Asbury Park Press from Asbury Park, New Jersey on June 21, 1967 · Page 29
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Asbury Park Press from Asbury Park, New Jersey · Page 29

Asbury Park, New Jersey
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 21, 1967
Page 29
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30 titURr UK EVENING fRESS. W.d, tot il, 1W ALL FOR PUBLICITY Her Legs Aren't Or So La Grable Bv REBECCA MOREHOUSE NEW YORK - Betty Grable was never the best nor the most beautiful actress in Hollywood, j But she had something, a pret-; tiness. a buoyancy, that ignited the oublic. What people talked about, and wrete about, and; cherished pictures of, were her ' legs. Oh, those legs: The way she tells it, they aren't really that special. "Years ago, a publicity man at Paramount decided he'd start a campaign on my legs," she said. "He'd have phony things set up. where somebody would give me a cup because of my legs. Once, they had a marvelous artist give me a cup and I was supposed to give it back, but I wouldn't. Nobody started this about my legs except this publicity man. "There are some pitfalls to it. Once, when I was shopping in Beverly Hills, I heard one lady sav to another, 'They're not so hot.' And, every now and then, a man will veil, 'Show us your legs.' Truthfully, I am not aware of my legs." THOSE GRABLE fans who made her a box office champion in the lfMOs and '50s are now saving hello to her in "Hello. Dol'lv!". Broadway's musical champ. It took five mounted policemen to clear a path for her as she left the St. James Theatre after her first wildly cheered perfromance. "I plaved Dolly 16 months on the road." she said in her suite at the Hotel Warwick." For nine of these months we were in Las Vegas, doing two shows a night, seven nights a weeK. When we closed in Baltimore, David Merrick asked me to follow Ginger Rogers in New York, but I was just too tired. I'm rested now and excited to be here." She appeared on Broadway only once before, in the musical "DuBarrv Was a Lady," which starred Ethel Merman and Bert Lahr, in the 1939-40 ( season. She deprecates her part in it, but she won favoraDie notices from the critics. "IT WASN'T much of a part, and I was so dumb that, on opening night, I actually waved to a friend in the audience and whispered. 'See you backstage.' Buddy De Sylva called me down about that. It was a big, big hit, but when some- AUt-CONDITlbHED THEATRES fNow Thru Tuei. Va tony . claodia turtis car when yotfve got it nude.. f -fpanavinxt i md metrocolor I ot TWO THEATRES! .Shop. Cenfar 7746272 Shop. Center 477-3400 ow Thru Sot. fiiaRlon BftWDO SoPHia Couirtess COLOR. iBf. 36, Hlel264-4434iyJ fj NOW WALT DISNEY'S .'NJ V MATINir DAILY! .Rout 9 462-0600 Acrt f ft forkiiial Fm Smoking Sctiont( I j 'iff I I II ' "vJ Betty Grable in body said, congratulated Bert, he 'Yeah, but what about , next year? ! Shortly before Betty went into "DuBarry," a Los Angeles j newspaper published a full-1 length picture of her which so I i t- i in rj ...I. galvanized Daryl F. Zanuck that he signed her forthwith for 20th Century - Fox. Then, when Alice Faye fell ill of appendicitis, Zanuck summoned Betty from Broadway to make the musical, "Down Argentine Way." She and the picture were hits. From that time on, until the thunderous advent of Marilyn Monroe, Betty Grable was the world's most popular blonde. If Gable was king at Metro, Grable was queen