The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 7, 1947 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, April 7, 1947
Page 7
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MONDAY, APRIL 7, 1947. , week („ .«.t | >'«r '<".,- fciill'd Many Mines Gel Safely Clearance Lawmakers Propose Trust f-'unc? for Heirs Of Accident Victims WASHINGTON. April n. ,UPV- He;), Charles \V. Yursc!!, ft, I!!.. said today lip plans lo intrinlu-o lPi:l!ilallui) early this ,gji -iV S7CO.CC,) trust IX.nS'-nts of the (tiu] ill tile two inns', [,...„.„,,, plosions u! !•(':•( in vea'ii'" "" 8u:-h legislation -.vas irrmr'sted President John 1,. Lewis of United Mine Workers a l a House Labor Comir.ittce meeting Tlwrs- ":iy Several commit top members indicated they ihonslil tlie itle.i was a ;;ood one. The effect of such a plan would 1'c lo withdraw from tup treasury tlie STi'O.COO winch the UMW «ns lined I).,- tin? Supreme Cc.urt for 'onlemiit of court. Tiie money then would b<; used tip care fur the widows and children ot HI miner; killed in c.'eninilia, ill., irst month and H4 miners killed near Pi m >- viue. Ky.. in Di'rejjj'oer, !!)». M-'aiuvliile reports from soli coul )trOiiuei:i<; are'is- itidk-aU'd that in;my or the dig mines closed by the [•nverimieiit as "haKirdous 11 BLYTHEVILLg (ARK.) COURIER NEWS —•' Miners Begin Six-Day Layoff Jauntily swin»ln ( , their | mu -h pails, miu-rs of tile Montour. Min • No 10 near Pilt.sbni' K li. ]\,.. Defti.'i !<-;iviti, ; the mine after feltm" ( .,.t ol e^ser'to'dirert 1 ""; ""' '"''"^ "'" W ' llch lmm ' lJU thn " lo tllc " ufr »«. N ^ T^ephoto , Monday is Storage Space Sought for Draft Records LITTU-: ROCK. Ark., April 7. ciraft i'c:ort!s of neiirly n. half mil- ^.j,^ , lion Arkansas men, now stiitleivd .. (>m( , ,, in the files ot 01 separate selective! ' Kl , tlt . s ,' ; si'ivtee uoLirds, will test In a ren-1 K (. v i^, tr:il record depot in Pulaskt County. u /j; ' j , ''' 'X:-.L". loi'atioii of the repast- !,, 1;IU | liuiiiiiiiiy m a tlrepvoor buHdlnw ill l,iitl,.. H.X.IJ. ,,,. ln[(y _ I|()VV ,, V h ' ', ' . ul W '° Camp Hobinson to m-i tlie ne 'essury room. All nv,,,ds are beln,; lm)V( ,,| , 0 i.ime lolloivinn ihe end o!' .sekvtne sen-ice this week. The i ne:,, ai!!ih|-,e<! in order numui-r iiiul In various eoiiiny 'i's, vvill lie pluinl in t.h(» under tllieetioll of tfie Scrvlee U,H'Or^ Ue))jt. '•" will b.' mamied by Hie 22 employes now in be,oi-tive tory hii s not been determined, but ^j, lv D:. -li. -Compere, diieiior of Stnte j rl ' V| Selective Service, says he is hunt- , t j' r ,inn for 45CQ lei't of floor space. 1 ..I " tu ' ovs Nil > Unit tlir records moved, and the 04 lo."-:u ii!i, ( . s WL11 b<1 C , OM , (1 by Seme 25 rmv>io>v s ulreiulv .-eived ihej,. disrluirgc no! ,, f (,„, ,, 5 |)mo ,,.. |low Tennessee's Lost Veteran Of War Between Stutcs Seriously III in Lebanon LBHANON, Teini., April 7. <Ul>> \ - Onnu'S L. Uinry.ilhe lust reimiln-: iii(! 'l'eiiness,ee vetwiiu of the «•«!•! between (he stnte.s, is seriously 111 ill his home here. i The llW-yi-ar-olu- veteran Is sin. ferhiK from LUihrllls, unil lias Jus! ui'overed from pneuuioida. 