The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 16, 1949 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, July 16, 1949
Page 6
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PAGE SIT BLYTHEVrLLE (ARK.V COtmTKR NEWS CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION Utlir p«t tuu lor consccuu Ulaimum cn&r«* ............... ** I tun* p*« JlA« ................ lie * Mmw p« an» p«r d«y ......... J2e 9 tiou* p«t un« p#r diy ........... «e 4 tlmM pcz (ln» p*f d»y ......... 7c kl vtK** p#i U n* pu d»y ...... Se Monta p«i lie* ............ We Count live t¥Kr«ge words to ih* im« Ad ordered for ture* 01 all time* aud •topped Deiorc «iplrttlOD wlti w chari- •« I or the Dumbei or timer in« *d »pp**rM ana adjustment ol Dili made AH OltMlficd Adrmislnf cnpy stib- EUttttf Dj persons residing outside ox tftfl city must o« accompanied Dy cash Rate* mij cuily b* computed (mm ih* fcbOT* tfiDlt AdTtrnslng OIM«J lot irregiujii insertions tates me oat time Ubte No responWbiiHy wilv be laten loi near* tnan on* incorrect in-^rtlnn nl Any cI*uifEe4 a.o Ail «Q» arc restricted to ifmi propel eilullLc&tlnn *ty[* and typp ru* Courier reserrt* th« rl&bt to »dlt or $*rvtc*» AUTO AND rUHNlTUHK LOAN* Prompt ferann»J Serric* Ucatrai (.'untract Purcbai* Uorp 10* South »th Phon* 903 Xpert rtuf Clean lot Service l* you** PEERLESS CLEANKKS Pbon» MKf, BljLbrrLH* Child I'oitrAlU by Bob tione 2460. 7,8-plt-8[8 odak HnisDing 24 Dour servic* b 1 EtN b &TUUIG iJ«-Ck-ll At service. Sir i'lmmjr O'Butf. Registered (jlonde fockei Sire World ten- owiieu ttmckdalfc nUwwHiiK" I'wcsuy Nine Cfiampions. four geueratluns Pn Apurtment fof Rent 2-room : come. Pti ----' apt BahjrA we), i 7,15 pk 17 j PLASTERING BOB MALONE Call 202S Blylheville or 407 Osct'ola 5-2 pk 8-2 tor laiitidrv v.'urV and common BPW- nit Afc Hfsste Elvtidtir.soil ^ tilo< - ks from Moore Uto.i store, 7jll pit 7JIB a-room lurntstipd apt ^Ofl W. Kpn- utcky. Phone 3200, ,\tr.s. 6]sk 1 ; 15-pk-IO 1 room sparimenl. I'iiont 1 2!ur>. 4 room \infiunlshcd :n>:iMnirtil Ph »SU. 7 15 CK 11 2 room lurnished IIOIJE.C PJione 204fi H^rtiooin, Knciim anrt pnvme hain ITB.S sior* and FrJijidiilrf Couple only Sine entrance Phone 22^9 rtecoraiea CJa.-: equipment, electric r«. rrlgeraror. cood (umlture F Simon Pti. 31^2 - 6,2tf ck if Modern 2 room furnished apartment Couple or single men only Phone 565 or 2iy» 79-cK-tr Business Service Directory Auto Supplies and Services snu strctcned Jeep parts now available at POOLE MOTOR CO. w« CAD till *n sniir necoa Ciet Kenuinc 'p«ru tron> OUT com- »lcta line CbLlb POOL«. OWNEH i UPEKAIOR South Hllfhway 61 at Sleele Mo Pbonr st<*l* 45 CHAPMAN SEBTTCl STATION •Uln 4i uiVislon Phnne ii63 Uon't «ndanKei yoitt tamll; with t»ultl tlre»— BUI LE» TIHI5S Loons FARM LOANS See us for one of the best long time, easy payment farm loans to be liail. Low rale of interest. Money to refinance your farm or iie!p in buying one. ' RULES LAND CO. Office across from Citv Hall Phones 3322 or '1138 7-8 ck tl Money to Loan iJo you neen » Joan to repair ot re> moapiv No aown payment no moit- B*?e. no rea tape THA APPROVED R.