The Pittsburgh Press from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania on October 22, 1916 · Page 30
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The Pittsburgh Press from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania · Page 30

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
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Sunday, October 22, 1916
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sporting jctaow paou two THE Pl'll'SBUllG PltKSS SUMisA MOKNiwG, OCTOBER 22, 101G. TEOIOEF H3 BP fBffiTfft'FI (CT?( i Allegheny Holds Plaid to One Touchdown in First Half, But Gets Worst of Breaks in Second By W. B. McVicker. In facing the Allegheny college eleven yesterday at Tech field, the Hki-bo knights of the moleskins were called upon to show more than they did In their fray with Grove City a week ago, but the local gridders were not found wanting, and. after a strenuous struggle, were returned the victors, 27 to 0. - With the score S to 0 at the end of the first half, in favor of the Plaid, there was every indication that the final result would show but a few points between winner and loser, as Allegheny's offense was becoming more dangerous as the game proceeded. At the start of the second half, however, the breaks of the game went to Tech, where previously they had all favored the visitors. This brought about a big change, and 19 points were registered in the third and fourth quarters. The . cool weather served to keep down the attendance to some extent, but there was several thousand lovers of the sport on hand to make things lively throughout the fray. There was no need of cheering, however, to keep up Interest in the game, as there were few moments when the teams were deciding the question of supremacy on the chalk-marked field that interest Nvas allowed to lag. Between the halves the Tech students, headed by the Plaid band, did their usual snake dance and letter formation stunt. FUMBUXG HURTS TECH. Although the Allegheny team came here much heralded as an open-play team, few forward passes were tried by either team until the start of the third quarter. Most of the visitors' heaves were incomplete, although several of them brought substantial gains. By losing the ball on downs or by fumbles. Tech passed up several opportunities to score. Had these resulted in tallies, the final result would have been in the forties, with the Plaid on the long end. From beginning to end, Finlay was the star of the fray. With three touchdowns to his credit and at least a half dozen spectacular runs, it is not to be wondered that he was Boon the center of attraction and was closely watched throughout the game by the spectators and his opponents. DESPEKATE RESISTANCE. Allegheny first showed its strength In the first quarter when, after short end runs and line smashes, the ball was placed on the visitors' 15-yard line. On two tries, Brunwasser placed it on the nine-yard mark and then Kesner was thrown for a six-yard loss. Kesner's forward pass to Wright placed the pig-ekin on the five-yard mark, but a few inches short to register a first down, and the oval went to Allegheny. It was booted out of the danger zone, and Tech again started a steady march to the coveted chalk line. On a dash around Allegheny's right end and a line smash. Marshall took the ball from the visitors' 34-yard mark to the U. Another break went against the local boys at thia period, as Brun--waeser fumbled after carrying the ball to within seven yards of the goal Scannell fell on it, on the next play punted to Kesner on Allegheny's ;su-y?rdline- Marshall made eight yards at Allegheny s left end and Finlay carried the ball to the visitors' l-yard line. Marshall took It to the 12 and J.U?W,as?eto the 10- Kesner then k,ilted Isht end' and Placed the oval within three yards of the line. Mar-shall was thrown for t three-yard loss, h,eupieskm s,x yard3 from fnLwn next play. Finlay crashed fir? nUfSheny ,eft tackl for the first tally just a few moments before leghenv 0 KaI- SCOre' Tch A1" t tHfFIrr. IN" SECOND PERIOD. Little scoring was done in the second quarter, but it was none the less fnteV-esting. Shortly after play was staged in this period. Brunwasser made first dinTn Ie?,h n Allegheny's 23-yard line. Marshall carried the ball to the 8ltSr3,1S-yard mark Finlay tS the 12. Marshall then took the ball to iilln De yard, of the soal line. Brunwasser was selected to carry it over and succeeded when an opening waS SaedeJ th just a he cfoeS on tf.aIK h,f u,mbled a"l Scannell fell on the ball. Scannell then attempted Mo-?UV bUt his klck was blocked by McFeaters. An Allegheny player Krab-bed the oval, but he was pushed Iter oWn gal line for "fety Wear the end of the second quarter HADE 1 