The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 1, 1931 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 1, 1931
Page 1
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i i Served by the United Press BLYTHEVI V0) ( . \XV11—NO 2'IG THE DOMINANT NEWSPAI'KIi OF NORTHEAST ARKANSAS ANO SOUTHEAST MISSOURI Blythevillc Courier, Blythevllle He in Id, B'.jlhevliie Dally Ne-vs, Valley_lJ«der. ARKANSAS. T U.S. -f ^ 11 * w wiih.fc.iit* i FIGHT FOR LIFE Little Change in Condition; But Observers Believe j End Is Nearing. PARIS, Jan. 1 • (UP)—Marshal,Joseph Joflre'r, condition became,' critical today, but. an official bul-1 letlu issued by attendants of flic veteran soldier said he was "resting quietly," Despite the courage with which the' hero of the Marne lias held to life his condition became grave last Saturday, most of his friends believe he is losing ground. "It is near the end," said Mad-1 ame Alexsndre. Milliard, wife ofj the former president of the re-1 public, as she left the hospital] sobbing. | Doctors Bouiin and Fontaine at-- - -- - Cooler Celebrators "Shoot Up" the Town COOTER, Mo.—The nrrivnl'of 193! wjs saluted here by volleys o! shotgun and revolver lire ilia 1 , aroused residents fru:n tlieir t'.-ds and shattered street lights tln-oiiBhoiil the village. A sco:v of men and boys, many of i!:em apparently intoxicated, paraded'the streets at about 1 a. in., shooting at the sireet lis'tls with firearms of all dwcripucns. M. II. Maish, the night ]i:.trslialk said that (he offender.- ke|>t away from him and he «.-!•> able to make no arrests. Citizens arc indignant, and it is expected an investigation will be made with a view- to prosecuting the vandals. Forgets Ticket QilETtt Few Mishaps AflriUitable j to the Day Reported) 1 Uver The Country. j i I | Whatever thc joy ot Blyihcvlllsi iresidenls at the advent o( (tie N?w : ' Year, they celebrateil Us arrival ' without the contravention, nt li-nst in public, of statutory restrictions.' The nlghl was a quiet one for In- i cat jx>lice. who presented not so | ;imich as a single drunk for police ! court miration this mimiln?. MM I'were- there any motor or other nc- icidents of siilTicletH conssquenco to (require (he Intervention of the in- (' ' thorities. i Aside from n dunce at the armory hall, attended chilly by t-ol- fre students and oilier members of he younger set, observance of N IN -^^£yi£ 0 ?i^^'l c iENii$1 BELIEF IS LDCI PROBLEM FIBST - - .1 ring . Recess Promise to Delay ! Program. WASHINGTON, Jan. 1 (UP) — | injection of so many controversial | Issues din-ing the roci-ss Into the i already crowded congressional cal- 1 c-nrtar confronted Republican tcad- ; ers today with a, real problem In i preventing an extra session after I March -1. i Some of them \vere frankly •sceptical of being able to avert it. !' When congress reconvenes Mun';day it will have but 51 legislative National Aid De|>cii(Jcnl Upon Community Response In Needs. irel|> from (he America lied Cross in carlni; r or vklims of drouth nnd di-iurulon In Mississippi county is wholly depcdeiit upon tin- support fire,, by Ilio (mollc to Hit- local relief oiuantenllons In lily- thevIUo and other coiiiniiinlllci m the county, R. H. ?,iehm. n representative 01' the Mld-Wesl Hed Cross office nt St. u-uls told tlic hunrd of the locul Red Cross chapter at n meeting at the Hotel Nobt VIore A re-Hinis for New Year's Kve (loJolmmls KANSAS CITY. Jim. i iUl>)_ Hill inslriiiMlmis on' how to