The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 15, 1951 · Page 10
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 10

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, August 15, 1951
Page 10
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' PAGE TEN BLYTHEVILLK, (ARK.) COURIER NEWS WEDNESDAY, AUGUST II, 1981 CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION Inaction: Me 1 time per lln« ••-• " ,..,. J limes r« line P« elnj^ 'J|j 6 limes p?r line per day ....... <£ 15 times per Hn. l>« d», ^x "c"'<m. P "« «T"«. «or<l. to'.!.', lln. ,C^-"^--' r C'^ ^pE<r»nrt n X>Vcr,,T"lu m-£ Sw^syffi burnrd rnndrlB Wade An to SalVflgo. Ph, 3785. RB rk II 8 AUTO AND fUIiNlTOriE LOANS Prompt Persons] Service Cienerel Contract Purrriav; Corp 106 6r>uth 5tta Phone 6303 Services Apartment for Rent THI-: DAINTI-TOT 8,4 Watch and Jewelry Repair l-Dny Btchcs an<i clcrlcn, done hj ex per' r P v— ,1 diy> on Gnorimleed work epairmen. lowest PAT O'BRYANT Main & Second 1013 c* M Co mm ore! a l Prompt, Kxperl Scrrlr REFRIGKRATION & AIR CONDITIONING A«fc lor FRANK WKSTAI.I, fMini-lie's Kleclrir Service Phnno 2B53 - - - Re«ldrnr«) 2ROR furnish- week. Bedrooms >. 114 Wort Ash, „„- floor*. Oppn Bt, Ph. SK17-S023. dully. 230B W. Bill P* 3 room wpt-, ph. b!\th. P* 1« One duplex apt. 4 rooms with bath, electric hot water hcnter. 132 E. Vine, call 62<U or 2223. ^ifLi TToom vmliir. mort^n npl. Brut rrrt «enll«l section, h«r<l»-ood floors, hii- Fanc hrat. PrKntc scrci-nt'I I" P"" h - ga n,i!e 900 WMmit. Ph. » 21 - , J rm inifilr. »P>. decorate Tor perm, r ~ Fur. *pt.. < rooms Irlo rcfrigcrBtor. gns furniture. 124 W. Di\ 81nion. Ttirt hiilh. elcc- 1 3313 1J3 cl II o kitchen. 322 E. Ky. JJ5. W. M. BURNS Koaltnr, Ph. 330. Auto Supplies onrf Services Don'* cndanB'r join tamllT wl '«ultv tlrcn—BUV I.KE TIRKS. CHAPMAN SERVICK STATION Main and Division f ™ "" DID YOU KNOW? \V« hu Mon lor movilh 1 e every number trnnsmls Ford. Chevrolet, und Plj I36-19M models. Wndc , CHAMBLIN SALES CO. mp rc- Hnrry pk B 31 . N*w K' 1R '' flnl 8700 7113 ck RADIO & TV SERVICE our «el on the rtllnX? For rust «ri « CRl) M^nn^el Cnrl [X3IIR M BLV'rilKVILI.K '['elcvision & IJ.'ulio Service TYPEWRITERS DON EDWARDS CO ..1 W W«lmil Plinnn 338J D lenty of Parking Space Got the truck itch? ...Let Phillips scratch it. TODAY! We Will Guarantee $2.50 per bushel for your covbean* this fall on grain bin purchaBe now from.... Jack Robinson Implement Co. Osceola, Dial 520 — Blyth«vill«, Dial 2371 Wanted Rldr to CnilfornU. Will h*lp with For Rent S room hou««, TOR B. cherry. a;» ek 93 driving hflf.r 7:30 . Call R.I* pk If HeTp lillS Ford I'lck-Up Truck. .. (> cylinder. . .a big buy at lll-IS Chevrolet l'ick-1'p Truck... New paint.. .priced ;il 1'J17 Chevrolet Pick-Up Truck... Can't he heal at HUB Kurd S Cylinder Pick-Up Truck. . . [toady for fall Ill ll> l''ord 8 Cylinder I'ick-L'p Truck. . , A real trucking bargain , lilllj Chevrolet 1'iim'l Truck.. An nil purpose truck...only $695 $745 $650 $645 $345 $345 ompang WANT TO BELL? Watklni Rout* available In Missies Ip pi County. Weekly profile nf 460.00 10 $7.1 (XI a I r.tart possible. Must he d^pcndahle. iiu)ni- •lons and rapahli* o( managing own u^nos*. Cnr nprps^iirv, Write the J R. Company. Tept R-X. M«M~V- phla, TV]irn»ss«f. R 15 pk 16 Truck and tractor mechanic. Good working condition! and good pay. Bon F. Ruller Co., Osceola.' 