanlzer Is a machine In which, through a certain process, worn and Sursted tires that tave here-to-foro icon beyond repair, can bo made good aa new. This is done by vulcanizing 2aw mbber into the defective parts. In •ihe past whuu bicyclo ^tlres- became .-worn or burstc'd, they had to be thrown aside and new tires substituted, necessitating one of the greatest expenses of •ibe bicycle. This, however, is done away with the invention of the vul- canlzer. The Burgman Cycle Co. late- Jy 'received such a machine and are In position to mend any rubber goods that have been considered beyond -repair. We vulcanize every day. Call at our •tore and see us do it. In our repair shop the brazer is a very useful tool.- We are so equipped that -we can do- tlio very finest of work.. In this particular line. When you journey on your wheel carry a kodak with you. For sale only' by the Burgman Cycle Co. Watches For Japanese Heroes. The Japanese government has placed orders-for 13,000 watches, not to cost more than $2.50 each. They are to be distributed among the officers and men who distinguished themselves in the late war, and.are to take the pluce of the medals usually awarded at the close of national hostilities.—BEAD OTTO'S OFFER. . The suits liltid, against !he -German American of New York, the Liverpool, London and Globe, tlie German Mutual of Indiana, and the-Ohio Farmers'. Insurance companies, l.iy,iBabbltt Schna- dig et al., to collect .insurance-money, have not boon addfyl.to by the filing of the promised eight complaints against the ot.her companies which we.ve losers on the stock.of thp Sterllng'dry goods house, which was. burned last.February. Tlie defendant* in tlieso suits,have been given until .Tune-ll,th to appear in answer to the complaints., : It.is said an cf-- fort is being made lo--compromise the OFFICERS ELECTED. The Red Men of Wei Tribe Choose Servants for the Order. At the meeting, of Wea Tribe, Improved Order,.of .Red Men, -last night, olticers.\vure 'elected for-the ensuing six mouths as follows: I>.-.T, C. Stevens, • S.-F. A. McCavty. S. S.—Walter -Closs.uu. ••••..', .T. S.—Henry Rpach. : - '• K. of R.—S. E. Prici'. ' . K. of U.—,T B; Shaver. C. of U.—George Solid fit. Representative,.tov Grand Lodge—Al- vln Denbo. : -.-- ..,•• TURNED DOWN The Hon. S. P. Sheerin and Sterling: Holt are Deposed. FREE SILVER FORCES Will flanajje Gov. Matthews' Presidential Boom. : elm say •it w^l. BROUGHT FROn niAHI. Case of J. D. Ross vs. James C. Ranking et al. Tho case of John. D. Ross agains: James C. Rankius et ill was filed In the. ia*s Circuit coiirt. yesterday, Laving )t-cu brought here on,.achange of venue '.mm Miami county,.-where the parties ivo, a-ud wilt 1 ro tlie land ia dispute is j located. -,.-,-. Tlie suit is one. for..$:)00 damages, am' liosscssioD of. laud. Hptice ~lo the Ladies. I have established my office In the St. JSlmo building aiid ladies who are suffering from eczema, wrinkles, freckles, tetter and excess redness,of skin, to •.those who purchase one bottle of Ma- 'dam Stringham's face bleach are ,en-'titled to one free treatment for face for the next two weeks. Superfluous lialr and birth marks are treated success- Sully. All ladies and gentlemen are Incited to call and see me. . • i Catherine StriDgliaffl, DERMATOLOGIST. NO SPECIAL SESSION. Tlie grand jury lias not been called foi a special session to rake up sensations, as intimated in an evening paper. Tlioro has been no summons .issued, and It is not'likely that one will .be sent out to tlie grand jurymen. There is no foundation fbr the report. This Watch and Chain FREE with Men's Boys' and Children's Suits and Shoes or ... The WATCH With Suit. The CHAIN With Shoes. Otto Kfaus "Of Course" Excursion to:St Louis, On Account of the - CYCLONE = - The Wabash R; R. Co; will-sell^x-' oursion tickets to St. Louis and return at the'rate of •;;'" ' 3.50 For the; Ri»und Trip. Tickets.will be good going only oa train leaving Loganspo t on Saturday June Ctb at 10:24 p. m. and on train leaving St, Louis on Sunday at 7 p. m. . I. G,; NE WE LL, ADDITIONAL LOCAL Five hundred to nr,ty thousand dollars to loan on city.proper!v.