Asbury Park Press from Asbury Park, New Jersey on March 13, 1966 · Page 8
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Asbury Park Press from Asbury Park, New Jersey · Page 8

Asbury Park, New Jersey
Issue Date:
Sunday, March 13, 1966
Page 8
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fUlUIT MIX SUNDAY MtSJ, S.. Much I J. 1IU I COLTS NECK MURDER CASE Investigators Piece Together Facts About Joanne Fantazier COLT NECK TOWNSMP-The juestioning of between 100 and 400 persons about the murder of Joanne Fantazier last month has left investigators without a strong suspect or motive. The body of the 17-year-old Perth Amboy girl was found Feb. 11 on the ice-covered Yellow Brook off Muhlenbrink road bridge. Dr. C. Malcolm Gil-man, Monmouth County physician, said she died from a concussion and t hemorrhage of the brain and exposure. She was found by a lineman for the New Jersey Bell Tele- hone Co.. fully clothed except or her high heeled leather shoes which have not yet been recovered, according to State Police Detective Walter King. Investigators from the State Police, the Perth Amboy Police Department, the Garden State Parkway, and the Monmouth County prosecutor's office have been trying to determine her wherabouts after t p.m. Feb. 10. Seen Near Home She was last seen at that lime in the vicinity of the Dun-lip and Delaney housing projects, says Perth Amboy Police Chief Paul Jankovich, which is five blocks from her borne at 611 Florida Grove Rd. Miss Fantazier had "casual friends" in the area who 6aid she had been there but then the trail ends. During the day, she had visited a doctor, returned home to eat dinner, and left the house saying she "was not going to be gone long," Detective King states. "She had been expected back." Her family consists of her parents, Mrs. Elizabeth Charne Fantazier and Peter Fantazier, who are separated, and three sisters, Phyllis, 19; Elaine, 14, and Nancy, 5. Joanne lived with her mother and sisters. Mrs. Fantazier has an unlisted telephone num-br, and has been unavailable to newsmen. Her husband is unemployed, according to police. "We have been unable to show she has any friends or contacts in Colts Neck," .Detective King says, so the Investigation has been concentrating in the Perth Amboy are where "she had many V . ( Pi!. ... . Mist Joanne Fantazier in a photo taken four days before her death. She wot wearing the. raccoon coat when she died. friends. She was well knowti in the community." High School Dropout Miss Fantazier was a high school dropout who had worked as a bookkeeper and sales clerk. At the time of her death, she was not believed to be working since she was convalescing from an appendectomy performed at Perth Amboy General Hospital on Dec. 17. She had been in the hospital from Dec. 14 until Dec. 27. When the girl's bodv was found, she was wearing a rac- The Council voted to urge Monmouth County legislators to support a bill in the state Senate which would reimburse municipalities for land lost from the tax rolls for recreational purposes. The bill would rtiakS reimbursal retroactive: to 1961, So the borough would get money for the land It lost by the creation of Sandy Hook State Park. Budget in Sea Bright Decreases by $12,636 SEA BRIGHT - A $314,911 budget, down tli.636. was adopted by (he Borough Coun cil Friday night. It calls for $133,799 to be raised by taxation, up $7,764, The total tan: rate for 1966 Is feUmatM lit tS.ftl tat- 1100 of assessed valuation, up 5 cems. ine enure increase is in me local school rate, which is 60 cents. Other estimated fates remain unchanged. They are $1.16 for the municipal budget, 46 cents for Shore Regional High School, 63 cents for the county, and 6 cents for veterans' and senior citizens' deductions. The only question ra'sed was from Laurence Qsgoodby, 1498 Ocean Ave., who asked if there was a long range plan to provide! funds yearly for the depreciation of fire equipment. y-1 !l : T - WJUDCuman wnn r wsman re-nliftt 4his was done formerly. but it was abandoned to keep the tax rate down. He said $5,-000 a year should be set aside for this purpose. Mr. Forsman said the Oceanic Fire Co. has prepared specifications for a new pumper to replace its 18-year-old truck. He