The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 31, 1934 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, March 31, 1934
Page 3
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¥, MARCH 31, 1934 BLYTHEVILLE, (ARK.)" COURIER NEWS PAGE THREE O B I LE Mews and Motes for the Motorists E New For V-8 Victoria Has Smart Lines Plymouth Engineers Claim Solution lo Problem of Riding Comfort , Mid).— For yeais, automotive piiBincers have been f.lrlving fnv ihe development of » car that would provide • u .smoolh. fatlguek'ss rkl3, bui alleys were confronted with numerous liandl- uips. Their Hllimne aim, :is cars and highways were developi'il Him mailo yoMlbU.' a day's journey of three, four and even five hundred miles, was lo perfect a car Uini would lorcver eliminate; "car weariness" after such a 'trip. Hut the cngincei'b u-^r^ constantly facing •urabti'iu.s that tail to do primarily with ehnsls spring design ami steering. They were limited in refinements until the conventional methods of springing were .superseded by an entirely now engineering practice. How lo eliminate tear seat "pitching" was one of the important ride problems that aUractci an unusual amount of engineering thought. This "pitching" was caused by the shortness of from fcprinys as compared with the rear springs. Mitch u'.rs done lo improve riding comfort by softening the springs, use 01 free-acting shackles with self-lubricating metals in leaves and the employ- irt-nt of shock absorbers. But, even ujth the=o advancements, engineers had noL solved the basic proDJem. They iverc faced with the limiting faclor o front springs that were only approximately two-lhirds us long a. the rear springs, ant) whirl) could not be tenglhened \ullionl making the car too long and without facing steering difficulties. Leading automotive engineers ex. plain thai when a short spring i deflected it returns to normal it short, jerky movements, wlicrea a longer spring has a softer, slow er action. After exhaustive ex perimeiiLs and tests engineers clis Plymouth Motor Corporator learned thai through the use coil springs for the front, wheel It was possible to gel the soft slow action without facing any o the difficulties which icouki occu by merely lengthening the sprin; Wins $5 Cash Prize for Letter on New Ford V-8 GHIYSLEI.FIIDS High P Dodge Uscis Precision Methods The newest and smartest nf the Ford V-8 iicdy l>|iu, Ihe Victoria, wild ils blcsl curfinrntuj mode; (insert), a glimpse "f (he new diviileil front seal. \ for three persons. smart Urns r.'fkvtins rce Cars Ai'fi Ready Markd, Company Announces UKTROIT. Midi.— Dcimind for :lii! Chrysler Six and Chrysler Airllow ci'.rs Ls con.siuntlv imjiinl- iiiK us mmv uiul muri 1 of them .ire placed in the hands nf owners :md opporlunHtcs for dfalfr ilt-- nonstralions inrrciuse. utTitnllnx 10 Joseph W. Fiuwr. Ocneuil Salo .Mamigcr. As of March IB. the ChiyskT ^nles Cnrpornllon had 2I.4IO im- lillcd dealer orders "for • Chrysler airs for shipment iK'Iore April UU. in addition to 111'.' shipments thut hud been prccecMHny ul a rapid rale since the iH'ghitiini; of the month. Of the orders now on file, •iGfi percent lire for Chrysler Alr- Jlow t:ighls und Chrysler Airflow Imi>ciials, nml the rc-niulnlnK 5U.5 tor Chrysler Sixes. This imusunlly liiuli ratio of the higher to the I iowcr-prlml cms In the line Is j inUM-pretPil by company officials Indicate itu entirely new buy- i! Irend by I he public as one of I the resull.s ol improved Hints. i Shipments uf Chrysler cars jiriicncMt u new pt'nk on Mnroli when 425 left the factory. The jliievious high was UV.l on the jlirevtoiis dny. The nvernnc for live the to »' s heslnnliiB Mnrcli 9 was 31 ruts per dny and It Is expected The Ford V-8 Victoria is on clis- .comfortable, and hns the most dc!)lay in the showrooms of