—Beu Fisher, See those-handsome Sl.OO dresdeu pattern waists wilh while collar only OSc today—Trade Palace.. ,,County. .Commissioner'.T. E: Grain celebrated .tlie' fifty-second anniversary of his birth yesterday. The ease of William Hollis against John Hollis, went to. trial in the circuit court yesterday afternoon. To loan, a few thousand dollars, special funds, private money, on good In- diTlduals or' mortgage security. Will buy good notes.—George B. Forgy. . The funeral;p,f Mrs. ; Fohrcr was hold yesterday morning at tlie St. Joseph Catholic'church, tlie.services being conducted by tlie Rev.. Father Koehn'e. Interment was. made, in Mt. St. Vincent cemetery. . -r. Rev. P. Glaviii, twelve years a'Metho- dist minister; noiy pastor-of the^ First Christian Spiritual society .-of 'Cincinnati 'will lecture Wednesday evening .Tune 3, .it Grand Army-hall at S p. m. on'"Why I'Am a Spiritualist.' 1 Admission. lOe. Come and liear the- beauties' of Spiritualism explained. , '.•.'•'•• • Itjs the same old .story and yet con- fitantly recurring that Simmon's-Liver Regulator is the best family medicine. "We have used It lu u onrfamily for eight years and find it the -best' medicine we ever used. We. think there-.-Is '.no such medicine,as Simmons'.-Liver Regulator." —Mrs. M. E,-. S. "A-dinglon,, Franklin,;N. C. "Each'raeinber.irf.our family uses.lt as,opens io.ri;reqviIreS;'' : -rW...B,"Smltli',Mt Democrats were chuckling 10 themselves ami- eaeli-other a row dnys stncu in tlie hope,'thilt.-serious differences had arisen in the ranks of tlie Republican party iu this State. Now the laugh is the other w'a-j^ - The Hon. Sterling R. Holt and .the Hon. S. P. Slieeriu have been tlie ;jjwul and front. of the Matthews presidential boom since the governor was fii'.st mentioned for tliat honor. They have had the inami incut of the affair and no one but ( Unit' tliey hud managed fdur-weeks ago'it was an even guess that Governor Matthews would be the noiniuee.o.lliiisv-part.v at the Chicago convention. Now, everything is Boies. Tho Indianapolis Journal says:. "Governor Mattlmws lias changed his managers-.as one of the resulls incidental to the recent sharp demarkation of tb'e-liiie'between the gold and silver factib'ns"6'f the Democratic party. When he launched his frail barb laden with hope-upon'the troubled sea of presiden- tial'polities' S.'P.Siieerin^of Logansport. secretary of the Democratic National committee, was at the helm and Sterling R. Holt, chairman of the Bomocratic State committee, was acting as a sort of subcommittee of ouo to sign boom letters- and that sort of thing. The other nlglit, Messrs. Sheerin and Holt got togethei-at the Grand Hotel to compare notes and came to the sad eonclu- iion' thiit both of them - had been dumped; 1 ' Matthews had not consulted i'ther of'them about any of his recent nanlfold utterances on the silver qucs- :ion,-nor had-eithcr of them been-called n.during--tlio past month to talk over lotalls.as.of yore. They were not fool- ng very bad about it, for they had regarded this work as a rather solemn liity, .anyhow, but they fully appredat- the -fact that they had been left out. -It was at the behest of the silver nen that Matthews let go of them. They lavo-beeii supplanted In the manage- ne'nt of the boon) by Capt. D. F. Allen of Frankfort, 'and Allen W. Clark, of Grcensburg. It is true that neither of those men know anything particularly about manipulating things at a national convention, but they are "all'right for silver," and that covers a multitude of sI'oi'tca'ntiuKS. Many of the leaders of the party here hold Matthews largely responsible for the sharp break in the Tanks in Indiana. - " 'It i»;..t-he \\'orst display of fool polities I have ever seen.' remarked one of r.bem yesterday. 'I. am a lawyer, and have'no 1 very deep personal interest in. liie money ' Question.'