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The Tennessean from Nashville, Tennessee • Page 1
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The Tennessean from Nashville, Tennessee • Page 1

The Tennesseani
Nashville, Tennessee
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ON 1 I NEWSSTANDS AND TRAINS 5 THE-. TENNESSEANt AiiotliFa'd Pfe NEA Service United Treis Ufernar'1 News Service Wide World i (A) WlrepheM HOME DELIVERED 'SUBSCRIPTIONS Jri the Inner Citadel of the Nation Telephone 5-122 1 VOL. 40 No. 233 NASHVILLE, THURSDAY MORNING, JANUARY 2, 1947 SIX PAGES 35c AVEEK RV IV NASHVILLE 6 LAN WREC Crash Leaves Plane Mass' of Twisted Wreckage Rice Owls McCord Proposal Calvert Tro upe Blast 8 to For Sales Tax Tennessee 0 Crash i wakes Splits Delegation 1 A In Orange Bowl All Hurt La County Legislators Express Varied. Views; Promises Recalled By CHARLES FONTENAY Neely's Champs Dominate Play Throughout Game GOP May Slop Bilbo at Door NB.vaTf 3 jar -s- m- i The controversial sales tax issue advanced by Gov.

Jim McCord last Monday was threatening yesterday Ji 15 vH -aw to split some city legislative dele cations including -Davidson Coun By RAYMOND JOHNSON Tennessean Sports Editor tV's wide open before the general assembly convenes next Monday. ORANGE BOWL, MianrrrAM "1 Wl la -Striking for a quick II nV VH St UcIlU lUUluuunu. lit! faVored Rice Owls spoiled Obviously' taken aback by the administration's announcement backing the sales tax, which they went on record as opposing in their campaign platform last summer, some members of the Davidsfln County delegation were reluctant yesterday to -comment. Cat-mack Republicans Believe Senators Would Back Ouster Movement Weather-Bound DC-3 Hits House Near Berry Field, Injuring 2 Occupants; Magician's Leg Broken A twin-engine DC-3 luxury airliner, carrying the John Calvert troupe of 16 persons for a show at Ryman Audi-torium last night and tonight, crashed into a house at the intersection of Glenrose Road and Thompson Lane at 7:23 p. injuring the 16 member of the troupe and two persons in the.

dwelling! Most seriously injured was John-Calvert of the plane, who suffered a broken -leg. His home is Hollywood, Calif. The plane, Sming in from Richmond, Va, in bad weather, dropped into an overcast from 4,000 feet-and roared toward what its pilot thought was a landing strip, but which instead was a snow and ice-covered cornfield a mile, south of Berry Field. Hit Rear of Building -V It smashed into the rear of the building, owned and occupied by Mr. and Mrs.

C. S. Sidler and their four children, Ronnie, three weeks-old; Jeannette, 4, who 1 Cochran, chairman, and Rep, Tennessee hopes of ing the first team to win two Orange Bowl games with a W6lt-SrTieTt8to 0 VlCtoTJr here yesterday. A shirt-sleeved crowd of 88,152 spectators saw Jess Neely's Southwest Conference co-champions dominate the play almost Charles L. Cornelius, secretary WASHINGTON (ID Republi said, the group would meet this week "to discuss matters coming up, including the sales tax.

can senate leaders agreed tentatively yesterday on a parliamentary maneuver they believed had a good chance of preventing Sen. Theodore GrBilbo. (D-Miss.) from taking his Recall Pre-Election Stand Both Cochran and Cornelius ad seat in the 80th congress tomorrow. mitted they were cognizant of the Sen. Robert A.

Taft, (R-Ohio) an fact the delegation had specifically taken a stand against the sales nounced after a special meeting of the GOP senate policy committee tax last July, and -Cornelius said that a majority of the members fav part of their discussions would re Rtff Phnto rmirwrH Whlt volve around possible alternative ored "stopping Bilbo at the door" and -forcing an immediate test to Nothing but a mass of twisted and broken steel remained of the DC-3 luxury liner. Mystic Lady, methods of raising money to fi carrvlno IB members of John ta vert trouDB or maaicians. wnicn crasnea on iiienrose Avenue eariy last vote on his fitness to take office. suffered slight scratches on her face; Morris 7, who saw nance the state's educational pro night.l All 16, however, were injured. Arrow points to the general locality.

of the front cockpit where Taft said he believed there would gram and other things. the plane coming and fell behinoyi sofa, and Milton, 10. John Calvert, pilot, was sitting. He was thrown through the front winosjiield when the plane struck, BOWL Orange Rice Tennessee 0. Cotton LSU Arkansas 0.

