Western Reserve Chronicle from Warren, Ohio on October 26, 1864 · Page 3
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Western Reserve Chronicle from Warren, Ohio · Page 3

Warren, Ohio
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 26, 1864
Page 3
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Wes-enE Reserve Chronicle. Twelve lines s;u: i......o iacj, in auace. u.li- bqoare. 1 ui i lyr lSl uare .J -M Jjeiwjo.u(i jji ijjjy,i v iJSquares La" i m 4.0:1 ! j7iui h"i '.eoluinu 3.lt; i ii 7.iirj i.,:n l.y.i-im H "iw v' i i i'i,i i t Avjirr ".( Mluiuu .m 10,imj io,i''ls07:0 I T:y: Advertisement noi under eontnw. mart be mark ed tue Ionian r lime ilmml, or toey wiil be eontinueu auu rnarrort ..r until ordered out. Kpecial ."Votices, and extra di.p!nyed 4. K erti foments. 5(1 per cent more. Death and Marriage; iumrlud craiis ! nbituary mottoes cnariresi i::iit prtee. Transient Advertisements ti be paid tor "invariably in advance. 1 early Advertiaer will be i-iiaitrcl extra tor J'is- eolutiun and other Notices i,t ronuMnl with their rexrtilar Huine.i. P.uaness Cards, nut eveeedinr S lines. l." line per year: each additional line 75 .cuts JOB I' tt I X f I i Having nyntlr made hire na.lit'nns f the latent etylee ef type, to our assortment ol' Job Printing materia), we are prepared lo execute in the tt manner, the diHerent varieties of Pliiii and Fancy Printing SI'CH AS Addrce Cards. Certificate. Labels. Business Car-is, Check Books. M 4ii1.tsU. Rank Checks, Colored 1'riutiiK. Note. Bills of Inline. Drafts, Prorramnie.. Ball Tickets. Knrm Rooks. Rwii. Blanks, ail kin.t. Handbill. Show In fact everything done in ti.e hapr -f I'ririt-inr, at price, that ealiuot fail to soil, and aitl dispatch. We keep constantly on bind a j.,.) assortment ( I'ardi an.i Kino .(:iti,rti--rrt tr-oii which those in want of Printine can select. - Jnstleev' and raiKlaMN' IttrniUa. RAILROAD TIME TABLE. Atlantic & Great Western. ' ; GOING EAST. MaUleaTes Varreu A V Day Express leaves W arren .Ilri A V Sew York Express leave Warren ll-3 P .V Ex.. Freirht leave Warren-.. 4n P .V Way " " VTarren V: v Sew Trk Freight lb '3 P -V GOIRG WEST Day Express leaves Warren ..... P V Cleveland Express leave Warren 2:4 A Ji Mail laavea Warren 1:T P J1 Ex. Ereinht leaves Varren 6:12 A V "Way - Warren 4P Se T-k Freight.- !" A M THE MAHONING BRANCH. GOING EAST: Express leaves Warren . P V MaU- " Warren.... Freight ' W arren GOING WEST: Express leave Warren ilail -" Warren.. IraUhi--' f .i.Swrs - . J'5 A M . iij P M . kit) P K Local .Notices. Advance In tue Tcrtus of tUe Cbronicle. In consequence of the hi- i.rice of tii lalor and material incident t itlie r-ubiiejii-Mi the Ciisus-1CL1. are oldirl. in orJer k- iueet ripetw.4i adraaoe the price of th Ohbosicls M Two loI-stra per year in advaaee, from and ater lt,ISt. ! 1 ;, Also hare increased our odvertisirc riK a moderate per ceiiu. to take ciFt iinmeijiatcij'. s If too want 11 Piftnres for as2 8I.OO. Oat lo TATLOH'S I1C- TrRK KOOsisi. Over I rsnare aSa!V illaBae-e'a ttes More. Hiuu et. sv UNION CLUB .HEADQUARTERS! ,; Andrews & Week's Hall, - M1REET STREET. Open Every Evening. Town and County. Friday Evening Meeting at WEBB'S HALL ' :Gem. Garfield will speak at V. col's v Hallj otx next Frsday.eveuiu. This ai rangemeut ba been made in pursuance of the wisLea rf many of the busine .' men, "mechanics, and others of our town, ; wtcrcanuot attend the afternooa nieel-io, but desire to bear from their able ri ''prosentatire. in Congress, "011 the great 'issues of the day. Lei n!i renieuilier the -night meeting. Accident. "" ... Aaon of Mr. John ' TVLeatVy, 011 tut ireat -side, was eeriously itjuriat by beisrj; thrown from a hand car. on the Altboi:- ing track,' on. Saturday Lo-t. His body 'ibecorlft fastened between the j-uuiiinj; Jeara of the car, and was eererely Ci uah cd, breaking Beveral bones. Lost Pants. The person who carried oil a buno'e containing cloth cut for pants, from J. r iGoldstein'i Clotiuug Stortf. will save ex-n poaure by returning them iuimed.nteiy. l V- . - 1 S"" Umbrellas. large In' jmt reireivd, of all -quuli tie. Look out for ihe Umbrdlia S'.'af- fit Turner k PciiV. Min Street. Save Your Money. ." By. buying your Clothing, Hats, 0.ipa, TJ0si4wy and Gloves at . Turner ,& Peck's, Webb's Block. Main St. As Our readers will see by Advertisement, Mr. II. JlelvilU Fay, the celebrated - Atnerionn Humer Ut, and great Compeer of Artemus. Ward. Daesticks and Or pheaus C. Kit,-will give one) of hi .fun ' provoking Olios, at Webb H-ili. this Wednesday Evening. The press iu vaii- "'ous Eiatern Citie pronoun. -a Mr. Faj'a Entertainment to be the neplu ultra of Sacoss, In every repect. ii is gr-st Bur lesque on the Southern Coufi-d-rcy, or Artemus Ward's vit-i J o Eichmond, alone . sa-orth double the price cf Admission. iet the nail be filled to ni-lit. Osage Orange. "j Mr.. Buck, of llecca, left oa onr table, an Osage Orange, grown on his place, weighing three fonrtns of a pound, mid measuring twelve iucbes in . ciifumfrr-ncel' . . - , n UARDIAN S SALE T Bv order of the Probate Conrt of TrnmW!! !ounty, Ohio, 1 will offer for 6'e tothe hiarue.-t bi 1-ri.r. at the South door of ttie Oourt House, i i Warren, in said County, oa Friday lite Ilia day of Neveaiber. lbS4. betwena the botirs of one and foar o'elock r. a., of said day. the one undivid-4 one-fifth part of the folloaina Real Kstate. giiu-.it-A in Raaatra Towushin. Trumbui! Courtv. li). and known as theSouin part of lot No. 16, buunil-d , as follows: ueeinning at tee soutu " t l corDer "i aid lot. then rnncinr Xorik 22 chain? and fOU . links, thence Eaft chains sr d Imkr tnence ' rVmih 22 rha:ns and Sij links tii. tica 22 ' chains end -H links to the place of br ernninf. and contains in all filly ares ot una. dFratefarrT Estate ef Anna Bell, l he one undivided one Sttii nartcf said lands subject to said dower and life E,Ter?TOtlfnd- and Wlanc. In oi vaar with interest secured on premise. . i MARGAHEf F. BELL. 0oardian of Mary T Harriet L . and Laura J. Hell. " Oct- U,iiw ... ' i rpUE STATE OF OHIO TKUil- JSBIiCOCKTT. , llaaaaaa Eeiter 1 " vs. f Susannah Eeiter.J Tor fcivoree. On the 17th day of October, A. D., 136. Plaintiu tiled his Petiucn in ihe ofiiee of the clerk of tui eonrtof common i'ieas, for said oounty, agaii-.t defendant, asking a decree lor divorce agaiiirt her, and aHedfUig fur croonds, that said aeiondant. had another husband livinr. when she tuarri'd plaintiff, and with whom she is now living. Sii.l eaa. will be for hearing at next term of said court. . UUCH.LXS fORREST. Ally's of deft, .WW.!. . - Osage Orange. The Vermont Raid--Description Osage Orange. The Vermont Raid--Description of an Eye Witness. j i I 'li.e iii'V l'lin. i .'til iliw a liijiiuc uo cuui 1 ue r -ai4 into Si. Alb-ius, ly itu u ittif.