The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 8, 1938 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, April 8, 1938
Page 3
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FRIDAY, APRIL 8, 1938 IfflBL RECRUIT IS DtSCfilBED BY _OFffiC Robert Fechncr Discusses Average Enrollee After Five Years of CCC 11) NBA Scrvlre WASHINGTON. April (j. - The Civilian Comwvullon Corps, depression-born agency designed to take iini|{:rprlvlli>gc><i boys from llif f.trti(;t cornr-rs anil make niwi <,| them. Is i-ntf-rliiu I is sixll) ycur, most .siieec.ssfnl of HI-.VJ l)t-:il cx- IH'riiiii-nls. Mmi people ure rumiliur vllli the genera);i![)ll.shinf:nls of tho CCO. its work In tin- [oj-i'sLs, il.s (, r lf;arlng of .'iwiimjv, uml slrenms "nil ihc heroic aialon of its men m times of Hood ami fire disasters. Continued :irgnmej)i over UK- CCC in Congress inul ulse.vliorc has foeiKKl attention on the iigtncy from time to time us crm- IrOfWsy tOJilljiucs ovtr how it should lie operaliHl, whether it slionld \x increased or decreased, whether it should he opcrulwl morn! m less, :t)oi)<f military lines. lint now after live years comes Ihc query: Just what is a CCC boy? Who arc 2,242.000 yonii',' men on whom the taxpayers have .spent Sl.UaO.OOOOOO ami «-lio now find their best Immediate opportunity in the CCC? Fpclmer I>raws One Director Robert Fechncr has the nnswer. Using infoniintipii compiled from aiountaius of 'statistics Pechner now can paint n complete ixirtralt of a CCC hoy. lie calls Iliis average young fellow "George Mason"—sclculinu a name at raiHlom-nml liere Is "how the! hypothetical "George" shapes up: I First, he is an American citizen. 20 years old unmarried, free of communicable disease, and with a family that needs help. Gcor?c completed grade school, but was imable to (>o to high school. He was out or work seven monlhs before he joined CCC. Sends Money Home Soon arier he joined, George started sending $2-) per month hack home lo Ihc three persons partially dependent on him. who in 55 cases out of 100, are rural residents. Physically, here is how George shapes up now. after five years in the CCC: He is five feet eight height and weighs 147 pounds. And what of George's future? Well, lie has tin excellent chance for a private job. Every month during the.past*.fiscar-yeanvabon't 8500 of his comrades have left the corps-to" dike private employment If not one of the lucky ones George has served 10 months and re-enrolled, as ninny O f his 300,000 4-1T Club (ARK.) COURIER NEWS < I'linlriHiiii. MI-S. wminm llurdliiK, h'H llic Bump hi ptnylni; several viuiies mid cnnti'.sts and refresh- ric served l»y the lin\- rnnnlsed L.iinl, The Promised Lain) Itiinii' Dem- mist m t Ion club met Wedne.sdny af- li-rncmi ni Ilio liumi. O r MIS. | Houston Hkollon, when MIS, HM-, man Rittenbery was co.liostps.s. Them were eluliiirii members | present. Mrs. Felix inn, pvetil- ilr-i)l, (irrsldcd and the wn.s opened wllh th,. i,^, lh<> ilevollonal by Mrs Wilson, Ml-.s Corn LIT members piwcjil. The group sung "Ami'i-lni" led by liratrlw Wnlll- niin. SOUK i'ii|iliilii, ufier which (his piv,nnim was Riven; jilnyli'l, "'I lie Naughty Mouse" wllh Klvit ! l-ok l'i>c. Tliclmn Criuvford, Kiiljy I'u.Min and Urutrlri- MiilH K ,iii Ink- lull pall; ivndlnii, "Me mid My UrnilLi'r, Ham" by j sione; 'Hi.