8-14 ek 17 l In Ark Sal- ransportation by National on. Rm. 208. 813 pic 16 Call 4553 For Complete Insurance Protection W. I Pollard Agency Planned Protection 114 W Alb Sk OLENCOX HOTBl BDIU31NO 4<: ck Two mpn 18-2. 1 ) to t •y commission an liJR many other ben rzfinl7atlon RPP Mr Noble Koicl. fi-7 p.m. Wanted to Buy Deila Broadway & Chickaiawba Phwt* 4453 Ujed I Cotton Pickers ••••"•ts, Inc. It'll ok 81 FITP N«w or U^prt MrCormlck-Deer- lll!T Cntlon Pkkprs Quote prices In letter. Write Ho* 960. Blythevllle Bill ctt 8,18 EDSON for So/e, Can and Trucks \Vnshing Machines repaired, ill nmkcR. Blythcville Machine Shop. Phone 2828. 3-6 ck IS Tom's CB(C tor 5r\lc, wHh or without bnlldlnE. CiOOt! h^islnpSR. np^son for selllnn. 111 health, i'h. 1902. For Sale, Misc, Used Combines AH Maters Ar Mewl*-!* Cnsh or Terms 61 Implement Ho. N. M.wfiy 81 Phone ZU2 ILJ ahirnlnum icteen lite ot jnvn hoti^t niillders Supply. Inc wintlow.v to Install or 65 ck tf Fill dirt for s . Ph. «3fi3. 8jl pk Sewing ino narration*. Mrs M»dg« Wells. Ph. 26«B, -107 K, Rose St. 7'2S pk 8j2R 3c!I-snrvlce Sundry. I,ot, hvilidlnR nil rqtitpmciit, « Hh Rood tmslness, eal for couple. Host lorfttlon In town. Prlec-d to sril Hny now and Ret brne- til s>\ fall anr] winter business. Ph 6 roomi und bath, Inrge lot, beautiful grounds, colorfully decors ted. Small down pAnymrnt. Immediate po*.s*,sMon I'h. 6107 or 6023. 8JI3 pk 19 Two Chair Barber Shop, Bt6t location In tOH-n for right man. Health Forces Sate L, T. Burton, P.O. Bo 451, Steele, Mo, g-M pit 21 BLTTHEVILLE REALTY SPECfAIB , 3 . CHOICE LOTH. 1 ON NORTH FRANKLIN, PAVED STREET. PRICb CARL PAUL c th« mnn to *«f if you're looking foi L new OLDS MOB ILK. K n«« GUC truck, or a QOOD USED CAR Hf>'ll rive Ton thr bent lr»d» In Uiwnl You'll Ind him *t Hnrner-Wilson Motor Co. Phnn* 30ifl Nl^ht 44M 6^20 ck R2O RBCK3FTER WESTEND AUTO SALRfl Ph 4274 - 3!sl And Kenwood Wo Itnanct "Cheupppt GrKHl Cn.r» In Town" A-Moriel Coiipa — *70 820 ek «20 Notice M17 or see H H. Clnrnelt. 319 or 3'23 N. I CUT PERMS 1 LOT IRGO VALUE 2nd fll R U Pfc 9]1* NEAR CENTHAL SCHOOL ONLY *400 - CASH 4 year oM mcd hlonrlc Spinet. r>*n« n - DESIRABLE HOMES CLOSE IN ' 18.000 TO 11-VQOO. ESTABLISHED BUS1- 8AL* AT 1NVO1CB ear old ii.'.crl hlnnrte Spinet. f>tn«n. Oulliransrn dlrrct from factory. C. H. Corrcll. plnno Hinpr, Holland. Mo. 8jl5 pk 1R For-SaJe, Real Estate House Tnr SMf — Must he mo tin lot. Call 3753. 8! 15 nV 16 If vou want to sell or bnv USED FURNITURE see us. Arnold & Gaines 405 East Main IV 6357 2-26 ck tf . R EA L FOR SOME NESSFS PRICE TO SELL OR BUT PHONR FIELD 2.194 DAY OR NIGHT. 8,4 pk 19 Railroad I'lioue GSSK Your FrlcTiOly Slnclcb^kcr Dealer STUDKBAKKR F«m l'ick-rp, Mi>tnr Overhauled New Taint . . . only 1919 Champion 4- l)<inr . . . It .is hern completely re cu mil- llonccl . . . only.. ,. 