Ford (sired fenlurcs both of the full (leasers throughout the United ! width front seal of llic Fordov I bedim and the individual front {fiiicmoiits States. Aside from its attractive stieam-] seats of the Tudor model. The protected \vilh fi raimt.i CO 1 which is provided. Amo:i<; the many other body rein the nt=w Victoria is the clear-vision rvuiiliitlijg system !:it.u day will be 5tislnlnctl jthroni>h Ai>ril. IVC: ' Retail ([rllveiicx of Chrysler nnd' IHvmomh cnrs by Chrysler dealers for the week ciulinii Mnrcli 10 \v<'.re 25.0 percent hlyher ihi'.n ijie contours, the new Victoria lias (front passcng'cr seat may bo tip- jwlilcli is built into the body, ituli- two unique features. One is t di- i ped forward vided three-passenger front Mai the rear. . and the other a large linage . Baggage or other articles may be compartment al the rear of the ('carried in the luygagc compart- car. The new body type has. lie I incut with the compartment door luxe appointments throiiBlioui. [closed, or. when occasion rccmhcs, The interior is unusually spacious, 'the compartment may be left ojxm The jjew front seat i.s cspsc:ally lo provide access to ! virlual control Is provided for both front and rear side windows When those of the preceding week. This \viis \hp soviMHh consecnUve week hi which an increase In deliveries v;as noted. This rcpie.stius an in- of 204.1 per cent, over Ihe ventilation is desired, tlic window Is raised to the tun. und an acldl- jcom-spoiuUiils week uf »:« ami ol liojial half-turn <if Die crank slides !,,,;, „„.,. ttle corrcsiiLiidlng wci-X (lie wiiitlow buck, forming a verl-"',f>f 1932. CoJenian S. Stevens jr. lias been awarded a prize of S5 by the Phillips Motor Co., local Ford dealers, for the best letter on the new Ford V-8. His letter was selected from about 75 submitted by junior high .school students. The letter follows: "The new 1934 model V-8 Ford cars arc the most outstanding in (he low priced car field. The V-8 type eight cylinder motor, with a surplus of [lower, gives the car a . pickup, a getaway, and speed which make it easy to handle in heavy traffic and in city driving. It is very economical in the use of gas, oil and repairs. "The body Is of all steel construction, mnde in one solid piece, which makes it safer in case of wrecks and collision. The car is equipped with shatterproof glass, which adds lo ils safety. It. is liuilt close, (o the ground, (hns making it liolfl the road at high speed. "The new 1934 models are uuilt of the latest streamline construction, which makes II a most "beautiful car. "In n recent stock car contest in California the first eight winners were Fords, which is further evidence of Ford supremacy." RECOGNIZED AT LAST ical opening through u-Jilcli stale ( air is drawn. Appleby Makes Three Deliveries This Week Shouse-Liftle Announce Seven New Deliveries • Four, pnsscnger cars mid three ---- ! tricks were delivered lo buyers A Studebaker, n Tcrraplnne nndjlhis: week by the Shousc-LKUe Huiison were Mlltl and Uellv?rqd by ihc .1. C. Anpleby Motor coin- ! Chevrolet Co. 11 H. Hale Blythevile received a De Luxe TciTiiplaiii: coach and Or. 'R. V. Fox of Manila \var, delivered :i Suideliakf.r custom DUMauir seilan. Three Buy Pontiacs ; Tiiroc new Ponllncs were rejiorl- :cil (leljverde by, llii> I,cr-Co»|K'dge iMolor Co.. (Inline Hie past week } by George M. ]x:e. Milton KternlxTg bought, a four d«,r frdan Mia n similar car wns delivered to W. J. Wimdn-lich. A two door Ponliac -SLVlan iva.s Ijoii^ht by Joe Applutanm. and Louis Apple- ilu'O sedans, otic lo J. 13. Chand and another to R. J. DoOson. Eric Bollard has a new 1'i ton Chevrolet inick, Ixniglit from U. j W. Miilllns. ./. C. Diichiiiuin dcllv- :ereci a similar I ruck lo iJDnlc iHonlln, nnci W. O. Mulkey of Os- Ueola lx>ni;l'il a half Inn pick-up I fi-oin rkili Wllkrs. XTing Im- pvovcnic'iils of ihe 1934 Chevrolet Line hiltuciuclitm ol ln(b]»;n- .