-but I have the deepest kind of an inrcrest iu the Demo- cratic'party, and I'-m afraid this split is going to demoralize us for years. We were till right in Indiana until Matthews got flightened at the rantings of Allen and Clark and a few other impulsive individuals from the small towns, who have boon tilling him up with the great tilings the. farmers are going lo do on the silver question. When Jie came over into the .silver camp it gave them such au access of courage that they Immediately jumped into the saddle, and have" since been riding iiim and all tlie rest of the party In the State to death.' • ' ; 'A month ago he was holding a middle course and doing the smart thini You will Dud a largo majority ol the delegates iirriviurc at Chicago determined to-preserve party unity at all hazards; ready to turn down Hie oxlrem- is'ts on both sides of this cuiTCncy fight 'and pick up' : a man who is not radical on-either side.'Had Maitthows hold 1.0 his middle course he unquestionably, would have been that man. for his location is just right, and he has an-excellent personal record for sound judg- incnt in executive affairs and firmness in dealing with emergencies. But since he has Hopped completely to the silver 'side lie must divide the- strength-of that element in -the conversation with Boies, of Iowa, and it seems, too, that Boies is likely to 'have the 'best of it wLtti the silver extremists, partly because he Is loca-tcd further west a-nd partly because, having been a candidate before a previous convention, he. is better known to the Democrats of the country and Ms WERE YOU AT Harry Frank's Saturday. Nearly Everybody Was. At any rate the biggest crowd of buyers that ever collected within the Four Walls OJT •Logansport business house, filled and packed every inch of available space in our store It was a sight never to be forgotten—About 10 employes were kept busy as bees from 7 a. m. toll p. m. Nearly every township in the county and city sent its share of purchasers. This shows the deep interest manifested in this GIGANTIC CLOSING OUT SALE. Many families bought 5 and 6 suits. This great Losing Sale continues until all is closed out. Respectfully. HARRY FRANK 3i3QFourth Street. Fresh Water Yeast! flakes the purest and sweetest Bread- The Bread Recipe on separate Slip is PERFECT. THE BUCKEYE YEAST CO., ASHLEY, OHIO. other fellows wiH fight as hard as they can." ' A Journal representative called at the ollice of Mr. Sheeriu yesterday evening to ascertain whatltruth there was in rhu statement. He was informed that Mr. Sheeriu is hi Chicago, attending a meet- ins of the National Democratic committee, and will not be home, before this afternoon or tomorrow. THE REASON WHY. Some Merchants Are Said to be High- 1 Priced-With Their .Merchandise While Others Are Called Cheap. THEY WANT DAMAGES, managers know more about handling a convention.. I look to see the light at Chicago between Boles and whatever man tlie sound-money people .may center on.' Another, advantage, Boies will have which- the speaker neglected to mention lies In the fact that, he wiill have a solid and enthusiastic delegation at Chicago, while Matthews •will have 'at least two men in 'the.; delegation who will be against any 'man TF<tio stands for free silveiv Furthermore, there will be a goodly number, of sound-money men from Indiana; .who will not follow him. Tills opposition would have been smothered had the' 1 silver people shown any quarter to, th'e. sound-money side, but :hey have sht>wn such a disposition to t'. them'.': out completely -that now Messrs. Holbruner & LJhl Fence in Public Ground. When the_grade on the Ea-slside of tlie Market street bridge was . established, it is claimed that .ttc city overstepped its property line.and used a strip of ground wliieli was-the property of Messrs. Holbruuer & Uhl. When the grade was being made those gentlemen informed (lie authorities that they were being'infringed, upon, and asked that the ground bo condemned, and. a value fixed by Hie city commissioners. This proposition, it is said, was ignored and the city took possession of the ground which was, about nine feet • wide and about ninety, feet long. Mcnd.