The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 20, 1936 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, June 20, 1936
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VOU XXXIII—NO. 82 BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS • THE DOMINANT NIJWSi'APKH OP NORTHEAST ""^ "^ — ^**™ 'TrtUt Courier BlythesUle D«llj New L«*der AKKAN'SAS, SATUHDAY, JUNK 20, IMG SINGLE! COPIES FIVE CENTS Democrats Unlikely io i B'ke Bold Stand on Many Issues, Flyjin Believes The tlifficiill proljlcms Die ncmoeratic parly w j M tate in framing n platform at the rhJI- iKlclphin convention are outlined I" this forecast story Uy Jolia I'. Flynn, famed aullior-ccono- mfEl, K-iiling fo r \j.; A Service and (tie Courier News. Flynn shows Hie intricate task con- fronfiiijr parly leaders In satis- fyme demands of the many voting; fitments to which they will .•ippral for suppoH. * « * J)Y JOHN T. FLYNN Copyright, 1838, NBA Service Inc No*' the Democrats go about Lie business of fashioning a platform. If you will remember (hut a platform is something to run on and not to stand on, you-will be able to make n pretty Rood Kuess wlml it will be. You must, remember, furthermore, Hint the Democrats do not have Io votes, but merely ..... , Vk , % , 0l jjiiv Hit,rtriy hold them. This being so, it is not likely that the platform will be bold It will he just good enough Io hold fast to the many groups | Woman Flyer's Father Killed Near Rogers, Ark. . 1!G «raS v Ark. _ lioy p. Me- lather of ImiLw' MuPhr't- '1 h;u!:-n. uoiiun flyer ires drcvMied in liollavis'a 1 uK- Friday morions when his aufj- mobile plunged O (f n spill-vuy dam inlo 12 fr.'t. of W:\IH-. Tiie body 'Aiis recovered. 1'ci-s.ons wlio saw lhe car plun->e •/r lhe trta:;; jald tluit McPlicl-- •idse uiiaiircmly collniised ni the! .vhec-l. lie wn.-i slill ,,i the wheel •vlH'ii (lie tar 'xna ilmififil from U'.c wmrr by a wrecker and ay- piri'nlly hurt m:i<je no struggle :o lice himself. • He hiid IOTJI'I-, ill livalih lor K3]iic time. "llS 185 mm Ho'tesL June Day in Years; , Official Reading al I j O'clock loday 101 The mercury climbed to 105 decrees here yesterday, according to the official government thermometer, setting a new high mark lor tins summer. II was lhe hottest June day here in recent years ami one of the hottest since the summer of 1930 when a lush marl- of 108 degrees was registered At 1 p. m. today the temperature was 101. Primed For March on Paris already in the corral. It (fill also have to keep its eye ! on Congress — for the president! CAE «THERSVTLLE, Mo _ The needs not only his own election I "o"est day of u,c year was rec- 1'Ut u good-sized majority in Con- 0 '^ hpre Frl<i!l 5'. when lire mer- fiiess lo enable him [ 0 manage cul '- v so ' 1re(l >-° 101.25 degrees al Tne Republicans, so fur as lhe 4:3 ° I 1 - '»• Al one o'clock it was platform is * concerned, put their' 100 "' tnimp cards in the preamble bristling with denunciation'of the New Deal. The Democrals will also have some trump cards lo show, either in a preamble or elsewhere in the platform. Their' highest cards will be-, (a) to picture }he nation-in collapses the Republicans left office- (W to acclaim Roosevelt's heroic'act- ivities in the face of the disaster- - """i"tn.