at Fox. Her celebrity reached its zenith in World War II as the serviceman's Pinup Girl, their chosen symbol of the good life at home. "I SUPPOSE the type of movies I was doing appealed to the boys," she said. "There was nothing offensive in them, they were lighthearted and I wore short costumes. I got some fantastic letters (about 10,000 a week), not just from servicemen but also from their wives and parents." With characteristic candor and lack of conceit, she says she never really liked any of her pictures. She made her first in 1930 at the age of 13, as a chorine in blackface. She began studying dancing at the age of 5 in her native St. Louis. Betty is engagingly warm and zestful. And she's still Mrs. Tichcnor Named Wall Librarian WALL TOWNSHIP - Mrs. Alex Tichenor, who has served as a clerk for more than three years in the Wall Public Li brary, has been appointed librarian. Mrs. James Lindsay has been appointed library clerk. She has been employed at the library for two years. Mrs. Tichenor has lived here 12 years and is a member of the Red Oak Women's Club. She said the library on 18th avenue, adjacent to the high school will have to be enlarged before its 4,200 book stock can be increased. The building was erected before 1900 and was formerly used as school. During the summer the library will be open from 10 a.m. to noon Monday to Friday and from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m. Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday. Dutch Dine at Noon AMSTERDAM Dutch housewives spend about 50 minutes a day washing themselves about four times, a new survey shows. They wash 84 per cent of their families' clothes and three out of four families have washing machines. Nearly half of Dutch families have their main meal at midday. Are you planning on an evening out? Read the entertainment pages of The Press to find out about new films in town and places to go. Special Insists "Hello, Dolly!" shapely: "I"m just blessed, I guess. I love pastries and po- tatoes and cream soups, but I don t seem to gain weight. HER FIRST marriage, to Jackie Coogan, ended in divorce after three years. Her second, to bandleader - trumpet player Harry James, lasted 22 years. Their daughters, Vicki and Jessica, are married. "I have a home in Las Vegas on the golf course," she said. I love it there. When you open the door in the morning, you get fresh air, not smog, and you don't have to hassle with the freeways. I don't gamble, once you live there you don't think I haven't made a picture in seven or eight years, but I don't mind really. I keep busy. I'm glad to be back on Broadway in something I know, because I've never felt terribly confident in my whole life." Why Not? Enjoy Yourself t th DANCE TONIGHT cind Highfstown Country Club For Folks 25 A Ovfr Adm. St. 00 Always Fan Whether Alone or Coup les. Cotnlnr Fri. Mark Hllhurn Band RESERVED SEATS k JULIE as you Lr LOVE HELQ f singing, dancing, is ; delighting in the 7 c ft JULIE ANDREWS w.--i-: b ROSS HUNTERS J" MODERN liUlin JOHN Mmm. Scat o tLMtR KDNSKWI Uvskm Sn.ncei by X LAV TOK Mime Nuiumts Scored by mXH. PPf W ntleo by Ria'ARO U0H9K tVrtobyORGenOVHL .X BUY YOUR TICKETS TODAY ALL 8tT$ . 