The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 24, 1944 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, November 24, 1944
Page 7
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'I, 19-14, CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION InWiOM:** P "' to<> '° r consecuu ™ — Charge BOo time per line ;.,"."." '..'..'.'.'..&> per Ptr Un. t*rn.pera».. • Month per lice ...... ....!...;eoc Adi i ordered for three or m tlmei tK -—•-- for the number of times bffi Sid? 1 ' 6 ' 1 ™ 1 « B *'««yu»tment of alfleO Advertising copy — by. persons residing out.. of Out city must be a panted by cash. Rates may be ea computed from the above table. ,_ A< !™ rttoln « ordered for. Irregular insertions takes- the one UriuTrate No responsibility will be taken aL^S" "T^?. 6 ^correct loser- C'irculalinf; coal stove. Will .heat-5 or (i room house. ••.Practically new. Phone 2482—after 0 1>. M. "cull '.'I.-'.-' 11-23-ek-ti' .Oije.JJ.'S.- Slicing Machine; one cof- . fee .mill, .orte, cash register. Phone " 597 - ' H|23-pk-27 One;Athens Bush ami Bog disc an* one.mowing machine. Elbert Dry- Pans,, opposite Golf Course. "'' 1 pair : mules mid harness, l John Deere Wagon, estimated 4 tons loose hay, 150 bushels corn, 1 hay mower, 1 hay' rake, l cultivator 1 stalk cutter, 1 disc, l section harrow, I middle buster, l turning plow, 1 set or cultivator tools, 1 dirt slip, 1400 pounds 2B Stoneville cotton seed. Will sell^s whole or part. Will rent 55 acres land' this equipment is/used on, share basis. Can 'see/this 4 mi!es west ot Hermondale, Mo; 1 J. c. Cole"""'• - ll|23-pk-2fi ISP acres on .tittle River,!5 houses good tarn, cypress land, lights & gravel road. 193 acres, 4 houses good barn, hyline find gravel road' On-bank.of.LHUe River. At a bargain, good terms. 105 acres half mile north of Gray/Ridge. Lights, on..gravel, .good improvements A bargain at $110 pcr'ric're. Ternis! 1200 acres; highly, improved farm Good fertile soil, plenty houses and'barns, all good. On pavement 5110 pei- acre. MO acres in Miss County,. Ark. A real, farm, made bale and half cotton per acre this 5'ear, 3 houses, 2 barns. •10 acres in Pemiscol County, Mo All cleared; good Improvements, black sandy loam soil very fertile school Jbus.-. pood terms If-you are looking for a farm, let us help you. We may have it, See Luther Gray, 120 E. Sycamore, and F. Fisher, Phone 2456 For Sale Short wood nnd kindling, Also foundry wood. Phone 638. Il|22,pkr25 Mahogany dining room-suite, good condition. 1700 W. Main. Il|24pk2g Three pool tables and pair of- Dayton scales. T. L. Graves, next door to theatre In Luxora. ll[24-pk-12|i King Alford Jonquil bulbs: Flrel'sto). Plant now. Heaton's Home of Flowers. . ll[20-ck*tt 6 room home on two lota In choice residential, section. 3- bedrooms. New roof. Outbuildings. Solid foundation. Shade trees and orchard. $500»—$2000 cash. Call Jimmie Stevenson, 838 or 3131. . ' I HAVE BUYERS for city residential property JIMMIE STEVENSON Noble Gill Agency. ''. ' / '. ll|23-ck-23 One Allis-Cnalmers two roll tractor cultivator. Corbett Stockton Gosnell. ll[22-pk-29 Pair boys rubber galoshes size 5 Worn only few times. $2.25 310 West Walnut. J]|l7-dh-tf ;.Y-E-S-l ••.-••.,. We liave no bananas or cigarettes; but-we dp:have so'many new and different useful gift Items for the nome arriving dally such as: electrical hot plates, boudoir -lamps,' table lamps, etc. PARKHURST Since 1004. 