The Weekly Caucasian from Lexington, Missouri on April 6, 1872 · Page 2
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The Weekly Caucasian from Lexington, Missouri · Page 2

Lexington, Missouri
Issue Date:
Saturday, April 6, 1872
Page 2
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THE LKXINGTON WISISKIY OJUO-PsiXIS APIltL , l7Si. gmngton Caucasian. STATE SOVEREIGNTY! WHITE SUPREMACY! AX It REPUDIATION ! THIS IS libehty: Our Motto. ReTtr Dpairof theBepubUo ! Our Platform. Th Constitution of I860, and the Kighu of the States I Our Doctrines. Thus t ?hlt M&n'a Qovarnment, mada by Whit Man, for White Mon, and thoir Poetorttv, Forever 1 BOW WITH TBS FIFTEENTH BttttmiDvlEIT: Total Repudiation of tha Monstrous Yan-kaa War tebt' That Accumnl, Unconstitutional Burden, accumulated ay an Unconstitutional Mob styliag Itself a ( onurwi, In tne proaerutioa of an Unconstitutional Crusade, for tar Accomplishment of an Unconstitutional ami llorrii Purpose ' now una ioo hhiuiks .. taiatiov mttrylimmtttn of thr Hilar la Ihr IMl A uthoritirs ! DOWN WITRTHE SATRtPS! Squnt TiurarMMt mntt the Rifhtf'ui Jererw-tarion 'all Ihr Stotfm, or ANOTHER REBELLION ! Revolution most be met by Counter Revolution! Force hr Force! Violence- by Violence! And Usurpation should be Overthrown, if needs be, bytfie nayonel ! UOWS WITH Tr.VT OATH ana Rr feUTB AI10NV VIW-: I.A KLl'L'ULIQUE! FOR PRESIDENT. II.- GRATZ BROWN, .OF MlSMOl nr. FOR VICK PRESIDENT, HORACE GREELEY, OF KFW YORK. L I E S. DEEP, DARK, DAMNABLE LIES. Ibe BoooTille (Mo.) gle,edited by a Wisconsin earpet-bagabond and scoundrel, who is not admitted into any first-class bagnio of the city over which, IHaboli Gratia, be presides as Mayor, in a recent issue, contains this mcreeiof abjmination-al daintiness: The St. Charles Cosmos" jfives the fol-lowinj miner heart-rending incident which it Says rumor reports as having occurred at the Hummers' convention at Jefferson City: "The doers flew open,, and down the broad aisle, arm tn arm, came Colonel Paddy liunau and General John McNeil'. Upon the countenance of each played an almost seraphic smile as '"onward, still onward'' tlwy came, until they reached the clerk's desk, turned, grasped bands, and presented to the gaping multitude the astounding tableau of the Butcher ot Palmyra and hia Historian mingling their happy tears over the newly discovered hopes ot Bummerdnm! Then the sans culottes, arose with a mighty cheer, which echoed back Iroro the walls of tha Penitentiary upon a neighboring bill, and died away in the bushwhackei-:nhahited vales ot ( allawar, across the river. Aud the Peoriti (Ills.) Daily- Transcript, one of the vilest "of all Suckerdom's ink-streaked, little nigger-sbirt-tails, adds this: What 'liberal" republicanism is and what it will end in, is well shown by the fact that cue of the principal men ii'i the late convention" at Jefferson City , Missouri, was Patrick Donin. the editor ol the Lexington Cauraslan, the most virulent and moid democratic newpaper in the union. Ever since the Liberal .Republican Conventiou of January 24, such paragraphic devil-squirts of malice and falsehood have been going the rounds of the whole press of America. Only a short time since, our noble- I hearted frienJ,NesbiU,of the Plaits' burg Register, gave the clerical-scandal-hatching Baltimore American, a merciless flaying, for its repetition and amplification of the slander. Now, for ourself, we care not a single continental rubefactuin centum damnum. Individually, we're clad in moral rbinoceros-hide. Three languages bive been exhaust ed in denunciation of us. English, Dutch and French have been run sacked of their lingual filth to over whblra tis. The voice of tie mob, the opinion of the rabble, has neitb er charms or terrors for as. We know its fickleness, its blind injustice, its utter worthlessness. Wereraem ber that the same base, breath-turned herd strewed the streets of Jerusa lem with palm-branches,and shouted: "Ilosanna to the Son of David;" that, . three days afterward, made thoso very same streets resound with its ferocious "Crucify him! Crucify him:" True type of the multitude, the great m asses, in all ages and every land. tWre deaf to the howling' of popular praise 'or dispraise. We'd toss up a nickel for choice of infamy or fame. . We'd draw straws for the love or execration of the whimsical, weathercock public. And the clamor of insensate millions wouldn't budge us a split-bair's-breadth.taoni the path of either duty or inclination. Personally, we re indifferent, regardless, oblivi-ious ot human good or iu wii esteem or loathing. Uut, for th Bake of others, and of a Cause on v,ujcb aj we devoutly believe, haiijj th .,. tiuiesofour Republic, we devi 0 from our usual course, lo kick thai dastardly curs that, all around us have runod hu h a lying bellabelloo' and plant our heel, once for all.up ,0 the machinations of their Ananias hearts, . Fiends, gridiron-iauked, never devised, "---nor hell, dosed with a million tons of mora! ipecac, spewed forth, more willful, deliberate and malignant lies, than those we quote as samples of a myriad similar. We are no Liberal .Republican; never were; never expect to be. Wo were not a member of the Jefferson Cftv Convention; we will not be, of the Cincinnati oue; we couldn't be, if we would. We are a Democrat of the extrc meat States-Rights type. We believe in secession; in the rightful-cess tf slavery; in the illegality of all the yankonigger -bayonet amend-moots to the Constitution; ana jn the total repudiation of H debts, Federal, State and County .contracted by radical fraud, violence and misrule. We do no1. c" not, W1" not, endorse one plank in any Re-pnMiean platform, Liberal or Diabolical. No Democrat could, without bowing himself a ftnl or a knave. If have no pari or lot in any Republican Convention; no Democrat bould have. Between Greeley Grata Brown or Trumbull, and grant, Colfax or Beast Butler, its only a choice of eviU; and we only put up the names that fly at our column-head, to indicate which evil we, as ore of two million Democrats, would prefer to endure. The contest is between two factions . of Radicalism. Our opinions, cor.vio lions, be pes and wishes will have no representative in either wing, on either ticket. But,-now bear us,-the grand government of our fathers is crumbling before the assaults ol despotism and corruption. Usurpers have seized the grand citadel ot Freedom. Co lumbia, in. tattered widow's weeds. sits amid the ruins of her proud temples and palaces, and hums dole ful dimes to a niirg'-r baby. e have naugnt but the forms, the hol low shell, the empty, mocking mum meries, ot true republicanism lelt Something must be done, or destruction, overthrow, tyranny and death await us. Hell licks its yawning chops, in expectation of its coming victim the last experiment at "tree institutions, earth shall ever see. We belong to a party powerless to saver unable to carry a single State in all the -Nortn unable to rescue from carpot-bag-and-baboon clutches, a single district in all the South capable of couuting every tiopby it can hope lor, on the tii gers ot one band : Missouri, Kentucky, Tennessee, Virginia, Mary land, and the little three county truck-patch of Delaware. That's all .' Not another in the range of possibilities. The more liberal, honest and decent portion ot tbe .Radical party, recognizing tbe dangers of tbe hour, trembling tor the tote ot half tbe world, offer to aid us, to lead us out of the Egypt of bondage. A nd as for us, to save our country and our people from damnation, we're willing to strike bands with any being, human, angelic or infernal we're ready, if need be. to stand by the Devil, on a platform of coagulated bell s-scum! Patriots: Lovers ot liberty! Would-be