The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 11, 1930 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 11, 1930
Page 6
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"AGE SIX' KI.YTHKVILLE. (AliK.) COURIER NEWS Pick Your All-American. Dodgers Blank Bruins and Cards Beat Gianls; Macks, Nals Lose. NEW VORK.—The Chicago Cubs ook 'another oji llie chin yc.sier- lay with the Brooklyn Robins In he role of avengers, handing UK? Iruins some of ihe same paisDi) Tai they meted oiil lo Ihe Ruklnt •:veral weeks ago. Oid Artolfo Luque sel the Bruins nek with five hits yesterday arui :ic Dodgers triumphed G'to 0 leav- ig the National'league race very rambled. The Bruins arc still in •'ril place, a game'and a half bead ol the Robins and Cardl- nls. The Cardinals beat tile Gi- .its yesterday to keep snapping at . ic Cubs' heels. The Robins got on" 'with n scor- 1 ig spree in the first inning ngnlns' • hicago and counted five runs b?- :"ire Ihe McCarthy men succecdet n ending the strong spurt. Three ouble plays aided the vsterat jque as he turned back the Urn The St. Louis Cardinals scorci : 'te to defeat the New York Gilts, 5 to 3. Four runs in a sllr- ng eighth Inning rally put ,!lif - '.irds in first. Sylvester Johnson nd Fred Fitzslmmons : hooked «• i a pitching duel with Johnsm :tting the edge although FitMlm- ons outpitched him for seven iu- i ^ngs. Zachary Twirls Shuloul Tom Zachavy, veteran s'oullipnw. 1 eld the Pittsburgh Pirates to fuur its and (lie Boston Braves defen!- •1 the Bues, 5 to 0. Wnlly lierger 'cstoji gardener, hit his .1411] hom- .: cf th3 season. Tlie Phillies (rimmed Ihe Cln- innali Reds again for two sli'nlaht. • lo 4. Lester Swcctland and 1'hi' Collins combined (o hurl Burl :iiot ten's team to victory. Eppa 'tlxey was the victim of the d?- THURSDAY, SKITRMIiEU 11, Curedic, Wood I .of;!', doou j Jcl) Already. Booth \ K'h for -»i»/» **wrs~* lUUft AND t&\/<)''•¥ YirxTn/-> iV^Xl lili^ V^T;<1 WJtJJLJL^JU,^ •iirling excellent ball turned ' he Philadelphia Athletics In the \merlcan league with a 4 to 0 d> "oat. Doljacfc. vccrult Tiger cul- iclcler, smashed a home run with uo on to give Sorrell n comforl- iblc lead. Shores was the losing .Mlcher. The Wnshington Senators failed !o .take advantage of the Macks' loss, however, .losing themselves lo the St. Louis Browns, 3 tn '2. The Browns scored two in the second and one In the sixth for ColTmnn to V*st .Crowder In n hurling duel. Striving. for his 25lh victory, \Ves Ferrell of Cleveland went ricwn in defeat before the bals of t!:e New York Yankees at Cleveland. 7 to 2. Tl'.c Yankees beat Fcr- rell for the third time this season. Henry Johnson pitched steady ball for New York. The Chicago White Sox got but six hits off Danny MacFsyden ant" (he Boston Red Hose took n C lo I decision. The Boston nggregattor jumped on the veteran Urban Fn- ber for a gooci lead but was finally halted by Jim Moore, recrui H from Little .Rock, only too late. PERFECT HUMBUG CAMBRIDGE'Eng., Sept II (UP) —Mark" Webb, bacteriologist, told students that two youths who had grafted the .head of a bee on beetle afterward maintained thcv had evolved the, perfect humbu; sight of the most Important spoiling test of all. the battle of Holiuy