The Pittsburgh Press from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania on May 8, 1917 · Page 9
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The Pittsburgh Press from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania · Page 9

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 8, 1917
Page 9
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LESS TUESDAY EVENING, MAY 8, 1917. UIND A t ... ... .. . . ' I I II ' T J - An Anniversary Offering of To 25c Silk Ribbons 10c Mill ends and remnants; a splendid collection: all useful lengths; variety of kinds. T 39c Ribbon: new .To "5c Ribbon roman t r I p f . checks, plaids: for hair bow, cashes; slso to 6 in. moires. alL shades, at 15c in hort nieces; broken nolts; in deirand Tor bag and fancy wraps: all h i h 35c To $1 Fancy Ribbon: to 10-inch widths. In oriental effects, and noveltiea; most color, yard Of V K. B. Co. Street Floor. ut Out and Present This Coupon i our coupon distribution desks. It iou to TWICE the number of 'oupons you would ordinarily re-h your cash purchases. IThis Coupon Is Good IStL NESDAY, MAY 9th, ONLY. OUBLE COUPONS will be given is coupon is presented tomorrow. ! Kaufmann & Baer Co. inniversary Sale Wash Fabrics Never in the historv of merchan dising- was such a large assortment of wash goods assembled, from the most representative mills, and just think, they're all reduced for the Anniversary. Jlead! Cornel uy: $1.50 Bolt Long Cloth $n.oo 500 bolts of fine chamois finished English Lons: Cloth; 10 yards to the bolt. Rare Val ues li Bolt 50c Foundation Silk and printed Tussah Silk. OA in all colors: Anniversary Anniversary Sale Laces and Embroideries Values to 29c ZM&&Z2. The lowest prices of the year on dainty laces and embroideries of every good Kina mai i fashionable are in this collec tion at oC and 7V-.sC a yard. Imported Silk Ciere ette Crepes 4t)-inch width in every ae- sired color, including: white. blACK. nesn ind navy; SLoO value. 95. V e i e Band, to 10-inch Kmbroiderlea finest St. width, finest imported grades I Gall imports to li-fnch Tard.1.?.... to 59cUdih.7.9.?...12,to 25c Flouncings, 39c Values to 9Sc in 40-inch emb. Voile white and dainty colors. Silk Nets, 3tc $1 to 51.T-""i values, in black, white and colors. K, To 75c Laces, 19c Jabot laces in the finest diamond and round meshes. Cluny Laces That sell regularly for 10c to 50c yard, 5c to 19c fc B. Ce. Street Floor. Sample Neckwear Thousands of pieces of women's fashionable Neckwear: values !5o to fZ.UO, 10c to 50c Sale price c Silk Warp Crepe J73e Plain, colored B Chine, in new pais- itlne Suitine. in y and Sport TJ" colors; dura- OC ssigns; j3C ble .ualit'; uru .......... T- Blfaclied f Hgmnicl r'illow 'ases: 4 snd .M-inoh J Bleai-hel 'arnbri- Muslin, yd., spe. i..rf Summer Kepplette Bed Spreads, ea. $1.25 tr; White llm-k Towels. -olored borders IQc ;......... Bed Sheets; full all c size, each 39c 19e and 2"e Fancy White Cotton UrenH flood st rk f i Dimitiex. rich cloths. Vt crepe, etc.. J 3 K, ' ya rd fv . A- II. 'o. Second Floor. Toilet Goods, Drugs At Anniversary '"2; 50c Sal Hepatic, a eood20c laxative, sale price...... ' Furs French OIits Oil, 7ac i Q -kind, in this sale at, pt. Woodbury's Facial Cream, 1 Zr 23c valu. the iale price Hind's Honey r Almond Cream, 50c val.. tomorrow 4 V 10c rake William Miav-ins Soap, sr.lo price..... SUM l.vdia 1'inkham A Vegetable ompound. reg. xi.uu Kinu, Caldwell's Syrup of Pep-: fl at. . J s sin. 50c Bottle Phillips MilkQr Magnesia, in thin sale.. ' w 16c t'uttc-ura Soap. 25c cakes, Anniversary sale rri-e. California Syrup of Figs, 1Cr now . . reg. sold lor Java Riz Face Powder, ? Ac 50c kind, in anniversary. " Djer Kim Face Powder. lAf res. sold for 50c, now... Uv 15c ( ake Pears' Glycerine 1 1 f Snap, anniversary price. . 