utuiu for sodnl lire-aches committed bc- cuiisc of unduly cnlhuslnsllc ci'le- Imttlon of Hie iw year wi* avail-' aule here today for pi-nlients The vcBiet nird is iirefiici-d with 11 blank for UK name of (ho of- li'iidrr unit "luunWy craves pardon lur exceedingly deplorable conduct while n-siw-,! HI your inrly," host with a lj«m?, spunking f,.,,,. lulne IJI.I-M, throwing food, nnset- llnj! BOldllsh bowl, linilntlnt; canary unil iillior loud .slnyini;, weeping cuinplele loss of rt|ulllbrhim. stand- Ing on piano. (hoiiB'ntless Introduction of unconventional jiln.iscs into pnrlor couversatlcm, Report of Encounter Yes- ( In-day Given Navy DC- " pai'imeut Today. (lajs to transact the necessary rou.! Inslnl ght Mine business. This could be uc- Tlio policy of the Red Cross, in I ccmpllshetl easily enough were it| tho present nation-wide oiHiMypni.v ''"' ' ' ' supplement _ .v ...v 1.UIIV- >L-lll-l l-liull^ U11IJ- Wl!"!l it Is Hid nre jurr to CHIIW prolonged j Isfled (lint, each community Is do- The forgetfulness of pretty Mnnnors, Los Anxees artist ll 10 hospital cleared the streets suspension order against Lar-j i viried herself with thc needed docu- UTTLE ROCK, Jan. 1. (UP) — agreed previously must, be acted , clear Hint such help. If granted h>' upon, these are the old railroad con , , I :cnotesslonal airing The New Year came in in the new eastern trunk line set-up approved 21 TRUE BILLS 'The premier's chauffeur said'took over the reins in his depart- ln c «ew Year came in grnera 1 - ; Steeg hnd arrived "to salute the; mcnl at once and started a check j'J' tree f! ™n casualties, so for as dead." jof accounts so as to relieve a. L. eor 'y reports indicated, and 01 As a result of the false rumor,! Cantley who has been acting in the ! ' h ese were not peculiar to a holi- announcenient of JotTre's condition 'capacity of treasurer since the oust- (day. was issued from the premier's of-jCr order against Brunk was givr Two dea(l n ™J " iniurcd r'" i Snorial Hi-anrl Ti,v,, Hie ! ulft net' for tho. first time. by Cov. Caulneld Octoter M, last', 'resented (he toll at Detroit, and ' J I )C . Clal Ul £ nd J ur y Uls " j >hr The capital's contusion by the. The opinion of the supreme court' there were thre e deaths in iralfi- s a similar; was concurred iu by all member; at -Pittsburgh. Three ivere killed in -\f Mm Infr* I pvi-nr^ r-H?r.r T,,^*:-- T-» t .1 ..,. _ n cHrmllnrr *., n^tt-^-,_i... . ._ . i se-up aproe *"-", uun, m (.UILHIUULIUII^ ui mun- ! oy 1'rtsltlent Hoover, thc old sol- ey and provisions nurl In volunteer I t'ier bonus row. appr-aring in new ! dress in the proiwsal (or ct\sh uavjncnt of adjusted service cer- tifictites, the renewed controversy ever government wnter power regulation, caused by the dismissal of members of the staff of the erroneous report recalls a zmuiui , »«:> L-vnuurreu in oy all metuber r atl • r * Jlt;;(J report of the death of thc late I except Chief Justice Ragland who a shooting in Philadelphia and Georges Clemenceau, war time' was aifejVt.'bscatue of illness The lhcr6 ' TOrc two automobi.'e- fata'!- ""•mier, which Was circulated in opinion was written by Jude> : tl<J s, while at nearby Wilmington ric unmn nnnrc Hof/ivn lio nf-t- * •cim.^i- mi.- - - .... ™ i T-»«I ti _ .... * *s j — I -'" ct; !"*•***«« j ui nit ai«" vi cut; charged Today Counsel • rcw ' 5 ' or B alllzed fciie ™i!»»'