The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 31, 1939 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
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Monday, July 31, 1939
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A'OU'AIR XXXVT-NO. 112. THE DOMINANT NEWSPAPER Blytheyllle Courier Blythcstlle Herald Mississippi Valley Leader Blylhevlllo Dully News ARKAN8A8 AND SOUTHEAST NEWS ^^*^^ f r ^*S Eve Of World War's Anniversary Finds Security Move Active J]LYTHBVIl,»,Ri ARKANSAS, MONDAY. JULY 111, man Hy Dnileil Precss . in Grent Britain and Prance speeded up security measures mid the Far l,; as (, today on (lie eve of the 25lh , fiiiinvei-sary of the World War. With military preparations of every big power approaching n maximum in August—lhe World War'' first week of August, 1914—noih London and Paris concentrated on completing ilielr security front by bringing Soviet Russia Into a Uirne power political and military alliance Intended to offset lhe threat of a new war. Developments Included: Prime Minister Neville Clnm- Ijerlaln announced that a lirlllsh- Prcnch .military mission would leave, probably tills week, for Moscow to consult on mutual defens and to acknowledge the determltm lion of the nciv powers to carry through their proposals by send Ing high military and naval fig ures to the Soviet capital. Agitation against Americans a. UlO well ns Britons flared over a wide area In the Far East as Tokyo police guarded the embassies of both powers during a big demonstration denouncing "Great Britain, America nnd Rnssin" as "om common enemy." Japanese bombed American hospitals, missions nnd schools in two Chinese cities and poured explosives sectors near the mouth of the Penrl river In what appeared to be an attempt lo iso- Inle 'Hong Kong nnd cut off the big artery of British trade with Canton. American buildings were bombed Kioshan nnd WucUow. Japanese military authorities charged that Russia with "support of British authorities" was financing a Chinese guerilla campaign against Japanese airdromes and supply depots. Japanese Resentment Mounts TOKYO, July 31. <UP)—Extra police were assigned to the American embassy today as anti-American posters appeared en the slrcels, proclaiming: "Britain, America find Russia arc our common enemy." .It was believed that the posters H-cre,sponsored by, an' obscure political organization, .Jnit pclice took s))ecm!-precauVlcnsr'bVcn'use of rumors that a demonstration might be held before the embassy. The newspaper Malnichi of Osaka, in an arlicle by ils dtplcmatis com- mcnlator, asserted that if the United States denunciation cf the Japanese - American commercial treaty affected Japanese citizens residing in the United States "the United states will forfeit,-the loyalty Of more than 100.008 citizens of Japanese parentage in Hawaii." As pelice guarded the American embassy, 50,000 Japanese paraded past the British embassy, shouting but in the main gcocl nalurcd, in nil anti-British demonstration organized by a "citliens' committee." First the crowd listened to speeches and band music in the Hibi'/a Park nnd ether areas. Then Ihe demonstrators massed fcv n parade and. accompanied by bands, buglers nnd drummers, who set up a din which punctuated the shouts, the crowd marched past lhe embassy. i The temperature was 95 and the humidity was high, but the crowd was in go:d spirits if perspiring. Urges Resignation 0( Entire L, S. U. Supervisory Board BATON ROUGE, La,, July 3l._ tup)— The Louisiana Stale University board of supervisors was blamed today for the scandals which have shaken the slate and the East Baton rtciigc parish grand jury rec- cinmended that all members resign "for astounding negligence." But for that negligence, the grand jury reported, President James Monroe Smith and members of his staff cculd not have committed lhe "crimes nnd misdeeds" with