The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 31, 1930 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 31, 1930
Page 6
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"«^y^ ; ' •! : : :; ' c ' ! '' 1 '-,?'•;. '•....'•'L>.< %!':;.' -"''.•' ', ' . • ' (AUK.) COUUIKI! NKWS Made First "Free Throw" Jimmy Naismith Got Idea for Cage Game From Boyhood Prank. •BjrNEA Sen-let • LAWRENCE, Kan. bee. 31.—The drowning of a cat gave young America its most popular indoor game. . , Sixty-five years ago; n sturdy- legged little shaver was experimenting with the family cat whsr his. mother 'called him to nil lh- wopd box. The, boy hastily suu'jr.t a place to parK the cat. The inou:;' . of .en ojd cistern ynwtied 10 Ice: 'sfeay.- High into (he air th? cii! described i perfect tire and a dis- ' Jiiict. splash solemnly testified t. the first faultless free threw cm piside. ; •" Tlie boy was-Jimmy Naismith. H; .was. subsequently thrashed. Ilk* inothir tearfully asked lierself aiir. Jimmy what such a wicked boy would ever come to and his fath;: &Ufid on the Lord to witness t 'something hac. to bs d-ine. So:nL- tiine later his lather heard of ilie Y. M. C. A. college at Springfield, Mass., and the word "Christian 1 appealed to him. Jimmy was hastily dispatched to Springfield. r" * » . • i At college Jimmy played voile; • ball,- football and other games well •After graduation he became Instructor In his alma mater. .One day in tlie fall of young Naisinith's first year as instructci in physical education nt Springfield the'Janitor raked the campus, guth- . ering the'dry leaves in bushel baskets. That evening the empty baskets were parked near the volley ball court. The next afternoon Naismith; fooling with the volley b.ill, : .happened to remember the cat incident and tossed his volley ball Into the top basket of one of the piles. At once he was struck by tin- idea of the game. That is the: simple story cf th'. invention of the gome ol basketball.- Naismith practiced his new game. 'After a while he was able to lodge a fair'percentage of his shots from 'all angles. As soon as ho hid improved his shooting eye somewhat, Naismith took his fellow-instructors in on his secret. Twin : peach baskets were nailed tc gallery standards ut either end ol the court. At first the game wa? played .with as many as 25 on i side. : The jump ball and the dribble as a'defensive move came about qutte naturally. From the first the bull had been put hi play after n scor: by being-tossed into the air between Wo centers, later on it was •discovered that the same play would take care of situations where the ball : was scrimmaged and held to dispute. The dribble was discovered by accident, a player dropping the ball unintentionally and batting it-several 1 times in an attempt tc recover-it.' /It didn't take lhe players long to weary of clambering up a step ladder to retrieve the ball after eacl: goal, so holes were cut In the bottom oi the baskets ns a happy solution. Rules gradually were clarified nm codified. Suggestions now are acted upon annually by a committee drawn from the three gorerntiv. bodles, the Amateur Athletic Un ion, the National Collegiate Ath lellc Association and (he Youn;, Men's Christian Association. Ant . Dr. Naismith, for years director o courses in physical education to men at the University of Kansas is honorary chairman of this join committee for life. DR. JAMES NAISMITH time psr week, 24 mui'K tirnlps, collcrds, niuuir: 1 . are grown during (lie win;ter, they can be substituted for any the above mentioned ve^stabl^s. Frulls Slight Favorite for Rose'; crops "for livestock' Tnd'cotton "pri" nu^lf Peaches™ 8 "" ™*" n , n ..] duction, however, will b? advocated q nrU ' rcacllcs ' DOWl baltlC. | in the order named, according to "" n ""' V ABC ' Vl Ctil7 " 124 quarts. Blackberries. 3 times per i Fruit I r .__. HAY. Oi-CK.M!il-:i{ ;>!, !'• qujrls. Carrels, 'i t;in:s ';'•-. .r.UMljs.jjma'.tr: his o^.i u:r.'"r r..1vvscinenl | tnlssea f.jelng a ino'i'in': l>tet 12 quorU, Beets,.! time a ;v?;k. 24 \ nt practically t vt!y cov.ncU m;et- Oi- vf.udevillc act. a', the l.a.^ quail?, iieniis, sir:n?. 2 i.i-n:s per | .iiitf t.-.l.<; fall and wi-uer, hut has l!"'al:r .since it w:is built. ,v,2ek, 48 quart,. Okra, 2 times psr been delayed from time to time un- 'died of old age. month, 12 quarts. Kraut. 