The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 8, 1938 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, April 8, 1938
Page 4
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PAGE FOljR E (AJtKJ COUIUEIt NEWS THE BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS THE COURIER NEWS co. 'H.m HAINE6, Publisher J.' GRAHAM SUDBURY, Editor SAMUEL F. NORRIS, Advertising Manager ' Sole National Advertising RepresciHuUves: Arkansas Dailies, Inc., New York, Chicago, Detroit, St. Libuls, Dallas, Kansas City, Memphis, Published Every Afternoon Except Sunday Entered as second class mailer nl (lie post Office at Blylheviile, Arkansas, under net or Congress, October 9, 1917. Served by the United Press SUBSCRIPTION RATES Ey carrier In the City of Blylhcvlllc, 15c per ivcok, or G5c IJIT tnoiitli. By mail, williin n radius of SO miles, $3.00 per year, $1.50 for six months, 15c for three months; by mail in postal zones '/*'<) to six. inclusive, ^550 per year; in ranes seven and eight, $10.00 per year, payable in advance. Giving Youth a Hand The plans of the Uml Ca.son post, of the Ainei'h'HM Legion lu provide much- ly needed jilaygrotiiid facilities for 'IJIylhevillc's hoys anil girls .should litUc front .rank anionn (lie post's omk'itvors •uid should receive .siippeni of Hie com- iwuiily. After nil then.' is no way in wliii'li (lie Legion can use its iiiujuuslioiii'd leadership and orgtiiiixatioii to lieller advantage than' lo instill tho proper sense of. fair play and responsibility into the youth of the country. No better way to accomplish this Uian to see that adei|Uiitc and supervised mrcalioiia) activity is nll'ercil can be easily suggested, U'liilc we all are fearful to some extent of anything that smacks of regimentation we need not see in organized or supervised playground activity the .shadow of youth's corps in tlic form of psciido army routine as carried out in Ku- ropc. Naturally there are extremes. Onu, as we sco it, is the paramount ideal in niililjirized Knrppeaii stales of suli- niurging the individual, even from early childhood, for the benefit of I he state. At the other extreme is the utter lack of discipline or a d v i c e which, in many American cities and towns, has allowed virtual "mobs" of undirected youths to develop into the rankest sort of hoodliima with m>7 ro- 9|?ect fqr,. rights oft o.lhiir.s.' ..J .',/'; » The' American Legion h;t.s wisely Struck at the crux of the latter evil by promoting the wholesome education of the country's youth, through its rcc- reatiopal program, in the duties of citizensjiip. The Dud Cason post has plans for developing vacant properly opposite its JInt on North Second Street into a park-playground utid probably even- fually providing neighborlujod playgrounds on other vacant properlv in various sections of the city. It i.s ;,,i nilinii'able aim ami brings tlic "big brother" policy of Uie Legion into actual focus. ikes N<>Aid Oomph It is learned that the American Kng- lish dielioiiary now being compiled by Sir William Ui-a'gie, co-editor of the Oxford English Dictionary, and Prof. James R. Hulbcrt, of the University of Chicago, will contain a new supply OUT OUR WAY of words- JUKI phrases wliich look for all the world like slang but which actually, according to the compilers, can no longer properly be considered such because of their widespread use. What makf.s Die ncw.s interesting is the fact that it comes in the customary season of inlerseolastic spelling bees. It's probiijily loo imn-b lo hope fur a modernization