\n, 5". ASK FOB OE1AILS Max Logan. Realtor : Phons 20J4 ' Lyocl- Bulldlnj Bljrtn««ll« Ark Typewriter TYPEWRITERS Kay HI inntb ivirnnh aaa K truing • m fnnaole DON EDWARDS me- lypewntei Man HO N Second Si Phnne JSHJr for Sale. Misc. out tit Good coiv I 1 lumber" I'Jionr 7,«-ck-LI ROOFING .AND SIDING Get Ward's low prices! Top quality al e tow price Wurd'i iispnaii ronting and M<Hna t* laboralnry tcntea (jive." ions Hard ^prvice ^tay* rin^n: and cninrxu] (Jjinvenieni tnnnib iy term? (inoflng a wlrtp variety r>i styles r/ilor." ana wrJRht.s Ohrtosr today [of nn atLrartivf Mm is* tt !n» cn^L MOSTOOMFRy-\VAKD 6;15 Ck Li National Window Guards furnish .silent, sturdy barriers against burglars. Ask for an estimate at KUILDKRS SUPPLY, INC., ph. 2434. (i-28 ck tf STEP to the phone anrt ask for m a l-'oani niR and uphnlstery ck-antT eais Fftlni. Slore 6'J9 ck 7'29 One Diint-nn Plirfc dining table and flrl almosi new. UK] 2 wool Ax in luster iK, divan and rover. Ph. 2501) T 15 pk 19 1-611 McCrary mniiit rase with scales otie "J;t9] or 4152 77-ck-t/ Used WESTINOHOUSR KEFR1GKFI- A tUK ExteJIt-til c.nKllllon Phone 2020. 1^ ft Fed era I mc-at rtl splay rue* rianllarj- seales MeiiI DlocXa. one Va norse n:rat chopper, anp IriRrd-mlst atr conclltlojietJ rtl^play case, one walk-En cooler ti\3 AU these ;ire prnrtlcAlIy new and at a sacrifice Pfi 3900 7.6 ck II POLTO INSUKANCR Kor protection atratiisi polio, wrlie ovilhcrn National tusitrhnce Conn^ny. ox <J6i. BlythpTllte. and our acL-nt will all. 7 13 pk 17 .* lit Jaml- 6:17 pk 7117 Hardy *trawbrrry pl For Sole. Real Estate 5 room house with bath, 4 room house in rear. in. Price $-1.500. J-I. (*. Campljell 120 S. 2nd. -M-iii—Phones—2930 7-14 ck 17 Here's This Week's Special! 47 Studebaker 1495 KEEP YOUR HORSEPOWER UNDER CONTROL WITH THIS PISTON RIHG SPECIAL Here'* what we dot e R«plac< all ringi with • Jnifoll n«w cylioj.r Genuine ford Piilon head gaikels Ringi •) Tun«-up «ngin» far b»tl e Cl.on carbon from p«fformanc» cylinder heach Clean and adjjtf ipark p'ugi Pay On Easy Terms 5th at Walnut nmpamj Phone 4453 FOR SALE USED GROCERY STORE EQUIPMENT 1 3-H P. LlpLon Anmionla Macbln* . . 1^0. 1 12-Ioot >'ay flop*/* MarkM ttli- play counter, menthol calk— ISO. a Elfclrli! ToJcdo Market Stairs (1 year old) — 1130 ea. 50 reel Produce Display Rackn— IIIW. 130 feet, Ciondoln Slirlve.s, per ft. iO IPPI Wnll ShoJvf-«, iior (t — *7.(XJ. 20 SeJf Spjvlce RflAcwrts — 15 00 ea. 1 Collee MUL— 115. Z Calling Kann—150 ea, 1 Airplane lype fun—}20, 1 45" Aittc Fan Jfi5. i Hobarl Choppers—|5l) ea, 1 National Sllcer—$125. 1 5-foot Warren Fish Display Case —$85, 1 L^-lont Koch double-dmy MPA( I.>isplhy Counter (8 nioiilbb o!ilj — WM. V .Square welded Meat BJorX-i— fM <>a. 1 Round Meal Block—|li. 1 ^H P. Hiissman Compressor— LOTS FOR SALE We have approximately 100 lots for sale in one of the most desirable subdivisions ol'| Blylheville. Si/.c 100 x 150', they ace located on Highway 61 South, adjoining city limits, have city water, awl streets are now being graveled. These lots have all been FHA approved. Your choice al SHOO, 1 3 down, year on balance. This is a special offer (food for 10 davs onlv. RIALESLANDCo. Ktissoll K. Riales \V. T. Bai-nett ICarc-y \Viiliams Phone 3:!22 • ] 7-IS ck 271 Foi Sate, Real fstate L Cnll F B JOYNEn ptl I A Kb I 6 II pk : Business lot on North Hiway fil. Near Corner. Ph. -i'57. 