The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 15, 1951 · Page 11
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 11

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, August 15, 1951
Page 11
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W IBM EM) AY, AUGUST 18, (ARK.) OOUKTE* . OT!Wt Our Bqgrjdlng House with Moj. Hoople OUT OUR WAY By J. ft. Williams PAGB ELETEM StJIFF-SHIFffi HAMS You AKJriceo DCLlSHTFOL POOD ACOMA6 FROWTHE (TABIUS OF THESE MOUNTAIN! FOLK ? DO YOU CATCH THAT SMELL BREAD I ALSO &ITS A WHIFF OS AMlAWL <5OME T( M6S, LAkl BEAR ME68E vJlLECAT AW RACCOOM ? TLE STORfES TOl-D TO THE NOSE = A LIFT FOR LIFE! NO OTHER DRINK PICKS YOU UP LIKE »R. PEPPER you've th* knack to fix a snack, Choose Meyer'* Bread, full measure, Hie away to th« lake, youll make no mistakt, "•: Meyer's Bread will give extra pleasure. PRESCRIPTIONS 1 1 Fresh Stock Guaranteed Best Price* Kirby Drug Stores No More Smelly, Nasty Garbage In Your Home DISPOSAL!. Install It Right Under Your Sink Out of Sight! S'.ireds food waste to small bits Washes It safel? down the drain Simple »s A-B-C Fits almost any link. See It to day at HUBBARD & HOKE APPLIANCE CO ^ Quality READY MIX CONCRETE PHONE 2380 Blocks—Culverts JOHNSON BLOCK CO. Htw»j So. Bljthcvltle THE GILA MURDER BY IUIIUS LONG cannon wji n •» stma. MC THW IkTORTl L a « r a ColloB. rjvjf an4 Ji/M:lnI JrAdrr «r t.'olton- Tillr and Ik* w<Bllhl<«i woman la ion*, djra Iron A hean alinrk • flrr bciaii blltrn kj a tlran^e. lerrjfrinx Heard TTBlek wma ID tar Clove compartment of hrr rar. Sam CoKun, (hr widower, wao hai aol held a JOB afaer he married f.aura, la hela( eHmmoned. AUo •nrvlvlBK are a BOB, Lawrence. BDd a arelty ajiavklew» I'atrlete tPat). HI MTTCKELI. siimmoned ^ Paul Baker, the county prosecutor, and Dr. Creviston who was to perform the autopsy. Sam Colion, who had been called by Dr. McCracken, was the first to arrive. He had been home alone and lad come in a hurry In the'Station vagon. His daughter Pat had Iriven off in her yellow convertible and hij son Lawrence de- Darted in his two-door sedan. "This will be a terrible shock to Ihe children," said Sam, emaciated and balding. "I must find them u 5000 as I con." Dr. Creviston, the family doctor by Laura's choice, arrived and fold Sam, "Just leave everytiung •o me. I'll see that Laura is taken •are of. What a dreadful thing! To 09 frightened to death by Hurt monstrosity, whatever K i«r "Eh?" 8am Cblton k>oked bewildered and then seemed for the first time to realize that the lizard that had bitten his wife was an ibject of curiosity and conjecture. "Don't you know what that IsT" h« asked innocently, his expression indicating that it was absurd tor any normal person not to be able to identify the thing. ' ChieJ Mitchell, Bob Crawford and Paul Baker eyed him expectantly, and Sam Cojton decided to tease them a little. "Why, tt'i • helodemw i pectum." When this failed to register, he went on: "You know its common name, Gila Monster. Maybe the pronunciation *Hee-lab' throws you—you've probably heard them called 'Ghi-lah', the way the word "s Anglicized—jusl like people call he Apache renegade Geronimo with a hard G, instead of 'Heronimo.' The Gila Monster is the only poisonous lizard in the. hemis- jhere, along with its near-relative the helodcrma horridum ot Mex- ieo." "Then whoever put it there must -iave counted on it poisoning I^aura!" the coroner exclaimed. Sam stared a moment, then said. "Oh, yes. Somebody had to put it into the glove box, didn't he? But whoever it was must have counted on her heart condition killing her. A Gila Monster's poison, doesn't usually kill a healthy grown human if treatment is prompt." Sam paused. "Most people survive the Gila bite, you know. Fact is, 1 did myself." /• • a • JAM looked around for dramatic } effect, and he got it. For the Brst time in 20 years, citizens of Coltonville were regarding him with something approaching respect "Good grief!" said the police chief. "How'd it happen?" Sam shrugged in the manner one uses to indicate that * wound it only a scratch, "Oh. I asked lor K, The Gila is » peaceful little beggar and won't bother people unless they're looking for trouble. 