The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 1, 1931 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 1, 1931
Page 2
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BLYTIjEVILLE, (ARK.) COURIER NEWS THURSDAY, JANUARY Jessaiyr! Payne • Weds \Villiam Trotter Anppun cement was made today of the' marriage or Miss JesEaljT P»yne, 'formerly of here and late c! . Memphis, to Mr. William T, Trotter, >!«> of this city. The wedding • took;;plac« in Memphis August 30. : . Mr. and Mrs. Trotter arc at home now'jrith lire former's mother, Mrs. William T. Trotter, at 100 Vine ki. Both are well known throughout I this ! vicinity as musicians. Mrs. I Trotter was organist at the Rltzj theatre for several years and sine. 1 j living In Memphis has been it member "of the St. John's Methodls! church choir. She Is the daughter | of Bfr, and Mrs. M. N. Payne o! I Campbell, Mo. r where she lived b?- ' fore'' coming here. After gradual- Ing from the Campttll Hlgii school she .'studied music In St. Louis. Tfie bridegroom continued his musical education al Bush Conservatory- In Chicago where he appear- , ed frequently on programs and ! : since his return home has sung on . a number ot occasions. Mr. ati3 Mrs; Trotter often broadcast from WREC, Memphis. i ! TtJE MM If 0 9UVf<i. E^ f.'(X!< i9OFfi!AC>; MACQuirfTTE WITH A OOOBlE- K<V rtPiu' j ir._"i'Hf -nxi is TUt <iwt 4 Gown Cf 3-. Bits of News Mostly Personal ! Blylhfeville Girls Achieve Honors at! Various Colleges) Numerous hcnors, ranging from beauty awards to scholastic altaln- iJ'onls, h.ive ijccii' won by Dlythc- vlllc girls who aru nttcndlng colleges and univcrsllos. In )/esuty awurds. Miss Vivia Dlllohunty and Miss Miry Elizabeth AltTICLE NO. 03 111' iJD^VAKD C. WOl.KK Member of tht National iminshlp Aucliun Team D0DGE of the discouraging card Ir tic de.! £ :,KE "tense nntl "stripping a iaiVT by!!? Cham- l::e declarer. I I ; ^ The bidding at contract At auction, North has a "border the forcing system should be 1 : line" owning bid o! one dta- what similar to Hut of a with thc exception that East under; fj '"IXK Ci <. I n ; mond, and West's one spade over- with the exception that Ea •«in l\ew Olate Law IJCCOmes ! ca n £ | lou id close the auction. -raise his partner's spade ' -— - ;tit> " from 0!1C w ""' ec ' '" C'OHAR i TllVVGA( < 0(8tAP<S(1AfJGttS' i? WORN «.'nH IT. UIC snots v ftlOHT ACEl 'M fltaCK V'EWtT AIIO SiLYCB. k'O (81 &UC< SMI (CI :.:-:: PIVJK wo CluV His Gueet, Mrs: Spurgeon S. Patterson of BlrStagham, Ala., was the guest of the .new every other week contract clujf-yesttr'day atternobn which met . E. B. s Dickey Jr. i' score 'priie) a novelty hht S| *«ijt to Uirs. A. C. \Vm-d. fr't t*fteb$ifa"lj the hostess *• ' desssrt. : ' = S»;eplicn H. Brooks entet- the new weekly contr.ict cluti Wednesday aftcrnoin for Iho third parly. In t-'nc Intcreslliig-. games played Sirs. Carvol F. Binks- more. won the prize, hosiery. The hostess served an appotizinj shrimp .salad with cranberry jelly and- tea. .' ... sirs. Francis Carpenter will-enter uiln thc club next; .Wednesday. J) t X-V?.. •- En^rUtn Guntj, • . Ani^ng the'jinfOTmal nllalrs- \\\ remembering \jjic coming 1 ol Iho nei^.'j-par was a-'dlHh'er parly.given by Mr. and Mis.'