The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 16, 1949 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, July 16, 1949
Page 7
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SATURDAY, JULY 1«, 1949 BLYTHEVTLLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS PAGE SKVEH OUT OUR WAY By J. R. Williams WELL, I'M SENDIMG VCHJ HOME.' AND I SHOULP JUST SEWO SOU THAT WW, TREE AMP ALL, WITH ATAG ON NOD, SO PEOPLE CAN SEE WHAT REAL COWBOYIW6 IS OUT HERE.' ,. .&' JpiMb'*,'. If'ftV'i 1 /'', -, „••-• riWlMii'W. $}®^^mi& •w^ THE HURRAH'S NEST Our Boarding House with Moj. Hoople —I'M \*/OKK>6SlKSe IF HIS 3ARR6D SOUR FALLING OF AKiD PRESCRIBED TRIP THROUGH courier Newt NOW! Beautiful Floors In Your Home Whether you'd like your present floors beautifully refmishetl, or if you wish new hardwood, asphalt 01 rubber llle, or inlaid linoleum floors . . . Charles Wood can do the work expertly nnd at reasonable cast. Call 2272. FKEE ESTIMATES Charles Wood Arkansas Paint Co. Phone 2272 CLIPPED ANGEL Copyright, 1949. NEA SEtVICE, INC By Olive Grierson Cornish Service — That's Our Motto! We ipare no eBurt In providing n EXTRA everydas prescription rvice which meant extra convenience ro vou Peel tree 1C call on us at any time Prompt delivery service Phone 601 WOODS DRUG STORE rilF STORV< Hi *. Mtkr _nkr. INK* BBrf IM^B •! rr*m wit* ra«Hi irftpd HBI of (*«• >d MKrkt-ir4 thw !•* Mrnrby. H* i ««•«•* n-iri «nd* tki it tbl» rvldtmrr vr- Af Ir-r vi*Ui« k« Md h«-l» *« •i thai • > • *•! _!»r » »*•«• ••! ! : .Hi . thai while •»«•'» XII 1 'HE humor of the situation struck me ab 1 drove back to the hoarding house. II the gang couldn't afford to pinch Cory Parnell's high-grade ore while I wa: around, then everything mine< would go into the mill. And. if thai happened, the mil feed would jump to $15 a Ion anc everything would be lovely I grinned to my sell al thought of the fancy explanation that would be forthcoming. Next morning, Friday, I droppec into Cory's office early "When do you get smelter re porls oo your concentrates?' asked. She pointed to a fat unopenec envelope on her desk- "That wi be for Wednesday's car." I did a little figuring- "The: lor the car that rolled yesterda —that was Thursday—you'll the figures tomorrow?" She nodded. "Could we get them today? 1 ; She studied (or a moment. II phoned long distance this atte noon, I guess we could. But, wh so curious? Gelling the news ear won't make it any better." "Tt'U be good news." "What makes you think so?' "According to your mili-flo eels K has to be. The $15 ore I mpled on Tuesday Dight was ined on Wednesday. It was illed and concentrated on ednesday night, dried, loaded, net shipped on Thursday. Q.E.D. nstead ot running forty-five or fty bucks to the ton, those con- en trates'U run a hundred and fty—thre* thousand bucks "m- ;ead of one thousand—and as ong as I'm around the mine all our cars will be that way." E wasn't buying. "There's hole in your argument, Mike. J the car values jumped like that would look suspicious." "Oh, there'll be explanations, 1 said, "lots