1?I6 SlmtelwUcr !i Ton Firk-Tp . . . a good truck , . only Stiulrliakrr ;; i rirh-L'p Truck A diindj' huy... Ton $795 $1295 $595 $795 Olllj • Other Cars & Trucks 1911 Ford V-R Super DcLuxe, Blue Turtor N only . mfi Ford Turlnr . . , Super llr luxe . . blark, Cnmc in and scr 1341 llntlge, 2 Door Special . , . only,, $475 $345 1319 Dodge H Ton Plck-Up... (iel More For Your Car— Trade nt Cliamliltn's ylstprrd Abcrdc olr!. J H Tim Hie, Til 265S. AngUK b\lll, 6 nns. Rt 2. lily- 8 R pk 15 om 2(H> to 27S !bs. J. W. Klflckwril. :eclu, Ph. 343M. 8,tL pk 2S 3 white sSdcwBll Goodrich tires 650 \J> Brand new Etlll In wrappers r?n r- ffrn ft! C)n1r \UlLrr 1 * fllllnc lr*n. MMn *nrt Division 8 n pk R 13 j ft KrlvLuntor trtrlncrtitrr. 11 k r new—table 'op rlcrlrlr stove, fi plr-cn inntnr M.-xple Dlnlni; Room E;ii1tf. ph. 10; or 6023. 8 13 pk IH ONLY *:ifl 81 MONTHLY TWO PFDROOMS wly p:»Lntctl, r\lTn clean htnipr Kenwood Drive, with Propn fiirnnnr nuri tank. Sn^svL! do-.' nrnt. $38 HI per mcmth includr.-i all | '"'^' s and Insvirnncr. A Rnort buy and | J^^ i lortns, f f 1^.00 DOWN j 2212 BIRCH \kc thr rtnwn payrnput arirl n. BtHr. fan. fully In- FARMS FOR SALE 1—BO ACTCR near Siecle, Mo. Good level Jtitid. well drained on uravel road, good noiisR anrt barn. «]ectrlclty and school rni«. 2—93 i ncfcs near Pa.scoln SI acres |ti ! cultlvaUon. 12 in Wood Pa.-Ui>rt, 4 1 loom HOUSE nnd' good barn and oul- [ huUtlln^s. The owner said sell U floo.00 Acre, this farm will cany »j;a.i>u — BO acres ol land west of Osccola. I \t\\K farm has two scl* ot bulldlngF. „ j two 5 room houses, two DISTINCTIVE STONR "Arkansas Apple Orchard" Bfftitllful thin or thick cut lonff itonp for KorneF. Patios. Walls. WaSfce, Barbec»P Plw. FlR^stoner, nnd Fire- plAces. Also lnrg« chimney Cnps. Random: per sqr. dellwered »>3,ofl Custom: per sqr. delivered 45 00 Flap: pnr Rqr deltv«-ied 15.00 Rarh^cne: p«r sqr. delivered 3^.30 Chimney Caps, per *qr."foot -W Telephone 944-R -1. BfttesvUle. Ark. or Wrlta MuBrkle Stone Quarries Snlado. Ark. J19 WHAT TO DO' IN CA38 OF AN AC- RlDFNT If your car U damaged In an Accldeni here> «>melhlnK fou should Xnnw Buitrn«it will give yon K free paint tob on any repair work of I3QO nr more The whole c^^ la pdlni- c rt — not lust the damns ed par I Continued Irom Pas* ft a recent .speech on the dismissal of 'he cribbing West Point cadets: "1 know how easy it is to makr mistakes; I Xnovs- how easy it i/ /or young men at West Point, from 18 to 21 years of age, when it, comes to the ridiculous thing called the honor system A . , ** Then this final paragraph, printed verbatim in the Congressional ' Record: "As a produce of compeli- j live athletics l shudder to think I what America would do without in-,i .ercollepiale bootfall." ! Wilson Gets Vacation | Defense MohiUzer C. E- Wilson ' "inalJy got away for his first vaca- j lion in four years. Ever since 1948, ,he former General Electric president And Mrs. Wilson have rented house on I,ong Island for two weeks in August. And for the three previous years. something always came up which made it necessary for him to cancel hi* vacation plans. This year he dA cided he just' had to ?et some rest, Ha* Russia Got A-Bomh There's growing speculation among people who follow atomic energy matters that the Russian "atomic explosion" of September. 