which they are accused. The jury's surprise report said that (he interests of the university could best, be served If all members of the board .would resign immediately. In the past : fe\v weeks fcur members of the beard already have resigned. Oilier members of the board include names prominent iii slate politics. After making jts surprise report the grand jury went back into session with hulicnlicns that new indictments may be handed up this afterncon. Meanwhile Gov. Earl K. Lor Authorities' Efforts.To Protect'Non-Strikers Precipitate Serious Rioting CLEVELAND, o., July 31. (UP) —Four hundred nnd fifty police mid 30 firemen fought 3,000 pick- els ivltli tear gas nnd water volleys before (lie struck Pishcr Body Company plant today. After (inciting a selge which lasted morn than two hours they deployed for nn- olher expected battle Inlc Ibis aS- lernoon. At least 35 persons were hospitalized with injuries. Leaders of the tool and die workers union, a CIO affilliite. siild (hat 25 of their number hnd been treated for Injuries in a Held tent set up near tnel'- lines. Safety Director Eliot Ness nt noon declared the Fisher strike zone n "riot nren." in n proclamation he forbade any persons to enter it other than those "having legitimate business." Scores of atliere .were believed to have suffered Injuries ' not reported nl lhe scene. A Iriicc was agreed upon ns police fired their Inst available tear ?as shell, n was estimated that ICC. were fired. Police said that pickets throw Jack many of the tear gas shells ind fired other shells of their own from n gun. Pickefs swung- clubs nnd threw stones at police who were attempl- ng to protect non-striking workers seeking to enter the plant in iiilomobiles. Observers said police In sour fused lo name a "Seabmy type" investigator, at the behest of n state-wide citizens committee, to delve into the Louisiana scandals The governor said thut he had 'no;right to.shirk or in apy wise delegate to ether persons-tHe' ful- nilmeiit of my:duUes". :' ••'- Throe. Wowufad js Train Robbery Fails CHAMPAIGN 111., .July SI. IIH'|3^„,„,,„„ wrc , , nnd n innll clerk injured today when four mctl made n dnrlnit ntlcmpt to hijack the $55.013 payroll of chanuie Field, U. S nnny air base, on a moving train. wounded (wo, one so severely he could not (u«ipc The oilier fled to n,, nutomobl!,. eontalntng (wo confederates which was .speeding .long a pnrallej highway. The seriousness uf his wounds wns not known. The cuplm-ed uamllt had, wounds h, lhe |, m ,, , ll0ttMpr - , , One shot hnd broken his leg'., Mall Clerk Guy O'Henrn of Chlmgo was (nken to Ch«,,, (! n hospital lor Injuries to his head -Indlclod by (me of ()„. J 11( i L when he was lilt by n pistol butC Railroad employes said two bnmlii, (,p| mim iy bm,,.,,,,,, ,„„ train nbout 35 miles north of. hi™. The other Uvn ronllnned he- side ihe (rnln on a highway In (lieir automobile. SEHTE BILL WE SINGLE COPIES FIVE CENTO nslances forced lo lhro\ Mrs. Homer Cummings h Critically III WASHINGTON, July,' 31.; (UP) — Mrs. Homer s. Cumniirjgs,,Svi'fe of he former. U. S. attt>ritey;general, s seriously ill and Ijer "co.ndrtion s "precarious" her pliysjeian ''said today. i?V-^ : -'.> ./ .,;Mrs. Cummings is T at-'her v homc icrc where site, has been confined or fcur months since returning from n Florida vacation. Rabies Is Fatal To Aberdeen, Miss. Boy MEMPHIS!! Tenn., Jidy 31 (UP) —Bitten by a dog eight months ago, four-year-old Robert Tubb, son of Mr. and Mrs Cecil Tubb, Aberdeen, Miss., died yesterday at Methodist hospital of rabies. The fatal disease developed only last week. At lhe lime lhe boy was bitten last November, lie was Big reinforcements of police were given anti-rabies vaccination's ccncentrated before the embassy. The police kept the crowds moving and arrested several persons who threw banners into tho embassy grounds. British-Japanese negotiations