The Pittsburgh Press from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania on November 5, 1916 · Page 19
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The Pittsburgh Press from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania · Page 19

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Sunday, November 5, 1916
Page 19
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V THE PITTSBIJRGPf5.ESS SPORTING NEWS SPORTING SECTION PITTSBURG. PA., SUNDAY MORNING, NOVEMBER 5, 1916. PAGES ONE TO EIGHT PAGES ONE TO EIGHT 1 Meadville Methodists Prove No Match for Warner's Scoring Machine Pitt Lads Are Good Mudders rut Cornel! rmy 30 Harvard 51 Princeton 4- Dnrtmniilh f.- I'enn State .'-,:) mhrrt ji Willium t (ifo. y at-hmgton. . 0 , I 7 As a oat Plays with a incuse. s m . . . it the Panther eleven toy ith the 1 le 1- yy?" Kheny college grid team yesterday on j Forbes Field. Im ie ni'f- , , . , " & ee .... 10 ' : oii.v arnball 11 By'W. B. McVicker. SHEMY I Football Scores i U 1 isi COLLEGE. . ..4H Allegheny .... ...15 CarnrRir Tech was nn- ally accomplished after Pitt na.i id - lied 4iS points ami neia nei ...r-.. ... , opponents s( oreless. HuHctecl nom one, aimoro i end of the field to the other, but times showinK surprising comeback . powers, the Allegheny team was no : ct.i.V . i5 match for Warner's proteges. Hut i tihln UKlean ' '. .' ." 16 0 Notre Dame Virginia M Klirknrll 0 Syracuse ...10 t.CIUVll 0 Trinity ; Wesley an 0 ; I'rhinu w . Colgate 3 Lafayette 0 , Vermont Muhlenburg ... . . j Bowduin 7 i Navy Itaten 1- Otterltein .. . . fi ' F. & M lelaware 0 .Minnesota ' Washington 7 j Wi?HonMn It Case 7 j Kcnifon 1 . Va. Wefdeyan 0 iersria Tech A 11 Iiii rn Tennessee Wriit irginia Westminster . Auburn Ml. I'nion . . . . . 8 . .2 . . :i .. 7 .1(1 .21 .; . .5S . 7 . .4:. . . 3 W .. 6 . . 3 .4 SCHOOL! Ames Cincinnati .. Tesa Indiana I'm due Oklahoma St. Louis Olterlin . . . . Sewanee . . . . Tulane . . . . tirnrxia . . . . Ch:ittanooga irttYsburg . Thiel (Georgia Kenyan .. . . . S.2! . . . 0 . ..82 WilkinHl.urjf H. IVal.ody II. S. . shaw mirii . . . riurier 1 f . ? 4 Indiana Normal . . ftlintovvn H. S. .13 Kittannin? H. S.. U onncllMville II. S..J S. . ng on the lack of open "."'rLhurK c'n "vSTlall by the Allegheny grid- , M " ' -,,r i,KrENl)S Srhenley H. iS . Fifth Ave. H. K. L. A 0 1 ltraddof k II. S II I Kellrfonte I McKeeport H. S.. j Vandrricritt II. S O N. Kensinetn II . 6 spite the fact that tney were out- , nami weiRhed and outplaved. the Crawford ; .lrie(ta countians put up the best tisht they Nebraska new. ami there was no indication on 'ter their part of a desire to quit at any rfc -stagre of the fray (V). Chicago Probably disheartened by the down- i .lim(lls .. '. pour of rain before noon, and the well- ; Ci-eihton '.' known fact that Pitt would not have ' Western Reserve if to scamner off with ; Aiaiiama another victory, tlie spectators did not turn out in lare numbers. The student .section was especially sparsely populated and cheri:ir from that part of the field was prominent by its absence. The I'anther band was on the job, however, and made up for the lack of enthusiasm on the part of the student body. The' frame was played on a field, one-half of which was muddy, and the other haU" muddier. The condition of the field and the soskv condition of the ball umiouoieniy had some bearing on the lack of play exhibited ders. Whether this is the case or not. it is a fact that th much heralded open play combinations which the visitors threatened to use, were not in evidence. and. for the most part, the frame was 1 decided by goo-l old straight football I tVteplVen I.yeem To relieve the monotony, the aerial observatory a. 35 pass was useu several umtw uy eacn . Kureka A. A 16 team, but without startling results, j reeiltn A. A Pitt also varied its play by an occa-1 Termini Indpt.... 7 eional doublo pass which failed in but ; Olympics 35 one instance to brin a neat pain. i Breisliton Imperial. 13 c-t-.!. ivr. iv n'TMi'Yfi.' Brushtnn -hagle...16 I lit l I 1 il It .11 it tu -' 1 III .1 ' - I 1. 