<M.' ; 'A. Isaacs last evening for a number of their 0111 of Ibwn friends and'n few df thcif ! inosj Intimate friends here. Lovely flowers formed the centerpiece for the large table nnd other holiday decorations added a festive note to the attractively arranged tables.' Out'of town guests Included: Mr. and.; Mrs. Baker wiiscn, Mr.Cand Mrs; James McKnig;n, Miss Hjzi- beth McCarrol, Mr. and Mrs. Pa'rk aiatchell of Memphis; Mr. an3 Mrs. Frank Highfiil and Charles plasp'.pf Hornersvllle; Mr. ind Mrs. Earl ' Jones, Mr. .'and Jkirk Louis -Dunn, Miss %e giurley,"Mr: 'and -Mrs. Charles Fojrler, of Kennett; Mrs; Ernest Hajrns'tSn- 'ol Washington,' p. c., who. .Is^visiijng her sis,ter,.--Mrs. Earl Jqhets^at Kennett. Birmingham, Ala., is vlsitliin Mr. i !ty of Arkansas, respectively, for I the annual contests. If flnnl vtii-1 Mrs. Cliarle.'. E. Brown and dill- j " ers ' afler hr > vl "K l;cm w^ctcd by drcu. who have been vlsltln- Mrs. I llltlr soreiitlcs. their plcimes will Brown's parents, Mr. and Mrs. u .i <>PI*™'tii the annuals Miss Dilla- 1 ' • )iil>ilti (c n n\flniV)r.>- rtC l^in 1^ n n>\i „, . .-,... i Mffs Elizabeth Haley, who like Slnw, and Albert Lowcry, of oin- , 1C1 : tvvo slsleri5 , fi tr , kil , K hcr cot . ca B o. Miss Rich will remain umi. lcsc ,, duca tioii at Blue Mountain, Effective Today; Give Dally reading compliance with f the bible, in the slate lav; WEST— DECLARER S-A-K-J' 10-2 NORTH—tit. ^... S-«-5 ll-fl-7 D—A-K.J-8-5 C-d-MO-3 This, spade bid has the following ction, j dilara-' hrcj- gnifl- EAST— DU.V.V.V S-Q-8-74 H-A-109-3 presldciU ol the Junior programs. Miss Virginia Keck, a •.tiirienl at Sunday while Mr. Lowery, for;-C,hlca60 .this afternoon.' ,.".j', Mi, and Mrs. 3'jinlcy p. C»rp:i- tcvbf Osccbla. were, visj&r* ^!i trie city loit evening. !i ' ' '' Tom Mahan left yesterday for Nashville, Tcnn., wncri: lie is a sui- dcnt at Vanderbllt University, alter spending the Holidays at I:om3. j Llndenwood c-llcge al SI. Charles, ! Dr. and Mrs. Hunter C. alms an., son have returned Ironi a week's visit In Moscow and LaOianje. Tcnn. Clarence Vollmcr attended to business, in points of Missouri yes- lerday. Mr. and Mrs. W. J. Wimderllch land'daughter,-'Donna Cook, ' peeled to return loday from Sprins- lield, Mo., where they sptJ^t Curil;- ma* with Mr. Winideflich's i»r Miss Dorothy Long, of "Paragcuia, was. a vl||tof in the city last -2vc- n,nft lojr;tliG dance. : Mr. aijd Mrs. A. •Cpnwtiy plan,. ,,. BO U> Little Rock toduy lor a'week's I COOIH!', .._ T"ii stay. Upwi their 'return they .will i County Epwm'.h L?n<;ue union will |i) be -ac.cbiiipaiilcd by Mr. mid Mrsf- convene v.-it'.i Iho C.-:otev chapter Thc third and fourth chapters of St. Paul's Idler to thc Phlllpplans. i a passage appropriate to Ne-.v Ycar'i j '' was read at Die liiu'n ' ' caiue: Whenever parlncr givfe ypuj j"; an assist in your suit, he is sjp-j ;; posed to give tin.' full vi!i:e cf IILS! 'J assist at once. In till: Insjancc,! ?: therefore, 'West having reieived; •• thc desired itiforma'.ion concerning; «.> .. 7 ... his partner's support, he Ehonld use; ';•, SOUTH c^«7 • lhl - s information in arriving;at at ;: S—9.3 [decision In contracting or col con-' I; H—K-Q-6-4 i trading for eanic. North's origi-. ?, D—Q-9-2 rial bid and ilie number of losing; y C— 1-5-4-7 Beards held by West should cause; y Thc phy of Ihcnaml elves North, ''I™, 10 renm ^ !l content with a bid! ;i i, NEA Service, hi;.)