Asbury Park Press from Asbury Park, New Jersey on January 20, 1959 · Page 3
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Asbury Park Press from Asbury Park, New Jersey · Page 3

Asbury Park, New Jersey
Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 20, 1959
Page 3
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Schettino Reaches Goal of Every Judge Press State House Bureau jviously thrilled at the honor con- TRENTON "I'm thrilled. 1 ferred upon him, he was equally feel almost every lawyer in New delighted at the concurrent eleva-Jersey wants to he a judfie and tion of his friend and colleague, the goal of every judge is the Su-! Judge Frederick W. Hall, Bound preme Court." Brook, whom he describes as a Thus spoke Superior Court Judge brilliant jurist. C. Thomas Schettino at his Allen-1 To those who know him, how-hurst office yesterday after receiv- ever. Judge Schettino's rejoicing at Ing the news of his appointment a fellow jurist's good fortune comes to the state's highest court. :as no surprise for it is a reflection His appointment gives Monmouth of his character and personality. County its second representative! Patient With Beginners on the seven-member court. When During his 11-year tenure in the Judge Schettino takes his seat judiciary his warm good humor March 20. he will have as com- and unfailing courtesy have gained pany Associate Justice Haydn im a host of friends inside and Proctor, Asbury Park who was also 'outside the courtroom. Although a elevated to the high court little favorite with young lawyers to more than a year ago. iwhom he shows an understanding Although Judge Schettino was ob-; patience. Judge Schettino's nor mally good nature can freeze to ::: 0N ::: ::: routes ::: ::: 33 jjj ::: or 35 ::: ::n IT'S the fair "Tht TnlvrltT Shop On Tht Hlthwiy" OPEN DAILY TIL 9:00 tsndoy 10 to 6 Route S3, freehold, H J. Routt 35, Winimaiu ITTMTTTTTEj icy anger when confronted with an attorney who substitutes bombast for facts. He will bring to his new assignment a well-rounded knowledge of the law gained in teaching and in the handling of equity and appellate cases. Although hi i Judicial duties weigh heavily upon his time, Judge Schettino occasionally finds time to address civic groups and he is a familiar fieure at Catholic Com- mnninn ' i; iifiv.i.;iy For relaxation he heads for the,. l coif course, where his 11 stroke LA 1 MM 1)1' A lAfW pun y P '. i moi iii'wniiipi .in ii .M.iPi,iif ue 1. '" " " )"nwiH!Wf iv uH&ii i Hn-4krT Approves Publishing Teachers9 Salaries ASBURY PARK EVENING PRESS, To., Jan. 20, 1959 1 TRENTON Wi - The right of newspapers to inspect, copy, and publish public records of teachers' salaries was upheld yesterday by Frederick M. Raubinger, state education commissioner. public has a right to know all facts about the Board of Education, including salaries paid to teachers, so the people can vote intelligently- Surburban editor Edward Green Mr. Raubinger's ruling granted land compositor Philip H. Weis- a petition by the Plainfield Cour ier-News, which sought the right to copy teachers' salaries from the! , ' minutes of the South Plainfield the Couner-Ni becker. both South Plainfield resi dents, were the two emnloyes of Insured Safety More Earnings On SAVINGS IN KEYSTONE Savings & Loan 440 (ookman, Album Pirk Corllei & brier, Hepfunt DIVIDENDS AT Ptr Annum Pold Twlct Yeorly Any Amount Starts An Account Withdrawals On Demand handicap marks him as one of the judiciary's top golfers, Chief Justice Joseph Weintraub notwithstanding. The Supreme Court nominee was born in East Orange, son of the late Joseph and Maria Schettino. After his graduation from East Orange High School and Rutgers University, he went to Columbia Law School where he received hli law degree in 1933. While in his third year at Columbia, Judge Schettino met a Bernard College senior. Miss Theresa Lorenro, New ork, who was toiWf,ff Vinvf become his wife. The couple have iJIlIIU jltliri two daughters, Anne, 19. a sophomore fit Monmouth College; and Jean. 17, a senior at Miss Fine School, rnnceton. ."