The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 7, 1947 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, April 7, 1947
Page 5
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_JHONI)AY, APRIL 7, 11M7 DeGaulle Speaks Before 20,000 Frenchmen Urged To Maintain the Nation's Independence STRASBOURG, mace. April 7; (UP.)—Gen, Charles l)e aauile today that France'?; c |ij,>f m was to maintain her independence between (lie oi;por;'i" blocs represenled by th c u u 'i l( ,(j States and Russia. DeGaulle. addressing ^OOOO persons here, renewed Jiis attack on the constitution o f the Fourth Republic. He charged that it engendered a system which v;i« leading the people astray ;t,i i nidi- fying their efforts. The national adminislr.itk.ri he charged, quite clearly i;itv.o.l the efficiency ;uid authority for handling problems such "is Fiance faces today. Do Gaulle's attack on ()>,. Fourth Republic and Us Institutions was ICM violent tiuui some quarters hud expected Windy, coulcty weather did itfllc to depress lh L . holiday .spirit | )rc - viulinis this Alsatian city 'on (he occasion of DC Gaulle's appearance. In preliminary cciemomes at noon he placed a wreath on Ihc monument to Strasbourg's d-ad in World War i. As hc wall . C() „ the streets he was cheered wilqly He paused from time to tihie to kiss the chwks of little Alsatian Birls dressed in colorful' costume-,' He spoke from the balcony of the town \ m » omi w'ki n! ; lhc Tlace Brogue, where ai.oco persons ,iad assembled. Ti.c loudspeaker system failed be'we 'ic started to .speak. Humors arose latHlr'- °" POneuls '^ **- 111 '« J)],YTHI>;VJU,K (Aiuc.) COUUIKH NKWS Train Wreck Near Durant, Oklahoma Defrost your refrigerator when '"- JlW.L UtLUlnuS UilL>-JUU"til one-half illcll tuk . k L Juil - t " ""•<••> l'>l>. an. Hi,. ni t ,.., ... „„, •»j| |-A-r«. C i,,i.»;;; ' r : ••<: i.'>lrl,,,,!,., ss ,,,. ,, „ nrk ,l|. 0 |, M.UUI... A»l;,-,l,i, ?f>.'.f <- ; Al,,,,l,ri,.s Driv , V \''^ 'I I'. S. lloHisim. iu:, Hr,,»,|. icr Mi l',7 '.-fi-lu Dynamite Truck Explodes Ste« ^:"it;u,,i,''!fi: r;;J s^:r^^'"^!usv 1 K ";>;\»" <•'•> • M< LadT^m". *i • ^fT, K !::u::lL ; '-i;;,,^'^J- iiiuiid''"',^, "'•'' *'•-•"' : fli>«-,.ri,i= «!• l.lmil*', W-"".^'"'^;,,;;,!;!',"'" 1 );,,. aiVsm.'"'"*' .M7-pk-lU For Rent Pr.nil l,,.,lr<i,,i forrccl. tel ; IMiin,,. a.-, Mi. 7 ck-lf BIT Cliirli- Ii7.|ik-ll tVonted Co K*snt Tull at Ulrlli rtllhoimli a camel calf stands three led bi B li ., row days aMrr liirlli. it does not reach Its full Kiowth until Ms IGlh or I7lh yi'.u. A camel lives from -ID to 5U years. The inanufacture of n,, |,|,,t c f,,j thp canniti,. Industry ii ( ,nnally IT- quires the use nr 3,1)00,000 or mori: Ions of steel a year. Michigan Flood Causes 3 Dealhs Property Damage Runs Into Millions and Guardsmen Mobilized DKTHOIT. AlH-ll 1. (U.l>.) — Michigan mobilized ils mil tonal I'.nard ami stale I>»I|A> today tu cop with widespread disaster and suflerlni; from the woii; Hood In the slate's history/ Thonsiinds oj families w ,,,<, evacuated n,, m nmli- homes « t rivers :nul slri>.un s roaml ovci their banks in ,( iialf-;lu/.cn ;iopu- laled iiieiis in cciitiv.l nnd toullien Mlrhl^an, Unniur-e d, .jrn ,•.(.., iiuluslrlnl and public pinpcuy monnletl In .1 the millions aiul nl least three persons weiv ivo'iiie.l de.n! In llu storms mid lln.ul 'the Niiltniuil (.iii.c/d \V.IK urcti-red Into action ut MI.-/.. Lunslii,. , im | llnltle Cicek liy;. Kim Hiuler. The Sin to I'ollci' e:inei'lled :i|l leavi-s nnd moved into distressed areas t.