saviors of your native land! Fall in! When Horace Greeley appealed to the Radicals of Oonuectiout, before the late purchased grant victory, to be honest and not corrupt tbe voters there, as they bad corrupted them in New Hampshire, tbe L'lyuian organs took umbrage, and replied that it was none of hi business. The New Jersey State Gazette, which is one among the meanest of the low yankee uobiti journals, answered (he philoso pher's appeal for honesty: "Can't be thiukof some other nice pians for helping the Democrats along?' ' which is a virtual acknowledgment ot the very rascality, that Greeley knew, by long association with them, they were an too ready, wining and competent to practice. Nothing lesi-than a successful earthquake, a thousand fathom deluge, or a general brimstone bath, a la umcago. win ever restore mar public morality and political honesty wnicn disappeared seemingly forever, when the Satanic Radical party came into power. Among tbe numerous schemes introduced, for the first time, by tbe Radical p.irtylhe one of paying unsuccessful contestants nearly half a year's salary in every 0 we, is without doubt, the most glaring r bbery permis.-able under our now rotten representative system. It is well enough in pay men who are victimized out of offices to which they have been overwhelm-irgly elected by the people, the reasonable' expenses ol a justifiable defence of their rights; but to salary 'he horde of villains and scoundrels who hang about Congress and the State Legislatures tn ontest the seats rightfully belonging to :hers, is to otter a premium lor burglar-it--. Hundreds, if not thousands, of penitentiary-deserving rascals have thus been provided tor In the past decade of Kadical outrage. tn Dana's prosecution of ."secretary-of-tlie-Navy Robeson, before the Senate investigating Committee, the most as-to inding frauds are being diseovered. Kobeson had a long settled and receipted ascouut re-opeued with the Secor shipbuilding firm, and the whole bill repaid, he drawlug the draft on the treasury, on a holiday, for $125,000. This aloue is sufficient to merit his Impeachment and expulsion from ottice, and consignment to a penitentiary, to say nothing ol one and a half millions more stolen byalui. 1 bis man is a member of Ulysses' cabinet the fourth important personage in government. Thief, thief, thief, is borne i pou every wind. Truly, this is the foulest, rottenest, and most corrupt government out of perdition. W iew! An explodinjAiombshell in a swarming ant-bill; double-knotted liog-cholcra in a filthy Eastern pig-stye; a roof-lifting tornado iu a half-seas-over slop-tub: black vomit in an over-crowded yankee-pup nursery ! Bristol bristling! Con uecticu tiers of yankee wives' and witches throats "electrified:" A correspondent of tbe Caucasian, at Bristol, Connecticut, writes us, enclosing his !ubscription, that the Radical yanks in that rotten borough are threatening to tear down tbe post-office, if their postmaster delivers the Great White Man's Paper of North and South America to its leadsrs. Nell grant, the she-spawn of the yan kee national combination-hog-and-mack- rel, is going on a European splurge. She will be under the sheltering wing of ex- waterworks-secretary Borie's old ban. e presume a crack frigate will be or dered to transport these hussies, and a neet of screw-steamers and cneeae-nox boomers to convoy them. How could a tan-bark-smasber's pig, and bis ex underling's frowsy, sowsv older animal, go king and queen gadding in lest style? The New York Workingmen's Central Labor Reform "party" openly repudiates the candidacy of the two-millionaire cor poreal monstrosity, by the name of David Davis, and the corporeal monsa-ositv is about to repudiate that party, la the mean time, the yankees have signally repudiated both', and the devil will rinallv get both repudiators and repudiated. Miss Mary Ann Cobb. eldest daughter of the late Gsu. IlowallCobb, was married in Athens, Georgia, on the 3rd Inst., to Mr. Alex. S. Erwin. partner in the law firm of Cobb & Erwln, and a brave and arned gentlemen. None but the brave 8h-tild ev-Erwiu the fair. In th Turkish empire, when an official can't account for public moneys eutrusted to hlm.beU taken outquk tly and hanged, f '1.1'' wre tb custom in our country for Amri,..e y, ulf the J01 women of e mualenly widowed. Cat.ea4Aro.yi.rn to the fourth page andj-,1 lhe Cu nUs,areu,r.Rt,1iu Ladies' ionium are unavoidably roWded otit. for rougher work. w hopvf resume Llucols, Nebraska, is In ecswee. T r a hog with eight legs. Pshe-ewt Tt very uame It bears, calls up a more marvelous monstrosity: Llucolu: Eiirht bogs, each possessed wltn a devil, and all on two legs YANKEEDOODLEDIDDLEDOM. HISTORICAL REMINISCENCES OF DARWIN'S LIVING WITNESSES. BEING A NICE LAY SERMON ON A NASTY SUBJECT. Two ot the rigid, rugged, worn-out, sandy-soiled pumpkin patches lu the Eastern brood of six, have lately acted consistently and voted to sustain the corruptions, tbe diabolisms, and the old-blooded treasons of Ulysses, the bipedal Tumblebug. If these little bedlamitlc garlic and garden-anss "plantations," bud done otherwise, they would have Wen unworthy the historic infamy' to which the satanic half-dozen are wholly and solely entitled. A nursery of traitors and tories, of everything la human form which is belittling and degradiug. It was highly proper that they should cast their sympathies and votes with the smallest and meanest cause presented before them. We are reminded daily, by the published records of crimes and horrors, that neither New Hampshire. Connecticut, Nastychusetts, Maine, Varmeount, or Rhode Island, Is prepared for that reform of morals aud principles which would manifest itself In a conversion to real Democracy. It would he an anomaly for such moral and physianl monstrosities, as the leather-boweled, snake-skinned, pot-hook-boned, ostrich-uecked, squash-headed, voracious, incestuous, and leprous yankeedoodlediddledees, who have descended from the Mayflower eonvirts and all other Europe-expelled felons, to exhibit any ambition for the welfare of the country, which doe not promise them pay. They were King George's tools, emissaries, spies, informers, tories never known to go into the armies willingly ; and ready to accept any position, no matter how degradiug to mkn, which promised them a riddance of danger and a living without labor. These hemp-haired wretches were the washers, the hostlers cooks and bottle -the teanistei-s, the anythings for both British soldiers, and the American and were often success- ful in practicin 'cute'" deceptions upon patriots of that time. the revolutionary When not thus engaged, they have al ways been pack-and-clock-toting peddlers, upon whose geographical, maplike backs (as ready for stripes and kicks, if they paid, as for a bundle of smuggled goods), there are vsra for mountains, stripes for rivers, and scars tor States, anything for a trade, with a rear well adapted to boot. In the late war by the Northern hordes upon lhe Southern people, for cotton, niggers, spoons, female clothing, and such "contraband" articles as could be found in bureau-drawers, the sneaking yankeedoodlediddledees, took a prominent part as cooks, laundresses, waiter- boys and errand-runners; while the men of the North and South fought out the war of a life fora life. In such posi- uons tney avoided tne dangers ol sanguinary fields, and were enabled to. stuff their wormy carcases with cold victuals left by their superiors, and to run away on the first approach of disaster. An Incident. It was in such capacity that a number of these New EnsrlisFi wretches wandered out on the Potomac with one of the loyal moves "On to Richmond, "in the early years of the late war, and a number of "them fell into the hands of the Confederates. The Southern soldiers slipped upon them while they were feeding on cold victuals, at which times these Darwinian connecting links are almost totally oblivious of things transpiring about them. . The Confederates were glad; they had long been trv- I ing to catch some of them for use bv the medical fraternity, to experiment on; as dogs were scarce and unusually valuable at that time. These knot-headed, shitepoke-necked lusus-unnaturals were immediately im mured in illustrious old Libby, at Rich-motid, as rare curiosities, 'l he medical ollicers of the Confederate government, who had long desired to get possession of a few of these wretches, on whom to try the strength of a newly dist-overed dog and rat-bane, knowing well that the yankeedoodie Intestines were capable ot digesting anything but whole wheelbarrows, were rejoiced, as might be expected, at the opportunity offered by lhe capture of these gaunt and wormv subjects. A consultation was held, "to determine upon the size of the dose, some maintaining that a spadeful of bane three times a minute, triven to these vankees. would be equal to ten grains administered to a dog, while others held that the more wormy ones would need a coal-scuttleful every four seconds though the latter agreed that a teaspoontul would destroy any ouier Kind ot canine. Be fore administering the dog-bane, how ever, it was unanimously resolved to try and fatten one ot them, in case of an accident, as it would be unmst to South ern grave-worms to feed them on such stringy, indigestible diet; hence every effort was made to that end, but in vain . Flesh, bread, vegetables, were thrown to them in their cage; but on account of tneir beastly voracity m swallowing their iKntKi nuure anu III large cnunKS, which nas ever cnaractenzeu tarwin's New t-nglish living witnesses, everv effort failed. They were filled till their stomachs looked like knots on a low, but no rattening nourishment was produced. Spittoons, brimful and running over, from the ever-memorable ' 'Snottswood . ' ' were also fed to them; but nothing more than "love's labor lost," for these horri ble bipeds swallowed them at a gulp, and whined tor more. After all truly Christian endeavors had been made to unworm the subjects sufficiently torenderihem use- tut, tne dog-bane wasted to them in tubs: but as in the case of the spittoons, the wormy Barebones-es only licked it up, and miimiieu lor Mippienieuiary supplies. This was startling to the medical gentlemen, who sat around on a couple of dozen of uewly prepared coffins, in blankest amazement. Then it was resolved to over haul all the standard works on physiology, anatomy, and natural science "in the endeavor to find a parallel case. After some time lost m speculating upon the astounding phenomenon, and being utterly disgusted with their subjects, the medical officers prevailed upon the Confederate authorities to offer ihem in exchange. Accordingly , upon their recommendation , twenty-tour of these venniculous creatures were sent back "hum" in exchange for a good mule that bad been captured from the place of Gen . Illlow in Middle Tennessee, a few mouths before. Of course, when these leather-boweled, chunk-swallowing, tongue-hanging, slobbering, sore-eyed skeletons were returned North, they fell into the hands of a set of men who had not seen them when they enlisted, and they were unjust enough to charge- the Southern people, and such self-sacriticino; and humane gentlemen as Captain V irz ami others, with an attempt to starve them. Noth-inir could have been further from the truth . They became the pitiable objects of a great nue and cry ny tne loyal Aorth, about their fleshless "condition. They were carried on shingles to the picture-makers, stripped, and their photographs sent to all parts of the country as electioneering oocamenbs. Thev were called "The Starved," when it should have been "The Wormy." Had the South attempted to fatten them, a new crop would have been necessary . However, in the course of time, one of these wormy fellows died at a New York hospital, after having eaten out the establishment and bankrupted tbe hospital steward. A post mortem examination. was held, ror the New Yorkers began "to smell a mice." They thought it strange that he should continue poor, when he had all he could eat. . Ills intestines four miles long, made of toughest raw-bide from lhe -Galena tannery- were taken out and contents removed. What were these? Behold! A rusty tin oyster-can, seven .chlcken-legs with the claw on, a pint of broken glass, pieces of china and crockery ware, niue china marbles, a soijd wad of leather, a twist of scrsp-tiai, a coil of brass wire, an eight-hour dovk weighi, the heel of a nigger's brogan, tvvo pounds p tolu gum, a copper door knob, a pair of 'spender buckles, two muscle Hliellt, a yard strip of red flannel, piece of tine-tooth comb, two broken fish books, a blade of a Jack, knife, tooth of a garden rake, lot -of old door-nails, over six quarts of horrible, wriggling, writhing worms, eels anil snakes, and his last two dava food! Who, in the name of the d addy of l lysses' Digger brats, could ever fatten such creatures!1 Other historical facts in regard to this lroni vorous, verminlvorous, and from them deliver us. race will appear in following Issues of the Great White Mail's Paper of North and South America. Amen . JACKASSERY. FOLLY, TOMFOOLERY, BEYOND THE VOCABULISTIC POWERS OF THE CAUCASIAN TO DEPICT. . 18 THE DEMOCRATIC PARTY INSANE? All over the land. North, South, East and West, little so-called Democratic journals are ranting and raving, pawing the earth, foaming at the mouth, - and splitting their diminutive newspaperial linen-extremities into a thousand tatters, over the straight-out, billy-goat, wedge-butting plan of political ca mpaign. They roar, they go Into St. Vitus shake-tits, they howl with long-lean-maugy-hound power, about tbe cowardliness. lhe abhor rent treachery and recreancy, the ineffable dastardliuess, ol Possumism . They rear aloft their penny-buncombe bunting, and heroically avow their determination to stand by old Democratic principles, and battle only beueatb the old Democratic banner. With a valorous devotion worthy the ghost of Don Quixote or Richard Ceur De Lion, they assure us lhat thev've lulled their unsullied flags to the niastheid, aud come weal or come wo, they will never consent to this unutterably base surrender to the ancient loe. They burst their puny squash-vine trumpets, souid-ing their Spartan-like defiance -of the world, the flesh and lhe devil, common sense, true patriotism and strategic wisdom. As for them, let earth's mountains melt with fervent heat, her oceans t-p over aud extinguish Die sun, moon and stars , and the angel of death ride triumphant over a shipwrecked universe, th?y propose to mount a hickory-stick hone, couch their goose-quill lances against in armor of dough, and take one lant tilt.iur old platforms and notions, at darkness, devastation and eternal damnation. They're tor a Democratic Convention Nominations, spread-eagle speeches aau resolutions, and eternal glory if we perish in the Iray. Ha! ha! Their ears would do for steeples to nigger meeting-houses. All this bust-head oratory, this gushing on the defunct whimsies of twenty years ago, is simply windmill-charging if persisted in. only the rattle of the clods on their own, our own political coffins oulv the slashes of the crazy spades that will dig tliemselves a sepulcnre, Irom whose bottomless depths no legion of G ibriels, though with a lieaveii-crackina '-last. shall ever re.