The Courier News from ,  on June 19, 1936 · Page 6
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The Courier News from , · Page 6

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Friday, June 19, 1936
Page 6
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PAGE SIX Meet In Second Game Tonight; Famous Si ore and Phillips Grapple Southern League W. b.^Pct Atlanta 4.) 19 ,VJO Nashville 39 28 .f>82 H>- J: 1>. Fill i; NT) Pastime Billiard Parlor, Blrintnehnm MUle nock New Oi-lenns .. Chattanooga „., sn t'iicj Memphis ,,,,... wake of a ..lour-anme winning! Knoxville streak, and uot'on the hi-ris of tlwl loop loadin<f Robinson Drug out- NMIunal Jit, and McMullln's Cnsh Grocers i particularly tough on tile "bis St. Louis .... boys," hoM the spotlis'nt In to- 1 Chicago ))i9hl's comtncrohil Softball double • I'lUfbuveli . , header, coming toge'lhcr hi tli; s n C - j New York M 26 si's ..ondgamo. Cincinnati '.28 W '.m Famous Store, nidcly upset by Boston ZT 32 458 me Grocers for ft third reverse In i Philadelphia 2038.315 .32 32 .WO .31 31 .600 .SO 32 .-184 .29 32 .475 .20 37 .413 .22 43 .338 W. I-, Pet. ..30 21 .032 Rough Sltiff Supposed to Be Out In Monday Night's Mat Feature I | Wrestling fnm, w-ho prefer the so-cnllcd scientific form of grappling to the slapstick type, will have Ihclr inning | n the feature event of the w«Vy American Rex "Hook, Line iTlSffl^g'sn € And Sinker" Z°&X£F& '^t By SPN , !" :a 'l the shipment of 200 bugs but ^rzr^r^^;;—--...^,...^ the postoflice people said postal *!"" - *" — sort of S u"™? W ° U1U "° l PermU '™« 1 - They'rc not biting at Plynt Bend. We have this report from"Hush llnrbcn. local grocer, who was with a party including ifcnry, Charlie i""! y a ''i y . Llltcs Dn(l ""8 11 1Ii>r ... .r. IIV.IIIA.-H.-I is not n iinn , ''' week - ' rile y caught a wlio goes around icllinit nsli vims : v ' f a|>|)lc B11J so "' e catfish, bu' ii,.i !.„ ... , ° ' au yarns, lmt . „ <.,,mMft»M n,__ . ' . , ' 3omc are r»c, som« ridiculous, Bui they're nearly iil- ways interesting u> n fisherman No matter how fur-fetched a story trans, somebody els« can always lell one n little more so, W. W. Holilpoter Is not But he knows n story. , u sumdent qimntlly to make , ^Aivau ^ he started to tell it to us an f ^'. thc ll ' lp worth v '' hlle ' (Mug pretty veil until He realized ' V ""°" B(lss sl ''°V'' n row foitWiruj'n run oV^'Tvic"' tones, face another lmij>'/i customer—Phillips Moior company—in tho opeiKu, starting at a p.:n The Pastlmc-MeMullIj) amiir «•!)] not likely be a tea party. Both teams have plc-iity of power, fin? defense and good pitching, cm l>-" basis of ngiircs Hie second phce rue artist", will \ioHl nn cd<>c 'ever McMullln. fonrlh pim-a orei-ints ' U'd by (h c Glover boys. ' Tmv" an-.l Emory, a nd Bill GaJtvhi. pWlmc Is leading UK, !<.;,(,„<, ,,, , lUtilv , with .318. exactly GO viiit>. bull" than tin- Grocers. Jlowvir,' i-i'llv- last fo«- emiiM McMullln W as hit hard mi;) llmdy ami ,,,av b " lust recovering their batting eyes. I,, defense Pastime' also has an acl- committsd but one error iasi week I In .Inrmmiit: Famous Stare. The McMiillin nttncx- is centered around James Ht?don. Hnrmon t-ray, s\xil Reed, Lawrence Uttlc and Dick llaucy. Llttl,, ami Jla.ny Dave iMon especially poison lo opposing pitchers in the last few routes Is Junior H.ivkrr. Abi-nmtuv am Mnrcrs Galncs were liUlhuf at 0 lively clip bill have fall,.,,' oif The Olovcrs Krncsl' Barnes °"- S ' Phli; Marshall. 1 and "Shoeless 1 Godwin have provided most' o, ,m-, "' nU '"*' 'bough F Whitworl'ii. Hcrshe! Moshy, Andy Bf? V jl have been K ii|i|'ij,,' | snare of (be olnirx Jatcli- "« worth m^ nev ,, m n Mcil fo(|l . • lour iK'alnsl jimmie Smotlievnian Marshall is fn Kle ,,„.„„,. ()f ^ Is due to come thraii^ii al""!