The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 24, 1944 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, November 24, 1944
Page 6
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' < . 'I ' , - - r £AGE SIX- " ' " >*'•».'- , r..TITT-r~ = PabtWwd Evtry Frid»7 In the Interne of Fknn Families of -Thta v^X Agricultural Section. ? PAW NEWS- 2-1, Enter the P!ant-to-Proaper Contests sponsored by the Courier News and Commercial Appeal. Gives Pointers On Game Meats Distinctive Flavor • ' Can Be Brought Out By Proper Cooking «,Wllfi gome more plentiful Ihts Pall than in many years and some ..mmunlllon again allowed to hunters, Miss,Cora Lee Colernan, county home demonslrnilon agent, this week-offered Information on cooking, wild meat to make a delicious treat' Much game, she declared is discarded after killing because hunters and housewives do not ap- "p~reliat? it and do not know how to keep^apd cook It properlj -"People eating game fpr the first, tifne usually try to compare it with j>eef,rpork or othei domestic mcnt$ ^buj'she explained, game has & clis tmcllve flavor ( T>l)lch for the most rjirt chn not'be compared with (he meat "of anj other group ofJ animals . t Meat taken by hunters Is often wasted because care is not taken affer the game Is shot so that it comes to the housewife'' edlbfe and attractive Whether game should be dressed immediately after shooting or not depends oft the weathef she said Birds may be carried through the day nifhout 1 cleaning, but In warm weather_ those kept longer than a day v«un6ut Ice or refrigeration shoMld be drawn'' The feathWs can be'left on until the hunter reaches home JAf(er the blrd'ls drawn the body cavit>, should be wiped dry but not washed with' water Although most hunters skirt game birds Instead of plucking'leathers" because it is eas- ler^and makes less work for the cook> many expert game cooks, according to the home demonstration agent, bclleie that some of the fine flavor of the meat is lost when tiie skin is 1 removed ,Wi!d*meat Is likely to be drier and tougher thun domestic meat because game leads an active, vlgor- "Us'Ufe which keeps muscles firm' and prevents the acquiring of much fat Very often It needs longer cooking than Bother meat and cooks best ih a covered pan Because most wild meat is \cr\ lean, fat should be added • Wild meat that Is joung and ten- 1 der mav be broiled, fried or roasU , ed, older meat, braised or fricasseed Game of different ages to be cooked - together needs long, slow, moist ( ' cooking to make the tougher mint tender Allowing older meat,to aee , for semal days and then parboll- _ ing-before cooking also helps.i the _2>ome demonstration agent, added ** r " ~ i^ '• Phones Ma Electric 1/nes Forecast .MEMPHIS, No\ 24 -P6st W ar telephone sen ice for the Nation's farmers over the same electric pdvj- er lines that now light farm homes spin churns turn feed-grinding mills and perform other chores is -in prospect Frank PJournoy, district manager of the Southern B*ll 1500 Nerjraesf ' |xpected For Farm Meetihg'. 'fit is estimated that 1500 gro faimers and friends plan to attend the trl county postwar Negro Ffirm planning meeting Sundayaf(*rti66n, 2? o'clock, at JYcnchmah's Bftyou' ,« Sponsored by tlie Southern Mediators Association, in coop?r&tlon with a committee oifcitl^ns oT'Mlj- slsslppl, Crittendcn. and Polhsifl Bounties, purpose of the meeting- H to mop plans for solving problems to follow the'war and to establish ^Program for benefit of the Negro rurnl citizens returning from ser- Vjce, it was announced. Negro leaders In farm, health oml civic activities of this section me