« cora - \r> X i mission, thc political quarrel bc- erd Court Clash. pre - i. . iiany died. ,| [act that the : constitution -states One youth \vns killed In a coasl- ihe false rumor of Joffrc's death the causes tor which (he. treasurer I in £ accident and another in an auto aencies then - sui- pnon was written by Jude> : s - we a "«rby Wilmington lrs betore he act -: Fti >n k - The opijiipD stated that t!i." !"*].. there was one fatal s<io°r>uE [act that : - One outh , - ' lween tile veteran Insurgent Sen- I ator George W. Norrls, on the one " ' " , . . ... . ^ ... { ', aior ycorge w. riorris, on me one The special grand jury of 'the llil » rt '~ alul r * otKrt "•' I-ucas. exc- Biljourned term of criminal court ' cutivo secretary ot the Republican •••• • • • - national committee nnd regular Rc- which convened yesterday 'morn-1 "aHonal committee nnd regular Reing, was discharged by" Virgil publicans on the other, and the Green, acting judge, this after, expected report of the Wickers'.iam noon after returning 2! true bills. iaw enforcement commission on causes or which (he. treasurer accen an another in an aut v^rt P , agencies then may be impeached and- gives the ' ardent -In Massachusetts. A sui f r , CSS ? aS ? ? u T,' aS Ie 8 isla ture s>l» Power to do so is n j <^e was reported at a Cretan. ol'ov.'ed bv a tlcctors hnllp- ^inn ».!-,, :™«H-J _____ L ,, ,,, . . icni,.,-K T., VT..... -,r_^,_ _ , . .' Six true bills were returned into Joflre: "The patient has been un- has been in effect for more than in Nebraska mi[ s :de Omaha. On: Searcl fbr Abductor of Grandson As Ycl Unsuccessful. ST. I.OU1S, Jan. 1 (UP)—The klilnnpplng of, Adolphus Dusch Oithweln, Riandson ol Adolpluis Dusch, well known millionaire . t , i , v .,, L...,,.- brewer, here lust nlyht was tin "In- miniltles were failing to do their side Job", chief of Detectives Rob- . the regional headquarters, would be discontinued if at any lime it became evident that the- Iccal J n u- 1' (UP)—lOitfhl nmrinus were killctl nnd two seriously, woimrleil in n;i'encounter with ; . iMtnclils in Kicnnigtia yester^ fdiiy, the navy deportment was mtviscd tntlny. Tlio dead and wonndcd, all cnlistoil men, were being rc- j moved from Aclmpajja, the : " j scene of the li(fhtiii(i, by air- i))]niK', according to adyicfis. . to tlic navy dci)iivtmeii\; i'vo'ni j (lie commttiitlEi- of the Second . i Marino brigade today. i AniDiiK- those lulled were ' Private Joseph Arthur M<& ;Cni-lhy nnd John \V- JfcCai'- '.. thy, his father, of Chillicothu, " Mo- ; NlcaraRiia's minister. Dr. j'iian. Do Sacnsa, said he had rccqlvSd no official information from -lp tiovcrmnciil nt. Mnnai;ua cpnccrn- '..- Ihg Ihc incident which resulted in ' 'the death of the American mnrlhcs. liarl, both in contributions of mon- service. Nerd Money at Onrr Thru Hn immediate emergency exists Iwrc was mnde evident In a reint by C. A Cunningham, chairman or the Goodfeliows, that t 1 '" •*r< Ii -nl''atlon's rrionrce. 1 ; were nearly exhausted and that unless substan- !lal contributloni of. money nnd provisions are forthcoming at once 'h-» feeding of destltulc families in Blythcvllie and vicinity .will . DC stopivd at the end of this week. The Ferlousni'sv of the sHlmlioii is revealed in th/; (act- that over four . [the man. who kidnapped the 13. year-old son of Mr. and Mrs. Percy J. Orthwcin so far has been' Services Each Thursday. conscions since 11 A. M." An earlier bulletin "The night passed without fifty years and has been used be- dc ath from liquor occurred in ; fore as ouster authority by a Mis-:" 1 he iv°ht nassed without new — — «mnviuy u> a ivus-: — wxj -^ t "•— v111 - ""^ i rt uunj K.