Jones nt Philadelphia to score ;\ clean sweep of the four big world i;ol( lillrs. Any man who ever held a golf club in his hand knows the Ire- icndous task Jones faces at the lerlon CrlrVct Club. It Is the lust ong-inilc for him, sleep and rocky II Ihe way. Think of'the terrific oad on the man's nerves. It is kc a four-horse pnrlny; three ol ne horses are in nnd the man who . fits at the telephone wait- I!y CI.AIKi: NIIA Si-rvli-e Sjit-rls Wrll?r 'Hi-,- !oi/.b;;ll sva-on hasn'i stnvi- i-d ytt —till the IMCI: Irji AN-Amer- Ica (jiKirU'rL'jc:. liu:i-jrs r.wins al- r:.uiy .stuh-il. 'lliink buck to llu- :;ri;l sea- 'on If) ni'j])t!:s ii(;u. Who were tin.' alhlcus wliij ptuvldrtl l)!» j-reales'. liiiplratlonnl li-aclui'shlrj ic the!- IfamsV 'I'li.itS Frank C.irld-'o. ([iiarlCMb.ick c( Notru Diuni:^, nallonal intrrc.'jlli 1 - felKtc fh:>iii|>!cns; Albi; Booth i lily iii::iii of a .sturdy YaL ! t-lcven; and JJarry \VCLd, Harvard' 1 .! <irc.i> kickiiiiJ. iorv.LiKl passim un<l I ,11 ln^;;iii'^ artist. ! More 100.(;00 perrons were -.vnU'hlng lv:(> );rcat Itams In buttle on a NovcinLer arirrnoon last be.v tu:]. 'liic-y apii::aieu to be evenly iiiatchi'il ciuriiin' thu first igunrttr. In the' M.'cri'id p;iiad a sicl;- cnach. vtev.'lny tlie cniHcst Irom his \vheel- c-rinir on the sidelines, orderec 1 f'nink Carideo inlr, the fray. High'. a\vay business picked nr for Nnlre Onnio and in short. or:ioi ilicy hiul ['i) cwo louclidowu 1 :it;uiii!l lliose Trojans from Southern Callfcrnla.- Carldeo kicked tha 1 ball; h^ pr.Esvid that ball. Fre- Ciueutly he ran with it. Every mill ute of the cunU'St hi? 1 . iicnernlsrTiT. was iioli™eab!c. And Ihe export; made him All-Aiuevioa tiunrterbaek because of that. riiiilitv Is InU'.-.liiiiil fortitude, And, K war, October r>. year ngo. . .• of Hint, Jones has a lot. Afmy was lending Yak In the see A bull club tiuit HUM win four I tnil half. . . . Coanh Mai Steven', raiaht eniiu-s to take a pennnntl ordered his Litlle lioy lilue, one Is placed under a mighty strain. A '• Alblc Biolli. into the contest, fnclbiill train, li-t us say Nnlre I Th - Fhivnti'inr-s: of Vale's pin; IJami'. with n clean Mule for the magically changed t'j s-p'rltcd, ik-- season, meet:. Blanford in the last l«m!iicil warfare. "IIOOT1I slid ofl name »f the year; Bill Junes is his! lcft Wcku ' fnr slr; >' :inis: 1! °O'n' OMU pitcher mid caklu-r. He Is his f ' 1 " 1 |'" lt!< l,!:l™;,,V H ! 11 .. i; '!:S '"'L .'''. own klcki-r. pas or. ends, taekles and ' "«—•" conch. All' l!y lliinsi'lf Frieudr. will lip wlili him to wish him well. The Eallery will be ready to cheer him i:mvard. Hut he inns'. UI1) YOU KNOW THAT— Hilly Olbson, a very sick man asl spring, lias fought his way )ack from the hospital . . . :it's .-till manager of Paulino, and will dlrPit Ihe 13asi]Ue in his future engagements . . . Billy ; innnufc! 1 !- ol ficnny fxionard lor yens . . . they never had ciiitruct between them, Just an --'lal and Kc-ntlciminly uniier- ndinx wliich each lived up to ' per cc-iu. Hilly Imd lliat T iitim-y, H.o. but pflor Gene won tin- thimiplumlilj) at I'hitadel l.hia. liilly wus demoted lo as- :::!liint s«:i;ivlary ... In the old ds.ys. when pri/e flaliting was il- !i;-,iU. cilbsuu fostered tile Fairi:Kimt A. C.. as the law |iennlt- lecl li.xliis iiniong members . I :,i-y used to arrest Gibson I.T:™ that he used lo write out ;i (hick !ur hli; fine before the l.