-s of the Mttiisaoiion, Mr. liilJ siu, ebtiduclor I tli m'fjuig-cr ir4H from tviiK' 1'oinl U Tvy. We make tl:c loliotviug iXtiMCl: AU.ut a wifk bo sfouie trauers came ti- l.ouf.i at the Americti Hotel and the Tremoiit. in it. Albans. One of them, cxllmi Itiiu't-lt Colonel, aititred lo le a J4 u.1n.ln r t olif among lueni. nea si man 01 lurUlutu auo, ai-OUl tuirij 1110 years of t'e, aiiU MtneHred to have) no other liNinelBHii thtii ol Colonel. Others of tii party, who subsequently ptoved to be thieves and murderers, were habited intl.e uniform of United Sute oflicers, and ail wore a sort ol wrapper or cape, srd eacii csrried a satchel slung by a -ijou'iUoi sliaii at tue Jett side, alter the uwtnt.er o? English rportsmen. There set iaed to oe no concert of action between any of tiieae men (hoy stid nothing to eteii other in public uo conversation ensued that would attract attention to all uppeamiices they were iltilute brokers, coijtnu'iois, or speculators, kuch aa are oit-n eeeii in Irontier towns St. Albaus twnn;; only MiXteeii tuilee from the Cana-di iine. On Tueaday n;j:ht the atrangera 111 the vt'ijo were iiiutorced by otuers. who Hiriv.'.i iti the train lrom Rouse'a V iui'. and new 'aces appealed at the t.ienki-.st itti.ieJol lu hiHeU. On Wed la lnotnin'. lurthr batch of con-S.iiaiois arrived, and uihihi thirty raid vis had -olieclei. Ald ibeu the plot Aa life for Jirciltioii. At 3 n'l Ivk. i. il .ou We.iuefi.lay.'Jcl. 1", S:. Ai ban's Wa 1:1 a elate ot apparrent tpiiet. coiiiiiioii to New Knl.md towna.- Our iid'.mo.mt. Conductor Bsldwiu. just n, the i..n bell rung out tiie hour of 3 ii'olork, wlie-u he liinu coming out ol the d.t.11 ot tin- Flint National Iiatik, is he did a tiiueu 00 the Mepe knock ed him d- wn. A aecond Wasalsji floored, bui tiie third raidur had a pistol in hia iiaod au i the citizen retrented. The oouduuior th .UiiUt theall iir was the freak ofaoaie ditinken mii, but an he aaw ymptoji.s of a disturbance at other jKiuiia Several men appeared 1.1 be rushing aoout wilu pistols, in parties of front fare to ten. One of lhee parties met a Mi. ilorrieoii and preenling a weapon 10 bun, demanding his nurreuder. lie au-weivi: "You are jofciug, boys." l'liey hrei and he lell weltering in hi iii.Kil. Oar iufojiiuiiii eaw him throw up hia hand and iht-u sink to the jtroutid, tud tiieu be leaiizea for the first time liiai tne village was attacked by an or-amized body of ineu, tieuton pillage ond reeldlt f humall lite. JlcJUWime ..e - . - - tmeo.is on the lUiea Panics tue f n il li.e Fr.tlikbu 0Uiilv, and St. i A;t,..n J?..rli'rs entered eiich. When tt.o Teller .-r C.nei, u-pecima; no .. i,k-l tiil Ho y aisneo, me u-n'i' i r"" I .... i : ;eiiieU a pistol witn tue eaciaiuaiioii: "Yju hi- my prisoner. If you move an 1!1CU, Ot III. we i 11 t.dow you llirouiiu. Wliieii ineu v.eut to the vault ami . . . , i .I iraaeis. anu inlJ Vioieui iuuu wu the epeie; btii anl other articles which thev could find, and o.ich filled the aide sttc-UeU inc:i e.ioii wore; as before de soribed. .Of eoUr.e resistance was useless, tor the surprise was complete. At tue Franklin County 15 .lik, the raiders pushed Ine Cr-liier, Mr. Baa dsly. and one of his clerk into the veultand locked thern uu, aii-l the prisoner were uot released until liie in the niiht. Tlien coininenceU a reij:o of terror in tu village. . Plunder had been accom-plisiied, and v oleiioe followed. The raid was brief, but the scene must, nave b e:i terrible whiio it Listed. The thirty ir more marauders ruehed up ana down iho streets f-ring their pUtols in every di rection, it UCUt'Ver lUCl suit m viweeuui roup ot men, they would aim in thai at rection. l ney hhu imiguiutcui. seveu bli.wter and as fast as one weapon w.is unloaded, they drew another and k-ei.tun thefiibilaee. ilr. Uaiawin says tia can only liken the sounds to the noise ota Fourth ot July morning u a large city. Tnere was a continuous bang. Dang, bant:! CU' course this reckless use of fire arms eould nt continue long with no-; body hurt. The Shentt ot ine county j .K.n lell; Jir uu u.. while reisting the robbery ot his t.tore;aj woiiit-n whose name we could not learn, , , j ,ile oil tl.A1 fell, and, more dastardly than all, as tue "uerrillas were leaving the town, they ?8w , Utile g.. l in the street, and wanton- ly killed her. And tue bullets were uy-1 iixr uo!ind anions: the buildings in the aioiiuu niuo ii. .Kii, k-,,,. M-dn et.eet, neatly nil of which beat marks of lead. Windows were broken, .,. i , :iu,-i .i neoiile wounded - I r chippel and people wounuea. t a tome that, beggars ail uescriptiou. Ofeourto. the enure populace rushed J. courtt , Ti,. J ;,tM f into the f-treets. Jney bad no idea ofj tlirt anise of the disturbance for they In fliir usual dailv avoea were ng.gea in their usual aauy avoca lions, uuil the raid was 'like thunder a clear sky" The guerrillas, as irom a u 1 they i-ushed Ihroagn ice town, stoppeij -ill tne cittzns they met and gathered luein in aqaad under gu-trdT few men witu pistols retaining them .as prisoners on the common. Mesnwhile, remainder of ti.e banditti started to socure horses. They )ook two from Fiel-Fs lively s'able. five front Fuller's! several from the American and Treinont ut 14 . -il OiiilKI111 from iWr fliurk stables and a SUiOotpan. Irom ALr..liark, of ButUtnd securing about thirty in ail. Their -adroitness in cutting cfX harness was 'marvelous: and the contents of thdj s iddie makers' bbops soon enabled thai villaiui to become cavalry, insltead of tO-ilpads. Meanwhile thsur threat were terrible. We wiil bur iU1d. -W Atlanta wera treatea. , luey 5ii.i: " e are coming baclc again. an will burn every town in Vermont.' Their imprecations were of a blasphemous character. 