Individuality In Tailoring if XUJi"y ly-mades your individuality, necessarv io maKe you well dressed and yie you that class v appearance. Why not buy 'the bet- t. vraer vour suit or overcoat and have it made trie very way you yxtnc u and the way i- ,..:n J will suit personalitv. your For 2 9 ' c pieased t h i 7 "c are able i&K6 care of "re oi them. rittsbarsh'a Oldest Popular Priced Tailor. F-t. J 88 1. WW coat y Order fM J) - : .Pc ti- J Gibson intercepted Cook's forward pass on Allegheny's 25-yard line. Finlay was forced out of bounds on the eight and Marshall added one yard at right end. Brunwasser took the ball to the five-j-ard mark, and on the next play took it with a few inches of the goal line, but Tech lost the ball on downs. This was another opportunity to score which was lost by the locals. STEFFEN LECTURES MEN. Between halves Coach Walter Steffen talked to his proteges in no uncertain manner. This lecture seemed to have the desired effect as much more spirit was shown in the second half by the Skibo lads, although they were unable to score until near the - close of the third quarter. The first touchdown In the third quarter was made after the most spectacular play of the game. With the ball in Allegheny's possession on Tech's 87-yard mark, Kerr fumbled. The ball was scooped up by Finlay while he was running full speed, &nd, with little interference, eluded all opposing tacklers and ran 6a yards for a touchdown. Kesner then kicked his only goal of the game. Score, Tech 13, Allegheny O. Brunwasser was responsible for the next touchdown. After he had brought it to the one yard mark, Kesner was selected to carry the pigskin over -the goal line. He did bo, but fumbled as he crossed the goal. Brunwasser was on the job, and grabbed the oval. Kesner failed to kick goal. Score, Tech 21. Allegheny 0. With, final time fast approaching, and the ball on Allegheny's 43-yard line. Finlay plunged through right tackle and placed the ball on the 35. Kesner put it on the 20-yard mark j after skirting left end. Brunwasser made three yards and Marshall 30, through the line. Alleghenv's Dlavers were putting forth every .effort at this stage of the game to avert another tally, but without success, as Kesner then took the ball te his opponentts" six-yard line and Marshall added another. With the oval on the five-yard mark, Finlay carred it over by plunging through riarht tackle. Kesner again failed to kick goal. Following the next kickoff. when the ball was close to Allegheny's goal line in the visitors' possession, a free-for-all fight started between the players of the opposing teams, but they were soon prie l apart and the game was at an end. Lineup: - arnegie xecu 27. Allegheny College 0. Glbon -L. K... Scannell McFeaters Kelly HellBtrom Lyoim Orady , . . WrtRht .. .L. T , .L. G . -C. . R. .It. T .R. K Flier . . P. Cook Harbauch McConnelt . Prather Levlne Drake . Baldwin Jv?ner ...Q Marshall. ,....,...1, H . Finlay It. II... Brunwasser F Score by periods: Tech " ft AHeehenv e . .. Miller . .M. Cook 13 0 Touchdowns Pinlav 9 Ttrun wo .... nnr kicked from touchdowns Kexner one out of four. Suhtltutln -Fletcher for Lyons Williams for ;tbrn. Thomas for Kesner" Punning-bam for Baldwin. Kerr for Drake Baldwin for Cunningham. Patterson for Lei vine. Referee Mauthe, Penn state. Umpire Hewitt. Penn State. Head linesman Uowd. Iifayette. Time of quarters IS minutes each. Grenets Win Again. The S. J. Grenet football team, undefeated in the pat Ave seasons. Is set on going-throueh this yar'i schedule without hav-Ina; Its splendid record marred, and v ester day added another victim to its tona" string of victories when the strong Elco Sterling eleven of Roscoe, was defeated In a stubbornly contested came. 12 to 0 The entire Grenet team played a remarkable game, and especially brilliant was their defense, as the visitors were not able to penetrate It for a grain of more than fl-e yards at anr stage of the battle. The HnouD- Grenet- -12. Klco Sterling . Simmons Fawcett Donlap Doeree Dumner Kuntz . Keifer . Maloney Adams Bannon Allen ........ Campbell .-..P. Aberrombio Simpson Kocnlth Gray . . . . J. Mathewson . .L. T.. . . L- G. .. -C . . R . .R. .. ..R. T... ...Q .... . .1. II. . .R. H. o. Lewis A. Abercomble Stephenson Helsel . FH H. Lewis Touchdowns Simmons and Hargest. Dartmouth Surprised. Haverhill. Oct. 21.. Georgetown furnished a great surprise today by defeating Dartmouth 10 y 0. A succession of forward passes in the first period enabled Georgetown to march from mid-field across the line. In the last qt-.arter Gilroy booted a 30-yard drop. Lineup: Oeorgetown 10. Dartmouth 0. Dussosolt Cusack ,....IE. McCarthy L. T. Trier Showalter L. G. Neady Anderson C Glle Ward R. fi Baxter O'Connor R. T Cotton Thelan , It. E Emery Maloney Q Cannei Gilroy L. H Gerrish McQuade R. H Hhielscher Wall F Holbrook Touchdown Wall. Goal from touchdown Gilroy. Goal from field Gilroy. ATlUe ID ALL AI1Y STYLE III 4 DAYS' clothes, to. Order From Us Save 50 Opposite AWn Thm tir. &UA IA mm i l rm ii i m m : v r r y v ' r w Tvr. 7 VteiSL W fJ . V Jt X w f ' l II T 1 . as iiit jc w.rj.sii t iiiniin x llllll ft-,. 