The Pittsburgh Press from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania on November 11, 1916 · Page 14
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The Pittsburgh Press from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania · Page 14

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
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Saturday, November 11, 1916
Page 14
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1 ION FBE JL 1 football FJgysg , Ianajjers Arc Invited to the Columns of THE PRESS Free or Charge In Arranging Their Schedules. ' I Featured tn THE PRESS Dally The One Big Classified Ad Medium in Pittsbunr and Sunday. Don't niisa It. PITTSBURG, PA., SATURDAY EVENING, NOVEMBER 11, 1916. FOURTEEN PAGES. (El BEFORE THE BIRDS ARRIVE THAT LITTLE GAME: By Bert Link a if m w WW R and Gold Favored to Win. uch Dependence Placed in trength of Pitt's Line Bv Ralph S. Davis. ; kith the championship of Western insvlvania at stake, the university. Pittsburg and Washington & Jeffer-. i colkee football teams lined up ; ainst each other this afternoon at forbes - Field. To be sure, the Pitt later meets Carnegie Tech, ana lust dispose of the Plaid, as wen as . & J., to have a clear claim on mc estern Pennsylvania title, but the ed and Black is regarded as a iSfer foe than the Schenley park am. Indications poinVfcd to one of the I ost spectacular exhibitions of foot-! U of the teason here today. inej ather man was very gracious, after had thrown a scare into both camps ; y predicting that rain mignt mar : roeeedings. - ' , The slight downpour or iiiuismj; as not sutheietit to nun u.v ?-'ield gridiron in any way. in iact. lc wettintc it received did it goou. ( rhe fine weather or yesterday oneu nit ti-m floid Kiiffir intlv. and today it i was in perfect condition. , The game was expected to prove cne I of the fastest played in the country? this vear. The W. & J. otiense con-; sists Vhiefiv of a variety of forward j pass formations, which have proved ei-j feetive Against almost every rum , Metzger's men have met. The Panthers are no less speedy tha?i the Washirgtonians. but tney ocpe i.i more largely on a fast moving, co- j herent running attack. Therefore, both teams were praying for a clear day and a dry field and they got tneir j "iJEHART EXPECTEP TO SHINE, i With the grounos in condition for ; speedy work. Jimmle DeHart. Put s best bet in the running line, -was ex-I pected to be a great factor in tho out- come of the game. His sprinting n.iJ dogging have made him a hero of prao-. ticsllv every game this year. l or . t w1,;ia the, -nnssinfir game is metr ; main reliance, both Fain and Stob. are fast men at carrying the ball, anu were expected to get a lot of watching from the Pitt defense men. Pitt wa also expected to rev largely upon the line plunging of George McLaren anJ xAnaf Hastings, with Gougler in re- SCVar too little attention has been paid this year to the work of the Pitt line, which is beyond doubt, in the opinion of reliable critics, the best which ever ..i tVi Rlne and Gold, and is renerallv rated the equal of any in thi J I'.u.j i9ti9 todav; in fact, many Coll stder the Panther forwards sur;:ior to any possessed by another college team. "They have a hard task today, however, for the W. & J. advance guard is a powerful one. and the victory of the day will in all probability be settled right there, in the contest between the ends, guards, tackles and center. Dot ..- ovner-ed to have an ad vantage at center, where the superb ""Peck. - the local captain stacks up against -Guy, last vear ot tue uari- mouth tresnmen While the Red and'. ui ..i- tr is rool. he can nanny un expected to equal the achievements ot his famous antagonist. At guard. Sutherland and either Sies or Stdhl pre opposed by Capt. Wimberly and4V,l freshman giant. Straw, and here there should be another terrific tussle. The heaviest mart ;on-W. & J.. Henry, plays tackle, andis opposed by Seidel. the weightiest of the Pittites, while on the other side of the line Thornhill. in v-. one of the greatest linemen of the country, has as his opponent either Drew or Carroll, both of pon them eood. it is aammea that Pitt has p.n advantage at enu. vi.r.c ron and Carlson are accounted among t i . i thm lam! 