1 her ciaimeu to oe ixinieaer atei- UJf intoimsut aoes not tuinK any of the men were Canadians, they all looked lik Americans, and Southerners at that. Taese demons contiaued their infernal pistol firing killing a man named Morco after they began to take pris oners. All tVus was the work of twenty uun-a'-es. Conductor Daldain jys he can scarcely realize ibat it all happened, and mat so much was done in so short a time, The guerrillas having all secured horses and Baddies, commenced their retreat. They abandoned . the prisoners and rode oil' northward, firng their pistols as they proceeded. It pared to be their internum to make an attack ott the Jlisse-quoi bank at Sheldon. - When the villagers broima thoroughly aroused to what happened, they acted in a manner worthy of their Green Mountain s-res in the days of the Revolution, C pt. C-jnaer, with eight men, started in swift pursuit; twenty more followed in half an bour. Pe.iple geiied guns, pistols, cutiates and clubs. Store were cloed business w.'is euspeuded. Everyliody ita; wild with excitement. There was a Cab-! ot'sujgeations, questions, incidents, caeapes, comp.irisons of loss-, and specu-intions as to the future. Teloprutns were sent to Hon livelier, and the citizens made preparations lor home defense. The L,'g:s..iiuie, wnicu was in s.sifn at Montpelier and the Governor, received d spstohes from S'-. Albans at 5 o'clock, aniiOun rin tiie raid. The fotmer ap- p litited a comiuittee; the Utter ordered two l.iouiml .-tana 01 arms irom lunar- Vergmn,. n i nt one hun- ! i e-l veternn ie-erv-s lrom Uurlinton; i QQ- Ben'On, au l one hundred volunteers ;-Irom iJi.- iington and one hundred trusty fii-euien from Brattleboro. Gen. Dix, at Xfi- York, was coininun":c.ited with, and I gav- orders for prompt pursuit. . ' Con iuclor lijia.rin leu au aiiwusssi ! ? o'cl.ick l.-t evening-running slowly to i kel oat ff tue W3J' of specul trains fill- ed with volunteers uiid aims. At Bur-liniri-in tbc ciLizcns were on guard to pro e.-t the town. They refused to allow the Like l:it Canada to l.iud last night, until tliev found out whether rubels or Cap!. Fliiii commauded ber. During the fifieonoon, when the raid was tele-grjiitid. the. steamer fired - up" at Rouse's Point and ran out into lhe lake, where ihe anchored, as a measure il vour d cl low 11, thev will treat you as the people alto of precaution. At Albans, ' "marl !l la" ai declared last night. It must I -e turiixined by.atveral hundrwl troops thia time, and the frontier' is under arms. MONTREAL, Oct. 22. Twelve St. A 1 bans raiders. Captured in Canada, 011 the 1st,-who aie now in jnil. disclosed the entire plot. Mini xtas that the raid wan conducted by a captain in the Con fepe rate service, commissioned for that purpose.' There were 3 concern ed. the amount stolen from the hanks was $223,000. s The Government has . eommisiioned ; able counsel to take the case up. and the necessrrv extradition papers for thoxe 1 captured are forwarded. MARRIAGES. In IlowUnd. on ths ISth intt. by Rev. E. T. Brown. Mr. WM. H. BEEBE. of Ravenna, and Miss ELLA, daughter of John Reeves. Esq. of the lormer place. At tit resiitenca of the Hride's Father. Lima. Jfew York, by Kev. C. W. Bennet. Mr. WM. T. . . . . . ... .-r. . ...n ,- . SPEAR, of this place to Mist FRANC t. lORK. c, so n.n p u.rtman Mr J h.fi b i 7v,'i S'C J k ; RCSSELL, and Mist ANNA MOi, both 01 Warren. In I) anbury. Conn. Oct. 11 by Bev. F. J. Haw- ley. D.DCURLE3W. SKIFF. M.n and Mi RCSAX R-. only da.fhter of th. lat. Hon. A. E Tweedy, all of Danbury, Conn So Cirda. DEATHS. (n Brbt iL after a severe illness of two weeks. of dyseutery end brain fever. Oct Pth 1864, NET TIE WEED. daughter of Dr. T.G, and Armenia U.irlon. atrol 4 years 11 months aud 2 weeks. Little Nettie has gone before. To tread ths blissful heavenly shore; Oh I may our lives from sin be free. And meet her in Eternity. Altharesideneeef W.N. Porter. Oct. 10, ELI3U HJ.UU1. Ks . aged &. O SOTICE IS . HEREBY GIVES TO ALL persons ooncerned. that the lists, valuations and enumerations made and Uken wiuiin the Connty ofTrumbull, in the Stateof Ohio, under the joint ( jmio,, of Oongr imposing aeeecial Income j duty upon the gains. pro6ii er income for ths year j siXtf?i;'2 and eolieclinn of the stmt, maybe examined at the ofieeof aeob H.Baldwin.in tbetown of War-log i ea. in- said Ceunty of Trumbull, for txs davs frou,mn4 j.Hudi ngtbe 28:h day of Octolwr .AD. ' k04. between the hours of 9 o'clock A.M.. and 4 ' o'elock P. M- of each day - Appeals will be receiv-bhnd , J,, Md detenoioed relative to any erreneous or ex-was ctMlve valuations or enumerations by the assistant Assessor s at the See of said Baldwin, in said township of Warren, on the 11th 4ay of Nov.. A. at 10 o'elock A M. All appeals must be made in writing, and specl-.-.a.