-ut, and have it ready when he law .-.wodped down. Southern League W. L. Memphis 95 55 New Orleans fin CO Birminijhain H'i U5 ManlH !11 01! .iltlc Hock SO 70 ;hatiancoga U5 «4 Nashville G4 US Mobile 41) 109 PEBS LOSE I But Memphis' Has Pennant Won Anyway; Pelicans Win from Travelers. ATLANTA, Oa.-The .Memphl.' Chicks, who have already saltet away the- Southern Ira^ue pennan fcr 1030, and the Mobile Hears, orphan occupants of tr.e league eel lar. divided a double header :i Memphis yesterday. The Chicks waited out In fron lu t:is Ilrst game to win ay ih convincing margin of 10 to 2. 1'e Wee Grimn, Chick lef'.han:l»r, hek tlio Bsars to eight hits white hi mates crashed the bail lurd an timely, in the second affair, Har ry Kelly failed in his c.'fort to ri:i up 20 wins for the season when h was shaded by Engli.ihman in tight duel. The score a 13 4. Tl Chicks made four irrors brhin Kelly that contributed mat^rinl] to his defeat. The Pelir.ans of New Orleans, v nvo been striving so hard locate 1 ho Chicks, cinched second place by *atmg the Little Rock Travelers, to 6. A four run rally In the fifth nnlng sent Eckert- lo the shower nd New Orleans out in front. The Atlanta Crackers lost ti clos: to 2 decision to the Nashville Vols ere. Although the Cra* outhit Ih' /ols, Willis held the Crax score ess until the ilnal stanza. Wet grounds prevented the Bir ninijhiiin-Ciiattanooga game. Bemphis Team Plays Osceola Nine Sunday CSCEGLA, Ark. — The Howcl 'Jlc.hing Co. ttam of Memphis wit lilay the Osceoia Sun lay. The Howell team is one of thi lust iu Memphis having won the Independent Title for the city o Memphis for the past lliree years The Indians defeated the Howel nine at Huswor.d Park in etevei innings by the close score of 4 t "J. Happy Foreman, former India sLar pitL-hcr, will be r,n the-mcun . Ilov.'ell against his former tea mates in Sundays gam?. The Trlb has been playing great ball an y.ave run their string <?f victorle o saven straight. They have chalK .ii uf thirty-^even victories for 11 -:i a son. Granite is the lowest reck in tl wncery Court, Chlckasawba District, Mtalsslppl County, Arkansas ast Arkansas Lumber Co., Plaintiff vs No. 4108 llza Bryant, Hunter Bryant, ami Frank Klagg, Defendant. ' The defendant, Frank Flagg.' i s arncd to a|)pear within thirty ays In the court nanifd In the option hereof and answer the cross omplalnt of the defendant, Eliza Iryant. Dated Aug. 21, 1930. W. VI. HOLLIPETER, Clerk. By Elizabeth Blythe, D. C. •MM Reed, Atty Ad Litctn. Aug. 21-28, Sept. 4-11. n the Chancery Court of I'M Chlckasawba District of Mississippi County, Arkansas- Mississippi County Building ,v Loan Association cf lilythcville, Ark., Plaintiff. vs. No. 4799 Tress McBrlde, et ats. Defendants. The minor defendant, Mary Ann McBride, Is warned to appear In this court within thirty days and answer the complaint of the plain- tin, Mississippi County Building A: Loan Association of lilylheville, Arkansas. Witness my hand, as clerk of said court, and the sea! thereof, on this, tOne 21st day of August, 1930. W. W. HOLLIPETER, C!.?rk. By