The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 7, 1947 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, April 7, 1947
Page 8
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EIGHT BI/VTHEVIM.E (ARK.)' COUU1EH NEWS MONDAY, AP1UL 7, 1947 15 Persons Hurt fc Train Wreck Thirteen Cars Jump ,; From Rails, But None Of Passengers Killed COLUMBIA CITY, Iiicl.. April 7. (UP)—-Kitten persons were, injured three ot them seriously, "hen the Pennsylvania Railroad's crack Gotham Limited struck a switcl- •bstruction hi its dash for Now York City early today and jumped tfie' tracks In (lie residential <J:s- txirtt here. The injured weie taken to Fon Wayne," Ind., 19 miles to the Southeast. There were no deaths Railroad officials said the train hajV s|j&cd down to pass a freight In the West end of the city, atul that the first 13 car s of Uic 15-car tiain jumped the track al 12:34 «jm. when the engine struck "some obstruction" in the . crossover switch. All cars remained'vph'jht. Those of' the 275 passengers who were slulkeu up received first aid. treatment at the city hall, and I continued their journey by mis to Port Wayne where they were to catch other castbomid trains. Pennsylvania maintenance men 'estimated it would bJ than 12 hours before traffic could Ire rc-| sunied on the right of way. More [ than 1,100 feel of tra'ck was torn up by the train utter it left the raiis. Ijiisls. | The M.»M« British spent) $350,000,000 since war to help maintain a RightllM government. Much of thisl was used to cope with Com-1 munisls, possible trouble! from Red satellite Balkan! neighbors. Proposal of U S.f aid to Greece and Turkey] angers Soviet. Although her economy is stable, Turkey's future is uncerluin because of differences with her powerful neighbor, Russia. A Greek collapse would result in Soviet pressure from three sides. Russia demands control of Dardanelles. Middl large U. S. oil stakes ond vast new oil developments, of growing importance. Washington has already backed the anti-Soviet Iranian government. VHK... strike began shortly before! schedule in Washington, 13. C.. although picket lines did not form until (i a.m. A good half hour ahead ' of the deadline, groups of operators were clustered around the city's exchanges, greeting fellow workers as they driltcd out of the building. Federal seizure of telephone facilities was highly improbable. Attorney General Tom C. Clan; ruled that the government had the power, but President Truman decided against using it at this time. The ivernmcnt had pinned all its hop'js i reaching a settlement. Postponement I'lea ignored The strike deadline was less thai i minutes away when Schwelten- •\ch entered the Labor Deparbnenl udUorfttrn to nsk the toi> t >mmittce of the National Fed'.T.i- on of Telephone Workers to ordc 48-hour postponement. 'I think I have a right to talk you not only as the secrelar f labor but as a proven friend < our organix-ation," he began. Thei e went on to say that "consider ble progress" had ben- made .irough the night and thV, in 43 ours it might bf: possible Lo rjach settlement. 11- As Schwcllcnbach reached thclj loor on his way out of the nudi-11 oriiim, NFTW President Joseph' * Hclnic, arose and dismissed itic P-il- [ similar to New Jersey's surd seizure' cy committCG until '!. |).m. wi'-lu'iit: w «;i possible in both, icntionine Schwellenbacli's roo.ucst. The strike extended from coast NIC strike was on, ' lu coast, iilthoutjh some arcus were Virginia and Indiana met laws not ullcctcd. ^ With Britain pull ing out in 1948,: country will be open ro Communist influcncs; notable mr.