7-7 ck If Real Estate Farms — City Property LOAN U tiuerrstea ID Refial Commander 4-ilour St l d;in in top operating cunilitinii. i-il< ilriv ev|viipii«ri with o\rnlr\ve. rattio, anil heater. Come in and seft it $ 1SII7 linkk l-door Stdiin, 21,011(1 aclnal miles, cily- ilriven, has new lires. radio and healer, performs like ne« . . . .Slliil-). I ill 7 I5uick 2-door Sedan, cily di'ivco. 2;!,II(HI actual miles, equipped will, r. s. Royal Master lires, radio, and healer. .. Sllillo. I!)lfi DeSolo l-door Sedan in tip-top condition, has both radio & healer, an ideal family car. . .SI 125. 19-11 Chevrolet 2- ( i,),,i Sedan, engine overhauled and in fine condition, new paint.... SS 15. 19-11 Hnick l-door Sedan, a real value al onlv S1125. 1912 Ooilj-e IL-Ton Truck, lias lols of K i>oil service left. . . $.'i!lo. 19-4(1 Inlmialional I'icknp Tnuk onlv S;!2.">. Open 24 Hours a Day, 7 Days q Week Salesmen Otho Sfanfield W. J. "Bill" Wunderlich Langston-McWaters BUICK CO. Walnul al Hroadwav Dial 5.)5 for Service or scfing *et Noble Gill Agency REALTORS Jecil Earls - F. B. Joyner Hencoe Khlg. Phone 819 C;OOI) 7 ROOM HOUSIO with 2 bath on DAVJb STKKKT. Two efficiency apartments in rear. Tola monthly income S1S8 pei month. An income like this plus living- quarters is a gooc investment. Priced SI 1.500. GOOD 0 ROOM HOUSE and balli on corner lot on Holl\ Street, choice neighborhood close to church and school One block from bus line. A jfood buy at ?6600. 100'V. G.I Loan. wi-: HAVK n LARGE: LOTS left in our restricted COUNTRY CLUB DRIVK ADDITION'. Priced 5750 to 81130. U'K HAVK SOI,I) 48 of lols to mighty nice people. It's nice to iiave good neighbors, also plenty of room. Soe or call, JOHNNY MARR Phone 4111 or 2596 \U Sooth Second St. For All or Any Part Apply LIBERTY CASH GROCERY Blytheville, Ark. j> hone A beautiful 6-rr,om home with fin- hiieci nardwcon throughout, iiuiane loor liirnacc, Lntiw atllc fan. Nlc<; J- -nam api. on lot which rents foi tio.iKKJ ]>er week. A bcfliUUul front uul back yard, oae ol the most cles- rftble locutions on Davis street. Pries •ptturcd to S3.WW.CH) foi quick sale. W. iM. Burns, Keuitor, Phone 33151 E. T. llubbard, Phono 4129 7,16 pk 21) for Sale. Cars A USED CARS Save Money on These Five room suburban home on large lot will stand 100% G. 1. Loan. GATES \VOHTH INGTON CO. KKALTORS I 15 So. 3rd St. Blytheville, Ark. Phone 2751--Res. -I2B8 or 2843 7-1G ck- 20 Notice Notice tactory i.alned luiiej arut bultUcr 01 Piano 101 over tu-eiuy years OE'RALD W FOCiLK HIS \Vesi KenlucXy St Vr.nne 3109 Fruit stand store and rnar- kol on -Main Higluvay. Doing (tood business. Offered at bargain for quick sale. Catcs- \\'orlhinjfton Co. Healtors. 