} £• i i their clatsrooms. In general, ficcorclin Oak items , jiuiueu queen j ; should encourage tin- continuation '• v , ..,.., \ r _. R .,,| <V,K-,. . ,,' •" lo Mr , | of .he diamond suit ,y !; !ayin s the | ^ ^ M ^ Says'la^i^i H John A.- Rifjs 01 that city will visit them for several days.- Mr. nnd Mrs. Hubert Kmart will leave Friday I'oi" Richmond, Va., utter siiending thc holidays will. ot hoanSi South agin ]|X . - . .. _ * J Ti;cs;-day cviiiing. Jan. C, either in thc high school gymnasium or th5 Methodist church. 15. F. Rogers of Canuhetsvillc is president of the County Union. -relallvcs. They will be accomp.inl.'u j Accor<lln'J lo Miss Haiitio Terry, fly Murray ."smart wr.o attfii:!: th.^ ! president of the Cooler chapter, all | University of Richmond and ' Frances Tucker who goes.lo Hirn- do)^i-Mncon college at Lynchbtirg- Va. . . / . " Judge O. E. Kqck will go/o.Qs- ccola Monday for'lhc term/of flvll court. / / / Ml^s Margaret Mcrrltt'refunied* today from Clarendon, Ark/ she spent' tho holidays wit ''T'and Mrs. Allen H^nler/M^f Camtnersville, Mo., was dismissed.'. the ler and son, Allen Hnnlerrji-:, 1 hjV. returned lo their - home .111 Pint jBlutl aller a short vlsil Wllli'I^l!'! and Mrs. James B. Clark. ,-' Interpret the law or establish its iiillty will b= made until. couragine card Ihe deuce officially lodged by complaint some state department or group of cill.ens, an asslstan: attorney gen- cral said today. As yet no co:n- u^Ji-llv "-Uil^J J KoM \ gets '" Erby Hodge. Mr. and Mrs. Lslani Flodga I spent Sunday with Mr.' ani B n . to ', ciul a ' slsl "' hil = Mr "?" spent daughter,- Mrs. Maymo . s. Lawfcld of GOT Sunday WHO t;sl 1 club, The heart ,c a d will save'ne' vi ^"h, ^ ot ^^ Oiceola Society—Personal ' Mr. an'd Mrs. Park Hatchijtl, formerly o! here and now ol Memphis, are juciAs ot Mi% and Mrs. \V. D. ^—11 ; 'Cii : ainb!lii Jr. 1 , for several days. --'-^ '"Mr. '.unoV.Mrs..'.M* A" .Isaacs have as their Quests' for'Ji'bVlof time Mr. nnd Mrs. Baker Wilson, 01 ',M:in- ilrs. Priest of Blythevilk P" 15 - .'-'- .• ~-"t rs of Mrs. Dallas Scal-| Miss Mary Cfithcrinc Matlin -win y evening iclniii lo Llmk'mvoocl cdllCoC, Sft EpSMatn :NT . . Ht..;and Mrs. 6. G. • tfige'd w.ith a secofSStihi'i irrs. H. J. Hfilc was hostess to ths two'tnblc bridge club lo which j she bbicngs 1 at hiir .home !:erc ycs- i terday, .dh'tertalnirig with a lunch- enter- con followed by [in afternoon 'at bridge j contr.ict hfldge.-^frE. W. W. I'rew- . . . . •iajc|-jvening at their counlry'itt- was winner of liigh scare pi'izr. hbmp' "Windcrmerc" when live la- Besides tho club nicmli^rs, Mrs. p. blfS^pf friends were- their guests. IL- Phipps was a guest. -Thesg 'included Mir. and Mrs. Al- i Mr. and Mrs. James Driver and len-.-Hunter Miller of Pine Bluff,!Mr. and Mrs. Hnlc Jackson cnler- gUMts of Mr. and Mrs. J.imcs 13. Clarfc; ^f^s. J. C. Kclley of D=- .trpjt-, Mich., visitbg Mr. and Mrs. -R. : N: Ware Jr.. Mr. and Jlrs. Stan- -16y-^3. Coipgritcr of Osceola; Miss ""•^ SRich'Tj'f-J|ef,?plil5 and Albert ' of CBlciMo, guests of Dr. s Mrs. jiungr-C. Sim. and Mrs. George Ross, Mr. and Mrs. Priest of Blythevilb «-eic visitors lions - Friday ekviiHiij. i -~ *- "....-^... ; -^-. ----- w ~,. — -. M- and Mrs. Pnul Ross spent.lOharles, Mo.,'Monday, atUr spsnojj Snuclny with Mr. and Mrs. b. M.jlng t"e lu-llduys with her ltarai« s Uny of Mylhcvllle. Dr. nnd Mrs. b.. P. Iviarlln.':. r' ; f. Mrs. Addle'cassidny and daiiRh-l Mr. and Mrs: W. N. WUli4ius,;..rfe; ler and Mrs. Manuel AdMsson were tinned yeiterday^to their jionii '.')