program among the spclling-inatclmuiliers this year, but what with the dictionaries letting their bars down (or should it b;; "letting I heir hair doivn'.'") .the spollijig bcf.s of the future ought to be lulus. Certainly (he new, improved bees would attract the pleasure-peeking throngs.' Who wouldn't lake a train lo be in at Hie kill when Hie champs of Sycamore, (),, ami (,'mnlng, Ark., went to town on "fffl." Or maybe; it's "ppphhl." Think of the dramatic possibilities in a hot light over ".schnox- xiilii," "criniiiientlies," "II o p a r oo," "oompli," and "gee-gee." We tail hiirdlv wail. Dash It What Dicsi! crafty military slvalf- gisls nmiiiige to think up ij) Hie way of now twists to warfare certainly beats all. < Anybody reading that news' about Italy's military aiiUionUes waging war on profanity in the ranks might think H was just one of those little oddities of life across (lie water, snicker a litlle bewilderciNy, and proceed to forget all about it. The devilish ingenuity of it! American vek'ivm.s reni-jmlier that tearing oul a choice selection of crimson-violet oaths was a required part of the military training in camp, especially in the bayonet practice. If was that way, it has been learned since, in all t,he best military (hushing schools, here and abroad. When a man guv into the . . . iis if were . . . practic;',! application period of what 'he had learned, universal cursing- was (he thing that was expected. Consider any future conflict that Italy- might be\ involved in. A jc/>ld dawn. A attack by UHJ K.-ll-' inns. A charge O r assorted Giuscppis and Arnaldos yelling: "Gracious!" "land sakes!" "dearie me!" then, maybe, "silly bambino!" ami "now you slop!" The chances are 100 to I that the enemy would do just that. Slop. Confusion, panic, utler demoralization. Then rout. Khc has uevcv cooked n meal, and she: lia.s complained about mine.—El win Elmer 1'ope. Los Anueles, commenting upon Ills mnrricil lite. * * * I'cvhiip:; we i\re pampered by our men over h'-rc. Imt \vc painpoi- them, too. And alter all. w<- women n-iilly arc Ihc weaker M-X. you know. - Jndilli Allen, prc.-ciil wile (it Jack Doyle. * * * If they can du il. | tan <]<> ,|. _M,. ; ^dnll liin.slcin. Clevi-laml. o.. alter taking her 1ms- l;and^ place as a salfsmuii lie w;i.s forced lo go (u bed bctnusc ol i)lnc.s.s. By Williams FRIDAY, APRIL 8, 1038 SIDE GLANCES By George Clark 'We got to i|id( sueiut> (he Maxwells—our dogs don't gel along." 1 THIS CURIOUS, WORLD V, William Kerpuson £I<3W O'CLOCK A. TJ4R££1 O'CLjOCK ARE FAVORITE TIMES FOR, THE Of A SNOW FAL.L./ •^ THE PARENT CARRJES ITS ENTIRE BROOD OF YOUNG ATTACHED TO ITS ' OU CAN EAT A CHICKEN YOU CAN EAT WHAT IT PRODUCES Oi//3/A/G i_//= AND VOU ALSO CAN! EAT IT A/=nr£K. IT /S SNOW may begin lo fall iu any hour of tlic day or nighl, Ijut the hours giirn above are favorite lioiirs. due lo the tendency of coolins nir lo condense. 'J'hrce o'clock is the hour of a winter afternoon when coolins is tiesim. mid cigtil in the morlng is the coldest time, ,-ind Ihc most likely for |)i c cmidcnsalion of moisture. Nli.XT: if Hirrc were inhaliitatils on (he moon. y UQCTOr . U. «. Pat OC. llcsl Is 11ic Best VOU 1 RE MOT ALLOWED TO TAKE. OFF NOUR OVERALLS BEFORE. TH'WHISTLE BLOWS — VOU CAKI'T SAY 7HAT BIR-D IS BREAWM 1 IH-M" RULE, BUT HE'S 5O CLOSE TO IT -THAT--- WELL, HE'S MODEE.M--HE/S CUSHIKJ' HOSAE TO WAIT FOE, SUPPEE,---THEM HE'LL TOOT EVERYBODY OUT OF HIS WAY TO GET TO A RED LIGHT, AMD EUSHTO WAIT F TO OPEM, AM' THEM RUSH HOME TO WAIT FOP, BEDTIME , AM' - • • OH, I COD LD GO OM AM' OM ' THE TIME SAVEE. Hcincdy For Menial Fatigur (Nil. lltli) ItV l»i. MOItlilS D.SIIltKIN jliliir. .lom-^al uf tlic Amcrir.m M r il i r u I As;oi-i;\tion. ami of Mytria. the Health Jlnsxa/'mc Mental (alii;ue may re.sull from .T i;reai many dillcrent causes. H liny rrsiill. from cvcrwcvk from a menial iniiia ot view, but in.