115 So. ;?rd St. Blytlievillc, Ark. PI). 2751. 7-12 ck 7-17 Rcuri Courier News Want Acts T. I. SEAY offers you these truly exceptional buys in in good used cars. • STOP IN TODAY • Hill I'ovd 2'door SiMhin. IMS new motor, new radiator, and a new painl .iol>: a real huy at Sli!)5. Hill Chrysler l-door Sedan, completely reconditioned, new tires, new painl joh. radio, heater, and seat covers I!I37 Ford -I-door Sedan, now offered al a hargain price (if only 5225. I!K!7 Chevrolet 2-door Sedan, newly uainled, a car well-vvorlh I he money. 1!)I7 C'hrysler Coupe in fine running condition, equipped with radio, healer, and a new set of tires, t!) 17 Hymonlh Special IVI.nxc 2-door Sedan, ha.s all the thiiiRS you want. . . .lirand new tires, seal covers, radio, and healer. 1016 Slack Truck. 2-Ton Model with Ifil inch wheel base, excellent condition, very good tires—see it your- f. I. SEAY MOTOR CO. "Your Chrysler Dealer" 121 Eosf Main phone 2122 ATTENTION FARMERS LIVE STOCK MEN Dead, fallen and crippled animals picked up free of charge in sterilized trucks. Call collect, 6142, Blytheville, Ark. ARKANSAS DEAD ANIMAL DISPOSAL CO. 6-^8 ck 7-28 Personal The party who took the loud speaker from the Skyline Theater is known, and i.s hereby notified to return same at onto to avoid prosecution. Skyline Theater Management. 7-16 ck 17 minulr pnoin^tacu ^^rvicr S, S'I'llUlO l;a-ck-tt For Sale ISMS—Jeep. Low price. I'M'' —Ford. Kxceptionally good buy. 10-11 —Ford. A Bargain. ' 10-10—Chevrolet. Radio, lieaiei-, a truly clean car. UMI—Chevrolet. A bargain 1941—I'ontine. Radio, heater. 1!M7—Kaiser. Radio, heater. A real buy. 1940—Plymouth. Radio, licater. 19-iQ—Buick. Radio & heater. 19-IC5—Chevroet. I. i/ 2 ton: truck. Steel bed. Good "825 .\ j 20 tires all around. j AJso several others toj from 61 MOTOR CO. North Hi way 61 Phone 2142 K-lli ck tf i TRADE YOUR CAR FOR NEW. GUn Harrison now oilers you 5150 more £01 your cnr ss a tracle-iti aliovvanufi on tne pvircliasc [>i a bran<l new Hutlsnn America's "4-Most" car. \Vliv t.i'« less? i Visit Of.IN HARRISON MOTOR CO ! this wenk. 517 V.'e.U Ash. Blytlievtllc. j For Ren* Have office space for rent. Located Jn cuir new hiitlclin'i across the Mieel 1 ro m M id -west, Dairy. Size 19 fee t by '2* Icci. TOM LITTLE REALTY* J'hcmo 3fil 1,Li5 ck 1.Z3 4 room fionse wiih ha'.h, u\ri\isnea, 700 Nouh olti. 7,15-ck-lU Private Kooms ! Hertroom, 110!> Chlckasawba, Plionc ' "W-J. 7,16-pk-a.Ki Fiirrlshotl bedroom. kltrlii»n. pTlv^tc h:ith. 516 Lake, Phono 2^06 ' Caterpillar D-7 with LaPlant-Choate riTriranllc rto/er VVlrip Hiiusc 24" grouser- 1 * Reasonable Pnoiic Delt 246! 7,11 pk 7iia Nice cool bPOrooin. Men only. 6U Walnut, 1'HOiie 2-51)6. 7 : t4-»k-21 Bedroom— private bath Phnne •36-13 Wanted to Buy Hlvnesl prlcre p»lri fni CHICKENS— ,L«ijn Asn Street Orncrry A- Market - ; * Asrt d,T cl[ t , WANTED: 2fi ft. trailer. Will pa? a*n I'hone 111 Manlln from 9 to S lfl > 1!l 7,U-pk-I8 Help Wanted, Male Wanipn men to sell sensational new poiio policy. Contact J t) Fort! 5no ^'iftsern Nat 1 ] B[dg LUHp Roclc or on A-inai. 7 ;ii c * 7,is Notice •aiucrl nmJcs anri catttr to I'lvn'y to oat Rnri drink Goon Hiillmnn. Pn 3811. 