'vWs;. 1 HTKaorotW J, Frankstoivn Scene at Carnegie Tech-Allegheny College Game ONE MORE BIG EASTERN TEAM HITS THE DUST By H. C. Hamilton. I'nlted Preoi. Staff Correspondent. New York, Oct. 21. One more of the "big" eastern football teams bit the dust today when Dartmouth succumbed to a powerful attack from the Georgetown university huskies. The others of the foremost teams came through in fine chape. Harvard running up a hugj score on the Massachusetts Aggies; Princeton walloping Lafayette, and Cornell waltzing through Bucknell for a score that indicated great strength. Harvard had been expected to put over a Crimson-sized score at the expense of the Aggies, but 47 to O was not looked for. hence it is taken for granted that Percy Haughton's driving- tactics nave produced results. Princeton sent in a gang of substitutes and played under wraps, but -at the same time put 33 counters across the Lafayette line for the edification and comfort of the Tale football warriors who viewed the contest from the stands. A DOORMAT FOR PITT. The biggest game of the afternoon, so-called, turned out to be a fizzle, from the standpoint of the dopesters, when Syracuse was forced to act as a door mat for Glenn Warner's powerful Pittsburg university aggregation. The Western Pennsylvania team piled up a count of 30 to 0 over the New York eleven, and did it with apparent ease, in spite of the beef of the Syracuse eleven. Hence, it is to be expected that Pittsburg will prove troublesome for those in the habit of awarding "American championships" to Harvard, Yale, Princeton or Cornell. Pennsylvania university supplied another thrilling surprise when it walked through Penn State for a 15 to 0 victory, doing it without ever being in danger from the State college pigskin tossers. Eimer Oliphant, who defeated the Navy in the meeting between the two service elevens a year ago, showed Trinity how he did it this afternoon. The western demon swashed and bucked his way through the Trinity line for 28 points before the Army coaches decided Trinity had enough and took him out. The Army wasn't through, however, and a total of 53 points was rolled up to cheer the Navy. The Annapolis gang, however, ' was not idle, doing a good afternoon's work by tearing through West Virginia for a 12 to O victory. The results of the day's contests places Dartmouth alongside Harvard in the standing for the season's play. Each has lost one game for the season. Yale, Princeton and Cornell, of the more important teams, stand undefeated, while Pittsburg also holCs that distinction. Geneva 0, Thiel 0. Beaver Falls. Pa.. Oct. 21. After stru?-Elina- 40 minutes on a muddy Held here this afternoon. Geneva and Thlel college grid-Iron squads withdrew from the battle with out a, score. L.meup; Geneva 0. Thiel 0. Pebly . Woerllng Harter . . . Koenlg . R. Nelson . G. Nelson . McCleery .... ... Snyder . Cailnhan Jamison .. . . . MeCracken . Steele Stewart Fee Dowrito . . . . Hicks Dodds , Tweed Fitzgerald . . Hemcr .... I K. ... L. T... L. G C ....R. G .....R. T R. E Q. B . - . . L. H... a. h ... F Lahr There is no Just as good Pittsburg Famous" 6togies are the goods. 2 for 5c ZeuRSehralut Cigar Co., Distr. Tuxedo and Full-Dress Suits $35 Silk Lined Throughout. MADE TO ORDER. o matter what style of men s garments you wi s h, our cutters and fitters are capable of filling the bill. They are specialists. All the latest Fall and Winter patterns are here for your selec tion. All garments Union Made in Pittsburgh. Orders c o m-pleted in four days time if you are in a hurry. Don't Delay Open Ere-nings Until 9. Saturdays Until lO. &3 .ijg,z. -;- - JTTS " ' jv4,t-. Marshall, of Carnegie Tech, tackling Baldwin, of Allegheny, a cen ter rash. SYRACUSE IS BADLY BEATEN BY PITT TEAM Continued from Preceding Page. ' down on the Ed-yard line. Hastings agraln advanced 8 yards, but Pitt was penalized 15 yards for holding. Hastings on a fake forward pass made 2 yards. On the next down he kicked out of bounds on Syracuse's 49-yard line. Meehan made 5 yards at right end.