The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 31, 1934 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, March 31, 1934
Page 4
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BliYTHEVILLE, (ARK.y COURIER NEWS THIS CURIOUS WORLD 5 iS THE WORLD'S MOST OAMG£fi.O<JS SERPENT, AND THE LARGEST OF AU THE POISONOUS SNAKES/ THE IARGE'ST EVER RECORDED V.'AS 18 FEEf LONG. CORMORANTS DIVE /-AORV- THAN /OO BELCW THE WAIEf. SURFACE IN THUS, SEARCH roa. PISH. THE BLYTHEVILLB COURIER NKWS THI COURIER NEWS CO,, PUBLISHERS O. R. BABCOCK, Editor H. W. HA1NES, Advertising Manner Sole National Advertising Representatives: Arkansas Dailies, inc., New York, Olilcago, tSiXlt, St. Ixmto, Dallas, Kavsas City, Memphis. Published Every Afternoon Except Sunday. Entered as second class mailer nl the post office nt B:ytlievlll«, Arkansas, under iicl of ConErcss, October 9, 1917. Served oy the United Press SUBSCRIPTION RATES By carrier in tne City of Blvll'.cvlltc, 15c per week or $6.50 IX.T ycnr Iti advance. By mall within n radius of 50 miles, $3.00 i«r year, $1.5') for six months, tea for D.rce months; by mall In postal zones two to six, Inclusive, $6.50 per year, In zones seven «iu' clgln, $10.00 per year, payable In advance. There Is No Escape From Retribution HnnuiL'l Instil! scums tn have liikcn un most of the jisjN-cts of n will-ii'-lliu- wisp. On this side of Uio Atlantic, black headlines tell the: latest news of liij wamloriiiBs; <>n Uic olliur side lie" Hits About the liurilers luimuluss mid restless, a fuKilivu hurried liy SOIIH; compulsion whose roots x<> deeply into subsoil of the land that lie has disowned. Of iill the stniiiKi: liyures of llicse IcniTMiiiUiuus yeiirs, lliis .self-exiled utilities .juggler surely is one of the strangest. • He climbed liitfli und he fell a long way; and although retribution seems unite nimble to overtake him, no one need imagine that his tortuous flight is enabling him to escape anything. * ? * Consider what 1m had a few years ago. He WIIH rich beyond dreams and powerful beyond liny iiiau'-s need. He was an imluslrialist, a ruiiintii!! 1 , u patron of the arts. If tin ambitious broker's clerk had dreamed a wildly extravagant dreiim of worldly greatness, it, would not have come up to Hie reality which was Siinmel Insnll's. Everything that cleverness and acquisitiveness and ruthless energy could get for a man, in a bind where those 'qualities were ullowcil to Auction unchecked, he had won. All this he luwl, and all of it has dissolved like the mists of yesterday morning. His principality has shrunk to a rusty Greek freight steamer; his dominion, extends to her bridge, but no farther. * * * The ship wallows across the eastern seas bound for Abyssinia, or for Persia, or perhaps for Somaliland—it does not mattei', for Instil! really is hunting :i port not to be found on any chart, a place of refuge that this life with its imperfections, never will open to him again. It makc|, indeed, very little difference whether the man ever actually is collared and brought back to America. He carries his own punishment him; an unquiet shade that must stand eternally at his elbow and remind him of tlio kingdom that he lost, the reputation that lie dcFlroved. How can a man run awav from a OUT OUR WAY 1 KNuW THLKh l ;' VOU GOT ' WftS SOMETHIM'j THA' r OOWM . I FORGOT TO [ HERt-WHY.' txpiAiM TO vou, 1 RIGHT HERE