-ii[, LO maim— (c) to point with pride lo the re- Browing tTOp3 . carl} . C0| . (] ^ covery which has blessed the mar-1 antl 8ai'(lcn.s especially. ketplacc under the benericcnt I • "He of the Democrats i Scls All-Time IIi B h AVOO "LITTLE FELLOWS" | LITTLE ROCK. June 20 (UP>The elements which the Demo-j A ncw recol ' d "' li'Sh thcrnnme'e-l cii\ls will woo for voles will be reatlin ss for June was ma:ie Irn-l lhe workers, farmers, all those' 31 ];3 ° " " : *™* teai1 ^^ 'Ihe hot, dry weather has parched crops, especially early corn and hay. Farmers are predicting that unless rain is hart within the next week or so. early corn will not mature more than half. ., crop, jv , The :last rain in 1'emlscot couii- ly..wiis over n montSi'aao. a. slighi' 1 shower falling on May Is. That •hower wns insufficient to malm- rrnt'iTiu r,.-.-.»~ . • irr r •,r n r:,^i^ --^ ~ »•>» — .™°«,;in: has existed since the Leftist election v ion A .. ulliinnlnin irom colonel Francois tie la Rocnue oiitdom- mas., meetlr.-, thai "political ucllon-; wmll^mmcZlel"'''^";!' «n outlawing edicl. aes tine Government Adopts Vigorous Program to Restore Order lief-. ^.u, ln.[4n;lrt r tt ll InOS business groups which liked Hie NRA because of price-fixing and trade practice rules; small investors, and the millions on re- The groups they ivill fear will tie big business, tire utilities the bankers, taxpayers as a class on one side, and on the other side the Townsendllcs. the Share-the- Wealthers, the National Union for Social Justice followers—thai is the disciples of Townsend, Long' and Coughlin. *" ! Then there is another group- convinced liberals ant! near radi- ' cnls-who feel that Roosevelt has betrayed (he liberal cause. The platform makers will have lo decide how much they are willing lo sny or concede to get votes out of these groups. The chief difficulty in the platform job will be (he platform of 1K32. Mnny ghosts out of lhat document will rise to haunt the resolutions committee. There ivill be the president's vigorous demand for a balanced budget, drastic reduction of gov- (oriav when IO'i| ThJpER .^ ALE f JunD ~° (UP) - at. the „, oK'lo^rKn ™^™n curiously damaged one of Die degrees United Stoics weather bureau. According to M?tecro!ogist C. F. Cole, the reading set an all- time hr-jh tor this month am! cxceetled by two degrees the 101 recorded yesterday. The next highest was in June. 1931 when 102 was recorded. With the high temperature the weather forecast for the state for Ihe next 48 hours was "fair and Jesse Owens Sets New Record For 100 Meters tinln pipes. Two British soldiers were in- in Out of Dread'Past: U-Boats! lured when an' armored car .,, which they were riding skidded ' into a ditch while accompanying i military truck through an Arab .mibiish on (he Nablus road. Inaugurating sterner measures to quell Arab anti-Jewish rioting and suppress acts of sabotage, the government- attached all grain nnd livestock belonging to the Ai.ib village of -Yazoiis, near Jaffa. Stiffer measures ' againsl lhe Arabs following London's approval , cwe^no ^^ss^l ^,sr f or=; 1 ^sr world shattered the . record for 100 meters today as he won hi; first 193S national colle«iale ti.uv u.m ll,luu[ml t'Olle c lal 3 l ^ --—-..--J I Ool OlgllS championship m 10.2 seconds. . at Lepanto SwimiHWff Hole York Cotton NEW YORK. June 20 <UP>- crnment expenses by at least as ' per cent, sound currency, and a j j,,i tariff for revenue only, slrlcl en-lp c i forcemcnl of the anli-lrust laiv.5. D ec nntl condemnation of the use of j n n money in political campaigns. M^, COURT HAN is PROBLEM ! £,„, The next difficulty will be to take a position on all the measures of the New Deal which have collapsed, without at the same time denouncing the Cotton clos'ed steady. open high low close 1218 1224 1218 1222 1150 1101 1149 1158 11-10 1151 iMO 1150 IHO 1153 1139 1151 1142 1154 1111 1152 I LEPANTO. Ark. — Signs posted along Little River, one ami one- half mile.s north of here, bear-1 i»B these words. "Beware, Nudist ' Colony," had ttie folks wondering j until the 'naked truth' was bared. ! bunch of boys wanted 11-M 1158 1157 Spols closed steady at 1232, up Spot Average Is 12.2S rniirt Th n ""™'n""5 ""•••"*":>»* The average price of 7-8 Inch Znrio^f ,1 ? , CGlInlKcd or middling cotton on the len aaanaoneu polfctos is nmnwrier—I r,,«^i-^^ *^^« _ c , 0 OQ -- l.S Iz.