-urrect them. The situation's desperate. The coun try speeding, at a lightning-like rate, to perdition. e have but a bodom's-apple tf a government left a republican rind, enclosing the ashes aud worms of despotism. Corruption, rottenness, usurpation and outlawry perch, like owls and bats, in all our high places. Crime is at a premium. Thieves and uiggers are crushing tbe very souls out of the fairest States in all our busted and bedeviled Union. What's to be. done? Will tbe asinine mummeries of conventions, gas-baggy resolutions and speeches save ust No, a thousand times no! We must wrest the power from the hands of tbe plunderers and destructionists. How can this be done? Tbe only way under heaven, is by defeating the base and brutal Tumble-bug of the White House by scourging him and all his foul brood of conspirators, highwaymen, booted-and-spurred assassins and liberty-squelchers, back to the vile kennels and tan-yards, from whence rhey sprang! Can Democracy do this? There's not an ass, in rustic stable from Maine to Mexico, but knows its impossible. Democracy can't carry one State in all the North; without the permission of Ulysses aud bis bayoneted hirelings, can't carry a congressional district in all the South! Six States, whose whole electoral vote. would be counterbalanced by New York and Ohio, are our Democratic ah.! To succeed, we must sweep away 15,000 Radical majority iu Indiana; 25,000 Radical majority in Ohio; 30,000 Radical majority In Pennsylvania; and 10,000 Radical majority in New York. No Democratic ticket uo ticket bearing even the faintest flavor of Democracy-can touch one vote, of all these huge majorities, with a torty-furlong pole. The Liberal Republicans Radicals who are in favor of reform who are opposed to the Galena Boor, to despotism aud corruption propose to put up some such ticket, as Giatz Brown and Horace Greeley. It will, as a mighty whirlwind, sweep away half the whole Radical vote ot the country. And with the entire Democratic strength cast solidly for it, tbe downfall of Ulyssianic filth and tyraiv ny is sure! The dawn of a better day, will be ushered in. on the Ides of uext November. And God helping u, liberty nd true republicanism will once more bud a home in a reunited Sisterhood ot Sovereign States! Small-pox, it is said, is being transmit ted throughout the country, through the circulating medium of fractional currency. If our readers would avoid contaminating their neighbors and friends with the loathsome rot-iu-spot disease, all they have to do, is to chaw the dimes. Quarters and halves a few minutes. and hang them up to dry before passing them. J o some fastidious persons, there maybe too strong a flavor of loyally , nigger aud polecat (for all kinds of digits paw these raggid Lincoln scabs), but a solution of a bushel each of Prussic acid, lye and assafetida, immersed in a barrel of Jersey lightning, wi!l ultimately remove all unpleasantness of taste. The surest mode of escape, however, is to send the leprosy-breeding shinplasters at once to the Caucasian shanty, in exchange for pure and gentle Sunday reac"-Ing, for yourselves and friends. The philosophical John Stuart Mill insists that each married pair, to avoid over-crowding this little world with mis ery and wretchedness, ought to produce only a couple of children, and no more, to supply their places when they are gone. No advice is tendered in cxse"the second child should happen to be triplets. John Stuart has probably arranged to have this particular Mill "of the gods grind slowly, butexceeding flue." At Middlesex, Pa., a colored barber has been elected by 40 majority over a white man, for member of tbe town council. These people are evidently hermaphro dites, being citizens of a Middlesex, and seem to banker considerably alter buck Africans, doubtless wiib a view to their becoming sons-in-law, and daddies of their daughters' mulatto brats. J. II. Kuapp, who ran a little peanut postage stamp shop for the Tumblebug at Paoli, III., has run 6ff with $4,000 belonging to the people. Everyday, nay almost every hour, some loyal grantite steals everything in bis reach and "litea out." This is an epoch of crime, a decade of criminals, and an administration of highwayman and burglar tule. A Mississippi ladv friend writes to us for atopy of "Beautiful 5now." Will some of our editorial brethren, who caught the usual winter contagion, be kind enough to send. Us a marked copy, and profoundly oblige thelr'n truly? ULYSSES AS A LIAR. RETROSPECTIVE ARRAY OF J0.000 FALSEHOODS. The low-principled scamp who undlg- iiines tne ChjPf executive office of tbe anarchlzed and disrupted disunited States, has no record which Isn't Immediately connected in some manner with a lib. In the days of tbe worried and perplexed Andy Johnson, It will be remembered, that Ulysses, than a military Tumblebug, who had rolled his dirty ball Into Washington, as Secretary of War ad interim, when the President was trying to rid the country of the Dantonitic Stanton, lied so brazenly and stupidly as to have almost puked the retired but virtuous Tennessee merchant tailor. In all bis underling's intercourse with Pres ident Andy, bis course was a tissue of bold or concealed falsehoods and deceptions. He was a liar and a traitor to his superior officer, the President of the united States, and either lied about his movements or otherwise falsified his statements in such rapid succession, that three members of the Cabinet -united in a written statement that he had lied. But this was nothing new to Ulysses. It had been his business all his life, to lie for a living. He lied when he took the oath of service, as a lieutenant in the army, to conduct himself-as a soldier aud gentleman; for he soon thereafter showed himself anything but either'. He lied when, alter he was court-martialed for conduct unbecoming a gentleman, he promised never again to disgrace the service. He lied when, about to be expelled from the service at Detroit, for drunkenness, he promised never to lie down in the gutters again. He lied when be took charge of a Western corps, claiming competency to command them. He lied when he reported a victory; for nobody knew better than his soldiers that, when they were running lor their lives, he was whipped. He lied when leading the two million army "on to Kiehtuuiid, " he asserted that he would "tight it out on that, line it it took all summer;" for the first move he made was to move off that line. He lied, when he conducted negotiations at Appomattox with the hero Lee; for he agreed to terms that have never yet bean carried out. He lied, when he said "Ictus have peace:" for nothing in all God's wide universe was farther from his intentions; be having ever since, prosecuted a bitter and relentless war on an unarmed people, who havebeeu plundered by bis hessians aud thieves. He lied, when he said he would have no policy in opposition to the wishes of the people; for he has pressed unnumbered vile and dastardly, people-condemned policies and schemes, for the oppression and robbc-iy of his victims, for the aggrandizement of his poor, dirty kin, aud for the acquisition of the Dominican horror and abomination. He lied, when he took the oatli ol ottice as President, and he has lied iu every act since that time. He lied when, after packing a convention of office-holders to secure Tiis renomina-tion at all hazards, he informed some political "spooks" that he did not desire to press his claims lor re-election. lis lied when, play ing the role of sphynx, he attempted to leave the impression that be was a grave, wordless philosopher; for at every whisky shop in Galena or St. Louis, where he had any credit at all, he is known as a garrulous nincompoop. He lied when he promised to pay his whisky bills now ten yeare overdue at Galena. He lied when, after steali ng $5 . 