-easc in Moilem-Hindu rioting. Lclt and right ^\ groups clash; U S. may .oon propose an anti-Coni- umit aid program similar to Greece-Turkey plan. Map highlights nrc of nations al loot of Russia's Iron Curium which arc critical areas in the iiUcnuilioiiid scene. This arc extends soniu 8000 miles from Germany to Korea. Air Corps Probes Crash In Tennessee ;DECATURVI10jE. Tcnll., 'April 7.i (UP)—An Army Air Corps Invest!-' gating crow today continued to pirc'ie the wreckage of an nrirfy transport plane which crashed near here v Saturday, killing the four persons aboard. iNamea of the crash vi:'.lms had not been released. The plane crashed in n small clearing and exploded during a driving rainstorm. Wreckage of the Spa Mayor To Take Oath Office T OQQV HOT SPRINGS. April 1. (UP) — The inauguration of Earl Ricks mayor of Hot Sprinj-s will hl light a busy day in the result town I today. Ricks— hero of the Army Air Gambler Gets Prison Term In New York (t.'.P.I-— plane and the badly dismembered " Meanwhile Mclaughlin made bodies of the four victims were |)llms fo] . n ao-mlmite radio address scattered yards. over several hundred One wing of the plane was found almost' two miles away from the crash scene, indicating the plane may have lost a wing while in flight. NEW YORK, April 7. Alvin J. Paris. Broiulwny '{anibliir" was sentenced lodny lo .servo ono Corps-will take his seat tonight re- yc . ir ,„ 1}1 . lson U)1 . his nitomr.t in placinc the colorful Leo McLaugh- f(x , hc N .u[ unil [ professions! lin who has served as major mid L ue f(10 i, m i, championship political boss of the Spa lor 20 K(lm " c lasL D( , ccln i )(M .. Paris was convlcatca oi a'n fil- trm))t to bribe Frank nM-.ock and Merle llapes, New Yo''k Giants liackficld stars, lo throw tho y cn ,- s _ " ,, t 0:30 tc . n jj, nt 011 lul uniin.ioiinccd I subject. McLniiRhlln withdrew from :loc~ L chanipionsliip yaine tho Chl- sentenced by Judge in CiCriurel Sessions Baptist Editor Dies BRUNSWICK, Ga., April 7. '(UP) —The bady- of Dr. O. P. iQilbcrt. 72, editor of the Christian Index, officialvorgan of the Genrgla Baptist,''Convention, will ie brougnt here for funeral services and burial today. ;Dr. Gilbert died Sunday at Alken S. C., from a.heart attack. the mayor's race prior to the CIKC- , lion and before he was indicted on citeo. Bears. The bribery plot numerous counts by a special Gar- unsuccessful. land County grand jury. Also making Hot Springs history 1 today will be the final session o[ court by Municipal Judgi; Vern Ledsjcrovoorl—who has resigned utter \hnost 35 years on the bench. Governor Ben Lnncy is cxiieu'.ctl to smc James R. Long as Ledgerwood's successor. Give Bos ton ions Kirsten Fiqtstad Great Welcome BOSTON, April 7. tUPi—Kir'itcll Plagstnri, famud WiiBnerian soprano who lius been criticized for alleged Nazi collaboration during the war, was en route to Milwaukee, Wis., today for a concert appearance, nE- ler a wildly enthusiastic reception Paris was Saul Strcit Court. ! The jurist noted Mint Piuis could h;ive been ;;ivon :\ five- year sentence, but said the tcrr.i was reduced t cone year because Paris had coaui'nitiM with the .state in testifying I'gai.isl others \vho were- :\U",.'eil lo been involved in me plot him. Caruthersville C. of C. Elects Cain President CAKUTHERSVILLB. Mo., Apr. "i. —Dennis L. Cain has been eKcccd president of the Carutnerfville Chamber of Commerce by the Board of Directors, it was announced today. Mr. Cain, a World War II veteran. Is a native of Pemlscot Count.)', t.av- iiiK completed high school here. lie worked with the United States Engineer.