dis- cussing the ir.rth China situation took up the nuesticn of of Tientsin today. A foreign ollice spckesman said that Russian authrities on Sakhalin Island had notified Japanese ccnccssionaires. who had refused to pay fines totaling $112.000 for alleged violation of labor contracts. that there was no intention cf attaching the properties. A similar announcement had been made at Moscow several days ago. New Orleans Cotton NE WORLEANS, July 31 (UP)— Trade and foreign buying brought new gains to cotton futures today and the market closed with advances of 45 lo 75 cents a bale. open high low close Oct. 805 SIT 905 9n Dec 393 Jan. ...i... 879 Mar 809 May 855 Jill 842 DOS 889 879 865 851 893 87fl 869 855 002 889 879 8S5 842 851 Chamberlain Would Halt 'War Of Words' LONDON. July 31. (UP)-Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain told the House or Commons tcriay that '< the world could halt ils "war of ^ d ?."A': n , g .P cri cd of prosperity Boeing Air Spots closed quiet at 945 up 10. Stock Prices NEW YORK, July 31 (UP) — Strength In n few utility preferred issues featured an irregular narrow, moving stock market today. '.Trading was quiet. AT&T 167 1-2 Anaconda Copper 26 1-4 iatcd DO 81-2 Slccl nnd peace might be expected. New Cotton Ion closed steady. open high low (UP)-Cot- Oct. Dec. Jan. Mar. Mny Jill. 892 882 875 858 845 832 908 893 879 871 858 8-12 892 831 873 858 845 832 close 908 833 880n 871 806 842 13. Spots closed nominal at 978 up 23 1-8 Chrysler 82 Coca Cola 1303-4 back the stones to protect them elves. Joseph Bn(jnno, a strike lender predicted new fighting during th •Utcrnoon when nhont 25 non Irikers in lhe plant were due ti oiue oil duty. The battle began when non trlking workers attempted to en cr the plant in automobiles. Two of the cars were turned over nnc wrecked by pickets. Scores wer arrested. Bob Travis, a leader.; of -tin United • Automobile Workers/' charg ed thnt the' riot was precipitated by police to protect about 25 "rats' Inside the plant. Each arrival of a non-striker'.car was n signal for a new battle Pickets'.'complained .(lint momitcc police fwerc ; clubbing strikers Indiscriminately, Vr. Maja L. Skaller Opens Office Here Dr. Maja L. Sknller, who has been affiliated with the Walls hospital for the past seven months, hns opened an office in the First. National Bank building. In addition lo general practice he has clinical equipment for physical therapy in which he will also specialize. Although he moved here only several months ago he is already well known, having been connected with the Blythevillc hospital for special work three years ago. A graduate of Washington University, St. Louis, he Inter received n's degree in medicine from the Washington University School of Medicine and three years. then interned for During the time he interned at the St. Louis City hospital. He also did rotation interncship, having jeen connected with the Koch nospitnl for Tuberculosis in St, Louis, the St. Louis Isolation hos- lital for diphtheria, typhoid nnd vinrired diseases and the St. Louis 3lilldren's hospital where he specialized in pediatrics. He spent the final year of Ills nteniEship as a surgeon In the Missouri-Pacific hospital nt St. Louis, which he completed just prior to his coming to' Blythevillc vhich is the home of Mjs. Skaller, he former Miss Franclse Rosen- hal, daughter of Mr, and Mrs. I. Rosenthnl. The son of Mr. and Mrs. Roy B. Sfcaller of Memphis, Dr. Skaller attended school in that city before beginning his studies lo become a Caruthersville Youth Electrocuted Accidentally General'"Electric" 38 " ' ?J AR "™ERSVILLE, Mo., July 28 General M^rs "."I'::"" H ,., T^J 01 * ™ s '"™, »«« today mat Bob Lafferty, about twenty Jnt Harvest Montgcmery Ward N Y Central Packard 54 1-2 53 1-4 15 1-4 s:n of Mr. and Mrs. Grover Laf- fcrty of near this city, wns electrocuted last Friday near Anna, III., while norking on a RBA line pro- Young LnlTcrty, who played fool- Schenlcy Dist 13 ncrty, who payed fool- Simmons ..... '.'