1049, was not a bomb at all, but a premature, uncontrolled or accidental blast. There w no scientific doubt that this was an atomic blast. But there has been no Mich indisputable scientific evidence lint the Russians have had * second [ explosion in the intervening two years. Irnnir. Situation Nevada Sen. Pat McCarrans Internal Security subcommittee, which is investigating .subversive influences in the Institute of Pacific Relations, put great stock in the testimony of ex-Soviet Gen. Alexander G. Barmine. Having broken with the. Reds. General Barmine Is now head of the Russian section in State Department's Voice of America. If General Burmine were applying for admission today, however, he couldn't get it. He would be kept BUY WITH CONFIDENCE USED CARS TRUCKS $195 $845 $895 $775 $695 $875 $945 $895 $695 $595 $975 Easy GMAC Payment Plan Remember, Yon Can Always Get A Good Deal at SULLIVAN-NELSON CHEVROLET COMPANY Phone 4578 1!MO Chevrolet, 2-)><x>r Sedan, K good cheap car 1947 Chevrolet, 2-Door Sedan... loaded with extras 1948 Ford V-S, 2-!>oor Sedan, A Beauty 1947 Ford V-8 Super Deluxe, 2 Door Sedan 1946 Ford V-8 Deluxe 2 Door Sedan 19 l» Chevrolet Yj-'Vtm Pick-Up Truck. ..Only , 1950 Chevrolet '4-Ton Pickup Truck. . . Only 1919 Dodpe 3/1-Ton Truck, Stake Body...Only , .- l!H7 Dodge Vi-Tun Pk-k-Up Truck in perfect condition 1947 Dodge '/ 2 -Ton Pick-Up Truck... A real nice one 1950 Studehaker 3/4-Ton Pick-Up. Looks and runs like new 3»1 West Walnut | good E. M. TERRY Trrry Ataslrart * Realty Co 213 \V. Wai mil — Fiv 2W EXTRA HOOMT 312 E- KENTUCKY If yn this 1 lilnr*- L llfcr ron in llvlnp L shady lot. which irmt $?2.V).!W dov- r n. ^htr. Inrup room*. you In FTC Fltr- i. von? U an blinds. Hlpht lake smaller mbiillcllnRs, the ho us id rlecirtcliy and on Rood yra- f\. rtiHtl. mail route, and school bus farm can be sold as an SO or will I ha 40. and clty^ prop. nihfr alf. Hub turd l^ud Co. 6ee or tall E. T. Hubbarrf Phone 413B Small .vlll wH grocery store, good location, cheap. Call 364S 3,13 pX 16 Every day people nrn coning in our store and asking to see the RoiKlix Kconcminl they liavc heard so iniic.h 'ibout. Happy satisfied users ire saying its even belter than they expected, ask any user. >r come in and see for yourself the. Bendix Kcomunal washer, (he best huy in completely Automatic washers, lust a few dollars more than a conventional washer. Ilub- liard & Hoke Appliance Co. 8-13 ck IC> People in Blytlicville—And lot.s of them—are beginning to talk—about the lowest priced, completely automatic, Ren- dix Kconomat Washer. A sen- sal ionnlly new and completely different automatic \vaplier— yet it is still just a few dollars more than regular work all day conventional washers— | Come in and see foi yourself I lie lirst buy in automatics. [The Mondix Kconomat. ! llulibard & Hoke Applianc« Co. 8-1S ck 1C. E. M. TERRY -UflrT .V Rmllv — 313 W. Waln IF sale "» h!ch rprkiu n north trnlh ^rhool \VrUr- o Kulin<vjv. Ky as pk j FARMS FOR SALE ) H/) Acifx 7 room monein rc.vldcncr, I [>roi[> p Aharty yard. Good 4 room ten- ] In rated, short