-l fy the particular eause,-matter or thing respecting j Juicn k drion is requested, and must also state t y,. ground or principle of inequality or error eom-from : plained of. . ... ... ' tsx patss am wvrKD to gxaai.n sain list. . rur,),e detection of sny fraudulent returns that may i bare oocurred,.aud are requested to report .the Xpim. . hd ,t y offies i. Ra-armetl j Tenu.at any time before said l'th day of Nov. HORACE T. BEEBE Assesaor. ' BaveiOhU Oct' r ! . : yfv a ""IVOTICEsj 5 j . . , , . ' ,, ' All persons indebted to the late Brut of E. F. , Rowt nd Barn. rs reqaceted te call at the Riv- r Block Dry Goods Store, and settle their accounts j as their book '"jiJgijQ BROaFyLSOM!1' Warren, Oct. 23. tar. ;. " ' j "XTOTICR ' : r ' , the claim neretojare niea, anaer toe asdignmeiH I a.. r t..i. m w.rrn ii.l and sfVr ITew Advertisements. LETTERS UNCLAIMED REJl EM.AIN 1NG lit the Toot, Office at . arren. Sute of Ohio OoUSo. Ut4.ISju 10 obtain any ol these letter, the aunlicant luurl eall lor ailvrtumd letter, mie the dale ol Una list and pay one cent for advertising. Briseoll K A Lewis M E Mrs Uoyce Mary 3 MoKaughlon U B Bruntou Robert lontgoug James llecker Faunie Phillips Minor H Ford Bell Pribbee Uopkina lipfliDgCS I Ralbbnrn Kdwiu Hake Mary Jane Randall F A Hamilton WD Reed Mary U " llaiuiltoo J U Suman Florence lliintr Marv A ' ' Hteuon John L Homes William Strnble James Jr ,.,, , Caroline II Thomas William . W iliiama Libbie - - - Walters Jawas. joyc. Henrr Jones Uestoran Mia kiuiball Edwin C t'l . - . :i Olnoe houtafrum 1 1 tu R r- m. . c. Jt. PATCH. P. M WEBB'S HALL ! WEDXESD AY EVE.V'G, OCT. 26. Mr. H. MELVILLE FAY, , The Celebrated ' .' American : Humorist I ! The great emateer of Artemns Ward. Doestleki and Orpheus C. k err. lhe equal ot Alt Burnett, ilordock and Vanderhoff, will give one of his Inimitable Levees, at the above 11 all. on Wednesday Evening Oct. 28. 1864 RECITATIONS, IMITATIONS AND BURLESQUES, . EXCEXTRICrTIES. CHOICE REFISED WITI-CISM3. HITS AT THE TIMES. C, 1c A -Melange of : , v Mirth. Oratory and Sentiment ! As a refined Humorist of the (rst order, Mr. FAT has no eqnaL . For Particulars Se Small Bills: Foster TICKETS tS CKSTH. For Sale at Book and Musis stores. Box and Odiee, evening of Exhibition. ' J,KI8K WHITE, - Oct. 28 hr Business Director end Gen. Agent INTERNAL BEVEHUE ! . . ASSESSOB'S NOTICE- WpKcjL INCOME TAX:' . - - M I, hereby given, that ihe Probate Conrt as or,lered a dividend of ten per oent to be paid on L. C.JONES. Assignee. Warren. Oot. 15, 1861.' TESTATE OF CLEMONT NICH A otJoe it hereby given that the undersigned bat been duly appointed and qualified Executor on th. Fstate of Clemont Nichols, late of Basctta, rrumbuU toontv. deeeaswt. , WILLIAM D-. WILLIAMS, Oct. 3J. 1SG4.-0W. . . ... K "VTOTICE iu hereby giveu that J.1 the undersigned hasbeea duly appointed and qualified executor or toe estate ot Joan uu lat. .fVlUMllOtt&Xli : " Oct. S6.---JW."1 :i " ,T A DMINISTBATOKS SALE OF A URAL ESTATK. ' Ou Satorday. ths 23th day of November. A. D. 1S64. between the hours of on. and three o'elock p. M., of said day, at the South door of ths Court House in Warren. Trumbull Countv Ohio, in pursuance of an order of th. Probata Court of said Oounsy Trumbull. I will otter for sale to th. highest bidder, to wiu th. on. undivided half part of the following described lands, situated in Hon land Township, Trumbull County Ohio, and known as part of lots S and i. in section U in said Township. Bounded on th. East, South and West by lands owned by Heary B Perkins in lc9. and North br lands of Francis Andrews and ihe heirs of Alfred Cadwalader. con taining fifty acres of land more or less. The lands herein desoribed to be sold, is the interest of Alfred Cadwalader de-Msed. therein appraised at $30 per acre. JOHN KATLIFK. Administrator ALFRED CADWALADER Dee. Oot.2S-4w. GUARDIAN'S SALE. . , ;. Notice is hereby given that pursuant to an order from the Probata Court of Tram ball County, on the 17th day of November. A. D- JSoi. between the hours of one o'eb-ek and four o'clock P. IX . on the premises, i will offer tor sale at public vendue, the following described real estate, being part of lot N o- fifty and uf ty-one in th. Township ol Mesopotamia in Trumbull County Ohio, and is the on. undivided one half -of th. land bounded as follows On the South by th. East and West een tre road, measuring to the centre of th. road, on th. East by a North aud South road, which is alo lhe lot line, on the North.by th. lot line and Job Reynold's land, on the West by lands of Truman Uieason, formerly the Flavel Sheldon (arm, and contains within those bounds one hundred acres of laud, suUjeot. te lie. dower estate -.of Angelina Uinklry therein. Terms of sale.- one third in hand, one third lu one, and one third in two years, with internet at six per cent, and deferred payments secured by mortgages on th i 'ren in. The dower ef said Aagline Hiakley will e sol 1 whh said premises, on fair terms.' ' ine snares 01 toe remaining ueirs.wiuaiso ue som at the Siwetime. - - -- JOSEPH W. COX. Gtrardian, . of Benjamin M. and Emory F. Cox. minora. , Oct. t, Sw . ! OH" PAINTINGS I A few OIL PAINTINGS, mostly views on the tt T . , ;iii l r Hudson rivtr. with good gilt lrames. will be band- ""T l the first day of November, A. D. lto4. .TeAJilJWK ROM j j f : . New AdveiTiiemeiits; J. B. N. BERRY. & CO. GEXEUAL , COMMISSION MERCHANTS, For the Sale of - FLOUR, GRAIN, .WHISKEY, PROVISIONS, OILS, Eastern and Western Produce generally. 73 SMITH'S WITARF, " BALTIMOitE. Consignments Solicited, and advances made on Cijod in Store. OcL iB, 1S64 3n. PHOTOGRAPH ALBUMS . We bare Just received a luree a ldilio'i t oar larae stock of AlbuniS and card picture. boUi ' plain and fancy, - at ADAM'S E00K STORE. A, W. PARKER "Hers tin it Attn 01 ih acres, locates on m. Warren and Newton Falls road, nve miles from lhe ituler. and tour miles fmrn the latter place 6r sale. Persons doirons of pnrohasina; a good ' i,h baildinirs and all lar.n.., cou- venienees. are invited t- examine the preaiuea. ! Btacevilte. Oct. li lS".4.-3w." 1 " Yrriln CXTt O 'PlirnrilP' , VJOIU Oil ci X Ulll -v- TV -r yi T-T r nrrr flTTTM RICH. RARE, CHEAP AND BEAUTIFUL TaTHrW" GOODS ! Gunlefinger k Rothscliild BFG LEAVE TO ANNOUNCE that they have Jttt received at their new Store, on the west side of Main Street. A Large and Splendid Assortmtnt of Staple and Fancy Dry Goods, eoNsisTtvo or . Silks, Shawls, ?Innt!fs,-Slerlnoes, Clonks, Cloaking, IX GJiPAT irA METY. ALSO: XJ S. IS or ALL descriptioxs. oui: Millinery Department Is rnfqnallcd Iu Ibis Place, INI) CONSIST OF A BCiFTIFl'l. issOsriUN r r -OSTRICH FEATHERS BOXXETS. n.CMES. LlllLO-. LACES. HAIR XBISr llAlli DRi:SE. rarllealar attention will be pa!J i REPAIRING, COLORING and PRESSING BONNETS. . clothing SOLD OUT AT , r . 