to take part on the program. Yarbro Students Buy $853 Worth Of'Bonds * Pupils of Ynibro School today purchased War Bonds and Stamps Ifi the amount o[ $853, vilh 100 pei cent participation in the sale. It' was, announced by Miss Minnie Boster, jirinclj>nl.of; the. school, w Twenty of the'students, who are purchasing War Bonds will be brought to Blythevlflc this after- goon where the^ will'personally buv theif owhibbndS, transmitting messages o^er power IJnes, o.nd have given promise of economical transmission' by short- la'dio/ \ Farmer Attends Shorthorn Safe Manila Man ftetUrn* With Herd Of Eight' Registered AnirnoU , StAnlcy" Fradenbure of Route I 1? Manila, has returned from tfie fiw- ls W Thieman Polled Shofthorn feale al ScUni'd, Neb £lgh'lK'«I^ht hend of fine, shorthorn cattle sold for an avevngc of $330. Mr. 'FnulcnburK brought back eight head, all with nationally, famous blood lines In theli pedigrees Some ore descendants from International prl«! vvlnneis His purchase Included two bulls and six females One of thcM; bulls, K a full brother to the top Mlllug calf of the sale. Mi rrnilenburg, who h giaduafly building up one of the'bebt Miort- horn herds in Arkapsq'i, plans on' (.Jiowlng lit the jwlleo; shprthoni Congress and sale at-Memphis, in' 1945 i \ i gicss and tale at Mernphls, In 1945 Mi FrndenburB has been a short- Jipin brecriqr since 19^9 .In that year he nnd'A C? Owens went Into Oklahomi In search ,of, writable cahes, for the Lost Cane\<-H oldb members He was impressed with the Shorthofn Meed''of'cattle'ami' purchased his first breeding stock, nt that time Pianti are most aclive'during th* period between noon* and three In the afternoon Another possibihtj is (he transmission of rural telephone messages bj mlciowave radio sjstems requiring no poles or \\lre ' • nn , ^ P3Tt ° S a plan ' Mr Plour - noy said, of a joint committee composed of representatives of the Bell Telephone Sssteni and independent '\telephcme companies to advance the nationwide postwar telephone' programs for the farmer Co-chairmen 01, the committee are John'p Boy'* jan, president of the United states independent Telephone Association, IV.H national organization of thousands of independent telephone'com! Panies, and Keith s McHugh> vice- president of the American fele- C^LVi? e J raph Co ' «W!5ent.i ing the Bell Sjstem interests ',The aim Is to improve existing f nrirl 1f f ,•* f T VltL HIKl lu fcx- iena it to farm homes that do hot now have this convenience Ex- ated the feasibility "of * fr 7 > fa •aprafi-t ff?L %*$£ ^ v - TERMINIX TERMINATES TERMITES Don't rely on makeshift methods of termite control. Let the world's Urjest termite control organization protect yon against costl> tlamaje. Free inspections on re- KSt. BRUCE TERMlNlXCO Licensee of E L Bruce Co MEMPHIS- SINCE 19*T> MIX CONCRETE BTORM SEWCT ALL SDKS Th»n Wetolo Tilt * Culvert Co. Owed*, BUILDING v."v* -Lwsted it 121 E. Main St. " ^^^^mmmmm^m fotfsteredl DUROC BOARS Ready For Service. AT FARMER PRICES Also Several Registered HEREFORD BUtL CAllVES „• •- '- --• n i ,;/ I. C. Buchanan ; Foriri Loeored 2'/ 2 Miles West on Hwv 18 V Phone 5/8 or 3335 , THe Delta- Implement'CA, Blytlievllk Vol. j 2'4- No. 13 North Misstssiripi Count>'.s (/Uftta ift the t>mti War r Loarf ha<r been Set at $800.000 During tKte next few days n workef wilhciH on you for voui •subscription— welcome him, and buy ju<st' urf miinj us yori cah . The money «ilf.spced uctoty no^; arid help VoU realuc ambiUons after (he war is oVer. I*ts ovWaiAWfiht (his ddota as We ha>e <ul others! DI A, C Gunter, of Route 2, Leachville,.has-a gdofl McCotmick Deenng staik