1 used to catch them and keep them just for the heck of it, and one day I spotted one waddling along out in the desert near AJo. By the way. you spell that A-J-O, and pronounce it 'Ah-ho.' Well, the little devil spotted me at the same time ind took off into some cactus When I foolishly reached around for it, ft nipped a couple of fingers. It must have opened it jaws again for a better bite, because ! got loose: It bit to the bone, but I doubt 11 any poison got to me. ] didn't feel any symptoms." "What are the symptoms? isked Dr. Creviston. "Same as rattlesnake venom. ^irst, speeding up ol the nean action and breathing. Then -a [radual paralysis ol the heart and jrcathing muscles. Hut not enough normally to kill healthy grown people. The (act Is thai unless Ihe ila has a chance to grind its teeth into the flesh, no real supply of venom is loosed into the blood- tream. The treatment's the same as for a rattlesnake bite. Not liquor, of course." "Well." said Dr. Creviston. "Laura must have absorbed a lot of poison, enough at least to make ler bad heart fail her." Sam Collon eyed the physician as if he thought he was a lunatic. "Why. you know belter than that. Doc! The poison couldn't have acted thai quickly. It was shock that caused Laura's heart to fail." Dr. Creviston resented this criticism. "Did you say you'd collected these monstrosities? Do you have a collection of them now- alive?" "What?" Again Sam Colton ooked at Dr. Creviston as if he thought he were less than bright 'Here m ColtonvilleT Good heavens, no! Why in the world should I keep a collection here?" 'I just wondered if you had one," Creviston said thoughtfully. T~)R. McCRACKEN seemed to enjoy Sam Colton's treatment ol the family physician, but he had been eying Sam with Increasing suspicion. "I've traveled in Arizona myself," he said. "1 waj told that Gila Monsters have no poison sacs or venom at all—that nobody knows why they're poisonous." Sam eyed the coroner as If he were a triBe balmy "What bartender told you that. Doc?" . Dr. McCracken straightened Indignantly, but he also blushed. "Why—er—as a matter o* fact It did happen to be a bartender, but he'd hunted Gila Monsters. He was keeping one at the time and showed it to me. It had an awful smell. He said that was because of its poison." Sam Colton chuckled. "Well, Doc, you've fallen tor one ot the most firmly believed Southwestern superstitions. They just naturally smell bad." (To Be Continued) The rare metal palladium requires the working of many tons of ore to obtain an ounce if it- REPAIR SERVICE All appliances: refrigeratory freezers, range*, and washers. Radios and *mall appliance*. All cmr work is guaranteed. Adam ft Appliance Co. What Don't You Need? 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Phone—6856 — 6857 QUEEN 1UNDAI ttjij Cnm* O.IIT gum !• COKES • SIMMS . .1115 . SHHfS L vnm • HHTS DAIRY QUEEN So. Highway 61 WANTED MEN tind WOMEN to follow toads on Hospital Injurant* Great demand — Good Pay When In the Hospital friends send) Flowers — We Send You Cash j SeeUnitedlnsurance Agency 106 8. First St. Biythevilie "Everything In Insurance" At Ixmer Rates A. r. Olflrlc* COPR IM1 BY WA tlRtfrCrT, It-C. 1 FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS By MERRILL BL08SER Going Overboard "Cut th« griping! Do you want your mother to follow you around to do your cooking?" WHERE HAVE TOO BEEM ALL WW LIFE IN ALTA? WHAT \ "itXJ MEAN fWPEM6D 1 MY MOWER? K> THe- I IM HER. . - UH---UH-? / SUBSTITUTE / AfJD MOW, ] HAS AMY60W WAV 1 HELP/ EVER T&LD YOU YOU' J YOU'RE SUPERLOBG05HIOUS? RTSCII.LA'S POP Home Economics x-^VEKY * s [WELL. DEAR] BY AL VERMEEB BUI FIRST YOU'D BFTTER STACK UP A GOOD SUPPLY 1 WE DON'T WANT TO BUN SHORT 1 TAKE COFFEE, FOR EXAMPLE! IT'S THE HOUSEWIFE'S FAULT THAT COFFEE IS SO EXPENSIVE 1 AScreen Record BY MICHAK1. ri'MALLEY and RALPH LANS COULD I WAVE AN =N- Or THAT FRA,>.\=, SHOWIMS THAT F==I_LOW IN/SUR6 ' CAPTAIN EASY Porous Rubber BY LESLIE TURNER THW »^S * I SO HOLE I'LL CALL «0 FROM THE MR.MtTIGG.I PICKED THIS OP A BAUD OF POROUS- ROBBEE...50RTA IIKE ODO! l_.l NEVER SAN IT KFCR6J MUST BE 50HE TH' CIRCUS TmiMJ TO OPITOt. CITY. THEV WJSTVe *OUr\P CAR AND H»\IE 'EM WE CAN C*LL MEND MO' HAVE ARRIUEO UEARW TMO HOURS nso PUT THE CAPITOL CITV police ON ms TRAIL! THE CHARRED REMMM1T eOIWO THRU THE TEASH CAM... ' A DOU'SJZED SIEPLE BUGS RUNNY Looking Ahead SURELY, GUVNOP, -vou •N <SPA,RE A CWAE FOI? <=,UCH ftf, t, TO WHOAA . . ILK: TH OF LIFE , TH E.U1OK. OF 8UT HOW CO.VVE YA, r-\OOCHIN &PIEL . BEFORE I V EVEN IN "JIGHT Gcnflcmcn, He Scaled BY V T. ISAM!.IN Y'KNOW WHAT VOU JU3T \ I DID?OH.WEtT DONE? Y'SIGNED ME UP/OOP DONrYOu' TO FIGHT SOME YAP ^/FEAR_.11.L GFT -, WITH A THREE- I POIMTED 5PEAR! 13 TO IS TH'PLACED ^ f—'-/,'( HOLY COW AN HERE OWNERS SiT'l L k^ f.'U WHIZ. WHAT A YOU BACK.THlS CLAIM C * BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES BY EUGAR MARTIN

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