000 from the government, twenty years ago and gam-Hing it oft', he pretended that he had lost his vouchers and didn't know whether he owed the government anything or net. Yea, the Tumblebug is a liar of the m est sublime degree. He not only lies, but rubs it in on him-elf, as the noses of dirty pups are used to wipe up a floor they have denied. Asa public and private liar, a whoIcale and retail liar, a persistent and determined liar, we accord to no man. the devil the daddy of all lies and liars included, a more unenviable notoriety. And yet. if the counsels of run-or-bust Democratic lunatics prevail, tliis vile reptile is destined to sway the scepter of brutal dominion over the American Empire for rive years to come. , A NEW XAILKOAD AN NT EKI'KlsK ok VAST IMPORTANCE TO I.EXINtiTON AND I.FAYEl'Tt cotvr y The lous-siuakljld-ovr, twenty-thousand-tlollar-a-iuile, Lexingtooaud St Louis crooked-line railway is finished, m last; the ponderous locomotives are whistling, thick and (-beery as spring robins or b!ue-bir4. all over our Botuh-easlrn suburbs; aud the serpentine trains are constantly arriviug and departing, heavy-laden with freight and passengeia. Our North Missouri bob-tail, with it cowcatcher behind, punit-r-fahion, by an occasional sioash-up of a coach.and a wholesale init.ution of its voyagers into the mysteries and niisiritts of grouud-and-lolty tmnblin and other icrobatic dirertise-mcnts, keeps us perpetutlly reminded of the fact, that it is a live institution, however fatal to tne lives of its patrons. The Lexington, Luke and Gulf has expanded into the Burlington and Southwestern, haading two hundred miles lurther norm and east, and euilmg iudennitely Mexico-wards, the dirt-digging is progressing, nd the track-lay inir is to begin within less than ninety dajs (and every chap, w hose name has figured on a promissory note, knows bow briel'lliat period is.) The Louisiana and Missouri River lizard still gives a now-and-tnen flounce, and gasps under the pressure of l'orty-6even law-suits. The Kansas City and Uoodin's Coal Bank Narrow tiouge casts bushels, hogsheads, car-loads of ovine optics, at our fertile valesand exhaustless mineral beds. And our glorious North and Suutlt Pole, Kamscbat-ka Lexington aud Terra Del Fuego Grand Trunk Lightninsr-Line is coming, with a bridge in one hand, and sevea thousand uianu-facturing-eotablishuients in the other. Hut all these yea, and as many more; completed, ironed and equipped; graded, bridged and tied; surveyed and stick-stuck-ed off; traced in pencil on section-maps; or just breaking the shell ot mental incubaiion, in some bold speculator's skull -all, ALL dwiudlato msiKuilii-auce, sink to the' little end of grant's nobility which is as much less than nothiug, as our microscope can possibly take cognizance of before I lie Ktlfuntie and magnificent undertaking, which the genius, energy aud boundless public spirit ol three ol America's noblest sons.bave already rendered an accomplished fact, a triumph achieved, a herculean labor done! Proud, beauteous, peerless old Lexington and Lafayette a future more radiant than a million plaited rainbows is assured you; a destiny, w hose splendor out-dazzles the sun in mid-heaveii awaits you. Kxcelsior! March on, march ' on to victorv and wealth. Messrs. Kdward and L'ptou 1. Wiuaor and James McGrew whose names ara dvstiued to become household words, synonyms of every public virtue, in all our forty States, Territories and Pashawi'cs, have out of the fathomless generosity ot their own natures, a'ith their own capital snd on their own individual curva, organized a' Railroad Corporation of vast magnitude, silently, swiltly, laying Aladdin and bis miraculous kitchen-lamp rorever in a thousand-umbrella-power shade, the mighty undar-taking has been pushed forward, liven now, the n.iishina- touches am being given ; and in ten davs, the omnipotent bulgme will be coursing his way, with nery eye and vatley-siiBking breath, over this royal avenue ol trade aud travel. The road is 400 miles no, no, we meau feet long; and is a switch at their coal-banks. Up. Wiusor, President; fcd . T. insor, Secretary and Treasurer; Jas. Mctirew, General Superintendent, Brakesman and Baggage-Suiasher; aud Jacob Kckie, Chief Contractor and Tie Inspector. CAUCASIAN STATE HASH. Clinton went Democratic by two to one., The poorest wheat fields ia this State promise a yield of at least fllteen bushels per acre. The wife of James Jecko. a criminal lawyer of St. Louis, committed hari-kari, on the id iust. Greene county threatens to put half a million bushels of apples and peaches in market, this season . Another attempt was matte by Kansas City roughs on the 3oih ult, to outrage ladles returning from church. Kansas City, through the wrangling of Its Democratic newspapers, has been induced to vote tbe Kadical ticket; while St. Louis and Cincinnati have thrown grant overboard, by lhe aid of Liberal Republican ballots, and under the Possum banner. There was a terrific tornsdo at St. Louis on the 30th ult, which blew down Central market house, killing and injuring a large number ol persons. One butcher ws Immolated on hii own beer-hook, and hung by old Boreas wrong end up, to his inttnite disgust. List or Ptkxs Issued from tbe united States Patent Office to Missouri Iuvei)tor for the week endinr Mir.-h k 1ST', aod each bearing that date. Furnished this paper by-Cox a Cox, Solicitors of Patents. Washington, D. C: Knife Cleaner and Sharpener, 9. A. W. Hou- mannandii. Nelson, St. Louis. Apparatus lor Extracting Marrow from Hams, W . N . Mac-queen, St. Louis. Multiple Time Dial lor I locks, J. F . Niehans, St. Louis. Washing Machine, J. M. Walker, Platteburg Notwithstanding the Times, St. Louis has exercised wisdom and redeemed herself, by electing Conservatives, Instead of old party all the city offices. CAUCASIAN PARTISAN NEWS. The New York German Liberals will send delegates to the Cincinnati Liberal Conventiou. Tennessee fl to be largely represented at, the Cincinnati Liberal Convention, by delegates chosen Immediately from the people. Tbrlce-traltor Longstreet comes out distinctly for a renomination of his cousin-in-law., the Galena Tanner, the Wooden-Headed Sphynx. the Infinite Tumblebug. Two of the pings in the late Pennsylvania General Ass-embly, were known respectively as "roosters" and "pinchers," which constituted the leading membership of that foul congregation ol State highwaymen. Ex-President Andy Johnson is restless, and may erupt into a candidacy for some office at any moment. He has his eye set upon the Governorship of Tennessee, or Congressmancy from the First District: or he may accept an aldermanship in Greenville. Frederick Hecker, of St. Louis, the celebrated German scholar and politician, is out in a masterly manifesto against the corrupt administration; calling upon the German Liberals to attend the Cincinnati Convention and overthrow despotism and encroaching anarchy. The following old-liners, among a host of Pennsylvania Republicans, hava deserted Ulysses, and will be present as delegates at the Cincinnati Liberal Convention: Senator A. K. McClure, J. D. Morehead, Judge Pettis, Darwin Phelps, Geo. H. Irwin, J. XV. McClure, and Gen. Jos. Coke. Gen. Arson Sherman is bumming around in Egypt, in company with that squaw-hatched, gutter-snipe sou of i) lyases, piiuni, lig on airs over the Arabs, edi ve ottered him a palace to w nen tne hnce sleep in, Frederick Tumblebug wandered into the servants' quarters, where he felt more at ease . The Dimmycrats of New Jersey have chosen delegates to the uncalled, anil not wanted, Democratic National Convention. So far 'as their principles are concerned, these yankee Democrats might as well attend the Philadelphia grant Convention. There Is no Democracy in Doodledoin worth talking about. The