Georgia 20; North Carolina, 10. Rose Illinois 45; UCLA 14.,. Shrine West 13; East 9. Oil Georgia Tech 41; St. Mary's 19.

Gator Oklahoma 34; 'NC State 13. Cigar "Delaware 21; Rollins 7. Tangerine Catawba 31; Mary-ville (Tenn.) 6. be enough anti-Bilbo votes' among the Democratic senators to block "We've got to raise the money Mrs. teirdie Hill, mother of Mrs Jack kaolin, a member of the troupe, peers into the wreckage for survivors, some way, he remarked.

Sidler, ho wa' visiting in the "the man" if the Republicans decide Cochran's statement that "it is quite possible that there may be finally to make their challenge to City Patrolman home, suTrH'BH lajffUia. Her condition was reported asjair at St. Thomas Hospital last night. morrow. Decision Tomorrow Icy Highways Block Traffic different views within the delegation" about the sales tax was The Ohioan said, however, that parently a mild jvay of putting it, I I Although neither Cochran nor the policy committee would meet again today on the Bilbo affair and that no final decision would be Will Rogers Pepperdine 38; Ne Cornelius would express their per Police Assist Destitute Fami sonal attitudes, those which were expressed by other, legislators taken until then.

"The majority lean to the view braska Wesleyan 13. Sun Cincinnati 18; VPI S. Harbor New Mexico 13; Mon tana- State 13. ranged from that of Rep. Aubrey Accused of Theft J.

T. HaleySuspe'ncJec! Pendirfg Investigation Of Drug Store Looting By JIM IE HUGHES The plane was completely de. molished and its parts were strewn all over the cornfield, including part' of the magic equipment carried by the troupe. Calvert said he would put on his show at Ryman tonight if he had to do it on crutches, and would also appear in Bristol tomorrow night. Others Injured Members of the" Calvert troupe in addition to- Calvert himself were: Clifford Jones, Birmingham, that, he should be stoped at the door and not permitted to take the Raisin San Jose State 20; Utah who -felt- the delegation should go along with the administration's viewpoint, to that of oath, Taft said.

Rep. Paul A. Phillips, who said he was "absolutely against a sales tax." Small Children Near Freezing In Leaky Tent Stats 0. AlamoPostponed'. Negro' Flower Deleware State Flor-Ida Normal 6.

City Patrolman J. T. Haley has beerf suspended for an indefinite Middle-of-the-Road Rep. Tom T. Cartwright took a middle-of-the-road view in his remark that he had "always been Vulcan Tennessee -period pending a further investiga Tour small children sat cuddled Louisville 0.

Bilbo's alphabetical order" would make him second anaong t)ie senators-elect to--take the oath jot office When the 80th congress convenes, at that moment' the Democrats would hold a 30 to 28 majority in the senate, since onlyTiold-over senator-s from the last 'congress and newly elected members already sworn in would be- eligible to vote on the Mi'sissippian's qualifications. --If the hin? St that time, theyould have to Win at least one. Democratic vote together in their- tent home, in tion rnto charges that he took a pen and pencil set early Tuesday Cattle Arkansas State Lane 0. opposed to the. sales tax, but I realize, that the, money has got to broken leg.

other, injuries; Red S. the showr' musical director; Jack Kap-lin. Redding, the show's manager; Richard Bennick, Columbia, S. Kenneth Caivert, a brother of the piljit, Jean Chicago; Patricia Zentz. Bali Reduced Travel Causes Decrease In Car Deaths A paralyzing cold wave which sent temperatares below freezing in Nashville and covered most of the nation with snow, sftet and freezing Sto, yB vt holding the death toll on highways and streets far below the 130 fatalities anticipated over the New Year! holiday.

The United States celebrated the arrival of the New Year at a comparatively small cost of 5 lives morning while answering a call to South Nashville as icy water dripped through the canvas roof. Their hands and feet numb High School come from somewhere. "I haven't made up my mind LBy RED O'DONNELL a North Nashville drug store which had' been entered by burglars. Srora Jhe cold and their Feanut Tech (Atlanta) 34; 0. ft.r, Cartwright.

eaid-fiafiidy, Commissioner Seth -Mays and shivered. seems 'like I'll Have to te lor Police Chief John Griffin both con They had warm food late yester though. But I think whisky and tlmore; Mabel Relne, Evelyn Perry, Burbank, Sybil Miller, Panama City firmed the suspension, and Mays to oust Bilbo, who has been under! tobacco should be included, too. "fve talked to a lot of people, -yrvr- A G-2 report on The Nashville Public Library, after gabbing with Librarian Robert S. Alvarez.