'and it la no dis grace to Tressell. Whitehill and Car- j roll the Wash-Jeff win gmen. to rank) them a little below their rivals who soort the Gold and Blue. All in all. sport ine va- ra!rI,jn i, Biiirht. nowever. i lie 11" 1 " ilAii:1Uwee,riorwards ever I seen in tnis city """" "" -" game, WrwrsiASM IS 1XTKXHK. . Wether Pitt was in a football frenzy today. Thousands J . f ill! t ..'it'.. own fans came to the city for the big -ame. Many of them arrived last t night, and others came in on every trains entering tne cny i morning. Pitt alumni have been coming back from all over the country for this game, and it was stated this morning that never bad so many of the old grads been on hand for a football vontest. Washington & Jefferson was repre- bv a banner contingent. in- ....ii.o miTiv alumni and the entire student body. Special trains brought the team and its followers o Pitts-burg this morning. Last night the alumni held a gathering in a local hotel at which the team was praised, and plans completed for a great rooting duel with the Pittites today. The W. & J- followers were as loyal s could be. All season long they have 'had to listen to tales about the wonderful Pitt team, and to hear their own nets referred to as "under-dogs In today's game. Nevertheless, they have stood up manfully for their favorites, and were prepared today to encourage their eridders so long as a momenta Dlav should remain of the game. Pitt was not underrating its foes. Coach Warner has been laboring with ht men all week, trying to instil into hlr minds a proper regard for the nmws of the Red Black, and strains in- every posible way prevent a fatal feeling of self-confidence w hich would tend to make t his war. rlors let up in their work, and regard the battle today as easy. Thiiehni-C.rrn, - r. - .-.TCar.tjn Henry Wimberly, .- iuy Straw ...... l"rev -Carroll Tressell Stobbs ..... Fata'- '' Ruble .L. ii..... Sutherland ...C .R. ... . R. T... .R. E... . -Q . .1. H... .K. H... PecVt . . . fles or Stahl . St-iUel ". . Ilerron Morrow . . . Hastingt , j . . . .. DHrt ,.. McLnreu Georgetown. Um-Head linesman McCrelght "V Refere Thompson of Ire Moffat, ot Princeton. Merriman. of ueneva. It minutes. Time of uuart Officials' Club Will Meet. ; The annual meeting of the Athletic Officials club of .Pittsburg High schools his been postponed and will be held Monday at 7:4.V in room, Schenley High school building. The members of this organization have teen notified of the change In date by C. Uwrejioe Walsh, supervisor or athletics. Pittsburg High schools. Important business, including the election of officers, will be transacted. Entertainment of the Members has also been arranged, the program starting with moving picture. tnd closing with a plunge in the swimming pool- At Monday's meeting, the Club members who servea as officials in iv.Ktball . eames last season, will be paid off. ; ; BEFORE THE BATTLE GLENN S. WARNER, ritt's coach My team is not in as good physical condition as it was for the Penn game. But I think-the boys will play good football, nevertheless. We are-meeting a strong foe, and my hope is that the mental attitude of the Pitt players will be such as to enable them to put forth their best efforts. The strength of the W. & J. team must not be underrated. SOL. METZGER, W. & J.'a coach My boys may hand Pitt a surprise S today. They have been specially ) trained and coached for this game, ( and are confident, even though Pitt seems to be a universal favorite. 