N. Y. Herald correspondent, who visited and was imprisoned by the Lowrey band of North Carolina bandit, avers that theie are but three white men connected with the pirates; that tbe organization Is almost totally made up of niggers; and that they are virtually supported in their murderous warfare upon the people by both the carpet-bag State government and the Washington despotism. The South Carolina Nigger State Convention has appointed delegates to the New Orleans National Nigger Convention. Tha South Carolina freed rice hands passed a resolution that, if the Radical party desire their co-operation hereafter, they must put a nigger in the Washington Cabinet; else they will set up shop for themselves. This is bringing tilings down to a fine point. The Caucasian's prophecy has been wondrously verified. Nastychusetts will be represented at the Cincinnati Conventiou by such meu as Bowles, of tha Springfield Republican; Hon. F. W. Bird, one of tbe oldest and most liberal anti-slavery men, and a leading member of the Blue-law grindery; he is president of a political organization, called the Bird Club, composed of several hundred big-headed and wealthy puritan.-, of Boston; W. S. Robinson, clerk of the House of Representatives; ex-Gov. Bullock, and Han. Timothy Davis, with Chawles siumner, audsich. Connecticut voted for Ulysses the Tumblebug, as we predicted last week it would. These little settlements of yan-keedoodlediddletlees in the East nurser ies of all manner of degrading isms, abominations and horrors would cease to be yankee, if tliey did not sustain corrun tlon, and plv their arts and notions for Kadical perpet uity . A decent white man who would submit to be elected Presi dent by the vote of this "electrified' brood of lunatic breeders, would be dls graced beyond redemption in the estima lion of respectable people anywhere else it would be a source ot shame to us, w-re the six little bedlamites ever to vote the Democratic ticket A Mr. Tyerman, a presumptuous biographer of John Wesley, the fa: her of Methodism, against whose pure life no evil word has, till now, ever been breath ed, has lately set afloat a ratt of scandals on his victim, which are being published in the secular press under the title ot "Amours of John Wesley." Tvennan evidently belongs to the Mrs. Beecher Byron Stowe school of reputation-blast ers, sne. wnn nervue yankee snout stuck into the grave ot the dead poet, and her heels flopping in the air, first opened the hideous post-mortem scavenger-beetle trade. These moral carrion vu' cures, these tilth mongers, live by picking the decayed bits of meat from mouldering bones 'in burial pita. I here is no doubt but Jesus path was beset by biographers of this precious class, as all the good since his nay nave oeeu The sore-eyed little man who clips for the Brown County (Ills.) Democrat, is reported as saying editorially, that he will "see Gratz Brown, Carl Schurz, and Frank Blair eternally damned" before he will consent to see the Democratic banner "trail in the dust. ' ' The ' 'trailing in the dust' ' business is very good for a buncombe speech to railroad liaials at a cross-roads, and is now quite fresh and original; but if Gratz Brown and Carl Schurz are "eternally damned," we fear ihey will find the sore-eyed little man of the Democrat and the banner that shan't "trail iu the dust" there, when they arrive; for if there ever was anything in this country more thoroughly and "eternally damned" than Democracy, as engineered tor the last few years, by the lorly-foot-Iong-eared Balaam's ponies, to whose tails this rampant ink-slinger pins his faith, we have never heard of it. The Nigger Rights bill passed by the c'annibil-fanged law-grinders of what was once Mississippi, imposes a penalty of $1, OIK) and one j ear's imprisonment in the penitentiary upon any white man or woman, who shall refuse to eat or sleep with a nigger; $5,000 upon any chartered association, and imprisonment of its ollicers for five years, for refusing to do the same; and $5,000 fine upon any prosecuting attorney, who shall fail to prosecute such white person for declining to eat or sleep with niggers. So far, since the adjournment of the legislative cannibals, the original copy of the bill can't be found, one of the clerks refuses to sign a second copy, and the Governor will have to wait for another assembly before he can get it to sign. It is needless to hide the fact: Without immediate relief from Northern Radical and Southern plantation nigger-rule, there must and will be an uprising of the people. No white meu on earth can much longer eudure such monstrous atrocities. The Mayoralty. Lexington, Mo., April 3rd, 1S7-J. To John Reid, Esq. : The undersigned, citizens aud tax-payers of thecity of Lexington, of all political parties, an 1 havig the welfare and prosierity of our city at heart, would respectfully requeskyoH to allow your name to be presented to lhe voters, at the June election, as a canditiate for the office of Mayer; and we pledge ourselves to use every honorable means in our power to secure your election jiinos Adams, Geo. P. Venable, E. Easter, C. K. Ballard, A. D. Kusst-ll, 'I. &. Mitchell, ThomasJohiisou, H. Winkler, Wm. Meiahold, Ben Marshall, C. A. Morrison, R. B. Y lung, R. B. Vaughan. Geo. vV. McKean, John r'. Eneberg, John Kriehn, fleury Taubman, A. W. Hutahins. Thus. II. Bayhss, 11. Thomas, T. C. T. Brightwell, E . Turner, T. A. Tidball. Wm. Morrison, A. V. Robinson, John Aull, S. E. Ingram. M. K. Keller, A. Keller. L. Feineman, . Geo. a. Temple, It. C. Temple, Morris Gratz, Win. J. P.gott, ,fouu uiwie, C. o. tirunes. Ethan Alien. Still Herb Let others blow as they please. If you want a really first-class photograph," natural as "life and twice as handsome, go to John Duvall's Art Gallery. AU styles ol pictures, accurately, promptly and cheaply taken, at Duvall's Card photos. Rembrants, ivorytypes. Special attention given to fetting life-like pictures of children, ictures taken from old ones and raised to any size. All work warranted to give perfect satisfaction, at John Duvall's tf CAUCASIAN NEWS BURQ0UT, At Milton North Carolina. Winy rffl for coffin. A grtrnt IternpurtUI TerAton hut art in, In Frnr., 0 l,(Xi0Mriac.ftL limb ran or office mi Top I. a, Kansas. KvnvllK lniJini. !, Iowa, bava gone liepitblican. A MiMlssippI Dinner bulled at a UeomotUc. Naiua aud ag unknown. Itor,betbrt, the French newspaper turbulent, bea bavn xpUd for lil. Cheater county. Pa., sporta a bat 1 JO years old and a plate 4"0 years of age. A Boston girl. aed tight year, la an Illicit mother, vomnieni is aopernuoue. A husband and wife, at Jacksonville, fla., died or lockjaw from vaccination. A Berrien county. Georgia, dog bad three living snakes fastened to his liver. Democratic gains in seven out of eighteen Ohio towns; KaJical gains In eleven. Nearly all the Radical o .He I a Is of Sroithtleld, X. V., have leru indicted for frauds. Tbe Democrats of Dubuque, Iowa, elected tbelr entire ticket by a heavy majority . Jewell, the Unheal candidate for re-election as Uovernorof Connecticut, was successful. Three skirtsr Instead of two, is to be the style f woumn's overlapping toggery tats se .son , Prof. Morse, the electric wire-worker, ia defunct; ail bis greatness but a Merse-l for worms. A large number of Boston merchants navp been systematically defrauding the government for years. An Atlanta lovrr bought off his rival for $30. If he bad aold out for ten cent, he would have done better. A genuine lion roaming about San Jose, California, tfiiforce good behavior and early Hours on the inhabitants. A Philadelphia lion-tamr was masticated by the emblem of lireat Britain, at a performance of O'Brien's circus, on the 3d. The Radicals gained a victory at