Betcha didn't know throughout, block two Tennessee 11... day afternoon for the first time in' more than.24heurs when Lt. G. W. Scott of the Nashville Police" Department delivered a bag of groceries.

This helped some but still they tiunts on consecutive piays, nu and most of them it's the Drane Forrest, New York City; Patty Myers, Baltimore; Sue Richards, Baltimore; Roberta Bog- fire for championing "white supremacy" in Mississippi primaries last July and for allegedly accept -'y "t' most tax, because a lot gemanr-San -Diego, and' Dor- (-(Continued Page 2, Column 3) cried helplessly as tho-rold, north average ing gratuities from war contractors. 'Rotund BiibV Retorts ewTaTf! anashow through" othy XJardner, Ids Angeles. Only Bennick, Calvert, Jones' and throttls Vols on their only erious threat. Huey Keeney's magnificent punting. Ji.eJwij'hj opportunities Bob- Neyland's Orangemen had.

His long, towering (Continued on Page 5, Column 1) borrows less the- open flap In the'' tent, Misses Boggeman, Zentz, and Myers remained in the hospital over- There was a stove in the canvas to the ad weather which reduced travel and tended to make the most foolhardy driver cautious. At least one dearth in Nashville 1 nni covered shelter -but there was no fire. Tnere would be one later- in Ihe Republican threat drew a quick and angry retort from the rotund Bilbo, who hinted to -reporters that he -would look to his fellow Southerners in the senate to filibuster if the GOP tried to keep the night, though, for Lieutenant than one volume per year (about .95 per capita). Accordr ing to national library standards he should borrow six or eight books a icy-coat gh Floyd enue, died Scott had ordered them a ton of coal. GattirV Parties Settle Major Issues WASHINGTON UP) Party and harmony prevailed general spltal after him from taking the oath of office.

"When they object to my taking of Thir- late Tuesday the oath, everything else has to Donated Stove Several Nashvillians have played Santa Claus to thd family in recent days since Mayor Thomas L. Cummings found the children Chinese Attack U. S. Officer, Girl year. stop until they vote on the That the H- es were reported lie said, mere will have to be a discussion.

Mv exoerience for 12 brary's circula avidson County Capitol Hill yesterday as re and their mother and father living M. years shows me that those kincLof day, although were kept busy discussions are very extended neared for the opening se i the 80th Congress aL.noon In open unheated tents on Third Avenue, South, in a brush field overlooking a railroad track. Many Ci sometimes indefinite." shes as automobiles tion has beefi i falling steadily for 1J- years. La year's cir- cula ion was the 1 west since (Continued on Page 2, Column 4) McKellar Scored ForMRfjht- from Wathinaton Bureau WASHINGTON, D. Bob, Jones, Democratic nominee for con-' gress to fill the Ninth Alabama district seat vacated' by Sen.

John Sparkman, made a special trip to Washington yesterday to check up on Sen. K. D. McKellar's antl-TVA activities itr the new congress. Voicing his opposition to the McKellar proposal to deprive TVA of Use tot its power revenues, Jones promised to be on hand to fight the ailed on ice-coated Except for the remote pd have carried them food and cloth SHANGHAI UP) An American strmy officer was beaten on the head with bamboo canes, an attempt was made to disrobe his girl com- ur inches of snow fell O'Donnell ty of a last-minute scrap ov house Democratic leadership ing and Mayor Cummings sent them lumber with which to build Tuesday, but much of New Wirephoto was little in sight to mar th' a floor.

Another party-donated a it melted in yesterday.s rain. Sleet "starte.d falling early Tues mony of pre-sessipn caucuses today stove. panlon and an Associated Press photographer seeking to film the Jw Incident was given a black eye by Mayor Cummings found housing day morning, changing to snow which continued br most of the 1912. The Knoxville and Memphis libraries do four times the business that Nashville does. Even hattanooga loans three times as many books.

That there are two big reasons why thr, "Athens of the South" for them but the father refused it with the excuse that he could not day and changed to sleet again Service Starts At Tennessean of Republicans and Democrats. Another exception was the case at Sen. Clyde Reed' who was rebuffed by the Republican leadership in his claim forjthe chalr- Gloomy skies yesterday morning afford to pay rent and that they sent down a freezing rain which J. T. Haley could get by binder present cpn-ditions.

disrupted telephone and electrical mansnip 01 me senate commerce committee. A colleague said Reed said he had been advised the theft At the time Mayor Cummings (Contini 3d on Page 3, Column 1) (Continued on Page 2, Column 8) charee was the reason for' the made his visit the father jia-Jfork-ing for a local beer firnroMitije has may take the issue to the senate floor. Chines students yesterday in a continuation of anti-United States demonstrations. (The girl's nationality was not given but the area where the attack took place is popular with the Russians, French and other The officer, a lieutenant, and the girl were walking along Avenue Joffre in the former French concession, when set upon by some of the 1,000 Chinese students who staged a parade in protest against the retention of American mill- action. Reported bv Another Patrolman bill When it comes up in congress, He cannot take his seat until elected in te general election in thj since been laid off.