> — ' ' ""' "—'— Armorcl after a-.vlslt-hi. aitjaylll}', the league ohapteis" of the coun:y ' " plaints have been reered but it will be represento'd. The last "con- understood oppo.ttUHi to the has been expected in sonic _ eight' league- cliaptefs and 127 moni- m unities. Resumption of s.-hool folb-.ving Hospital Notes ' ace of <uamonds, then! ! Matrimony's most dangerous pe-! : rlod is about the twenty-fifth year! Year program, arranged by Miss or. by Billy Cooley, a student West (hen proceeds to strip his sain- i i\vo hands oS • clubs and returns to cuests of Mrs. Sunday. Arch!,2 1'arhani, Miss. , • '• f. | :,M IS . Sidney WlUIafiis; ' o'f :; 'A*inif- '' v Annie Adkisson Is spencllnK the J. A. Bass was a, visitor. in^ vtcek with Vicv cousin. Mrs. F,rlle ; )isi s woliie'sdny ",w • Brown of Blylheville. | :,M IS . Sidney W •tin.- f.Mlr.wIg were dinner guests rc i, j s | n Jackson, at tl:o McKay home Sunday eve- h t ;v jt], i) Cr sister. • . iilng: Misses Mmlred Kay, Preston I Mv aud j,; ts ohSrlcs Cv'iggW Jr.', Perry. Ooldie Sparks of Dlylhevlllc. | W(!1 . C vlsUors in Memphis me iirut ' ' (allied Fifty guests including mc:ii- j Holmes ,nnd Mr, and Mrs. Miller bers of thc younger married set. | ot Frenchman Biyou and Hsrschel with a watch pnrly at thc caun- j lln rl Rov McKny rf Blythevllls, try .home of Mr. and Mrs. Driver, " " south of Osceola. last night. Danc- . ing was enjoyed during the e ning. Misj Louise Hale is spending .nies which fol-:^w days in Caruthcrsville, Air... the Klssell anrt Manuel Adkisson The Huffman school reopened Oil Monday. Dec. 29th after the holiday vacation. Mr. nnd Mrs. Hastings entertained a number of young folks with a dance at th.;lr home on New Year's thc week. C. .M. U'urgc.'principal of the A:morel school, URS returned from Jcnesbui'o whole he visited his par- ems for ton days. l-'ranklin Atkinson returned yes- >'andv Kidfjt News Hubbard Hardy has returned af- :cr a few v:ceks visit in Mississippi. Mrs. C. D. Whittle ot DrjgwOD:! nidge ?pcnt a few days of las', week with'her son. Tom Whittle, j' Gem -Sertitt of Dogwood Rld^s visited h;re recently. Jess Roark and family left Tnr/s- day for Kninett. Mo., where they ivjlt .mal-.e then future home. Pliileoti Eubanks and family of ogwood Hidgc arc moving 1hls community. V William Inmaii anil brother o 1 \Vilson visited rclativo.-i liere las', 'week. : Mr. and Mrs. W. P. of M;cFcrrln vivlt-^d hrjie recently. ^^Irs. Clyde Luuious ami children. Mr: ana'Mrs. Parrt f.IcOarrUy nnd aiieci Bevill visited'In tlic home of Charlie McGarrity Uniuiay cveninj. Mr. and Mrs/ Kirkscy Bell ''of Walv.iil Riilge visil.'il in fnc.Whtt- He licine last Wednesday. ':' Klllc Mabr'ey of mights visited in Hendrix-HcndersDii callege. U. N. Hill jr., a student in the schcol, rendered a piano solo andt),j s oml han[ i by !eadu i,j thQ sec _ a-.posin, ••Another Year," by P. A. ond round O f trumpi. "rfc-Iead of, Lee, was read by Miss Mary Cum- (h e jack of hcaris is" then per- ' minjs. Mr. Greene and Mias Hosa to lie (akcti by per Soulh's M. Hardy, principal, gave New | qllec . n . south'" has only hearts and Venr ereetings. Tf:c principal speaker was Robert Bniart-, a gradnale