Madison, Wisconsin, by carrying tbe whole ticket in m Democratic town ol 4.n majority. Lexington, Kentucky, is to be handed over to nigger oiticers and nigger domination, tha Legislature lulling to exteud further relief. Acorruptioi fund of ,si50l000 waa made up in Warihtiitfton, and spent in Connecticut, to carry lhat little ism-nursery for the Tumblebug. It is reported that a treaty of separation be tween Canada and 4reat Itrltain has been signed. Kngland must be totting ready to flog I, lyases . The weekly mortuary report of Philadelphia is almost an great as the whole population ol some far-west 'cities. Only 47 slid under latit week. Capt. 5tegorytof Winchebter, Tennessee, is paying A per cent, lor Confederate States notes, lie wants one hundred thousand dollars in that sort ol stock. There are 5'i4 churches, and 34,998 members of the Hup tin i church in Indiana; IH of the inland stations are potorle6s, owing perhaps to the drouth (?) The eutire Democratic ticket hta been elected in Cincinnati. The Euqiiirer says it is nut a Democratic victory , but a rebuke of Ulysses corrupt administration. J. B. Grinnell, and a large number of Iowa Republicans, have signed a call for a mass convention at Davenport, to appoint delegates tt the Cincinnati Liberal Convention. Wade Hampton has written a letter to a Senator, which was read in Congress, .stating that he has no knowledge of, or connection w hatever with, such a society as the K. K. K Two young Pennsylvania!), at HaxrL-bura: , aged 8 und lu years, are in prison as burglars. 'I hey have beerleuming the light lingered business from the Kadical State otlicial tutors. Tbjf demand for the Caucasian has exceeded the editions heretofore printed. We intend keeping a sufficient extra supply henceforward, and those who want copies can order them directly fro u this office. The prosecution against the Figaro newspaper at Pari, has developed the fact, to tbe great joy ol the French Imperialists, that Napoleon is not responsible for the military disasters which befel lhat country. A Hoosier in the Indiana "Pocket' is haunted by "two several" ghosts. One ot them ia a thin angel ,in white, who glides across his vi -non, armed with a spirit coffin and a screw- driver. That chap ought to pass in his checks. Marshal McMahon's testimony at a newspaper trial at Paris has created great excitement, tie said that his march on Sedan waa contrary to his Judgment; if he bad been let alone, he would have immediately lallen back on Paris. The Democrats carried the following Michigan cities: lirand liapids, Bay City, Cold-water, Mount Pleasant Hillsdale, Ann Arbor, Jackson and Port Hudson; tbe Republicans, Kabt Sugtnaw, Flint. Lansing, Saginaw, Adrian, Muakegan, and Kalumazoo. E irl Granville's second note on tbe Alabama claims imbroglio, asserts that il eg land will not go before the Geneva Congress, with the case ae now interpreted by the grantites. She will light before sua will pay consequential damages. A red coat for us, if you please. Stephen Lowrey and Andrew Strong accompanied Hendersofl, tbe captive Herald correspondent, out ot fccufflVtown, North Carolina, lo M'iss Neck, and sent him on his way, with the injunction never to return again. It is asserted that Henry Berrv Low rey dead, and tftat bis three children have been divided out among relatives. In the terrible earthquake on the Pacific slope, Gvvr three hundred sltockn were felt between 2:3o a. M . , and sunrise, and 1,000 altogether. Lone Pine was totally destroyed, and 30 of its inhabitants killed, and CerroGordu considerably shaken up. Verily, these chills on the earth's crust :ire becoaiing distressingly intermitteut, and it 6eetus to lis that good doae of assafetida administered into the "bowels of 4he earth" would aid iu allaying the wind on us stomach. Gen. Humphrey Marshall, of Kentucky, is dead. A week before his death, he had a remarkable tiream, which is reported below by the Frankfort correspondent of the Louisville Courier-Journal ; "1 had a singular aud most vivid dream last night. In my bleep a spirit appeared belore me and asked" what I knew of Judge Davis, the nominee of the Labor Reform Convention. My reply was lhat I knew very little about him . "Then study Ids record, and make yourself thoroughly master of it," said the presence, "lor the country is on the eve ol great events, with which you'ure to be associated Heboid!" "1 looked, " continued the Genera , "to the part of the heaveus indicated, and saw before me a political panorama, and from year to year I beheld my own name recorded until A. D. ISm) was reached, and afier that it was seen no more. I shall live till 1S.WU. yohn,I am satiatied of it I shall live till 18?u." MARRIAGES. Married, In this city, April 2, at the residence ot Mrs. Dowden, by Rt-v. J. A Uuarles, THOS. F. DILL ARD, Esq., of Fort Scott, Kansas.and Miss BELLE A. HAYNKS, daughter ol V. V. Haynes, of this coun:y. In this village, April i, by Rev. F. J. Bogga, Mr. WM. O'BRIEN, or Minnesota, and Miss FANNY FITZPATRICK, of Lexington. At the residence of the officiating clergyman, near Dover, April 4, by Elder George Plattenbuig. Mr. JOHN WELLIVER and Miss 4DDIE GROGAN. A gay little runaway match. At Elmwood, Saline county, March 20, by Rev. J. R. Bennett, Mr. D. A. COATS and MissSALLUCF. FI1ZPATR1CK. Attendants: Mr. C. D. Hereford, and Miss Mollie Fitzpatrick of Waverlyj Mr. Benneit Davis, and Miss Mollie Clowdsley of Lexington. In this city, March 31, by Rev. Father Hoog, Mr. GEORGE SEITER and Miss LENA MhlHERER, both of LeximUon. DEATHS. Died, at Wellington, March 24, Mrs. M.VHAN, a highly esteemed lady. At his residence in this countv, March 27, JOSEPH M. MAJOR, within a few days of 69 years old. He was born in Kentucky, April 5, 1803; and was baptized as a member of the Christian church, by Elder Phillip S. Fall, in 1831. He was a deacon of South Elkhorn church, until 1817, when he removed to Missouri. He was deacon and clerk of Bethany church, from its organization till tbe day of his death. He died with all his children, irrand-cbildren and great-grand-children around him, all ol of them, who have arrived at years of maturity, members of the cnurch he loved, "i.les&ed are they that die in the Lord; they rest from their labors, and their works de follow them. ' ' w Advertisements. EDWARD MEAD & CO. 304 ". Fourth Street, ST. LOUIS, A Keep a full line of first class I WATCHES, CLOCKS, JEWELRY, nfiSILVER and PLATED WARE. jTnis old established house in-tend to maintain their reputation of selling goods at low II prices, and are now opening a splendid new Spring Stock. All orders by mail promptly attend- 'ed to. s: Watc ies and Jewelry carefully repaired by first class workmen, and all kinds of Jewelry and Silverware made to order. aprilO-lm MEDICAL XOTll'E. FTER an absence of nearly twentv years, jA DR. CH1NN has returned to this city, and tenders his professional services to the citizens thereof. At present he may be found day or night at his daughter's, Mrs. A. Kirtley, on Main street, near the Assembly Presbyterian cnurch. apriltitt .extiigton, Mo. April 6th, 1872. C I ltd IT t OlKi'. BY virtue of an act of the Legislature, approved Mairh 15, UT2, the Lalayette Circuit Court will hereafter I e held on the lirt Mondays of April. August ami December. On the first of this mouth the court met pursuant to the a ;ove act, and adjourucd uutil the 15th inst. Parties interested wilt govern themselves accordingly By authority. U L. BAHKMUALE, Clerk. - A pril 2 , Iffji. Et..S I'OK HATCIII.VC.. SILVER SPANUI.ED 1IAMBCRUS, tbe most beautiful of all fowls. Silver white ground, with each leather endine in a black half timnn t.i- Bi.uniu. ruse Combs, whit.. ...I..) - ul... - . . . maw uuioreu legs, great layera, non sellers. For eggs, address with stamp. AB.MAlVukvVSL apriW-iiu Msyview mo to fw AdvrrUfcrfts. RHEUMATISM CAN UK OX ft K Of Ky iwing Dr. J. W. McUuira'a HKVOt KUEUMATISM SVK-UP Thi Painful And W'il Spread Uinea, which in lia varieil forma Syphilitic, Chronic. 