1 1 75c Pinaud'- VeKe-Cf tal. .pcial in this sale . . . w Qumntities Will B-m Limited. N Mail, rhmne or C. O. D. Order. f.reet Floor. Anniversary M AT I A Fl Sale of IIUIIUIIO 10c Snap Dress Fasteners, r all the best makes, dozen OC 5c Snap Drews Fasteners, f r 'iacK or wnite. at. dozen S9c. Spools Dressmaker's -7 -Silk, blk. or white, spool OC 7c 15c Pin-On Homo Support n at a pair 5c 12c Belding's Spool Silk, special 100-yard spools in a eood color assortment; an anni-versan- special. Ith- Imk t.arterette. licbt Cn colors: 1 yd. in a box, at JC Hc a'neso Tape; 1 yd. w pieces. 0 to 6; at a pieca dC 36c Favorite Spool Cot- r ton, bik. or white, doz. UC 5c "Xasan" nastin 1 flr Thread. 500 yd.. 3 spools V 1.200 Adjustable Dress r: 75 Forms; 1 2 - sectional JUfO Clark's O. '. T. Spool I Cr Cotton. four spools All nunrbers. in black or white; an anniversary special you NhoTild trot mls. St reet I'lnor. m - ' r -, t mr m - ar if Ir-r-M -35 -V, .To' A 7 t. 4," N Our New Columbia Graf onola Department takes the lead of all Talking Machine stores in Pittsburgh by coming forward with this Special Anniversary Offer Gorgeous Columbia Cabinet Grafonola750OO 24 Selections on 12 75c Double Records 9.Q0 Total .ii $84.00 Per Week No Extras Hi 9. T P r i 1 J' 3 ri J I ! I i lit : i i j t It.: 1 f'irP. rii- r p. 5 Other Columbia Grafo-nolas from $15 to $250. The "New May Records Are Ready This exceptional offer is for the purpose of forming an Anniversary Club to consist of 100 Members, each member to receive the above $84 Outfit on Weekly instalments of only One Dollar the easiest terms ever announced in Pittsburgh. This Columbia Grafonola is of strikingly handsome appearance, the product of artist craftsmen, and is remarkable for its purity of tone. It is 42 inches high, 21 inches deep and 19 inches wide, and has a capacity for 75 records, and will be. an ornament and a thing of joy in the most elegant home, and the most musical family. No coupons in Grafonola Dept. K. Jt n. Co. Sexeath Floor. 77 u '4 25 )ck fors6,750 prf' For 50c, 75c, $1, $1.50, , lr2&L' $2 to $3.50 Values ! included are solid gold, sterling 5 silver, gold filled, rich enamel, real gunmetal, Chinese, Egyptian, Armenian and Art Nou- (flj vcau Jewelry. leu your rrienas aoout tnis sale never before lias such an event occurred. Buy now for present and future use. Hundreds of other articles to choose from besides the following 25c 25c 25c 25c 25c 25c 25c 25c 25c 25c 25c $2.00 Gunmetal Coin Holders, $1.75 French Drop Earrings, at $1.50 Imported Jet Combs, at 75c Cut Steel Slipper Buckles, at $1.00 Fancy Jeweled Bracelets, $1.25 Jet Cameo Pendants, -go at $1.25 Oriental Pearl Necklaces, $1.00 Large Black Jet Crosses, $1.00 Flexible Link Bracelets, at $1.25 Engraved Circle Pins, go at $1.00 Sterling Link Bracelets, at "VoraT,' jT r I 25c 25c 25c 25c 25c 25c 25c 25c 25c 25c 25c mm?? i..j. v.A SPECIAL! Rogers' 1881 Silverware Just for "Wednesday special prices will prevail upon standard Rogers' 1881 Silverware. Only the enormity of our Anniversary reductions affords 3 u c h savings. One Initial Engraved Free Two beautfful patterns to choose from: Grecian V r e n c h gray, and Hevere in u brisrht finish. Every purchase carries with it a 10-lFJAK UIAH-AXTKE. Tea Spoons 7C Set of 6 for f OC Table Spoonsf I C Set of 6 for f ltl J Med. KnivestO fin