11" lives with a daughter. Mrs. Walter SlMlirilVP.'i. employeil 1 In counly offices will be (llsclinrsjeij by May 31. | The three- nnd flve-inemh,'r oiniid.s already Imve disbanded. 1 having held their fiiinl meetings prior to last Moiulnv, miners lo enter Iheni the scheduler! expiration or ,. .... oay work .<;tm)p:i<;e ordered iiv to mourn the Cmtralia vie"ms but it ;emained 10 be ?e,".i| h««w ninny mine™ would return i !(^ v.-ork then. The sits "hn/imious" mine-; were closed by Secretary of the Interior' J. A. Kni£ until union or (;overn- meiil officials certify them as suf.v He also ordered 'JOia other mine; ke|>:, j-lnsod until their safety is certified by rollieiy managers. j A|Solely certifiratioii.; besaii trick-i "•'"^ji'i yesterday lm d by "D.rly! inoitiing 7-t hnd been received" for I mines in the Putsjursh area nlnne. Stock Model Gets Role INDTANAPOljIS, April 7. _ A sloe}; !9'!7 NnMi sedan Mns been selected as the official pacemaker for the 31.-FI aiiiiiuil Illdianaimlis 500- Mile I?are. May :tO, it i s announced by Wilbur sh.iiv. president of the Inclianapoll.s Motor Speedway -. - - ., ,. . beven of these ; V ere on the -.1.1?; Al (he '.vhrel of the pnee oar will a " ; llls ' llsl , , '>« Gcovsr W. Mason, president of in iil.ner devclrpmrnts: Nash-Kclvinator Corporal ion nnd i-l. i C " ! ' r:l1]n ' .» Senate Public i president of the Automobile Mnn: .mds subcommittee investigating; uiacturers Association. M : ,son will rondil'iM"'"'''- T", '"'"""»>' »«t|lead a field of 33 atialifvK racers <ond, lions similar to those, in the for a r nsl pace-sell ine lap -iromid Cenlral.a nunc had been found in i the two n KI onc-hMr mile Ta miiies "all over flic slate. 1 ' The Mateineiil ivn.s mncle !>•,- Robert M. Medill, wlio resisnerl as director o! the •lllinnj.s Uepariinpnt oi Mines ancv -Mluernls after the Cpn- li'ali-A oxclosinn. At Chnrleston. \v. Va., Waller R. Tliurinotid. secretary of the Southern Coal Producers Association •clnirsecl Hint. Lowis was "altenyH- ing to resain lost prcstiee by cnl- lously puttiii" on an act "r-n a :,l^f built of dead men." Tliur- iiiond said there was "no sense" in „„,„,„, lm: !iie govcriiineiifs closing 518 mines ,,;-cidcnt in track. Wilbur fiha'.v. a three-time, winner of the classic, said lit- will ride with Mason in thn ••unusual role of n front SC al passenger" in a liullt blue 4-door Nash sedan. Unlike the 33 ciLslom-built, qunlifying racers, the Naslt automobile will use regular gasoline and in every other iT.'-pect. will be a standard "assembly line" car. in contrast, all of the racing enrs are specially built around the country because of one Illinois. and some of them are worth as much as SM.OOO. After completing (he race-start;; hi]). MHKOII will pull the Nash pace c.-ir off tlie traek on the .Concrete apron lo allow the racim: cars to crass Ihe starting line at full tlirottle. Shniv said lie pxpecls an entry field "f approximately SO drivers, althoiish only the 33 fflSle.M c :ic.s- wilt be pel-milled to compete alter qualifying. Girl Killed in Crash MEMPHIS. Term. April 'I. (l)pi —Funeral services will bs held today tor Mary Holder, 18. who died vesterday of injuries received when the cur in which she rode trashed into a bridge. Authorities were conlinuini; their investigation of the accidc.i"'. 