-!?™* Hard r,tiel; Joe •sfi^'X^'^MS has teen having ft scrn)) ., ,,„,,, ,„ Wn complete tca m on I'm- neltl • lately.--.First, ho lost Wlllla,,,']" ar who bid fair to became i| lc ^n- -PiltlOn Of tllfl 1ni-ii>iin >T>1, **... . Hrooklyn American New York lloston .. Detroit Uluvi'timd ,...20 3D .330 League W. 1,. Pet 30 18 .684 35 23 ,003 :tl (,'8 .525 2D 30 .M2 28 29 .401 27 28 ,491 20 35 .304. 18 311 .333 N'orlhrasl Arl;:ms:is In a preliminary the South American', Emll Flrpo, of many disqualifications will meet an opponent yet to be selected, Moblcy, tall, rugged Texan, nud Bloomfleld, the rtumanlan Jew *• - wonder ing 'now good n fish missed. A whole lot of the fish stories we i 1 o'.wHt-u tis one oi the biggest striped bass we've ever iron the other riay. caught it nt fannd slougn. Charlie SJmmlln hail .'«me nice bass, too.' They were de- hverlng a new boat to Dr misplace west ol ihc slough. W L. ivt. 23 12 ,Cf)V 20 13 .00(1 Curuthorsvllle ... C.sccoln Newport 1810 529 Jonesboro \R m ] 5 2!l "'"Koiild m i 8 ^55 ilfsvlllc 9 28 .243 mil for Baseball Results Southern League Memphis 9, clmUnnooija 0 Knoxvlllc 11, nh-mtnghnm 10. New Orleans (i, Atlanta 2. Only names scheduled. Iloslon A, SI. Louis 0. Cliicnuo nl 1'hllndelphln, rain 1'iti.sburuh nt Brooklyn, rnln. Cincinnati at New York, vain . C11 Miles signed n professional baseball ™ Altirrirnn Lcneno New York 0. Cleveland 5. Chirnjio J, Do.sUjti 0. "WnshliiBlon 12. Detroit 4 Si: Louis 7, Philadelphia 2. Nnrtlicast Arkansas I.racuo Newport 10, Paragoulud 7. Cnrullicrwllle 9, IJatesvlllc D. 1'V'nniis; s'ock Is sure lo rise. Before this season Is burled In tho record books ns 'history Phillips Molor Company W 1H go down as one of Ihc real trouble makers. Any team llml can hit ns they can Is . ,- the Osccola Indian? nna withdrew (roin the loon • Hiir- old-'Tr^ger" wall, pjppcrv wtrti- er has bfrn bollieri-d with n bad ankle, .md aitlo for j xmi , s -'snitTV, - - annrd. Q. H. (Shut) Detain; crvic I voll '-'y ed a. cpiiDle of ribs three weeks ago ami .is just MOB- recora-iiif; J 0 l m Holland recently•«ii(l crw ci,t ,,„ „„. bound to make trouble. They have ,,„ „„. eration on one of his knees, n cli- ma.v of an old] injiirv nml hasn't been the same. pllcW since Joe says that outside of (hat hie team is in pretty goad .shape, Ous of tho biggest handicaps too is the failure ot Marvin "Soak" s'anl derson | 0 approach Ills ]<)35 hlttlii" .form. This time lust year the pitchers were scratching their hcr.tis and spending many sleepless nWits trying to figure how to get him out Now Soak is spending many sleepless iilg-nts trying to ngnre how to get sonic base knocks. . He IS a natural hitler and likely will come around soon. When he dors the n novcr-say-die solrlt thnt makes them a double threat. That was •best <lcmoiistrntcd last week. Trnil- )'ii! their sixth lime at bat, they siKhlctity broke loose with a )f base hits, mid before Dan nrrmgton, tile' Pjistime uce. eonld isl! the uprising, eight of tlic ni- emy hail erawed the plnte. Jim- thc mat Kiutie in tiieir n]t])enrances hi local rlnu. Mobley hns worked liere Ilirce occasions, holding Hoy I Welch lo n SO-mlnute draw in 1 one mulch, losing lo Welch In another Kn ,l IMna a batterinK from "wild Bill" Rush in his third appearance. llloonini'lil hns toil lo riiisli and' Oley Olson In two nppear- J _ = vu.», U 3 It's the kind o f n sport thai produces unbelievable •• •• ' net 01 nearly nny experienced mielm- u-iii Wisconsin lumberjack i wt atlest. so ilou-t be too hasL n U> ''° taln flrin loMn e ln "wjiy he Judging your friends when Oiev to' 1'recariou.s places a ns'nern you whoppers. 7'ncy mlghl be tell t °''' S ' , Bl1 . 