of 'em—the pay- -treak must have widened unex- ectedly, the crew must have truck a rich pocket, and so on The point is. the gang is on the pot and it's safer to go straight emporarily than risk my discovering their technique-" Cory looked at me a couple of seconds as if she were trying to decide whether 1 had good judgment or was only making wilt guesses. **Then what?" she asked. ** W e 'U listen to the e xp 1 ana tions," I replied. "The (eUows wh< do the talking may put us onlo the right track on how this ore is being taken," 'All right," she said doubt fully. "I'll phone the smelter lat this afternoon." "Fine—and then we'll break th news to variou5 people. 1 want U be arourtd to watch the reactions. * • * npHAT was a httle after o'clock ID. the morning. phoned Krtte lo gel the dope o Argus Mines, then 1 buckled daw to look for that bidden entrano —or exit, 1 gue«K, would be BOOT accurate. X did n't have a map of th 4*/CvM/t*T— 7-J4 FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS BY MKRH1LL BLOSSER Yes, Voul orkings—Parboiled ParneU had oked on maps and surveys as ssy things Like most oldtimers, e relied on what he called * nose r ore, and judging from the re- ults. in those early days he must ave smelled it every 20 fe«t along e tunnel. Tlie ground was ridd 1 ed with bandoned holes. The original No. vein had Long ago pinched out barren rock, as had Nos. 2, 3, nd 4 in the course o( time, but old drifts and connecting rosscuts and raises were still icre. They started about * hundred eel from the portal and nearly II of them had been allowed to ave in. one place or another. hey didn't interest me because I was looking for a hole in good epair that showed signs of recent use. I went in the full 1700 feel lone the haulage level »o the working slopes and then turned around and started back, playing my lamp over every foot of wall surface. There were dozens ot side tun- nets to keep me occupied. They ad been driven for the same purpose =ts the caved ones near lie portal—to follow up ore shoots —and always they ended up with blank wall where the vein Mncbed out or was given up a« not worth working. I took lime out for lunch and a phone call from Effie. The Argus outfit had two shareholders, who were also the directors. Effie had tracked them down and they turned out to be a lawyer named Hennessy and his stenographer That meant exactly nothing, because using a lawyer as • front is a frequent dodge m th« mining game. "Okay. Effie." I said. "Thanks for trying." 1 I hung up and went back lo khe mine, (To Be Continued) "I guess I made a mistake getting this paper route—-my parents insist on me saving the money to buy something useful!" "UlE PRICES ARC S\V£U_ \ I DO MOT AS- f-'OR US.UvTRMO*^, BUT I F1R£ ' WONT WAKE YOO RICH/ , . ^_—^\ SIR/ WY MEEDS ARE A.MMY PKWIPEO FOR. BY tftf MODEST INHERITANCE EiD£E COVER CHARGE -254 I StfAlU RECEIVE, A MANAGERIAL. / Wl-lAl" STIPEND, eur f OTHERS, SiWRE owr^efc.