- Hrutfn Thiii-diiv «ith liii'i 1 l-li'i'iiiitn, In 11,in-,.,., Tlii-ri'j<liiel, "Iliinic on Hie }{niiKi'" l>y T *«'ii. ii iiii.nilu>i-.s mid Iw.) li'tid- W. JJiixIr.v mid Hlliis Kills Jr SOUK' I'i'-i'iil, Juaiilla lluskey. sunn j "I'miipkln I'll' 1 ' by aiiulys mid led Inii "'Ili/ine mi the nimur,' IKII.S v,|.|,. (.Kei, |jy C | 1( .. s , I'aphiiii,-,; lliir,,]d !•',) Ki'iiiii-ili Uivc. plif; I'illll SIlHW. '''"'" : , """" t! mid enii- Cinvlhy Cox; MIIIK, Meet Me In Ihe Morning" by HcwtrU'i! Mulll- tii (i iind Hawkins; rond- I I'i.'hir, ];onUr.v; Thvclki'lii. ML-.s Cora Lee Colnmn, .lloiniil n.n m imiirnvi'iiiVnl; .luiihlla Slilii- .omonstraHoii ngmi. lulkod on li-y (Dukiii.;. IJindi'ii In.wis uiul u round lahle dlseiuwlon wns held In which Mich member lold ahonL lii-r garden. An nil duy inrellnt! WHS (Jlaniiwl for i l( . sl mund,, whf-n i-ai-h mraibi-r nil) |j r |n ( [ n dish mid plans for !!„• n,| r W U1 I'ji- made. A Better Homes Umv j WHS )ilaiinr-d for the lust \vrek in A|»il. The day wa.s set fur Wcd- Jicsdiiy, April a7, H'lien u,,; inein- iicrs will inert at the Comnninity Kitchen and make the tour lo- liMJicr, cndlnu at the Kltebcn for rrrnvilnticiits. Pollowlnj! the bnsl- m's.s meeting t)io rirreiitln/ui) Inif. 'Till n l.lille fllliliiniiiil" by l-.'lvu Luis l>oe. Chili leiwrlc wr-n 1 nlven by Cirr- aid KlM'inoi'i'. ciuicm oiipliilii; Junior (iiinilinun. pl^ capliilu; Cllndys Co.v. (cnrdiuiln^ and eutltifriK; Kiilhirliic WJIIinm.v, irlollilnij; Ha- I'-n <iondm:in, imullry. Oemonsliu- .en (.01,'iiian. ,I(,MI..[I|,.|IS !<„ llii. 11U)I ,U, wor( . H | V( .,, nuyc n inlk ,y Miss t;ora Lee Colenmn, home ili'iiiwislKillijii iiK( ( nt unit I). V. Mnhx-li, :isslMilllt cniinty ugi'iil. Ml:.:. Cliia diuiijii.-iiiilldii ni'i'iu »" li«H.v and I). V coiiniy ugrii'iiMnriil ni'.eni, lalkiil DII iieiter lloini-s. Kleti'ii new mi'inbi'r:;, Until Wtm 1 , Jluvvnixl !i:iiii'li, .luriic:. jriiiniili's, l.shmai'l Cox. Curnejlii Olini:,. tieoi-Kln Hell!*, Curtis Hus- rii'y. Klvls lienuei. .limns Vimdlv- er. Mnrciis Davldsim, and Kenneth ))f'll",v 11)1)' l-|]|-|llll>(l. A riuctlni; of (ho Cunnl •!-!! liiti was lletil 'riiursilay with :>A Hrnd Courifr Ntvt Want Ad* FARM LOANS ArktDMii and MUMlrl DON'H.' KASSEIIMAN 'Iliomaii Ijflnd Co. Ofllc* H. O. Box <7D. l'hon« 12V. .PAGE THREE ; Meteor Slonu Kills Throe NF:W |)EU», ludiu tupj _ A Miowci- of meleorln frngnioiil.-;. no, campanlt'd by iln^iiny ilBlit.i iind rumbling sounds, killed l) )r ec oc- cupanLs of a thatehed hoitse In a vlllti<je 60 miles from Jhnnsl ac- ,coi'i)liig to reports here. SAVINGS ON USED CARS AU_ -k r;Ai:)«?AINf 1931 Chevrolet Coupe , $99.00 linns iiooil- flond 'I'lves - - i-'« 1935 Plymouth Sedan $199.00 (lood .Hhnno . . . Kn 'I'mite 1937 G. M. C. % ton Pick-Up $575.00 (Jli'iui. law mttrnw. 18" Whrnls. 1935 Chevrolet % ton truck $175.00 A llnjfain 1936 C. M, C. Ji/ 2 ton Truck ..