He said yester day he is unable to work 'because Although the police officials' de district January zs, but tne mea clined to make further comment ure is not expected to mai if I haven't felt well lately." Father Quit 'W-oJ-Wv New Year's Eye Finds City Close lo Hearihsicle progress before that date, a Since father quit work the "I am up here for the ij of investigating What movl concerning the incident, it was learned by The Nashville Tennessean that another patrolman reported to a-uperior officer that he (Continued on Page 2, Column 6) the senator is going to makl regard to TVA," Jones said-f family has been without food' or fuel except for that donated by charitable NashvillrtTllir They were completely without food New Year's Eve, and the' children did lai I While the demonstrators, shout- time as usual because they were The Nashville Tennessean yesterday-began receiving the ful-time service of the Associated Press' coast-to-coast wirephoto network, and hereafter will provide its readers photographic coverage of world events within a matter, of hours after they occur. In joining the international network of the Associated Press wirephoto service, the paper links Nashville with photo transmission points throughout the world. be a football game in California, a strike in Detroit or a riot in Asia The Tennessean will receive' pictures of the event within two hours after it happens. Under the full wirephpto s'erv Ice The Tennessean will- receive approximately 50 photos daily, "I want to be on hand to oppose -Because committees will not be fully organized, no legislative business is on the docket for the opening week other than formal resolutions to set congress in motion. Congress will hear a state of the union message from President Truman, on Monday.

-Two other messages, one 'on the budget and one on economics, are expected separately Uismid-week. With tV Democrats in the minority for the first time in 15 years, there was not the usual interest in their internarhoubles. Meeting today; in secret caucus, house Democrats will choose a floor leader and some sure-to-lose candidates for elective jobs such as clerk, ing obscene words-at the pair, worrying about retting home. any efforts to hamstring TW whenj they come before the houa." i not eat all that day and most of A downtown club which had brought in a new floor show for the truck the officer on the head and grabbed the girl's- clothing, the -photographer was given a black yesterday until Scott "bought them Of The New Years received a-dim welcome from Nashvillians- Tuesday night as 1946 in its last fling covered the city with anpw. and sleet to keep most people at home in front of a roaring fire.

From almost every night club came the same story. On Monday occasion said the weather cut its eroceries. eve and forcibly prevented from attendance bv about 65 per cent, The Officer said the father called takine a picture of the Won't Return GIs However, on a whole the downtown clubs', seemed to fare better than the polite station early yesterday morningland pleaded for food and The lieutenant, grabbing the girl bv the hand, began forcing his way those in the outlying sections pfi Jones said he was oppor ng the McKellar proposal on tha of the principle that it should remain an independent agency of government, free from political Interference and control. "TVA's accomplishments so far have proved so great that, any effort to destroy Its effectlv ness and independence should be resisted by all people, regardless party," Jones said. the city.

through the cane-wleldlng crowd which abruptly ceased the attack. WASHINGTON Idea But all in aIlTnd8t or the night clubs operators were willing to occupation troops might have had about getting home early because doorkeeper, sergeant-at-arms and clothing. Scott went out ta investigate and found them living under dangerously unhealthy conditions. "I have been with the police department for more than 25 years (Continued on Page 2, Column 2) The photographer swung his camera at his assailants and reach postmaster. of President Truman's proclama Column 5) (Continued on Page 2, agree, that from their standpoint it was a miserable way to begin a New Year, ed safety.

tion pt the end o. ho'stilities was The demonstrators carried signs night the clubs reservations for full houses. But Tuesday afternoon as the-snow and sleet continued to fall telephones began ringing and. people- staged- can-calling plans for parties. Just about the time for most parties to begin the sleet and snow "changed to rain just as if the old year was just-irving to make it as hard as possible 6h .3947.