- lumo to Rafter on a forward pass, netted 13 yards. Meehan advanced 3 yards from left guard. Brown fumbled ' Meehan's forward pass. Syracuse recovering. Hastings Intercepted Meehan'a forward pass and ran from his own 28-yard lined to the 30-yard mark. McLaren made 5 at right guard. DeHart made 2 around the end. DeHart on a run from kick formation was thrown for a. loss of 5 yards. Hastings punted out of bounds on the 6-yard line, Syracuse's ball. Meehan made 5 through the line. Her-ron Intercepted a forward pass and ran from own 5-yard line to Syracuse's 25-yard line. DeHart advanced 4 yards through left tackle. Hastings attempted a field goal but missed. It was Syracuse's ball on the 20-yard line. Dumoa forward passed to Meehan for S5 yards. Wright made no gain. Another forward pass made 25 yards. The next one failed. Schwartzer went In for Wright. Another forward pass was tried and was unsuccessful. Meehan to Dumoe on a forward pass made 5 yards. The ball was on the 17-yard line when the quarter ended. Score Pitt 16, Syracuse 0 TlflRD QUARTER. Witter resumed his position at left end. and Williams at right half and Ollmore at center. Capt. White kicked off. out of bounds. The ball was brought back. White then kicked off to DeHart on the 10-yard line, who ran back to the 14-yard mark. Hastings went around right end for eight yards. McLaren went out of bounds for no gain. ici.aren maae nrsc down on 30-yard lino. HastingB got away for 40 yards and fell on Syracue's 40-yard line. DeHart made three yards through tackle. Hastings added another yard around right end. Andy made three yards more. There was a conference of Pitt players and McLaren made it first down on the Orange 29-yard line. DeHart lost a yard at left end. Hastings made two yards around right end. A forward pass. Hastings to Ilerron. netted 11 yards. McLaren made two yards through the line. Morrow advanced two yards through the line. DeHart made two yards around left end. Hastings, through left guard, made 4 yards. McLaren, made two yards more for first down on the 8-yard line. Morrow was held for no gain. De-Hart plowed through left guard for a touchdown. Hastings kicked goal. Score Pitt 23. Syracuse 0. White kicked oft to McLaren on the 15-yard line. Ho fumbled, recovered and ran back to the 37-yard line. Morrow lost one yard. Hastings, on a run from kick formation, lost four yards more. Hastings made three yards on a double pass. Pitt was penalized 15 yards for holding. Sles punted out of bounds to Syracuse's 35-yard line. Pitt was penalized five yards. Rafter was tackled for a loss of five yards. Meehan. on a fake kick, was tackled for two yards loss. A forward pass failed. Dumoe punted to Hastings on the latter s 35-yard line. Hastings ran back to the Orange 47-yard line. Hilty went In for Seidel. It was Pitt's first substitution. Both teams were off side on the next play. Hastings on a forward pass, threw to Rafter, who fumbled but Pitt recovered. Hastings, running from kick formation, ran through the Orange line, evading several tacklers. for 28 yards. McLaren, through right guard advanced four yards. Pitt was penalized 15 yards. Alexander went In for Twigg. De-Hart, on a fake kick, advanced three yards around right end. Morrow made three through the line. DeHart going around left end nett.u six yards. Hastings attempted a field goal, which failed. Rafter failed to gain at right end. Meehan, going around left end, made seven yards. Williams was stopped for no gain by Sutherland. Dumoe punted to Hastings on Pitt's 35-yard line, who ran back out of bounds on Syracuse's 42-yard line, when the third quarter ended. Score Pitt 23, Syracuse 0 Seagel substituted for Alexander. McLaren plowed through the Orange lino for nine yards. Morrow, at left tackle, made two yards for first down. Hastings around the end with splendid interference nettnd 10 yards. DeHart through right, tackle was stopped and came up smiling. McLaren gained a yard at right tackle. On a double pass. McLaren to DeHart, the latter gained eight yards and made first down, following his interference cleverly Planck went In for Brown. Hastings made six yards at left guard. Morrow went over for a touchdown, but was Injured in the attempt. Hastings kicked goal. Scores Pitt 30, Syracuse 0. FOURTH PERIOD. Meadows went In for DeHart and Etahl for Sies. White kicked off to Oougher, who was substituted Immediately before th kick for Morrow. Hastings made 6 yards ' arouna lert ena. nu was neia for no gain. On next play McNulty gained 4 yards around right end. A forward pass, McNulty to Herron, gained a yard. Hastings punted to Rafter, who was tackled on his own 43-yard line. Meehan went out of bounds but gained 5 yards. Meehan forward, passed to Rafter for a 2-yard loss. A triple pass was intercepted oy .Mc.xuity, wno had been substituted for Hastings. On run from kick formation Pitt ran out of bounds on Pitt's 45-yard line. Gougler was tackled for 2-yard loss. Uougler punted to Meehan, who was tackled on 30-yard line. Rafter made 2 yaras. aieenan, around lert end