^o, toe NR AAA lo n, AAA, to na > r but a few. and fell upon the idea of posting the signs. But the signs only drew the natives that much more and now the boys arc of the opinion that the olc swimming hole isn't what it used to be. New Parly Likely to Cost R o i) s e v c 11 Votes in Norlhwcsl Stales PHILADELPHIA, J, m ,, .,(, (U1)1 -Democrats will spend „.. i cnat $2,OCO.OCO in their ii e ht i o reelect President liouwwil, Past- iniujtrr delimit James A RirW •aid lodny. ' ' Democrats go Inio tliHr rou- v/nllon with the threat ihttl « thhxl parly headed by Congrcss- miui William Leiuke, may cm seriously Inlo their popular vote particularly In lhe radical noilh- wosl, where Ihcre 1?, sentiment for inflation as a menus'or i>aslni; (lie former's debt Uiinlrii. Fnrley was emulous loday In lil.f comment on (he Leniko nprls- Ins but Indicated he might 1m vc l sliitenicm on It later. "I'm 'nol Myiu K iniylhlng iibout that right now," was his comment when asked whether Lcmke was considered lo be a Ihrcnl to Mr. 'cost'i'Ht's reduction, Winner nniris I'lntrorin The platform is completely In the hands of Sennlor nobert p Wagner of New York, Fnrley said' He expects the planks which iVnijiicr will briny to Philadelphia tomorrow to be adopted without opposlllon. "Why don't you Jusl lake Ulc 1532 platform nntl use It. again " le was asfccd. "That was a .good platform" I-ill-ley replied. "The one Ihls year may be something like It. II " V ||i be brief—not. more than 3000 words. I think." "But you could Just lake the 1934 platform and sny that now Hint the emergency Is over (Ire -JemocraLs are going lo keep their promises," Farley ivns low. ' '• "I Ihlnk 'that we can-lcd'oiit the Democratic platform," ,hc stild -At least we carried it out more' nearly than any other platform m recent years." Tim name of John N. Keynoter Is Up to Ears in Work JAchon Clears Way (or Karly End of Congicss- lonai Session , WASHINGTON,- June 20 (UP)[ The senate enacted the New ural'i ; StOC.000.C00 cor|ion\(lon tax bill to- •So nusy wns Scnniar Albcn W. iinrktcy (Dem,. Ky.) with ttu ''»sl> of Icjjlshuion us Coji- p-esj nt:ired .'idjtmrnmcnt Hint he wns forced io work over lime in his WnshliiRton homo tn complete; hi, iceynole epceeh 'or Iho Democratic national ™"^ lo »- » = -'o Ihe keynoter 01 10,12 nntl 1MB j s sllowi , ns he poudorn over his Make Collective Sccurily Possible Says ' Leader WISHAW, e, Scolln'ml. , . member- In the Leayuc or Nations Is prime rctmislle for will be tho only one "presented here for the vice-presidency Farley said, ending rumors IhiU President Uooscvnlt would have a new .'mining mule. Appeals lo Ifucy's Followers- WASHINGTON, Julie 20 (UP) -Rep. Usher L. Dtirdick (Rep., N. D.) bid for ' sliare-thc-weallli supporl for lhe newly formed Union parly today with a sensational charge that Postmaster General James A. Farley made a secret deal with the heirs of the rfucy p. Long movement for New Real control of Louisiana. Biirdick's charges were prcscnt- ?'l In a long statement Inserted In Ihe congressional record. He suit! that he had carried the facts In hi., pocket since last January but did not try to publish them because he fenrcd the uiibllc would not. believe him. Burdick's progressive Ideas, especially on farm and labor prob- ems. closely parallel those of his boyhood friend, Rep. William Lem- fec (Rep., N. D.) who yesterday announced his candidacy for president on the Union parly ticket supported by Father Charles E dny and n|ied swiftly tnioiiii' the mmuints of n lllibuslu whirlwind towni-d adjournment of the fewtily-faurth congress. • Ulsiialcli of the conlromslal lax measure to Iho White nous- I iir.d nrccnlnnce by lire home of | Ihe Si'iiate'ii slilp subsidy bill cnn- , t'd an unprecedented filibuster 1 blockade except for a final clash en the anility conl control bill, 'Die tux bill vole was 42 lo 28. The senate turned Immediately lo ihe i-oiU bill with n vote scheduled for 3 p. M. The upper chamber completed cciigrcwileiial action on the tax mciiKure amhl a Hurry ol op- liislllon debate by Democratic p-Ms and Rcmibllcans who Intend to curry the battle Into the presidential campaign. j), c | nw iilso piobnbly will be contested In the can-Is. Titum|ili For Administration Tin: measure, «-htch represented mi administration triumph, was crlglnnlly suggested hy Pusldcnt, Rcoscvcll lo luinncc Ihe new ftum program, prepayment of the soldiers bonus, and lo recover un- ccllccted taxes under AAA. The New Deal I'rged a stiff grndualcd levy on that amount of prollls which corporations fulled lo distribute to stockholders. .In the scimte the measure- wiis blocked nnd » suL-stllulo oircrcd which failed to carry, out ,l|re liresldeiifa miggestlons OH Iho iroumls that they wovlil wreck many .small businesses and stilfce at the fundamentals of American business.' V:. --i, ••^_.. .^ •Tha senate substitute" «oitM have abandoned HIP house bill's rates, graduated Up'l6'42 1-2 'pei ceril, nnd iustcnd .would lime , . c ^ C ', y s ^"'.|t>«steil present corporate '' • of Hie r>H,,, n \t~i"i~t"'" —•'•">"•} ayisiem, i uocsieti present co: a di«lnvft er n i 1 ! 1 ' 1 ' Bnl ! lwl »P* *«* V «nl 'and lopped TM Sco (.,,"" '"" !' CSS '° 10 '- ( ' ml ol1 wlth » fls ^» •!'«' ccnl ^If^^rSS States, S "" Cr -" >X °" " ndlVl[IC<1 " ra(llS - nnd aerniiiny back in th t <e«SM, collective security could e worked lomoiTow,' 1 ' Baldwin ild, "We must not K ive up horn of setlhig ||,csc nations back. Wc must not even give np hope that some form of disarmament, nmv L '"l be practicable" Haldwln said Great' Britain Had decided lo lift sanctions ngnlmi «<ily lo avoid the risk of war "Snnclitms are lo slop war" he said. -Tticy were nol dt'signed for Purely punitive purposes There Is only one way lo allcr lhe course of events which have taken plncc so far nnd thai is to go to "I do notv know of a single 'hnr' 1 ' 3 ' '" Eilrq ' c I' rc l™re<l for Half of Dividend Checks Await Bank Depositors Approximately half of lhe 80' I'Hercst dividend checks pLblr' Hilrdlck A bunch of boys wanted to | -—^^^^_ % *ffmtj^mi and'-fen'^ l^'S?'^ I ^ '"f ^ « ^™ fl ,e, the wor.d thought t, "'= lhe Board of = Trildc . p rot ,,, cers reccive no sub _ * i m.*!_. i i v/\mvci.i icwii i; iiu rtllij- The simple truth is lhat the ad- sidy when lhe spot average is ministration adopted a scries of! above 12 cenls a pound, policies which the supreme court! has now definitely held cannot be employed by the federal government. If this be so, then what policies win th e government offer hi their stead? Here the Democrats are going „ , . , s . lv „,„ , ll( , U-boats had been abolished for all time, bi'l that the Hitler - " er leged deal purchase." menace of| He (lemnll(lcd -- , —... i., i., ,, j ti characterized the al- r Nallonil1 Hank of , busy the story of "second Louisiana hat sharc-thc- the fight be- y modern, massed at. Swlnemumte for fleet maneuvers Bunltck said (hat shortly after — " jlhe election of Gov. William W Lcche of Louisiana last January Closing Stock Prices NEW YORK. June 20 (UP) — Chrysler Corporation capital stock i crossed the 100 level today to lead CARUTHERSVILLE. Mo., June Mr. and Mn~Mk a dull slork market nto hlohnr 20 — Fimnm > —_ ' ,.