> help with evacuation uml prcvc-ul lootinn. A I. Mini, 2.C01) ruiiillles were evaenalril mid Hie bl ;! Cneviolet plant was rinsed ;; p! ih ( . Hint Hover ruid'eil over r •lainiii;! walls 1-arx' of j( s Kind A corresnuiHlcnco school for chll- clrni. located | n Queensland,, Aus- Iralln. |,us 001)0 pupils aiitl Is said in w. the largest scliuol of Its kind In the world. and :;p)|t Ihc city |-| two. Som I.CDO fiiinfllra \\arc ev;«.!iiUc-.l at l,:n>KliiK. 11)0 »l lU.lle Creek and uililllloiuii hundreds In ether areas Deafened Now Hear With Tiny Single Unit Science bus now made It pnsslblc for (lie deiifened t (> | lrul . f (1 |, 1( sounds. II is n hearlnn device so small lhat It flis In th ( . |).,,,,| ,,,,,| enables ihmisi.nifi to enjoy Hcruinns music nnd friendly uonipiinloii.shtii' Accepted by Ihe Council on 1'hyslcni Medicine of I he American Mi'dlnl Association. Tills device does nni rciiutre sepurali! battery ime)>. b:ii- (ery wire, case or Knrinent lo bulne or welKh you down. The lone is clear nnd powerful. So miide lhat you can adjust it ymivseir lo suit your lieiirlni! as your licarhu; clianijes. The makers of lii'liiinf. IJcpl. H:t. M50 W. 19lh.Sl..Ci.l<:uKti II, 111., are so proud of Ihelr achievement that they w|ll mindly send free doscrlpllvo booklet ami exjiluin liow you may net a full clemon- slrnttoii »r thin remnrkidjlc hearbi'i device In your own hnino wlllmut risklnn u penny. Wrilo. Hehoiic today. r»Kt c*«f OF VOUR NU1KITION ZONt ANO II B Will IAKJ CARS OF VOU i. 7 GIVE NATURE A CHANCE! Mok» >ur« youi t.nliol idurc* ol K.nllh ictronlng prO[>erl)>l GET ADLERIKA TODAY) Ui« «ve/y olh«r duy 'or 10 doyi and notie* Hi» diHei«nce! liy 1SU 10 day TONE UP of NATURE'S NUlmllON ZONE Slad- tag, TOMORROW MOKNINC — UPON ARI&INC Don't Dkldyf .. D« It lodoyl ASK YOUR DRUGGIST! CAUTION, U5I ONIT AS omtCTCD RtMEMBER THIS, SATISFACTION GUARANTEED OR MONtr REFUNDED .lamp lor TOAlSIZEIolh. ADlfRIKA CO.. D»pl. 1, St. Paul 1, Minn. C'«} TMi Ac^ffnx* CWl ADLERIKA »»ixl 3, State Highway workmen beBin filling in a Huge craior left in the Northwest dynamite truck exploded. The crater is aliotil six icj; deep and 10 feet wide a radius of one and n hair miles and some houses mtfcred concussion dama-e hi e iuvay In Dnnnsi when a Windows wor, .haltered i . (NEA Tclephoto.) JJf-ciV-M Wanted To Buy I.c, 3 s .,f any k !.-Uv,-n',l -V. Illtli, NM i>r N nivlsi.,1 •". Cniiii. .\:,,,ilcpj l . Drive MIII. Id.'. Hra.iUiiv mill nr i.ff I.I *i. U"lli- •117-rk-l-l Conservative Candidates Lead in Japan TOKYO, April 7. (UPi— Conservative candidates moved well into the lead today in Japan's firs', local elections, with unofficial tabulations indicating they had captured f.p- proxinintcly 90 per cent of ch? yov- crnorships and mayoralties in the 46 prefectures and 2(13 miiniciniili- ties where balloting was held/ Observers estimated, however, that the Leftist factions would show minor (jaius in later counting of vot:s in the election to select sonv.: iOOCj chiefs of local sclf-govcrnlii|j communities. A U. S. GOVERNMENT BUREAU REPORT announces the discovery of a new tannic acid treatment for ivy poi- {fcning*. The treatment h;is been found excellent; it is gentle anti safe, dries up the blisters in a surprisingly short time — often within 24 hours. These government findings are incorporated in the new product At your drugstore, 59c. Minister Clioscn by I.nt .PHILADELPHIA (UP)— "Selection by lot" of Jacob Frederick, 23-year-ol t | Bristol, pa., farmer, as assistant minister O f lhc Norris Square Mcnnonltc Church, Philadelphia, was the "will of the Lord." The ceremony, sacred in the Mennonite tradition, requires that candirtalcs each pick up a Bible from the pulpit. The candidate who chooses the Bible contninVnt; a hidden marker Is ordained ns minis Lcr. Steel Oil Barrel Racks An; SlH! T. L. MABRY «3 MISSOURI ST. PH. 36^7 OIVK UH THIS DAY . . . 