1 tlm ' ( '- be nbsellt mlm on ing Ihc trulh. ' enough lo stalk in live front -d •°y I T A r-> l ~~ " ^- -^- ideal pair of fishing shoe* .,„, enable you to walk a slippery log like a Wisconsin lumberjack and to retain firm fooling m mn )i y of the urccnrlou, places a nshcrmaii minded 'door with them when yon get back home or you inlglit hear from the ladrl FP.JDAY, JUNE 19, of the house. Here's another tip. Don't, go o a ftshlny trip during this hot wea tner without plenty of good drink ing water. A gallon Jug may slo you down somewhat, but it's wort the money after you've pushed boat a few miles. I'ollce Dojf Grnflualeii"" OS W EGO, Ore. (UP) -Dutc Tryer, a police dog was "gradual cd' along with the class from th grammar school here. His diplom was -si large, meal-covered bone Dutch started to school with hi mistress, Betty Fryer, eight year Pigs can be the cleanest of al farm animals. They will not sleep m a filthy to do w. bed compelled JVrerksr Service - Gas OPEN ALL NIGHT PHILLIPS SERVICE CENTER Phones 717 - 810 antes here. lie fared bitter against Hush limn other opponents or the wild man" despite his loss. Today's Games il express agent, u .,..,,u,ti, n |yi, of Qjjjl cljl.. wcnts in his diiy, but he 5, 0 d „ called upon to dispatch a hum™! order of extra fancy lilythevllle- grpwn cockroaches lo n lake in the Missouri Dairies where Paul Bynuu nt Memphis, night Knoxvlllc Bame. Atlanta nl Little Hock. Chaltnnooen at Birmingham. Nashville nl New Orleans. Clileneo at Brooklyn. St. Louis al New York Plllsburyh al Philndehjliln Cluclnnnli nt Boston. New York nl' DclrolL UC '.' Wnshliujtoii nt Cleveland. Philadelphia nt ChlcaBO. Only gomes scheduled. ' Niirtliciisl Arkansas"ijra'mie Jonesboro nt Balesvllle .Osccola at Pnrnt'Ould. ' .'•' -- Cavullicrsville at Newport. ' ; :• Experienced sportsmen consider the li-gimue shotgun to be besl npiefi for game ii IIUSINESS & POLITICAL I.BTl'ERS A SPECIALTY Work ,i c ,it, cheap lt t] ^ k Veterans Sers'ice Work All Kinds Ulnnk Forms Curtis J. Little ' "ONE For every unit of youi modern car is obsolete- It i.s "JIOKS and wagin" «iul gone with ,th c two- wheel brake—'['he ham!' crank a 11 d tho .'••olid tire- is mile Modern lubrication liei-C'aiid it's u m aliend of old methods— —Let's Lubricate. .Service Center^ PHTLLTPS . - inle Sinsllicrinaii is u battur-tliiui- -iui- avcrngc pllclicr. with e oml control. iinrt a knowledge o[ ll-c MtU'rs JJoll win sonic games. Dcrore You Buy Any Oullinard - Src Iho NEPTUNE 145 2 !l. P. Single 1,'yl. (Oilier Sura to 16 H. p.) IIUBIJAUD TIRB & HATTERY CO. Have you lips with a. Taste for Wo Wore Sclccfcd As Sole Distributors Kor Choate's Arkansas Concord Sherry Wine Manufactured and Bottled by Richard H. Choate, R. P. I). No. I, Paragould, Ark. We also slock all flavors of that famous California'"Santa Alicia" Wine, fortilied with brandy All lii|{li grade aiid standard makes of Whiskeys, Brandies and • ' (iins in stock. : - 'Wo do'.not "search the markut • for •cheap,, inferior close-outs, but • we are always alert to s\lock'th'e "'" host values money can buy, as the class of our trade is entitled to tho best. We Do Not Sell the 2f.c— '/ 2 Pint—Stuff Crosstown Whisky Shop nlllin & Division If you are a type who fully appreciates true luxury you must become acquainted •with the great "double-rich Kentucky Straight Bourbon! 90 PROOF-KENTUCKY STRAIGHT BOURBON WHISKEY ^gPVRtGlir,.193(i. SCUEXLEV.PISTRIBUTPKS, INC.. NEW. YORK Is Dad Worth $1? DAD'S WANT-ADS I'BIISONAI.—Dear Wife, return ill Is forgiven. 1 don't bbm«'you for not washing ;ny old-fa^)!- iontd shirts !