cutter t'oi sale Itl our shops this ^\cck: a Farmall It foV minor repairs for Paul' KetchUhi, of Steiie, a-FarrltalM! for overhaul for Howart- Perkins, of Manila; an F-20 for o\crhnu) for Paul Tiammel, of Half Aloon; a dibt h v arr6W ' for sharpening and repair for H. J. Arnold, farming East of Hlylhcville; am! a trader for t lr c solution • for W. M. LaKerney, of Blylhcvillc. • -DI- J. M, Gee, of Hives, JIo , has a used Mc- Cohck Dccinig powei unit for sale. DI- We cannot o'»er«nipha*iij'.e th'e importance oft regular overhaul and repair of the equipment you now have. Indications are that new equipment will be scarcer than ev«r ; next >car, and parts are still hard to get. Have your implement dealer put your equipment in shape for the coming year as soon as you can and avoid the first" of the year -DI- \Vc still h!ue steel stock wateuug tanks in assorted sizes and shapes. TAW OP YOUR AUUM •ON<f HAVI |f •>•<«. HALfWAT • fcftf fcatf fdMYt ^ ' L^UfJs^ P. & A. News 8(nlewlilc recognition was rcc^nt- . given two'farm' families • of Mii- Isslppl County — the Oscir Miit- ock nnd the Qufnt J.' rw n f fairi- lles Bolli families received''Farm "flrrilly of Ihe Week" <JlU(Ions' In rndlo bioiidcastsver,i 1 :Little R<k!k tallpn Excerpts from tl'it broad- •ik follow 'Both fainlllcs moved to Dyew 1930 nnd both have made much progress ' Mr and Mrs Oicar Mntlo"k ha\e four ehlldi'cn Thclf oldest son, Oscnl Lynn, Is In the United Slates Arrpy In Europe. Tliclr old- )sl. (lauehler Is married nnd her lusbnnd Is In Hie service. TlieMat- ock's are doing a good Joboffann- iig Mr. M«(lock is. vice-president >i Dycss • Farms, Infor]x>riited. He Is ueasurei'- > pt''thfe v Masd r ilc Lo'diie nt Dyess,;n'ha the fnnilfy .Is. active H Ihe^Baptlst 6h'urch..i(rs.-MaU > 6ck i ft' past; rnatroij :of.; the Enitorn Stnf/; w.1s^prcsl<Idnt' f of:'the ' fodnl PTA cliiipter/'prcsfdcnyof• liic'liomc dcmoiistration, club Mind .'is> no« presldehl .dp [lie Dyess 'Recreation 'Thc-Dcnt/i nre mnkliig;rcal pro- srpss .top. Tlii;y have a well balanced farm 'progmm, raise niost ovory- :hlng they,,eat.,.. .:,,'.* cattle;,hogs. !hl«keiis, -a: big'garden, ah'd>thcj- :»n u bl^isupplyVof'fruits<Hnd^.V6g- etabje-s. eaiih '-ycrtv.' "jpHcy save"- their neat' and lai'd/ The D«rits have ,wo boys' In servJce. Alvlh-Dent was .he first boy -at. Dy'ess' to' enlist. He's been serving. In the', tiavy ffvb 1 years. Another son, Edwin, Is 'In :he Army. A' third son, Melvln, was Injured in an accident' some time RBO.nml couldn't pass the physical to get- Into/ scrvle'U, so lie's working' In n war plant. The Dent's' are buying War B'onds and looking forward to : the return 'of' their two 'f wheji the war's over." NOTICE V OF SALE. Notice hereby- given' that the undersigned mortgagee In - a- inortgage executed by C. E.' Oiice to the' Unitcd'Btttes on the llth day of February. 1942, nml duly filed In the office of the Recorder In and for Mississippi County, Arkansas; the said C. 'E. Orlce- having waived all rights' of appraisement, sale, and*fedenrntion underHlie law's of the State of'A'ri kahs'as; pursuant to 1 the powers granted under the' terms of* the aforementioned mortgage, and by (lie laws of the State df Arkansas will ort the 27th' day of i November 1044;- between' the' hours 6f 9 o'clock In, the-' foretioori and 5';o'elo'ek-' in the' afternoon of'said date, at'tffe 1/ewis' farm; 1 ml, s. oVshonyo' In the'County of' Mississippi, Slate'of Ark'ahsns, plter'for sale'to the"highest and-best', bidder for cash, (hi following described' property, to-! wit,: l;bay;maire; 1 set.h'arness. Wit"ness rny Jiand this the 23rd day of November, 1 1944, united Slates of America, By Robert W. Downs, FSA Supervisor. ' Form Loons — Long Terms, Low Interest Rotes, Quick Act ion. 