-i.hinl^ for niljiisniif MUM IJKTIIOIT. Mich— In order in inslnict Chi'vni'.i-t's 'JS.Crx) ri'lall •;i|i : Mnen on the extensive enyl- neiThi-j uilvahcw tn the 1U34 mcd- Us, (iOl scluwh of Instruction arc' lieliv! liflil this month throiigli- nul tin- Unllvil Hlnlcs. . The sthwils follow Uii! general !iui nl ins V~iif:lit)ii courses given iimtvr llic direction of K. W. Tlm- l:er. :inles promotion numnger, und J. M. Crmvford, chief engineer of the Chevrolet Motor Co., at 1m-. pnilnnl points during Ihn aiilomo- shoivs. Eonii: 4.000 retail . iiilesmcn gol flrst-hnnd Infornni- lion on tlrt iie\v meehunlcn) <le- vrilopmi'nis in Hint time, and round the Instruction so, valuable u.s :m aid In r.^lllliK that the cumscs have been extended to Include Ihe entire sales body. Preliminary to the opening of llic schools, four men from cncii el the tilnii Chevrolet regional of- . [ ficos spent a week In Detroit anil I Mini, where Mr. Crawford In- . islriicti'il llit'in thoroughly, brlna- I Ing out tlui fuels about each new cnulncerliiK feature and the. slgni- [Icniu-e uf each fact Irom the slnndfinliu of the owner and op- crutor. Tlio new Y-K frame, with Ils vuslly Iucrca5;d rigidity; nsw iinil nmiv iiowerfnl eiiElne, with liruntly Improved imfonnance; "kmr nciSon" wheels, rjsnltlnij In ievo!uHoi:nry comfort and drlvlnc I-IIM: nnd olhtr lmi»rlnnt devel- Amonf Ihe advances lirnnglil iilroul t;y lln- dent v;lieel spiln^iny ui't 1 new ini-eision nu ni.Uti.-rs us fronl. wliu-l cuniUcv, ci-Mi'r, dii-ni. Uirnln« viulni-s, >'tc. ] Ol'i'ie'^^ wie exiiliilned Hilly, alls mi intcieKitiu; I'luilo^viLph !-tio\vlu^ Ui:w ni'wly ds and an e!'il;oni(e j-yslfMn (if mitonialLi: mlrrorni-tt^r in llu- (ilanl.s nf Undue llnr.hcrs Corimrailini In i-'ln (.-kin!;. In Din 1 H'.sl, fitlltistmi'ill 1 ; n! llu- Di.'.liff- fruit Mi^i^Mlslotl ii-.'emh i«t-rt U'cstcrncrs \Var on (»:nntiliriR MAnSHFiELD. Ore. (UI'i—Wtir has been declaicd by Coos County law ollicers in mi elfoil to eradicate siot machines, vending machines, punch boards nnd other gambling devices subjccl lo proM- ciition under Oregon law. Rumania's Export Of Mniiie Slumps BUCHAREST. HJl')— Hiimanla's export of inai«. which ranks scc- ond only In tlinl (jf Ihe Aiijriitliii', will Ije cunslilcrahly Miiiiller ln[' 1934 Ilinn in I'J'i'i. ilw l« uiitnv-1 arable winter weulhcr nnd the vir- i, Hull certainty Urn nt k'ast 2--i \r.r : ceiit of the crop has Uu-n .spoiled by dampness. Rumania'.s IH32 croji was nLout (JOO.COO cnrlimds; In l!i:t:i. only 4-)0,Oflf) ciirlouOs- wen- produced, and iiboi't. <u:i:-fntiith of this wr,.s nnflt for extrart. Even in noimal times. :i]i avL-rnKe of li.COO eai'loiitis ts Ht only for use by the tll.'Uil- Icrli-s. After ditllicllnj; llic tiormal rloniestic iioiiBiimpllon i>[ apprnsi- mnlcly MWKIQ rarloads. and eon- Mderltis Ihe fall expnrl, v.'hicli \v.i;, smnll. thc-re .srlll rctanii] arounil W.IXX) carloads ol mnl/e in lin- nianla. of which, however, (inly n fiacliun will be 111 lo exiunt. An elfoi't. to s:ivr part, nf the fifip hus Ix-ni iM-vun v.Uh nu aiU- flfial drying i Ir-vator nl Constan- lii, and ar.ii!li?r ut I!i.iil-,\ on.tlw l)anub<'. but ilicsn wl ill tin- crop nlwiiys Is 1'Ofi'l CllOSen by Labor ^underlich Tops Mid-Sout For Motor Board ! in Texaco Dtain Open Shell Station on Arkansas Side oi Line Announcement of the opening of a new service station at the Arkansas-Missouri state line has been made by James Terry and Clifford Cavitt. The new station is located nt Ihe arch and is the first fo 'be opened on the Arkansas side since the last legislature passed a law creating a 300-foot tone in which Arkansas .stations may operate on the same tax basis of comi»tuig stations in adjoining stales. An advanlage jxiinted