said the Council should make a decision on seeking bids March 25. Borough Attorney Louis R. Aikins pointed out mat the pur- or new eouirmeni win lower fire insurance rates. He ea'd when the Council approves eeeking bids' for the equipment is should tell the National Board of Fire" Underwriters' rating bureau. .The Council adopted an ordinance increasing the Planning Board from 6ix td seven members. Mayor Frank H. Van Du-rer said this Was done because Building Inspector Robert Red- ffeM is not permitted to serve on a six-member board. The Council plans to introduce en ordinance March 25 requiting its approval for all subdivisions. The board now grants final approval. : Mayor Van Duzer named Marcellus Smith . and Marvin Fowler to the board, replacing Walter Cv Bonia Jr. and Arthur ittagland, who resigned. coon coat. Because it was aa eye-catcher, the police released to the newspapers a photograph of her wearing 1L The picture was taken earlier in the month by a newspaper, and showed her pointing to an airplane which had made a forced landing In Franklin Township. The police had hoped the photograph would bring information from people who had seen Miss Fantazier during the evening of Feb. 10. possibly at a restaurant. Laboratory reports indicated Miss Fantazier may have stopped to eat again. Detective King said he had received some calls as a result of the published photograph but none had placed her in a location after 7 p.m. No Tire Tracks The shoes, the police surmise, were probably left in the car which Drought her to Colts Neck. Miss Fantazier did not own an automobile, and possible did not have a license as she had only turned 17 on Jan. 5. No tire tracks were available in the area where she died because the road is tarred. Her purse, containing personal items ana papers, was found off the road. Dr. Oilman says that further medical examinations confirmed his first reports that she was "probably hit with a blunt instrument," she had not been sexually assaulted, and she had died within two hours after she hit the ice. She was probably tossed off the bridge. He said her nose had been bleeding, possibly as a result of the fall. The distance from the road to the ice is 12 feet. There are metal guard rails ori both sides of the Vidge. The autopsy was performed at Higgins Memorial Home, Freehold. The investigation, headed by Capt. Phillip Wittcoff, Troop C, Princeton, is continuing. "We're still going round and GHANtS AWAMKt) tit MALtit Visit Press State House Bureau TRENTON The state Department of health has awarded a $5,432 grant to Monmouth Medical Center, Long Branch, for alcoholism control services, and a $2, 891 grant to the Monmouth Cduhty . Organization for Social Services, Red Bank, for a physical therapy program. The grants were reported on a list of contracts entered into by the state, without public bidding, during February. Bid waivers for construction work included a $9,558 award to B.J. Builders Inc., West Long Branch, for sup- (lying and installing ceiling oard at Marlboro State Hospital, Marlboro Township. The value of bid waivers" approved during February totalled $395,003. Found a mr suitable home? 3 tStiiikm Not f tutA I Lincoln, Neb. rfi - Five fere companies answered the Call when a fire started In a stove vent and spread to an overhead fart pouring" smoke fttvmfffc l.tncOln taverf. I Despite the smose ana xire-Cghtmg lectivity two Patrons sat calmly tpiaiMf their beer until a policeman unaiiy isiea COMPLETE YOUR TRANSACTION WITH OUR TRADE-IN FINANCING! Let us advance a part of the equity In yonr present property for the flown payment yon need t mitt a tnoW. fctijoy Ample time to ti yonr old horn. Stop y for tan detain ort easy trade-lit financing toon! , HOtfl: 4 1 Wf tKfiAtl .T WEDNESDAY IVlNlfJGJ, 7 f. $:J0 ' WALR-UP in 6IVt-tM WINDOWS OPIN UNTIL 4:00 DAILY 1 4 DEL tA Alt LOAN SAVINGS & LO m ASSOCIATION A 712 10 Avi. Vj BELAAAR round," says Detective King "We're being guided bv the lab oratory reports. Rate Goes Up By 5 Cents In Surf City RURF CTTY Auditor Jo- 12 cents, regional school, 41 seph J. Cross estimated Friday ! cents and veterans and senior n-.pi tie total tax rate here will increase S cents to $198 for each $100 of assessed valuation as the Borough Council adapted a $318,490 budget, down $32.S20. The tai rste increase i caused by a five cent jump m the county rate to SI cents. Other estimated rates are unchanged. They are local purposes, $0 cents; local schools. citizens deductions. 