on fake kick, made 2 yards. Boutin went In fnr Gilmore. Dumoe attempted a forward nan and failed. Williams, the colored boy. made nrsi down. Me raliwi to gain on next play, being stopped by Sutherland. On fake forward pass Williams made 3 yards. Another forward pass was tried and failed. Dumoe kicked to the 23-yard line and Meadows fumbled, but recovered. McLaren was stopped for no gain. Gougler was stopped for no gain around right end. Uoutivr punted to Malone subbing for Rafter, who iummea on nil s i:-yaro line. Peck recovered. McNulty at left end advanced a yards. Gougler at right end made 6 yards. J3. Brown went In for Williams. Pitt was penalised 15 yards. Ruttstein replaced Witt.r Gougler punted to Meehan on latter's 43- yara line. He ran back 10 yards. Meehan forward passed to E. Brown, but latter was out or pounds, xne bail was brought back. Next forward pass was broken up. Syracuse Wh en Pitt Freshmen Beat Syracuse Freshmen lltrd, t the Pitt FreaknaeB. kJckias WILKINSBUR6 WINS OVER TUBE CITY H. S. The htieky gridders from McKeesport High echool took the "Wilkinsbur-g High team by surprise yesterday afternoon and furnished the best school game played this year, which ended with a 9-0 score In Wilklnsburg's favor. In the first half McKeesport outplayed the Holy City team, and although, they got within Ave yards of the goal, George's field goal from the 35-yard line was their only score in this period. In the next period Wilklnsburg showed an improvement in form and kept the ball in McKeesport's territory most of the time, but the sturdy line of the Tube City team would hold them for downs when they were in striking distance of the goal. With lees than three minutes to' play Wil-kinsburg lost the ball with less than four yards to go for a touchdown. McKeesport punted out from behind the goal line. Stephens took the punt back to the 5-yard line, and after a two line plunges, George took it over for the final score as Myers failed- at goal. Wilklnsburg scored two touchdowns that were declared Illegal by the officials. After Friedman had made a nice end run he fumbled when he was tackled. Stephens scooped It up and ran 25 yards to the goal, but the ball was given to McKeesport. The second one came when Starkey caught a forward pass and ran for a goal, but tt did not count, as another Wilklnsburg man had touched it before. They also had a costly fumble on the 3-yard line that McKeesport recovered. George, who captained the team In HUeman s - absence, and Stephens played well in the backfleld for the visitors, while McCrory and Mclndoe starred on the line. Simpson. Milliken and Friedman starred for the losers Lineup: . Wilklnsburg 9 McKeeaport-j-0. Wasfhuth McCrory . ..L. TS.. Stahlman Bowler Myers Skinner . Mclndoe . . Hoffman George . . Defib&ugh Walker . . ...L. T. . . . .L. G. . . .". R. O.V ...R. T. . , R. E . ....Q ...L. H. . . . .R. 'H. . Butler ........ Simpson ........... Loya Seits Green . - . Slmmington " Kostyzak Friedman Milliken Stephens .P GInn Field goal George. Touchdown George. EASY VICTORY FOR HARVARD'S ELEVEN Cambridge. Oct. 21. Without uncorking any new plays or formations, the Harvard eleven rolled the struggling Massachusetts Aggies in the mud this afternoon, piling up the one-sided score of 47 to 0. . The Crimson line was firm against the feeble attempts of the farmer's backs, while on the attack the Harvard backs showed a punch that carried them through the Aggies' line for long gains. Incessant fumbling by both sides marked the game, one by the Crimson on the Aggies' 6-yard line costing a touchdown. In the last minute of play, a beautifully executed forward pass by Harvard scored the final touchdown. The lineup: Harvard 47. M. A. C. 0. Coolidge ..; L. 13 Grayson Wheeler L. T Hagelstein Dadmund ......... L.G Spaulding Harris G Roberts Olark ...... . . .... R. G. .............. Dunn Caner R. T Kd wards Harte R. E Day Murray Q Whittle Thacher L. H Pond Horween ,R. H Maynihan Casey P, Weeks Toucn-downs uasey 2. Thacher, Murray. Liklns. Burnham, Hitchcock. Goals after touchdowns Horween 3, Gardner, Home. fumbled and Sutherland recovered on Pitt's 48-yard line. Gougler at right end was tackled by White for a loss of 3 yards. Gougler waa stopped -on next play. The game ended with the ball on Pitt'a 47-yard line. Score Pitt 30; Syracuse 0. Lineup: Pitt 30. Syracuse 0. Carlson Lv E Witter Thornhill L. T. Cobb Sutherland L. G.. Peck (Capt.) C... Sies R. G., Seidel R. T. . .White (CaDt.) ...... Gilmore . .... Schlacter Trigg Herron R. K. Dumoe Morrow .Q Meehan Hastings L. H if. Brown DeHart R- H McLaren F ..... , Score by periods: Williams . Rafter Pitt 7 9 7 7 30 Syracuse 0 0 0 0 0 Summary: Pitt scoring Touchdowns, McLaren 2. DeHart. Morrow. Goals from