Set of for ?.Ul7 Med. Forks( 7c Set of 6 for ?l.lO Salad Forks 9 ff Set of 6 lor f.UU Butter Spdrs-I 71? Set of 6 tor Gravy Ladles, 75c Street Floor. Anniversary Sale of Women's to $5.00 Untrimmed Hats This surplus stock f r o m a large New York jobbing house includes a beautiful assortment of t h e finest quality untrimmed hats, made by such well-known manufacturers as Wm. Knowlton & Sons, Ilirsh &. Renner, Marion Works, etc. all famous " for the smart style and superior quality of their untrimmed hats. Sailors Mushrooms Chin Chins Flares Roll Brims, etc. are among the dress and street shapes o in all the desired colors, such as black, red, brown and all other wanted colors, will want two or three when you see wonderful bargains they are at 8Jc. SI to $I..V Sample Faaclesi white, black and burnt feathers, choice now at only Salesmen to $I.OO Sample Oraasnentat jets. bfaded, etc.. specially priced at only Iv. M. Co. Seeoad Floor. ffered navy. You what 49c 39c Women's to 12 Shoes Sensational Value for Anniversary Sale d rzl Q A A -wonderful collection limited pairs from our oP a . tvw regular stocks and include Gray, Brown and White Kidskin, Chamois, Gray, Mouse Brown, Buckskin, Patent and Fancy Leather Combinations. Beautiful, new, smart, clean Spring and i Summer 8 to 11-inch high-cut styles, with welt and turn soles and full Louis covered heels. All sizes, AA to D in the lot. The makes include E. C. Burt, Upham Bros Eyre Co., and Others Just as Famous. Thrifty women will buy several pairs at this $5.90 a pair. M Si' i .. Mae trich, pnce-- Sale on r"- si i. i. B. C treet Floo r toys' 1 T'louse. prif' More Startling Anniversary Values for Men! $3.50 & $4 Pure Silk Shirts $ Good quality satin strips, net silk Shirt in good stripe patterns; sizes H to 17. Ii;' l.m to SI..-.0 F.4.I.I4.F.F sunt IS. in all pooil make.-;, laundered arid -soft ouiTs: fast colors; sizes II to IT: ut 64 c i'.iil (larters. colors v"Koxfonl" Ath. Cwenv Silk Front Shirts, (it all sizes. 59c 12c 29c 89c 87e Men's $2 to $3 Neckwear Qf H.-avy Import-ol S i I 1; ami Salins. in l-ea'jtiful pal-terns: v:dtf pri cud shapes: Anniverwai y price. Kile New Summer Union Suits Anil Shirts t Drawers. In all il. iet makrs: Ttit niTits. sit 'i.r; eiirmnts. at oUv. r j i:co OUR FORMER EFFORTS IN UNDERPRICING i tn ana Line 'Pb Pittsburgh people of Pittsburgh well know the high standard of the Logan products, are finished with Uarr.ard lacquer. On account of the extraordinary re-, Mail, Phone or Telegraphic Orders, but sell these Beds onlv to those SALi: OX SKVKNTH FliOOK. S VIIIV 111 It I w I II 14 rin Wholesale Real Bra Beds: 2- h continuous posts; large twelve 2-inrtsilera head and root; j 71; 75 only . . . 37.50 Real Brass Beds; 2S-inch posts; colonial design; 6-inch post caps;. 14 fillers in head and q ( foot, at 1S7. I O 3S Keal BrasM Beds: 2- Inch posts: Colonial panel desigrn; fourteen 1-inch fillers in head and Ol 7C foot, at 0 I Keal Brim Beds; 2-Inch itinuou.s posts: larice sks: fourteen 1-mch. ers; husks on ih. filler, at.. . $26.75 $53 Real Bra- Beds: 2-lnch all square solid tubing no seams: 14 heavy square fill- sui .!!1.e: $32.50 MO Real Brass Beds; 2-!neh continuous square seamless tubing-: 12 heavy fillers In hai1 and "7 en toot: sai pritj i?veU 4 mmW If we had searched the whole country, we could not have celebrated our Anniversary Sale in the Basement with more fitting bargains than we are offering iu the Pollins Stock. All high class goods that are wanted now, but at half price and less than Polling prices. The people of Pittsburgh