Asbury Park Press from Asbury Park, New Jersey on October 29, 1921 · Page 3
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Asbury Park Press from Asbury Park, New Jersey · Page 3

Asbury Park, New Jersey
Issue Date:
Saturday, October 29, 1921
Page 3
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, odttry PARK EVE XING PRESS. SATURDAY, OCTOBER 29, 1921. Have You Met Him? "This telephone service is deplorable," he raf,ecl as central gave him the wrong number twice in succession. "The railroad service here is positively rotten," he moaned as he pao- , ed the station platform waiting for the tialn which was seven minutes , late. "Take it away from me," he glared as the waiter brought him a brand ot coffee unsuitable to his delicate tastes. , "This bed Isn't fit for a dog to lay in," he roared, as ho rolled over for the 40th time; in a hotel room that didn't qulto suit him. A year later the sun was blazing hot; his feet were blistered; his body wag worn and fatigued and hot fire seared his empty stomach. Dust from the desert rolled - behind him in clouds, whipped by torrid winds that Visit Our Ready-to-Weai Dept. 2nd Floor Exclusive line of Evening and Afternoon Dresses ranging in price from $25.00 to $150.00 612-614 Cookman Ave., Aibury Park. N. J. Telephone 2331. "Exclusive" LADIES' WEARING APPAREL Boardwalk and Second Ave. Prime Beef at Low- est Prices at The United Meat and : Poultry Market I 817 MAIN STREET Bradley Beach f We Have the 9 it.firy Meat Market ing Monmouth County and 2 j We Invite the Public to 2 Inspect It. Free Auto Delivery A If It's New, We Have II. 639 COOKMAN AVENUE ASBURY PARK NEW HATS ALWAYS i ICO DOZEN WINDOW SHADES SPECIAL each Complete with" fixtures. COOK'S BEE HIVE ilp 42c swept across the barren wastes and laid his delicate Fkln open. His eyes we to a sickly yellow and his tongue, swollen, drooped like a doif's. For four days ai.d four nights he had staggeied, half lifeless, toward a mirage that mookf d and leered him from an incorporeal somewhere. Somehow he got back to "God's country." They brought him in, more dead than alive, and fed him mush, and watery cow's milk and dried beef. He ate ravenously, drank the poor mil'x in a gulp, scribbled a note with a faltering hand, and sank into a deep sleep on a blanket in a coiner. The world ii changed to him now. Ho smiles when the train faithfully puffs in somewhat behind scheduled time; ho adds an "if you please" to the telephone operator; he treats the waiter like a human being, and upends his nights sleeping on a porch swintr. The world has changed. )o you know him? Pavement Hoarders. Regardless f.f sex, age or physical capacity, the elbow sliovers and holders of first, second and last mortgages on public sidewalks make their presence known on crowded thoro-fares and themselves obnoxious wherever they go. They seem to have a propensity for picking out a time when the homegoer is carrying big bundles or for days when the ground on ether side of the walk is slo.ipy and wet. They waltz down the alleys and avenues and streets Tires replaced on all small wagons and baby carriages ; we retire them as g.iod as new. Can be done in the shortest time and at small expense and satisfactory work. J. EDGAR SOOY Bicycle Store 516 Cookman Avenue. Asbury Park, N. J. Allen's Store Allenwood, N. J. GOODYEAR RIM CUT PATCHES Heavy, cured, double wing patch, for reen-forcing blowouts, rim cuts, etc. Each patch adjustable to two size casings. All en fJOlDOIIl SLIPPERS Fine assortment of Ladies', Men's and Children's Slippers. $1.73 to $2.00 c. C. Clayton MAIN AVE. Ocean Grove For Hats, Underwear .Waists and Hosiery 1647-619 Cookman Ave.,S m I A i ii t 9 Big Sale of DRESSES Tricotine, Serge and Jersey Wonderful Selection. $4.95 $7.95 $9.95 JOS. SCHER 703 Cookman Avenue t 9 I- three or four abreast, oblivious to , dose of morphine, swallowed yester-the rights of others and impervious ay when a city marshal began t6 to the pitying blanees thrown at I move furniture from her tea room them from gentlemen or gentlewomen j and apartment in West Fifty-Second too weuorea 10 give mem me can down they so nciuy deserve. They are the people who never sing: "O, would gome power the gift to give us, to see ourselves as others see us." They are. indigenous and of the fame clan as the man who pit behind u in the movies and Jells the advance story of how tiie picture is going to come out. There Are Others. The English department at Gouch-er colh-ge has declared war on the superfluous word. Hostilities began when Professor Annette D. Hopkins censured the use of "Listen," "Oh, say," and "Believe me." Believing th: the best way to begin a len ience is to tepln it, Professor Hopkins officially barred "by and large," "all things taken into consideration,"; "as a matter of. fact," "and it seems to me." Girls beginning a, study of journalism, were warned against an indiscriminate use of "awful," "wonderful." "precious," and "cute." Other expressions listed as taboo were: "Sustained a fracture," "The fair sex," "Viewpoint," "Wend one's way," and "The first lady in the land." All In a Day's Work. ' By telephone a reporter fur The Press answered an alarm at the city desk and wa' ftreeted by a female voice showing refinement and culture in every demand for information as to the source of a news story that gave details of her particular line of business, and respecting a change of location After a 10-minuto conversation, durii'S which efforts were made to pacify the rising anger o the miss pn the other end, who declared that she had received no satisfaction in getting the source of the information, it was agreed that she .should talk with the "big chief" later in the day. Fearing for the worst, the reporter reviewed the conversation with ids superior only to learn for the first time himself, that the informant, who had been responsible for the' "mectdlinx into the private and business affairs" of the young woman and to whlcn she was objecting to so strenuously was her own father. The. conversation between the city editor and the young miss which, nt this moment is to follow, may be written for another edition. EVELYN IMESB1T SAFE FROM ATTEMPTED DEATH NEW YORK, Oct. 29 Evelyn Nes. bit was reported today almost wholly recovered from the effects of an over- , r Prices Less Than Elsewhere 630 Cookman Avenue, ASBURY PARK FALL DRESSES VALUES WuPIN A uY M Jffuf DUOFOLD HEALTH UNDERWEAR Scientifically constructed, giving you the warmth of wool without the irritation of wool to sensitive skins. MUNSINGWEAR in complete variety. GOLF HOSE to suit the most exacting. TYSON SHIRTS in a style to suit YOU. Short, stiff bosom, laundered cuffs, negligee, with laundered cuffs and pleat-od ne.cligee, with laundcr-od culls. These are a few of the many kinds that are hard to find. HOWARD L. BORDEN Men's & Young Men's Outfitter 701-6 Cookman Avenue Commencing Sept. 1 this store will close at 6 o'clock. oTHE y,v, STORE We carry a complete line ! HARDWARE IS TOOLS AND CUTLERY PAINTS : 2 STAINS and VARNISHES g! CHINA WARE g GLASSWARE STOVE SUPPLIES I GALVANIZED WARE t PLUMBING SUPPLIES :lalvg m HARDWARE & SUPPLY CO. "Keen Kutter" Sten mm 0 Right Goods at Riflht Prices 2L0 MAIN ST. Asbury Park, N. J. ttttettottesictit9s 1 street, The former wife of Harry K. Thaw, who later married and divorced Jack Clifford, a dancer, became hysterical when her effoi-ts to obtain funds to pay her overdue rent failed, and swallowed 15 grains of the drug, file calli-d down to the marshal, informing him of what she had done, and collapsed on the floor. The marshal's speed in summoning a physician is said to have saved her life. IflFlillEW CLAIPl GIRL'S BODY I Both Sure Torso Murder Victim Is Relative, Runaway Wife. NEW YORK, Oct. 2?. Detectives todcy were trying to determine which nf two young runaway wives it was If either whoso dismembered body vAis found a week asro in a pond at Long Island City. This dilemma was brought about by claims of two sets of relatives, one of which firmly declared the mutilated body wus thai" of Mrs. .Mary Agnes Wagstaff, whil" the other, with equal firmness maintained it was that of Mrs. Dolly Pailey Higyins. The story leading up to the young woman's death was the same in either case. Mrs. Wiggins and Mrs, Wag-staff both had quit their husbands. Both had been met by chance and importuned to return home. Both had refuted, and both h:;d been reported later in the company of another man. Arnold A- Wagstaff, husband of one of the missing wives, identified the era LEVINSON BROTHERS, INC. Opening November 1st of TIIE market for Meats and Poultry at ,707 Bangs Avenue. This market for over a quarter of a century has been THE leading market in Asbury Park, due to the untiring efforts of Mr. Arthur Purchase who now retires from active business. Patrons may be assured of the same first grade Meats and Poultry as have been their pleasure in the past. Variety, uncompromising quality, and service beyond reproach. We solicit your patronage. LEVINSON BROTHERS 'Phone 268 mi Qsk the B II tTVrffft ?g-t"M IZJZJ'"'; ',Twr--wriirMrr. i ... , T- . v .,. ) ill PACKARD 1, body last night as that of his wife. He was accompanied by four friends who also identified it as'that of Mrs. W&g- staff, and the police are inclined to! accept this identification. Mrs. Anna Bailey, mother of the missing Mrs, Higg'ns.' continues to insist, however, that the body is that of her daughter, altho Thomas Ulg-srins. husband of Mrs. Higgins, said 4the body was not that of his wife. FOCH Elf AID Y FAVORITE PIPE , And 25 Lbs. of Favorite To bacco Will Provide Marshal His Accustomed Solace. WASHINGTON, Oct. 29 (Associated Press). Marshal Foch who is known as an inveterate pipe smoker, before boarding the steamship Paris for his nip to America made sure that a suflhattit amount ot his favorite Trench tobacco was on board. One of his military aids has it in charge, 2."i pounds of it. Soon after he was taken off the Paris at New York and had exchanged official courtesies with the members of the reception committee on the Uu Vigilant,- ho went Inside the pilot house, lighted his small briar pipe and seemed perfectly at home. He emptied t as ho apprached Battery Park and put it back into his pocket. Two hours later when comfortably established in his special train for the run to WashlKgton the pipe was out again. After dinner lie followed the example of his guests and smoked a cigar but this finished, the pipe again came into view, only to disappear when the tram pulled into the Union station. nouncemem Succesor to Arthur T. Turchase. 