-/ KIEL SHIP WITH OTHERS/ PRISCILLA'S 1'OP Alan Against (lie World HY AL VERMEER OH, WHAT A OKI! I'LL BET THE CHILDREN V>IOULO LIKE TO GO "TO THE NO,. ! THINK "THEY'D PREFER THE /_ BhACH.' THERE MXI GO AGAIN, HAZEL? ALWftrS THINKING YOU Kf.W BETTER THAN I DO. GEE, VT5 5WELL OUT.' CAM GO TO THE BEACH SEE?!*" NOW VOU'VF. GOT THEM TH1NWMQ THEV KMOVJ BETTER 'THAN ME, TOO/ VIC FLINT 1?he next morning'... A Lung Shot HY J1ICHAKL O'lMAU.KY and RALPH LANE .( PRESCRIPTIONS Fresh Stock Guaranteed Best Price* Kirby Drug Stores - GOOD FOOD - DRIVE TO SIMPSON'S CAFE Vrk-Mo Slate Line A Cool Place to Eat Sunday Special from I to 3 • Oappie Fish • Fried Chicken Dinner 7»c • We Never Close • IHL GRAVES COMPANY I\EALTOr\S - \lort OSCFul X Phon* 521 en THEMI i ( Phon. 30751 GRAIN STORAGE BINS Insure Yourself of support prices on your Soybeans, Corn, \Vheal and olher Grains. Our Bins are Government Approver!, Gov- ernment Financed, 5 years (o pay For Full Particulars—Call or Come In. BLYTHEVILIE'SOYBEAN CORP. Blytheville,Ark. Phones 856-857 Dine & Dance at THE SUPPER CLUB In South Osceola ORCHESTRA Every Friday Night O. C. St. Clalr SHEET METAL WORK OF ALL KINDS Custom work for gins, allalfa mills, oil mills. Custom Shearing up to 1/4 inch thickness Frank Simmons Tin Shop 117 Sou In Broadway ['hone 2651 RECTAL DISEASES A SPECIALTY DRS. NIES ft NIES 1AM l>p«» Elrepl Cinccrl Ctlnh AH Uitn Hlvihrtim Ark rtiont efi\ .STUDEBAKER, Phone Phone 8S8 8SS DID YOU KNOW THAT CHAMBLIN SALES CO. OFFERS YOU THE ONLY AIR-CONDITIONED SHOWROOM IN ALL OF ARKANSAS? Your Studebaker Dealer Offers You More! 1319 Ford 2-Door Sedan 1918 SUirlebaker Land Cruiser 1!tl7 Slitdclmkcr "i-PasscrtKcr Chanipiiin 1 !)37 Chevrolet 2-dm)r, has new rings. 50 OTHERS TO CHOOSE FROM Chamblin Sales Co. -Your Krlendlj Studehaker Dealer" Railroad & Ash Phortf RS8 •STUDEBAKER* YOU'RE PRETTY OBSERVANT, HINT, BUI YODR CHANCES OF UND- INGHIS PICTURE ARE ABOUT THE SAME AS FINDING A TOOTH-PICK IN A LUMBER PILE. LETS SEE MOW GOOD YOUR CROSS-FILING BY-DESCRIPTION SYSTEM IS, JANES. VIC FLINT UEQE 15 LOOKIM& FOR A WMODf C <!!!' ABOUT MY HEIGHT, DARK BROWN HAIR, WEU-DRESSEO, 55 POUNDS. SHIFTY EY£5. SEH6CANT. CAH YOU SPOT UIAA FROM THM 1 WASH TUBRS liirds Have Flown HY LKSLIE TURNER « UEtkST TME T WISH I'D KNOWN A80UT 1 CORNERSTONE'S \ THIS SH&CK EARLIf R,GI5. STILL THEEB.EASV. I WE WW 6E TOO LATE... MO EMERYTHIMQ PE DOWW.SISl E JUST PASSIM BIAZ6S, LOOK M TH»S HOLE 1 . fcHD SOM660DY LEFT HEBE IU i HECK. OF A HURRY' l » -, i\« hxlca Charge Call 911 for PrivHle Parties THE PANCAKE'S JUMPING.' ] WHAT HAPpgNED TO IT ? I r l RELAX, DOC, IT'S MYj V NEWEST LABOR ' INVENTIOM...)' POPCORN INTW' BATTER. ) MAICES TH" PANCAKES / I'M 6L/VD VA OR.DEft.EO WNT THEM y VEWV • BEAUTIES? / ATTWACTIVE.' PANCWCES, ELMER... FOND OF THEY'RE SPECIAL ./ THEM FOR T'D4,V I!Y V. T. HAiMLIN TELL you WHAT I'LL DO. Me. BSV2M- ^ r-. , '~. -J^YE £C?VEC?A£;E o\ d^KTKET TE?lP I'LL ^MILLION DOLLARS, NICE 60-N6.05CA.e...\ CINCH. VOC! I NOW ALL VAJ'VE Jc\N'T MI5S/ MY 60T jo oo \& 7 TC^JUBLES DELIVER/ ^ HA,H' HECK ^•m&itk& fa* (,A ii 1 HOOTS AND IIKR BlIDDIICS Agreed HY EDGAR MARTIN

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