\ alarm. The invalid is somnolent ; S- Ur ' ?°\ enior - Governor David R.! occurred in Buffalo and St. Pa.... Respiration remains variable There' F^ 11015 llavm S removed the state | I" «'e southwest one died in an is no eien from auw.not L Vi^ treasurer in 1890 under it. ja»lo accident, in El secretary. Indictmenls have been" returned an.1 one autolatallty each ^.f"?. 1 ....', 1 ' 0 , f ° llowin B lodged In >rl in Buffalo nnri Ri Pm-l J' 1 "- cr, and me .^.^i*Ji-u n: v«t: mw 11,11^ u.ti *uui Wickers'.iam! hundred families are dependent imlsslmi on -P°" tlle rtl " cf organization fcr food, .while nearly two hundred more liave applied for help. ^^r. Cunnlnshsm ithls morning issued an anpcni for cash contribution.!, pointing out Hint onlv th" Immediate needs of four or live hundred families, but Die whole future of the relief programs, Is involved. Checks should be sent to Fred Warren, Goodfeliows treasurer, at the Farmers Bank and Trust Thursday night church service* to Us featured by sermons dealing" i,-,, , ., _ -. ---•---— with current nltnirs and pro .... heir to tho TJusch millions it-., t\ mK h v ti, B p nv p , i Tlie Tlmrsdny night services \vi!!- .' •'...litnot be prayer^rtiecUii^. fjit «;ill.:4>. I complete Service's "cxc'j'ik^t''" j communion. An ellorl will bi made -- - _ i to provide special music for mast. 1 —...- _- _ — — I of thc meetings. The program was adopted in tho : belief tlmt It will provide a church contact for msny peorilc who have not been In the habit"of attending' . Two New Officials Take Oalh Today: Ford New Prosecutor. f inndoy services. Monaghan-Massey Firm is New Cotton Concern;. is no sign from auscultation (the. . n listening with the ear or with a;, ?; runk was suspended in October stethoscope to the lungs)." a ,' following the failure of the Bank The bulletin was signed bv three ' Aurora m which was discovered (toctors - ' '" tml " _ u Issue Extras ! f rom the '"tcrest due tlio sf.Ue fo-: | LONDON. Jan. 1. (UP1— Th e |^ so of moilE J' deposited there by! false report of the death of Mar- ! runk folloll ' ln !r his election, which ..... --' - ....... " 33 flnRn Robert SbaiV, Albert Murphy, Ernest Plttman nnd Elmer Jones. Four more indicted yesterday have already been sentenced after entering guilty pleas while Forrest Year's Eve Party. OMAHA, Neb.. Jan. 1. (UP)—A "-••"s si""j pjens wnue goriest ^ ev Year's eve party was broken Chisholm and Henry Ehnore, also, u P at 2 a. m. this morning when a trict, indicated that 1,200 families, or a total ol nciv'ly 7,000 men, women and child!en, nmsl ue provided with food in January and ' ____ _ KENNETT, Mo., ,Jnn. 1.— Open- 1 Matt Monaghnii jr., of this city, his of the new year brings only | nnd Benle Massey, of Carulhcia- two chaiifre.s In Dunklln county's vllle, formerly connected with tlie official family. : »UcI-'aclden-Oatcs Cotton Co., of ' . •Elbcrt. Ford lock Die oath of of- ., Memphis, have established a'rietv IHI WILII loou in January turn reu- , / :: , "• •- ° -^ runry. Afore than n third of UICEO. • >rlratc , f™ ctlc ,£ following fom lerms In this olTlcc. N, J. Wagster ncc [oday as prosecuting attorney, cotton firm here to be known -as succeeding James V. Billing.!, vet-1 the Monnehan-Massey Gotten Go: eran prosecutor who Is retiring tclThey have offices in the Grand dispatches at Paris reporting th- ," ° thl marshal's death j lodge dues. The checks were drawn ^- the president of the bank. E R ^ Thrcnered Tociayjri : FT Annual Tournament'" of Roses. Adil » s - kno Dean Williams Becomes __ University President: New Officials Give Treat at Courthouse nic presicent of the bank E R . I c,.. "us. and Brunk dcniss a-iv - PASABEf)A - c 'al - Jan 1. -UP)- , .