appreciated these bargains as was evidenced by the crowds here since this sale started tomorrow again choosing is just as good as at the beginning of this sale. Come join the thrifty people of Pittsburgh, make your dollars do double and triple duty. POLLINS POLLINS POLLINS POLLINS POLLINS Womon's 4iic to f9(J Cotton Waists, special at 19c to .."0 Xavy ami Black Serjje Skirts, at 95c CJirls' $.g.!!S to 5 New Spring1 Coats, at $1.89 t to iii.uo smart o Coats POLLINS POLLINS POLLINS POLLINS POLLINS now at $3.98 3lns . Xojjlijr' Shirts, pretty kinds,. at 38c .."0 Neckwear, at 5c to 50r. Finest ."Oc to Sl.,"5 Panel (iirtains; Avliite, or eem, each, 59c 3Ien s Hh' HaiKlkerehiefs, full size, atiojrily4c 3Ien's Summer .Underwear, a bijj lot Hce 3Iens 2()c Cotton Sox, good colors, ps. Jr POLLINS U omen's .h- Silk Hoot Stockings, pair, POLLINS Women's :Kc "(Viiqueror" Silk Stockings, 17c POLLINS 3Ien's 15c Collars, Silver, etc., brands, at 7c POLLINS lOc Calicoes. light and dark styles, yard, at 5c POLLINS le Dress Ginghams and Chamhravs, vd.. 72C POLLINS Sanitas Oil Cloth, mill seconds, yard at 12c POLLINS 10c Turkish Bath Towels, heavy grade, at 9c POLLINS 22c Plain and Fancy White Goods, vard 11c POLLINS ."c Silk Mercerized Poplin, sale orlee, 18c POLLINS 10c Heavy Crash Toweling, linen and white. 5c POLLINS 59e Wool Dress Goods, Serges, etc.. yard, at 28c POLLINS 39c Xovelty Sport Suiting, new colors, vd., 15c POLLINS S1.19 Full Size Heavy lied Sheets, each. 5QC POLLINS 3."5c 15ed Sheeting, 76 inches wide, a vard 12c POLLINS lleavv Crochet Bed Spreads, priced at 00c POLLINS to 30e ard A ide Cretonnes, new colors. 12 c POLLINS t9c Silk Crepes or Silk 3Iixed Wash Goods. 35c ,"5c to 8c Embroideries, priced now, yd., lc - ?C to 2.c Kmbroideries, marked now,"a yard. 10c 5c and 7c T.acest all desirable, a yard, 1c 71 2c to 15c Traces, marked our sale price, vard. 5c Finest 50c to $1.50 Laces, Sale Price, 25c 25c to 50c Trimmings, our sale price, at 5c POLLINS POLLINS POLLINS POLLINS POLLINS POLLINS POLLINS POLLINS POLLINS POLLINS POLLINS POLLINS POLLINS POLLINS POLLINS POLLINS POLLINS POLLINS POLLINS POLLINS POLLINS POLLINS POLLINS 1.'L)5 to JS14.50 Clove Spring Suits, at $6.98 Women's $17.00 to S1S.50 Clever New Coats, at $8.50 75c to S5.00 Km broideries, now Our 51 -n WW at 19c to 95c Price, 10c to 98c at 5r Price, choice. spi.u" io fcccK liuiis, to 50c Veilings, Sale 4..A Suit Cases, dark brown liber, at 1 83.00 Traveling 15ags, lO and IS inches, $1 45 Boys' to Sl.OO Rah Kali Hats and Caps, at 29c Fntire Stock Umbrellas. All 3Iarked 3 Off Women's $1.50 House Dresses, marked' 75c Women's $1.50 Kimonos, All 3farked at 75c Women's $1.50 Corsets, good makes, now, 75c Children's :?9c Wash Dresses, sizes to 0. 10c Infants' to :!9c Ruben Vests and Pants, at 15c to 75c Knit Underwear, all kinds, at 122C Women's & Child's to SI Knit Underwear 25c 25c Grave's Tooth Powder, our sale nrice 19Vor POLLINS 15c Can Violet Talcum Powder, Sale Price 7y,c POLLINS Men's and Young 3Ien's $10 Suits, Topcoats 555 FHLHN Koysss;.9. u ool Norfolk Suits, now onlv $1 95 POLLINS Boys' 25c Wash Rompers, blue fc tan, onlv i3r. POIXINS .spieiulid s;;.i?s to sl.50 Silk Waists, onlv POI.IJNS to $1.98 Smart Xew POLLINS to $7.50 Creix POl.LlNS si 5.00 to SL80 1110 SKirts, our Irice 55c rene de Chine, Silk Poo. Dresses SI 95 S1C.00 Soring Coats. Sale Price 7;h POLLINS Women's S17 to S18.50 Clever Xew Coats $850 POLLINS .Women's $:? to S4 High or Uow Shoes, at $150 POLLINS Women's $4.50 to $G Tan or. Black Shoes, $198 POLLINS 3Ien's $4 and $1.50 Gunmetal Calf