.'.'..'.'.'.'.'.'.'. 25 1-8 ," , and bcxed d »" n E his high Socony Vac n _4l scl1 ™ days in this cily, was em- eocony Vac n 3-i'",""". ""«'". UIIS city, was em- lorncy R w Hawkins Tiie Standard. Oil N j « 3 - t g°S? "^'l™ 11 ll " der Robett »"<! the hearing set fo 'tod^ T«-.a, ™», ,« ,.. O. Sharp jr.. of th« eiu-. ,„ ,1,,™ Thc women employees in the Floyd Sharp Announces Dismissal of 85 Administrative Employes LITTLE HOCK, July 31 (fJP)i- Stnle Administrator Floyd" Sharp lodny announced nbolllion of three nreti offices and dismissal of 85 admlnlslratlve • employes cutting expenses $17,000 monthly In an economy move decreed by congress, Sharp reiterated previous .statements that although dismissal of WPA workers under (he 18 months clause, has ben suspended nt lensl temporarily further quota j-ediio- tions are necessary If IJ IC state WPA is to opcrnlc wllbln its allotment. Area offices at Pine BHiII. Uatcs- vlllc niul Hope wcrc abolished anil district offices nt Joncsboi'o El Dornrio, Little Rock and Fort Smith were enlarged lo take care of the Increased business. According to a WPA bulletin from Washington officials are not permitted to release names of ii.d'r niinistraUve employes who will lose jobs "because these workers «re..beln|;'dismissed because of re."- duccd' • n'dmlrilslrntlve--.•"allalinciiis and not because of ineffieiency; Caruthersville Is Opposed To Bus Line O'ARUTHERSVILLE, MO., July 28.—It was indicated here yesterday in a communication from Frisco Hallway • officials to Mayor I). D. Pinion, which the 1 mayor made public yesterday, that the railway company .will discontinue pass'cti- 111; Condemned May Get Reprieve NEW YOlilC, July 3i_([jp)_ npberl Ellloll, 05, executioner of Bruno Hmiptmann, Htdh snyder, Judd Clrny, and hundreds of lew eclebralod criminals, was seriously 111 today and authorities of New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, Connecticut iv n d Vcrmciit . ger service to this city, despite vlgorous opposition on the' part'of local citizens. Mayor Pinion, ncting on belmlf of n group of locnl business men, members of civic clubs, and heads of local industries, had written a letler of protest to the company, asking that the .passenger train service be kept inlact, setting out lint. Cariithcrevllle was the county scat of Pemiscol County, nnd that discontinuation of passenger service would be ti blow to the town's future progress and prestige. The company proposes lo replace Lhe passenger trains with bus con- iccting service with main line jassenger trains at Haytl. The company said they had not ap- icarcd before the Missouri public Service Commission uor the Interstate Commerce Commission to realized siuldonly' that (here was no substitute Imincdlalely available tor his «rlm duties. As « result (no condemned men- one in Massachusetts nnd the othor In New York—may live longer than I hey hnd anticipated. One execution had been set for two weeks lieuce; the other, throe weeks. Elliott's wife announced last night :hut his condition was such there was no possibility ol his cfllclallntt nt cither on lhe scheduled dnles. So persistent have been reports hnt Elliott wns "cracking up" under the strain of dispatching the criminals of six stntcs, thnt Mrs. took particular pains to deny he wns suffering from "n nervous breakdown or anything mentnl." "He Is suffering from sheer physical exhaustion due, to overwork" she said, i;. '. / ElltotUnsl pulled the lelhn! switch Feb.