3T" X n S 1 O O f3 T ! Warren, Oct 19. 1S6. Sm PE0CLAHATI0N ! V I JOSEPH O. BTTLEH. Sheriff of Trumbull Co. Ohio, hereby notify the qualified Electors ol said County, in the Army as well as at home, that Tuesday, tne fttb ef November, A. D. 1864, is the dav anpointed ny Liw, for bold-ine the Presidential flection in the Siate of Ohi-. at which time the said Eleotors will assemble at their respective Townships, in said County, and the qualified Kleetors of said Comity in the service of the United Slates at such places as are appointed bv the law. resrulatiug tiie same, and proceed to ballot for two Senatorial and Nineteen Congressional El-ctors. as Electors fur a President and Vice President of the United State. Given under my band at the Court House In the Village of Warren, is 13! a--dav or uctoner. ivh. J. Q. BUTLER. Stieiitf. Oct. 19. 2 & 3F PUBLIC SALi- OF VAT.CAr.LK Real and Personal Property.! rpilE SUBSCRIBER will offer7t J 'polilie saleou tbefullowiag lUys, on TUES- j jjaX Wednesday; a-j tbcrsdas". ; j Nov.mber 1st.' 2d and 3d, COMMENCING EACH DAY I AT TEN u ct-yuK, a. j. r . i SO. I. On th. 1st day of November; a4be Bremlses in ' Mecca township, a traor of land, partly improved' and fenced, containing T1 acres uf Lmd; aiioiaitu; lands if William Headly, .Mr. kirtlmt, Mr. Slough mad others." TnciuiproYeifctti.ts area t0 6TORT-DWELLl5H&aSk 30 by 36 feet, with adjoining kitchen. one walKd eeilar Sad emented deer. wll of end water. a.islera walled and oau.ented. cwod noraebara. double corncrib and onoeniitll tensnt.nQuse ," lns.lXWreet of lumber, snen asseantliri. joiee.mon-, dings, two sleds, laveotds of slab.. Ao. , ' On lite il day of November, on the premises, en Main street u Warren.-near too AiiaUa and Groat Westeni tailwa Dcpe-Jfr. ADWELLTSO IIOUStNDI.OT; adjouatig tots of uuiui Dana and 'ii. J-.ycLaii sad on tue nortflj ue by Lain, street. oentniuiug ii acre- of land. Ins iui.ruvciunuj axel ox 'ia-.v brick dwelling houe with good cciiar. hor.ie baru. well of good water, eitteni, au.ioi:!' out buildires. Also, a variety of good fruit and Huuetilat-wes, and ts,iaovn as luacoojuncrcerfiroiiariy. jjx .ON TilE StME.DAY. on tne premuee. aL2o'lot-k.J.M, ihe well known Warren Steam Flouring Elill, WITH THE UACUl&blll . UtLi-Mi . , ... iuseeici. The mill eontains turrepair of 'Frencuarrhs a pable of making one bundred barrels of flour in twenty four hours, and is as good as new. and iu the best running cider. - . . . 'ALSO: AT TIIE SAME TIME A Kb TLACE, a frame building. ued formerly as a still-house. by euteel, wiih athed aujoiuing. Also, a large stable, used at the sliil kuuse, a latge lot uf lumber, such as boards, eoautling, Ii. fruu-hicu wagon felloes, sawed to pattern, Ahso: A 3 tou plaUorm scale, known as ii. o. iiarling s make. ON THE SAME DAY AND TIME. the dwelling house and 4 lols of laud, oriipird at nreaent by the subsciiber iu the south nurt of War- ron.v -'f he impruvemeuts are- a goouV couforubie dwelling houte. witn. cellar, out tucdeu, wou house, well of water, cistern, horse birn, aud a va riety of cxoellent truit, suoh as apples, pears, grapes, it?. are on the premises. A O. 3. On theSd dav of X ovember. on the Drrmises. two miies Soata of Warren, on the road leadiug to Canheld. ' A VAIXAIiXC - FAB3I, eontaining 89 acres ef land, being more or less, adjoining land of Leonard Ce'e, John ilcK'ce. Beu- jam in Lain. Mr. Murdock and Granville .Soir-s tne tinprovemeuls are 4 LARGE DWELLING nOUSE, with eeUar,- at kitchen, spsiur-. ef never failing good water, well njar the uotuc. eisteru. LARGE SHEEP SHEDS, a stream of never-failing water the farm and close to Ihe barn. . . ; . ALSOs r runs through A Large Apple Orchard, sherries, grape rtniui. eurrrnia. all Vmrinieand in a ihrivineeondiiion: 20 acres are rood woodland. the rest is arable land and id a high state of c No vation and under good u uoei. ALSO: AT THE SAME TIME AND PLACE, 2 two year old Dave Hill lorsecoltsgelding. 1 Tn ckahoe. three year old mare. Well broke. 16 twi year old mules, do., one year, a si an of I beery bay horses, a lot of sheep, a two horse waeon with iron as el. 1 bob sled. 1 Pitt's plow steel center No. A. corn plows, cultivator and harrow, mowing machine, il) tuns of good hay, a lot of straw, and i ariety oi otacr tuiugs too uuuieniui w uiiaiuuii, ..,:.' ALSO l TWO SETS OP DOl'BLE UAKXESS, COLLARS . 1 , i . AXX BRIDLES.. 1 -'. ! : . ) Conditions sn4 forms made know orr thj dart, sale, and due attendance given, by . ' DANIEL DERIS. Wsrren. October 19, lSCt Jw, ; CTliAYEU.OR STOLEN ... ;j From I the residence of John Crsiz. in Brat e- r.ila I rnmbnll Countv. llhl ). on the niirht of the : ?n ,n- V A. .IV1. L f ,1 . ? " fl ih LtaDul UIKD. I strut main uu inn. sua iuiii n ; u . .-.. id horw.. or inform.tio where he may be found, will be liber -JV' liny r i r1 H . t iii.it V. tS. buuu . . i wjj We BTBa . Ji. SiT O T 33C 33 3EL TEING CLOSE AT HAND. WE I serioo consideration, and after proper reueetion as te the wants ef our numerous euatouiers. have come to the conclusion that CLOTHING, HATS, CAPS, &C, &C. I amonir the indispensable eommodities of man. And to meet this Salter of fact ease, we have : ...... - in store a very LARGE ND ELEGANT STOCK OF THE ABOTE NAMED G00D3. . H..c bH-o tmutcht early in th tesann fbr r oominon InlucineniJ. to pared -Jen urn ?it mnrh lower price than would otberwiM hare been our Broods at erea lower price tnen tne same do old be BOUGHT. AT WHOLSALE IN THE EASTERN MARKETS! Among the numerous articles to be sold at bargain, are the following : TtTHA IT'I'TL'T it. 3MC.TO XI 333D SUITS ! ' 1S0BLINEX COATS, AN ELEGANT ASSORTMENT OF -HATS AND CAP3. 75 TRCNK9 ALL KINDS. 