The Tennessean from Nashville, Tennessee on March 3, 1946 · Page 26
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The Tennessean from Nashville, Tennessee · Page 26

Nashville, Tennessee
Issue Date:
Sunday, March 3, 1946
Page 26
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26-ATHINASHVILll TINNESSIAN. Sunday Morning, March I. 1 146 Playhouse Presents 'Kiss and Tell;' 'Scarlet Street' Coming to Loew's pcZT'r'-. r : 1 1 1 - -V - : F v '"-1 ' Knickerbocker Film .Stars Crosby; Lamour In Paramount Show reaehta into tne menu or amusements for tha corning; week, which p some of the outstanding pictures of the season, the Communitv y Flay- Klaa and house will mix a delightful Broadway success, the comedy Tell," opening Monday for a six-night run. The downtown movie shops have popular pictures, now showing ' S.'- '. n , J-il : . I . JL ...JliLii: , ana to come. Loew's still has on the screen "The Harvey Girls," which has packed them in and Thursday, will begin showing "Scarlet Street," one or me mucn discussed recent filmmgs. Knickerbocker still displays "The Bells of St. Mary's," a Bing Crosby show that-seems headed to getting a top award in. the academy and will bring "The Spiral Staircase" soon. Paramount will show until Thursday, "Masquerade in Mexico," which started off with a rush last week and will bring "Miss Susie Slagle's" opening Thursday. Current Attractions Sim tH ? ft) I aav$ fpa l . ,Tt. r&v-vt' l?J5?f Tha lineup for the week follows: Playhouse: Opening Monday for week, "Kiss and Tell,' with Mar- jm mm x si wm&m i - mmmmmJ I f ns.1aan4lSnn. imMrinninirrr T-r 11 1 Tin r'-'irm " """ " ,immmamammmM tha Brush, Clara Caldwell and Robert Booth In star roles. Loew's Now showing, "The Harvey Girls;" opening Thursday, "Scarlet Street" with Joan Bennett and Edward G. Robinson. Knickerbocker:' Now showing, "The Bells of St. Mary's;" coming next, "The Spiral Staircase," fc'ith Ethel Barrymore and Dorothy Mc-Guire. Paramount: Now showing, "Masquerade in Mexico;" opening Thursday, "Miss Susie Slagle's" with Sonny Tufts and Joan Caulifield. Princess: Today through week, "Crime, Inc.," with Martha Tilton and Tom Neal. Fifth Avenue: Today through Wednesday, "Fallen Angel," with I I 1 I Alice Faye and Dana Andrews. Belle Meade: Today through Tuesday. "A Thousand and heroine mysteriously marked for One'deatn at the hands of an unknown j killer who has created a local reign Nights." Belmont: Today through Tuesday, "Wonder Man," with Danny Kane and Virginia Mays. of terror. A young doctor (Kent jSmith) seeks to protect her by Fritz Larg directed and produced "Scarlet Street." The new production, presented by Walter Wanger and released by Universal, is said to deal elementally with a man's uncontrolled infatuation and its tragic consequences. Dudley Nichols contrived the screenplay which Is based upon the novel and play, "La Chienne" by Georges de la Fouchardiere in collaboration with Mouezy-Eon. 'sending her out of town. But ; cumstances force the girl into vir ronica Lake also reveals her more serious side as the lovely nurse who falls In love with Phelan. Princess Theater The picture version of "Crime. Inc.," Martin Mooney's exicitlng novel of the underworld, will be the top feature at Princess Theater for this week, beginning today. The second feature at this theater is "Three's a Crowd," which Melrose: Today through Tuesday, "China Sky," with Scott, Ruth Warrick and Ellen Drew. 1 Sonny Tuftt and Joan Caul-field in "Mist Susie Slagle's," Paramount. 2 Joan Bennett and Edward G. Robinson in "Scarlet Street," Loew's. 3 Ethel Barrymore and Dorothy McGuire in "The Spiral Staircase," Knickerbocker. 