1 lime per! ill a sallsfactcry arrangement can! Tlie animal was ouncd by ! week, 24 quarts. Soup Mixture, 1'fle made. (muring an adequate sax-house manager and ojways s;l jtirjic nor week. 24 <|iiar:s. Corn, 1 ;supply and caily iiijial!::tion cf th? i the theater piano watchin; 'I Mine [icr week, 2* quarts, Engl'.s!: > nsc-ssavy equipment and service. films the (U'si night they ' Flpvpn i 'Ocnllniicd from nage one) | L1( - NI - ,i° f their ov:n consumption. Feed; •-.:':, Stage and Screen Fan, Dsatl'of Old Age shown. Other nights ,De •,' around to screen to find the players went. 1 'Mike hncl been used in , vaudeville ads. qunru. Peaches, 3 times per wcek,i a 12 quarts. Pears, I time per week, « '" qunrls. Plums, 1 time p=r week. LEPOrtTE. 1ND. Ml'l — Mike, a 10 year old cat '.lint has not Condenseil milX has b"?^- '" • n (o be quite fresh af:er 23 ye.".- : . nL-Footta.ll will ; al rule those farm . Ifitill ho!d the siwtllijtil with the ad- ifamillc-s who in 1930 followed a slm- lo the on; cutlhwcl quarls. time per week, 12 quarts. vent of Hie New Year, although i liar only for a day. Tomorrow will lirrJ ifor nsxt year one of (lie choicest arid battles of the siason a'-valtiiig fans at lhe _ . , Tournament t>( Hoses with Mal»-'i lie expressed bc-lief that the cx-! lon t!ial *'"' l )u)1 from 1 Inch ma's Crimson Tide, as yet umtefoal-jcuse olfcred by many tenant farm- ' '- 1(i lllch staple, ISal is resisted. In the Hose Bo«'l, and the Cou-'crs that theli landlords would net not dependant™ ^ 2 «»« ** ^ « Q™'*. j the Red CIOK or other or^anizn-1 COTTON: H k recommended tions for help." Mr. Gnu stated, i a ' at - farmers grow a variety of of Washington Slate In the jjiermlt ihem the privilege of rais- princlpal roles. ny f/ardens, poultry, hogs, etc., was. Writers and experts alike look for hi HIU.SI cases false. Most lando\ra- a tcrrlHo line battle. Although both fcrs with 100 acres or more would learns have worked out more or less ] gladly give their tenants ground tills sec-1 for gardens, and would even buy uii-ler wraps, coaches tlon freely state that the Rosa i them seed, h said. Bowl contest will brine together us | TWO "outlook" Ofr-Spasoii Notes Hack Wilson played Snntn Glaus for the klrts at MurllnshurB. w. Va. When Hack rtirkeis wllh (he Cub With the new gclf ball alread In use, major league magnates an nounce. .that experiments "with nuinagenient over his 1031 contract. It will be Mr. Wrlglcy wlio Is supposed tc dike the purl. A » A S]iarc Us! One of tiiu New York sporls •rltcrs suggests nn open' loiirna- icnt among the heavyweight ns- iranls. He would place Strlblin_ : linrkcy, Campolo, Sciiinellng Car".era and Tuffy Grilfllhs on iird and let the elimination ulialr o on until nn nuthcntlc heavy ccighl champion had emerged vic- or. all Slight If necessary. But iasn'1 the ring fan already hn-J iiuilshmcnt enough? Itig Numbers Ed Thorpe, foolball olTlcinl who ilso Is connected with n sporting :ocds linuse, estimates that }200,000,000 has teen sjient for athletic equipment and by the customers at .he various sports box ofllces-during 030. it looks like a large figure. Bui did you ever drive five balls n a row Into the water hazard » • • -Old Stuff All hands were nmazed. astonished and electrified, not lo say nonplused when President Nicholas Murray Duller ol Columbia University projiosed thnt Intercol- legltite athletics be supported by an endowment fund. All hands also were amazed, astonished, electrified nnd nonplused when Dr. William Rainey Harper, president of the University of Chicago, proposed the fame plan in i50i. How lime flies! Tlie Curley Monsters Jack Curley, wrestling promoter unusual, gave a dinner to n d wrestlers at his home In Great Neck, 1,. I., tlie other nl?ht. Ther is no truth to the rumor that the town was named after Curley's pachyderms. Did you ever hear of an elephant having tonsllltu? l)!I) YOU KNOW THAT— The other day, in this space, there appeared the statement that there would IK 12 golf tournaments in the Metropolitan Miami tpla.) area during the winter . . . this space 1ms since been told politely that lhe statement was lu error . . . there arc 13 golf tournaments on the winter schedule for the Mstro]K)lItan Miami area . . . The Detroit Tigers are taking two Walkers to ihc new Tljer ! training base in Califoinla . . . They ate the brothers Harvey and Gerald, coining up from Eransvillc . . . Big Ten officials the other day ruled that the swimming tnnk nt the University of lown Is too big for conference events . . . but surely thev can have heavyweight fights in It. . . Some