distance from Holcornb. j Mo. Tht«i ts a good place for some one j uamlntr & home. (160.00 per acre. T a errs, iiir^ rrsldcnc*-. good barn, (rnrrrt aiid. p*trn gootl piece of land. »200 por acre. PO - 4lOa . HUDSON HALES, 513 Baal Main 421 call BURNETT mcnt of AgricuHure was selling the fame quantity of surplus butter at 15 cents a pound. Poll Rates Senator* Five out of six Washington pres.s correspondents think Democratic Son. Paul Douglas of Illinois is the best senator. Thee out of four correspondents think Wisconsin Republican Joe McCarthy the worst senator, are highlights or a poll conducted by Pageant maga- WALKER INSURANCE Glencoe Hotel Ruikling Phone 43GO Fire—Auto—Casualty Protection at Low (Just J. G. "Bob" Barnes W. L. "Bill" Walker 7-16 ck tf 1 Real Estate Farms — Citv Properly I.ONNS . If InlrrcJtrri m Hiiilnjt or ^rlllna *r« Noble Gill Agency RRAfTORS — Cecil Karls -^~ Gloncofl Kldu. Ph. Salesman Wanted NVorc thnn a fiffii of the world's known baii\Hfl aluminum ore is found in western ¥11505]^via. ac- oorriinc to the National Geographic Socle tv. Female Help Wanted H shows quite a change Irom » similar poll two years ago. Then Sen. Robert A. Taft of Ohio was considered the best senator. In the new poll, he rates both fourth has* and fourth worst. Second and th^B^' best are, Estes Kefauver of Tennes= see and Wayne Morse of Oregon. Second and third worst arc Pat NfcCarran of Nevada and William E. Jenner of Indiana. out by Senator McCarrans own immigration act. which bans a cl mission to the U, 3, of any ex-Communist. Bnttnn Haul Woman 1 * Angta Congresswbman Frances P. Bolton of Cleveland, Ohio, thinks the j armed services are bum shoppers.; She calls attention lo Army purchases of six million gallons of paint in ouart and gallon cans. Instead of the more economical five- gallon size; to the purchase of four and a half million web belts, or three per man; to the purchase of nearly two million pounds of black pepper; to the purchase nf 68 million pounds of oleomargarine at 2.S cents a pound while the Depart- Stepped Up! Gasoline & Tractor Fuel Extra Mile* Extra Pow«r Set The Best "I Sell That Stuff" G.O. POETZ OIL CO. Phone 2089 Tnts place IK worth Ihe money, J14.5tw.00. \Vr h*vf i» number ot K<XM! farms mti listed in (hi* ad. Comr in 10 see xi^. RLalrri Land Co \V. T Barnrll, Ph. 3322 Russell E HI a 1? s R M clt IB C AFK s;ood Iocs l Ion. good business. A-l rqulpmenl. iffl.son (or Acllliii; ill laTsnln tor lnlrrp.itrrt p.iriy. j^rr JOK—S07 Wwi WnMilnff- n«U, Mo. S H pK 21 ! Two tartlf-s 13-30 to Intvel Art. I I a ry-com mission and transporUllon 1 rurnlshccl. Chancn for advanrpmeni In [ ; ninety day5 atlrr tralnlnt: period rom- 1 plrtcd. National Orpnnlrallon. Ser Mr [ D^mon. Rm 208, Noble Hot pi. fi-30- j 7-^0 p.m. S 13 pk Ifi i Scttlpd, •R'hllc woman io fiv^ in homw [ to hrlp with ho;isruork and rare of ••tdTlv prr*on. Tloom. board and j,mall [salnry ^all 4392. S.15 pk 1R for Rent, Miscellaneous n 2 lols Rt room hoiirr :Tl Lilly Thi I 3f) ck K Rnrt hath s proprcly cut I. a rxe TITH hack poich, in T 30 rp^t. U x 2* CJ*cntc A IPO good 4 room house nnrt bath on rrar of inl rcntlni for $31 » mrmth This pTOppTLv oaAlly ho Gl ti At 819 1-AVc initldltiE 30 ». in coiineciion vncrd Price. tlO.OOO. Rl . tlrst claw store II or UMX) -iq H. Also oclrrn home linn IV;»PS with U50 iKC Till* pinprrty Is In nr.