4 Martha Tilton and Tom Neal in "Crime, Inc.," Princess. 5 Alice Faye and Dana Andrews in "Fallen Angel," Fifth Avenue. 6 Scene from "A Thousand and One Nights," Belle Meade. 7 Scene from "China Sky," Belmont. 8 Danny Kaye and Virginia Mays in "Wonder Man," Belmont. tual imprisonment in a gloomy old mansion which shelters an elderly invalid and two men. How she decides which is the killer only to find at the crucial moment that Kni'clcerJbocJcer 7ieaer Romance .and mystery furnish TODAY JUMP. M. BELMONT (of a man who can only be freed from the over-powering obsession of lucious lips and a taunting smile by murder) and of another girl whose sultry beauty and warm, inviting embrace holds the promise of tragedy. It is claimed that never has a theme quite like this been told; never has any story been told with such sheer shock and suspense from start to finish and rarely has a motion picture achieved such gemlike perfection of acting, direction and production. This outstanding picture brings Alice Faye, more exciting and glorious than ever, back to the screen in her first momentous dramatic role. Dana Andrews, whose portrayal in "Laura" was an outstanding success, scores again in an even more exciting man-and-woman hunt. Linda Dar- the plot for "The Spiral Staircase, Robinson is seen as the credu ... u which will come to Knickerbocker lous, eager "little man" blinded and also is a film presentation or a duDed bv physical charm. Miss , popular mystery novel. Rfnnett aDDears as the scheming I Starring Leo Carrillo, Tom Neal OPENING TOMORROW NITE . 8:30 P. M. F. Hugh Herbert's HIT COMEDY "KISS AND TELL" Nashville Community Playhouse NIGHTLY, THRU SAT., MARCH 9 r- . . 4 and Martha Tilton, the picture is a Theater at the close of the present showing of "The Bells of St. Mary's." It star Dorothy McGuire, George Brent and Ethel Barry-more. Miss McGuire is a New England enchantress, the glamorous bait in a trap set to snare the man but in which she herself is eventually de daring expose of big business in crime. When it was published as NOW THRU she has made a horrible mistake by suspecting the one who could have helped her, constitutes the thrill-packed climax of the film. Brent has the role of a biology professor and Miss Barrymore that of an eccentric old invalid, with Kent Smith, Rhonda Fleming, Elsa Lanchester, Gordon Oliver, Sara Algood and Rhys Williams in prominent supporting roles. Robert Si-odmak directed the Dore Schary production based on Ethel Lina While's novel, "Some Must Watch." Duryea, described as the! a book it ereated such a political stroyed. WED. most convincing villain, upheaval in New York that Mooney screen s has the role of the romantic rascal was called berore the grana jury who engineers the sordid conspir- to reveal the source of his infor- JfUL Oil nrv maiion. wnen xie iciuneu iu irs .,,t, titV ho u thrown in Hail fnr thirtv' nell delivers a tremendously en- AUCE FAYE DANA ANDREWS Conspicuous in the MAXWELL HOUSE days for contempt of court. 1 VTRA-ELLEM cast are Jess Barker, Margaret Lindsay, Rosalind Ivan and Samuel S. Hinds, all well known among Hollywood's more distinguished performers. thralling performance to outdo the triumph she achieved in "Hangover Square." , The supporting cast is headed by Charles Bickford, Anne Reverem, Bruce Cabot, John Carradine and Percy Killbride. LINDA DARNELL The excellent supporting cast includes Lionel Atwill. Grant Mitchell, Sheldon Leonard, Danny Morton, Harry Shannon, Don Beddoe and George Meeker. Lew Laaders directed from a script by Ray Schrock. toew's Theaier "Scarlet