Shoes, $198 POLLINS Women's S3 .vr S3.50 High White Shoes $150 POLLINS Women's $2 to $4 Leather Oxfords, a pair 50c POLLINS Uot of Children's Shoes & Ties, priced at 50r POLLINS Misses' fc Child's $2 3iary Janes and Ties $1 00 pm.f.iNS 50c Japanese 3Iatting Rugs, lill kinds at 25c POLLINS $1.45 and $1.95 Untrimmed Hats, at 39c l-r GOLDEN GATE FIIIDHI CAUSES DIG DISPUTE Oakland. Ca.L. Mar S. Th of the historians" is on and the cjb belli Is the question: "Who found the Golden GaleT Oakland started it the Kara Oakland that asked the -T other Oak-lands in the United States to gtvm p that name no that it could have a monopoly. It claims the Golden Cat by rteht of prior discovery that ama Golden Gate which Inspired Bret Harta to write so syn ica 1 1 y of San t'ritt-cjpco: Serene. Indifferent of fate. . Thou sittest by the Western Gat. But San Francisco by no means la serene r indifferent. It has callesl tba antiquarians to the color nd tha pawing over f musty Id Spanish documents, maps and diaries of tba days of the conquistadors fills the air with dust and debate. - Oakland points to tha diary ! Father Juan Crespi. who, with Capt. Pedro Faces, was pent out by loa Gaspar de Portola, discoverer of San Francisco bay. to circle that "great estauary," as the early Spanish called it. ... Guided by this diary, a cotnraiiie of "explorers" from me Chamber of Commerce foUowed the route taken by the padre and the capitan through Oakland and Op" hit upon a place xrora .-... Crespi wrote, "we couia ioos the utlet to tne sea. The committee "cross-marked tne . ti,.t a monument could be erected to the scene of an annual pil grimage and ceieoraaon m covery of the Golden Gate from the s . sTV & a w at n r v eastern side or tne oaj. . x . tion was conducted on juarcn -i. -"-145th anniversary of Father Crespi s diarv entry. . . , , The committee also had the backlnr of Herbert Bolton, professor of American history in the University of California. EGGV0RTH$1,O00HAS 2 GALLONS CAPACITY Chicago, May 8. An epsr, a lone, solitary egg. is worth $1.a. That is the highest price quoted in the egg market and there are only 13 of them available in the entire world at this price. . . And it was not a strictly fresh egf that brought this record Price but an egg from natures cold storage in-Madagascar. where it was placed some several hundred years. ago by the Apeyornis Maiimus, or elephant bird, now extinct. , . .. ' It is a recent accession of the ieia . Museum of Natural History, Fifty-seventh Et- and Stony Island ave.. where it is on exhibition. The egg was secured from a native at St. Agustin's bay by Rev. Feter A. Bjelde of St. Olars seminary. Nortbfield, . Minn., who is a missionary on the inland He brought the prize to this coun-, trv in a specially woven basket, and it"never was out of his sight, until he turned it over to the museum. It measures 33 inches circumference -around the length - and 27 inches around the middle and has a capacity of a little more than two gaUons. COLORADO IN LINE TO FURNISH NATION FOOD. Denver. May s. Colorado, the i first state to act when the impor-, tance of the bread basket s part 11 -war became known, has virtu1 completed orgaxyzation the aiimiin . trative machinery for the biggest 'foo.1 drive" in the history of the country. Immediately following the declaration of war, Gov. J. C. Gunter anticipated the national movement by naming a ways and means commit- tee, hearted bv J.' K. Mullen, president , of the Colorado Milling and Elevator Co., and Ex-Gov. Amnions, one of the state's largest farmers. The committee