107-109 E. Main St. •' ll|2-ck-2 Coitiplete beauty shop, 2~Turblria~ tor dryers; l Realistic .permanent wave machine; Facial Couch- settee; chrome chairs;, electric clippers, etc. Pre-war supplies. All equipment almost new. '.Vrlte Box J. A., % Courier News.; Ilj22-pk25 1937 DeSolo; fair tires,: new motor. Below ceiling, West Gateway OS- Modern 6 room house, built In 1340 1058 Holly. Sec owner.•ilfro^dh-ti Five room stucco house wlth-'batn screened front and back jfcrches Two lots. 223B Carollne-St., Prtde Addition. Ili9-p'k-12|9 Newly redecorated^ 3 bedroom house. Hardwood floors throughout. Floor furnace and fireplace. Has-'servant house arid garage;; Tipcited in choice residential, section.' .. Call Jimmie Stevenson, 838 or 3131.. . PHILLIPS BUY YOUR 5 room house on w. Chickasawba. Located oh beautiful L acre lot. Call Jirriinie Stevenson, 838 ; or 3131. •• 11122-ckUf our au'fo'niatic doriut machine, 'de i them at Trotter's Donut Shop, ,10 """" "~'~ """ ' H]i8-pk-25 East .Main. ' Practically new pre-war bicycle guaranteed. ChisunVs Bike Shon ^. 2 «W. Cherry St., Blytheville Phone 590. 10|27-pk-n|27 l^arge 2-slory house with 3 bedrooms r and separate 3-room apartment Two. four .'room houses facing paved street on same lot All 01 this prop8rty,./s in excellent condition and,,repsir,-:in go0 d resi- cl ? r '|"?!,? rc! ».' Will provide living quarters and large rental income MW ^n mily ' Jirmriie Stevenson J^oble^Gill Agency. • Jl|23-ck30 CITY PROPERTY FOR SALE ,:Slx-,room fcrick>honie p plastered ... hardwood f!boi-s:>9est buy in Blytheville.. Price S4iOOO'.00 Five room residence, hardwood tloprs.'on Kentucky St. Price $3500 bix room residence on:West Davis Street.'Price $3,650.00.''' Five room residence,'newly dccorat- cd, near school on Lake Street Price- ;$2,900.pO. Ten-room residence, two baths in exclusive residential section on E Maln-sti-cet. Price $15,000.00. Four-room plastered house on Holly .; Street, Price 53,000.00. jjg'oiir room residence on West Vine W Street: Price $2,10000 Six room plastered house adjoining "'""'"""-two acres land. - Three room residence in Pride Ad• dit ion.. Price $876.00 Five room residence on East Davis . Street.-Price S4.00000 a ™ 1 ™ 0 ^ l :; cs !^ c --' d J'' i » i ^city o acres of land 1 We have plenty more for sale. H. C. CAMPBELL .he First National Bank Building Phone 2641. • Hi24-ck-28 Electric and Battery Radios!. Hardaway Appliance Co. 10-16-ch-lG N O T 1'C E Just received the largest and most complete line of all kinds of framed pictures in the countrv Also luggage In various sizes and prices, EARKHURST, 107-109 E Milln St. ll!2-ck-2 Steel Watering Troughs Steel Oil Drums Steel Garbage Cans ' i> BlylbevUle Machine Shop. |P 30-ck-llj30 .'FARMS TOR SALE on eastern* both upland and bottom. Well 1m- :. proved In tracts of 20 to 1000 acres . C. W. Smith, Citizens Bank Bulld- Ing, Dexter, Mo. 10[28-pk-12[2 Wood or coal circulator heater. Night phono 3309. O. S. Rolllson I0;25-ck-tf - SAV.E ON . INSULATION Call us for free estimate. We install Rock Wool. MISS. CTY. LUMBER CO. ., "Phojws 44 5. . 10-23-ch-23 Need man for parts department. Not necessary to have previous experience. Permanent position. See Earl Stone at Blytheville Motor Co Phone 422.rl2l;,w. Ash-'St. .