It was next to impo-xiible to get a taxi this helped many people dashed last night py tne war 'reading "China is not an Ameri and others warning An announcement by Secretary 3f "get out or we'll throftf 'you set out. you beasts." u- fWar Robert P. Patterson said that i The violence here was in contrast "troops serving overseas wil iot be-sicted. for the present by the restoiSuon of- the statutory prq- Mora French Troops Land in (ndochina- The f.rst French with the orderly if noisy Oemonstra-tions earlier the weekhy thou ends of students at Peiping. 3.

maximum to make up their minds to stay at hflme.tojawai-ihe,jaf rival the New Year. City busses were openy ating ut trie slippery streets made it impossible for them To run on I for duty jn ceretain foreign 'i. It contains, however, an. excep- was, at' Peiping on Christmas Eve that a Chinese girl reported to police that two United States Army reinforcements have arrived nti Tvotr-rtf Marines raped her. yesterday Marine poard investigating the in- schedule.

Too. many or the night clubs are, outside the city. Movie houses which hold midnight shows only on holidays or special occasions also reported that Identioade its Col. Julian in this piecrepon of the secretary of war when, necessary for "tena-porajy fatterson said these "temporary emergencies do exisft in the areas maTHne commandant at Ipine. omenta ot he report were not hhe crowd, was far from what they listed- and therefore the statute wni rosed Taut itXwas learned from ave lid" effect -at T.his'HfhyFr'Tof had-expeoted and hoped for.

una downtown theater which held, an munces treat Colonel Frisbe tmse troops. "T-t'iiirtial on a hasis IL i.js sale HK5( Hint it was sold out IjuT it doubted that all the. ducat holders-braved the TJt ponce xoi oner French press agency said last night, as news came of a serious clash between French troops and rebels in previously peaceful Cambodia in the south. Fighting Jn the center of the Viet Nam revolt," continued unabated and theParis newspaper France Soir, said guerrillas had attacked numerous French outposts 'in Cochin China in the far souths' France Soir "said rebel sa-botage was becoming more general. The reinforcement troops Included the First Regiment of the famous Foreign Legion jand an un; identified cavalry detachment.

Tfcday's Terinessea aJtidertPV-Wtakenea the case. 5 Persons Die In Plane Crash two Marines are1 in custody. one denyineAe was involved-with ha girl. tn cner saying sne agreea Hi. I II A fv i.0 mtimaCTFSy.on a proiessionai CHARLESTON, -33.

(il--Five weather to see the movie. Most night clubs reported their attendance was cut anywhere from 25. per Xent to- 65 per cent of what was anticipated. Most of them had slapped on cover charges for the night as they do on Saturday nights and holidays. One club operator on Tw'enty- basis, persons, two of women, were killed when their carzo plane, a imiMViii DC-3 "fvpe, owned by the Intercon Rain, Warmer Airways, crashed here late Tuesdav nicht while 'bound" for A I Miami." from N.

J. South, reported Hhat he had 127 -eancellaUons Tuesday afternoon iii one hour. was the ((. Photo bf Dufwtiid Whit Ocflonl rln. nnt ul(f TKNKES8F.E: All wer burned almost beyond In UlafKjif.

ail.r mf TKa Ash Ik- Tun nuaaa n. Erf 1m eol4 toiir. Staff Phota br Durwird White recocnitibn. At least four of the I've ever i tk'. Prm.

nrl B. worst New Year's Eve MOllRLV TEMrF.IMTI'RES Stein mUlai-riflicJiureau -thiel. local -AP. office, loot evei- explained in adding that victims were employes of the air lino Comic? Page 3 Ci'dssword Puzzle Page 3 Death Notices Page 2 Editorials, Features" Page 4 Horoscope Page 6 Radio Page 3 Society Page 2 SporU Fa 5 the printer on which The Naahle Tennessean will nvwfl) oniy aooui nan luu. Thafifth was Identified tenta .13 Somh of the club s'pokesmen said -4 si m.

SI s. m. St m. IS m. I St m.

S3 fit p. IB. mill. StJtirm l.M Families with jmsll children are on -the -brink of freezing to death in these fiimsy tent homes in South Nashville. Cfhey were without food and-fuel until lata yesterday whe-n a member of the Naihville Police Department, came to their rescue.

In the above picture, two memberi Of the family are attempting to brush the snow and ice from the roof of the tent tively as Stewardess Doree Wynri racaive pbotot of world avent within, a mer of hours afvr thay taka place. Under the new wirephoto service tHia paper will bring its readara photos of world events-at the same time as dailies In New by, Intercijr.tinentai President that those who did' brave the weather to. welcome the New Year by steppjng out didn't have-agood ter Stonnell in liamk SO arfrM7 S.2S am. IttiaM luraaii Sttmtl. SI tot cms.

York, Chicago and Lea Angelas. i.

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