-idcu- lally ;»lv» in ns,soci:nion \vith over- wui'k ui u pli>sic;il clinracler. l)i?- cju. r .c i t [lie complex c-Jt:tr;ti-fc-r of llir iii.' it may also be thr n.,iilt il is called boredom. In ;i<rdi- ii'rn imiy be mriital lati^uc ') inliwii-alioti of Hi'- biain result of overuse r,( a sub- like alcohol or clniis. ;f- arc certain activitirs \'.,'[icli particularly .to brini; ;iljoiit e. whercius there are ciitin- 1'Viiv. of mental activity ->xiu?h lo RO on Indelinilcly without rcing us. ft is p.'Jssiblr to tiro i-'i'' the .sense of hcai-in^ by » .011•i-i > .'".is shrill noise, but \vc mnild i" able lo listen almost iiulelmitcly '-.; sofl, :i\vecl music. It Is possible, lo ctniccnlralo for cL-ilnlu lengths nf time upon (c r- tain kinds of \vork, hnl soonrr nr l;it'-r there ccmes n mmnciit ulicti it is simply itniioxsiblc lo conlmne. In such nil instance, a rlmiu. 0 ( jcdipation may permit rest clmini; v.hlrh the fatigue from Ihc |)io>iuiis cccupatlon will (lisapsicar. Scieillirlcally, It is )io;,:,ibl ( > to measure the output of work ami to show that the output stcarlil, diminishes during l!)C pei'iori «iici; fatigue is dcvclojilng. Tlicrc arc some people who Insist thai they never Icel mentally fatigued, and CAST OK 'lVCi: .Mil, Mill. li.-r,,in, : »] ' , kuiiiniMt Inlo |li,. lii-rulnc. INOIlni, I'llJCI Ull, Initi-lrr; nli,- • "UKliI i> I. nil.. * • t »V.«(,.,.,|,,j , n.,,,,,',1 „„ I,,., ,„.„, HilhliT <:rul>,.. Ji.j-n. .Ml! HIT hm-i, li'-r liiii-kflkiink .irt-rl>i>;iril. AIIBT,, «!»• n-IlK I lir ,,»»„; man n liu i,^ II"' <'"U ..... I l.rr M.'c-I, !,.,,( (in,| " CI1APTKR If 'I'lIK Empress plowed her |ia(h through the midnight watcii, her decks cleared, the Jifjlil.s In her descried public rooms .'.'jrncd low, lier corridors rjiiicl. Pew' of her passengers were still awake. In Suite A-l-l, reserved for a Mr. and Mrs. Timolliy O'Hara, a Vudyy, red-nuscd man Jay on ins ilc luxe bed and -snored in rolor- fnl, oblivious abandon. from across the room a stern, soui- vistigod woman surveyed him with conlcnipl and foreboding as she slowly removed her dinniomls and placed lliem in the alligalor bag. And stfjingely, she- Ihou^hl of tin- atlraclive K»'l in Hi.- bl.itl Oissack hiit whom lu-r husband moment he set his unsteady feel on board. One il.-ck below, in Kooin-and- Bath B-l H—rccently assigned by lite purser to Mrs. Gladys Porter, cruise hostess, and duuKhtcr—a tail, shrewd-looking woman, with carefully coiffcd uiul liennacd hair, strode up and dovm impatiently. Slie held a passenjjcr list in hci- hand, and from lime to lime she adjusted a dainty lor- Unclli! to peer at it more closely. Only one name, however, seemed 10 interest her, and slie repealed 11 frequently, under her breath. "Hicliard Hamilton. Richard liaiii- jllon 1IJ." Quickly. Ihcn. she would glance buck at dm lisi, as if to assure herself lhat Ihc- nmnc was .slill there; perhaps tu nial.e doubly sure Ilial Ihcre wa.s no "jMr.s. Uich- ard Hmnillon" listed bcnealh il. "Hichard Ilamillon 111. Oh, where is Jsobcl'.' Where i.s slie?" I'ri-scnlly l.sobcl .appeared, and her mother pulled her ((uickly Ink) their slaleroum, s-hul Ihe dtfor lightly after her. "Jsobel!" .-.lie (lemu.