-,j _-. «"" »'"••>. •Jat.t. C-. i, ,,_.,, . " I Lcchc of Louisiana last January services Held Friday for (Attend Rites at Memnhis Uo™fe C rr. an<l adm ' nls ' ra " on force s Mrs. Emma Sawyer; f or Robert T. Bishon " " ' r a dull stock market Into higher | 20. — Funeral , havc s gng Ip have lo tread soflly and cautiously and us c weasel words, as New Orleans Cotton NEW ORLEANS, June 20 (UP) urday se!- , Cotton prices soared IO lo 16 points on the New Orleans mar- ket loday. The session was ac- * —.... *>%jt: lIUiMCl 1\UIU^, Ua the Republicans did when ttuy • jalked about money. This troubfc Is going lo plague Ihem as lhcy:° lolk aboul extravagance, the Con- L slltullon, nnd money. Many O f these difficulties will be dlfficullies of composition. Bui f-r.ere ma y be some which will • : .com« from groups with strong -views on various topics, in this > latter c!ass, of COUIOT, will be the ancient plague of American con- Vfntlons-money. It will be indeed Interesting lo (Continued on page three) . tive from start to finish. open high low close | 1218 1226 1217 1222 1H2 H55 1H2 1153 1138 H50 1138 ll-ls H36 H48 H36 H48 H33 1H5 1138 1H6 H47 1151 1H1 1151 I Spots closed steady at 12J2, up' Jul Oct !ec Jan Mar May Chicago Wheat cpcn high low close July 82 3-4 94 5-S 92 3-4 93 3.4 ground in (lie shor •'jion. A. T. and T Anaconda Coppor 33 3-4 Beth. Steel 53 3-4 Chrysler 101 1-4 Cities Service 4 7-8 Coca Cola 1001-2 Gen. Am. Tank 483-4 Gen. Electric 38 5-8 Ocn. Motors 65 1-2 Intl. Harvester 87 1-2 McKcssou-Robbins Montgomery Word — 44 1-2 N. Y. Central 36 3-8 Packard 10 1-2 I'hillips Pel 41 Uadio 11 7-8 Simmons Beds 293-4 ., , were held returned from M w P avc wLu nun rtuimea trom Memphis when- !,«,.„ via •»-""^> „,.,>.- m,.. .vtuiiitu nurn Memphis K here Friday morning for Alra. Em- they attended lhe funeral nf ma Jane Sawyer, who succumbed Bishop's brother, Robert T R •,!,„„ Thursday alter, several weeks ill- who formerly lived hern 'TT. Sf ,i ness. The body was taken to Ro- Thursday. Hc dlcd oobctli Church in Tenne.sscc. iwr He moved from here eieht ™, r former home, for burial Friday ago, after having been J I afternoon. ""-- - ------ -. .. "" 6 ULt n jwlilic.-il differences. Farley Denies Charge PHILADELPHIA. June 20 (UP/ —I'ostmaslcr Genera) James A. lb had . "• "'J UJL-V IIJ J Lccn delivered ( 0 dcimsltors this nftcnicon since lhe chcc^'- were made ready for distribu"- !lon Thursday. Depcsilors mi,st c «ll fcr iheh checks today or Thursday p r i? f y ° r , Satl ''' dll >' of next week. After the close of business ncv Saturday the checks will be sen! lo the comptroller of the currency at Washington, D. C., and Will Ylplfl S1!)5,005,oat> WASHINGTON, June 20 (UP)— Tax experts estimated today thnt the new -tax bill will yield np- LToximately S8C(',CCV,OOI), broken -Jown thus: Ccmtlned coriiorate earnings and. undivided profits tax. Sfi30.000.000. Windfall tax on i-ncollected AAA processing taxes levied- a', SO per cent, $82,000,050. Encouragement for holding- company liquidation, $3^pOO,OOD. Revised Irrevocable (rust regulations, $20.000.000. Cxclse tax on Imported vegetable oils, $10,000.000. Ta:<cs on foreign corporations In the United States, $10,000.000. Miscellaneous levies, $10,000.600. Total. $705,000,000. . • h'vu, u. It will be necessary for cleuosl tcrs lardy in calling for Signs Chain Store Dili WASHINGTON, June 20 (UP) — The Robhuon-Pntman chain store bill became law today when President Roosevelt