5 My boys are in good shape physically, and are able to endure through a hard battle. CAPT. PECK, of Pitt I look for a close, hard-fought game. W. & J. always plays great football against us, and I think Pitt will play great football against W. & J. The game will be hard and clean. May the better team win. CAPT. WIMBERLY, of W. & J. We are ready. We do not fear Pitt. If we are beaten. It will only be after we have exerted every ounce of strength and energy we possess. I look for a hot battle all the way. mm TEAM By H.C. Hamilton. Cambridge, Mass!, Nov. 11. A raging, tearing gale, , whooping and sizzling around the. corners, a bright sun beaming in Oite of it and a chill in the E&r tbit made overcoats mighty comfortable, gave Cambridge a double dose c-f mixed weather today as this town riwrt!trl tli hee-irminrr nf th annual f? i id ii-nii lnKli .w.Mveeii Ilflrvflnl and I'rinceton. Approximately 5,000 persons from out of town whirled into Bo3to;i today from every spot nearby and many of them from far away. It is estimated that 35.00O persons will be in the huge Harvard stadium when the referee's whistle starts the hour of . supreme struggle between the two great teams. Hotels and restarants wore jammed end packed in a way reminiscent of world's series times. It was almost impossible to find a theater seat and thof that were offered had prices on i them that would have shamed the average world s series speculator. j . i . . i i. 1 . i . . once has the Tiger goal line felt the weight of an alien foot this year and the more important fact that Princeton is represented by team to. inhabit Old Nassau in years.' Princeton students and alumni are covering bets with ' reckless abandon.'- Odds of 10' to- 7 and 10 to-'S on Harvard .were being offered Cand eagerly' grabbed up' early by the student, contingent. Princeton is being given more than the customary look in against mighty John Harvard ine crimson is Deing made t no favor ite largely because of Percy Haughton. The team which bowed before Tufts has been coming fast. tioing back Into scon scores and comnari- ! o". mere is n I unless one lvn (the tried and p there is little to give either s to Harvard because of proved coaching methods lof Hamilton. And this is nlfspt V h fact that rinCeton was able to put over a victorj on Tufts, whereas that little l school not only sent Harvard tumbling It" i" ion oul BCOrtt a Iuil sized touchdown "Big three" football games have a habit of upsetting the dope bucket and smearing the contents all over the place. But this is at least . one time when there is very little dope to spread around. In excitement attending the flrt clash between two of the "big three," tiie football public has almost overlooked the fact that at New Haven, Vale is scheduled for another of its hard games when Brown's powerful eleven makes its appearance at the Yale bowl. Brown, 'always strong, looms this year as the one team likely to do things to Yale's great record. Dartmouth, humbled by! both Georgetown and Princeton, is scheduled against Pennsylvania, but the outcome of this contest has only minor significance. At Ithaca the bigger intersectional conflict of the year will be pulled off when Michigan meets Cornell. The New Yorkers have displayed considerable uneasiness over this conflict and. at best. Michigan is given as much chance as the eastern eleven. BOUTS TONIGHT IN GHARLEROI ARENA Fistic fans of the Monongahela valley will tonight be treated to a bout that comes near being a championship affair, inasmuch as both participants are contenders for the bantamweight title now in the possession of Kid Wil-j Hams. Dick Load man of : Homestead ana jl-ou tinger ot t imaaeipnia are the ' topnotchers who are to appear before the Charleroi A. C at Charleroi. JLoadman has to his credit a newspaper decision over the champion, while Stinger has made repeated efforts to get on with Williams for a titular match. His manager. Jack McGuigan of .Philadelphia, Insists that he will stay after the