7 VOICE OF BROADWAY TOM AND DEE Dee Auchitv closs' party for George Hamilton this week should have Lynda Bird on tap if John Betar of the Justice Dep't hasn't nudged George Bird aside . . . Politics is chic: Ellen Lehman McClus-key's 17-year-old son Orrin will summer in Hubert Humphrey's Washington wind-factory . . . Twiggy is "in"? French fashion mag "Elle" didn't have a cover-idea a few weeks ago and shrugged in one more Brigitte Bardot cover: sold it out, biggest in months . . . One 20-min-ute chunk of "Half a Sixpence" cost more than the whole Broadway production . . . The Martin (hilarious star of "You Know I Can't Hear You When the Water's Running") Balsams expect their Yankee Doodle Diaper Dandy about July 4 . . . Ditto Leon (William Morris agent) Memolis'and Sid Ganis of 7 Arts Films. Lindy-luncheon snickers were aimed at a couple of comedians suddenly inspired to entertain in the Middle East who ducked the whole ugly WWII imess . . . Mark Lane's book "Rush to Judgment" film version has a Z-budget: $72,000, lots of it from Britishers malcontent such as angry playwright John Osborrne and director Tony Richardson. WITHIN THREE New York blocks in the East 70s, Bing cherries were huckstered variously for $1.29, 98 cents and 49 cents, the latter in a supposedly "expensive" store; the others, super-marks . . . Tennis balls price-range from $2.25 to $1.50 for the same name cans . . . And "Nancy Drew" books, darlings of the little-girl set, peddle for $1.50 at Doubleday's, $1.25 at Brentano's just a browse away . . . Ray Whittaker quit the Billy Rose organization (musta heard Billy died or sump'n) . . . Billy still hasn't been buried just discarded . . Copa chorines needn't buy one meal: restaurants nearby solicit their freebee presence to beautify the jernts. July Photoplay has an article "What Do Men Talk About When There Are No Women Around," a taped-chat between John Wayne & Bob Mitchum; and it's printable? . . . The gov't'll crack down on paper dresses; inflammable . . . Hey "flammable" means the same thing: like "ravel" and "unravel" ... The great Desylva- Brown - Henderson standard "Birth of the Blues" now is a shaving commercial; Ray Henderson must've wanted another trip to Europe . . . "Hallelujah Baby" star Leslie Uggams got josuea ott iNewsweek s cover by Moshe Dayan (of the Green Yarmulkahs) but she sang her 5 BOILED BEEF (FLANKEN) WITH BOILED POTATO & BEET HORSERADISH GROSSMAN'S RESTAURANT On. lit Mala, I P. m-Mtt OPEN SUNDAYS NOW ON SALE AT BOXOFFICE OR BY MAIL! happiest hit motion picture of the year! M MILLIE MARY TYLER MOORE CAROL CLHANNINO aMk V JAMES FOX GAVIN BEATRICE LILLIE aimmL , STARTS THURS. June 22, 8:30 P.M. PARAMOUNT THEATRE Boardwalk, Asbury Park 775-8880 By Jack O'Brian - H - BRITT EKLUND way back this week . . . Great news for sore ears: Marian Mc-Partland 4 her jazz trio tinkle into Shepheard's in the Drake Hotel next week; Marian's the finest. THE CONCORD Hotel in the Sour Cream Alps signed Lib-erace, and Philly Greenwald swears he'll decorate Lib's piano with a menorah, not just any old candelabra . . . Triangle TV brasshat Roger Clipp said 25 per cent of broadcasting people will have left by next Jan. 1 and he credits as villain: buckpassing . . . Five militant groups plan "trouble" in Washington, D.C., in July-Aug. Elliott Roosevelt's out as Miami Beach mayor but his wifey dear, Patty, will pick up a lecture-fortune touring 28 states, fertilized by her recent well-knocked book "I Love a Roosevelt" ... At Clos Normand, Paul Whiteman said he shed 147 pounds in 1931 at his Margaret's insistence, hasn't gained back an oz., not even on Clos Normand's fine scoff. Russian