1 1 1 V V f plays after getting possession of the j ball, but a tumble by DeHart on the j kicked goal. Score, Pitt 33. Allegheny 0. five-yard line 011 the third piny, pre- , At the start of the fourth quarter, vented this. Capt. Scannell. of the Alle-j nearlv all of Pitt's regulars were sent Xheny team, grabbed Deliart's fumble I back into the game, and things began and punted the oval out of danger. The to happen immediately. After Capt. Panthers again brought the ball -stead- Kcannell had punted from his own l'J-ily down the field again, until the 2S- yard line out of bounds on the 4'J, De-yard line was reached, when McClel- j Hart brought the spectators to their land muffed and the visitors again got feet with a 21-yard scamper. McClelland the ball. Harbaugh falling on it. and DeHart then took the ball, on three At this stage Hastings, who had car- plays to Allegheny's 11-yard mark from Vlltp. VOTINO PLACE 7, SU HV it 1 mj: I VJlSOr4 f JO, 1 SAY HUGHES is.. m e JO - 0 NO MATTER HOW TH 90s EY AGREE' HEREt it- S. .1. (Jrenets. Alnnaca Kankin A. A. liaush A. A. Stratmi'n Harvey Second. Ill . 33 ..12 . 6 .. 6 .33 St. Rosalia I. vein . 0 St. Joseph's Club.. I Rudy Odds Crescent A. A... Kureka Harper All Stars. 6 1 Rockland Ui I'ai k Seconds ol Perrynville Resrvs. j Woodlawn j Hellevue A. A. . . . tt Cornell ! Ldwards A. A 7 ! Kosedale A. A 1 Ottawa , . WE'LL G-ET IX AT , PICKERING'S! c(?ipRSEj 1 rcv OUR .0 CREDITS GOOD! V ( 1 t tT C Jj) Always the store for all the people! Not alone for the moneyed-well-off, but also for the workingman who relies on his pay envelope to see him through. ine store ror me people Decause it does a business so big, so tremendous, that the goods you need for the home are here for prices as low as any "cash" store can offer and on easy credit terms to accommodate the individual requirements of every customer. November Sale Price Savings! Easy Credit Terms! Nu. Ced ried the ball but once, was forced to leave the game with a slightly sprained ankle. Gougler taking his place. The I only time Hastings carried the pigskin. mm P. mm 5 IN THE HOME, WHEN NEW FURNITURE IS NEEDED THEY ALL PICK For Thanksgiving! Think of Getting a Complete C Dinin groom Suit Like This, On Your Own Easy Terms, For Just Large Colonial Buffet, large pedestal 6-ft. Extension Table, and 6 genuine leather chairs. Heavy, -substantial construction all solid oak, fumed finish. h $ , yc On Easy Terms, for mm r"r f -1 1 iriassive sv ioioniat Buffet. Quartered oak in either fumed or golden finish. Massive, elegant lines real first-class r workmanship jn every detail. OLD RELIABLE" PICKERING'S! HUP CED. which point Friedlander took it over on a double paa from McClelland. Sies j missed goal. Score. Pitt ."!, Allegheny 0. C. Miller, the Pittsburg youth, who he took it. on a plunge, from Alle- v,ad starred up to this period at rierht gheny s 4..-yard line to the eight. , half for Allegheny, was hurt when Pitt With the ball in midfield. Gougler. in j made this touchdown, and had to be plays, an end run and two line helped off the field. Preston took his smashes, placed the oval on AUe- , place. DeHart made the last touchdown Kheny's 3. DeHart made 3-yara run : 0f the game on a double pass play, on a double pass from McCjellund. put-I carrying the ball six yards. Sies tin gtlie bull on the visitors' seven- kicked goal. Score, Pitt 46, Allegheny 0. yard mark. Oougler made tour yards i 0n the next to the last plav of the fttrght guard but the ball was brought game, Allegheny made its biggest gain, hack and Pitt penalized five yards f or j when Baldwin skirted Pitt's left end off-side play. Gougler made another ; and ran 0 yards through the mire be-gain of rive yards arouml Allegheny's 1 fore being brought to earth . by Eric left end and DeHart added a yard Meadows. Had he passed Kric, lie would through left guard, and on the next 1 have had an excellent chance to score, play plunged through center for the ! the Pitt quarter being the last obstacle first touchdown. (lousier failed to j he had to surmount. Lineup: 0. Pitt 46. Carlson . . Thornhill kick goal. Score Pitt C. Allegheny PITT IS H KL1 FOR DOWNS. ' The first quarter ended without fur ther scon ine oan was on ine visnurs 11-yaru ) yjeM mark. At this stage ot the game Alle- ' seidel gheny mads its best showing, and held Herron AlleKheny o. . . . L. E. Capt.) M. Scannell -ing. but when time was called j pe'kl'cait ' was on the visitors' 17-yard i yie! Pitt for downs. (apt. scannell was soon forced to kick and booted the oval to DeHart On Allegheny's 4."i-yard line, the Pitt star returning to the 28. The visitors continued to put up strong opposition and Gougler,, Morrow and DeHart' were forced to extend them selves in the eight plays it took before Morrow Hastings DeHart McClelland SCORE Pitt AHejiheny L. T . . Li. G . . . .C . . p. ; . . R. T ...R. . , , . .F. B ..U H... . . H. H . . . . F. B . . Filer .. Heckman . . Harbaugh I M. Cook . . . . Coulson . .J. Scannell , Drake . . . . Baldwin . ...C. Miller .... Preston BY QUARTERS. 