BUT I DIDN'T j 17 15. VOU THINK OF IT (I ,iuST GO \ TILL llfjCn; CUEAKl RIGHT AHfAD \ OVER TO TH'CLUB.! AMD E thing like that? Instill call not; no man can. He can dodge from one out-of- the-way seaport to another to. the eial of time. 11 does not matter. Retribution caught up with him a long time ago. •—Mrure Calton. Only Part Way 't'he Vinson-'ri'iimmt'll navy hill, au- thori/ing conslniclion of 10^! warships and It'll) airplanes for Hie Unite:! States navy during Ihe next five years, is now u law, passed hy Congress and signed hy the president. Hut it is \vorili noticing that the law does nut actually commit the country to immediate construction of these armaments. As President Roosevelt pointed out in signing the bill, what we have here is simply a formal statement of policy. Congress anil the executive have gone on record us favoring the Imilding up of the navy to the strength authorized hy the treaties to which Ihc United States is \\ party. However, the bill appropriates no money I'm! this work. Not one keel will bo Initl down as a re.-ull of it. Thciv is a vast difference between ships author- i/.ed and ships appropriated for. Until this hill is supplemented by an actual appropriation measure, it is a gesture and nothing more. The Boss Goes On When New York City voters booted Tammany Hall out of control last fall,, il. was taken for granted thai a move- menl was beginning in the nation which would replace old-limy political bosses everywhere with reform administrations. Apparently (lib supposition was a gross over-estimate. Kansas City, for instance, indulged in a hot campaign, held a somewhat riotous election—and Tom I'eiidergasl, Democratic boss, still rules the roost. The Fusion ticket (hat was r;ii.-ed against him went, down to a decisive tie tent. • The light against hossism in the United jStates has hardly more than begun. When an outfit like the I'eii- dergasl machine can win out over a well-financed and ably-led reform campaign, it is evident that the average citix.en has not yd. awakened lo the importance of a hon-ei-leaning in municipal politics. Do ytni U n nk l;ibo; ursnnii'.n\s lovu uf hiboi ? — ShenuKx! AiuU Li'l'i iiul iu:ikr (Kinsi'lvi'i (hiiii \vi; neatly ur: 1 . — U. Nt-ely of \\V,st Virginia. SLMKUUI* M. M. cip I am I he nuvl (l-UTuunrd und i-Koint: bclk'vci 1 in itrmmT.ury now irsi- W;isliiir ; :lon. - Tiof. IJi-xfoid G. Tn»- tin- ns ;un«n.: dirt:il(ir.s h:is ;lirov,n up. Tru.'-lo'.s Ail. tins. SIDE GLANCES ' By George Clark ,dW ;<$y«o ^'"^'- WjiV " »M »:• P- WI^TI l^li^'jK^'"^ ••-'•'••• < .^feftf^ 1 /-^ .noli, mama, he's gol the operator cra/.y." CHURCH EXCUSE He Hint will love life, aim MI- gimcl day.s let liim ivliain liis ton ;; ii : . inmi evil and hi;, lips ihat they .speak no t:uile. — 1 IVU-r J-1U. imi;lil always lo pruy. and i:<ii to faint. —Luke lll-l. AT1KNI) Cltl'llt'II SIINDAV Cuilllllillcc. Men BLYTHEVILLE 10 YEARS AGO Fiom the fllM 3t the BlylhtrtlW Dally Courier Icinday, March 31, lliil, Chas. L. O/tc-r loday announced 10 of Ihe enure busi- ess of Morris and Co., which lirm as l>een painting lilytlieviite Igns for many years. Mutch went out like u linn lo- lay. a hard snow falling on the icels ol Hie gale which swept !he lithe imd-wcit Friday night. The casual observer driving ,bcj:il the. cnunly cannot fail to note the many tenant iiouscs in all )arls of tlie county which are 'aeant and land about Ihe planla- lon unciillhaled. Especially is Ihii rue of the southern part, of the ecimty, which seems to have lM?en i larder hit by the migration north of labor last fall ami winter. A Mali Jon^g club has been or- lani/ed among the Mifial sel of Ilia city which is to meet cveiy Saturday for a luncheon and Mali I IBP, B.itne. 