oul by the operators of the new station is that motorists may now secure gasoline at Missouri prices without depriving ihe slate of Arkansas of the tax. The new station will handle Super-shell gasoline and oi! products. Five New Cars Delivered by Barnett This Week \V. T. Barnett announced the sale and delivery of five new units this week, tour Dodges and a Ply- mouUi. Jeltle Driver of Osccola received a Dodge cWh, A. S. Cole of Kemiett a Dodge cocah, H. ffiBhfill a Hi ton Dodge truck nnd Adolph Meyers a new ply- mouth coupe, nil sold by Mr. Bar^ nett, while T. I. seay delivered a f^Dodgt? coupe to R. L. Rose. Competing with more than 200 Texaco service stations in n special one-day campaign, W..J. Wunderlich. operator of; Ihe Main Service Stntion here/ won first hon- crs by sellmi; 305 gallons r>f 5!nvo- l:"c and Golden motor oil. The contest was.held last Saturday throughout the New Orleans district. coni]»sert of Arknn- »s. Tennessee. Louisiana and MIs- rissippi. Tlic local 'station drained tf.; crnnkcnses of ?33 cars during tt.« day, rcniliiiR tilcm with new oil. This record is regarded as exceptional hi view of the ttnfnvnr- J ;iKe weather conditions prevaiiino [ [lure on that day. \ ilead Courier News Want Ads. Labor looks to Richard E. Byrd. <a))ovc), o[ Ponllac, Midi., to . help settle llio differences between!) automobile manufacturers and' workers. Ho has been nominate* by tie automobile workers to represent them on tho three-man mediation board planned by Tres- Ident Roosevelt. each United States and China have five cities ,wlth more , than a million population. The Most Ca\eful Driver is Always at the Mercy} of a Kcckl One Vnur only protection heavy ilimaffs is U •nil ProperU Damage \lr.- suranrr in a strong com; I First Nationa Insurance A gen Gtneral Insnranrc Plione 12 Congratulations to ColemanS. Stevens, Jr. on his prize-winning letter MI the new FORD V-8 lli.s leUei'. selected from nbout 75 suljmitloil by jiinitir hijrli school students,-was tuui.Miall.v good from tlin slRiidjKiinl of comiinsilion <is well ks kpeti .iiidgnienl. lie briefly Intl clearly pniiited out must of the vital adviinUigu.s of tlic new Kovd 'V-8 over other tow iirict'tl c;ivs. All of Uic letfer,-; suhmillcd won' inliM-esliinf :nul xvell vvi-itleii and wo wish to tlinnk UK> stutleiits for tiieir efforts. Young and old'arc quick io realize the qualities that make Ihe new Ford V-8 such an outstanding car. Phillips Motor Co. ANOW.Iv.'i, Wnnh. (Ul it fcol Due luil'n In the (cr which the M members of Ihe dnss wen: dispatched lo lliclr rc- -•jii'ctiVL- lerritorleR lo jifiss llic In• fm-tnullon ailing lo tile «ale.s or- ^iinl/allori.s llieru. I ' Comnienthi'! on Uio progrnin, \V. K. Holler, i;enrial .sales manager, • said: "The policy of making ine iKail .salvbinan 'eiialiiscrlnt; conscious' was determined upon te- our 19.14 line hilmjlucc:; the ' srtnirM array of enylncerlnK sin- piovjmcnt.'j made In recent years. lly i-.ciiiiiilinln", the salesman with the maijiiHinlc of our engineering' achievement, we expect to equip Olviniilf HKxmt.iin.v cnvtvint Uni»- '.-iiitis of iicn-',. W |]| I)., rnvfird pur- llally I:;,- ZJKtm l) fir srcU- !IIH;S l:cii./ ]]|iir:ed Iry CCC wurt- him real with ammunition to make .aics record ihls y The Central Knilway of Peru wrntcs at nllitutlcs higher than '15,0011 feol ul some points. jovNii; Di.sf riliudus Open State Line Super-Shell Station located at the arch on the Arkansas side ()!|VMMU<^ ills* \vc(! known Super Shci! gas and oil al Missouri pi^'cs, \\itli llu 1 fax t r ,oii»<r (o Arkansas, We promise prompt, courlrous srrv'n'r. and will ap- iM'rciatc youi 1 lnisiuc>s. Keep Arkansas tax money in Arkansas »» Yet essj^y Missouri gas prices. Station Operated By Jimmie Terry Clifford Cavitt

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