200 TKAVHLIVO BAOf ai.OCOCHN-TLEMEM'SMAPSASOIT PAPER Ct'LL A K. LADIES' PAPER COLLARS AND CCFFS. .,:--z-- ALEXANDRE KID OLOVES FOR OENT3' ; 8TJPERB STOCK FUR'IHIX OoOOS. SUCH AS TrES.nANDKERCHIFF-S GLOVES. BRACES. WRAPPERS !AKD DRAWERS. NKOLIQEE SHIRTS. LINEN S11IRT3. U0idER. io, 3t..ia. tV'e take pleasure in showing our goods, and whether wishing te purchase or not, our customers wOl be waited upon with politeness. Our stock of Cloths, Cassimeres and Vestings, Never .Was More Complete ! And we feel arwured that no house this side of the Eastern Cities, can display a better variety of these s-ootls. abii'h with our superior workmen, we claim te Manufa'ture Custuta Cloihiug. fully equal to any boue in the Stt. Gentlemen wishing to purabase a COAT, PANTS, or TEST pwttera, ean eertaUy save money by examining our Stock. EVERY ARTICLE WARRANTED TO BE A3 REPRESENTED ! , REMFJIBER OT XOITO, ."Afarrei. H.'. .May 4. 1. REED & ADAMS. isw' Machines! Awarded the Highest Premium - AT THE WORLD'S FAIR, ' ' ifJSTHELDIN L0ND0X. . AT THE ' F R E N C HEX POSI T 1 0 N, " jr3TnELD IN PAP.I?, i'v AND AT EVERT - i : . UNITED STATES FAIR ; Where Sewing Machine, have been Exhibited. vt offer Ihe Machine, with several lat. Improvements, and give instructions,-to enable the purchaser to sew ordinary seams, stitch, hem, fell, gather, bind, ?rd. took, and braid ail on the same Machine. : The Braider ta a WBW IMPROVEMENT, txlag an Attachment for sewing Braid or frd upon any kind of fabric, in the most elaborate detigus, with out any previous basting. S. A CQRBIN AGT. For Trnmhull and Muhnmng County, at An- rews' A Week's Store.- - . Wsrru, Aug. 3L lStjl. , - PAS UNEDR TUB ROi;: . -A new enured sonr. nf t1". aiet beautiful rliara-ter. should be on every Piano nr Melodeon in the land. At ADAMS' BOOK STORE. TNsTKUCTIt I ' For tne Pisno; Flute. Clririoncti. 6c NTt,UCTION BOOKS. Melodeon. Violin. Rass Viol. Gnitar. Ranio, Fife and drnm. .- ai.-,- ; - AlAM rMiib.3Ai.'fc. i . t j ..i ' ? ! L F.GAL NOTICE. Uho' a L.jsn "-) - ' J. nuts I-iijnn -Jaints 1 oeaa- whtse 4ae of residence Is un- kninrn tothr above uamnl Plaintiif ot to her Attorneys, i- hereby notified that on the 27th day ol x-rt'OBbcr. a. ii'io. tne ma iitioda trftgan aiu Al Iter ptili in in the Clerk's efbee of the Court of Comnwin Pleas, for Trumbull County and State of Ojio. chaririu? the-mtd James Logan with will ful s useuce fonteoretnaainree years, last past ana rrnss reelect of dntv toward the said plaintiS, and pruving for a dissolution of the marriage contract netweon said plainthf and defendant, lor the couttvl of herrwl usrsonal property gud (or ali- mouv. which rettfnn will be lor bearing at tne nexi u-ria of siJ Court. K it' aid By her Atiy's SUTUFF. HilTLb SI I'LL.. Sept. 2. lSiiL-tjw. , ... CTATEOF OHIO. O IN COL'ET OF CC'MMON PLEA". Caroline A. Browcr 1 . .... vs. r. . . . ... James Brewer. .. J " D-'f-nJant Is notified that th Petitioner, filed in the Clerk 1 ofitre of the Conrt of Common Pleas, lor Trumbull Co, Ohio, on the 4tn day uf October, r... p..iii..n .i.uirit the def-ndant. asking lor divorce a- a elitnonv from him on the grounds uf wilful aosence and rross neglect of du'y. tor three ysarM. and. "bsrrelieti auu mat ueposiuuup w.ii be taken t.j I'eiiouer I" be ustd oil the irial of said . ,t .kA miH. ..r Moalf.n Farnhain. Lso In the town of Annua, xyi.unug i-ouniy.anu ciai o New York, on the 1st dny ol November, A. D. I8, between the honrs of 8 A. M.. and 6 P. il.. of said tt'- ' ii.tTr ,, , XT , pr.BDTST 1 . t HUllul.ios runsioi. jmt - GESEKAL .PRODUCE COMJHION MERCHANT, : 73 Smith's Wharf, BALTIMORE. . r.O. UvxCli. ootUly TELIGIC US GAMES. GRANDMAMA'S OLD TESTAMENT. Hoes- tionsand Answers. - - Urandroama's New Testament. Questions and Answers. .' . . . at AUAai a isuua divas.. ; AUCTION SALE. . THE SUBSCRIBE- WILL OFFER at Public- Sale, at his residence in Middlefield, ooaimeneing at 10 A. M-on Thnraday, Oct. S7tk. the followiug personal property, to wit: S rood Dairy rows. I yearling bull. 6 org tons of bay. 1 Bnckeye Jr. Mowing Machine. 1 two-horse wagoa. 1 Chewevat. t cheese-presses, and other dairy and faming alensils too numerous to mention. Terms of r.ler-On sums of $5. and under, cash down; overt eisht months' credit, wish approved security and interest will be given. -a . . ! - JuUJ BOWER. 0ct.l2 3w . . INTERESTING AND 1N3TKUCT- X 1 VE GAMES. BBAUTIFI'L GAME OF THE FOUR POETS. 0 ME 0E FAMILIAR QUOTA! ION?. : NEW GAME OF AUTHORS ELEGANT GAME OK GRK AT EVENTS. jasl received, at . , ADAM'S BOOh. J?J:ORs;. A LARGE ADDITION to my fine stock of Photogrsnh lhum. - just .eoeived. at - ADAM 6 BWk tiroitB. I'LL STY J. of China '. Sets, and fancy S' LBS AND PRICE1?, Tea Setts. China Vases and Bai- goods. for children generally. lost rewivad, at . ADAU'S.SOO&aiOKaV g - i i v-' 3. !'.-.' -i. I. are now Opsnj VHS . S M " ttO-T To Tuis UAKBT! O -A. SdC 2f" I 3r 20" . HAVE TAKEN TIIE MATTER INTO CASH. w d Mt bcmUU to iy thut md mml Mn. oMibl. Taut we will be able te offer man of HOUTON & WK1R. - DEALERS. I.V CROCKERY & GLASSWARE. .. Market Street, Warren, Ohio. ' HAV'INK greatly increaMjil- our stock of Good, aud having refitted and refurnished our store we are now prepared to offer SUPERIOR INDUCEMENTS to the buyers of goods in this Una. ... LOOKING GLASSES, Plain and CCRKERY STORE. CHOICE TEA SETS Plnin . r Gilt at th. CROCKERY ST0R E. ANDREWS & WEEKS I NVITE the attention of their cu?-- tomers and the pnblie generally te their Stock of .... ft will be found unsurpassed. In all those features which attract the attention of persons of good taste. OUR STOCK aonsists of : .. Dresa Good . Shawls and Mantillaa, , Prtnta, . Bleach' d and Brown Shirting, Woolen Goods. Yankee Notloas, ' White Goods, -Embroideries, Hosiery and Gloves, Gents Furnishing Goods, to., &o-, &a, &c-, &c We are also agents for the sale ef - - , ARMS, BARDWELL,. & Co's These skirts are so jnade that the boors. r snrinrs Wu.t. Ni Rraav AriBT Fbo!T. like all other styles. They are made of the beft quality of steel and manufactured in surn a man ner wtnen makes Uiein as tney are properiy catiea Tiie Everlasting Slxirt Onr name is printed on the band 'if every skirt and we Ouarailtea bMtiafuciittn Jo averjr ASKS. ' . ' TO GENTLEMEN. lLADIES! who wish to Improve their ontward appearance, we would say that Mr. Weeks will give his personal attention to ths ma nuts miry of - t LADIES' (LOALS MD MEX'S IVEilL Oar stock in that line consists fas part of Fancy Cassimeres, 'J Broadcloths, Doeskins, :-. .. Sackings, . - Ladies" Cloaking. . a great variety nf NEW AND ELEGANT TRIM MINOS, are.. c All of which will be madenp to order, in the mnt ,nnM.t .tvlM and of sunenor workn?nhip. All n which . offer at the lowest marke prices, lor Cash or in exchange for Produce. April 20. 