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Ash St. PHONE 438 The telephone strike has not seriously affected local dial telephone service here. Long distance service, however, is seriously impaired. i We are supplying as much emergency service as possible. Your help and understanding of the present difficulties is a big factor in making this possible. EMERGENCY LONG DISTANCE CALLS 1. Please do NOT coll long distance except in case of a REAL emergency. An emergency call is one that may affect the safety of your family or property. 2. If possible, an attempt will be made to complete your cal). 3. When delays occur, please be patient. */ V SOUTHWESTERN BELL ^ JjOT E L E P H O N E COMPANY I»AGE .8ETPI.J WASHING MACHINES we have them fpr ' r: IMMEDIATE DELIVERY BENDIX AUTOMATIC WASHEfti Tho r/NEST Automatic Washing Machine Phono 3450 S-fUBBARD & HOKE Your G.£. Store in Biytheville SEED SOYBEANS CERTIFIED IMPROVED ARKSOY EARLY MATURING . ,f''(Hiii(!ii(ini\ Klock—uirocl Krimi Hrcoder K'vmi Irs) ]irovr ( | .vii-lils :j to 5 more bushels per :i<Tr anil sLuuhi up lidii'i- limn Halsoy. Blyfhevilie Soybean Corp. I UJ I t\ IV ^ T. ' . _. . • I SOO \V. ^!aill J'houe 850-8S7 REFRIGERATION—24 Hour—REFRIGERATION Stll « Service Repairs Aid CONDITIONING m: AI;I: ,\m,r. TO IHTHH von Qt'Ai.n-'ii'i) KNGINKERINO IN S.AI.V.S, Kl.l'AtRS AN1> SKUVICK. r.' 1 ,'"",'" !"'V,' S ' ""''''•'«'• *'""l"s, Display Cases, Air Conilillonlin: I ..Us ami used H,.rrl B ,. r :.l l-:,,ulpmi!nl of nil kind.. 7T5 W. Asli—A. M. Johnson—Phone 2188 or Poolc Motor Co., Sfcclc, Mo., Phone 49 Telephone Service During The Strike Soybean Corp. 1801) W. iMiiin LIQUOR STORE AH Your Favorite Brands VKU.OU'.STOiV'K • OLD on\\i)Ai> « CII.I) TAYLOR ' I HOSKS I. VV. Jlill . I'AIII, .TONES KI'Klt • «AI,VKKT'S Tour l'a(ruii:i^n Ajijircclatcd ACHOSS r'HOM KIT/, TIIKATER Hardware Mutual and Hardware Indemnity Insurance Companies of Minnesota lt;ilecl A plus nvrcllcnl by taullng Insiinmce .lUthorldM, Kdiinil |irotr< lion of J:ir^ lln.-iiicliil reserves and adequate ihis Tuinls. ;. •rciiiliini s:iviii«s—nwri- than .IS million .iollars have been r«- miiril in clivicli'inl saviiies In imlir\ hnlilrrs. .IIWIT rust—bi'finisc ul ;i c:irefill si-lccllon ot risks and economical jH-raf inn. nr K (- .liviitriiil savins;'; »n iiiilnniiililic Jiiid lire insurance equals 1\V lift COS[. Box 431 FOR INSURANCE SERVICE '. L TAMKE Phone 2487 CAN WATER 'AID IN Kidney-Bladder Disorders? Vl-S—if it's Mnmilam Valley Mineral Water, the famous inincrsl water from HOT STRINGS, AKK, MOUNTAIN VAU,KY HELPS Stimulate Khlncy Action — Sooliie lllnildrr Irritation—Combat Uric Aclrtity CROSSTOWN WHISKEY SHOP .M.i I n W Division Bljltievtlle, Ark. iiton E. Webb Optometrist Announces the Opening of His Offices 138 East Main Street Telephone 2297 Blytheville

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