-23. Ho has been nulling, them for over 20 year's,'/collectlng-a. fee of $150 for each person he executes. He opposes capital punishment In thccry, but believes it often has "n purpose." Witnesses nt his last few jobs have thought he appeared pale nnd overwrought. Ellloll has no nsslslnnt and the stntcs which employ him have found him'sa reliable over the years that none hns n man ready to succeed him. It, was believed that if his illness proved n protracted one, each state might train a prison Bimrd to perform the duties of executioner temporarily. Chances of Adjournment By Week End Are Reported, increased WASHINGTON, July 31 (UP)The senate, operating under limitation of debute, speeded Ils consideration of Hoosevi'lt's badly Imtlm'd lending prouram lodny will: n llnnl vote likely before tin; day's end. Piepnrnlions wen; miuln In the house for possible consideration of Hie program tomorrow, progress in both houses nppcmrr-d In InerouKu chances for adjournment by tho week end. The senn(« approved an amendment giving federal loan administrator Jess Jones "veto" power over $350.000,000 In lunns (o he made by Ihe Public Works Administration, Thc amendment was oH'ercd by Senator Hobprl A. 'Hift (Hop,, O.) and provides that all loans jmwlo public works projects must be subject, to Jone.s approval. Tart Introduced another amendment which would trim $16,000,000 from (he proposed $100,000,000 ail- dUlonn! lending authority for the export Import bunk. "Every dictator In South Aiu- >rlca Is planning n lilp (o tho Juliet! stoles to pick up some of he millions of dollars lying nrounil lere," Taft said. Tuft nnd Seiinloi- Arthur H. Vaiulcnberg (Hep., Mlch.) charged hnt the "renl purpose" behind lhe export Import bank program was o make loans (o (orelun uovern- ucnts. The president will confer with il.l legislative leaders lodny nnd jrobnbly will receive another of the gloomy reporls which recently hnve characterized exchange* of views between the while nnd the npllol. Attorney General Prank Murphy was scheduled, also, (o deliver n ornuil opinion on Ihc' hatch bill b take nil but lop bracket Jed- eml employes out of politics, Mur- ihy has Indicated to jOUlclnls thai 10 believes the bil| Is/constitutional but , Mr. Hc.ose.yclt Was : not convinced as lalo ns last .Friday. He :n1rt he expected-to)study Imlch )lll problems during his sengolng vcckciid from which he was lo re- urn todny. i The Independent temper which led congress lo reject the adinlu- School Officials Are Cleared Of Charges CARUTHERSVILLE, Mo., July 31 —Five officials nnd direclors of the Pascoia. Mo., school board, charged with having feloniously loaned .$125 belonging to the dts- Irlct, were released nt a preliminary hen ring before Justice K. W. Steinbraker. The five were Clyde Maloney, Uruck Back, Earl Back, Willis Burgcll nnd Prank McCol- Inm Sr. Malcney Is president and McCollum Ircasurer cf lhe board. The charges were thnt the officials hnd loaned the $125 to Prnnk B. McCollum Jr., son of the trens- .....^. vvriniitviv,^ *-"Juuui^siu[i LU ••-'• "n-vuiiiuii tji., ?iuii ui me vrcBS" nnke this change, and that they "rcr, contrary to law regulating did not intend lo. since there was the handling of school funds. Tes- 10 law, state or national, requiring limony and records produced nt inch action on the part of a car- at the hearing today, however, es- ' lcr - j tablished thnt the money had Ijcen I advanced en McCollum Jr.'s salary ns bus driver, and that he used the money to purchase n bus. It W l J • I was ftlso Sh0wn b i' tllc records that Laundry I the money had been repaid In Iwo different payments In May, $40 on Continue Hearing Of CARUTHERSVILLE, Mo., July IS.