'I'he members of this \ club are Me.sclamcs M. A. Isaacs W. M. McKcnzie. Marvin Robinson, Clyde Roljitifnn, Allun Wnlton. Al\ is Hancock, Price Carpenter . Ilielilili. J<»e Isaat.s. who went [o Springs la:;!, week for a season o! baths, writes Mr.s. fsaues that h? getting along nicely. He xive.-. no dntc for his home comma, hoping la get more benefits by a longer sojourn. Tile BlylhtvHIe TiKiepoiidciil. a weekly newspaper, is to be Usiii'il Mxiu by the United Fanners ul America. Soviet Plans Shifts To Political Departments HE« If ONLY ONE POINT .N THE U.S. VVHE5E srAT£S TOUCH .'iOMK pcv.sfjiis reward (he l:in-4 tohiR as the most dangcioi's of -M (lie wild creauuss thai now inhabit Ihe earth. The snake lives in (lie liKio-.Mal.iyan arc,-,. Its main food is other .snakes, und one'wlilcli was ki'jil in captivity :uu 115 feet, of snake from July lo March, fe?(l- iii:; only once a week. NTXT: \Vliiih i-ITi(iriil cif all Ihc wnrlil's li^hl ii.'uvy induslry. accorcliii'. MOSCOW, l UP i -Political (!:•- partnienls Fiiuilar lo tliasc atreii!iyh:ifonm'd otscivei... existing In connection witii the. It i.s :dso ie!iablv c.|»i:il!on ol colleclive larms. !,latc Ird flic trends transiwrl :^?dir!n of the fill MONTREAL >UI>) —Ed English. ! veleran Canndian railway conduc- ^ tor. hns what he believes is lliu GPU «ill hi' placed under the tli- ii.rms, transport and civil aviation, shortly will IK- cstatihslK'il rrcllon rf Hi? pcjl!l:cal dcpiutiiieiil llirotigliotil tlie coimnis. r .nrin'. of'of trnnsnoil commis.-arial. .Mnallesi pay check ever feued by f. lailroad company. Th2 check is lor ten conls. It was issued on Feb. 15. 1913. Hieh]Blood Pressure Servos U fit gAs Warning lo Your Doctor 'I'liis is llu> M-mii nf arlii'lcs hy Dr. •How Your Dwlcir Works." of it scrirs latal the n:TO!iirc in Hie bl.xxl vcs- I isblicin on'scls us equivalent to raising 120 millimeters of mercury in a lube of standard gauge. «V »». JIOHHIK FISIIIIEIN Froill lhul ,,„„ „„ t ,, L . mlc!lin . Kdllnr. fmirnal ,,f llir Amrricau et , has bw]1 ilnpl ,, mi unti , ',„,, D1f,ll,,,l Assoelilt,™. and of Hy- ',„„. Wo0( , £ ... ,„,,„,„„„ h . Sfia, the Health ll«:«lnr ]Im . „„,,„„,, r.,,,,,,).,, lo al . 110sl „_ Tile volume of your pulse is (ie- ]eryotie. In-mined by Ihe finger of Hit doc- j A rubber cuff is put. around Un- alh. . arm and inflated with air. Then Ihis column of air i.s released under n column of mercury and rau;ra it to rise, the rise in Ihe | column of mercury ' tor. who presses on Ihc wall of ic artery In Ihe wrist and feels tin: tension (hat exists m (he b!o»d vessels. A the same time lie can detect changes in Urn wall ol Ihe blood vi'.sseL If Ihe pulse is bounding, itued by a yiariualcd rule, he antiupatcs a picssure that is! H lias been found lhai the iilnnd |m*.siuv of the avcraa'.' man aioiuid 20 years ol nvc is cnuiva- li'iu to 120 millimeters of mercury. A.