*t rlaj*.* onsril- Tor jirvrrftt riillrrrnt FsH-e 512.000. U,(W> Save Money \Vhrn Vou Buy — Sell — Trade Used Furniture GUN HARRISON* & SON KUUMTUKK CO. 517 \V. Ash Ph. ltf.V2 8-1^ ck If wood Ridge. E 15 pk 22 h. balancr 10 yrsr*. Soti or Ciiil JOHNNY MARR Office phone 1111 Residence phone 2590 Or See Russell K. Marr Ph. 6S07 7-16 ck tf For Rent rooms and hath. 5l« North 11 PI. Phone 3072 R M pk 21 Rospltal Brd.« «30fl per month lirrl chairs IK W) per monlh hahy »-'1< jfi W nei monlh. rarinim cipRn rs. 11 00 prr d»y. water and polisher I<H1 pei rlAT WADE rURNlTURB CO Ph ^123 WARNING ORDF.R In Ihr Ch^ncfry Court, Chlcks- 5R<vba District, Mississippi Counly, Ark«ns?», hlarlcne PcrmenUr. Ptf. vs. Lloyd Ray Pcrmenter. Dft, The 'defendant Lloyd Ray Fer- menter is hereby warred to appear within thirty clays in the court named in Ihe caption hr.reof and answer the complaint of the plaintiff Marlene Permentor, Dated this 24 aay of July. 1951. Harvey Morris. Clerk By RuVli Magce, D. C. C. F. Cooper, ally, for plaintiff. Gene E, Bradley, atty ad litem. 128 M-ll- Current jet engines need two or tinif-s the ordinary nickel ?I1 | foimd in rfciprocatinK enijiJ 5 room Hnu$p. odrrn 3 room apt r, cloje In, Tn. 99 rrmni and bntli house 160* W Ash. ph 4l5fi A J Donnfr E 0 pX IS cxtr* nlfc hffdroom PrUatp b^tri t ItlrpUone. Th 2933 fi 6 pk 3 19 Room and halt. Partly fii Bath. 801 N Franklin Phone unTiiT. roomit and bath, us hi rum Ph gR:>9. RIO pX" 2.1 with bath. r<-ar "01 f ll Fh. 42fiT. 82J Hr.»-»rrt 1 Turn i imfur fleet Tir Ph. 229i. U? NV. Vine 8t, S1J pk 19 [ iit^r, hath. ' 61] pK l« i Shoe Repair Helps You Look Your Beit H-flLTCRS 'ORLITY SHOC SH 121 W. MA'N S ~. 225 N. FIRST Phone 4161 • MACHINE WORK (All Typts) • LAWN MOWERS All kind mowers »nd mower «rv ?ln« repaired. • WELDING (Any Typo) • Bicycle Repoir (Complete line of part.*) Aiithodifd S«rvl« A P»r<s for Clinton Engines. See. BI! ' WESTEROOK'S MACHINE SHOP TRUCKS-TRUCKS-TRUCKS AND MORE TRUCKS! Little Ones—Big Ones! 1950 3/M-Ton GMC Pickup, very low mileage. Perfect truck. 1915 Dodge LWB Truck.. .5195. 1919 I'/j Ton International vvilh bed, has only 10,000 miles. Come in and make me a price! 1919 2 Ton G.MC, Exlra LWB, new rubber, will give yoira good trade! 19l(i I'/, Ton Chevrolet, LWB, with new motor.. .A real farm truck, 1950 Vi Ton FORD pick-np .,Perfect Condition... Only $805! SPECIAL OF THE WEEK! 1919 CHEVROLET V, Ton Pick-Up. .. Deluxe Can.., Radio and Heater. . .Make me a price on this one! 1938 International .LWB, Good Bed, New Ti»es, Motor in Perfect Condition. . .$295 t!>17 FORD LWB Truck, good rubber, good motor. .. 1495 194fi Ford Tudor, Radio & Heater, practically new tires, a real good one! 19'50 Pontiac, -I Door, 8 Cylinder, Radio, Heater, Hy- dramaUc Drive, City Driven, Low Mileage. HORNER WILSON MOTOR CO Your Oldtmokile-GMC Truck Dealer Uttd Car Lot • - - 300 Cast Main Street

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