$395.00 Ixinu W, II. Klukc hrnly, ur-nl liny, LEE MOTOR SALES, Inc. :tm K. Sulos iind Service NOW ON DISPLAY-THE 1938 icic. with some of his fellows, is the sort of a Ind whom CCC | Uiveetor nobert. Pechner calls -George Mason." a typical CCC hoy. •fanned, muscular, brimming «-jt|, heiillli after Ion',' hours in Ihe opin, George is cue of more than 2.COO.OW vouths whom the CCC luis helped rchnbllllnte in the first live years of its oireration. fellows arc doing in ih es e when jobs are scarce. Gets Some Training Meanwhile. George is beln<r •some additional trainin 'Automobile Christian" Baptist Speaker's Topic "The Automobile Christian" will lie Hie topic used by evangelist V. E. Boston, of Tcmyle Baptist in Memphis, at the First Baptist church tonight at 7:30 o'clock | when he will discuss the use and 111 improvements on the modern automobile allegorical!)' compared with the modern Christian life. This service is one in a scries of meetings beine conducted simultaneously at Ihe First Baptist church. First Methodist church, 1'lrst church. First Presbyterian church, and the church of the Nazarene in the city-wide given ,, r . lc _ tical experience in the job of which lie shows the most skill or Inclination—perhaps anlo repairing George watches with considerable interest the falc of appropriations and dlseiission of CCC policy in Congress. He knows that in IIHO the CCC will go out of existence unless Congress decrees otherwise "Oeorge Mason" is n typical CCC hoy. ire i s one or £000.000 youii" men on.whom Pei-hner says (he agency has "exerted a mighty in- fliieni-e in conserving American manhood, a priceless national asset " Vultures arc the highest livers of all birds, yet they have the lowest and most obnoxious (astes. IS ML THAT I NEED THEM SWITCH - THAT GREAT PULUT FEED/: will soon return in person. ; Services will I)? conducted at both morning and evening hours Saturday. Sunday topics me "Prepare to meet God" ;it morning service and "Will ive know each other "in heaven" at eveninK service. The services at this church are feiUnr- cd with Mrs. C. M. Smart at the organ and Arthur Nelson with his vibrahari). religious campaign. A large crowd lust night heard Die Rev. Mr. Boston preach on -Ihe Devil versus God". He staled "The Devil is a person, an enemy that is good and right for man; he uses people lo advance his cause. He is on n rampage oilay diguinf! under our civiliza- lion at a rapid rate with the results ol his work occupying Ihe major [;<>rlion of our radio and press." 'Hie evangelist |>ioi>)>;l «•<• could not ooulimie long U l the present rate, thai we arc faeiivj DI ic Myiiif Gains in An-ilralb SYDNEY lUI')—Commeix-ial aviation is 1C years old in Australia. ami has a total flying mileage of S.flOO.OOO. The greatest E ain was made dining the past year, as two years ago the total mileage was only 2.:»0.000 miles. Meats and Groceries At A Savings Shop and Save Here We pay .Highest Prices on Poult rv at all Times. GAMES MKT. Phqne as T WO POUNDS pec chick—that's all the Purina Chick Startcna you'll need to put your chicks off to a head start. Only a thimbleful a clay! See what a big job such a small amount of feed has to do! That's why Start- ena must contain only the best ingredients, and has to be blcndetj exactly right. See us today. Have a bag of Purina Chick Startena ready for tyour chicks. Bahj Chlx for Sale L K, Ashcraft Co. 301 E. Main SI. Kr.yslrmo Field A Biilli CJanlfn