law forbids kids under 16 to go to the movies at night; U.S. movies would go bankrupt if that law held here . . . Mike Nichols changed his name because it'd never fit on a marquee: Michael Igor Pech-kowskv; no room for all that and "Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf" too . . . Michael Dunn (Oscar-nominee for "Ship of Fools") signed for the role of a bookie in "Madigan." THE NOVELTY-button vogue keeps growing; one new one is "Kiss Me, I'm a Kennedy"; and at 44th & Broadway, the button "I Gave My Secretary Hell" was pinned to the bedraggled lapel of a bearded wine-soaked panhandler . . . The old "daring" movies used to show Claudette Colbert bare-bathing but boys will be girls: in "Cam-elot," Richard Harris takes a M rn iTi rn rri ni ! Fettechini Alfredo ! 1 4 f BEACH i 3rd & MAIN, BRADLEY i 776-9668 f1 A TECHNICOLOR 9 or -a V pKiii i l 1 : MATINEE DAILY 2:30 P.M., EYEHIHG DAILY 8:30 Lit Mil. MM Ortk. ! . I t. ul 2.00 2.50 I 3.00 "fa i"0 1-00 I 3.50 -n."l i iO i-00 I 1 50 ti.fl 1.00. 1.50 4M a.L. I W ADDRESS , h. ii mii "i : Mil. i hi MR nude bath witfc Vanessa Red- ORDER TO economize on staino of Neptune - opens at host of the Friday night Folk grave scrubbing his royal back; i jt funds the Asbury Park the Americana in Cleveland July Concert over WJLK the Rain "The Bobo," ifi Peter Sel- ,fnipirwil knd will 0L sum- 1 for a week's run. Miss Hoi- dio Voice of the Asbury Park lers tubbing with wife Britt1 this year on , land, a coloratura soprano, re- Press, will w puumg in an ap- Ecklund nibbing. .Thursday and Sunday nighU, as !centlv returned from Stockholm pearance at the hootenanny be- Girl friend Jane Asher got ' opposed to Thursday through land Gothenburg, Sweden, after ,mg sponsored by the Midd.e-Beatle Paul McCartney to shave s,indav nizhts in orevious years. : completene a two-month en-, town Recreation Commission at off that silly drooping mous- tache . . . Dick Van Dyke's movie, "Divorce American! Myie, carries me come-on, june J9 witn special concerts "See it wkh someone you love"; scheduled for July 4 (a Tues-and we hope so; that's a sim- y) and 4 (a Monday pie admonition we used many an(j Labor rjay) months ago to urge couples to j At tne hem "throughout will go see the absolutely roman- ; the Bryan brothers - con-tically marvelous movie "A Man iductor Frank and assjstant and a Woman." ! conductor William. Features Maine's Sen. Margaret Chase planned for the summer Include Smith is an honorary dropout j trumpet and trombone trios, a never went to college; but sheGerman band, and a special recently picKea up ner win non- orary degree . . . Most inter ested spectator at Mickey Roo- ney s newest altar-aimed romance is comedian S h e c k y Green, who'll save $25,000 ajat Middletown Township High year alimony if and when The late Mayor Bill O'Dwyer's widow Sloan Simpson wants to reactivate her acting career in Merle Oberon's "Two Sisters of Ochos Rios" for producer Gant Gaither; it never really was over-active. THE U.S. MAY drop child labor laws to let 14 year olds work part time; unions are set to fight but federal psychology is, it'll keep kids off streets and out of trouble. 