Harvey Morris D. C. Aug. 21-28, Sept. 4-11. SOVIET STUDY KOADS ST. PAUL, Minn., (Dpi—Similarity of Minnesota's climate, terrain and road problems as well as 11:011 eer work in road constructioi methods have brought three group: of engineers of the Soviet govern ment here to study constructioi methods. P.OOTII Army's Ijfl end for n yards." wa: Ihe way fii-ahum AlL-Name? luld 111- story. Prclty .yion Mr. Bo^lli hat' run Yale's point t<:C\l lo 21. YaT won that uame, '21 to i:i. Tl'.ere «as aiidllici October af Ic-vnooti . . . .Chris: C-.rik'r. Ann; of iiolf. A little slip and a well- planned drive KOCS skittering into loose. Wuod llirev.' passes .tin;; v:ay an: that way: he ran with th: 1 hall; I. . , ,, , . II:.1L \->,Ly, J1L I.Ill UMLL te woo<l.s. A little to deep mlo the I R( .., 0 ,.. llc ' >( i his C| ., mson ave thi? nanl line. Tt:en. wilh tlr scor' leading Army-'At. Harvard IB. t'li slim inphoniore tjuaricrback step •'M)iJ buck ami calmly kicked th turf ami what iniKlu have been 11 splendid approach turns out to be n bum. Jones can't have any slips like n[f lo-l,e*Kho\v the fourlh has run 1'^L." TheT'aiJu'n tTyin^to^ "'•' ^' ''^''"'''""'^^"tn brliV i-s. Hr- is nil by hlmselt. I! can survive this storm he will L? .mere lhan n yreal soHer. He will be a yieat character. If Junes ever has cause to press : will lie In the millonnl amateur, lust win this one more tourna- ncnt and tlie score shcc'. is com- .lele. A new world record for the ids to shoot at! He rises or fnlls^ y the merits of every drive, every' ;ppr;ach, every putt. At lime;; il irobably will seem to him he is 'riving on the swaying dec): of n •hip. There will be boulders on Ihe rceus lo stymie him, • • * AH His Resources This test Is going to take every . unce .ol Jones' power. Many have •ailed him a robot golfer, n me liank'al man of the fairways. At he Mrriim club Jones probably /ill wish that were true, that he ould become for a few days a ma- jhine without nerves. ariuritiiR uut mfceltngly birdies and eagles aiul Bui of course Jones has nerves. \ftsr all, he is buill on Ihe siune allern as Angus K. Duffer, only nfinllcly more skillful, ft may ounri sophomoric. but I think only jne (|uality can carry Jones hrough this supreme tes\. That Read Courier Mews Wuni Ails ig to beat : vnrd up on even terms. A majcr <lisastcr in the form fire, flood or plague is about thru e-.ui keep Messrs. Cari.'li-n llootli aiul Wnrxl off thru All America roster this fall. Oll-.jr vise the race Is settled now. American l.tagui- W. 'hihdolphia !14 Washington Rfi tew York 79 Cleveland 75 Del-roil G7 SI. 1/Hlisj 55 Chlcat'.o 54 Uoslon 4ii .51 .SI? .43f .-I'1C PCI .432 .39' .3(11 .33 Natinnul Chicago .St. Louis ... Urooklyn ..., Now York .. Pittsburgh .. lloston Cincinnati .. Philadelphia W. 80 7S 70 77 71 G5 55 4C 1'C'I .5f .5 IF .401 .•10.333 Games Today SnuUicrn League Mobile at Memphis. Nashville at. Atlanta. Chntlanooga at Birmingham. t.Hlle Rock at New Orleans. American Lragnc Boston at Chicago. Washington at SI. Lauis. New York at CleiTlond. Only games scheduled. Young men going back to school Xalional League Chicago at Brooklyn. St. Louis at New York. Cincinnati at Philadelphia. 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