> for several years prior to entering business here. Mr. Cain succeeds Chnilcs G. Ross as head of the civic group, the latter asking that his name r,ot be . submitted on the ballot again. I Other officers re-elected by the bnnrd were, Pat Patterson, Mcre- I tary-matuiuer, Roy Harper and Wili lie Cluiflln, vice-chairmen, and Owen H. Ferris, treasurer, Mr. Patterson announced that rc-p- reKcntativcs of the engineering firm with which the Chamber of Commerce has contracted for :i tralfic to be made in the interests three; survey have of the Joseph A Bslrne set the pace fo liis fullowers liy joining ths Wash inBton picket line. The strike started first in tli Kastcrti time /one with all the big city exchanges, including Ne<. York's, affected promptly <:n th walkout deadline. But fewer I ha 1C per cent of the city's 2.nn,0j telephones nrc operated manually. Emergency Calls <iii Through . Tn Washington, President Tin man and high uovrrmncnt officia were given a secret number to fa for priority service. liuth management and works had been set for the strike. Wlii the Lompanies nflectcd nins management personnel to hand emergency calls, union picket ii teams formed lines in front of changes. At St. Louis 8,000 walked out. Al-l bcrt Diprosphcre, vice president ofl the Southwest Bell Telephone 1 Workers Union, said 45,000 niujnbcrsj in Missouri, Kansas, Arkansas, Ok-1 lahotmi, r i'cxas, and a part of south- \ ern Illinuis were out. In most, localities, emergency calls were going through. They ivere 1)3- ing handled by supervisors and other management personnel who were detailed to take over the lusks of. Dr. F. B. Elliott 209 West Ash St. Announces a New PHONE NUMBER 3655 the old number—556, has hccn discontinued OGDEN SOYBEANS Rcclcancd and Sacked I A. I. WHISTLE Ark. *"-, Oil/ ^ J -.-••' everything in " "INSURANCE UNITED INSURANCE * - ; AGEHGY, \.\ ... _ . t . ^-.-,.»*• Over Cu«rd, J«welry_ Sto^e '\ A. F. DIETRICH, Mgr. Davis Brothers Service Station & Garage FKANKUN KOISBINS, Mechanic. Lion Products iMnnilii, Arkansas General Tires Aulo Paris & Accessories KEROSENE & FUEL OIL CALL 2089 •The Old Reliable" G. O. POETZ TOKT Boarce oi PKTUOLEUM PRODUCTS Oincc RR at Chsr Come To: U-DO-IT LAUNDRY With Those Dirty Clothes Open 7 ;t. m. - Clnsc [>::!() p. m. TuL-stlay and Clusc Thursday NiuhtN Opep 323 North 2nd St. Till » o'C.lork bridge project here, wore In I the striking workers. CarullicrsviUc last weekend :,o make the survey. POLLARS HOME- TO DOLL UP YOUR New fixtures, new paint job, repairs — make your old house a new home. Get the cash with a F.H.A. Loan from G.C.P.C. Up to 3 years to repay. .- 122 W. ASH ST. BIYTHEVIltl fhono 2923 GENERAL CONTRACT PURCHASE CORPORATION by n Boston audience. Mine. Flugstad, a grandmother, was near tears :u slu I acknowledged Hie enthusiast!: ovation from the stage of Symphunv Hull. Her concert yc.sterclay inari;?d her lirst appearance hi this country since the war. "I nm deeply touched." iiir. tol:l interviewers in her dressini: riioni. "I never expected au>'ti!iiu: like "His. rioslon iuis nlway.s bwn \'eiy kind to me, but this is even MIOIC than I had hoped tor. 1 am tr,ily grntelul." Tiie performance vent oil without incident. Several plain clnihrs- nlcn mingled with the crowd [:) guard against any detnonstra'.iun and policemen were stationed back- •stngc. Pictures uf the (oiiner Mct- •opoliliin opera singer, which Iv.ul )ecn defaced with swastikas diivini; lie past two wcok.s. liad '.icon re- noved from billboiinls outside the Kill. PHONE STRIKE Priority was gi'-'en cans i.i-:&'ixjnv; serious accident or illness, police aid, fire, fiood, riot, and other natural or civil disaster. Other calls were on n first-come, first-served on the Job The life or Thomas Purr, famed Shropshire. England, centenarian, spanned the reigns of ten kin^s and (lUcrns: Edward IV, Edward V, Richard III. Henry VII. Hrnrv VIII. Edward VI. Mary I. Elizabeth. Jamesl. and Charles I. lie lived from 1483 to 1G3S. Road Conner KCWS Want Ads Conlinuiul from I'^gc 1. , faciUllcs of t::; -Tew Jersey l^H Telephone Co. and called on '240JJO