-iclcd, "where. have yon been until (his hour'. 1 " Ispbc), delicalc. pale blond, and sophisticated, stilled u yawn. "Oh, | lcl . 1 met a m;m iinil we- sat lalUing in Ihc loumic until the steward put out tlic liglils;." A ijlcam of hi.|H- l)i-i(-|ilnicd Mrs. Porter's eyes. "Who was this man?" , _ llliislr.dion \>y Vjiginia Rraiisiiiiiu forlli'il one tilamarotv. tiiglit in s«.V Havana. ... or m Jamaica, with its him ravw <:m\ luguom, bartlm-J a<itli royal palim ami dollcil »'ilh llic liiillimuc of Iropkal /'o?!>ov'/igs. rliumba, and ilavk. lianrisonic kissed Iilif4erlip:. iea, wiih its blue coves and is, bordered v,ilh r:;yal and dolled with tin- bril- i of tropical package, ah'i.-:::!y wrapped. He led her into ;\ descried corner of the m-iling room and handed'il to her. .She opened the i.'ackajc excitedly. Her eyes lighted" when «.,.,.-,, , , i *'"•' ''"'"' ""' <'ontents--a black Sin.- sighed, deeply and drearily, , Icallu-r bag, lovelier than any she imglil as wiTII gel some sleep." had ever owned, an exquisite she Imally decided, -Things never [ pctil-poinl comoacl, two dainty loon to jjloomy in (he morning. . ." lace handkerchiefs, a tiny llacon * * * of rare perfume, a lipstick . . . A )MtJ tlic next morning Ihings "' ''ope it's Hie i-iglil kind," he J " ' dio' look belter! | oll'ercd shcc'[)ishly, as she picked it As .sin- walked around (lie deck, i ""• , slii. 1 slojiped, invnluuliirily, ;J l i|,<. .- !»(• in her hand;', spol ol her disaslroiis ciiciuintrr j admiring il. .-md waged a bailie, [the nighl before, and'looked over) with her New England conscience Ihe rail. A momenl liiler someone-! about keeping it. Slowly she drew alongside and stood next lo [opened il. Inside, lucked in one of | the ixjckels, she saw a crisp one- familiar voice mmtircd-flylh.r bill! She gasped Isobi-l shrugged. ''1 don't kitmv. Hit: name was Ciregury. ll<- wasn't linil. 1 asked him tc, the doctor's (able with us 1 . . . ." "Why did you do Itial?" ''Well, il'N always handy In have an escort on tap from Ibe beginning. . . ." Mrs. i'orler wrnnt; her hands in exasperation'. "Isobcl! Mow many limes must 1 tell you nut lo pick up with the lii'sl man yiii '"It's- ml Iher.v said lo her. "I've looked myself.'" "' Klie Uiriu-il iiuickly and looked up at tin- voim;^ man who had "That's luo much!" she. said, and ,.,!_ '>er voice was slcrn. Uul, seeing amazement. Tlien, cjiiile sutt- l.v. she held'.Ihe entire pack- oul to him. , •••-;• •••• saici withoul Unisiusin. "You're here again." "A criminal always returns In Ihe scene of his crime, they soy." Slie noticed, in (he bright iight of early morning. Iliat he was not al till ii bad-looking young m;m. "I'd like lo tell you again," lie oll'ered. "how soiTV [ am." Contrite, .loyee smiled al. him. j"ll wasn't your faiill," siie ad- milled, "li was itll'.igellier an nc- mccl on a rrnise. Du you Jinow I cideiil. 1 guess 1 was mnrc who's aboard this lime''' 1 ] because you made so light of mv "Who'.'" jloss." "Richard Hamilton ill. Tli" sun • "IM I didn't mean lo do dial. I of (he president of National Hub-i ws relieved to discover thai ii bcr. . . ." |w;is an amount whieli I could r<:- "non'l nag!" l:;,,bcl iinplm-ril,) l>li ,". r ""' pouling. "I'll mccl Ah-. llainiHoii. i " ul al ; '"-" -'".vce cut him But let me get a luok at him before you marry me nil". . . ." And yet another deck below, nexl-lo-iiiiniiniim vale SinKli lioom C'-2I I, Joyce- Miliicr pieced her nose iigiiinst Ibe heavy gl;i:is. of Ibe porlliole and stared rli;;-j K 'i nmlly out at the