-, iH'Ojili' gel- oldLT. there i.s 11 ti'iuieiiry toi Ihc bluod pressure to rise. Alter the ;igc of -10. a rise of ids for one miliiiiirler for each addilior.a! jycar is not extraordinary. j Ilmvcvrr, any time yosir blco.l " lrasllrc . pressure is over 150. you need «»;- jnlalior. ol your ciiet. res:. aiKi ox- lir Clrc- Krj IVr-I tt) Hm and l.OTilU (wo Iti-tia It.i- klllrd i ^l<ili-n n (njimn., ^irTncr ni itir ('liirldn nonir at JI1J rji:i.I> P.-iUIKn t^rntti iliU nr fFi.iT he ti ritr. \n\v,i y i« in mi cent llirough India rarlr and on ard Oblsna some distance mm. ;! away, lie o*u seen in a shop cantalure thai Be irlr* < hi. 1! '- "•anicd It iva? ml loci "At Ihc Haitis" and it snoivea a group ol old men tvith fat. capping pouclie^ 1 ol stoiuacliE. nair? legs, scr.iwny 01 v-:ry snort, tiitcb nocks, aart concave etiests. cl^atllns \vblle trapped In OAtb towels. He plnnned to nanc tills olclure In the syinaaEfiim. I'ablllo wonderi'd wllelller no was getlins a rotten [lispositlon or irhetllcr, by now, be liiuh; it (lie is feeble nnrt the urleiy £oft. he umlcinatcs a prcs- Ihat is low. Your doctor need no longer at- L merely to at the blood insure, liLcaiiM 1 he no\v has ailable accurate mclhuds for leimining il. William ''H' OL' ^'i 1 \. cV HI '.•.•COD'"- v."U. BE: HtRf: Ai.l. THK REST Of- TH 1 IJ/V/. NOW, p,. r -:cAu c ;D IS AMXIOUS "'"O GET KID OF HIM, •SO HE CAN BE / TH' Bid 7.MOT / F03 A DAV. ( '\c.:yj r IT, ALLWifi'""-- IT'LL BtL QUIT r'M' TiMI:, BV 'Vi-l' TiMF. Hf. UXr'LMHo EVKIJV tl !!>H' BE NO GOl.l- Ltl IIO WORK, I.ITi-ICR. ?.v-L h:S \ I THIWK IT'S THIS GEAR, TH DAV-1. LI. LOOK AFTER evERVTMIWG.; -•• "I V '--&'•) ^h^y •>//,-.•/ f-^'^M/r-'.j/ ^^=S"W-!'1 fc i: - ...i- .'-'•.' ht' •'' W The first person lu ood pressure was an Knglish I'iKyman, Stepluu Hales. In 1708,! ? ccinceivetl tile idea by noticing | is nrcMiirc exerted by the rise of P in trees, lie- ihen decided lo ensure Hie Wuod iire.^ine in a Hales merely nu'MMirecl tile rise j Ihc blond in ; , ina.s-, p j, u . ; u 1( | i glass lube nine Itvi Imii;, 'in- Tied intj an artci-y 1:1 the horse's j eck. A youtii; Frenchman in ii;i>u did ' ir saiii'.' lyix' of nicaMiivnu'iil oy : utlilli; a cnlinun ol inerciny in i ic luix' and iiicAsiiiins ilu' ri;e :n ! :if cftluiini nf mercury Then, in : (>5l>. another calcu- ; -[.| IK n •- (M-n ANNOUNCEMENTS Thn Courier NCAS lias b'-cn iin- liBrl7i'd lo niinoiiim- l!ir> fnllnwlni; caudidale. 1 ; lor p:.blir. ollice. ftuh- cH to (he Democratic primary I'or ^Imif CLINTON -'or Sheriff CLARF.NCE r !;e-o!cctiou r.' CnTiL,-rrss C:M,nWEI,T, am, l.'nllrrlor H. Wlt.SON for Second Term For County Trrasurrr JOE S. D1LLAHUNTY ROLAND GIJEEN Tor Orniil Cniirl Clttk HUGH CRAIG AtJDISON SMITH Tor County Courl Clerk FKKD KLEBMAN for He-lilrclioa tor 2r.'j Term I'nr l^ssl^soI K 1: iBILLYr OAINES I!. C. (TKK) HUDSON 1'tir CnnstaMe nf Clii'-kasawh.i Toivn'.litp JACK HOBEKTSON rC M MAti ON SUFCERED WE GQEAIEST" * LCSS IM ;lEr7C OUQING TME NOAH'S SONS ••VASHAM? _- V. 15-il Af\\'A-ST>AE SELEUCID n l.rtlllr k* irn!i:i|i|iT | ir - > ['nljlifn ilnr« nm tciurn the i c:o r» WITH JIM: sTuru I CHAPTER XXVII ! 1C ^va? accusation in Eicon's! eyP.I. "Von done iliat!" ne j sLorciot] nl Louie nfLcr Pabtlio: natl uoutHlcU do'.Tn tlio concrete | at;t!nvny ontl slamnicu ihe grilled' Iron Rnio foetow. i "Mind your own business ami ; shut up, will you?" Uiulc snnp[itd i back. I | "lie's pain you mure than He: ever owcii y\m ^mi tie knows It." ! lleau told nor. "lie's no sucker. ! What makes vou iilck on nirn EOT" Lottie bcsau lo snift. a pre' to the tears'that came suddenly . and fast Sbe loved I'ablllo. she; confided, nnrt nc didn't "ria? no' lie walked slowly on tlio narrow sidewalk, resv'iitins the rough shouldering ot warm and weary loilrls'E. Walking so. stepping frnin (be curb to Jet women pass .