strikers t« K" bsick to work at oncr> Union leaders, however, refused lo put out a back-to-work order., At Kcnrny, N. J.. iiolice arrested "'n picket on a "disorderly person" 1 charge. In New York. '15,900 workers struck. There as at exchanges throughout the nation the company mobilized supervisors nnd others to linndle long distance and emergency calls. OITirinls said the rush hours wou'd determine whether ellicicn'. Ions distance could be maintained. No disruption of service *.vas reported on telephone company circuits used by press associations. Tn the Detroit nrcn 18,000 workers walked oxit. In Michigan the strike complicated the task of combatting critir;*! flood conditions Uinjiigli the southern part of the state. Local service >vns maintained tno:it New Englsuul nrea.s beca it is handled by unions tint affiliated with the federation Bui elsewhere the walkcnr, i pea red lo be procecdirm a'> the NFl'W planned it. NFTW President MAKE IHEM IAST »Y PROPc» BLEACHING JUST ARRIVED LATEST MODELS • Almost every hour in the clay you wilt find a good use for the "Jeep" as a truck, light tractor, runabout or ^ mobile power unit. With its mighty "Jeep" Engine and powerful 4-wheel-drivc, you can go most anywhere in a "Jeep," on or off the read .. . iu fair weather or in Coul. Get a "Jeep" on the job. It will pull plows, harrows, seeders, mowers; tow 5,500-lb. trailed p.iyloads; haul 800 Jbs. The "Jeep" will carry men and tools across town or to hard-io-get-ac places in a jiffy. '. Wherever it goes, its power take-off is ready to run your machinery right on the job. Come and sec what the amazingly versatile 4-purpose "Jeep"- can do for you. 5fE THE MIGHTY '/EEF' AT i>OOLE MOTOR COMPANY Formerly HOLLY MOTOR CO. j. ELLIS POOLE, Owner and Operator t Phone 49 _ Steele, Mo. Don't Bleach the HARSH WAY ttilh uncontrolled bleaches An uncoiitroSlcJ Wc-ich, line varies in strength from one-bottle to the next, m.ty c.iuse von to r.-irb'tmb youi cm torts \n<\ linens. This o\is fabric thtc.uls. They weaken and soon it.iy out, assliown above. Stock Our assorted selection of new Philco Radios and Radio Phonographs is now on display. Excellent choice, if you come in cil once. Easy terms. PHILCO 1203. Charming Radio - Phonograph with new Philco Automatic Record Changer! Plays up to 12 records automatically. No needles to change. A marvel of quiet, quick operation. Featherweight tone arm protects records. Powerful j 4 « 95 radio with superb tone. HatJwood cabmc-t. • » "" 11 PH1LCO 420-IVORY Ultra smart table inoilcl radio in ivory plastic cabinet. Powerful ILlcc- tro-Dynamic speaker superb tone. 6 1'hilco tubes, including rectifier. antenna.^c illuminated A line Christmas gift. While they last 9 95 90 coil, single deck spring, premier wirc r crimp tied top, medium size top border wire, embossed frame, aluminum color. FURNITURE COMPANY POWERFUL PH1LCO "350" PORTABLE New war-developed circuit, no special aerial. Sensitive. Plays on' c trains, planes, re- S/J'j Bleach the GEN TL_E WAY With Controlled-Action Purext Ever honlc of Purcvlus the s.irnc mote locations Baucry.ACurDC. . s.nnc cnrrctt net ion. I 'sol .is ditccicil. Purrs iif:tr nvctbic.icltcs. Lc provides Controlled Ai tion Vcc.iu^c ;;'.i pur t>y tfic Process,".' : \viih Pur ex, \Yhilc .un! cottons linens tonic on; frcs)>, st.nn- ami snowy. And Purcx is ^o c.n~; to 11 sci. . .no 1 1 AT Jet on thing 5 wAsliing. A: y)ur grocer's. Wednesday is [HE CONIRO: - .ED ACTION B.EAC1 GENTLE TO liHfNS His one and only Radio Show . . . wifh the Charioteers, Skifch Henderson, John Scot! froffer's Orchcslra. ond auesls. Tune in ! All ABC Stations Every Wednesday ll.iiai ,n:J !ftr>!> i lilc ai:.l Velhif :.'•> titni er. toll/;. 401 W. Main

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