20 7 0 0 0 13 4fi 0- 0 Ifuchuowns -(Jousrler 3, DeHart 1. Fried-lander. (Ionia kicked from Inilrhilnu-ns - the former was able to cross the hles t"UKier. reck, substitutions uoug- ooveted lnlk mark with the . second ler ror Hastings, Brown for Carlson. Carl-: , 1 Willi ine,.etona, on f)r Bro.n Amnions for Carlon. Stahl tally. Guglcr again missed. Score ror Thornhill. Thornhiil for Stahl. Nichols J'ltf. IL'. Allegnery 11. for Thornhill. Mclntyre for Sutherland, j l in: ur. i ivui.ihiuv n i uiuitiib: tutitri mnu itu .wtiiiv.wc, ivciiui it n. 101 r rv, nbcut bv the longest and most thrill - i ;inn for Sies. Sies for ufr.n. HUty for Seidel, ing run" of the game. Allegheny was I Seidel for HUty. Eastern ay for Herron, fire,.rl tn L-i.-l- nn lti nwn r.-vard line I Herron for Kasterday, Kckert for Herron, forced to kuk 011 Us, on .M-jaril line. Meaiows for Morrow, Morrow for McClel-GcugUr catcning the oval on his own ,alui stahlman for Morrow. Friedlander for "S. From here, through superb inter- j oougler. -Miller for DeHart, DeHart for Mil-ference by Sutherland and Carlson, he ; ler, Cunningham for Preston. Preston for covered the yards to the goal line, j c. .Miner. Keieree canigan. Syracuse, l m The snenv. halfhapk received :1 Field iudfte of (tuarters- Hammond, Two of 10 -Knox. Yale. ovation irom me speciaivi. lninutts earh, and two of 12 minutes each f.Vk.'n.l Kit n nrvfQO in tmri V Ur 1 f U' ' Ft I MIUMIU il 11 ti.un.iavioii jj " - ' - - ,"T ' goal. Score. Pitt.-10. Allegheny 0. With but a few minutes to play, anil with the ball on Pitt's .".4-yard mark. DeHart pulled a sensational H."-yard run and placed the oval on Allegheny's r". He added 11 more by skirting tli .visitors' right end. Gougler carried it to the 1J and DeHart made another -vard through the line. A double pass. McClelland to DeHart placed the ball on Allegheny's iwo-yarrt mark from where Gougler was sent over through a hole at left guard. Sies kicked goal. Score, Pitt '-'0, Allegheny 0. PITT SCF.S SENT JN. At the start of the second half, an entire new Pitt team was ;ent on the field with the exception of Peck and Morrow, the latter, however, taking McClelland's place at fullback and Meadows going in at quarter. Loose play, which caused the officials to bring tSe ball back anil inflict penalties, after Pitt had carried it over tho .Allegheny j goal line three times, was sufficient 1 evidence of nervousness on the part of j the Panther scrubs. MHler was at last 1 sent over without the officials finding any fault with the play and Perck 'I Monday Only, at Pickering's! Thousands of pairs of famous "Quaker" Lace Curtains beautiful new patterns all fresh, new goods just out of the factory! Sale for Monday only no mail orders filled. a Pair for 80c Lace Curtains! 55c a pair for $1.00 Lace Curtains 65c a pair for $1.25 Lace Curtains 75c a pair for $1.50 Lace Curtains 90c a pair for $1.75. Lace Curtains Extra Special! 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The driving attack, the brilliant overhead plav. and the finished defense of the Army's ' Oliphant-Vidal combination was too much for Notre Dame this afternoon and the westerners were beaten SO to 10. Three times the Army scored touchdowns, and each time it was Vidal who went over after long forward passes from Oliphant. In addition, Vidal drop-kicked a beautiful field goal from the 45-yard line and Oliphant lifted two over from placement from the 1-yard line. Cofall and Bergmann did the heavy work for Notre Dame. Cofall equaled Vidal's feat, sending a drop-kick soaring from the 4.1-yard line. Bergmann crashed through for the westerners' only touchdown and Cofall kicked the goal. Five thousand raw the Hoosiers forge ahead twice, in the first and third periods, and cheered the Cadets when they opened up. their forward pass play. f)9 .75 for $30.00 Ax-minster Rugs 9x12 feet. LmTi The November Sale Price for This $50 Davenport- Bed. 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