} ' ' j^_VJ_ -, £ . ;-ll-20-cM-27 Housekeeper for family of two No objection to •; small ch'ild New house, no laundry. Write Box 26 - Senatli, Mo. > • .' ll|24-pk-28 2 girls; with high school education, for sales work, permanent position. Apply in person, Western Auto Associate-Store.. ll-23^ck-27 Need automobile mechanic, body man, and man to help in shop- can lenrn to be mechanic. See Earl Stone at Blytheyillc Motor Co vPhbne 422. ! -l21 r .W.-AslV'St.i ;£'•<''•••' "' •"'. -i: <(i;-2p-ck-27 cooks Apply Howl Noble MUtTCMU. ll-ek-U Wanted lo Bug Wardrobe trunk 1 in. good condition Phone 2786.- *. ./ : . 18-dh-tf Child's 1 toy car with pedals. Call 2ra3 - . H-2i: c k-28 Pecans, junk,; hides. For highest prices see Wolf Arian, N. Highway 81: Phone 2890. Il[2-pk-i2|2 Soybeans, hay and corn. Blytheville Grain & Elevator Co. lOJSO-ck-tr Highest cash prices- paid for used cars, 1929 to 1937 models, any make. C. C. Eagan, 615 Chickasawba St., Blytheville. 10130-pk-ll[30 second-hand clothing, men' women's and-children's. oxfords Bring to 316 E. Main. True-Blue Shoe Shop. 10-3-pk-12!3 *V«« pay owh for |l«,00fl worth of good oa«d fnrnl- iur«. W*de Purnitor* C* ' P«J 200 per ao». ior wir. Hudaop Oleanert Lost White pointer bird'dog, brown ears Notify Orwil Pritchard, Holland' —~-~——ii!3i£fciJl?? T5ie buoyancy of water does not increase with Its depth. ^ Blytheville y sHighestUs€dCarBuyer« „_,_,-- wi " PO^^ou the TOP CASH k fRICE ror your Car. No Delay. No Exr . pcnie. No "Com^Back". ALL CASH. \ Avoid care and expense of your idle caivTurn it into CASH, Buy Bonds and enable your car to provide essential • . transportation. Don't Sell Until You See Phillips -Come In Today. 50 Cars Needed" -' PHILLIPS MOTOR CO., I «)• TeL 453 t Walnut at 5th >$$$$$ Fir,Rent Small; apartment. Cadets only 101 E. ; Cherry St; - v ll|24-pk-26 Room,adjoining bath. Phone 249?, • 613 Walnut. ll(24-pk-12il Bidrooin: Gentlemen only. Private home. Convenient to ball.. Phone S 266 - ll|23-pk-26 Gomfortable.- bedroom. Steam heat ' Corner loth., mid Ch'ickasawbH' •Phone; 2413. ' i'ij24-cfc-tf Bedroom, with-or without, kitchen privileges. Phone 2480. l]|22-pk-25 Small fin nhhed apartment or house * by permanent resident Or would .consider unfurnished. Pliorie "k402- - 1112p-ck-27 Bedroom, kitchte privilege. Frank Hill; 375 S. Division. lli24-pk-28 Bedroom, kitchen.privileges. 201 W f°»- , : ll|18-pk-ll|25 Bedroom-convenient to bath, steam heat. 611 west Main. Phone 3325 •-'• ... ll|17-pk-12|n Bedropm, close to bus line. 1513 w H ll|18-pk-25 Rooms for rent, 106 E' Main 10|28-pk-lli26 Wanted To Kent Furnished or unfurnished apartment 01 house Damon McLeod Phone 2212. U|2aipk-3d Small furnished apartment; Permanently stationed army couplis with baby. Write Box HK,.%- Courier ll|22-pk-29 Anproxlmntclj 200 acres Have equipment nnd force. Prefer loci tion hear Blylheville. Writ* O. W. Moore, Ivcachville. . llj22-pk-29 The common snipping turtle lajs et'gs similar (n sl?c nnd shnpe to ping'.pong b-xllb and when fresh, they'll bounce. WE' FIXL ALL DOCTOMT PRESCRIPTIONS AND SAVE TOU MONET STEWART! Dr«| Sltr^ | BRITISH GENERAL HORIZONTAL 04 He commands 1 Pictured the British , . commander of ^— Army ' P^itish Second C5 He is a Lieii- Army, Lieut.- --.tenant Gen. Chrislo-' VERTICAI ph'er .7 Retainer .12 Erbium : '• (symbol) J3 Opera-' by . Verdi 14 Skill 15 Behold! 16 Short sleep 18 tell •:. 