4 cents. Tbe tax levy for municipal rposes is 175,700, up Il4,- 00. THilf(l Rope Old CAIRO - More than 3.500 years ago the Egyptians made twisted rope by using a technique still employed by many of today's complicated rope-making machines. The budget decrease Is reflected In the $11,600 capital improvement appropriation, down $65,300. The surplus appropriation has dropped $17,000 to $38,-000. Mayor Leonard T. Conr.ors told the Council he has learned that Councilman Walter A. Kar-wasinski has been permanently transferred to a job in Niagara Falls, N.Y. He said he expects Mr. Karwasinski's resignation next week. I'res Clarified Advertising Brings Reftulu IF YOUD IIUODAtlD OTICUS THE PAP3R .t , 'sXP'i ? Itl PQOMT OP HIS FACE AT DnGAKFAST r .. ..,: v . ' . ,V..wi2tt a coco cop o eomn -.u,,-. .; -v ' ! .'.:': .iin iwtiTC7aio.Koi . 'Wr.l-S'v '-- H. :r . ' ' ; '' -r ; I :'Jrh . '":..:".:"'. Y'V, ' .fir KtT Uv4Sv" v i I f. v If- h V Thii new Weatinghoune "Prea-ure-Flo" actually force Water through the coffee to extract more flavor. 3 to 10-cop with signal light, flavor selector, coffee gauge, only 19.99 Now coffee you can make husband-pleasing every time . . automatically WE'LL SHOW YOU HOW ALL THIS WEEK AND WHEN YOU BUY ONE OF THESE FOOL-PROb ELECTRIC PERCOLATORS WE'LL EVEN GIVE YOU A VUB. CAN OF YUBAN AT NO EXTRA CHARGE Tired of vVatching your husband drink your coffee with grunts, groans, iighs and 4 spoons of sugar to kill the taste? Coffee can't over-perc or under-perc in these electrie percolators. Just measure the coffee and water and keep the pot clean it's that simple. Crime in and see and all this week we even have a marvelous free booklet, "Coffee to Win You Compliments", for you. Hi Sit Hill. V ' ' '''mbe"ti , Mfl(""ou,h- AJ P.romu,, Mthl. Park Newark, Moi,toB, PWirflelf rtJii ToettmaVter itainless iteel per-editor makes 3 to 6 cups for hreakftft, keeps them hot. And it's fqlly imntersible for fast, easy cleaning. With signal light, only 9.99 1 w II 4 1 1 j i i urn r Ml 1 11 Set this Universal by G-E for 4 to 10 Cups 6f mild, medium or strong coffee the" signal light tells you when It's re,ady. With chrome" finish, only 19.80 1 Jl Wvi"v n Thli 9-cup Presto percolator gives yon bedbtiful contempo. rary styling in gleaming stalil-less steel, immersible convenience, signal lights only 15.88 The bright SUfflite design in iasy-to-clean glass make this 10-cup Proctor really distinctive" it shuts off when the toffee'i readn With fUror selefcton only 16.95 a. m. . Ostet'i 10-cup thermo percolator keeps coffee hot for 2 hours, stays cool on the outside for easy serving, shuts itself off automatically, only 19.98 , -A. Brew up to 30 cups of delicious party coffee in this . Sunbeam urn. With no-drip faucet for easy serving, signal light and carrying handles, only 12.88 Jut plug in this G-E for 3 to 9 cups of coffee automatically When it's ready the pmola-tor shut off. Completely immersible with cup counter, flavor selector, only 15.88 vroreia"'' Corning Ware's1 Electromatie cleans thoroughly to prevent old coffee odor Ihd oil build-up gives you freshef tast eoffe every time 6iily TAKE A YUBAN COFFEE BREAK WHILE YOU SHOP ANb LtARN HOW TO MAKE F06L-Pfc66r DAiviDCKueK alOKc ALL TMI5 WEEK Monmouth: StondT, Wednesday and Frld, Noon to ( P.M.J Thnrsday and Satorday, 10 A.M. to 6 TM. Mtnlo Pork: dnedT, Thnredl; and Friday, Noon to I TM.; Monday and Saturday, IS AJI. to I TM. Newark and Paromui: Monday, Wednesday and Friday, Noon to 9 PAf . Tuesday and Saturday 10 A.M. to 5:45 P.M. Morrittown: T l!Id5r' Jdn'd Thursday, Noon to I PJ., rNolnfiald: TVednedi and Frldr Mondy, Thnrsday A r, Noori to t P.M. atnrday, 1:30 AJI. to I M. IUT WITH NO DOWN PAYMENT, TAKE UP TO 18 MONTHS TO PAY WITH A BAMBERGER HOMEMAKES'7 Pfinttdri (ini Cherrt Hill: Monday thurjday and f rldi. ifoofi Ml fM.i Wednesday and Sstnrdsy, 10 Ait. to i:S TM. CRSDIT ACCOUNT ()M tnie thr)

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