'o4.-tf. EXAMIXATIOX O. OF SCHOOL TEACHERS TIIE BOARD OF SCHOOL" EXAMINERS for Trumbull County, will hold examinations at the Court House, in Warren, on Kaiardavs. tha 22th day of October, the 2oth dav of November, and the 24th day of December. A'e euWr examination wiil b. bald daring this year. ill bring slates. No text book or Applicants atlas can be consulted by appudauU duriug any examination. , . L .-k .nnii..n will be examined in the theory and practice oi teaching, as the new school law re ?S roaleapplieautwill be required top-the rum of fifty-three cents, and each female applicant hirty-eight cents, nelore tney can w lummoi .... .,.. Eauh eaadidat. must corns prepared to make their own change. - All examination will commence promptly at 10 o'clock. A. M- at whieh time all applicants should be present-. WltI1TLESEy AI)A1I3 Warren, Oct 1."M. low. JlUSIJG C'ASLES. CLB ABE'S TI.-TT TO CAMP. K PHILOaOPlitri. . at ADAM 8 BK STORE. A LAiiGE STOCK OF ALBUilS, rnsnoaatrfl is I 2 mwm w . PiM' O ft. :af2 ww -jer!l sm Z -i :' ' AVOID PAYING UNREASONABLE HIGH PRICES jClothing, Cloths ST ClLLIXa AT J. GOLDSTEIN'S WELL KNOWN LTMm.(B. IfflAEiIL . "j"E has opened a Mammoth Stock of READY-MADE AND PIECE GOODS! Consisting of th THE IrlOST FASHIONABLE AND BEST MADE CLOTHING His Cloth Department has no equal in this country. Fifteen years' experience and ready pay has enabled him to buy his goods cheaper than any competitor, and the GOODS WILL BE SOLD ATA SMALL MARGINL OVER COST - This is tie LARGEST AND BEST SELECTED STOCK OFFERED IN WABREN I Come and see before being Induced by others to bay elsewhere. Yew will not only save money, bat you wiil also be better suited in style and quality. ' GOLDSTEIN naprot SPRING AND SUMMER MILLINE'EY!! AT mrs. xiisrca-'s VTTiiere can bo found a largo acd 1 T well selected stock of MILLINERY GOODS ! ! .The Stock embraces the most desirable styleeof BONNETS AND HATS. FOE LADIES AND MISSES. - SILKS. RIBBONS LACES, FLOWERS, ORNAMENTS. STRAW TRIMMINGS. , . 4c, &o., 4a.. All of which aau be found at No. IS. Market St.. UpStairs. MRS. M. A. KINO. Warren. May IS. 1. ALL KINDS OF CCSTOMWORK done to order. Bo a nets and Hats bleached and shaped. at MRS. KIND'S. AIR NETS FOR LADIES and .. ' MRS. ETNA'S. iiaBQA. ft BONNETS and IIAT BLOCKS. Forcfaleat MRS. KING'S TK " 11 AVE SOME CDOiCE PLt'M to trim thee haU rith. M'vhave -Io on hnd re! eta of ft 11 elftrL rmU rH ririsoo. tubrt.itiery brnid. Ac., at 1 (( REAMS OF NOTE. LETTER IU AND CAP PAPER. Also 5.000 Envel opes. Jiut reeetviid at I"I11CK O 'UU MURS. June 1st. 14. . - BEEF HIDES WANTED. VEAL bKINs WANTED. ?HFEP PFLTS WANTED. At McConnell's- Main St. A (!OOD atiriiuont ol Brown and Blarcbed Sheetincs and Shirring, cheap for ready l ay . . I'hlK M UKU111LK. CIIOTIIS. Cassinu-ra Vestings, J Tweeih. Jeans, etc.. for Men and Boys' wear comprising all the dcirahle styles that the market affords. fctK BtiyiUtK. March 19. 15s RY GOODS! DRY GOODS ! P E C K & B li O T H E H. ' No. Market St., Warren, O. YVrould inform their patrons that TT they are prepared for the fall trade of 1863. with a large aud varied stock of Staple and faary Dry ji4Mta. Trl inulars. suid Millinery CiexMla, kboea. sjarpela ani XeMiosMt, to which the attention of ail are uvued. bepLitt. !.. T. J. yicXA.! fc SON, JJ ANKERS. WARREN.OHIO, Continue to discount good paper buy and sell Eastern Ex 'banco : buy and sel drafts on Lurope : buy and sell rout, silver, Canada and uucurrenl money ; sel passage tickets lo and from Europe; sell revenue stajips; insure property, and deal in real estate. v PENSION AGENCY. The nudirsiimed is authoriied by Government and is iuily prepared with all necessary Blanks for maaitig application to the proper department for lae payment of the following claim ua the Government, vu: 1 Claim ol Officer or soldier for invalid pension. 2 CUiim of Ai Wow of deceased oqisar er soldier lor per.si n. 3 Claim of ilotber " ' ' " " 4 Ciaiui oi tiuardian of Minor Children of de ceased Oil; cer ur Soldier lor pension, f Ciaim of omeer or Soldier for arrears of Pay iicuuiy, ic. -4 Claim ci' Widow of deceased Officer for arrears of Pay Bounty. Ac. T Claim uf Father " " " 8 Claim of ii other " . - v Ciaiui uf Adult Children or Guardiaa of Mi- in.r Children or their joint claim for arrears of -' Pay, bounty Money, ic 10 Llaiui ut Brother ur Suter of doceved offi cer or suluier lor arrears of Pay. Bounty Money, ac. 11 Applioalion of Offiser or Soldier fur payment ul penion. Ai-pncation of Widows " " All ix.TS-.iiis who are entitled to any of the above Claims, vriil have prompt collections made by apply ii.s lo he undersigned in person at his Office in llartlord or by letter aadreed to him at the same place. AU letters of inquiry concerning arrears e- fay. Loamy Polity, 1'ausions, Ac., promptly an ereu. ULO. V . S.M ULK. li, ly Claim Agent. Hartford, 0 c "1A REVETS If you want to buy a rt'od Carpet for the least possible amount of money, come to tne arren iiry uouos store, wnere yaa i lit tiol the, h4 aof tna t in tone. ' 1 x.in. m. cnuiiii,& SILKS PfiiTfi B!ack,: Black- Bio cade. Colored Brocade, Plaids, Stripes, etc. a great variety of styles, from Fifty Cnt to Two Cellars per ja.d. . PECK. A BROTHER. T7"ALUAULE FAhil ANDSTOCK FOR BALE. ..i. ... .. Hi a subscriber wiU s -11 Bis Fsrm. situated In Farmiugiuu. one