Street," heralded as an "explosive cinema melodrama," will open Thursday at Loew's Theater. Edward G. Robinson and Joan CmbdIcU Dinner wrrc4 la the Bittarle Ball Bo. In-IraenUl maatc cverr San-r IS to t . m. S:3S I 1:Se . m. We ivecialiie In knett an private partite fr I to DM. Ball Bl available ap to l.Mt. Call Banaaet Deal. 5-J1U Car Reeervatfeeie. Paramount Theater A picture which goes back for its theme to the dawn of the 20th century, "Miss Susie Slagle's," is the Paramount Theater offering beginning Thursday. This is the Stations Crowd Mt. Wilson MT. WILSON. Cal. (111 The famed Mt. Wilson observatory seemed due for overcrowding today as the 13th radio station secured a site on the mountain for a television station. ! Bennett are co-starred. Dan Dur-yea has the leading featured role. The same trio, it is recalled, scored emphatically in Fritz Lang's "The Woman in the Window." The same ProducaxJ and Diicld by OTTO PREMINGER Mi . 20" CINtUiY-KWt "tCIUtf (4 ftA TtmrMlart . . laliW Stutdayt,!! to $ . at. DANCE TO AL RICHARDSON'S "Mutic With Humor" film version of a best-seller by Augusta Tucker and stars Sonny Tufts, Veronica Lake and Joan Caulfield. a newcomer to the screen. STARTS THURSDAY WILLIAM BOYD "FORTY THIEVES" TODAY 3 to 11 P. M. The PUMS Dinner Club w Fifth Avenue Theater "Fallen Angel," gripping drama, with thrills, shock and suspense, is on the screen at the Fifth Avenue Theater today and through Wednesday. Starring Alice Faye, Dana Andrews and Linda Darnell, "Fallen Angel" stands as the most gripping drama of desire and murder that has yet come to the screen. "Fallen Angel" reveals the shocking tale of a girl whose love for a man is haunted by the irrepressible hold the terrible fascination of another woman has on him FEATURINC KAY SUMMERS RAY WOODS BEN BRASWELL I I I It also brings a popular veteran Southern Echoe's Quartette of Atlanta, C., WATL Radio Artists WAR MEMORIAL AUDITORIUM March 11, 1946, 8 P. M. Advance tickets $1.00, at door $1.25, children SSc. Special seats for White People. Bishop Creathouse Turner, Sponsor. Tickets on sale Price's Pharmacy. PEARL BUCK'S to PARAMOUNT TODAY AT Dance Music I P. Ma by DOLLARS WORTH OF FUN IN THE VPH A MIltlON J . NEW BIlllO BILLION-DOLLAR SMART SET PLAYGROUND! actress back to the screen. Lillian Gish plays the proprietress of a boarding house for young medical 'students and "Miss Susie Slagle's" is the story of these students their trials and tribulations, their hopes and fears and loves. "Miss Susie Slagle's" has a vast array of bright new faces. One of the brightest of these is Joan Caul- i field who had the good fortune to become a star in her very first i picture. Miss Caulfield is a grace DINNER SERVED 6:30 MUSIC AT 8:30 AUSTIN HARRIS and His Orchestra FRIDAY and SATURDAY NICHTS Mmic Starts 8 P. M. Featuring White Floor Show For reservations and private parties CALL 8-9106 ifini DOROTHY LAMOUR you CAN WIN a SCREEN ROLE ful blonde with an unusually en ARTUR0 de CORDOVA 'Masquerade in Mexico" V r i gaging personality, hne is me original "Kiss And Tell" girl of George Abbott's popular Broadway hit. In "Miss Susie Slagle's" Joan in a Enjoy Good Food HARDING ROAD DINNER CLUB Harding Road ' and DANCE to sweet music by HOYTE KITSOS and His Orchestra No Cover or Minimum Charge EllEII W IAM01MI IUTH plays the part of a young charmer Call Bill Daugherty For Reservations SCOTT WARRICK 'DREW WED. "Double Exposure" PATRIC KNOWlfS ANN DVORAK GEORGE RIGAUD a MITCHELL LEISEN production a t AIAH.CUNT hctuu 8-0245 i who falls in love and employs all her feminine wiles to hook the man of her heart, portrayed by Sonny