of the Alabama students chartered a box car for the trip from Tus- ealoosa ' to Pasadena tor th: Hose Bowl game . . . they mcveJ In cots from the frat houses . . . and figured they cuild make the trip that way nt, about $25 per head. Depression Note Do not be alarmed over lhe piec- new baseball are ts be made in the|es you. sec In the papers these days spring training camps. Now, how shout the current depression lorc- about a medicine ball for pee-wre golf. A university processor has discovered that the ball is in play during the average football game only .seven .minutes. Now perhaps some statistician can figure out how much -fighting there Is in a heavyweight prize fight these days. NOTICE. OF~~COMMISS I ONER'S ' SALE. Notice is hereby given that the undersigned, as commissioner o! the' Chancery Court for the Chick- asawta District ol Mississippi County, Arkansas, acting under and by authority of the decree re/.d«red on the 24th day o! February," 1930, in a cause therein pending wherein E. C. Robinson Lumber Company, Inc., was plaintiff and' Church of Ood, el al.. - wer« defendants, will, on the 13th day of January, 1831, at the court house in BlythevUle, offer for sale to the highest bidder, upon a credit of three months, the following described real estate located in aid District and County, to-wlt: '--Lota Eleven (H) and Twelve --(li), Block Two (2). -Park Ad- .y<UttOn to BlythevUle. , :' /-:T6* purchaser will be required to execute • bond with approved sc- CMrUjr »nd a lien will be retained - -the' - land as additional se-j ing curtailment of the colleges sports programs for 1931. That only means lhat- the track team won't go to Cuba to train, ana the uch football |K>wer us any game the entire season. Wallace Wade's giants are almost meetings have been scheduled, one here and 0112 at Osceola, In January, at which farmers in this section will be ad- rtaln to gD Into Ihc game (nvor- vised of po^-'.ble conditions they cs over the Cougars although odds • must ovcrccne in 1031 and o suit- t the Dixie eleven are not as i O ut c system of crop diversification •eat us eni'Uiii. However, there isUvill be recommended. Four all day general feeluifi nrmind this sec- jcxlenstcn schools-will be held late on that the Tide will come thru, j | u January, according to to. CriU, Both teams were to top oil their. followed by meetings in the various •aliiing Uxlay with the lightest} communities covering the period , ant lo wilt. Every farmer should j sort of workouts and even these iay be trimmed down to slight ex- rclsc at the last moment. Coach Babe Holllngben'y, with until planting time. Here Is Program A brief outline o! the county agent's recommendations for prac- grow all the cotton his family ca . work and harvest before January 1, after the feed and food havs been taken care of .for the farm. Work for approximately 200 men Is expected to be provided , by renewal of activity on (he part of the government (Icel near Osceola, which according to Representative W. J. Driver, will b? commenced shortly as a |«rt, of the government's hew •Jr.eriiptoynwiii relief Ivei- improvement program, for 'hich about 51.000.MO tor work in he Memphis district will be avall- ble at once. A proposed project that would urnish work for a number of men n Blytheville may develop if the ity council at its January meet- ng decides to let a franchise for ither natural or artificial gas. The ic advantage of having his team n cn i and profitable farming next itcd generally as tile undcr-ciog, is I y cat includes: HAY: Every farmer should plant onlldent that the Cougars, who nve defeated the best learns on he co;isl, will come through \vil!i victory. Coach Wade of 'Banm continues cliccnt over the • chances of his quad. Reports are out, though, hat Ihc Crimson mentor Is ready 'to sljooi- Li:e works." Advance re- wrls on the Tldcmcn say they vcre not called upon to do this in amassing (heir string of nine vic- orles. aseball teams will have to foreg heir annual spring junket throng Jhlna. » • • The Boy Eternal Rud. nennlc, New York sports '.