! I I'l, ti t uiuivruui DANVILLE, 111. un - William Schultz, 79, of Rossville, yesterday was recovering nicely, thank you, but grumpy as an old bear. "Why did I have to wait until nearly B0 to get chicken pox," the retired cabinet maker grumbled. "I didn't get It when my kids had it." His doctor said: "Scarce at hen's teeth at his age." Suspected carrier: Schulti' great grandson. Gcts Portrait The lodge and his family moved to the Shore from East Orange In 1949 and now reside at 214 Cedar Ave , Allenhurst. TRENTON l "No matter hnw long he lives, a man like the chief justice dies too soon." With these words, Justice William A. Wachenfckl of the New Jersey Supreme Court yesterday accepted a portrait of the late Chief Justice Arthur T. Vanderbilt. who built New Jersey's modern Rosemarip IVooIry, 3, Honored on Itirthday ASBURY PARK - Mr. and Mrs Sidney L. Wooley, 1508 Sewall Ave were hosts at a party Sunday hon- court system and presided over it oring their daughter. Rosemarie. until he died in 1957. , . ., The portrait was presented to who was 3 years old. he Supreme Cfmrt by the slatf Attending were Stephanie and Bar Assn lt was nun(, in a pace Theresann Woolley, Stephen and of honor on the wall behind the Rosemary Napolitano. Michael and, seven chairs occupied by the jus- Joseph Salustro. Diana McDon- tic"- , ....... , . , .. ... ,, ine noriraii, pauuea nv anus-ough, David Luke Napolitano, Mr. Rorn Umc McBry Mr and Mrs. Stephen Napolitano, Mr. vnndcrbilt. in judicial robes, stand-and Mrs. Ralph Napolitano, Mr.; ing beside the high - backed chair and Mrs. Nick Napolitano, Mrs I of the chief justice, loserh Salustro, Mrs. Jack Mc-I William R. McGlynn, Newark at-Donough and Mrs. Guy Napoli-jtorney who heads the bar associa- tano. Board of Education. The Board contended the newspaper had the right to look at the minutes but not to copy them. Mr. Raubinger's decision said, "minutes of the board of education are public records and, as such, are subject not only to review and inspection but also to being copied or noted by citizens and taxpayers of the community at reasonable times for legitimate purposes." ". . .The public Interest can be served by the newspaper by limit ing publication to the number of teachers at each salary level, thus avoiding exposure of teachers' personal information to t h e merely curious," the decision said. The Board argued that the education commissioner should not be called on to help newspapers gather :icws. Fear Unrest It also contended publication of salaries would cause unrest and ji yi rif TO 1 1 ' (''scoll,ent among teachers and hurt tor Lack or Moral otandardsllylKhf- The newspaper argued that the ews who were re fused permission to copy the minutes by the Board. Reg 17.9a Famous Brand Steam Iron.. 0 Mm "Your Discount House" TOMORROW ONLY! 705 Cookmon Are. (near Bond St.) ASBURY PARK Press Classified Advertising Brings Results SCHETTINO AND FAMILY Superior Court Judge C. Thomas Schettino, who has been nominated to succeed New Jersey Supreme Court Justice Harry Heher, appears In recent picture with Mrs. Schettino and daughters, Anne and Jean, 214 Cedar Ave., Allenhurst. Gov. Robert B. Meyner said yesterday he will nominate Judge Schettino, who maintains an office In Allenhurst, and Superior Court Judge Frederick W. Hall, Bound Brook, to fill vnrnnript mrcmA thU rtrnn '' " " " " . - -r. Mission Chief Hits Americans BUCK HILL FALLS, Pa. UP-The chief of Methodist home missions yesterday contrasted the anatomy of Americans In this nuclear-space grant full citizenship status to all; racial and ethnic groups lies that fear. There can be no doubt that the effectiveness of our total mis- age with their spiritual need and.sion to a desperate world Is les-found them wanting In these ways: sened by our social behavior." "We have become obsessed with! A' 'or uniformity, he continued, things. Things are mistaken for, few escape the effect of what he values. called group dynamics, pressures "We have become the rlctlms: used to dominate the will of others of fear. Many fears. j "We have become a nomadic rill 11 I'M I I HlflC rwinlp rpsflpc. livlnS where no-, V1 II H V 11 ltlllllS body expects to stay long. "We are being subjected powerful nressures which seek compel conformity