ol the '23 l [! t°j class, and now professor cf biology Va. terday Loiils. Mr. anrt Mrs. a bilef sl^y lu St. thc home of Mr. and Mrs. L. H. Ucvill last Thursday. ' Kkroji News Notes Mr. Edward Ryan and Howard i Carter of Lost 1 ; Cane silent Sat- clubs remaining; the lead of either , spells disaster. The liund today Illustrates two very impo-'lant principles in auc- importancc city who rcturnc;! yesterday from holiday trips arc: High B:hool— Crawford Greene. Fort, Smith and Arkadelphia. Ark.; Henry Hudson, Stamp?, Ark.; Hiss Rosa M. Hardy, (Jutes, Tcnn.; Glenn J. Dur-! ham; Hamburg, Ark.; William D. j MtClurkin, Prcscott, Ark.; Cicorsc I M. Hunt, Quilman, Ark.; Miss! Laura Brissetl, Ccnway, Aik.: M: = b I Frances Parker, Dallas, Tes.; Mifb I Sclma Leulz, Piggotl; Miss Fran-1 ccs Miller, Columbia, Mo.; Miss, Xollic Kcrr, Clarendon; Mis> 7\I^vy • I-'rances Stacy. St. Louis. Juni.-,.- j High—Sam H. Branch, Brancr.,' Ark.; Sloan Stcnart, Highland. Ark.: Mi.^5 Ve'.da A:lcock, Dover. BEWARE THE COUGH FROM COLDS THAT HANG 01 R. uvciay night in"Ekron community. Ark.; Miss and daughter nave returned from . mi _ Gh...esville. Mary- Ark.; ill enter Hiiglics.Brigliton, iWafch ifflfty^fiv l League party Fletcher, in at^fijc home of the Rev. and Mrs. Mrs. Harris Parks has returner! W. J. LeRoy Wednesday'evening lo her hoi in,«-elcomlng thc Ne»- Year. Games were played until midnight when there was a fireworks display. i : .... Attend Uouscparty. .'-.-. . pisses Sue Butt, Marjoric Mar- tirtjind Martha Robinson have re- tuftied from Keiser where tiicy Biniiu Hoor!. ' Mi:-s Mciu?, ' ?nn- Central CotijiTis from rnlifs may icari to tc- rioLia iruuliic. Vi-.i can noji tlu'in rrcosolR ilint is j Vasant to l.ikt 1 . Crconntbion is a ::icilicAl disco^ciy willi uvn-fold an i in; ii sooihcs and iic<"[s llic inHamr^ membranes and in- liibils K«:» ertiw:!i. Of .nil known ilr.-ps crccrote i* TCC- o^iiizcd hy hjgh ir:ullcul autliorilicd as o;irj of thc grea'---t lic.ilin^ agencies (or cuu^Tis inn HiU and bronchial iirjiatTons, Crcon iJrion confaini. iti addition to c:€^-irc, oilier healing elements v.hich soalhc and hcr.I inflimrd membranes and slop the iq ritalinn. ivfiilc llic crco:olc goes on t the il.iinrcch, is 3li?orbcd into thj Moo:!, aflnrks the ?ral of l!lc IroublJ and cbcclis the growth of ll:c Crccnuilsion 35 gnaranlcrd satisfao lory in llic ucntmnnl ol coji^hs frn| colilt. lironcliilb anil minor forms Itronrliial irritation?, anrl is c;:ccltn for buUdiag up tlic system aflcr colt OT Hu. Money refunded iE :ml r licved after Icking acconlin^ todirccs lioc". Ask your druggisl. (adv.) « .cek's stay, in Selmcr. Ten,,..; f ^fMa tme, iL Warrt-M^ M W K. Outlaw. Rec- -c-idnnn's parents -'- - I :Atiss E1Iic Mily - Ryi " 1 sllcllt th ° t0r LanEe ~ Miss Ellccl1 K( «tcr. FOR TH£ COUGH FROM COLDS THAT HANG I delicious guest of Miss ^fary Frances Sawyer rother. John Sawyer. Doyle, who has been critl- business In Memphis Monday Miss Mary Frances Sawyer, of C.