Baltimorean until his demands are acceded'to. Load man is favored by Charleroi enthusiasts. Dick appeared in the "Magic City" Just following his graduation into the professional ranks and his progress Has been watched step by step by "hundreds- of admirers-. He is known as a rusher and is at the same time a-clever and shifty boxer. Stinger,, too. can- hit. and the chances are that a real battle Is going: to be staged. In the semi-final. Knockout Brennan will meet Chick Rogers: in the second bout, Kddie Wimler goes against Mickey Hart, and in the curtain-raiser. Young Gadsky will hook up with Tommy Marmino. A Glutton for Punishment. Bucknell certainly attempted an ambitious schedule, playing Princeton and then Washington and Lee within four day . -; : - ..'..- - " -". . MORED WHEN ALONE, OR. WAf TING FOP. The gan&, Play The. ulv game with a Silent opponent", IMAGINED HE'S A BlRO You'RE lay in' for. this will make it More interesting-. deal two hands, one for yourself and one for the silent Bird, face Doun. now Take A slant at. his Hand, if He has openers FOR HIM AND DRAW, But Dont , HIS DRAva. KEEP EM FACE DOWN. now play Your own Mitt, and ' A PTE R You OR A ui o R STA N D PAT COMPARE MITTS. IF THE SILENT bird wins, pot ONE OF YOUR CHIPS ON IP You win-vice versa THERE'S NO BETTiNtS OR Raising, this makes ' IHE oTACK LAST much longer GREAT FOR NVALIDS AMD INSOMNIACS., A DO NT v CONSULT WEBSTERi HOPES OF PRINCETON ARE CENTERED Princeton's hope of winning from Har punters. Billy Moore and Eddie Drtggs, Moore hasn't missed a chance to kick a missed only one in. seven attempts, and he has done well at every opportunity. - Robinson. Horween and Bond have star Quarterback, leads with three field goals. In the Virginia game last week, has devel ijoals after touchdown in five chances, and the individual records of the two teams so HARVARD'S RECORD. . . o e 2 e C B C p 3 2 3 W Opponen Touchdowns. . ' Players Casey Horween ....... Thacher ....... Burn ham ...... Bond Allnot C. A. Coolldge.. W. .Murray Hitchcock Home ........ Sweetser . . . . ... . I,ikens , H. Coolldge . .Totals .. Coal From ' Touchdowns. Rbbthsotj Taylor, i Horween . ; . . . Bond (Gardner ...... Home ........ Minot ........ 0 1 6 0 0 0 1 0 0 o 0' 0 0 1 0 1 e o l o 0 0 0 0 0 0-0 0 0 3 7 3 7 25 Totals 1 2 Goal From Field. Robinson 1 0 2 6 19 J Bond 0 0 Totals 1 0 SOCCER FOOTBALL. A big crowd is expected today at Homestead park to witness the semifinal soccer football match between Braddock and Homestead in the West Penn cup-tie competition. The schedule and referee assignments for today follow: - . Central Division Cecil at East Pittsburg. R G Corns to referee; Curry at Bridgeville", R. Raymond; Treveskyn at Castle Shannon, Frank Walters to referee. - Monongahela Division Pittsburg Steel Products at Coketiurg T. Birks to referee; Dunlevy at Gallatin, W. Reid to referee. Junior League Ambridge at Castle Shannon, R. Brown to referee; Sturgeon at Morgan, J. Lowther to referee; Bridgeville Rovers at McDonald, A. Goldie to referee; Hyland at W. Carnegie, A. Liggett to referee; Heidelberg at Curry, J. Campbell to referee. Westmoreland County Yukon at Herminie. Keystone at Rilton, Larimer atfMaduion. The suspension of J. Maize of Cokeburg has been lifted. The standing of the teams is as follows: lENTKAL division. , Games Goals . j P W L DrForAstPts1 treveskyn ......... 5 5 0 J II S 10 l astle Shannon B 4 1 0 1 4 S cit , B 3 1 1 T Curry ....! ' J 2 1 7 Beadvllle f " J S Vast Ilttabure . 0 0 6 0 2 19 0 fcast jjqjJqjjq jHEjjA DIVISION. Games Goals PW L Dr For Art Pts Dunlevy I I' Pittsbure Steel Prod 8 4 2 7 Saflatin 2 4 7 11 J Cokrburr -.. i 1 4 1 3 12 3 WESrsIORELAMJ COtTNTT DrVISION. Games Goals P W L. Dr For Aft Pti Madison . Yukon . . . Herminie Keystone Larimer , Rilton . . , , .... 4 4 0 0 16 3 S , 6 2 1 2 10 C 6 , 4 2 1 1 S 8 4 , 4 12 1 9 9 1 ,. 