already has com-pleted organisation of a sub-commit- . tee in every county of the state.. Working on the assumption that; money, or its equivalent credit, is the greatest need of farmers to meet the crisis, the committee has assured tarmtrs capital with which to finance their food-raising operations. The heme gardening movement was. given tremendous momentum by the outbreak of war. The Civic and Com-' mercial Association of Denver is urging a movement whereby em-, ployts will agree to pay full wages to employes, but allow them one working day off each week, provided they work their gardens on that day.-Under the auspices of the Denver -Mothers' congress, .V.Os packages of, feeds are being 1 istributed without cost to school children. . Mrs. Cecelia Ward Shea, a prominent' civic worker, has inaugurated a proj-r ect. advocating that the state itself turn farmer, and lease or rent ap-, proximately 13."0.00i acres of till- . able land in the state which haa -never been cultivated, cub-letting this to families who would come inttt-the stt?, she believes, if they were assured of ground to farm, at a lotr, rental. - -i HOW U.S. AND SPAIN ; WENT TO WARIN189SV Nineteen years ago the United State found itself in a tate of war with Spain. As in the present instance, the American eovernment left it to tbe other party to cay whether or not war was to lc the manner in which the dispute was to lie settled. On Feb. 1. the United Statee battleship Maine, which had been sent to Havana on Jan. 2.". was destroyed in Havana harbor by an explosion, with a loss of 2tXJ lives. An American board of inquiry, after investigation, reported to the navy department on March 21 that the explosion was caused by an exterior mine, the principal reason for this decision being the upheaval of the ship's bottom. w On April L'O President McKinley approved a resolution demanding the withdrawal of Spain from Cuba, and desienated noon of the 23d - as the latest date for a reply to the demand. Before the resolution could be delivered ly the United States minister in Madrid. Spaiu handed him bis passports. On April C2 Pr-eident McKinley declared a blockade on Cuban ports; on the 24th the Spanish government declared war, and on the 25th the United States congreps declared that a state of war d s,ince April 21 FREE GRAZING LAND PART OF FOOD DRIVE. j i 7A ! St. t'3'j'. May "- Four million seres of land in Northern Wisconsin and Minnesota will be offered free for grazing to farmers and stockmen of the middle west in the hope of releasing farm land for raising war crops. The St. Paul association is compiling the list which will be given wid-" est publicity in an attempt to get' stockmen to use this land and release more fertile land for crops. Farmers owning only small herds" would organize, send a representative to select a tract of grazing land, and ship their herds to be cared for by a herder. Community action of this kind would be an economy to farmers tnd would increase materially, it as pointed out. Wilson Fifth War President. War with Germany makes WoodroirV Wilson the filth of America's "Wsf Presidents." Washington is not ln- eluded in the list because he did not. become President until several years -after the Revolution was over. The War of ll with Great Britain be eras June 1. Xt2, and. ended Feb. 17, Jl. The Mexican war beean April 24. ltdl ; anad ended Juiy 4. The Civil war included the years lstil-lMix The Span-. ish-American war began April 2L1SV and ended on Dec, 10 of the same ya,er.

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