touchdowns Hastings 3. Failed at goal from touchdown Hastings. Goal from field Hastings. Substitutions: For Syracuse Seagel for Gilmore. Wright for Williams. Schwartzer for Wright. Alexander for Trigg. Seagel for Alexander. Gilmore for Seagel. Williams for Wright. Planck for M. Brown. Boutin for Gilmore. Malone for Rafter. E. Brown for Williams. Sparfeld for Witter, Witter for Sparfeld. Ruttstein for Witter. Williams for Schwartzer. For Pitt Htlty for- Seidel. Meadows for DeHart, Stahl for Sies, Gangler for Morrow, McNulty for Hastings. Referee Nathan A. Tufts of Brown. Umpire Robert Maxwell of Swarthmore. Head linesman C. A. Wright ot Columbia. Time of quarters 15 minutes. Smoked by Millionaires and Mill men Zeugschmidt Cigar Co., Distr. mm tae ffvwtk wm tm thm arat artr "MARVELOUS," SAYS CAMP OF PITT'S PLAY Syracuse. Oct. 21. Walter Camo. the noted football eintrt and rproenlaed picker of Ail-American gridiron teams, saw he game between Fitfand Syracuse today. After the game, he ex pressed himself as elated over the exhibition given by the Blue and Gold aggregation and stated that the team work was of the very highest caliber. He asserted that the Pitt footballers had "a marvelous combination " "Marvelous." said the distinguished authority on one occasion when he saw the team crashing through the Syracuse defense. ;rhe team play Is perfect. ' They are a most wonderful machine. Fitt is a marvelous combination." Mr. Camp arrived this morning to witness the game because it was regarded as the most important struggle on today's card. It is expected that his visit will have an important bearing on the choice of an All-American team. The work put up by the members of the Pitt eleven today warrants more than ordinary consideration, it is said. . The work of "Andy" Hastings is expected to put him in the front rank for Ail-American distinction. His constant and consistent gains through the line and around the end stamp him as one of the best players of the season. Capt. Peck, it is thought, will retain his position as first All-American center. His playing today warrants it. Jimmy DeHart, Pat Herron and McLaren are sure to be considered. - On the line, Sutherland ought to land a place. His showing today was a delight. He completely outplayed his opponent, Schracter, who is regarded by some as the peer of guards. Thornhill and Sies made stellar tackles and successfully withstood Orange attack. In view of the ponderous weight of the Syracuse line, these men will undoubtedly be given great consideration by the veteran football leader. St. Rosalia Wins by One Point. St. Rosalia Lyceum defeated Latrobe yesterday. 7 to 6.. In the first few minutes of play Manors went through the St- Rosalia line, grabbed a fumble and scored a touchdown. St. Rosalia line showed up well, but the frequency of fumbles lost most of the ground gained. The return of the National Guard greatly strengthened the Latrobe team, as several of Its players were back from the border. M. . Butler scored the Lyceum's only touchdown. Lineup: . St. Rosalia 7. Latrobe 6. - Flatley L. K Griffin Ward U T Hines urown L. G Bates Fuher C Showalter Burkshire ........R-o Adler grounds rc. t Lape H. Butler K. K Manors Kane Q.. MoGinnls Connors v Smith M. Butler R. H Gissler Keonan L. H Gill Touchdowns M. Butler, Griffin. Goals from touchdown Connors. Trojans Are Beaten. Observatory A. C. 12. Trojans 0. . .. C. Gyikis Keag Winkler Sitze . . . . Wlegard Brown . . . Llchauer Bath Shcertner . . . A. . Gyikis . . . J. Gyikis Comley L. E . ...... Averell L. T Boley , L. C Blum C T.. Ferguson R. G.; Fordenbacher . ...R. T.... Adams .......... .R. F. .... ... McGaw Q Todd L. H ... Buekl ; L. H Sherbondy F. Touchdowns McGaw, Blum. Indians Scalped. Hope Seconds 7. Bellevue Indians 0. McBrlde . . .L. K. . . . Van Cleve Logg ....... Grant . . . . . Ell wood Gibson King . Waddell ...... Solsoin Gullet Klathery .... ...L. T... ...L. G.. . . ..C. . . . . . .R. G. . , . ..R. T..-. ...R. K. . ....Q . ..L. H. . Snalr Curley Wagner ...... Burk Rooney ..... Cox Drudy Slnsindlver . Daly .R. H. Llpf F. B... Culver Sinslndiver. Goal from touch- Touchdown- down Sinslndiver. Woodlawn Beaten. Coraopolls Independents defeated Wood- lawn yesteraay, Lineup: Coraonol is 1 4. Woodlawn 0. ..... Anderson Thomas Taylor Kberle Lancaster Bee I Torey Try W&shabnugh Morris Croft AVeigle Rhodes Losa Williams .. Letzus Bananas .Allen H. Williams ... Stoops A. Williams . .1 K . ..Li. T . .X o c , ..R. ..R. T . . R. K Q. B . . H. H ..L. H . ..F. B Touchdown: H. Williams, . Stoops. Goals from touchdowns Stoops 2. Grove City Scores Safety. Grove City, Pa.. Oct. 21. Grove City college eleven lost to St. Bonaventure here this afternoon 6 to 2. The local team scored its points on a