£-\ wledge of them aJ> .More than 1.00-3,000 prsoir, line; I V* ... jthe streets of Pasadena today to I. < ' ~ " ' iii. la IOLI Liiii^ju. HM: Lit i in: «i *-(i ] rum-crnzcd nnd jealous lover en-1 „-,..„ of nig Lnke. where locnl or- Leader building. clashes between ,jlhe court and E. E. Alexander of MO., Jan. 1 (UP) —Walter Williams. GO. who was :!ran of the firs! journalism school ever established and who ing. | Cross organization may be ab v .e to Police several hours later picked i extend must be .'.pread very thin, lip Glenn McFadden and are hold- | Tl-.?rc will h« declared be no '"" "' " "- ~ — "- wholesale distribution ol supplier such as characterized the 1927 (lo-d disaster, but rather the most careful apportionment, after Investigation of each application, of sufficient food to prevent actual starvation. Figures submitted to Mr. Zlehm Cunningham shiwctl tint — — ... ....„ u.,.v.v, ... u . «rujs^w--i Mr. and Mrs. ^Tussuy arc-mov- of Caruth was hutnlled as county !ng here this week. Before her mar- judge of the second district, suc-lringe Mrs. Massoy was Miss Wn'n- cceding Judge J. A. C. Fisher whoicia Esles who was n member of the- was an unsuccessful candidate for' city schools' faculty for several"-' 1 ! the cfllce of presiding Judij; In th: I years. '*"!' recent election. j -. / Others taking tlie oath of offic- for new terms Included State Representative Langdon R. Jones, entering upon Ms second term in that office; C. H. Hobards. presiding Judge of the county court for th: third successive term; W. p. Hilt. associate county judge, cn- Firc OepaTfiBcni BSaie-, '- Firsr ?;un of New Year The BlytheviJIe Hrc deaarrment made its first "run" .of 'fcfic new- The new rouz.ty ofTlcers, Inclttci- t " ^' lprnoan following an admonition b; Snrratt cannot recover. ', i —.....£ t,,, iivlluulul.UU tl n the ccurt. Mr. Alexander read 2: According to Mrs. Surratt »Pon their m .. and omce of the' county "clerk "w^m e oath of omce a's probate jud.r i an d second story^ he building tp serve another four years In thi.-i™, estimated at $450 by ROT oiriw which he has held for twen-. Head fire chief ty years. He was re-elected witi.ou. .; Furniture In rooms on thc sec-' ° llp05ltlon ' jond floor was nlso burned. One Cent Club Formed to Aid Unemployed i HAMILTON, Ont. (UPl—Christ- mas and unemployment have brought into being the One-Cent Club (n Hamilton. .The club was organized by officials of the Hamilton Olympic Club, and its purpose is to persuade oil city to contribute today. 8 Crash I Prove Fatal to Girl — ', Frlt-rrler an <i Suicide Baby Dies Sudden y .V «» 0«<I««"y Infant Taylor Boy i icns'to "M additional 1 wtiiwieTvai- otanist '"•'• -Y ea ' s ^'S^ 1 ', uc of $1.100. This morning thc or- W&y to Pop Corn services were held wed- ( r nm r"°" , . trc "" ry had $ ' 45 , 41 | bare y suf ic.ent to meet needs for , in which .l v when " Savannah Tenn of Mis*' , ^^ ^ are y su c.ent to meet needs fo •of Mr. mid Mrs. Robert Taylor who ; thc rc ' f this * cck ' I died at the family home in the ! lf Mr - 2';hm's reccmmcndntio r lrtrr at tclr homc hcre '^^ ^e me su n "caVcd the Kalifl ' s llad been separated until ; d '™'" th ; n a f cw hourc, a o ss Lois Gw-n of that one cent a week either to their per- , city shortlv b<>fori> mlrini?ht Yaet - i"'uui B m last. sonally selected committee, the One-Cent Club. The money, the club aa:ia«nc3-:. would be handed over to r:c:-Jn:r,?; o'-giuiKitlons supervising rflfof of fuflcring In Hamilton. MEANT WHAT SHE SAtl) night SI.AP COST S2,ODQ FPANKFOFtT, Kils. (UP)-rt i«n/i tlio ««"'"o "*« WKII luparaica umu : ,— , .