'We also scill farms, lurge ;ma smi)l, in all Sbulheast Missouri. counties. See us before you buy or get "a loan. You 'can get 'the benefit of our long years of experience. , Caleb Smith & C. E Golladoy .217 E. .Alalone Avenue- .'.,.. ,' .Sikesloii, Missouri ' Thai's whai u amounts to wli«n you get your equipment back from us after a check-up anil overhaul job . the knpn-lcdge thai every job you start will b« ^ u'anecessar) . j ' •-\ . . No, (M premium yoU-payish'i'big and it gives jou the best possible protection on jour (ractor invcsmienr, for a lay off of )our equipment adds up to irriponam loss in your food 1 production program You will save all the way around by adopting'our regular service check-up. You w'ill prevent trouble, you will save ilic cost of a breakdown as against a timely adjustment ami youf tractor will give you that dependable performance ihnt'nieins satisfaciiob' Our Service Shop has ilie- men,-, methods, and material ~to' keep' your equipment in perfect working order. They have the "know bow", too because they are factory trained. • Missco Implement COL A;' heavy, bomber, emislng at 250 miles an' h'our,' burns three and one- thlrrl galldns 'of easollne every .'nlriute. ••'•'.;.' •'•''• During World War I, y e were oske<l to save prune pits because they were used for gas mask charcoal. LaGuardia.Field,; N; Y.-Sjnciair's unique oil-jeep drains and fills giant American Airlines' Flagship with Sinclair Pennsylvania Motor Oil. American Airlines, lac., biggest U. S. Airline, relies on Sinclair Pennsylvania Motor" Oil exclusively to save wear on'its costly airplane engines. ' Now'tliat your car needs all possible protection^ give' it-the same protection given these planes. Buy Sinclair Pennsylvania Motor Oil from your Sinclair Dealer. . SINCLAIR PENNSYLVANIA MOTOR OIL B. J, ALLEN -.•I:.- . - - — Afe»t »-, HytkoiUi, ArL\ ^MISSOURI FARMS 'or^rfadil Choice Boliom or Hill Farms at Bargain Prices ".'•'" 'SEE T. II. yiNVAIilJ, FAKMS FOR SALlv, 42?, VINE ST., ;..;../.-.;• POrLAR BLUFF, MO. Wood Shingles are'Scarce anil the Price is High because wood is a CR1TICAI, MATERIAL. . - i .'.'.''•.",'' • • i CERTAINTEED UNIVERSAL A S P HA \, T .SHINGLES arc S1.50 per siiiuYre, (he same price as before I'earl Harbor. Universal Shingles are ideal for re-roofing over .old,.wood shingles or any other type of roof except • 'metal. They are practically wind-proof as each shingle gets four nails and they arc "Locked Oh" besides. •• * . ' We".have been selling Universal 1 Shingles for fifteen.' years an'd (he, first roofs applied in Ulytheville are still giving good service. You also save on insurance when you roof with UN'IYERSALS. •;:,•• : EC. ROBINSON ^tUMBER CO. friendly Building Service ,.'. . BLVTHEVILLE, ARK. ' Prevent.disease .in laying house. Brush or spray Chek-H-Fect solution on floois, walls, patches. Safe, mixes' leadily, pie as ant "odor. Sanitize your Laying House KILL CM MUMS Tor relief of colds, dusl birds with Chlorena Powder. 3 Ibs. sujfi- . rient (or 3000 birds al cost o[ about '/jo each. Dusf with CHLORENA "• t^Hfjffor Lots of Low-Cost Eggs. .. - ^PURINA LAYENA Get eggs with uniform yolks, strong shells, delicious flavor. Complete feed — your choice, mash 01 pellets. Condition your America's choice [or hunling dog food — because it helps promote vigor; condilion, stamina lo keep em hunting all day!; DOG CHOW for HonJers L. K. Ashcraft Co. Blk. 0. of Frisco Btpot Phone 403

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