blue-green fo;nn jncr of the s|iray. "A line In-ginning [o a liig Ad- ,. " ul s ' 11 "''- "^ ft *'r all, it was an aeci- denl, anil you don't know me--" "''*' '' lu - '°- My name's Hamil- ton--fJicf; IlaniiUnn. Will ye.u ac- "Nnl a dime In buy cone if [ i;o ashore. . . ." Indeed, why g,, asliuic? Tin tickets fov sliore exeursions weri start to make: amenrls'. J " nnddcii. "I'm Joyce Mil- nil ins hand and the \vay you the' linm|;e i and look at M the hurt in his eyes, she softened. "Keen from a friend. Dick. I can's' bike yom money—" \ "You're not such a bad risk." "Suppose we compromise Ibis way. Take back ihe money and let mi! keep (he bay. 1 do love il." "Mr. Hamilton!" They looked up, uluctlcd,, ami IJick jumped l<i Itis feet. A tall woman, in a smart blue knitted dress, with carefully hennaed hair, held oul her hand lo him. "I'm Mr:;. Purler," she ottered gushingly. "The cruise hostess. I'm trying lo arrange the sealing in Hie dining room. Dr. Gray i:; mosl anxious thai yini join his lable, 1 believe one of your friends wrote him. ..." "Thank y<,u, Mrs. Porter. Tell (he doctor I'd he delighted. That i.'.', if he can arrange a place f"r HKs iMiliicr, loo. I've just asked her to be my companion. , . ."' A shad', of annoyance darkened Mrs. Porter's lace, but she re-' lained her smile, { ' "Mow <(.i you do, Miss Milner." .Then, j., Dick: 'Of course I.don'l know v.-bal oilier ananKcrnent.s KOIIC. Kwr that one ulamuniiis i ( 'UKIDU.S. .slie went in with him. night in gay Havana, where dusky 1 ' iv.iilrd while lie .slopped ,-d Ihe Un-ls swayed to (he in i>;in;d | ship's j[ifl simp and picked up a to him," Joyce had ;i lleeliiii; sus|iicion that she would not be loo welcome al (lie doelov's (able. ' (To Mr. Continued.) tliere are ollHT people who seem lo be mentally lired all llic lime. These conditions are apparently associated wilh Ihe cir.uaclcr or roiislituliim ot Ihe person 1011- cernrd. Tncidcnlally, even those dynamic individuals u'Jio never ;;ccm to mentally tired may suddenly reach a moment when any mental ntiiv- Hy whatever will .snap ihe en ibriimi and result in something wmbliiijT a breakdown. Mental breakdown, boivevcr, seldom orrms j from menial overwork, but. numb | more nrien Iroin overslrcss on tcr- j lain emotions. i ' ' ' I "I here is line remedy that is important lor mental, as ufll as lor all fatisar. and Uml is rest. 'Ihe taking <;t stimulating drugs like caffeine or bcirccrtriiic will overcome menial laliguc. The use ol such agent-, is. however, like w!-ip- ping a tired horse. The taking of food is not a cure for mental fa- tigne. Ii place., extra slrrss on the organs ol the liorty associated with digestion and absorption. The one inline method of lieat- ment lor menial fatigue Is rest. That, means rcsi from work, it il is work that has caused faliuue: rest from emotional cxcHciiicnt, il Uial has been rcs]K)iistl)lc; resl from athlelics and play, if Iliwc has been loo much of that. An alternate is. of courtc. ;i chaiiRC cf work or a change of play, but il nuisl be remembered Iliat \vlillo this may lessen the stress on that particular portion of the brain involved In tlie menial ffttlguc -due lo monotony or bove- dciii. it calls on olhcr portions o[' the brain, l;rnv.;in^ about more i general latigue. ; If it is [ouiul Uml the menial | fatigue i.s associated \vlth any j psychic or nervous tlislurlMiire lhal. i of course, must hnvc Ihe attention j of 'a competent in :,uch ! ccndilions. Toy Exhibition Will Reflect Trend of Year JfKW YORK (Ul'l - -A lonvaid . look