of thought and.T., 11 o ill" 111 lllU JtllllV jAid Squad BEFORE YOU BORROW... GET ALL THE FACTS lAvl riwi I tlonal. " chart brlnw. toini tr midi for n? worth hile purponf. rifT lA II Toil m borrow op to 12508 tor is long 11 ran nv. ii twrnly tour montht. riff Uf III Ejprifnrfd loan offlr'n handle your rf. Iflvl iWi III qoMta qulrkly and In friendly manner. YOU YOU PAY MONTHLY BORROW j 2"Mo7 "1 5 MoT J 8 "Mo. "'"24"MoT $ 300 25.00 20.00 16.67 12.50 "500 41.67 33.34 27.78 20.84" 800" 66.67" 53L34" 4445 33J4 1000 83:34" 66.61' 55.56" 41.67" T500- 125.0f J00:01 83J4" 62.5T "250d" "208735" 166768" 138.90" 104.18 Asbury Park National Bank and Trust Co. H1N OFFICE: PRESS PtilA BRANCH: SUNSET i HIM action. The papa-knows-best philosophy was tagged as one of the chief offenders. "We have placed moral relatively on the throne, rather than the belief in moral standards which are valid because they come from God." These traits and trends were discussed by Dr. W. Vernon Mid-dleton. of Philadelphia. General secretary of the National Division nf the Methodist Board of Missions He is the ton home missions evj ecutive of the 9,700.000-member Methodist Church Fear Tenple Americans, he went on, fear extinction by atomic warfare, the Communist threat, old ace and death In any form, but more serious, in his words, Is a new fear of people. He said: "Back of our unwillingness to RED BANK Borough Council last night commended the First Aid and Rescue Squad after hearing a report that squad members made 967 calls and worked a total of 6,fi84 hours last year. Council President Frederic E. Giersch Jr , presiding in the absence of Mayor George A. Gray, urged the public to support the squad's drive for money for its new headquarters at Spring St. and Manor Drive. The squad wrote Its apologies for its oversight in failing to invite the governing body to recent cornerstone ceremonies for the new building. The state Board of Public Utilities Commissioners notified council that a hearing on the Pennsylvania Railroad's application to eliminate the Red Bnnk-to-Trenton train has been put off from .tan. 2S to Feb. 13 at 11 am in the State House Annex, Trenton. George Gill. Hope Rd., New Shrewsbury, was granted licenses to operate two taxicabs. if the police department approves. Mr. Gill, who is comn in business for him- NEW YORK W A federal judge 5Cff has been with another local presiding over the narcotics con- tai business for 2 vears. Judge Denies Mistrial In Genovcse Case tion's portrait committee, made the presentation. He called Mr. Van derbilt a "superman . . . who could have filled any position In the nation with credit to himself and honor to his people." Mr. Wachenfeld said Mr. Van- .JnrklH i ,,c4rn imcrtmnrnmit. ,ng. determined, vet friendlv and : "."".m J ,J A comPla,nt ,rom 1,r- Manln miiiiv. im.innnu.-N, ...., aim m K HSn . 3 'h UTOdO SI . llldl II e llie- olhers today denied a motion for mistrial requested by the defense on the basis of a newspaper ar- warm. He said the portrait would be "a symbol of moral prompting and liiHtrml Incniratinn " Mr. anderhilti two sons and,ul-'r' widow attended the ceremony.! Menahelm Stim, counsel for Some 40 lawvers. tudces and for-1 Genovese, demanded the mistria mer justices also attended. janrl withdrawal nt the jury on the , nasis oi an arucie punusnea last seliool board ness of a large tree and utility pole at Broad street and Bergen place creates a traffic hazard, was taken under study. OK's Bud act S37.880 Fridav As read Into the record by Mr. Stim. the article referred to Genovese as beine the "head of a multi-million dollar narcotics con- I In HttO ,piracy " -UJ JJ I tK3f Mr stim founded the article W EST LONG BRANCH The was typical 01 poison Deing spreaa Board of Education last night ap-' throughout the community to pre-proved a 1939-M) school budget of .vent these defendants from getting JoM.RC:. The new budget repre-'a fair and Impartial trial." sents an increase of $37,FM over .Tudge Alexander Bicks denied the present one. this mistrial motion as he had pre- Thp amount to be raised bv tax- uousiy a half-do7en others. at.nn uill Kp it'Si7. an Increase Eater, Arthur Console, a