20,Piece out ZliAlupajnuin :(symbol}" 23 Seines 24 Pair : (ab.) Ansivrr ( 1 Lair 2 Age 3 Father 4 Title ot • respect . 5 Paradise 6 Eli 7Chapeaux' 8 Native metal 0 Lien ten ant . .(ab:) lO'.Animal ' 11 Fish eggs 17 Compensate in Near 25 One who pays20Mnke a 28 Conditions mistake 31 Either - . 22-Perrmf 32Toward 24 Writing 33 Registered nurse (ab.) 34 Accomplish 35 Exclamation K7 Part of "be" .38 Mother. 40 Recording secretary (ab.) 42 Chairs 44 Flyer 46 Us 47 Speak Imperfectly 51 Musical note 52 Farm implement 54 Damaged 58 Greek letter 59 Paid notice 60 Alcoholic beverage 61 Small particle 63 Measure of ' cloth rvloui.Pnuslc AC5A QI implement 41Slrccl (ah) 25 Italian river 43 Reverential fear 45 Slieitercd side 47 Loan 48 Within 49 Male deer 50 Peter (nickname) 52 Possesses 53 Lyric poem 54 Noise 55 Put on 26 Measure ot area 27 Chambers 28 Lending suit in cards 28 Doctor of Medicine - (ab.) 30 Therefore 35 Like 36 Him 37 Dined 39 Atmosphere 57 Boverftgc 58 Every n 15 J1 "f . >..,iuoj,iiE.i c .'a ijvcry 40 International GO Proceed lanmingc C2 Myself Services •>* • - - _w A BlUick's Dcdy Shop, '«a ] K. Main Auto glass instnlled, nulo paint-' 1"S mid body work. lll20-pk'-27 1'iUnting. mid. paper. i. Phone 24'34. • pk 12| U __________ ' 'BATTERY SERVICE «f h £m bn L tMJf , Clmr 8'n« on new- cst cities Icrvlctt Quick. Charger. Pickup and delivery lu city. Phono • WEED'S' OmiS SERVICE STATION; Hwy.'eri' nallroiul ^^^^ • • 10-31rl*.31 • Strayed or, Stolen From Armorel, insio poliilcr. very 1 I'Mvlly ticket, Answers- to'. . • I ? port; '.!'• 'omul,: pl««so notlfi' J. B. O'Kcpfe for lluornl reward' Blylhcvllle. Ark., Route l, Box 8d' '' '^*«^*^^wN«p-^v W Vrt Personal \ - A A A ^M& tk jk ff/Ufff PRICES ••"* • ^ "- '. . Immediate relief from tl.o' spusms w bronchi il nsthmn Prompt re- let Iron, tho distressing ssnm loniK of My fa \cr, with AslHnm Nefcln run letuiul made If j 0 . RIO not lathfneforv Kirby -Situations Wanted ooyov have 2 i-l'ls with secretailal expeilenbo would like tcmiioittiy oflke lob I'ho I'honc 215U Il|24-pk-l2|l lApcrlented henuty operator deilrei Dirmnncnt position full 01 port time write PO Box C01 ihn Ooiibtllullon of the United ,11?,. mnlitim nothing «hlch piolilults ii woman lion, lx.con.ltin P evident of the natUi' you can spore' earttort. Bfinfl-^ to us loddY 1 ,\ Gei SPOT ' i CASHto."-* •JW »nd 1 9» ve som e *-* ^' ket ; ; *^^-^ ne edoduonspo.^« l1 BRiti4$QUR CAR TO US-tODAY' . t .*^^. • • ,' •"•** J1Jtl ^ j» -«*w-«-^,_ - - " ii O Hefoi-p We Sliy Gomlby "" ' """"' '^^-^ ^^^J=L.ANoM«UL55f FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS ' . _ , .... .. ....... •:*u --. . • THESE CRAZY FADS M WOULD/ENP IFTUr-. m KIDS weRe Gl^ew. LARGE DOSES OF ., STUDYING To Oo/JHF TREATMENT SHOULD BE-- GIW AT SCHOOL! HWF BOOKS ON EVERY-KID& •' DOESN'T- WORK. THE'8o6fc£J '&i'<*$M roJLD RF APPLIED TO .' '/-A VfT-S) Accident? rMLWIN' TtV HAVE PHILLIPS "WINfERIZTJoi'tAR 1. Tune Motor 5, New Banery 2. New Spark Plugs 6. Antifreeze 3. New Motor Oil 7. Glass Installed 4. New Brakes 8, Fenders Refinished PHILLIPS MOTOR COMPANY Td>453> Walnut at 5th. Rv FRED HARMAH ' WE'LL ALL- CO TO N isllTH AN) ACtiDESf „ .'J-BtFORE HE FINDS OUT DOVlAR ROAD DEW WASH. TUBES ?SLIB<Tt?RNfRR.' : ';. ( ^^?L«L L L^Ov^ii^l %%&%&&&/• ' >"i PLTT VOE'VE fiOT Uqise! BY EDGAR/MARTIN J $:;••., fSWllli

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