inlo tcylaiui will tin olU-rrcl here lit the American loy fnir pre- vie'.v on April 'J.'t wbvn more than 15.0CU new phiylbiiicjs will be shown. Products from :;r ( .stairs will be exhibited al uhai i.s r-v:prclefl \>i be the bittijrsl. display .Mnce 1!W!J. Seven acres of space will be required lo slac.c tlir exhibition. James I/. Fri. dircclor of Toy Mnimfacliiiers' Association, reported a rise in retail -.alps. Snow White, ihe scvrn ilwaris and Charlie McCarthy have joiuc;! loyland now. unit cowboys jnlso contiime lo i;mk hish in the jhcco riislrr of .juvc nilc.s. In sharp conlrafl lo Miiroiics' uuifonncd ! dolls, ininiMuic.s of hoinrinuking anrl induslviai activilics, prevail in Hits country. Less Hum one per i cent of American toys have nny relation to war activities and most of lliem are historical, il was rc- i ported. ] -Youngslers' luteiTit, In farming seems to be rising, fair officials said. Novelties in farm toys inclmir Iciidcnl; Miss Virginia Krliols disc harrows, plows, sprea-lcrs and yram^ wcnmiv, work: Mr:. Vf li (raclors. More Hum n thoiiwind r-s- Hr.oker. raipc-ri'iiti-ndenl ol .supples- penmcnls in Ihe Held of physics. Mrs. Oscar Uell. superintendent of chcmis,liy. numcrolopy and radio , vhiidren s work; Mrs. Curtis While have been tlcvclo|ictl. There also i Eii]:eriiilcn;iciil of baby specials arc new backy;ir,1 pyms whicli can ! — . l-c aacmbleil rjuickly. j I'hcasanb KaLsi-il as l!ol,lij. I SKiYnLE IUP'I—Siiiimpi A. M., V . lin. fioaltlc i-lolhier. in l!Kjl stalled phrasiiiil-raisiiig as a hotby. Kuiee then it has crown inlo an expansive Thn woman's Mi;,sionai v -,oeiriv i ti)Sin<V - ss1ll "! t l!1 "'' 5 IMU U6 ° M > : el the U.vcr,s Meflicdis. eh nth U? " n '" , ,"^ raC ' - ve l lr , T '' c bir:i; v.l,r:h was or»a.,i7M Marrh 1 h) ! !J\ P 1lIlU '" c(i ln " :cml hmr '^ '• Hir lilylhnvillc Missioiiarv qrou, , ^ '"" : ?ll;inkcl tm "? '"'""cl»'4 - vl " 11 ' liawhs by a German shepherd dr j;; . displacemmt of a only 21.T3 cubic recently installed I.'. At Ihe orr-.anj/atimi mrclijiK. "Mrs. .,., ."","' W. r. li,e-.u-r. nf Blylhevilte. /onr r '" '»^ 011 Irarlrr. pre:,i(led. She ivas a^isied " ;° <:>clc ky Mrs. H. J.ynn Wade. ; >)so nl '^' lilylhrville. The Rnv. H. I.ynn Wailc. paslr.r cf the Hist Mei'ho- ((ist rhureli nf jjlyth"vil|e. !(-•! tiic rtcvottoiial. Th" .ill uwnibrrs df- llic Courier News Iia5 Dccn :ru- citel to meet every fiist and ihirtl, thorizcd tociake formal Bnnouncc- Mor-day. , ment of the following candidates At a later mn-im;. ihe lollnuin? for public office, subject to tha officers were installed by the loi-al Democratic primary August a. Announcements pastor, the Kev. I.ynuin 'T. HarRcr: Mrs. Lloyd vox. piwitrlciil: Mr.s. J. H. Kcliols. vice president; .Mrs. Ico Allen, rrcnrdius: sccrclary; Mrs. (jidlicy Doster. correspondina sri-.- irlary; Miss tiix;\l:-tli Ann Ciartl- j iicr. locnl Iccasiirer: Mrs. t'aul j Wiggins, mission treasurer, Mre. i A. L. Holland, sliijy Miperintcndcnt, Mrs. K. L. Kersey, literature and! publicity .suiKrintcnclcnl: Mrs. C. C, Brewery. Christian social relations' superintendent; Mrs. Roy Tremiell, world outlook superintendent.; Mrs. J. H. Wilson, local work superin- For County Treasurer R. L. (BILLY) GAINES JW Shrrifl am! t'ollcclor HALE JACKSON County Cotort Clerk T. W. POTTER I-'or County Tax Assessor VV. W. (BUDDY) WATSON BRYANT STEWART For Comity and Probate .TucJje DOYLE HENDERSON For Circuit Courl Clerk HARVEY MORRIS l-'pr County Representatives \V. W, FOWLER

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