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In all climates, tropical, temperate or frigid, it acts as a specific in every species of disorder which undermines the bodily strength and breaks down the animal spirits. jan27 ly Beautiful Woman! HAUAN MAGNOLIA BALM gives to the Complexion the freshness of Yoath. Haoas's Maq.volia Balm overcomes tbe flushed appearance caused by heat, fatigue and excitement, ft makes the lady of forty appear but twenty, and so natural and perfect that no person can detect its application. By it use the roughest skin is made to rival tbe pure radiant textHre of youthful beauty. It removes redness, blotches, and pimples. It contains nothing that will injure the skin in tbe least. Magnolia Balm is used by all fushlonable ladies in New York. London and Paris, ft costs only 75 cents per Bottle, and is sold by all Druggists and Perfumers. Insurance. LOOK HERE. READ THIS. ETNA INSURANCE COMP'Y, HARTFORD. COX'. Cincinnati, October 12, IST1. To Agents .tlua Insurance Company. Tbe following is the latest information from Hartford as to the losses of the Etua Insurance Comiiauy by tbe Chicago. "Chicago agents advise us thai our losses there are less than Two Million Dollars. Our losses will be promptly paid, and the company will still have its capital of three Millions entire, with a surplus besides of a milliou dollars. " Our Agents will please accept this as an an swer to their inquiries, and as tbe bestaasuraoae we can give of the soundness and strength 'of the Company. Our cash assets will be Four Milliou Dollars when all losses are paid. F. C. BENNETT, Gen'l Agent. W. H. Wtmas, Ass't Gen'l Agent. e. n non & sots, Agents, Lexington. HARTFORD FIRE INS. COMP'Y. HARTFORD, CONS. Hartford, Conu., October li, 1871. To the Agents of the Hartford Fire Ins. Co. : Assets of the Hartford, October 1st, Two Millions Seven Hundred and Eighty-Five Thousand Eight Hundred and Seventy-Seven Dollars $ 3,7b5.877) . From reliable information from our General Agent at Chicago, after an examination of our books, we estimate that our losses will not exceed Twelve hundred thousand dollars, (l,aOu,0Xi) which will leave us with Capital Unimpaired, and assets amounting to over One million five hundred thousand dollars. We are happy to proclaim to you tbe foregoing facts, and to assure y ou that nothing wilt come of this great disaster to prevent ua from maintaining our standing, prosecuting our business with renewed energy, and meeting all present and luture obligations promptly and honorably. GEO. L. CHASE, President. E. WIKSOR ti. SON, Agents. SEW YORK. UNDERWRITERS' AGENCY, ITS BROADWAY. QTRKNGTH AND SAFETY. We nave lost J largely oy the Chicago are, but we emerge Irom the trial confident of the future and proud of our strength. After paying all our losses by the great Are, which will not exceed iKXI,ouo, we shall have over 2, 500, 000 Cash Asserts. The percentage of our lass to asset is LESS THAN THAT OF ANY OTHER LEADING COMPANY. The insuring public -want a JSAKE POLICY, and can get none safer than THE UNDERWRITERS' POLICY. The record of our past and present is a warranty of our future. Unshaken by disaster, conservative in our management, aad sustained by the couildence and patronage of nearly a thousand separate communities, we tear so overwhelming reverse. Our steady progress is unchecked, even for a day. A. STODDART, Manager, , New York City. E. WIXSOR &. SON, Agent. OFFICE OF STATE INSURANCE COMP'Y, OF MISSOt'Kl. liaunibal. Missouri, Oct. . 11, 1871. E W insor Jt Son, Agents, .Dear sir: Oar Company had $J1,50U at risk, in Chicago, all told. If it ' ,ot''1 ioM we can pay it without embarrassment to our business, lhe "State" i all right. ASSETS, now tSlb,Ti 67. CAPITAL UNIMPAIRED. J.Mi. S. STRWNG, Secretary. JOB WORK. Of every description done in tbe best manner, and promptly to tim promised, at this office StOTfS, Ett. J. A. Graham. WHOLESALE & RETAIL DSLB l STOVES, Tin.Sheet lron,t Copper Ware Stapr, Japaufd and other (.ootts. HAS for sale all kinds of high, medium and low priced stoves of all kinds and makes, among which ia the celebrated 'IOIA.OLA' COOKIVG STOVE, the bea. constructed, the best operating and the most da. -able stove made. Manufactured in this city. Warranted to do anytblng and everything required of a cocking stove, tn the beat manner aod in tbe shortest lime, and if it doea not give entire satisfaction can b returned and tbe money refunded; also ail plate breaking from beat will be replaced at any m inula without charge. Country merchant anpplied with tinware at St. Louis wholesale price. tfr-COPPKU PIPE MADE ANJ REPAIRED. PERSONAL ATTENTION GIVEN TO GUTTERING, SPOUTING.R00FING. AND ALL KINDS OF JOB WORK. All work done by mo will be warranted .to give satisfaction, il not, no charge will-be ma1. J. A. GRAHAM, ly Main Street, n uosite Citv Hotel. NEW TIN AND STOVE STORE. CEO. KING, MANUFACTURER AND DEALER IN " COOKING & HEATING STOVES. TINWARE, TIN ROOFING Guttering. mad and repaired in neat workmanlike m saner Also have the well known AU work dome, and all stoves sold warranted to f;lve satisfaction. Please give me a call. Frank-In s.t, next door to S. 41. Summers, Lexington. P. 3. I will work or sell gocds as cheap as the cheapest, and everything warranted to give entire satisfaction. IsepiOyl) GEO. KJSU. Vehicles. D. RUSSELL & CO., Established, 1849. FRANKLIN STREET, OPPOSITE MARKET HOUSE, BEING ONE OF THE OLDEST Carriage Manufactories on the Uoper Missouri, aud having a reputation unsurpassed by anv, we would call the attention of citizens and customers especially to our large stock of Carriages, Buggies, Rockaway aud Light Spring Wagons, Which we will sell at the lowest markn prices ORDERS FOR NEW WORK Put up in every style t suit, And of the very best material and workmanship ALL WORKWAERANTED. We have on band Second-Hand Buggies aud nock-away. Which we will sell very tow Special attention paid to all kinds of repairing' Jiy' " . LOOK. FOR THE BEST. THE BAIN WAGON. Made by Shutter's old foreman as good. If not better than the Shutter Wagon of twee'.v year ago, is the beat. Look at the solid houns and spring lever. Written guarantees with each one sold by JO. HOOK. JAMES CLOWDSLEY ft. CO. Carriage 3 r. liter's! MAIN ST. , LEXINGTON, opp. BaptuttCb). THANKTUX for past favor, would announce to the public that they are prepared to manufacture all kinds of BUGGIES AND CARRIAGES, ol tbe best material and workmanship. They have on hand and are finishing up, Kockaway and all descriptions of Buggies. dThey nave on hand SECOND-HAND Bug and Rjckawavs, which wiU be sold low. rj-Spee.ial attention paid to all kinds of REPAIRING. apS nm THE OLD RELIABLE HOl'SE. FURNITURE. S. A. HAYS, At tbe old stand of JAMES HATS, d-e'd. No. Stain St., Lexington, m0 JAM now prepared to furnish, to oracr. all kinds ol Furniture, such as . Wardrobe, Bureaus, Bedsteads, Washstand. Hair, Shuck and Mo Mattresses, Parlor Sets. Chamber Seta, DiDing Room , and Kitchen Furniture, Ac, Ac. rReweinber. I keep a full supply of Metallic Burial cases, always on hand. Kr"Plain and ornamented Wood Coffins fur- nibbed at short notice, and cheaper than cjn be nan eisewnere. r. J-M y motto; I sell good good cheap fur cash Give me a call and satisfy yourselves. mh9 Mrs S. A. HAYS FOR SALE. ABOUT thirty acres of land, In the neighbor-hodilnl W illl.m I imrtil'. Th. I - .. t . ... good quality. For particular inquire of Ethan aims or jean a jtaraea men w

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