fedpra of $22.9P4. narcotics acent, testified he pur- The Board estimated the new chased heroin in 13.VS from .nnni t.iv mia unnlH h fi 12 for ("olletti. named a eo-ennsniratnr in P1 $100 of assessed valuation, a 23-, the case and currently in jail on cent Increase. Trior conviction. Principal increases In the new I The trial resumes tomorrow budget are for current expenses.! morning. Salary raises, hiring three addi- nnrin el Af tmnal teachers and a full-time li-IHIU MlOrC MCl brarian, additional transportation costs due to split sessions, and in- creaspd tuition rates at Long ASBURY TARK - Over 200(1 Branch Ilich School were listed asmcmbprs nf shore Arpa YMCA reasons for the increase. The arp clirrrn,iv celebrating Y week budget will go to the voters Feb. aln(, vuth nlnrP than , m tocAs throughout the nation. The local chapter Is S5 years old this month. Various gymnastic events have been scheduled throughout the week nt the chapter's headquarters, fioo Main St. Crlrhratc Y Wrck We hove oil the moterioli plut the "Know-How" to save you many dollars. Budget Shows Neptune City Tax Increase NEPTUNE CITY - A 19.3fl.fin school budget totaling $32P.1fi2, an increase of $32,924 over the current year, was adopted by the Board of Education l.nt mcht after a public hearing at which no one commented. The budget Is expected to raise the tax rate for local school purposes by $148 to $7 28 for each $100 of assessed valuation. Residents will vote on the budget at the Feb. 10 school elections. The amount to be raised by taxation Is $187, R2R an increase of $42,-444. Major Increases in the budget are for teachers' salaries, up $14,-415 to $128,000; tuition costs at Neptune and Asbury Park high schools, up $26,000 to $!0,000; and repairs and replacements, up $3,-000 to $15,000. U. AVE. Frit forHncr ASBURY PARK m 5-212A 2.50 Viewmasler Stereo Viewer .45 Reel of 7 Title Subject Pictures $ 1.25 21 Extra Color Pictures A 4.20 Value ONLY SPECIAL Introductory Offer .95 STICKELER PHOTOCRAFT SERVICE, INC. 414 Main St., Asbury Pork - PR 5-0316 i ff 2nd Big Week of our ... ALTERATION SALE! If We ore exoandino nur farilitiet in nrAer tn nffer n mnia rnmnlot tprtinn 1ft of merchandise. fL Savings of handbags ow $2.00 j w LUGGAGE to $99.50 NOW $10.95 $79.95 I fi j 20 10 5070 BRIEF CASES SSSK. $2.95.,;.. I k j COSTUME JEWELRY S" o 59c . I rpwnrjLr-r 645 COOKMAN AVE., IT H t&f&fil fv (Opposite Wooluorth's 5 t 10c Store) ldS-, ASBURY PARK R VVl1.,ITt1ir.lil,i mriifc,iC7 PR 4.3233 Open Wed. Evei. 1 i' ;. 1 ,. 1 1 v-1 :jf . ENTER-PHOBIA. Thi new ailment besets you when you try to get into other '69 car. Do you back In? Crawl In? Fall in? Ifi hard to tell which. Bui Mercury haj tha right remedy: door openings are 6 Inchea widar. There's up to 2 inches more head clearance. You atep in easily without a twinge. BACK-SEAT BOUNCE. The only cuahlon-Ing many '69 cars could squeeze in ever their high floor hump is layer of spring and a jute pad. But Mercury's lowered hump made space for full cushioning. PROBLEMS YOU'LL HAVE TO LIVE WITH IN EVERY NEW CAR EXCEPT MERCURY CLOSE-TOGETHERNESS. Other '69 cars make friendships too dote. But Mercury moved the dashboard forward for 9' more knee room. There's-more leg room, more elbow room more usable room all around. "l DOOR-ITIS OF THE KNEE. Other '69 cars have jutting windshield poet that thrMtn to de-cap your kn! But Mercury moved that windshield poet forwu.d 2 inrhee. It's easy to stp In without hitting your knee. STORMY-WEATHER TWITCH. Wipers in other cars do not clear the center of the windshield, so you have to peek through 2 fan-shaped sections. But Mercury's wipers have an overlapping patternclear a five-foot swathlncluding the center. You drive relaxed in all kinds of weather. MIDDLE MAN CROUCH. That hump in the floor of other '59 crs is now larger than ever. It makes the man in the middle sit with his knees at his chin. Rut Mercury ait tha hump in half! Now the middle man has room to stretch out. 20th ANNIVERSARY 59 MERCURY BUILT TO LEAD-BUILT TO LAST P. W. SHERMAN MOTOR COv INC. 1401 Main St., (Cor. Sunset) Asbury Park, N. J. 4

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