^nrt clod^infi oacfc to evade tbe onslaught ot 3 lurching, wildly, driven motor, nls eyes suddenly losl their nmrinoss". flo looked once, tireiilbotl nard and looked a^aln. Then be stepped Into a doorway. Estclle Field hail halted before a shop witidow in which there wns a display of fans. U hnd occurred to her Ihat she might buy one tor .MiS3 TYeadway who was coming (o visl them. There wag a black fan In tbe window that was spangled wllb silver In a Chanlilly design—n lovely fan. Estclle turned Into the shop. An almost overpowering cmo- r.ttcntlon 10 her." She always Had . uoa swept t!ic droad-sliouldercd lov c ,i mm. And ever since Eho'd „,„,- „,„„ who ,, nd SICr p 0(1 lmo lal.lltoslie'd gone siralglil.j the shelter of tbe doorway It srinncil DI this and His; sceinrrt now ihat no had never :rcw sly and know-ins. ] lorsotten lislcllo for a mlaine and as If. scctnj! her apatn. he bad recovered Fomcthlns Infinitely prc- c!otis tbat had always been truly Known Beau •'Well.," Lnilie your on It.ick I on. I;ITV oi : ru:i:s Kccltcn INieoday, April 3 Vur Cily (^cik S. C. CRA10 K. L. MCKNIGHT KOSS DEAVKUS For City Allonify SA?.T f.fAKATT Head Cornier News, Want Ads. March 3*i fc waldorFAsto)- capibalist* tor pretty uollnn^ In tbe world I wouldn't clo for I'ablito. Nothing!" "Then why dnn't yoa tor.mie n rest?" I'.caa .- l.ottle swore at that with the pictures'!ue frecilorn she hacl Ind':l^oil ijffore shn rii f 'i I'nbli'o. vonnc man wni. nt (bat moment, walkl/i? i.iiiiiliy down the slrc'CI. l'ns cyc3 n.lrroncd and :ircd un^ccili^ly on l!tc WTV hhc.itl What lie 'really waul'tl wJ3 a drink tin: .lie nail a match next wc'jk at tl>e MiralSnir? Club. Me diiln'i dar,c risk fori;"ttlii-- his trouhiea Iti alcohol. When .the nouics b:_-.-,Ti lo cl- ^,^w ono' aaotbcr (:•, i,c..rc;c.l a tr.irn car that EIOIMH : ii'ili;in;ly in the center of a tlico re ;re=s at Ilo thought, a liltle unsteadily, "This Is wh;it love Is!" Hoblly he left Ills hlrllnc, place to make his way swiftly lo the window through wiilrh he could ^eo h?r Sbc was standing by B rniintT wnitlng. one hand rcstiiif; on the counter nncl ncr head a lit Ilo to one sulc. A minute anil (be clerk w!;o had been wnitlnE on nnc'her customer, moveri toward her. fli? spoke to nlin. turnc.i toward the window and trica she sa-.v I'ablllo. Knr n long 1110:1.en; hrr i;rr,y eyes were ol" most Ii!.lr.!i.<r1l!> surprise. Then they iichicnM Siie sniUed un- ccn.T.niy. Hushed bnrri nnJ ncdnc.l. "1 was sure ion dlein't. Hut never intndi it's too unpleasant. What are yoa dolne Here I: you cloa't mind telling me? Hut perhaps that 15 too inquisitive?" "It Isn't at all." ne answered r, llute ihichly. Tlioj were in the mlrlsr ol on* ol tbo'se sporadic conceptions that Oblspo and the other narrow street? ot r!d' Ha- / vana are subject to and for a space their talking was endcrt. He chose n palh for tier. Keeping of! those who pressed too close, (rovrotnfi hlackly at a young Cuban who loo obviously looked upon her as fair. Presently they were at the *dfe of the nark and only divided from 11 by Ihc confusing surge of traffic. He loOrt her