Tufts. Sonny Tufts has his first dramatic role as the doctor who is REPUBLIC PICTURE See Page 33 in MOVIE SONGS a. ESOWELL'S Restaurant & Dinner Club 1510 MURFREESBORO RD. Adjoining Berry Field DINE DANCE with Music by ADRIAN BAMBROUCH and Symphoneeri Friday and Saturday Night WATCH overwhelmed by the fear of seeing Wed. & Thurs. Nights death. Sonny s portrayal is certainly a convincing one and should lead to more dramatic parts. Ve- 'SftancL Opswinq II 'X Jl Open Monday Nighls for Private Parties Only For Reservations Call 8-9349 For Reservations Call 8-9349 FRIDAY, MARCH m m it m -m m si i i x, i . MAGAZINE Now On Sale! At All Newsstands . S O W O 11 S Q I e ! TODAY 3 to 11 ' P. M. iuuai 1. 11 1 lmi:iJiai:it i I I II I, , kJ) A THOUSAND mi nvujMM u STEAK, FRIED CHICKEN COUNTRY HAM r-, ; I AM -S;-. Open 11 A. M. Daily For Reservation! Call 5-4063 ONE NIGHTS IN TECHNICOLOR WITH CORNEL WILDE EVELYN KEYES n 'WKruuv.TOr ear as ar e . an. Still your favorite club with a brand new atmosphere. Mirrored walls reflect the beauty of the entire club that is now "Blue as the Skies" Designed to delight you. Dance to the Rhythm of HARRY FIELDS MON. thru SAT. jVo cover chame to dinner guests 6 to X:30 r. M. For Reservations call S-93S8 Sy 'n M-G-M's exciting screen THE NEWs IN RECORDS A TIMELY ALBUM BY BING CROSBY THE BELLS OF ST. MARY'S Aen't You Glad You're You In the Land of Beginning Again The Bells of St. Mary's I'll Take You Home Again, Kathleen 1.50 L V I m 1 T ' aa pap li ii aaaaPapwa(sj. B The Only Professional Vsjfk 4 I f,SV 7lVvl C COMING SOONI The Grease Dance See feSETOl ; MAUf THRU 1 OC OCC COVER CHARCE . . . $1.50 CTADTikJf TUiinf r i v llUfff SAT. I- TAX w w I PER COUPLE I An I I PtU I n U K j U A I ' rr3tiC ""rj"'"".... 4mmm'mmmmmmCZl,M "I"' 1 PARADISE CLUB PARAMOUNT . OtfS DON'T FENCE ME IN Songs of the Wide Open Spaces sung as only Bing can sing them. ' 3.75 Federal Tax Not Included WAR MEMORIAL AUDITORIUM SUNDAY, MARCH 17-8:30 p.m. MCA PRESENTS: IN CLORIOUS CONCERT The MUSIC Box i I I f .im7kii III i,tffra, MM" 'iVx: " " I A f3TTTiCTU V VD ' V 115 Eighth Ave.. Xjr -SaattOM. Tf f9wi- fl i'lTTTreT. ' -W U " pc pr.s.nts - m f W J IB5tHg SSL )fM &4to,fM :, Of All the Americas rT .ii' l m H'.lll In Cayast Musical Event fVf V" 1 - il Any of the Border V Kat X yrma&ir I X V . B m p-YiW """' neai-tiiton r I : m aaaaananaaaaaaaaBanaaaanaaanaaaannan iaananattC . ?iti1i , ' UKIBOM UOyitn T ' ''"& 1 udy GARLAND n MbaM S CKUCCC0t KUMANut t jl 1 . la. t IT ftaF' ' 'aaaf M & i ft U I III III Rainbow. Productions. Inc. Prawn Is if Mexico 11 y 4e HARVEY GIRLS" inncnv7 .,nrinnii)fnT pis -this -Future - AU"J Plus This Feature m JOHN H0DIAK I ml RAY. B0LGER -XEOMCARE TheBcBsofStMarys Y&6 f I .'attM- Angela LANSBURY J& 3 a V- ' I .and Brilliant Soloists W hmmms,Jrk Angela LANSBURY yo:Jin,yr --n. ..-4 N - HENRY TRAVKRS WILLIAM GARUAN" Tltt 6Hliar S.. S and Plan Now to Attend . STARTS THURS. Edw. G. Robinson IN TICKETS: $3.00, $2.00 AND $1.50 TAX INCLUDED Produced tnd Directed bj LEO McCAREY Screen PUj bf Oudltf Nkboh Srorf bj Uo McOrt Still Hooding the Uifj Hits SEE IT I'i'lfJN JJlf.fJNi, Ad-lt, S55 1 JT PAMELA BLAKE f'rW TICKETS NOW MAIL ORDERS must include check n, rowan qitt-pl 4j4K', atamped- envelope for re- 11 sa djp jtv su am wm r mr r r wm r m mm iiwsrfiem a 7 utmw'xv ".fz-si xi 1"1 1 fiW ,mak.hrJ(jnaYjr'le to TITO 168 Eighth Ave.Tl CUIZAR SHOW and ffiaTT-ro- " tlH8asEsEsK : -t ,nmm nv'I'la:... K sT J7M , 1 ; COMINC NEXT "THE SPIRAL STAIRCASE" PHONE 6-5138 CLAUDE P. STREET PIANO CO. ajjjHHsSBHI .Pc WATKIN 1 I X--J

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