affixed his ;Ii'na!ure to the measure. The bill Is designed to prevent orlcc (llxcrlinliKttloti between purchasers of like quantities and qualities of goods from a manufacturers. In addition the bill carries pro- Mrns desisncd to prevent falsa advertisement allowances. The •lowre Is the result of the house Inquiry Into activities of the American Retail federation and into the chain store set-up. The bill was pushed In the senate by Majority Loader Joseph T. Robinson and in the hovse by , ... _...,.iL S i ur uicr Representative Wright Patmnit checks to write lo Washington <Dcm -' Texas). lo obtain them. 'Hie trust of th-f —• receiver is to be closed Acrial Tri>tli: Junket. Tried Ju "" M - I ..FRESNO, Cal. (UP) -The old- . Ulc Interest, dividend checks art y today toldestion-eVrthat aitcrnoon. The Rev. w. L. Meyer. Blytheville. Aflcr resldl i R1C " 15 "salnst formei £1? u° f thc Sutwood Memorial Heber Springs he \venl to, M.,, '! ialc llucy '"' Lo "B '• Church here. wa .s i n charge of phb. to Mel "-| Washington by Rep. services, both at the home and in He is also survived hv hi* «ir <lfck (Rcp - N ' U) - Te "" C - SS "' . . M ."' OltWI Bishop. U-o 5 ^' 8 «,*' Tennessee. " " " "" Mrs." cftteil Mrs. Sawyer was the mother o „ ; >r ~""J" WHS l..^ -8 3-4 I Mrs. Minnie McGtll, local teach- ed ' of Mrs. Amlcl Price and , services, and .-. . ,' u he had n:\cr talked to Governor Richard Lsche of Louisiana aboul rtro|-;|ilng Income Inx and Indict- mcnls against former aides of lhe fluey P. Long as charged in " ' " William Bci- to 110,25 per cent,. IK ,, ' mc ' cc an ", orie. two other Km John W. Sawyer sr., proprietor of thers, the Rev. W A Bi.£ n ; the sawyer drug store She is also St. Louis, and Greene Bkhn ft ° survived by several grandchildren., Little Rock, and « sUter M?f'w O Wlc^mai. ~r T _ ' -""^. M< . rai> '- W. C. Nowlin Appointed r."V7. t b ™;! Lepanto Peace Justice Sep 91 1-2 04 1-8 f>5 1-i _ , " " loioier, O. Wiseman, O f L.S LKPANTO, Ark.—W. C. Nowlin Stricken Suddenly III While Visiling Mother I Stricken suddenly in while at tho bedside of her mother, Mrs D. s. Irhy, of BatcsvIHe, Miss' was rushed from Armoi-cl last nigh I to the Blytheville hospital for an appendix operation. Her condition Is very good today. Texas CO 33 1-4 U. S. Smeitin? 86 1-4 U. S. Stfd Warner Bros. Zonlte 63 3-4 9 5-8 6 3-8 . u, 'Road, on the outskirts ol Toronto, "exploded" during a rc- ' , it h ad been in constant use for nearly 2 5 years. Chicago Corn July 66 close !-? 058-8 88 T Sep 64 1-4 65 3-4 63 i-l 55 of Le])an!o, received an appointment from Governor J, M. Ftitiell ... ,.., o m al ln „ (his week (o serve as justice of Mr. and Mrs. W. N William ll:e iwace. Mr. Nowlin will finish wnnams. the unesplred tenn of the lale W. O Thurman, who served as jus- lime Commercial Club excursion in a special train is giving way to aerial junkets, one sponsored by a wine assoclalion put thirty privately owned airplanes in the air for a four-day trade-boosting trip to Bakersfleld, Cal.: Las Vegas. Nev.: Salt Lake City, Utah, and Reno. Nev. Nevada Is lhe only state in America lhat does not levy an in- hcrilance tax. WEATHER Arkansas—Flair tonight and Sun- cceived an appoint- Her mother, Mrs Ida CMchtnes Ari .vcrnor J, M. Futrell! Is critically ill at Z home oV rtay ' ""•••" -" '•" -' "- — J Jlemphls and vlcinlly-Palr lo- filght nnrt Sunday, somewhat cool- lice of thc peace here for ten 56 Woods In Checker Board TOLFJDO (UP)-Pifty-slx dl.fcr- er Sunday. The maximum temperature here yesterday was 105. • >,.w,.., uvwiuiitg MJ OrtlllLJCl 1' 'Norrls, official weather observer.

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