3 12 0 6 11 2 4 -4 0 3 lti 0 JUNIOR DIVISION. Games Goals P XV L Dr For Art Pts ; 0 0 44 8 1 8 2 87 11 12 C 4 1 2 18 10 10 8" 5 2 1 10 10 11 7 4 2 1 13 14 fi 2 3 1 12 . 14 6 8 11 0 4 8 2 Morgan ; . . . . Heidelberg Bridsevilie .... McDonald ..... Sturgeon ....... Curry .......... H viand Castle Shannon West Carneela . 0 4 3 18 28 2 2 0 3 0 0 18 0 SOS 2 30 0 Ambrldre - DISTRICT LEAGUE. "' 5' ,: Games Goals -- . - . ! P W L. DrForAgtPti Braddock i S 3 10 7 Noblestown 3 3 0 1 7 1! S Homestead 3. W..Jt 4 2 1 1 13 4 5 Ambrldre 4 3 ; J r 3 16 1 ilyland 2 0 S 3 11 Soccer Games Are Wanted. The manacers of the Swissvale. Sturgeon and Heidelburg Junior soccer teams are requested to get into cam- ' ir.unication with Thomas Brown. Jr t Castle Shannon, Pa., in regards to ar ranging soccer games. Additional Sporting on Page 8. DISCARD r A ON THREE MEN vard today centers on the team's two and the star drop kicker, Dave TIbbett. goal after touchdown this season. Tibbott has kicked three field goals. Funk also red for Harvard as kickers. Robinson, sub Bond, a substitute fullback, who starred ped into a good punter. He kicked five also kicked a goal from field. Following is far this season: PRINCETON'S RECORD. ? ?- $ V ' Iff.? 3 3 o n c t; 5 Opponents Touchdowns. Players Eddy .-. 0 1 0 3 0 2 Moore 1 e 0 0 0 2 3 Driggs 2 0 0 0 1 0 3 Funk 0 l 0 0 0 0 1 Brown . 0 '1 0 0 0 0 1 Haas 0,1 0 0 0 ,0 1 'Tibbott , 0 0 0 .0 0 1 1 Ames 0, . 0 0100 1 Comey 0 0 o'o 0' 1 1 Tatals 3 4 0 4 1 6 18 Goal From . . Touchdowns. Tibbott 0 0,0 2 1 8 6 Moore 3 0 0 0 0 2 5 Funkx .' 0 s o 0 0 1 3 Everstadt 0 0 0 1 6 0 1 Totals .......... 3 2 0 3 1 6 15 tioal . From Field. "-. ; Tibbott i 0 01 2 0,0 3 Funk 0 1. 0 0 0 01 Totals 0 1' 1- 2 0 0 4 Wilkinsburg High Wins. Wilkinsburg High school football team .defeated Connellsville High school at Wilkinsburg this morning by the decisive score of :?0 to 0. The Holy City lads have not been beaten this Season. Wilkinaburg SO. Connellsville 0. McCoy V. U E. . Herskowkz L. T.. Howler i L. G. . ilyers C Skinner ........ ..R. G.. Melmloe R. T. . Barton .......... It, 15.. George Qr. . . . Hellman L. H. . "Dufflnbaugh R. H.. Stephens . . . F. . . . Touchdowns Heilman . . -Martray Carson Daniels McCormick . . Rodgera Liehliter Loughry ... Miller Darr . . . . Lyons . . Dugrgan George 2. Field goal Heilman. Goals from toucmiown Heilman 3. Substitutions Walker for Duf flnbaugh, Stahlman for Mclndoe, Marietta for Daniels, Moore for Lyons, Buttermore for Rodgers. Debolt for Loughrey, Ash for Moore. Jlill bigger today than ever- j ImVmll when you think how if H . the cost of everything Jl 18 I I else has risen. i j : I I y - Ijll j the cigar with tibat ; k JU Presado Blend 5 I j j L. Goldsmit, Bro. & Co., j Ijl J ijj IJ Distributor, Pittsburgh, Pa. Jjj WELL, I'VE got Three Tens LE'S SEE WHAT ) HARRY. With, "BVGS'BAER, " ! B 00E99 PUBlOniNe ca tABID RUDOLPH savs: R "A leaguer needs good big hands to play baseball, but he'd rather have 'em in poker. Looking over the amateur arolf rales in Massachusetts, we discover that the rulings on amateur solfera are very strict In that bailiwick. In order to be an amateur in Massachusetts you must Be less than eight feet In height. Be no heavier than 67 pounds net. Wear suspenders or a belt or both or neither. Be owner of at least one vest. AND LAST, BUT NOT FEWEST, HE MUST LIVE IN MASSACHUSETTS. TO BE AN AMATEUR. The back-to-the-soil movement Is getting; stronger each year. It was so strong' In the west last season that an ump got enough of It to make a farm with each decision. FRED M'KAV IS HANDICAPPED IN MOST OP HIS FIGHTS BY THE NARROWNESS OF THE EXITS. When Schalk throws to second base his toss Is so accurate that the second baseman doesn't have to tag the runner. He's out on strikes. ' Being a golf amateur tn Massachu setts is almost as difficult as getting wei wnen you tan. overboard. The Red Sox were slow In e-ettinir started last season, but the winner of a Marathon doesn't start with a sprint