0«1U HAII,Y Hlti:,\H For bread the riicrchuul l.iljora long and lute; For bread the beggar goes Irom gate to fate. For, bread the sailor loaea liciirlh and Home, A thousand, thousand miles bread-seekers roam. For brcnil are weddings made. and sermons-said; Of all good things, the first mid best is bread. —By Arthur Gullerman BUY... Ilocly Components Your body includes nliou'. OS pounds of oxygen. 30 of carbon, nearly 15 of hydrogen, three n-.r,s of nitrogen, and ncirti' two ol phosphorus, if you tip the"scales at 150 pounds. IS YOUR CAR SLUGGISH? Let Us Give it o Motor Tune Up,' GENERATOR We'll Check: 9 STAKTKR • I'l'KI, I'l .Ml> • CAKM/KHTOR • HATTERY CAKLK Rcbuill Oiclsmobilc or G.MC Molor," o""" OiVFC Time I'apmrnl 1'Ian C.ive your r;ir .-\ complete Roins over this siirini; an'd ad^stmenlL" 110 SUmm " vHtmul C °"^" 1 ««•»''' LATEST PRECISION EdUIPMEXT! MOTOR AXAI.YZEK New and Used Tires for Cars and Trucks Seat Covers— Fog Lights — Spotlights LEE MOTOR SALES, Inc. 305 East Mam St. Mil'Create jOSforMel Other Ways Advertising Helps *. Brings you better goods for less money; <C. Makes shoppin a'nt and easier. Has given us the world'* highest standard of living; PAGE ."JTVB,U*~ Read How Advertising, by Selling tiie Products of American Industry, Makes Your Job Sec//re, and Creates New Jobs for the Coming Crop of Youngsters THINK back over (ho jobs viVrc ' held. When snlc.s were )>nd, tlioro were pay-cuts, layoffs, fear, worry. Wlicn snlca were pood, I hero were rais&s, advnnccmrnl, hope, cl>"or. 't'lio ol(i men didn't "fear {!i<: axp." There was plenty of hiring nf yottngsters to train for the fxpaiulititj hnsinesM. Advorlbing srlls goods. 'l'h;il's ila job. And more yales mean more work to do—right from (lie faclory (o (ho farina mid mills and mines, lo i.1-,3 Uuiusnncl and one firms that directly or indirectly depend on that factory's SUCCC.S3. More sales mean belter business- more nne'. better jobs, more security, greater <:ppor(unity. Ami nd\Trtisin s is n f.nark plug lhat makes sn.'w. >So al- wnys remember— today, tomorrow- ad verfising is making your job more secure. They're New, ficautiruf, i Inexpensive TRIMZ Pro-tailored Curtains Imagine liuyhiK a complete set of ciirtulns , to brighten yuur hume for less (ban the cost of launucr- htK 'he ones' you now Imvc at voiir \vlniluws! ^Thai's what you can cto 'A( Alvhl Hardy Furniture. 1' new Trim?. Curtains nr. rc'.ul.v to put tiji, as they are. No fuss or blither, easy lo clean, last Imlclliillely. Alvirt Hardy Furniture 1 13 K. iUiiin. Phono 2302 CHI'X'K WRITERS NOW IN STOCK! SAMUEL V. NORMS I'rlnlcrs Stationers Across l-'rom Citj Hall We iire tufihif; orcJers fur Attic Fans (<> Itv installed hcfore holj wciillior.'.CiiU us for MISS. COOVJITY LUMBER CO, I'houo Call PICKAX'S GROCERY 1014 KEYS MADE O!)eni'ti .and: Repair- oil. DiMir Cheeky,'jpr Ovcr- iiiiitls. Kcir geryicc Cull .llftLlIY "(SI'ECK'KBROCK at •'•" Cliisum's Bike Shop I'honc 5% • ^^m^ERrpipi / ,of Copper Steel We carry it in slock in K", 15", IS" and 21" sizes. E. C. ROBINSON LUMBER CO. ISIylhcrillc, Ark. CITY CAB Day or Night BLYTHEViLLE COURIER NEWS GROCERIES DELIVERED Once More! CALL 501 C. L.NABERS Gro. and Mkt. Melvin Raised, Owner Frankie's Bakery Goods NO Extra Charge for Delivery!

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