7,14 pk 7,17 A comlorUble brdrooni. Ph. 2t»75. T.l'i pk R,i:i Hfiflroom. Private Baih. Phone ;I5,%7 7,H pX 21 Insurance Call 3545 For Complete Insurance Protection W. J. Pollard Agency Planned Protection m w Axn at OLENCOt HOTEL B1JU.J UNO 0 'SIKEN S STUDIO occaslonp »!5-ck-u Drive it in ... or Drag it in . . . Well Trade for More ]fl:i? 1'lymoulh 2-door Sedan in A-I condition, has radio & healer. .. ,S;i!>5. 1!K!2 Chevrolet l-door Sedan, (he price is mijjhly low. 1911 DeSolo !-door Sedan, equipped with radio, healer, seat covers. .. .has new paint. . . .SH9S. 1917 Ford 4-door Sedan, in excellent condition, has healer. . . .make ns an offer. 19 IS Ford (-door Sedan, fop condition, equipped with healer. . . .you'll like the price. Many More to Choose From CABOVERS—CONVENTION ALS—SHORTS LONGS—PICK-UPS—PLATFORMS—STAKES ille Motor Co. llroadway & Chicka5.awlin Phone -1122 SATURDAY, JULY IS, 1949 The Weather Is Hot But These Prices Are Hotter RIDE ONE OF THESE FINE CARS ' OUT WHERE IT'S COOL 1!M7 Chevrolet Kleetmaster Town Sedan, cily driven, has heater, seat covers, and '19 license $1395. 1917 Ponliac "8" J-door Sedan, low mileage, has radio, heater, and defroster... .a real bargain. I!)I1 Plymoulh 2-door Sedan, in perfect condition, blue finish, has heater and seat covers only $795. 15)37 Ford Tudor. , .SPKC1AL. . .$205. 1935 Dodge Tudor. ...SPECIAL.. .$175. 11135 Chevrolet Tudor.. .SPECIAL. ...§195. 1 ( .I35 Chevrolet Tudor. . .SPECIAL. . .595. 1932 Chevrolet Tudor.. .SPECIAL. . .§75. Many Others to Choose From EASY GMAC PAYMENT PLAN Kememuer. You Can Always .(lake a Good OeaJ at SULLIVAN-NELSON Chevrolet Company 3U1 Wtsl Walnut Phone 578 Need a Truck? Get More for Your Money At Lee Motor Sales 1!M 7 Chevrolel l'/ 2 -Ti>n Lnng Wheelbase Truck, has bed, 825x20 (ires, 19-19 Arkansas license... $1195. 1947 Chevrolet 1'/ 2 -Ton Short Wheelbase Truck with 2-spced axle, 825x20 tires, a very clean truck 5S95. 1916 Chevrolel Short Wheelbase I'/i-Ton with 2-speed axle, 900.\20 (ires on rear only §795. 1911 CMC 1 '/2-Ton Long Wheelbase Truck, has a good bed, an excellent motor a bargain at $195. 1917 3/4-Ton Pickup, has stock rack, 4-speed transmission, very clean... .5875. 1917 3/4-Ton Pickup, low mileage, excellent condition. .. .5875. HI,'!!) Chevrolet '/i-Ton Pickup, clean, has perfect motor. . . .$395. These trucks have, been carefully reconditioned and are in excellent shape. And, of course, each may be financed through GAIAC al a very low cost. LEE MOTOR SALES 309 Kasl Main LINCOLN SPECIAL UNDERRATING noTtcn mt mw. WMWODT or TOUR cu ri. .. cMnxvik u.«H lo k^p «* off city MroM. J TVarfem ro«»d rw*r. rmv«l no**r. elc. ln»,,«t ra HOOT »|!ainiK xrmln- cold anri aimrner hMfl Hflp. prtwnl r«ltle> »nri »,,».ak« ,„ body joinu i Help. prevCTl <ii»» >nd r UTO , („„, KtOni into c«^ ADVANTAGE Of THIS OFFER? Phone 2Uo( STILL & YOUNG MOTOR COMPANY First of Walnut Phone 4333

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