(- thc|Roscoc L. Morris. Flat Kiver. Mo.; wefie gueste of Miss Margaret Robinson' for a houseparty. The hosles;. who formerly liveti here, is a stu- dcbt at Gulf Park college, Gulfport, : Miss. ' Th^ guests spent two days at the Robinson's country -home and were visitors in Memphis for a day. Hnlf IlUll-i thft ents, Mr. and rs. N. Johns. chell Is reported imp: Huffman News oung raviiSly. j wcc |._ crl( j 1)e , c ( | 1( , gllcs t 0 [ friotids. I c. M. Mack, local rei)rrs?mMive ' Dr. and Mrs. T. J. Ri-.!don of'c; the Mciroiiclitaii Lite Insur.uioc i Kennett visited in Cardsvell Sun-1 roaipany for the past l»u 5^.1^5, day. j has been marie assistant nur..iger[ Ark. Mrs. B. A. Lyncli and InmlU have returned f ro::i several days I visit in Scarcy. Ark. Mrs. P. A. I.aslcy children anri Mr- and Mr^. J. A. i incss in Arbjrd Monday. I tamlly arc moving to Join Mr. and Mrs. w. E. Haean and' 1 Rev. W .T. StulMefield had bus-; of this disiricl and he and ins I Miss Mary Eli?abcli. returned lo •" J --- ----- -- - -- '=••-- • ••-•• • ••- • ' Lilllc Hock icrtay following .1 visit with Mr. and Mrs. H. A. Smith and : other friends. i Miss Hazel ll.'.nlin and Eti Turn- : er sjiciil Sunday in Meni|ih:,- with: friends. i Mr. and Mrs. J. !•'. L-MII: Invc u .10 i returned frcm a short visit Va ; v » and dauglilcr. | OVER K MILUOH JARS USED YEARLY Willi each live i;;illons of at lliis slat !un we will b'i coupon for or more, purchase;! ass < 111 introductory offer i Hagan were dinner quests or Mr.- The Forrest drove school re-j where he will have Ins hcacuj;i.<r- j and Mrs. Thsnuis llaslcil. Thurs-. opened after Ihc Clirislmas vnca-1 tcrs. S=y. tit.u Monday. Dec. '29. The sclmjl' Miss Ku- Harwell lohiiiu-;! y-s- Buddy Cnsslday ol No. !i spout c'.cscd fcr the holidays on Tn-:s-i terday fiom Mnrianna where' .Ray Brown left'for Little Heck' * ""?>' all; I G:itnroay with Jw diy. Die. 23. I visited fcr Jic holidays -''.- w \s las^t week where he will be em- Cnxs ;- itiav ' r - . Elmer Earl Craii was inken br|a(-.-nipan:cd home bv Jcii'i'lhi-kJ ployed. Mr. «nd Mrs. P. A Bowles f-l - Ihe. Howard-Anderson ambulance- '• and milv Ward of ihat Blylhevillf anrt Mr. nnti Mis. Eu- " Tune In Two Quarts MM Motor Oil Absolutely Free. When we (irain your crankcasn (only 1 coupon ac- ceptcil for iMcli crnnkcase ( V turned to her home In Three niv- Mrs. J. A. C.i£Mday siwnl the sp P. ndlnB .*:?•---} ! wee!; end with his brothcr'at Xu.r.- ,-. . - -- - r ------- = - ......... i wee;with her. parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. | bc r g ' Concerl Hand. Music •«.•, fi;nii=li- 1 Homer Smith Jr.. w.-.o his i cni ctt by th £ " l! » rmo "V Ill; >'--." lilt *c\cr:il dav.v. is bntcr i.xi.i\ '" E'nier Tucker 01 cjarim. Ark., hid | M i-s Caro'yii Driver n-f.-u- <' 'to ' ' ' 1100 Kilocycles i mm COTTON BELT PROGRAM EVERY MONDAY NOON o i::sn p.-n. You'll like I his new II. A I motor oil — ilM mean.s more miles. II i< the newest of liigh gi-ndc motor oils, and has as high heat resistant--- as miy other oil, yet will flow fnoly in sulj-xero wcatlier, being absolutely waxt'rce- i To EncoLro«TC Dairy, Poultry and Prcjdncllon in thc St. i Francis Basin. bU5 - incsi ln CRrdSVCl1 ier Home niLHUc Rock Warlick tcr having been ti:e B H M «* - ' :.. .5 s8 .. . , and Mrs -;and Mrs. Otho Ilaney and crS:guests of Mr3. Light-: SiincTay evening. fool and children Christmas. . j.'rr,. Geneva Pierce ar.d ton o! i;.s visil hr-.c. ln< fc:mr. A. C. Waul. T. u. sea: :,:::! \V. KXOIVN. fitifi ALSO IN TAHITI'S. Read Courier Nc«s V.'.ait Ad: Remember— Means More Miles : Gc( Your t'oupan Today Guod for 2 (|iiarts of this oil KUKE'whcn \ve drain your rrankc-iso-

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