— Preliminary hearing for Buron Moflilt, 1 and his mother, Mrs. Sybil iMotlllt, proprietors and op- -rntors of the Carulhersville Steam Laundry, charged with vio-' at ion of a special Missouri ctii- iloyment statute, has been con- inucd until Friday morning In the ustlce of pence court of J. D. isk. Tlic statute which it is claimed las been violated, profilbils the employment of women in certain ndustrles, including lhe laundry ndtistry, for more than nine hours wr day and 54 hours per week. Violation is a misdemeanor ptm- shablc by n fine of from $1.00 to , Ml >y 10, and $85 on May 21. Chicago Wheat «anaarct, on N J 41 3-4 »—v« •>* uiummnn unaer Kooert n Texas Corp 3G 3-4 °; shar P *-. of this city, in charge U S smelt 631-2 °, r a surveying gang on the project • \V8 Steel 52 lh " c ' j c ., ^ _j ,. ..i,^ „, 4ltl|]| ^l.uv IM (JkUgiillll ;l,000, or imprisonment from one i ternoon. day lo one year, or both fine and mprisonment. The charge was made by Rosa 3orbln, of this, city, the In for ma- Jon being Hied by Prosecuting Attorney R. w. Hawkins, Tuesday August 15 Date Of Farm Bureau Picnic Date of the annual Mississippi County Farm Bureau picnic Iws wen set for Tuesday, Aug. 15, it was announced todny by Churics Coleman of Osccola, president. . As usual, the all day alfair will be held at Walker Park of Shis city. it is expected that several thousand will attend the picnic at which there will be an informal program in (he morning and of- Police Officers Gel Radio Operator Permits r Governor's Forces Will Try to Limit Debate In Senate J r l'm,l? ROCK, July 31. (UI-j-^Tcoiifercncfi (ul-.nm.sln, um nt In plot pnrlliimenliii'y mnneiivcru -n ise oil the hnnd rofiimljinj bill was held todiiy 'v. lituloy K oflico. ' Well Informed.sowces said after Ihc conference (hat Ihc administration had agreed to force the hand nf u. Gov. Hob Bnllcy nnd make an nltempt lo Itmil ilclinte on amendment.'). .,•: ' Such procedure would enable, the smntn to miicntl and pnss (he : WI1 by ..Tuesday,- It wns suld,-- iljus .senilliiK It to tho-licmn for coii-- currence. Wednesday mid nun) pas- "iid (idjniirnment .Thursday. lunallon- In admlnlslratldn clrctra nv^r the delay of the sen- «t« seemed (o IM> Increasing as the' Jleuloimiit governor received some :iO-odil .telegrnms urging htm (a fiflccd pav.sago of the bill Other incmbeis ol the senate siili! they en; receiving similar tclegrnms. flukes I'oslllon Clear LI'ITLE HOCK, July 11 -A Wial senate vote on Ciovcrnoi Balley'i »MOOMOOO stnto highway bond )«- rundliiB bill by Tue-iclay or Wednesday win piedlctwl liy Ueut. Clov Bob Bailey he win ''amlous •A llh It 'We me going lo inecl nl 1 pin. loilav and continue iinlll 0," the lieutenant eomnoi they want ' order It." . he emphnslzed lo gel through snld "And If Kcsslon i will hone nt 111! nnt Kovcinoi s v\eeK-cud at lih vlllr, (|,p lleiiteii- aid eniphatlrnlly hs .., o , ^,, v 6t vlll , (£i|i IKI" nothor of three nnd great «niml- nothor of 78, was burled here (his — u -- * *,j-*f- ...*. it'ii I filler]jocn, Tho BB-vunr-tilil xvoinun stra.lon* neutrality bill, revise lh c died lale SalurdnSflerno 1Te ax Strllf. lire rlinllinivn ii,n,irl,.n_ !,„,„„ »,_.,.' .••"•*«•" Ml. IlLl lax structure, clinilcngc presidtm-1 home near Manila tlal nominations and frequently in-j The. H«v. Lconnrd , . , . : , -.,..-..«.> ... , JJV ; i\w. ijuunnm n. i-iciicr dulge In coiililloii opposition to. the | pastor of the Cliurcli of Christ at Vn"' ?™ 11 m" I5 i l!lt V 10 J eml , l " B W ," T )'rau«i, ccmluclcd (he riles' nnd ' ' "-•"'" ' burlnl wns made nt Manila cemc Award For Districl 17 Work'In Poinscll County Anticipated Soon Unv bidder of the project recently ilvertlMMl by DrnlmiBO Ulslrlct 17 for dredging work of Lllllc nlver In Polnsett county was D II. Snyles of 1'n.xlon, 111. TDc bid was stib- iiilued today nnd H) ( . contract will l» awarded Inle this week, It w nx announced l>y oindnls of the dli- Irlcl. The price wns $21,000 or six cnnls per yard for lhe Job, which was slightly modified after nil bids nubmlllcd July 13 worc ^jcdcd" they were, too high, (lie •iponsors announced, nedredglng of tho ll'.j miles of Jllle rtlver In Polnselt County wilt be (he Dnnl Job let In the Ave ditch denning and cnlnrglmr prcjocl.s of Drainage District 17 which hnvu ton done nt, a, cost of $324,000 It Is believed Hint lhe contracts \lll bo completed before irj-io for menstno, which has been debated .Ills ditch work which Is said | 0 i I'wlcdly In the Senale. hlnce last ilfect the drainage of every ncro 'Wednesday, nltei being approved, of laud In Mississippi County, 88 (o I'/, uy (lie House Insl Mon- i.'ny, "I nm veiy imteh Inlcifsted In refunding nml Inlotid to do cycry- Ihlnj; possible lo riHli Bclimi," Mt. Bailey said "Mm t think v,e should keep Uia inlcicst laic down, make the bonds callable nnd provide foi public sain of tho bonds" The Hculcunnt BOMMIIOI said hn did not uellcto (ho sennlc should re- eonslilei finy nmeudmciih already ncled upon 01 ^linllni piopoials which may bo offered CJi-awtnrd •AmmiAnienl -lavs ; Ul'IbE UOpK; July J|. (UP) — Blttci ncciibatlons were luulfil on (he senate Horn Ihh afteinoon as Scnuloi Ellis Pagan of Llllle Rqck moved (o limit' debate- on reiiialti- !nu nmcndmenls In be' offered Id the boiiil refunding bill. Vagan nwed to limit debate on ench new amendment lo KJ mlnujes wonlcl demand spcedv action on the , All cf !hc main ditches ami most, of tho lalcnils will lia cleared nnd program • "any enlarged In vhlch was slnrlcd lalo last yea r There nre 105.000 acres of Inml 'Iii Drnlnnge Dlslrlcl 17. The low bidder of ihu newest Jfb ins the contract, for the.part: of his work. ......-] Mrs. Sara E. Beck, 88, ~ Succumty At IWanila MANILA, Ark., July 31.—\frs, Sara E, neck, grout-great it. Pletilcr, with terrllllc Impact. Scnalors nl- most halved lhe. proposed pro-1 gi'am. reducing U in committee and on the Iloor from $:(,(MiO,000,000 lo $1.<HO,000,(IOO-(H>. The house banking nnd currency committee was scarcely less hostile,, trimming $850,000,000 from the measure nnd then voting to report H favorably for consideration on the door. Sue Seller Of Tire When Wreck Occurs Mrs. S., L. Webster and her dinighter-ln-lnw. Afrs. Christine WclBler, have filed suits ngaiiMl the Lee Motor Sales Inc. seeking damages bccnuse ol n highway accident, on Highway 61 south of Bly- thevllle n few weeks ago, Mrs. Webster seeks $500 for dnm- ngc to her automobile nnd $1.000 for personal Injuries while Mrs. Christine Webster asks $2,500 for personal Injuries. They charge that the defendant corporation sold,Afrs. Webster nil eld, used tire representing It lo lie n new tire and thnt It wns placed In very gocd health until July 4, Mrs. Beck wns stricken wllli n heart nllmi'iil Hint ilny frmu which she never recovered. She Is also survived by four sons, Mllns Watson cf Flora, III., Hiram (or each side and U.. Clov 1 . Bob Bailey look the plan undei advisement. Sennlor Luke ••' A'rnett liumchced an ntlnck on the Arkansas Gazelle mid other newspapers foi nccmlng tho senile mlnniUy of dilatory-Indies,' We have, .snvril the -.tale inll- jllmw of ilollais by oui so-called ";lnloiy ladles," Ainell shouted Shortly aller two o'clock- '.the Walsm nr Pniniv,n,. TI n anoruy alter iv;o o'c ock- the Z n ° ^'n™i, " 1, " C S I""!* <!ffo«led,by a vole of U(o Wnlson or East Prairie, Mo, nnd Scuel Wnls-in ot Chicot, Ark,, nnd Miree daughters, Mrs. Ruth E. Blpiim- of East Prairie, Mo,, Mrs. 1 A. D. Harmon cr Mnnlln. nnd Mia. Mary Scolflcld of riankln, III. Howard-Thompson ITmlerlnklng Crmpany was in charge, Aged Slayer Of Police Officer Surrenders LEXINGTON, Ky.. July 3I^(U!>) —Charles Allen, 70 j ycar-old eccentric, wh: shot nnd killed Police Chief George M. Dickey ami wounded nine others in n battle with pcssemen Saint-day night at. Cyntlilana surrendered to police at Cotton Seed Problem Before Farm Bureau Plans.of Oscnv Johnston nnd the. Department of Agilpillure ui set a [irlri on coli.on seed will be Oil- c'.tsscd by the ULa-' s^lppi Counlv Cairn Bureau in n meeting to :ie l;cl<l Thursday night nt. Sunset Pnrflk ncai )3n.':,ttt. Tin? I'arm Puijjrain, subsidy plan and financial munition of Mlssisr • ••" ^"."' .