either. " Some Lost Election Bets. John D. Rockefeller is -coins to let his hair groir, Annette Kellermann will not touch her chin with a razor until a woman President Is elected. New York. New Haven & Hartford will not tun on time until Alabama goes Republican. Kaiser will not visit Paris until Milwaukee goes dry. . Jess Wlllard Bantam class. must keep out of the Racing Opens at Tia Juana. San Diego, Cal., Nov. 11. What promises to be the most successful racing meeting ever held in this section opened this afternoon at the Tia Juana race track, just across the Mexican border in Lower California. Virtually all the horses which were raced in the recent meeting at Reno have been shipped here. 1 X HAI5RY. y .:a Art 1 "i. f it I lull ii ' Br GIBBONS ' DEFEATS DILLON St. Paul, Nov. 1L In one of the greatest bouts ever staged in this part of the country, Mike Gibbons. St- Paul, handed Jack Dillon, Indianapolis, a neat little trimming. From the very first tap of the gong until the last, Gibbons demonstrated that he was a past-master of the fade-away,- boxing. He would rush in, hand the Indianapolis bearcat a series of punches and then fade away before Dillon could get his heavy artillery into action. In the first round the men met and like a shot from the clear sky. Gib bons landed a right to face. Dillon looked surprised and started his bor ing in methods, but to no use. i-id bona" would not stay in one place long enough for the giant-killer to get a smash at him. In the second, Dillon came up looking rather dismayed. Dillon In this round tried hard to land his famous knockout blow, but Gibbons made his attempts look so foolish that even the grim Dillon was forced to smile. In the third round Dillon seemed In clined to hang on. Gibbons met the giant-killer at his own style of bor ing in. They mixed in the center of the ring. Gibbons having all the ad vantage of the in-flghting. In ihe fourth, fifth, sixth, seventh and eighth. Gibbons did all the leading. Dillon would stand in the middle of the ring and make Gibbons come to him.. At the end of the eighth Dil Ion's , face was badly puffed and Gib bons to this time had not stopped a real hard blow, all Dillon's attempts going wild. Welsh May Box Kilbane. Freddie Welsh, lightweight champion pugilist, and Johnny Kilbane, the featherweight title holder, may fight at Toledo about, Dec. 15. It is planned to hold the contest, which will be for 15 rounds, in the Terminal auditorium of Toledo, where seats can be arranged for 15,000. .AMERICA' WHISKEY LQUD SUNSH1KE Erevan & Gs239d, Pittsbsrg Mltali ' 112 Fullerton St. ) I1N Grant. j SIM Slain. j 1 irny nw 1 WME : .. IL M PENN TITLE ILTHOU H DOWN east ov ershalow air else on Forbes ield between the fair to WE e the most interesting contest on the country's card. IT IS A eeting between trained and well coached for todav's by the greatest xhibition of forward passing of the season, unless the t do as it did a vear aero acrainst Bob Folwell's Wash- Pitt machine c; ingtonians ak up the passes opponents. EARLY IV season It flaared P would be Me to art ve Pitt a stirrer have changed to (such an extent that the outlook today was for the as me belnar ffiorr interesting land excttlnr than that with the Quakers. Pitt Is the favorite, but Pitt will knc she ha been Through a real football battle before the anal whistle sounds tHnay. 