haU mile ws: of tu sqmlaary: builaiiiKscoiiiniang of . - ;3 AGUES OF GOO FAB MING and rrszmg lanos. wnt suppiiea wus waxer. um ber. iruit trees and buildings, also on nana ana tvr aio forty hexd of cpaniah Merino Bucks of the Pftntar tamilr. mostlrone year old rst spring, hav- inr a good loiin and heavy shearers. lor tt ruis anu P' ices luautre on tue picuiua ei D. Deidtu. . - f cp..T. 3o. i, Pensions & Bountj! GOVERNMENT-LICENSED 5nT T,Trps ni.Aiwr AnrNnvt UUsVasUAtW V atssl st4s ssbant M sMs. 1 W AM AUTHORIZED BY THE CO VERNM ENT to prorare Back Pav.Bouwty and Pcusious lor all persons entitled thereto, and have opened an of.ue on Main street, in my Brick Block, up stairs, where I will attnnd to all business of that kind lust w.ay ba entraMed to me. with promi'tiiessand neeuiy. inargee less man legal lee, to be paid a ten the business is completed, if uersatul. A1-.UU.1 v. n cdu, . Warren. 0 1 eb 10. V i uatice of the Peace. 3NTOTICE I 11 AVKTrsnsftTred ail my Pension and Bounrv Claim bu-iness to Alm.n D. I Webb. Ea.. who U fully authorised to prosecute all uiiuuUhed huMne to completion. All my clients in the claim business will find everything pertaining to their cases at Mr. Webb's, of whom they will please mail o the necessary inquiries hereafter, either personally or by lotter. I tako great pleasure in recommending Mr.Webb to all hav ing hu-nucM of this kind to do, as a com petent and reliable Aner.l. J. r. ASfbtl. rnnE hONG OF ALL SONGS, 1 Or the combination song, is a most ingenious eoupo-ition. at ADAMS' BwK STORE. TVJOTiCE. XI Is hereby given that the undersigned hv been appoinU-d exoeulrix of the estate of PETE a ANlllti-H'. Late ef champion, deeensed. relH.il. et MAR'iAREI NDREW. UNION BAKERY. ITTEsll BREAD, CAK ES,' PIES, ic, ccustantly on hand, snd for sal., whole-rale and retail at the UXOLX BAKERY, ON MAIN ST., pnoMte Mi lin A Son's Banking Hons.. Parties supplied with cakes en short notice. .. JACOB WALDECZ. WarTn.Jns .-tf. s and Cassimeres YanGorder's Block. Market Street, Warren, Ohio. New York Store. PARK SUIT?, T T T Ue public generally that they Lave teeex their fait parohaew of SPRING GOODS whloh h as Urge and varied an the praeal state lie market will Justify, and which with many : ferried over trust last year, wbea prices ware htrr enable then, to offer to esab er ready ay buyer SUPERIOR TNUCEMNENTS stum in DRESS GOODS PLAIN AND F1UC RED BLACK SILK. PLAIN AND FIGURED FANCY SILKS. RICH PLAIN AND FIGURED 6 ILK POPLINS SAX0NT AND MOHAIR DRESS GOODS ' POPLINS. LARETTAS AND MOZAMBIQCES. ALPACCAS. DELAINS. CHALLTS. PLAIDS. : Ac. Ao Ae. The present nigh prices of new silks, ow is th. time to secure some BARGAINS in W. have had on hand soma time which sel at less than old prices. will NEW STYLES OF SHAWLS a: a ding those light, elegant wool shawls ' Spring and Summer wear. Also. PLAIN IL FRINGED. CASHMERE. SILK. BR0CHA. c AIJlO, SHIRTINGS. BROWN AND BLEACHED. AT . . THE LOWEST MARKET RATES. ' STRIPES. DENIMS AND TICKS, of .which the lowest price is high enough. BALMORAL AND HOOP SKIRTS nf the best - make. . As usual we keep band a full stock CARPETS, SHADES. PAPER HANGINGS, ' . BOOTS. '; SHOES. .''.: ' ' GLASSWARE ' HATS. .. 1 '.' CAPS. : -' READY MADE CLOTHING' '' GROCERIES. 1 - . . ; Always la fall itook, and aa low as the lowest. .'.v., . PARKS &WENTZ. April 15. 1S63. . ' ' ; ' : . . ,- ' ; t . FIPTY BULIDiyO LOTS, For sale, in good localities, in the Village of Warren eaa be bought on rood terms. Inquire at Ms-Conuell'a . . SiluE A LEATHER STORE. COAL OIL REFINERY THE UNDERSIGNED II AS j UST finished a Coal Oil Refinery in the anuth-ea: part of Warren, finished with ait th. most sunders, improvements, and is prepared to furnish Bumioc Oil, Machinery Oil and Benxore, of th. beet qualic and at th. lowest price. The location of my works are at the junction c the Atlantic A Great Western and Maheoinw Rail ways, enable m to ship promptly to ail points. - W. A A. F. Packard. Yonnrstown. and Warrer' Packard. Warren, 0. are the Exclusive Agents to. the sale of all tile productions Ixuui r, THE WARREN OIL WORKS . Orders addressed to the tention. May 11. tt" I will receive promvit at D. C. PEiXXaV SIX HUNDRED THOUSAND Volunteers Wanted I T. J. M'LAIN & SON WARIIEX, O. Have received authority from "Headauarten t enlist "Six Hundred Thousand more'1 volunteers into the ranks of their well known . INSURANCE CORPS ! Anv Dersoa ef rood character, possessing inswr- abl. property, will be received and constituted ai. active member by receiving a POLICY OF mSTJRANCE. in one ef th. following first class Company. nTIATJ 'A'AliJ TiTST. Phenix iWsiinnsee . fJf-r-tl Assrrs.. .650.UtS. JfercAaars raswrawce Ca... Assxts.. .Vew tnfland aswrwaee (. i7..r..W. ti&o.ooi Ae r-oe AS3KTS.. Mark ramraaee 0 Assxts.. 360.0W.'. Bwekryn aswraaee te.. .Clrrriami. Asaara.. ..feus.ta. . Ceaiioa, Lnrnoui mnd X Yurie, with bead office in Engiand. Largest company in the world; capital snd available assets One Hundred and Fifly Million Dollars. Cb reliant i.V.- ASSXTB ..Tarffitn. $7.0VO.OI4 iro Assrrs .20.C0'. Thmmtt aswraaee ' Voneiert. Assxts . $lo0 tk There are no bettor companies in the world thsi the above. They are doing an immense bnsinena in all parts of the country, and offer unequalled at -duccments to tbose wishing insurance. ARE YOU INSURED! Farmers ! Your barns are being filled with f? products of the farai. A single Hash ef lightnil msy destroy the labors of the year. Can you rr n the risk? W. wiil insure your property for on', three or five years, at eery owreles and gnarant. e no assessments. Old insurance is now too ema,4. owing to the great increase rav values and yr.u ought to increase the amount insnred. All should insure. Duty suggests it, cheapness .omaeads rt and its advantages are manliest. . INSURE! iNSURial . Julyl3,136L :tJ. McLAIS A SOX. T7ELLOES. ; P A large atoek ef Eelloaa.f the best qTsalitr ou kaaaVaM SOT ami. M say Factnrv. U BEirDES.

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