-•• "«<«"• pr t\nn r- . T ' of that ivo maalhs a «°- Tne >' had been : ,,, , scm ^s are belnj rcH j .?J.UUtJ fire at Iruniantl I>M lotf q uorr cling before thc shooting. is aftcrr i-ri at the North Sawb-j [ • Km last. jrr . Kal)ff| woun(I( , d fol|r UmcSi - cemetery. The Cobb Undertaking TRUMANN, Ark., Jan. l (UP)was in n critical condition company Is In charge of funeral j Flre which swept the Log Cabin' : arrangements. | Inn and the residence of John PORKER WORTH ?2 IIS ' i \ Vhl ''- hcre carl) ' last nl 8 nt caused, :UP)-It, SAN FRANCISCO. (Tjpi'-som-.- "CIIUTF.-TIIE-CJIUTF.' DAMiGI'S' g " estimated (US5.COO. ol ,,, ,, . of funeral plans. : H ,, d C rrss worker will be sent here i .r mke charee. And thc whole pro- fire at IrUhiann • nrnm will collapse unless local vol- workers maintain the or- Dale KcarnT ». ^n^'l : f"S»e«!d Johnston's son, Kenneth, lee's carlessness. ^.asw^-sss a ° f thc Slap in diflrlct " ..... PORKER WORTH SAN FRANCISCO. (UP)— Sonrp- "CHUTE-THE' on a California ho^ raii"h s a pig worth at lenct S*?.- r > ss a result of Mrs. P. \v. Durd^Mrs. DCirrW-- r.' DAMAGKSJ Year Brings Cut in Chicago Milk Price GENEVA. N. Y. (UP)—How f pop popcorn, and pop it rigli;. has teen described by P. C. Sts-.v.-.rt. botanist at the Neiv York state experiment station here. Popcorn, Stewart said, will n;' pop when 11 Is dry. K ths k»rnr>li are not naturally a little damp, some moisture must be added 0 them. The best way to do that h: said. Is to place some of th? sh^l- ed corn In a fruit Jar, nd3 a litl!; water, seal with a rubbsr rin-?. shake thoroughly, and let it sianj for two days. at Little Rock Hotel U'TTI-E ROCK, Jan. 1 (UP)—A happy throng of New Year celebrants was forced to curtail its merry-making shortly nfi.'r midnight this morning, when a fire discovered in the basement of tho Marion h-tcl filled the ballroom of the building with smoke. The orchestra continued to play, and dancers mover) out without the slightest sign of panic- Damage to the hotel was slight. for ^"' ^^ «lv o' CHICAGO, I <UP)-^o nme '"money than many wage earners In Chicago New 1 up the y * ar wlthout B3 "* mE ">' ma!:c « r ™«d their BARON STICKS TO TRAUK STOCKHOLM. (UP)— SwJrisn'n only noWeman brick-mason. Bavor Stl? Julius Llljencrantz. will stlc!: to his lowly trade despite his tlth. The bnron, who has also worksd is a coal dealer, chauffeur and night watchman under the name of Carlsson, was recently admitted to the rank of ncbllity when it was fiun.l out that he was the teeltlmito ST.'. of n Baron Carl Gustnf Liljen- oranle -. J WEATKER j ARKANSAS— Increastn? cloudU. ness and warmer tonight and Friday. T,' ':-':Tif; ! 'S--- \ According to thc official 'xrca'tW ' [ctservcr. Charles Phillips, the mln- i Imum temp?ratute here yes'erdsy ,'w-3s 21 degrees and the snMsvim ;5D degress; cl;ir. On the jam; dav ia year age ths minimum Vcmasra- trrc was 50 degrees and the' nm : - ' jmum 73 desrrees: cloudy. ; . ,

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