safety. Lineup: Grove City 2. St. Bonaventure 6. - McElwaln L. K Martinan D?rt L. T... Sullivan W ebster L. G Conlon Hellman C Clarke Moon R. G Kellv Batchelor R. T Tracey Harbrldge K. E Gorvey tjould R. II Rathburn Hodge L. H... O'Brien Nicely ...F Crosettl Thomas Q. Carmont Rivals Fail to Score. Corps Chrlstl Cad 8 Mea. Collegians 0. Kussel , L. E Azzaro AVlegens 1. T Rotonto Burke L. G Beno "eixei c Haley r. j-eiu , K. rc aGmer MicKey k. T Simon t rooks R, G Cass Brown ij. B Hatchet t . u eiu 1. H SiiCriock Dletx R. H Xeff Zorzic F. B King Brighton A. A. Wins. Brighton A. A. - Termon Inde 0. Cameron L. E. Murphy Tait Conway . . . Muizeo ... Hutchinson Patterson . . Farlln ....L.T Amon L. u Stampfll C Foley ....n- " Brow n ....R. T...... Roach R. K McCerty - . - R. H. ......... Sauntlfir. Blackstock sparss r.n.. McDonald Yocum L. H Hazel Huffman Q. B Harkins State Freshies Triumph. State College, Pa., Oct. 2L Penn State freshmen defeated the Wyoming semi nary team, 4 to 0, this afternoon. ef yesterayB at FerVr Field. STATE IS MUMBLED BITPENN Quakers Show Real Class and Decisively Defeat Center Countians Howard Bery Is Star Franklin Field. Philadelphia. Pa., Oct. 21. Pennsylvania staged a mighty come-back and swept the vaunted Penn State eleven to a 15-0 defeat here today. The Quakers were out to avenge the licking State gave them last year, and they scored a clean-cut victory. Fol-well's pupils pulled together this week and played a magnificent game throughout. The chief figure in Penn's victory was Howard Berry, the Quaker fullback. He nerRsinfillv u1at -to ht. team's points 'and twice he booted the 'unraRB me goal posts ror neia goals, once from the 35-yard line In the second period, and again in the third Derlnii frtsm th. m-1rnr,1 lino Berry ran 05 yards for a touchdown In l" tnira period after taking a forward pass from Light. Miller missed an easy try for the goal. State failed to get within striking distance of Penn's goal at any time. Their nearest annrnKh - ow n score came when Harlow's team took "' " xrom jfenn on an intercepted forward pass on Penn's 28-yard line. Line plunges by Beck and Clarke were unsuccessful and Ewlng tried a forward pass over Penn's line. The ball grounded outside the zone back of the goal posts for a touchback. State's nearest approach to a tally came in the first period when Cubbage attempted a placement goal from the 30-yard line. He missed the goal. Shortly after the kick-off both teams iried out forward passes without encouraging success. State forward-passed nine times and Penn 11 times. Most of the passes f both elevens were grounded. Cubbage and Parrish. the State guards, broke up Folwell's celebrated "baseball" pass Just over the line. They grounded all attempts in their locality by jumping. Miller, the Penn end, was the strong- doftn,slv man ,or the Red and hIle, Beck, and HiSgins stopped many Quaker plays for Penn State. Penn s ability to get together and fight r"i,ihe flfc whlstle won the game for them. They outplayed State in all branches except punting, the kicking honors being even between Captain Clark and Berry. ! " neIry,iat 1,iarter. ws roughed'time and again, and was carried off the field unconscious in the fourth period. Cuig-iV'vr Th too,k h's P'ace, however. a! Boalr from 'acement on the 47-yard line. Lineup: Urauhart L. E. Mthews . . . Wirkman . . . Wray Ertresvaag . Little Miller Light Derr Williams ... Berry Pennsylvania Penn State . . Egev Krushink Cubbage .......... Swain Parrish . .. Czr.rnickie Hlgpins L. T L. G ' C R, G . .... R T R. E Q. B ....L. H.. R. H. ....... " - 0 - 0 . . . Beck Ffobb . Clarke 9 315 0 0 e Touchdowns field Berry 2, Quigl'ey nn, a. Berry. Goals from Bluffites Are Beaten. f.UhBne4nlrsltjr freshmen were defeated by the Duquesne-Apprentice school eleven on the Bluff campus yesterdav t a Reid kicked a field goal from the 30 Vard line against a strong wind. Lineup: 7 Obuba- "S.hmen-t K APPrentice S.-3. Ligday .'.".' TL. T " V V uReid ij,.. t A Kuehman ZUzman I." .'.V.-.V' TFin,k Urban r r Lantz Drengaci-1 ! I ! 1 1 1 1 ! ? - nurn, i, Ballos McGillic .... iJii Bainbridge Gentilie ....... J . . R H ktR?V Wolak F Steputic Field goal Reld. Lon& Colts Outclassed. vine" C1o?ff"atoeS0nd8 defeted e Miners- St. Rosalia II 7 MInersvllIe 0. Lally Jones Daw Smith Beller Eggera OHara Booth Ward Whitus Gusky Bremaa Stark ....... Bruce Gillespie .... Cauley Saunders ... Coughlin .... .1. Archibald . L. Archibald Dady Stanton . . . . . . . L. T . . . . .L. G... '.".Ft. ."