arm and. too SOOD for htm. they were walking on i gravel path and she had no more need for bis guldnnco. "I'm going to ask rou to sli down on a bench with me for a tew moment?." he heard her Eay- tng. "That Is. If TOII have time.' He smiled down at bor and h1 = breath inflated his nnrrt. high chest- "] bare all tbe lime In th« world," iio answered. QIIK had always ilkci] hj Tn . she *•' tboiishl. as she 5,lt down. Always. and In a way she liked no one else. And he was jmit th-i same norc as he had been — only nicer: "You said you'd tell me ~tuu you're doing." she prompted. lie told her R'Kh a galbcrlng shame. "Bui 11'= honest." she said and' then Mushed. She had =o oftsn read attacks upon tbe business methods of her fniher that slip tell honesty wn? not lor tier to mention. "That counts ft crcal thin k." Kstelle went on. nerhap-j(t. a lltlle (no rjulrkly. "Somcilmpj '^ 1 think It counts more than anything else. I hope ynu are doing well." "Oh. we're doing protty wel!.' be answered heavil?. '"I'lien you're not alone?" "N'o. A girl and a man run the place with mo — " Kor a moment she was s.Tfl- der.crt. Perhaps be caied for this girl. He bad told Estetie " e carert for her Ihat night before they found ntf Spanish dagser and — Ted Jeeries. For a space she Jn ui: harried P.ICP iuotori::an fr_- i ^n«l almost :• speed. ^. nltl:on;!i i: c.irly.f ll.T.-a:t,i was w.ii, wore strov.n..- t upon Itic t::c''. .-. V'endfrs p-i, '~d donkeys or ra; ^bile (bey cnllrii r.v sort. A lai,; sat on the oarh of alines ami a np],cr halcoiiy scrc.-,v;;j iirr j anyllilni; .lor ;o .1 seller of tickc:, Jor.-tlie j clcaili." i:-..n way. • pSTKi.l.F; left tlic shop a few :\ !clentng - 1 minuter later, n slender packet under ti-?r arm. Out^irte sbo smiled w is still ; once mnre. not oiiue certainly, as i:u. Eer-; s!ie Innkcd up at Tabliio. • Iv.:t;r:c1 "I Knew you rlshl a'.vay." s^ :'.::vt o! | s^irl. i>;ittlns oat n han.l. Ho to* ' I .r n - r ', It. swallowed narri nnd tried U r '-llbc:: sp^k. "Will you walk with m«?"| ' :; rS:<.i sho ask'-c] "My tar Is up by the •' co'or-;:! p.irk. I'aMlto—" ' n t:? on i "V^s?" i ?mil on! "i have never l!',o:j*r!il yo;i hid lory. j There was on amazm; .i» jiint very vibrant son cf ]|.^ la :ia. Pablitn re.iliz. !. hlo j rfcali;r,i. too, that ho dl.l t.oi i ll-irt of iu f * * * ing Heart i)', -if ttoiij tbe cj: ;o i to do wj;b Mr. Jeffries' Tlit? she confided lo n a moment tbey the throng of "Uo lliey tblnk I killed Jel- tries?" "Yes." "Why?" "Your dassor w.i; fonml— " Sbe could not so on. "I lost It a Illtle while atlr-r I left you. I cnppose sonjeone tnnk It." h« s.iid. He thought rUHir. "tjMll!" Then be forgot. Here was r>- tel!e. knowing he had killed old man and sluing wltb lilia. Tbe rcalizattoo drought him dangerously closo to tears. He felt the smart of them and bliakert whisper when (or a moment tbey hard. Sbe would nevei Know were apart from the throns of what these (ew moments bad pedestrians. | meant and would mean to dim! Sbe saw his look ot surprise and j Kslelle thought. "It's norrlhle eel j Her heart leaped, tfclnklng. "How of me but 1 don't believe tnythlns could .inyocc even suspect him he might do cotrtd make any dlf- . of II!" . fereoce ID tbe <?sy 1 (eel VMU^ i ! ? ! "I didn't tao* tit was deail,", liiiri!" ^ aa I=ibiilo tolci Uei. (To He Coutluuctl)

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