-riter, went to visit Babe Ruth on hristmas Day. He found the migli- y n\nr. encased in a lounging suit .0 which lie kept referring as "in\- ainas" despite friend wile's correc- ;lons. The Babe proudly led the way Into the dining room where a well-decorated Christmas tree had been set up for the enjoyment of great man's adopted' daughters. And thus spake Ruth: "Wouldn't it be swell fun to get behind the piano with an air rifle and pick off those ornaments?" Come to think of it, lo be sure it would Basketball Managers Meet at Gym Tonight Managers of Use teams which will be entered in the City League basketball race will meet nl the armory tonight at 7:30 o'clock to make final arrangements for the schedule and organization ol teams. Charles T. Kramer, dlrecti/r of Ijiisketball activities, will meet with the team managers and a!l problems up before tlie group for discussion will be definitely decided upon tonight. According to Mr. Kramer berths in the new league nre still "lien for two more teams and anyone desiring to form a tenm Is requested to be on liaud. toiUgh.1, A short scrimmage session ollow the managers' meeting. Tlie regular schedule of the eague will get underway tomorrow light. •-.. Kentucky Small Kentucl >ire Montavallo Genuine Suburban Areas Dubbed "Hodge-Podge" in Report WASHINGTON, D. C. (UP) — Suburban residential ureas, fondly thought by the Inhabitants to be fashionable, are really a hodgepodge, .-ifciares a report embracing Ihu views of experts on the future of American cities and suburbs . just received by the American Institute ot Architects. The report makes a plea !or individuality .in cities and towns by forethought and,."careful plnv.nliiB- lie georgm TecU couching sttttf was shaken up the other day. It Is quite a coincidence that Tech had a poor football season, too. More than 55 per cent of the population of Canada is of British origin un dahnost 28 per cent of French, according to the Dominion Bureau of Statistics. HOME THEATRE Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday sufficient acreage in ' hay to produce 3 tons of hay for each head jof work stock; 2 tons for each fam- iiy or dairy cow and Hi tons for cattle other than, dairy cows, This acreage should be figured on a basis of 2 ton. 1 ; per acre, which is the Kverage yield- of Mississipp county, PASTURAGE: There should be one acre fur each family fr milk or dairy cow, one addllional-acre for every four head of work stock, V acre for each broixl sow on th farm. This pasture tend should bi the land that is unsafe for con or cotton and should be seeded with recommended mixture, according to low or high lands. CORN: Every farmer should plant some of his .b?st land to corn, 3 acres of corn for every worn animal, 2-3 acre for each family or dairy cow, 1-3 for each brooci sow and 1 acre for every 25 chickens on »thti farm. Mammoth Browix soybeans should be planted in the drills-with all the corn acreage to be, pastured after the corn is ^iar- vested. ' FOOD: The all-year round garden is of untold value in reducing 1 the -.cost ol living. Tlje following canning, budget is the required amount, for-a'family oi five for the 24 .weeks v(hen the fresh -vege- :ables and fruits cannot be had. Vegetables ; Tomatoes,- 3 times per week; 72 • my hand as such com-, 'taJtsiooer »ml the seal of said ; 'b<[nri'Uii» ; t)«cember 24, 1930. : *-"'F- HOLUPETER, ".. ' Commissioner. ' 24-31-7 .WtBJW'lL-'Ar. As 1930 Comes to a Close WK FIND MUCH TO BE THANKFUL FOR We do not like to think of business as merely the exchange of merchandise or service for dollars- There is more to it than that with us\Ve have a heart-felt interest in our patrons. We enjoy our business- We hope we have been successful in making this fact evident to you- In appreciation for your favors of the past we wish you a most joyous, prosperous New Year and pledge you the best we have in 1931. R1TZ THEATER Tuesday and Wednesday See Marlene Dietrich—the rage of two continents- He buried himself alive in the Foreign Legion to forget women like her! She Gives Love a Startling Significance! Tom W. Jackson Phone 8 Ash and Second St- GAS - - OIL - - TIRES / The Hoop- A Boopa <• Doop Girl DANGEROUS " NAM WITH HELEN KANE Victor Moore James Hall Comedy and /Travelogue Jlatincc and Night— 10-25 e. Coming: — "MONTE CARLO", "KING OF JAZZ", Paul Whitman, with "SIN TAKES DAY", with Bennett. A HOLI- Constance Comedy and Review- Adm—Matinee—10 and 30c. Aclm.—N'ight—15 and 40c. Coming—Thursday & Friday —"MIN AND ; BILL", with Marie Drcsseler and Wallace Beery. NEW We mean it sincerely, and announce our resolution to do our part to make it happy for you by-Keeping quality up. Holding prices dowm Providing newest styles. And giving you the best of service every day during the year THE NEW-MEAD CLCTHINC CO.

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