20th's "Giude to the Married Man" is doing biz at law as well as box offices; five of its players are in marital messes . . . Lovely Lola Albright and hubby Bill Chadney reconciled; 4th time . . . Tuesday Weld & hubby Claude Harz are unweld-ing at the seams . . . New book out shortly will document Viet Cong terrorism, a real eye-thumber for the doves who claim we're the killers . . . Jackie Gleason's condictor Sammy Spear's singer-son Leigh's off on a Vietnam USO tour . . . Jackie himself is in bottle-torn Ireland; it's the Irish season for Jackies, apparently. Enjoy LUNCH DINNER COCKTAILS RESTAURAST MONMOUTH SHOPPING reservations call 542-2744 EATONTOWN, N.J. lyric L ASRUR ASBURY PARK 77S-10M 2ND GREAT GET ON THE PETER SELLERS URSULA t WILLIAM N0LDEN CHARLES PANAVISION TECHNICOLOR naroNEt M ASRIIRY PAR ASBURY PARK 7741 It BEST PICTURE err? f STARRIN8 m&SLjZSEig 2 WOODY ALLEN COLUMBIA PICTURES present! it A MAN FOR i ALL SEASONS FromdKpUyby ROBERT BOLT TEnoUK THB MIRI8CH CORPORATION rmiak JAMES A. MICHKNER'B wnn nnnsfn nnw PANAVISION COLOR by Ralaaaad thru UNITED ARTISTS patorutmvN -onvE-iiM- "MOTHER GOOSE A GO-GO" ENTERTAINMENT NEWS Boardwalk Concerts Set -n ritv - sponsored concert wjll beein at 8:30 n.m.i starting an offerings ;braSs ensemble TV GUEST: Olgun Polatsoy, a Turkish foreign exchange student completing his senior year School, will be among six Amer ican Field Service students on the Barry Farber Show at 11 o'clock tonight on Channel 11. OHIO DATE: Liisa Holland In private life, Mrs. Tony Re- Phone 774-1105 NOW THRU WEDNESDAY Starts Thurt. "Penelopt" 363-0042 Free Parking FREE SMOKING SECTION HELD OVER! 2nd BIG WEEK Exclusive in . the Area SI EXCLUSIVE ENGAGEMENT FUN WEEK! "BOND WAGON!" ANDRESS - DAVID NIVEN A ir-Conditioned ORSON WELLES 'DEBORAH KERR B0YER GEORGE RAFT ACOLUMBIA PICTURES RELEASE SHOWING TODAY AT 7:00 b 9:30 OF THE YEAR! AND ' BEST DIRECTOR Fred Zinnemann BESTACTOR Paul Scofield BEST SCREENPLAY FROM ANOTHER MEDIUM Robert Bolt BEST CINEMATOGRAPHY (Color) BEST COSTUME DESIGN (Color) FRED ZINNEMANN'S TODAY AT 2:30 & 8:30 Choict Seatt At Tht Box-Offic St. James 775-8883 DaLux 3-THRILL A SECOND FUN FILLED HITS STARTS TODAY "HELL ON WHEELS" "THUNDER ALLEY" ! eaeement at the Lorensbrug Supper Club, and a concert at the Swedish Opera House 10 which she will be returning in September to star in its produc- tion of "Lucia. HOOT GUEST: Jim Murphy, SAT., JUIT S, 8:00 i 10:30 PAUL REVERE l RAIDERS CONVENTION HALL ASBURY PARK sharon tate Air Conditioned Coinjort j Walton Reade j j Z7 THEATRES j il rwavFaip i town i i ASBURY PARK 1 MIDDLETOWN ; SI PDIVlMlJIMity STARTS II U EAF . 1 TODAY I s way euros ciauuia canunaxe : i fl Filnmthewsy-syaiMiaf 2 S 2 tit L arf &.inthelaiKli 2 I Vi A ' r-l iT i i .girfsareiMllr2 1 1 z - vs. robert webber Joanna barnes-darid draper Plus at the Drive-ln T0M5 River iTBarm iai UllVC'lil PLUS JANE FONDA IN "ANY WEDNESDAY" parLtDN U pen ram RED BANK 7414600 TODAY Saf. 4 Sun. Continuous U : rni I iwccunnn ! VWkklllUWIIVVH Plus the Co-Attraction THRILLER FRANK SINATRA in 'VOH RYAN'S EXPRESS" POMMUNity J TflM5 Riuca I WINNER OF fi ACADEMY AWARDS I I imW fVMPiiAAi iikjrn . . DAVID LEAN'S FILM v DOCTOR 7JIiAGO IN PANAVISION AND MCTB0C010I EXCLUSIVE AREA naroiMBt I niMR RRAWrU hvnu - i innui at IIMiir 8:30 p.m. :aiuraay. DTP I t"-tte"' I A CI UMHi lil(f I an cus om 7 00 r M.-movn i dusk H.'I'.'.!WH 1 BOTH IN COLOR 'Inside Daisy Clover' NATALIE WOOD - "RARE BREED" Stephen Boyd YvetteMimeik GMNARALI! rTrr ANDREWS color START TODAY PERFORMANCES 2:30 & 8:30 P.M. ENGAGEMENT AT li paLace BRADLEY BEACH I 764-79111 Row) - i op line a DIJTLC m. '"U ..II 1UHI.P I

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