^ »f^ iutjLi.ii uyiiiiiiiiuii surrendered on Mrs. Webster's automobile and Jacksonville, Ky, lodny Hint the tire "blew cut" earning lhe •"- -- •-machine Injuries. P. C. Douglas the plaintiffs. lo be wrecked and their is attorney for Allen wns brought ta "lor safekeeping," There was no charge against him here but he wns held en n murder warrant drawn In Cynlhlnnn. Home Pro'ivlcr' e Vml<f Sewn Local Homes Salurday Night Sept. open high low close G61-8 GG1-2 G53-4 C57-8 sent CC5-8 671-8 fiGl-4 CS3-8I Dec. Chicago Corn open high low close 42 5-8'423-4 42, 425-8 ... ,„ 0 ,, lvlvcll „„ « 431-8 421-2 425-8four brothers nnd one sislor Three members of Ihc city police' j r, ""," ,—•!—'-•— ••• .•-force, n state highway patrolman I laundry stated that they hail work- and another man have passed — ' ^ !«l overtime for quite some lime; ainlnallcns -f< this city was dispatched this after- white women employees 5 o°f the station " n.on after the bcdy, and pendlne laundry have been replaced by fhm-tA. C i «>i T^! , j , its ai-rivnl tomorrow, funeral ar- negro women. i£$^.- ' ^ A » dersou »>«> TOsuwu^ ,.xpstirr ployees for overtime work. , license permits. At least seven Blythevillc residences were burglarized Saturday night by a house prowler whose 'return" fcr his activities was somewhat meager. A total of $16 was reported taken !>y the burglar or burglars. The In- Inider «as frightened a way from nt least one house and his largest haul at any residence wns reported lo be six dollars. Heading the list of victims, but not from the standpoint of monetary loss, was Mayor Mnricn Williams, whcse residence at 310 East Kentucky was cnlercd. Mayor Wll- thrce dollars to the bold Apparently .111 ice pick or similar or group In the opinion cf police. The biggest loser was Toby Long, who resides a! 1.1] West Kentucky. Mr. Long wns "hit" for six d:-llars. S. W. Dlllahnnty, who lives at 601 Norlh Sixth street, was victimized for five dollars. R. A. Nelson, H Ncrth Division street, was the loser by one dollar aflcr the Intruder paid his home a visit. One dollar was (lie loot taken from (he Ben Mn-ys residence, 102tf Hearn street. At. the p. c. Douglas residence, 123 West Kentucky, (he prowler in cnterlnc a kitchen window and Ing noise awoke the family. , II, (lie Crawford amendment .which would have made all bonds inn- niiInn lifter 20 years callable. sippi County nlso lo be taken up at the i ti-i!i.e' which Is slated It- be one of. lhe most Important cf Ihc year, (.fflc.ils of the gvo'jp have announced. Because the i.vtce of seed is so low, Mississippi county fnnneis fanners will hnve no seed leit after tlrc.v pny for their cotton ginning In seed, unli&s the price is ndvnnced, it hns been pointed out' l>y agricultural lenders who said tlin 1 . in past years the cash rebate hns been a large one in tills county. The meeting Is ;o begin at eijnt o'clock. Fire Destroys House On South Elm Street Fire of an unknown origin destroyed a four-loom house on South Elm street (his, morning. The dwelling was reported to ue owned by Mrs. Ed Hnrdin. The flames, which broke out at 9:15 o'clock, spread rapidly through the roof, eye witnesses said. The city fire department m.ide the run. The house was occupied by '•Whistle 1 ' Eaton and family. WEATHER had not been closed. While the places entered were in. several sections of the city, Indicating Hint) the Intruder used a vehicle In moving about, similar methods used in the several burglaries stamped the activities as those of cue prowler Arkansas—Pair, .slightly warmer In northmsl portion tonight; Tues- e-xtrcme east portion. warmer tonight and Tues- nioney. Apparently the intruder wns Interested only in money as there appeared to be no effort to obtain any oilier loot. The maximum temperature here yesterday -nas 87, minimum CO. clear, nccorolng to Samuel P. Norrls, offl- cla) weather observer.

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