707 Bangs Avenue Now you can buy a Packard Single-Six car for f . o. b. Detroit This is a reduction of $625 from its former price, and of $1290 from its price a year ago. Knowing what this car is, we say with utter confidence that nothing in the market even approaches its value. Once you ride in it, and drive it, you will say the same. The Touring Car. Formerly $2,975. .Is Now $2,330 The Runabout. . . .Formerly $2,975. .Is Now $2,350 The Coupe Formerly $3,750. .Is Now $3,123 The Sedan Formerly $3,975 . . Is Now $3,350 New prices effective, October 21, 1921 IDEAL GARAGE CO., Inc. Fourth Avenue and Main Street, Asbury Park man tvho oivns one Again at his hotel, the last thing , he did before going to bed was to take a few more puffs. I rr. Taul Andre, his personal pby- f sician, was right when he said: "The marshal loves his pipe." RUTH AND SHAW ARE MUCH UNACQUAINTED NEW YORK, Oct 2?. George Eernard Shaw, famous British author and playwright, who showed what he knows about boxing by picking Georges Carpentier of France as a BO to 1 favorite over Champion Jack Dempscy, doesn't even know that much about baseball. But he has nothing on Babe Ruth's lack of lore concerning Belles letters. When Tex Ricard, boxing promoter, learned Ruth was going into vaudeville for the winter, ha suggested it might be a good litttle piece of publicity to get Show's opinion on the saltifn of Swait. Accordingly, he sent a cablegram to the author of "Man and Superman" inquiring whether it would bo proper to bill Babe Ruth as "The Superman of Baseball." "Sorry never heard of her. Whose baby is Ruth?" Shaw cabled back- "Shaw?". Ruth is reported to have mused when he was apprised of the answer. "Shaw?" is that the boy that used to catch for St. Louis?" LOCAL GIRL MAKES HIT. Little Charlotte Knowles gowned as a little maid ot the 60's, scored a decided hit with talent furnished by j Al H. Woods, Messrs. Shubert and ' United Booking office at the enter- j tainment given by the officials of the i Pennsylvania System's Women's Re- j lfef at the Hotel Pennsylvania Fri- day evening. Her., readings and dances met with spontaneous applause and she was forced to respond to several encores. Charlotte ,ls a pupil of the Lyon-Botta studio. READ TP" ASBURY PARK EVENING PRESS C3 Asbury Park r 1 1 Safe fltiUC V The Original Food-Drink For All Ages READ "The Pendleton Case" in the Everywoman 's y Magazine AND GET A SET OF DISHES FREE. OUR REPRESENTATIVE WILL CALL ON REQUEST. Everywoman's Publishing Co. PREMIUM DEPARTMENT PROCTOR'S THEATRE BUILDING 112 to 118 East 125th St, New York REITZ Model Bakery 717 MaltisM Ave., Asbury Park Branch Stores: Pllflrlm Pathway Ocean Grov. 20 Third Avenue, Long Branch 807'a -" Street Belmar Main St. and Corlles Ave City Mrs. Young', .next to Avon P. O. 725 Main Street Bradley Beach t You will find in all our stores an elegant line of Corn Muffins, Rusk and Bread of all kinds the Raisin, the Brown, the Rye and Bread Rolls. J All goo'ds made fresh daily, and supplied to all l branch stores. 'Open late tonierht so vnu pan A ' v j I have your full supply for Sunday. ! Truth may be stranger than Action but It seldom ranks , 0 among tne best eellers. i S- : Kave You Tried C nr Found Ca1: e? We are proud of it, and you will be proud to serve it to your family and your guests. We would also like you to try our Chocolate Eclairs with Whipped Cream, and our; Charlotte Russe. You will find them unusually rich, appetizing and attractive, and light and digestible as well. Of f 4 612 SEVVAL AVENUE Established 1896 Special Sale, Two Days Only 34-inch Hickory Handle, 3i-pound Ax, CI OK Case Hardened M-3 EDMUND L. COYTE Sewall Avenue and Main Street BUY Rex Bl rams Strip Shingles and have a roof of Lasting Satisfaction BiiiiigiDBiiiiiBiiiBiiiia rj Protect Your Lawns and Shrubbery S by using J WELL ROTTED HORSE MANURE I We can deliver in any quantity on your ground by motor truck. Write or 'phone. N. Y. STABLE MANURE COMPANY I MONMOUTH JUNCTION NEW JERSEY Telephone Monmouth Junction 26 John P. Fincgan, Superintendent. for infants fii:.miD$ ASK FOSt rT llorlick's ' f TleOiigiMl f Avoid V UOIbillOM k u4 Substitute. No The starting of another week but not complete unless we start Sunday breakfast wih Coffee Cake 8 9 M V!. n A III? ASBURY PARK Phone 349 ue Black II. R. FRENCH m m m nUllBIIiailBllBIBillBlllBBIIllXIIIIIMIlDI i

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