\t home. Give m« the new Valca-Tc.t Viud and we'll bolh be hxpny. Ricgel niadi theui - a till thtlt colliri don't need, starching at all! I While atid attljjcs _. _ JI.GC KEWARD—If 'Molher would Teinem- ber me vrith Inters oven Socks, afifl'd save herself \ ] 0 t of dirnlng, (A . hit with all men are the sturdy G and 3 Tibbcd Hslu at 60c.) D r<i WANTED— Son 'and daughler quit. looking on me as "ih nun." I'm sllll yoiinj in spirit and get 2 kick out 0 [ upoit clothes. Hovr 1 would en- Joy a pair of fl anno | sbrv. (JG.50). (he itke FEMALE HELP— If Motbfr or gltls are »t>aid I won't wh*t they plclt for mp J«M me tail you I place lil ih B fidenee In the world f a Uites of Fred 5iTul«f yr Osc»r Bailey, so E0 ll( , Jleid's and p!cX me cm i of. things. FOUND — Tbal my lunitmr Mii( t.1 getting pretty seedy. \Vo^,i e[ K the kids think enough cf n? to .splarg* on a Hart Schanner k Mirx Dixie \Veiv* smt f 0r . e t Sundty? Only ..... jij 5 " LOST— The last shred of i tl stW respect — *h»* old tut ot nine Hope the folk* noticed H , in d treat m« Vo * n? •*• $ t e t < on atriw for D»d's D^y. i 5iw some teatitfej *t the M CSl ( Clothing Company foi &i L ij (^ ^ He's a good stout at all times so why stint on the gift for hi^.onc and only day? We've done our part by assembling- what we earnestly consider to be the utmost in style and quality in neckwear at $1. From our complete selection, pleasing- Dad with one tie, or a half cloven, will be ihe easiest and most pleasant thing you ever did. NECKWEAR of QUALITY for your Dad G1KT BOXED 'WITHOUT CHAH«K H FATHER'S DAY SUNDAY, .1UNE 21 \Wtnl a-greal collcclion!! ,\ ew summer foulards in dots, checks, figures, plaids. Exclusive Scotch Misl lies in club Mnnes. Heavier reps in year round weights with Regimental Slriiics in seven different color variations. Then ton, there are those tics made of genuine Palm Jicach fabric (hut have all (do coolness and durability that made I'alm Hcach suits famous. A special construction enables them to wear a long lime yet they feel like a feather and are washable. Gift boxes without charge! MEAD CLOTHING Co. 315 West Main St. Blytheville's Headquarters for Smart Sportswear i trimmed the Paragould Rebels, 10 ( to 1 in a free hitting content J Newport made 16 lilts while Para- * gould made 10. Caruthersville Club Keeps Hot Pace; Newport Outslugs Paragould The league fending Caruthers ^'Ill^ers of_ the -norlhea s ; | Eonus Checks to Teachers MONTREAL (UP)—Better times I liave arrived lor school teachers • here. First to be hit by the depression, teachers have received "bonus" e'necks totalling $35,000, i ,, c.acs- e While Sox, 9 to 5, at Bates- tc yesterday. The Badgers scored four runs In the second inning to get o[f lo ' At Paragouid the Ncwpon club Bather's Day Next Sunday June 21st Brief Notes on Your Sportswear Wardrobe SPORT SPORT COATS SLACKS ns el and fight W oi K ii(. cticviot spoii coals in greys," whiles ami new fileii I laids and Homitls Tooth Checks. Cou- trastiiig plain and [wlterned slacks tailored by Hart SdiatTncr & Mars. . Come tomorrow for your new sportswear outfit. SPORT SHIRTS n Popular HEW Gaucliu style made liy McGregor u f smooth and rough weave fabrics in striking or siib- dllrti color combinations! Others $1.50 ;iml 52.00 SWIM TRUNKS $395 Slylcrt in England, these new Chalk-stripe Trunks by McGregor gel first call al fashionable clubs! llluc am] R rctt. with i,«lcliiii s bell nnd supporter. Others 52.00 TERRY ROBES $295 Stunning plaid robes, (ai- lorcd of soft, Ihirsly terry cloth. Indispensable at the pool, the lorker room, or at home! I'iptcl lapels; contnisttngf sash. SPORT SHOES These while buckskin shoes arc (he last word in sljlc nilh the host drcss- rd mcji iu liljthcvilltl May also be had ivith plain Iocs and cr cpc nib- bcr roles. Others $7.50 Every item illustrated ready at Blytheville's sportswear headquarters MEAD CLOTHING Co. 315 WEST MAIN STREET Open Saturday Evening 'Till 10

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