-nMuight Messrs. Holbrunor & Chi caused a strong fence to be built around the disputed ground. A disinterested party estimates that the property and the property and tlie damages 'caused by the increase in the grade are worth S1.200. DISEASED MEAT CASE. Suit Against John Barr of Boone Township to Come up Friday. Tiie case, of the Shi to against 'John Barr of Booue "township, charging him .with the sale ot diseased meat, sometime last fall, will be called in the Circuit court Friday. Tho case is one that, attracted wjilesprcavl interest in the county when, the indictment was brought against Mr. Barr by the grand jury, .and the outcome of the suit will bo watched with interest. CHARGED WITH THEFT. Charles O'Connor Arrested Complaint of J. Britton. on Patrolman Hougbitou arrested Charles O'Connor, a young man who claims to hail from Troy, X.Y., and locked him .up yesterday evening. This forenoon he will be given a hearing in the Mayor's court. -He is charged with stealing a coat belonging to a man named Britton, who -boards .at the city hotel. It'Is claimed'the" prisoner was seen to take the coat from the plaintiffs-room, and when he was '.token, by the-officer he had the coat wanted, in his possession. . Mr..and Mrs. Henry Becker of the Eastern! were agreeably smirised .at their .home Monday eveningly a number of. rlends, the occasion being .the You ofttimes hear this remark made of some of our store-keepers: "Well, Messrs. :— & Co. charge good stiff prices for their goods, but somehow their goods always give so much better satisfaction thau do the cheaper goods. I believe it pays to trade with Messrs, & Co. You have to pay a good price but everything ycru buy is in keeping wiUi the price."Good shoe's of all things are important. A well dressed foot speaks well for its owner; either a lady or gentleman may put on nice clothing, and unless their feet are properly clad they are not well dressed, :md it is very noticeable. Now about the style and quality of shoes to wear. It is only reasonable that a good fitting, well-shaped shoe must be made by experienced workmen, consequently this shoe costs more than does the same grade stock made by inexperienced cheap workmen. Cheap shoes, haven't the workmanship, arid as a result' they -do 'not fit soon lose their shape and wear out Line Pilling, the' ; up-to-date shoeman, makes a specialty of good high grade footwear, and his prices nre about-the same as others 'charge for ordinary goods. Try Line's . slices once and you will wear no other. To The Ladies This <s the season of the year when the unpleasant but necessary wort of house-cleaning claims the attention of the housekeeper and not a little d& pends on the appearance of your lace curtains as poorly donc-upcurtalnaspoll the effect of a well-furnished home quicker than anything else. We have experienced help in this class of wen* who do nothing else and we know we •'. can give you perfect satisfaction. We are also making a specialty this year of laundering shirt waists, being tie . only firm in the city using machinery exclusively for the purpose. We will' appreciate your patronage. Campbell Bros. 429 Market St. OPERA HOUSE CLUB ROOM. r We have opened up a first-class club room where all devotees of pool can> spend a pleasant time. Tobacco, clears ; and confections.' Soft, drinks of all kinds. NOTICE TO CONTRACTORS. '>-• Soiled proposals will be received at,-!.. the office of J. E. Grain, architect, 415 ;.< Broadway, until 12 o'clock noon, Satnr;.; : v day. May SO, 1806,'for the remodeling;vjj of a dwelling according to plans and' ! specifications on file .at the Architect's office. M. M. GORDON. twentieth anniversary of their marriage.! If you wish a : lovely complexion.risep i^pratKnibrihi -a-prf. siWpd.V'' ••• .' I Hallock's Antl-Preckle at Ben Flsnert.^;

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