Seeds Hemorrhoids-Piles CURKD WITHOUT SURGERY & OUARANTKKU Safe, inre »na wllh tag discomfort. All dlscaacs »nd conditloni of nrrvoni orlfln, fiiol allmrnts »nd skin rtnrrn lrra(rd >nd cared »t oar cllnfo. DRS. NIES & N1ES Ostcopatblc Phjslrlini 514 Main Phon« 98 BljthevUle, Art. V IS THE TIME ) TO PREPARE for safe summer driving "Firestone STANDARD TIRES • Don't take chan«» wilh smoolh, worn tires. Equip youi car wilh Firetlone Standard Tires—the safest tire you buy at Ihis price. For lrie«9 lires ha»c Ihe iamoas Firestone ienlures ol Gum-1 Dipping lhal protecl against blowouls — Ihe scieniiiic Iread prelects against Bfeidding. For sale summer driving, buy Firestone Standard Tires! INTHF, ANNUAL, fashionable jiarnilo of nuxlcl nflcr model, improvenwils, clmngrs, i^flnciuciils an; lo lie observed on every }imiil. I5m ]„,„• B( .l(lnin On; vliolc cnr (IpparlK from Irndilioiuil WIIJ-H, 'Hie LlNCOLtV.ZKI'HYI! V-12 during 19M nnd 1937 did—and slill <lop«. Tin: m;w LINCOLN. ZEPHYR for 1938d«.. a cvpn more. Truly i| ,,,„ In; sniil: II bri-nkn with Irndilinn ngnin! Graceful gircninlinca ilmt gave llic LlNCOI.iV- ZEPHYR a dislinrlioii of its own in | (v o yearn previoii8arccvciintnrc|iroiioiiiirR(I|lii0 ye,,,-. 1',-in. cijdcs of functional design, ratlnT ihai. mere s\ yip, diclatc llic car's modern form. Tims tlir low anil horizontal rndinlnr grille, nsiile from ii* bninly, fouling rflirirnry. Tins nr-w car hrcaks with the usual, too, in itn modern powcr-plnm. Tlie V-ty|>c 12-cylindrr en- gim-, used and npprovcil by more lhan 45,000 rri- Iliiisiiislic LINCOLN-ZEPHYR owners during 1936 and 1937, has Jircn refined to give an e,ven smoother performance. And ncw-lypt; valveliflcra \villioilcughioiis,I>riiigcven quieter operation Developing 1 lOJiorsepower^lieenginegivfg 14 to 18 miles to the gallon—twelve thrifty cylinders! The basic, construction of this ear in n definite break with tradition. In closed types, body and frame are not two separate units, but one unit, « steel framework, all members welded together. To this rigid framework, steel top,sidf« and flooring arc welded, You ride surrounded by steel. Tin- new LINCOLN-ZEPHYR is bigger inside, bigger outside. The whcelbasc is lengthened to 125 inches. Great comfort results from the placing of car weight and passenger weight toward Ihn middle. Prove this on your fuvorite back road! This year, a new Convertible Sedan and n new Convertible Coupe bring to six the number of available LlNCOLN-ZfTIIYR body types. Drive this modern "twelve" today. This modern "twelve" is still Ihe only car of its kind at any price! Lincoln IWolor Company, builders of Lincoln and Lincoln- Zephyr V-12 motorcars. Pricei begin at $1295 delicered at Detroit factory. Sla\t nnJ Frdrrnl la.rrt e.tlra. The Sedan illuilratej It $1395 deliifrt,! at Detroit faclorr, uhlte tMf-Katl tiret inelnM. PHILLIPS MOTOR CO. 5(h and Walnut Phone 810 TV.,- C»»r«j;Kr »pl«n "«• Coo,, I*, C«,,c,ll!,r, C..,. ~n r Co^.-S,J, n ON DISPLAY TODAY, IN DEALERS' SHOWROOMS S - -_^^^ mv*™^ •v^g^F"- r " r ^tfmvur" «—v^^HBVT^MR*"' •**, I See the'New Lincoln'Zephyr Now'On'Displcty af PHILLIPS MOTOR CO. Corner Walnut & Phone 810

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