57 No Room fop IT IS A1-.MOST inconceivable recent report irom iNew York, to the effect that Organized Isascball is planning tpe formation of a third major league, by a consolidation of the best cflties in the International league and the American association. ' - THERE IS 90 room In this country for a third major league, and the sai-natea know this!. I was conclusively proved during; the life of the ill-fated Feds, who tried to g-afher together eight teams of such strength as to make them real rivals of the IV national and American. TUB FKDSI failed, not alone because they were founded on double-deallas; and unfairness hut as well because there wss no room for them. And there is no room for another league, which would enter into any sort of competition with the majors. Ill the organization is termed. It will be a grievom mistake. j Will Not Eliminate Spitball. IT HAjS BEEN said that at their annual meetings this winter the major leagues are likepy to put ing the use pi the spitball; The be made at jail. The spitball is years, and rtever except in the scarce, is tHere any real agitation in both big; leagues who would be absolutely helpless without this aid. They havS gone back in effectiveness, and have adopted the spitler to help theml hang on a few years longer in fast company.' Why should these menlbe deprived of their greatest asset? There is uo real reaon. I , ! Old Penn Making Money. THE inTVERITY of Ieiiilvnnln is enloylna the best arid aesson. lies-.. dally. It hrs had In years. The chnnge In the coaching system l given rr4' for this condition. For several seasons the (tuskers were under coaches !' antagonise pnblle and the pres. They failed to look upon football ii sport In wHleh the public had nny rights whatever, and the result was that t renn team piaycu io very small crowds. THEN CAME the shakeup which put and the Quakers at once became more son have all drawn well, and those remaining on the schedule are likelv to pro.o very profitable. One of tho best attractions on the program is the game with the University of Pittsburg, a contest which bids fair to further inorease fn popularity" and Importance until it Is ranked as one of the real classics of th gridiron campaign. Why NOW THAT It has been settled that at the White House for a few years, Barney Dreyfuss may get him to take Garry Herrmann's place on the National Commission. ROCHESTER BOUTS WILL BE ON LEVEL Rochester, Pa., Nov. 1L When Wimler an Fundy meet Saturday. Nov. 19, in th squared circle It will be the first tttne in seven years that fight fans here lve been given a chance to watch their ;favored sport in their own home towni The fights are to e on the squat and this is guaranteed on each "BILL" H0LLENBACK the Famous Football Coach, Says: "For several years I have used Sloan's Liniment on some of my football players, and always found it very effective for sore muscles and bruises Xj7 siS Sloan's Liniment for sore, ctitf muscles after football, rowing, basketball, baseball, tennis or any athletic activity. Sprains, strains, bruises and the pains and aches of rheumatism and neuralgia are quickly relieved. At druggists 25c, 50c, .$1.00 v A" AT STAKE TODAY. the Harvard-Princeton battle may .... a . the gridiron today, the Dattie at Pitt Panthers andAV. & J. bids two "wonderful elevens, pertcctly clash. It is likely to be featured which had previously fooled all by local followers of tho sport that Old argument than W. A J.. bat condition m m Third League. that there can be any truth in the on the boolfs legislation prohibit chances are that no such move will not an evil. It has been in me fnr oti-season, when baseball news is a bit against it. There are hurlers todav Bob Folwell In com mand of th teiti). popular Their games thus far this sea . Not? Charles Eva ns Tliiirh.i wnn't Via ticket and backed tip by the council men of the town. Mike Lennon, who has managed manv boys and promoted first-class fights fur a number of years, will be In ol'Hrtre of the festivities and has made it plain to tte fans that they will get their money back if the fights are nnt worthy. The boys for the preliminary and the semi-final bouts have as yet not been selected but lennoii states he will give the fans the best card thnt can be arranged in this district for th money. The main bout will be 1 rounds while the other two will be of six and eight rounds respectively. T7 u ssr mm n n fi .4?-iHA ei ' ( J SI

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