..' . -R. T. . . . .R. E. . . F . .L. H... . .R. H... Q Beaver Falls High Wins. Sharon. Pa.. Oct. 21. Beaver Falls High school eleven defeated Sharon High school here this afternoon 7 to C OPEN SHOOTING SEASON HOW Oil! While making your arrangements to go to for r.1 - ucasauis, squirrels,, quail, wiia turkey, woodcock, blackbirds, raccoon, bear or other game now in season, don't forget that Johnston s are DreDri tr curmiv y, beer.y,-ntin necessity. Serving sportsmen has oeen our exclusive business for half a century. SKATING SEASON OPENS S1?!. P1?.ise of record-breaking attendance at tlie different gardens and outdoor resorts. tl, , TIS? to be correctly and satisfactorily equipped, inspect our complete new lines of Hockey Skates and a w t "FIGURE" SKATES Try our Oil Finlah Hollow 33C ?MKIS1IKI,S klUUUTT AVE a i MY .d PITT FRESH TEAM WINS BY L0fjEP0IMT Blue and Gold Yearlings Beat Syracuse Freshmen in Rough, Hard-Fought Contest On -a wet and soggy field, which proved a great handicap to the speed men. Pitt Freshmen defeated Syracuse Freshmen at Forbes Field by the score " of 7 to 0. The game was marked by continual wrangling and penalties, and at times even the officials got mixed up as to what to do. Neither team was able to make much headway in scrimmage and resorted to punting, in which Syracuse had all the advantage. Love's punts averaged easily 40 yards, while the punting of Burd was erratic, some being no more than 15 yards. The game in spots was on the rough-house order, and in the first quarter Usher and Thomas were banished for roughing it. During the game, the result of the Pitt-Syracuse varsity game was posted, the cheering being so loud and prolonged that the referee was forced to stop the game, as the players of both teams could not hear the sig- ' nals. Syracuse Freshmen started out as though they Intended giving Pitt Freshmen one good beating, but as the game progressed and the score board showed that the Syracuse varsity was being given a good drubbing by the Pitt varsity, the Syracuse first year men seemed to lose all their vim and In the second half seemed demoralized and satisfied to play a defensive game. In the first quarter the playing was mostly in Pitt territory, due to the gain in the exchange of punts be tween Love and Burd. their being no scoring in this period but ending with the ball in Syracuse's possession on Pitt's 3-yard line. At the start of the second quarter Pitt held for downs and Burd punted to the 35-yard line. Toward the end of the quarter Guide on a fake kick formation reeled oft 25 yards, which was followed by a forward pass, Fin-sterwald to Love, which was Rood for 13 more yards. On the next play Fln-eterwald threw a forward pass to Gas-keen on the 6-yard line, which resulted In a touchdown for Syracuse FTesh-men. Robertson failed at goal. Score, Syracuse Freshmen 6, Pitt Freshmen, 0. In the third period Pitt Freshmen had the b2.ll in midfleld when Burd and. Aschman made it first down on Syracuse's 33-yard line. Burd then made a beautiful forward pass to R. Alls-house, which was good for a 35-yard gain and a touchdown. Wilcox kicked goal. Score, Pitt Freshmen 7, Syracuse Freshmen 6. There was no scoring In the fourth period, although at one time Syracuse had the ball on Pitt's 15-yard line, but tne fiti Jine neia ana uaro punteu me uaii .y u l - f, i- . . ...... i . . . Just as Ceptain Wilcox was getting ready to try a fieljl goal from the 25-yard line. Lineup: Pitt Freshmen 7 Syracuse Freshmn 8 R. Allshouse . ..L. ,E Wh!tm.rh . . L. T Mareue . . L. G HuonU ...C... .... Robertson . R. (i Forbes R. T Usher . R. E Ga-kffn Kelly Thomas C. W. Allshouse Mitchell Pearl man ...... Henry Eaton , Aschman Burd Guide . . . . Harnha Flnsterwald 1 R. F. H H B Wilcox Love .'. .. 0 0 7 9 6 ft AllKhouse. Goal Substitution Score by periods: Pitt Freshmen .... Syracuse Freshmen Touchdowns Gankeen, I' from touchdown Wilcox Pitt Freshmen. Nagel for Henry. Griffith for Thomas. Syracuse Fre.hmen "onii-r-man for Usher. Steele for Ilamha. Rcf"ii Knox of Tale. Umpire Storey of Tuft. Head linesman Stetrett of Genpv. Tiiao of Quarters 12 minutes. fllaroons Are Defeated. Chicago. Oct. 21. For the first time sln 1901. Northwestern, led by that great little warrior. Drlacotl, defeated Chicago today on Htagg field. 10 to 0. in one of the best games played by a Purple aggregation in th, last riorade. Chicago 0. ortnwestern 10. . .R. E Norman , . .Ft. T P'ltnam . . K. G Zanger . . . .C tnii! t . . .L. G Ulrica , . .L. T Benntt . ..L E Brumhatb. .Q Brightmeyer . .R. H Cigrand . . . L. H Capt- Drisw '-ll Parker Jackson Capt. Higgins Fisher Bonzinslti McPherson Brelos Pershing ...... Whyte Agar Hanlsch ,p Af'lll' r T..n.Ann-w rriart!l ( '.flH i from tOUCh- down Putnam. Goal from field Drlscoll. Class will tell Plttsbur -Famous" Ktotries are the most popular smoice- 1 Zeugschmidt Cigar Co.. Distr. 1 UUJ"""1''. """""t, ei""" Shoes -"Vv kW i V. i 4 Mrcm

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